Importance of True Love, Shri Mataji’s Updesh

Nagpur (India)

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Advice to Sahaja Yogis Nagpur, 5th March 1989

It is a special place when it is a village of our own Mother, old memories start to float just in front of my eyes. I always used to feel that Sahaja Yoga should spread in Nagpur city but people in their own homes stay away from mother, they do not see what is around them. The attention of human beings is easily drawn towards something which is far but they ignore what is near them and that is why the work of Sahaja Yoga began quite late in Nagpur.This land was already filled with vibrations because I stayed here in my childhood and quite a lot had already happened in subtle way. I knew that one day it will grow.

My father used to go to various places for freedom struggle and used to meet many people. I met many people on these places.I was around 9 years old at that time. Ghandhiji used to call me ‘Nepali’ with love. Whatever vision and planning I used to present before him, he used to consider about it with great respect. In his ashram Bhajans were sung during prayers. There was an explanation of each and every chakra on the basis of kundalini in those Bhajans. I gave him proper order of bhajans to be sung, telling him right from the primordial principle to the stage of Christ , ‘Allah oh Akbar’ etc.,etc. were also part of it. He also used to have discussion with me.

All those people who were related to my childhood still recognize me. I am still in their memory. One of my school teacher came in yesterday’s program, perhaps he had some inner intuition and power that made him connect to me and that is why he is able to recognize me even today. I participated in 1942’s go back

movement. At that time I was studying in science college. Many policemen came with sticks and guns to frighten us, but I stood alone on the gate without any fear . Reference of this incident was made last year by our school Principal Shri Krishnamuthy, when he came for my Darshan .He said that he had realized that , you are a shakti- without really being a power how a 17 year old girl could have stood against police without any fear and today she is in front of me, he said with warm voice. All those who came in contact with me in my childhood still recognize me today. There is only one reason behind it and which is love. My love is unconditional and absolute, no expectation behind it. It is only because of this unconditional love that even today people recognize me. In that difficult time also my mother used to say that we do not have our own identity , we are only known as Nirmala’s mother or Nirmala’s father and she said : ‘it is only due to your unconditional love.’

Secondly, I have a nature of giving away whatever is asked for, right from my childhood. I had always a feeling of compassion and love towards people, this is the reason why there is a place for me in their hearts. I could see the defects of people but I knew that when this unconditional love will be showered on them they would come to Sahaja Yoga one day and attain God. Therefore you people should also let this unconditional love to grow within yourself. In that love no one expects anything :why to worry whether someone will give you something or not, it is so because it is all destructible. I never used to speak about Sahaja Yoga in my childhood. Only my father knew it and noone else. Quite later my father told my mother as she had a dream about me. Before my birth she had a desire of watching a tiger and lot of times she

saw such dreams. I had noticed a main thing in this unconditinal love that everyone in my school, my college, neighborhood knew me. I used to wonder about it, that they would not recognise anyone else. My brother used to ask surprisingly how so many people knew ‘Nirmala didi’.He would say people tell him that : “you are brother of Nirmala.” He had a feeling whether he had any personality of his own or not. On the basis of this unconditional love only you can have friendship with so many people. My friends used to write so many letters to me that in my college and office people used to wonder how is this that so many letters come to her?

Afterwards, I was married in a family which belonged to old thoughts. I had to cover my head with a pallu (part of saree) all the time, never to speak with anyone for long and touching feet of every elder person in the family. What did I really do at that time, I simply loved everyone of them. If they had any problem I tried to solve it. They loved me so much that if I happened to go to Lucknow then whole family would gather around me and did not allow me to leave : that’s how I behaved . In this way everything is sweet. The whole atmosphere would become suddenly loving. One should always talk with people with love and humility. It is never sensible to speak in a way which would make them feel they lack something or they feel disgraced. Talk with love and humility. Do everything with unconditional love. You can not imagine how much you are going to be benefited by this approach in future. My brother’s friends respect me as their own sister, just have to tell them a thing and they would create ripples in the whole world. I cannot think what special I have done for them.

I only did one thing and loved everyone always, not thinking in this

way that one needs to do anything for each other in love. Whatever I did, I did it for my own satisfaction and the contentment I got was so great that no amount of expenditure could buy it. Unconditional love is love without expectation; any interest should not touch it. This thought should never come to mind that I have done this for this person.

Break the balloon of ego.

There are some old Sahaja Yogis in Sahaja Yoga, who have given me some strange experiences. You are the ones who are going to start it, you are the ones who are laying the foundation of Sahaja Yoga. The whole building will collapse if the Sahaja Yogis, as the basis of it’s foundation become unstable. What does it mean when you give realization to people, you do not make it happen, everyone should realize that he does not do anything ,this kundalini awakening is given by Shri Mataji and this fellow has been realized. One should never keep this illusive imagination that I have done this, I have done that, and we are old Sahaja Yogis, we are one amongst few old Sahaja Yogis.

I have concluded on human beings that there are some Sahaja Yogis who nurse such false belief. This false belief grows at the same speed as Sahaja Yoga grows; they think ‘because of me so many Sahaja Yogis have crossed this illusion of maya’. These types of Sahaja Yogis have been thrown out of Sahaja Yoga because of their false vanity. I have seen that whoever has magnified this false vanity got caught up with bhoots. Their balloon of ego get so bloated up that they start to feel unhealthy in Sahaja Yoga, later on they start to get angry and consider themselves to be leaders. They go on to think to this extreme that

everything is being done by them, if there is something right it is because of them; “we are carrying all of this burden. ” What concludes in the end that their humility is no more with them, their love is over and they sink to make more and more mistakes.

I have noticed that there are some shortcomings in old Sahaja Yogis. They try to put forward new Mantras, imagination and techniques in my name. Do not create Sahaja Yoga , do not create it. Creating something new is the thought that come in the mind of westernized people. There is a tradition of Sahaja Yoga. You have received fruit of it. Once you get a hand on the fruit , what to do next, how to do, what to do; I have been telling you all about it. There should not be any groupism in Sahaja Yoga.This habit is formed due to politics. Do not try to invent something new or say that mother has said this. You get entangled in the web of deception if you try to make something of your own under my name. You should abhor it. Whatever Shri Mataji asks us to do, we should better keep doing that. We will not try to advertise any false idea. If you get any idea or thought then you should write to me about it. I will ponder on it and if I feel like making any correction at any point I will make you understand it.

Wherever there is prevalence of I, Sahaja Yoga ends at that point, so you should always say, ‘not this, not this’ as if to impose it on your mind. Where ‘I’ comes in to play , everything finishes there. If you are hot tempered then try to reduce your anger. All those who were hot tempered were thrown out of Sahaja Yoga. All should try to find the source of anger within them. If it has to do with liver then liver has to be put right but then you have to be peaceful. During Puja time all are silent. We have to conquer this tendency of getting angry on petty issues happening around us. Without

that there will not be any growth. Not only this but we must try to get rid of it within us fully. There is a way about it in Sahaja Yoga, it is very important for us to understand how to practice it to make it happen.

The most important thing is that all should try to remain in the centre. If any one thinks that I can do it on my effort, then it is futile. If you do not come to centre then you can not attain anything. You have to go into the depth. You should make friends with others by remaining in centre though this depth. You will be able to know the rules of Vishwa Nirmala Dharma by this feeling of friendship and be able to inculcate it within yourself. Religious fanatism rises due to blindness, we do not believe in high-low caste and creed, we believe in true religion. We do not believe in outward ritualism because that is a wrong idea. This is an injustice imposed by men on women. Do not be afraid of any commentator on any religion. Our mother has ordered us to apply kumkum on our foreheads, we have no permission of carrying on with blank foreheads. This is a very wrong idea that widowhood is only applied on women. If widowhood is right at all ,then it should be applied on men as well. If a man can not be a widower then why should a woman agree to widowhood. Men have tortured women by imposing this widowhood on them. What result can it bring?

There is one more reason why Sahaja Yogis get caught up and that is because they follow wrong Gurus. It is very deceptive. They can enter you anytime. Such people must completely clean themselves from within. Nobody should be afraid on this point or be disappointed. Such deceptive ideas must not be nourished. Considering it as a petty thing, in the beginning we ignore it but

then slowly-slowly these things grows and goes out of bounds and are no more in our control. It takes a form of a big tree. If there is a even a small portion left in you , your vibrations will cease to flow. If you have a Guru catch then it is going to go away by shoe beating. Your atma tatva gets hit by subtle forces. We must always be aware of it.

Some foreigner Sahaja yogis are also of this kind. Some of them go down to subtlety and reach their core, while some of them are half baked and some of them are gone case. We should behave with these people with proper way and humility. Slowly slowly you will be surprised to know that those who have no desire from within they will be thrown out. Those who have not been able to understand Sahaja Yoga well, you should help these people. You should correct them by keeping them with yourself. Do not explain them that they are caught from within.

In Maharshtra we tell the truth with some harshness, ‘Oh -you are caught up with some bhoots!’ There are times you are caught up because of habit of remaining in bad mood. If I ask anyone why have you left Sahaja Yoga, then he says, ‘ Shri Mataji I was told that I have a bad spirit in my home and I was possessed by a bhoot too.’ When I asked Sahaja Yogis about it then they answered that we just told what was truth. Whatever was beneficial was to be told. What benefit did they get by telling truth? On the contrary they missed a chance to come to Sahaja Yoga. Whenever you speak the truth it is not necessary to speak it with sweet words, but tell whatever is beneficial. Speak it in a way that is nourishing to them. Try to convince them that whatever were their obstacles, could be removed from the root. Do not tell them that they have bhoot bhadha. If you ever tell them that that they

have bhoot bhadha then they will say that their doctor never mentioned it to them, how can you say this? I have never told you about the issues of new people coming to Sahaja Yoga today, those who have just come to Sahaja Yoga we should treat them with unconditional love. Old Sahaja Yogis have to understand this point quite well.

But on the contrary they try to push forward themselves, they are the ones who sit in front line, ones who consider themselves to be old Sahaja Yogis would always try to sit in front because they think they are special, belong to special level, and show off. Such people are useless. If they are given some work then they try to shift it to others; ‘do this ,do that’ and they leave just roaming here and there and get others entangled in work. Something like a person sitting on a camel to drive goats. If I tell them to get out of Sahaja Yoga then they fall at my feet and say we are old Sahaja Yogis. If such is the case then they should leave because they are old and it is better they leave us.

A true Sahaja Yogi

I request all to pledge with feeling of humility and devotion that ; ‘I have gain nothing at all till now, I have yet to grow and progress, when I enlighten others it is I who is more enlightened. ‘You have to enlighten others. Some Sahaja Yogis are gone case while some who are new have grown much.

I have decided to tell them by the experiences from many incidents and what I saw from the behaviour of Sahaja Yogis that they should themselves enquire if they are caught up or not. This is all ego;means their bhootbadha. We are possessed by this catch of ego. We have to see this because we get harmed by it.

There are times when we feel that we have got the power and people are respecting us but we do power business after coming to Sahaja Yoga, if you think this way then you should not do Sahaja Yoga, do you understand?

Money game is fully prohibited in Sahaja Yoga. It is against Dharma. Do not use Sahaja Yoga for economic gains. If you want to make profit then you should do it out of Sahaja Yoga. Basically, it is important to live with honesty. Otherwise it has bad consequences. A man lost his son because he did some money scam. Recently a man suffered heart attack, as he had done the same. When I asked him about it then he became angry. He died 8 days later.

No body should tell me any lie. One man came to me and started telling me lie about a girl. He got paralyzed and he lost his voice. Do not tell lie to each other, expand love, do not compete, do not back bite, do not pull each others legs because you all have entered the kingdom of God and you should know what are the rules and regulations of this kingdom. You just can not tell lie here, you can not mismanage money. You can not rule others on your authority. If you avoid this evil tendency then you will receive the blessings of God.

If you are not able to do it then you are not a Sahaja Yogi. It is easy to get rid of bad habits but above three wrong things causes weakness, the biggest of them is that of power, desiring to overpower others, this being most horrible one. All the Sahaja Yogis who have greed for such authority, will surely be thrown out of Sahaja Yoga. They get entangled in such a thing that they

themselves pull out themselves.

There are many people in Sahaja Yoga who always keep themselves in front. You need not come in front unnecessarily. You should not persist to come at the feet of Shri Mataji always. Always keep this thought that when there is a place of my feet in your heart, then what else you are going to gain by coming at my feet. It is certain that all those who always force to come forward will be vanished next year. Shri Bhairavnath will surely teach them a lesson. It means just a headache to force yourself always to come forward. I always tell them to remain calm but they do not listen.

There are two type of powers which are functional, one of them is a centripetal force which throws out and other is centrifugal, one that brings you in centre while the other throws you out of centre. The reason is, if all will come in, then there will be hardly any space left for everyone in the kingdom of God.

There are some who try to contact me by sending letters, and some of them are 25 pages long. Do I have time to take notice of each of them? And even if I read such letters, there is a mention of issues like my mother is having this ,the uncle of my mother is having that, etc, etc. They are full of petty things. What is my responsibility towards them? All the Sahaja Yogis have relations. I do not have any responsibility towards all your other relations. Until all your relatives come in Sahaja Yoga I do not have to do anything for them or you too have to do nothing for them, even God can not do anything in that matter. You should never tell me about them.They should come to Sahaja Yoga. You should never bring a person to me because he is just close to you. Because

what I have to with them. If at all you have to do something then give him my photograph and ask him to work hard.

Do not fall into complication by immediately trying to cure anyone, make him sit in front of the photograph, there can be three type of diseases ; one of left side, one of right and one of central channel. The problems of left side are mental in nature, the problems of right side are physical or intellectual and that of central channels are from false gurus or produced by the use of unauthorized knowledge.

If you command over these three, then through photograph also you can tell what problem others have. We are going to publish a book on the subject of diseases very soon. So that no one can say that this is said by Shri Mataji.

All of you should remember that there is no need to meditate for hours together, only ten minutes are quite sufficient. If it takes too long to meditate then it will sound stupid, give up this craziness. If you have to go somewhere and there is a gate then how long does it take to get inside? But if you have made up your mind in such a way then of course it will take time. If you have decided to climb a mountain then surely it will take time. But what is the need to climb a mountain? Sahaja Yoga is not a way of making a simple thing difficult.

So, today’s lecture is very important. Send the translation of it to all the centres.