Mahashivratri Puja

New Delhi (India)


1989-03-06 Shri Shiva Puja Delhi

(translated from Hindi)

First of all, the thing that was created in this universe was Shri Ganesha. But even before Him and also before Adi Shakti, the essence that was present, we can call it as Sadashiva Tattwa – Sadashiva. The power that emerged out of Sadashiva Tattwa was what we call as Adi Shakti.

So He is the first thing to exist in this universe, still exists and shall eternally exist. It may be in a dormant state in the beginning…. No creation takes place when it is in its dormant state. But at that time of its awakened state, all kinds of creations take place and then all incarnations come and all types of works are done. Thereafter it goes into the state of sleeping, which we call dormant. So before sleeping into the dormant state, we must step into that awakened state that is the Shiv Tattwa.

It is a blessing for an Indian to understand the Shiv Tattwa. Of course, it is different for the people living in India, either Indian or the foreigners, or the foreigners outside who are influenced by the western culture. But most of the simple people living in India believe that this non-destructive power is nothing but our Shiv Tattwa and the rest of it is destructive. Everything is destructive and the temptation to run after these destructive things is not wise. Destructive things are there where they need to be and let them remain within their limits. But by giving more importance than needed, they eventually lead us towards destruction only. We should try seeking things that are Shiv Tattwa only, which is the goal of all our actions and deeds and focus, as well as the source.

People forget about these things in the foreign countries. In the West, people give much importance to the destructive things by running after them. They feel these things are of great importance and they could take advantage of it. Probably most of the people even do not know about this non-destructive power. And they who understood started seeking it in their contemplations, in scriptures and in such things until they concluded by building up a big thesis about it. But it doesn’t possess either any life or any strength in that and that which has life in it is the Shiv Tattwa. We are aware of which is Shiv Tattwa and know that everything works through this non-destructive power of Shiva Tattwa.

If by any means our head goes out, then also we are alive. If by any means our hand breaks, still we are alive. If our legs break, then also we can remain alive. We can remain alive even if our backbone breaks. But the moment the heart stops, where there is Shiv Tattwa, we cannot stay alive any more in this world. That is why we must know about the Tattwa of Shiva, that it is extremely innocent. Innocence does not mean idiocy. Innocence means auspiciousness. It is exceptionally auspicious. For example, if you spread an auspicious thing here and it attracts a tiny marking over it, it will immediately be visible. Similarly, in the case of Shiv Tattwa, the moment there is a slightest possible mistake committed, it is immediately exposed in the light of the Shiv Tattwa.

Now you understand Shiv Tattwa in this way – what is the essence of the Shiv Tattwa in our lives? It is like the vibration that you have known it today. The vibrations that you experience within are the light of this Shiv Tattwa. Until this Shiva is awakened within you, unless the spirit is awakened within, you can neither attain nor experience this Shiv Tattwa. You cannot know it. The very feeling of it is by itself an experience. This should be called as Vidh, which is the Veda. This is known as the knowledge that is the Gnyan. This is what Shiv Tattwa is.

Now whether to accept it as Shiv Tattwa or not is up to you. You should not doubt the Shiv Tattwa, rather think of whether we are enlightened by Shiv Tattwa or not. The greatest importance of Shiv Tattwa is that it is nothing but love. It is the source of love. The most important thing is to open your heart. To accommodate the Shiv Tattwa, one needs to open his heart. One must live in complete joy, keeping his heart completely open.

Now we have no knowledge of the obstacles that come up in its way. First of all, there is our own selfishness – “I, my, my husband, my children, my house” and what not. Wherever there is an element of attachment, the Shiv Tattwa is finished.

Now you look at Shiva, where does He live? In Mount Kailās – where no one can live. He resides there. What kind of clothes He wears, you all know. What are His decorations? The clothes that He wears are His decoration. But for Him, the rest is not required or even bothered about, the kind of arrangement that would be available for Him.

For us, first of all, we start planning even before our visit to a place. We speculate what would be the star-ratings of the hotels there or what kinds of arrangements will be there, whether this thing will be all right or not, how are we going to stay there, whether this particular thing will be available or not, what types of arrangements will be there and what kind of food will be available. But He is not bothered about all these things.

The identification of a person blessed with Shiv Tattwa is that he can live anywhere happily. Ask him to sleep in jungles, he will sleep there peacefully. Put him in the palace, he will live in the palace happily. He will rest in great joy. Shiva is there wherever he goes. There is no greater joy for him that he desires to seek. Being in complete joy himself, from what else is left for him to seek joy? Everything else is just rubbish to him. He has already attained that which is real and supreme. That is Shiva. He is so much immersed in that joy of Shiva, that what else could be more special for Him that could stop or influence Him? There is nothing like that for Him. From this you can know that if Shiv Tattwa is working within, then at first one becomes such a personality which we call as Auliya. He can sleep anywhere at ease, can eat anywhere and at any time can sleep for a long time. This clock stops because you become kalatit. There is no planning for when to go, when to return or when to do what. Everything just works out as it should. If it is happening that is also all right. It is like now you wish to sit down here, so you keep sitting down there until you wish or you feel to sit somewhere else, so you shift and sit there. There is no worry in it that the time is running out.