Public Program: Insan ka Pariwartan

New Delhi (India)

1989-03-08 Public Program, Insan ka Pariwartan, New Delhi Hindi, 68'
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1989-03-08 Public Program, Insan Ka Pariwartan, Version 0, Delhi, India (Hindi), 76'
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1989-03-08 Insan Ka Pariwartan Hindi Delhi NITL-RAW, 84'
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       1989-0308 Public Program Insan ka Pariwartan New Delhi

[English translation from Hindi]

All those who are seeking the truth, my salutations to you saints. Truth…. what is this, and how it is going to be Sought after, there are many ideologies on this topic. Truth is only one. And that is, you are not this body, mind, ego etc, but you are the spirit. The day when you become a spirit, not by studying, writing, or by discussions, and say that ” I have become a spirit”, but if actualization of this incident takes place within you, and because of the which you attain the form of a spirit, then you can know the absolute truth. 

   Nowadays, in this world we think that this person is good, that person is bad, using our mind. But this is not the absolute truth. Does everyone think the same way? It is not like that. Some say this is good, some say that is good. So, it means that whatever we have known, is not the absolute truth. Only when human beings, start thinking alike, he can say that this is absolute truth. When a person is standing separately in his own freedom, then he, by his ego, and by his conditioning, gets totally influenced that whatever he thinks, he thinks with the point of view, as the saying goes that ” a man wearing a green glass, sees everything green”. 

    That is why Kabir Das Ji has told that ” how do I narrate when there is blindness all over”. This means that until now,  in human awareness, in this state,  have not achieved the subtle vision which Kabir Das Ji had, which Nanak Ji had, which Ram had, which Shri Krishna had. Which the saints and sages, in our country, many saints and sages were born, from east to west, and from north to South, wherever we go, there have been, many true masters (Sadguru). In today’s world, true masters are available with difficulty. Most of them are a-gurus or Ku-gurus. And except earning money they do not know anything else, How to cheat people and make money out of them. 

   We should ask our self a simple question that if we have to give money to someone then he cannot be our guru, he can only be our servant. Because, when God is a living energy, and because of this energy, we have evolved to be human beings, then how can you give money do this living energy? You think, if you sow a seed in the woumb of mother earth, then it awakens by itself, and starts sprouting. For this, do you pay the mother earth some money, do you ask the seed to do some exercise? This is a living process. A live process of live power. If you can understand that as a sprout comes out of a seed, similarly the power which is within you in a dormant state, gets activated easily (Sahaja). 

   Sahaja means, “Saha” means “with you” and “ja” means “born”. This energy is born with you and present within you and you attain union with this, meaning you, with the all-pervading power,  which has an omnipresence in the whole world in formless, which exists in atoms and molecules, and has a presence everywhere. you become one with that. And this happens in a Sahaj way, and it is every person’s birth right. Each person can achieve this. 

   Until now, many saints and sages have taken birth, who have read great scriptures 

and texts, all of them have written that, the form of God, which is present within us, Which is in the form of a spirit, without knowing him, the confusion doesn’t go. 

    But many people, ask me also this, ” mother! If God is one, and one God has several forms, then, why among us the love does not exist? Till now, we have not known that we all are part and parcel of the same body. In human awareness, this has not come yet that, We are part and parcel of the same body. If there is a pain in one hand, the other hand strokes it. Doesn’t think that it is doing some favor. And without stroking, it feels restless. Because the whole body starts paining. Because of the one hand, the whole body started paining. 

   If you are the part and parcel of the same body, in that case, how can we all be separate? Because we have forgotten, a very important thing, in all the orient countries, you should think that, where we live, this is what is thought, particularly in India, in this world, whatever is there is destructible, is volatile.  And, we have to achieve, whatever is indestructible. But now people have become a gentleman and become like English, perhaps they must have forgotten this. But still, we know that we have to achieve the indestructible. Everything is destructible and behind these things, we should go only up to a dignified level. Not beyond that. We all know this. We Indians, particularly know this. When we know this absolute truth, and when we know that realization of the spirit, is the ultimate goal of all the religions. Many people have not spoken about deities, many did not speak about Gods and Goddesses, Some did not speak of supreme-being, did not speak of Lord also, like Buddha. Because they thought until their self-realization does not happen, whatever spoken to them, will remain just talk, and they will not understand anything. So, it is better that, at first give only self-realization. Whatever is genuine, achieve only that. You achieve only the self-realization, this is what they kept saying. So, these people do not lie, firstly, and secondly, there was a big difference between these people and us. They never did anything wrong. Never. Whatever they did used to be very auspicious, and did everything for the benevolence of   the society. 

    So, which power was within these people, that they were not doing anything wrong like us? That power was the enlightenment of the spirit. when the light of the spirit comes within us, in that light we see, the truth which is absolute. This light that comes within us, should flow through our every vein.  As we know that if we touch this, this will be cold, and if we touch that it will be hot, similarly we should know on our fingers. Should know on our fingers, it’s knowledge, it’s “vid”, from which the word “ved” has come, which is known as “knowledge” in English, also called gnostic. 

    Until this does not happen, till we reach that height, until then, in the whirlpool of confusion, we do not know what all we keep doing. Now, there is a person, who keeps memorizing God’s name, some other person, who will be doing something else. Ask them, by doing all these, have you become sinless? Don’t you do anything wrong? In every religion this kind of people are there, whether he is Christian, Muslim, Sikh, whichever religion he belongs to, there are no restrictions of any sort, whether he slits anyone’s throat, whether he fools anyone, or he may tell lies and cheat anyone. He can do anything. There is no restriction of any kind, on him. 

   Yes, fine, they go to temples, they go to the mosque, they go everywhere, Bow Down to God, then they become the same like before. They don’t think they are doing anything wrong. 

 The religion was brought to this world so that we achieve some balance and we attain the self-realization. But when we see the world, our children have started saying that the existence of God Is a lie and there is no religion. And many scientists also say this. When they say like this, it means they are not scientists at all. Because scientist should keep his mind open and see  if there is anything or not. How can you decline anything instantly? 

     The God is there, and his power is spread over the cosmos. And all the saints and sages born in this world, who were true Masters, the life of all those true masters were genuine, It was not fake. They were immaculate people, totally pure people. And you can also achieve the same purity. For you to achieve this purity, the Almighty has made a very beautiful arrangement within you. The same knowledge I am going to give you in Sahaja yoga. But just by telling it is not going to happen, this incident has to take place. About this, several thousand years back, Markandeya had written. After that Nathpanthis did a lot of work on this. After that, the work was in progress, in other countries also side by side. 

   And you can see that from the time of Raja Janak to the time of Guru Nanak this has been happening. Mohamed Sahab also has told, that when the judgment time comes,  resurrection time comes, your hands will speak. And will testify against you. He told this clearly. There is no religion, which has not told that you attain your self-realization. 

  But since we did not do that, now, consider this equipment, if this is not connected to the main, then it is useless. Until you are connected to God, ” the true master is one, who is connected to the God”. Until your connection with God, has not happened, with the almighty it has not happened, with the all-pervading power of God’s love, spread in the cosmos, it has not happened, then if we talk of love, it is not true love. It is a selfish love. Like, “my son”, “my daughter”, “my house” and me. 

    The Selfless Love, the love of the god almighty which flows in the whole world, which nurtures atoms and molecules, that love cannot be described by anyone. But, when You bathe in that, when you become pure in that, when this incident takes place within you, then you also achieve that energy, from within you flows the energy of vibrations. This arrangement has been done by the energy within us which is called kundalini energy. 

    Regarding this, in the 12th century, in Maharashtra, Gyaneshwar Ji has mentioned very clearly. Krishna Ji also spoke about it, in a guarded manner, but clearly. For me, it is very clear. He told in the beginning that you become sthita pragjnya. 

   Sthita prajnya meaning, you attain enlightenment where ever you are sitting. Prajnya means enlightened knowledge. Arjuna asked, “how”? He said this is “Gyan”. Gyan means Knowing. Knowing not by the brain. These saints  have never been to any Universities and done Ph.D., that they were so knowledgeable. Gyan means you have to know in your central nervous system. You have to know in your nerve center. This is Gyan (knowledge). 

And then when he was asked, “what about karma”? (deed). For that, he replied ” do the deed. You should do the Deeds. But surrender all your Deeds at the feet of God. See, how cleverly this has been told. This is not possible at all. Though there are some people, who commit murder and say that I have murdered, but I have surrendered this deed in God’s feet. 

   Human beings can never surrender any deed on God. Whatever he does he only thinks that ” I have done it, I am the doer of this”. This doesn’t go from his mind. When does it go? When he becomes self-realized soul. When he is in third person’s context, he says ” this is happening”, “this is taking place”, “this is being done”. He never says ” I am doing”. 

“I”, gone. Like, Kabir Das Ji has told that when a goat is alive it keeps saying “mai”, mai, mai, mai, mai (I). But when it is dead, and it’s intestines are used as a string on a bow for carding cotton, then on the cord, it says “Tu hi”, “Tu hi”, “Tu hi” (only you). 

   What a beautiful thing he has said. He was just a weaver, but what lovely words he has used. To get integrated in God’s Kingdom, human being doesn’t have to do anything. Effortless. 

Anything, which is very essential for our life, if we take an effort for that, then it can get spoilt. For example, our breath. Our breathing happens by itself. If we have to appoint a Guru for this, and pay him money, or go to some university to take a degree for this, or do Hath Yoga and stand on our head, then everyone will die just like this. So, this is effortless. getting into an effortless trance. And that effortless thing, if you understand it in a simple way, within us, in the triangular bone, kundalini energy is present. 

  Kabir Das Ji has called it as “Surati”. But how human beings spoil everything that, In Bihar, where several saints have taken birth, tobacco is known as “Surati”. You give human anything, in sabotaging that thing, there can not be a better creature. So that is called Surati in Bihar. Tobacco is called Surati in Bihar. “Surati Chadhe Kamaan”. Surati, means kundalini when raises up, and after piercing 6 chakras, unites with the all-pervading power of God’s love, which is spread all over the universe, that is the actual Yoga (union). Rest of the yogas, look like some fake excuses. Yoga means to get connected. And this is sitting in your triangular bone.

    This bone is called sacrum bone in English, meaning which, Greeks already knew that this bone is sacred. This bone is sacred. And in Sahaja yoga, you can see with your own eyes that, in some people, if there is any problem in the upper chakras, then this Kundalini, pulsates as if it is the heart. The bone starts pulsating like the heart. And, this energy is sitting in three and a half coil and it is made of several hair-like minute threads. And the Brahma nadi which is in the exact center, through this the Kundalini rises up very beautifully. And when the fontanel bone is pierced, then from your crown, from the fontanel bone to your surprise, you yourself can feel the cool Breeze coming out. From the hands also cool breeze comes out. Adi Shankaracharya also has described this as “Salilam, salilam”. After going to that state he says neither with yoga nor with nearness, not with anything else, this happens only with the blessing of the mother. 

Because he was tired of explaining to the people. So, this is your mother. And this is everyone’s individual mother. Everyone’s separate, personal, individual mother, who knows everything about you. where all you have been searching, wherever you have been wandering, the goodness inside you, good negative qualities. But since she is a mother she forgives everything, and she is very anxious that “how do I give birth to my child”? 

    Only with the Awakening of this Kundalini, we can have our re-birth. There is no other way to get this spiritual knowledge. This Kundalini rises through 6 chakras, and after piercing the fontanel bone, you yourself can feel that all around you there is a cool breeze and from your head also the Cool breeze is coming. This is a matter from the outside. 

    By the awakening of kundalini, you’ll get rid of your diseases. This has been proved in Your Delhi University. Delhi University has given it recognition. And here also 2 doctors have got their M.D degree. They have done their research on this topic. And they were Very surprised that, a person who does Sahaja yoga, and the person who doesn’t do it, the Physical wellness and physical energy of the one and the physical energy of the other, is totally different. On other psychosomatic diseases and incurable diseases, plenty of researc has been done and it has been found how these incurable diseases are cured. 

    So, within you, your energy is present, and within you, the medicine also is present. And you are attaining your own thing. I have nothing to do in this matter. Nothing at all. Everything is your own. When you achieve your light, you awaken others also and you also can cure others. You can also cure their diseases because as soon as the Kundalini is awakened, all the ailments get cured. Many incurable diseases have been cured by Sahaja yoga in these 19 years, I have seen. But, most of the sick people are such that, as soon as they get cured, they run away. They don’t think that “we have received the light, so we should give it to others also”. Even God thinks that the lamp, which is not going to burn, what is the use of repairing such light? And after lighting the lamp, no one keeps it under the table, But should be kept on the table, so that the world is benefited by that. 

    secondly, the mental sufferings, and mental Misery, which we get, there are many such people to get depressed psychologically, some become mad, and many people are such that, They are mesmerized, who do not understand what to do and what not to do, keep shouting all the time, many such people also have got cured by Sahaja Yoga. But the most amazing thing, is, the most amazing thing that has happened is, who are drug addicts, in foreign countries, there are thousands of Sahaja Yogis, this work is happening in 30 countries, and many of them have taken realization today, and stopped taking drugs the next day. 

     In your Delhi city also, many people who used to consume liquor, too much of it, And cannot relax without liquor, I don’t tell them not to drink, otherwise, half of them will get up and leave. But if you come to my company, you will get rid of drinking. By itrself. I never say. Why should I say? If by my saying so, people are going to run away then it is better not to say. 

  If a person is holding a snake in his hand, and if you tell him that you have a snake in your hand, and it is dark, then he may get irritated, and say let us know snake, and who are you to tell me, keep your advice to yourself. Immediately, you switch on the light and instantly he will drop the snake. That is how it is. 

    Because human becomes independent. In real. Because nothing can suppress him. No habit can subdue his individuality. This kind of person stands tall in his freedom and dignity. He neither requires anything, nor he is frightened of anything. He is always in his merriment. Like Kabir Das Ji has told, “when one is overjoyed, then what is there to say”? I don’t know why today I am remembering Kabir Das Ji a lot. He also had come to Delhi. And, he worked very hard here. Many great Saints were born here,  Nizamuddin Saheb also was born here, great sages also were born, perhaps, because of their hard work you all have come here get your realization. By remembering them, I think that today they all must be thinking that, ” we worked so hard here, we spread lots of vibration here, spoke to people, today it has become fruitful. Because it is time to get the result. This time is like that. Thousands of years back it was mentioned that this particular time will come. 

And today the time has come then thousands of flowers have blossomed in the garden. Earlier only one or two flowers used to bloom. But today thousands of flowers have blossomed. And you can achieve this by living in this world. Not by running away from the world, Or by becoming an ascetic. You can achieve this by living in the world. 

   And whoever achieves this, understands that he has come to the kingdom of God. Because all kinds of blessings, all kinds of Grace is showered upon him. You don’t have to bother your body in any way. You don’t have to give yourself any trouble. Fasting is not at all necessary. Only if you want to trouble your mother, you fast. Don’t know how the method of fasting has come into practice. You do all the fasting and, give all your money to us. 

   You don’t have to follow any method which is against Sahaj. (a-Sahaj). Being in a  normal family you attain this, the problems in the family also gets solved, your relationships get better, and you turn into new Leaf. But I would say, a whole group of similar people is getting ready. 

   Bismillah Khan had come to Switzerland. He saw all of the Europe Sahaja yogis sitting there. They were listening to him in a Harmony. He said ” mother! How did you mend them? 

How are they understanding everything? And how nicely they are listening. And how they are able the sing so beautifully in build Hindi language?” I told him ” you see, now they have become the form of the spirit”.” Do you mean to say they have become immaculate”? Yes ” they have become immaculate (Khalis). I told, “I am making Khalistan”. He said, ” then what are they making”? I said, ” go and ask”. This is Khalistan, where People are Khalis (immaculate).

    This has been described. It is told that this has been described. And all the problems and pain of the word are man-made. So, his transformation is a necessity, a need. Until human transforms, this world will not become alright. How to say about this transformation? I have witnessed, people who used to roam around always with anger, today they are going around with knowledge of love in their hands. You should see, the Sahaja yogis in England, the English whom we consider to be devils, when they come here, they apply the dust from “Bharatmata”, on their head. This is yoga Bhoomi. Because of this bhoomi (earth), we could visualize our spirit. 

    When they go to The Villages, there are many poor Sahaja Yogis in villages, they embrace these villagers, with plenty of affection they talk to them, and shed tears of joy, as if these brothers a meeting several births later. By seeing this, an overwhelming feeling of joy is felt. This is an ocean of joy. This kind of world has developed. I see this world developing every day. 

   I think, in Delhi also this kind of a world should develop. It is a necessity here, where the human can see their transformation. Can see their happiness. By the knowledge of the spirit human beings recognize the truth, which is absolute. When his attention gets enlightened, then, a single glance of such a person is enough to bless you. This kind of a person, where ever he is present, will bring peacefulness there. whichever house he enters, he will bring prosperity. On who’s ever head he keeps his hand, he will be benefited. Because for our own benevolence, God has given us this beautiful instrument and only by the penetration of the chakras, we can achieve this. 

     The second thing Krishna said was, in devotion, whatever you give me will be accepted, but devotion should be exclusive (Ananya). See what an amazing thing is this, just by one word he is making the whole world dance to his tune. Ananya means where there is no one else. how can that happen? If you sit here and keep chanting “Hare Rama Hare Krishna”, then your throat will burst. you will get cancer. By chanting the name of God continuously, a person becomes mad. Instead of going to the greatest heights, he becomes more mad.  “one who understands the word of love, becomes a learned man”. 

   The reason being, when you become “Ananya” when you unite with God and get the whole knowledge, then just by calling him once, and by bending your neck, you can see him. 

   This is what happens when a human is forged in devotion, and he gets so absorbed that he flutters in ripples of sheer joy. In India, everywhere, saints have talked about Self-realization. Namdev was a great poet off Maharashtra. And later when he went to Punjab, then Nanak sahib recognized him and honoured him and many of his poetries are included in Granth Sahib. Once Namdev Went to meet another saint by name Gora Kumbhar. Gora kumbhar, In Marathi kumbhar means kumhar (potter), who makes pots out of clay. 

   When he saw him he said ” I came to meet formless, in Marathi, “nirgunach bhenti, alo sagunacha”. I came to see the formless, but you are standing before me in the full form”. What a thing to say. Can anyone say like this? can any human talk so affectionately to another human that “I came to see the formless, but you are standing in full form”? What can be said about this kind of people? This kind of saints we have to prepare today in India. And for that, we don’t have to give up our family, or do such drama, no need for any such thing. 

A person leaves all this from inside. And when he gets deeper into it, he thinks what all should I forget? As Kabir Das Ji has told, “I will try many times to achieve the result, but with one ultimate effort I will meet the God”. All kinds of union songs these people (saints) have sung. In our Maharashtra, in Bengal, and in the south also, everywhere I go, now I had been to Gujarat, there also, all the saints have been echoing in the atmosphere that achieves the self-realization and becomes saints. And to become this is not difficult. 

     Today the time has come, and you people are very lucky that you have come at this time, and I am also very lucky that along with you I have also come, because of which this work is happening. Thousands of people are achieving this. But at the beginning itself, If you think that “I am a sinner, I am very bad”, then kindly, leave this thought along with your shoes outside. All these thoughts have been stuffed in your mind by somebody. Useless thoughts. After all, human beings only can do mistakes. God is not going to do any mistakes. So you should not be angry with yourself. Because of that your this chakra which we call as left vishuddhi, catches, and if this catches then you may get spondylitis, you may get angina, or you may get all the diseases of the world, most importantly, you can not get self-realization. First of all, be cheerful towards yourself. You have not done any mistake. Whatever you have done, for the time being, forget it. And in this limited time span, whatever I had to say, I have said. 

     The thing is, the knowledge is bound inside these thousands of tapes, but it is not getting concluded at all. So, it is better to understand that, as there is a switch for all the lamps, and by switching that on, the lamps are lit, similarly, within us also there is a switch, made by God, otherwise, if I start telling you how the electricity came, who invented it, Its history, where is it in Delhi, what is the mechanism, then, you all will get up and go away and you will get a headache. At first, you achieve the light, then we can move forward. 

  Now, everyone has advised me, to stop you from asking me questions. Because, most of the questions are absurd. Sometimes I feel that whether these people have come here for their benefit or to spoil others. And, I don’t know why they talk in a fighting tone, as if they are in a parliament session, just like today’s fight in the parliament. To give you your own thing, I have come here. Where is the reason for a fight here? If I am telling you that this is the matter, and presenting a conviction before you as a hypothesis, then you should see whether this hypothesis is correct or not? And if this incident happens, then you should accept it, if you are an honest person. Because, I am doing all this for your benevolence. Where is the reason for a fight here? It is, as if you are scratching your own nose and face, just because you have a habit of fighting. 

   That is why these people are stopping me by saying “mother! You don’t answer questions, because we are strictly against it”. But I am your mother so I know how your mind can project. So, all I can do is, if you have any questions please write it and give me, tomorrow at the meeting I will answer your questions systematically. Whatever questions you have you can ask. Here, in Delhi, there are many centres, and now there is an ashram also. The first ashram is in Delhi only. If anybody is going to stay there or not, is not known but at least there is an ashram. And in that ashram, we conduct programs, centres, and very expert people, who consider me an expert in Sahaja yoga, do the procedures. 

    And, once you are awakened, you should understand that the connection  of this awakening fits in properly. That is all. After that you can see, what an amazing personality you are. For example, you go to a village and take television with you, and tell them that inside this box you can see the whole world, then they will say ” what are you talking? How is it possible”? Because they do not know about television. similarly, We also do not know about ourselves. But when we are connected, we get astonished. 

   What are you? What is your dignity? How many powers you have? What a great thing you are? All these, only in the enlightenment of your spirit, In that light, you can understand. There are many, many, you can say marvel, or call it  benefit, whatever you call it, I can only say that you become the kind of person, who is the source of peace and joy of the world. All your problems, side by side gets solved. 

   for example, when you are standing in the water you are frightened of it. But when you are in a boat, you see the same water, and when you become a swimmer, you dive into the same water save several people. Similarly, you keep progressing in Sahaja yoga. At first, you achieve the state of thoughtlessness, then you become doubtless and then you become a strong Sahaja Yogi and do the welfare of the world. 

     For this, there are no fees, I have no organization, I have no institutions, you are my only Institution, you’ll have to become something in this. There is no certificates that “we are Sahaja Yogis”, which you can stick on your forehead that “we are Sahaja yogis”. There are many such people who say “we are born again, we are this, that etc. but where are their powers? where is the nature required for that? Where is the glory? where is the majesty? It is good that, without any earldom, you can say that you are a landlord. It is like that. If you are something, then it should be evident, should be visible, people should understand. In this matter you be honest. Be very cheerful towards yourself. don’t blame yourself, only then this is possible. Is that alright? Now you don’t need question-answers right? 

     Now it is my request that whoever is sitting on the ground it is very good, whoever is not sitting on the ground, remove your shoes, and whoever is sitting down also remove your shoes. And, as I told, we have to Bow Down to the Mother Earth and begin this work. 

Whoever do not self-realization can kindly go out. Because it is a 10 minutes job and you have to do this with your eyes closed. And if anybody wants to go out and come, I can wait for 5 more minutes. But there is one thing, if you don’t want to do this, then oblige others, and if you kindly leave this place, it will be very good. Because always you have been looking at others, now is the time to look at yourself. All the people who are standing, it will be very good if they can sit down. Because you have to close your eyes and anyways you cannot see mother also. So, all of you sit down and receive your Self-realization. 

  I will address as left and right because in every language left and right are said Differently. The left hand should be comfortably kept on the lap. like this as if You are asking something. This is your desire that you are asking for self-realization. 

Everyone keep your hand like this. At first, I will show you, then you have to do this with your eyes closed. Then you have to keep your right hand on your heart. On your heart. It is kept on the heart because the spirit resides in the heart. The reflection of God is inside us. And kundalini is his power, which is known as  Adi Shakti. The one who created the whole universe is Adishakti. It is his reflection. That is why first you keep your right hand on your heart. After that, all the action we will do on the left hand will be towards me. The right hand is the power of action. So, first keep this hand on your heart, and then keep it on your upper abdomen. This place is the essence of the Guru, Which has been established by our great masters. These are 10 essences, 10 essences. So, you keep your right hand, on the left side of your upper abdomen. After that, same right hand, you keep on the lower side of your abdomen, on the left-hand side. This is the place for pure knowledge. Pure knowledge means, the law and order of the Almighty, which is inside us, which appears inside us. 

    For example, if you ask an animal to walk through a dirty street, he will walk without hesitation, whether it is a dog, bull, donkey or a horse. But a human being will not go. When he acquires pure knowledge, he can not go in the wrong lane, because vibrations start flowing within him. Because of the vibrations, he knows that this is wrong, and as soon he comes across something wrong, heat starts flowing from his palms. Then he sees that vibrations are not flowing in his hands and he leaves it. This is the characteristic of a saint. Saints never take the wrong route. He cannot pass through any dirt, he sustains himself in his sanctity. So, this Chakra is for pure knowledge. This should contain withinyou, in your personality, and in your being. Not just the projection of mind. 

   After this the same right hand we will keep on the upper part of the abdomen on the left side, which is the essence of the masters. After that, you will keep this hand on your heart. Now, I have told you again and again that you should forgive yourself and be cheerful towards yourself. Because otherwise, this Chakra catches a lot. Bring your hand from the front side, not from the back. Keep your hand like this and turn your neck towards the right side. Somehow, this Chakra catches a lot, particularly in Delhi. Now you keep your hand across your forehead such that, you can press both sides of your temple like You press during a headache. This place is for forgiving. To forgive everyone. After that keep your right hand at the back of your head and raise your head up. [line not audible]. 

 After that, you stretch your right palm. After stretching, keep the center of your palm on your fontanelle bone, which was a soft bone in your infancy. Bend your head and rotate the skin of your head seven times, which is known as the scalp, very slowly, and by give pressure by stretching your fingers outward, press hard. that is all, you have to do. particularly keep fingers on fontanelle bone. 

   Now you close your eyes and remove your eyeglasses because you don’t need to see anything and keep your eyes closed so that your attention is inside you. There is one more thing that, don’t shut your eyes tight, and don’t rotate it anticlockwise, and also don’t shut it slowly. Close your eyes in a very simple manner as you would do, to sleep. Neither Keep it half open nor push your eyeballs up. And don’t make any effort. Don’t try to stop your thoughts. Everything will happen by itself. 

    Keep your left hand towards me. Now close your eyes. And whoever is sitting on the chair keep your feet apart. Whoever is sitting down, it’s alright with them. Everyone can remove the shoes. Keep your right hand on your heart. And please don’t open your eyes until I tell you to do so. Now with your hands on your heart ask me a question as you would ask a computer. You can address me as “mother” or Shri Mataji. 

  “Shri Mata Ji, am I a spirit”? Ask this question. Ask in your mind, not loudly. 

“Shri Mataji am I a spirit”? Ask this question 3 times. You should know that when you become a spirit you become your own master also. Keep the same right hand on the upper abdomen on the left side and press. And by keeping your hand on the essence of Guru and ask me a question ” Shri Mataji! am I my own master”? Ask this question three times. 

” Shri Mataji! am I my own master”? Now keep this right hand on the lower side of your abdomen, which has the chakra of pure knowledge. On the left-hand side. Here I have to say that I respect your freedom. Nothing can be imposed on you, and your knowledge definitely cannot be imposed. So, you have to say six times because this Chakra has six Petals. 

  You will have to say 6 times that “Shri Mataji! Please give me pure knowledge”. Six times You have to say “Shri Mataji! Please give me pure knowledge”. Now, this Kundalini is going to other Chakras. So now we have to open other Chakra, on the upper side. So now keep your right hand on the “guru tattva” meaning on the upper side of your abdomen, keep it pressed on the left side. And to open this Chakra with full confidence you say 10 times ” Shri Mataji! I am my own master. Say it 10 times because the master has 10 elements. 

    Now as I told you in the beginning, there is only one truth about you. And that is you are a spirit. You are not this body, mind, ego etcetra, but you are the spirit. So now you keep your right hand on your heart and here with full confidence, you say this absolute truth 12 times, 12 times, “Shri Mataji, I am a spirit”. I have already told you earlier that be cheerful towards you. All-pervading power is the ocean of kindness, peace, and joy. But most of all it is an ocean of forgiveness. And we cannot commit any such mistake which cannot be absorbed by this. So with a cheerful mind keep your right hand on the angle between your neck and Shoulder, turn your neck towards the right side and with full confidence you say 

“Shri Mataji! I have not done any mistake”. “I am not at all guilty”. “Shri Mataji! I am not guilty at all”. You have to say this 16 times. Be cheerful. We have to go to the kingdom of God. So be cheerful. Say with your full heart. 

   Now keep your right hand across your forehead and press on both sides, like you press when you have a headache. Here is the centre for forgiveness. Here you have to say 

“Shri Mataji! I have forgiven everyone at a time”. No need to count, no need to know, no need to remember them, just have to say “I forgive everyone at a time”. Now on this Chakra, many people say that “mother! It is very difficult to forgive”. But when you forgive or don’t forgive, in truth you don’t do anything. But if you don’t forgive someone, then you play in the wrong hands. So, you say with your whole heart, number of times does not matter, say with your whole heart that “Shri Mataji! I have forgiven everyone”. You will feel very light. Now if you remove your hats, it will be better. You need not remove the turban, remove only your hats. Now keep your right hand at the back of your head and raise your head up. Here, for your own satisfaction, without feeling guilty, and without thinking of the people who have troubled you, with your whole heart you say “oh! All-pervading power, 

oh! The formless! If we have done any mistake please forgive us. 

  Now stretch this hand. And keep the centre of this, the centre of your palm, keep exactly on your fontanel bone, and bend your head, stretch your fingers outward, pull completely outward And by giving full pressure rotate the skin of your head. Very slowly, 7 times. But even now I have to say that I cannot impose self-realization on you. I accept your freedom. So, you will have to say ” Shri Mataji! Please give me my self-realization”. Say this seven times, because the seats of 7 Chakras integrate here. So please say ” Shri Mataji! Please give us self-realization”. Seven times. 

  Now I will blow breath into this seven times, and with that, you will attain your self-realization. Now slowly bring your hands down. And open your eyes slowly. Now keep your right hand towards me. Please note that we have to check for cool Breeze on our right hand. 

And bend your head, and check with your left hand on your fontanelle bone, if some cool Breeze is coming. For some people, it comes much above the head. Take your hand little above, don’t stick your hand to your head. see, here you are getting a nice breeze.  Don’t doubt.

 hmmm! Now keep your left hand towards me. And bend your head again and check with your right hand, if some coolness is coming out of it or not. hmmm. 

    Now, again one more time, keep your right hand towards me. And bend your head and check again if a cool breeze is coming or not. You should not keep your hand very close to head. 

Bend your head, and you will feel the coolness little away from the crown, in the front, where there was a soft bone on our head, in our infancy, which is called fontanelle bone. Check on that. Alright. Now lift both your hands towards the sky. And ask one question   “Shri Mataji! Is this the all-pervading power? Shri Mataji! Is this God’s love? 

   Ask me this question three time which your head raised. Now bring your hands down. 

Keep your hands like this and look at me in thoughtlessness. Now whoever felt the cool Breeze coming out of the fontanelle bone or from the hand, even a little, please raise both your hands. It has happened to everyone. 

                                                          My salutation to all the saints.