Public Program: Kundalini Ke Jagran Ke Bad Labh

Noida (India)

1989-03-16 Public Program, Kundalini Ke Jagran Ke Badh Labh, Noida, India (Hindi), 84'
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1989-03-16 Kundalini Ke Jagran Ke Badh Labh Hindi Noida NITL-RAW, 89'
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Public Programme, Noida, India 1989-03-16

First of all, I have to say that the fate of Noida is such that no matter how much one tries, one can not arrive in time. It makes everyone wait, THIS Noida to you and also to me! (Shri Mataji is smiling  throughout) because we got late for no rhyme or reason. If any VIP is travelling on the road in Delhi, all the routes are closed, then no one can move. Likewise, don’t know how many people have to waste their time. You all were also awaiting for long and I too was awaiting that when will we reach, when we will reach? So, the fate is such that coming to Noida one gets an opportunity to enjoy the wait! 

You people are awesome that you all kept waiting for such a long time and everyone is always so eager to meet their mother. I had heard that in Kaliyuga children will not care for their mother but here the situation is just the reverse. That means Kaliyuga is over, Krityuga is also over and now Satyuga has started (applause from the crowd and crowd shouting aloud Victory to Shri Mataji) 

Paramchaitnya gets implemented in Krityuga. You all know, that the work of Paramchaitnya has started. If Paramchaitnya had not become active, we could not have given realization to so many people. The working of Paramchaitnya has helped so much that even if thousands of people come to the programme they achieve their self-realization. 

The Kundalini within us is waiting for many births for the day when you will achieve your self-realization. Kundalini is a pure desire. The desires of human beings get fulfilled but still, their DESIRES never end. So, this is pure desire and when human beings get the reward of this pure desire then all other desires becomes peripheral. 

We don’t know about it (Kundalini). Many people have not even heard the name of Kundalini. Many think that I see the horoscope (kundali)  which is consulted for the purpose of marriage!! (Shri Mataji is smiling). There is so much ignorance about this shastra or deontology. This deontology was a written shastra once upon a time. After that many people have given a detailed explanation about it, but by reading English books, by learning the English language, by getting carried away by English culture, we have never tried to learn about the speciality and heritage of our country and we never turned towards it. 

This is all written in our scriptures. Apart from that, we had great poets, the saint Poets, like Markendya Swami who, it is said lived fourteen thousand years back. After that, so many saints wrote about self-realization. Gradually, they started writing about Kundalini, here we can mention Adi Shankaracharya who very clearly stated that one should get the awakening of the Kundalini. Without getting the awakening one cannot achieve the Absolute. But after Adishankarachaya there was no other Shankaracharya who could take people in that direction, maybe because nobody knew how to carry out the Kundalini awakening. So they built temples, worshipped God and practised rituals and all sorts of things, but whatever is real ie the awakening of the Kundalini, nobody did that.

After that in the twelfth century, we had a great poet in Maharashtra. His name was Gyaneshwara. He also explained distinctly about Kundalini in the sixth chapter of ‘Gyaneshwari’. Apart from this, he has written a very beautiful book called ‘Amritanubhav’. This book is so unprecedented that I think I haven’t seen such a profound book written on spirituality better than this. 

After that, Nanak Saheb, Kabir Saheb, Namdeva, Tukarama and many others like them wrote about Kundalini. Surprisingly in other religions like Islam also it has been said that when ‘Kiyama’ the time of resurrection will come, your hands will speak and a lot has been written on Kiyama. They called Kundalini as ‘Aasas’.

Also in Christian Religion, it has been said that ‘this is Tree of Life’ and it was told that when you will get your self-realization at that time you will behold God who will appear like many glowing flames of the burning lamp. And this happens. I can see it and you all will also be able to see it later.

Starting from Raja Janaka, every person has written about it according to the time and situation. That a common man can get it and that it can be achieved by common men, this was definitely written but how will it happen, nothing has been written about it.

Saint Gyaneshwara has written a very beautiful poem which is called as ‘Pasaydaan’ in which he has fully described Sahaja Yoga and clearly stated that such days will come. He says that, Go along! he is describing the Sahaja Yogis and saying, You go along! Who are you? You are many forests of Kalpataru! You all know about Kalptaru. He says, You are the forests of Kalpataru, go along! and then he says that you all meaning Sahaja Yogis are the huge oceans filled with Ambrosia who speak. Your faces are like a moon but without any blemish on them and you are glorious as the sun but without any heat in them. This is how you all Sahaja Yogis are. Go along and give this Pasaydaan, this gift of Ambrosia to everyone!

Then in England, there was a poet, although many poets wrote but there was this poet called Louis. He has very clearly stated how the procession of Sahaja Yoga will move, which means he has also described me in his work. This poet lived a hundred years back.

Apart from that, there is a very great poet in India known as Rabindranath Tagore. He has fully described that on the shores of India people from all the countries will gather. Mother has awakened! The mother of the Universe has awakened! And all of them keeping their petty differences aside have come in unison. Just see, how great visionaries we had in India. Rabindra Babu was my contemporary.

There was a great poet in England a hundred years back called William Blake*. He too has clearly described that such things will happen.

Saint Bhrigu has written a book called ‘Nadi granth’. You all know he wrote a book about Kundalini which is called ‘Bhrigusahinta’, but another book he wrote ‘Nadi granth’ in which Sahaja Yoga has been described in detail that the Kundalini of human beings will get awakened spontaneously and their health will improve, they will get completely alright and there will be no need of hospitals (in Sanskrit language there is a different word for hospital) and he has so beautifully described Sahaja Yoga. Don’t know how he predicted that fourteen or twelve thousand years back, that this is what will happen in Kaliyuga!

Recently, I was reading about an astrologer in America and I was amazed that in the 70s I started this and from 70s he has continuously described that this will happen, that will happen, this would be, that would be, this is how Sahaja Yoga will spread, this is how collectivity will grow. He has written everything in detail. It is very surprising how these people can visualize all these things. But William Blake has even described where my house will be! Who all will be working there! Everything he has described as if he was standing there and watching how the house is being constructed!

Despite all this, many other similar things have also happened. If you get an opportunity, then you all must see what kind of photos we have, like where there is sun on my heart. There is sun on my hand, the moon at my feet, sun and moon behind me. Different kinds of lights are coming out of my head, there is light all around. Sometimes I am sitting and instead, you can see only vibrations all over. This type of many photographs are coming by today’s cameras. It’s not necessary to have an expensive camera or to have a very expert photographer. A very ordinary young child takes the snaps which shows this or a young student clicks the photo he gets it. So, there are so many examples in Sahaja Yoga for humans to recognize it.

Apart from this, whatever experiments have been done in Sahaja Yoga on diseases or whatever experiments have been done in agriculture and other related things, we have attained so much success that nobody could have imagined that so much success can be achieved by persons with very ordinary intellect.

That means, firstly that there was something within us that was covered with ignorance which had to be opened. And second thing is that there are many powers within us in a dormant state, which have now awakened with the awakening of Kundalini.

Today I want to tell you what all things happen after the awakening of the Kundalini. I won’t be able to tell you everything because for that a complete scripture needs to be written, but I will explain in brief.

After the awakening of Kundalini, first of all our health becomes alright. We get a good health. Whatever type of disease one may have, the person gets cured but for that one has to meditate. One has to get his fontanelle bone area pierced again & again on the Sahastrar by the Kundalini.  One has to put in a little effort.  If we put in a little effort then we achieve that state which is called Doubtless Awareness. 

First, a person becomes thoughtless. No thoughts come to his mind, but it doesn’t 

mean he cannot think. Whenever one wants one can think and whenever one wants he can decide not to think. Normally we human beings all the time go on thinking like a mad and don’t stop for even a second. So, all such thoughts that keep on lingering get removed and our heart and mind become like a clean, clear sky. Then whenever we desire we can think and when we don’t want we may not. In that state of thoughtlessness, in that calm, we stand in peace!

Now, many people have mental problems. Many people who come have depression. Yesterday only I was saying that you try to put an impression on others so you get depression because people don’t get impressed by you so you get into depression. So why try to create an impression on others? (Shri Mataji is in a jovial mood)

Some people also get into depression due to other reasons. What is the reason for that? (Shri Mataji turns to her right towards Sahaja Yogis and says, A child is crying, take the child out). What is the reason behind that? Now keep your attention here. Now see your attention instantly goes there (pointing towards the direction Shri Mataji was earlier talking about the child) Look here! You all look here! (We can hear the child crying). (Shri Mataji addressing the Sahaja Yogis) The child should have been taken away earlier. If the child is crying, then the child has some problem.

Keep your attention in control because as I am speaking I am also working on your Kundalini. So first of all our health becomes alright. And if we practice a little then we get cured forever. Then we do not get affected by any disease.

A gentleman told me that he had cancer. His cancer got cured but now he is suffering from kidney trouble. I asked him, Did you meditate every day? He grinned Yes of course I use to meditate! I said that’s what it is! You are laughing and saying that! Meaning that for you it’s just a matter of a joke to meditate. You were not meditating considering it as your responsibility. If you had, you wouldn’t be suffering from kidney trouble.

And many people who were told that you will die in one year, you will die in one month are still alive,  hale and hearty. Nothing happened to them. Years have passed and they are living happily. Those who were told that you’ll depart from this world at the age of fifty itself, they have reached up to seventy, seventy-five and still going on. In appearance also they don’t look old. It has to be told that this is their actual age.

The more you do the work of Sahaja Yoga, the more you spread the light to others, the more you will be benefited from Sahaja Yoga. I don’t have to take any money from you and you cannot pay me. I don’t want anything from you. All I want is that you clear out yourself and go collectively to the centres and mediate. If by doing this much your ordinary life can become very special then why not do it?

You don’t require doctors, you don’t require medicines. You require nothing. You can live very comfortably.  So, you don’t have to spend money on this anymore. Secondly, your expenditure is further reduced in the following manner. As I said, somebody has a mental problem. If a woman is in distress or a man is in distress or indulging in habits like drinking, gambling, smoking, eating paan the betel leaf, taking tobacco etc. In such a situation we spend money to harm ourselves and also we harm our family members and they do not have any targets left. So, all these habits drop out altogether as if they never existed. 

Like many people have this habit of drinking tea in the morning but (after getting self-realization) you don’t remember whether you had tea or you did not have. Don’t know if I had tea! Someone asks, Did you eat your breakfast? Don’t know, it’s okay then I’ll directly have my lunch! And at the time of lunch also, you don’t remember to eat it! So two days pass like that. One doesn’t know if he has taken the lunch or not or has taken the breakfast or not.

Now, I am fond of this! I like this! Many people say that. Suppose somebody likes besan laddus (Indian dessert made of gram flour) then everybody is taking those laddus for him. Why? Because he likes laddus and he wants to eat those laddus till death. And if the doctor advises him not to eat them, they die with the craving for that dessert, and they return as ghosts (bhoot) and demand those laddus. (Sounds of laughter)

So this kind of pursuits, that they like this! They prefer that! In North India, this trend is too much, that what’s the favourite of another person! Every person is busy coaxing another person. That he likes this, another one prefers that. Then (after getting self-realization) no one understands likes and dislikes. 

My daughters are very fond of cooking. So I asked them, You cook so many types of food for your daddy, what do you cook for me? They said, Mummy what is your favourite food? We don’t even know. You like all sorts of food and also you don’t dislike any food either. Whatever is available you eat. So, I said, That’s true! I don’t remember what I like!

So, in this manner your likes and the other habits you have and till you stay in your society, people talk just like -I simply cannot enjoy my meal without ghee! They declare with great pride. I can drink two ser (1866 grams) milk in the morning! Really? What else you can eat? That also he will tell with great pride. And you know I like a bathroom which is spick and span! I said, who cleans it? He said, My wife! And food? He said, that also is cooked by my wife. I asked what do you do? He said, I do my office work morning till evening. Sometimes I smoke, sometimes I drink and sometimes I go here and there, that’s all! 

So, with all these habits, human beings think about his usefulness that what all they can do. Such life has no meaning. In our society men and women live this kind of life. If you see them after getting your self -realization. You feel, are they all mad? Is this life has any meaning or not? 

This situation is more prevalent abroad. If you go to a lake. There is a boat and they are standing on it for hours together. I asked, what are they doing? They told me, They are balancing on the boat! I asked, Haven’t these people got any jobs to do? They said it’s not so! they are entertaining themselves! I said, what are they enjoying in this, like silly people holding the boat like this and that too for hours together. Even a fish can’t do that! No animal can do that! They are human beings or what? But they do it!

One gentleman said I have to go! I must go to London tomorrow! Somehow I must get the ticket! He got after my husband that, book my ticket! thrice he phoned. So, I asked him Bhai Saheb, what’s the hurry? He said, I have to attend a ball there dancing. For that, he was making so much uproar. He will dance there for hours, with tired feet and after consuming alcohol he will get totally exhausted! But they think that this is how our life is so special but this is how we ruin our life in all these things.

In India, we are not so much fashionable but abroad one fork, one spoon, one knife are not sufficient. Five spoons here, five knives there, and three spoons there. One doesn’t understand what all he should eat. For eating so little use two spoons, two forks then bring another, then bring the third one. Why not just put everything on a plate and eat? Even better is to use a banana leaf to serve food on it and eat. It’s simple! Eat and throw the banana leaf job done! But no, they waste so much time on it.

And as soon as your reach their house they will start telling you, that this plate belongs to such n such place, this is from Royal Garden, this is this, this is that. And if they come to your house they pick up the plate and see what’s written at the back. Are you going to eat that shop? They check that this is from which company. If it is manufactured by a good company or not. Humans do slavery of such things! So much showing off! And so much tussles and so much competition among each other that just don’t ask. In this manner, people ruin their lives.

What one can say about men, they get lost in tussles with others. How that person has become higher and how another has come down? How he has become bigger and another one smaller? Morning till evening they are worried about how can I get a better position in the job. But even if they go on getting better positions I haven’t seen anyone satisfied. Till they go inside the grave, they indulge into this, one leg here and another leg there. There too he goes on worrying that I should be promoted. Now we are in the process of the Last promotion but still, they go on thinking that when will I be promoted! 

While women have other issues in which they are too involved. Women think if another lady has made a particular type of hairstyle then why should I not do the same if that woman has got some jewellery made then why shouldn’t I also buy some jewellery? If they have this I too must have the same thing.

I haven’t seen anybody thinking that look this man is such a good person! He is so nice, why shouldn’t I become like him. I haven’t seen anyone thinking like that. Haven’t heard till today. But yes in Sahaja Yoga it’s like that! It’s like that in Sahaja Yoga. But outside Sahaja Yoga, no man or woman say that this is such a nice lady, such a good woman, such a generous woman, such a helpful woman! I must also become like her. I must also do something like that! I haven’t seen anyone desiring such a thing. And what do we understand is the meaning of our life? Such life is meaningless.

This Life gets beautiful and glorified after you get your realization because the power starts flowing from within you. If your raise your hand, you can raise the Kundalini and you can give realization to many people. You can start this living process and give it to others for which no money is required. At the movement of your hand, the Kundalini will rise. You have no idea how many people you can cure! One single person can make such a big difference and don’t know what all he can do if he just realises that now I have become a yogi completely and imbibe Sahaja Yoga completely in his life. And he decides that I am a yogi and my race has changed now. I have lost my religion and now I have a new religion. Even if a single man decides then he alone is sufficient to transform the whole of India.

If I could have managed alone what was the need for me to gather so many Sahaja Yogis, to wander door to door, run about and go to different places? This work will l be done by you all. Like the source of electricity is somewhere else but here you have to put the lights on. What’s the use of bringing the source here? Will it give the light? This kind of light will have to be put on then only there will be light here. In the same manner, you have become the lamp after getting the light from the mains and now it’s the job of the lamp to give light, but you are still lamenting that I need this! I need that! It’s done now! Now give! It’s time to give!  Earlier we kept taking now we have to learn to give. You have to recognize your greatness and your power, that how much power you have and there is so much you can do!

But I see still many people, they keep on lamenting about their problems. Mother! This has happened! Mother that is happened! I say, how is that happening?  Some have already jumped into this sea  (of Sahaja Yoga) while some are still standing outside the water like stones. 

There is only one reason behind this, that you have still not understood the meaning of Sahaja Yoga. You have not understood your meaning. You have not become competent. You do not know the meaning of your ‘self’ that is why such a thing happened. 

Now, this we talked about the outside aspect that your physical ailments get alright and mental problems get cured and you become a free, self-sufficing person. Freedom has two meanings here. First, that you do not become the slave of any habit. If you say, I can sleep on the floor. If you say, I can sleep on the river bank. If you say then I can keep awake all night. Whatever you say I can do because my body is my slave I am not the slave of my body. Slavery of body just drops out.

And the problems that we face day and night like I have pain in my leg, I have a headache, all such pains collect their bag n baggage and vanish into thin air and now you remove the pain of others. You get that power that you can relieve the pain of others. 

Freedom or swatantrta has one more meaning that is to know the ‘tantra’ of ‘swa’. SWA means the Spirit so to know the tantra or mechanism of the Spirit, that how does the Spirit work? What all things we can get done through it? When the spirit comes into our attention then what happens to the attention? To know all this is to know the dharma of the Spirit and to know the mechanism of the Spirit. So, this also happens (after realization).

You haven’t ever known yourself. The biggest thing that you learn is that you are extremely powerful. There should be no hesitation in that. Actually, you are! It’s like someone is made to sit on the throne. But still, he thinks don’t know what it is? I have been made to sit here! I don’t know if I am sitting on the throne or not! So again and again he gets up from the throne. Now, be seated! The time has come for you to sit on the throne. Sit comfortably in your splendour! Who can dare to touch you, or harm you, or trouble you? Whosoever will trouble you will one day come and weep at your feet and will request you that please save me from the punishment!  I don’t know why I tried to harm you! 

So, this is how you go in the realm of God, and on arriving in the realm of the divine you are extremely surprised that each n everything you want you get it immediately. Whatever you wish to do, that works out. If you go to the market then people welcome you and say, come! sit! Will you have tea?  While they drive away others! So what’s the matter? They say, actually we can make out from your face only that you are a gentleman! So it starts showing on your face itself! Then your communication with others becomes so sweet and pleasing and your anger vanishes completely. And in a way, you have a feeling of that great love which is very attractive. The attraction which has no filth in it. People get attracted to such a person and they wonder what is the quality of this person which attracts us so much?

It is said that if there is the fragrance of kasturi’ ie MUSK in the atmosphere, no proof is required. Similarly, the person who has wisdom,  whose awareness is awakened, there is no need to prove it to others. There is no need at all to say that this man is a realized soul. Yes, if someone deliberately wants to tell it then it’s a different matter or if someone wants to quarrel or fight unnecessarily then it’s a different matter.

So, we must think that a very big new dimension opens out for us and in that new dimension a new awareness called ‘collective consciousness’ erupts within us, which means that you know what centres of other persons are catching and which centres of your own are catching. And you get separated from yourself. They come and tell me, Mother my Agnya chakra is catching! It’s giving me a lot of trouble! Please make it alright! Meaning he has an ego. I have self-conceit, I have developed a big ego! Mother, I am having a headache! Please put my Agnya chakra alright! Means I have an ego. Now, will any egoistical person say this? If you tell him that he has an ego, he will smash you in a manner that you will learn that he is the granddad of his Ego!

But the person himself admits that Mother, this is wrong with me because he feels it, he realizes it, he knows, he feels sad, he feels pained and he wants to get rid of it. He knows himself and he judges himself. This is what is Last judgement is for which the time has come now. Now you judge yourself. How? So It’s your hands and fingertips that will tell you about yourself and others. You can talk very affectionately with them and remove their problems. Also even without their knowledge, you can correct their problems and you will find the person becomes so well that you may not be able to recognize him.

Sometimes it so happens that after giving realization to a person, when I meet him after a year, he starts looking five years younger. So, I ask him, your elder brother had come! Are you coming for the first time? He replies, No Mother! it was me (not my brother). Such glow and magnificence come on the face. 

There is a vast change that occurs in the nature of a person. A person who is miserly becomes extremely spendthrift. He gets his joy in that. A person who is hot-headed becomes extremely peaceful, sober, and deep like an ocean. He understands his depth that I am actually so deep. So, all the bubbles of anger that come up get completely dissolved and he stands in peace and maturity and you are amazed that this person who was jumping around so much, how he has fallen silent as if bitten by a snake. 

But he has not been bitten by a snake. The change is not due to fear of any kind but in his own freedom, he is standing in his own peace. So the peace we talk about, peace, peace, peace, that peace is within us and when that peace and security gets established within, then in its light we become actually peaceful.

Now, you see there are so many organizations in the world like the Foundation of peace so and so, peace, peace, peace but there is no peace within the people. All the time people think about how to harm others. And what peace you will create when there is no peace in your heart? Then why create these Peace Foundations falsely, in vain? In this manner, the false ideas on which humans live, the false satisfactoriness on which he is wasting his (unclear), such solaces are actually false. 

Now a small thing. There is a quarrel in politics nowadays, that who is a communist and who is a capitalist? We will say we are a very great capitalist because we have all the powers. So, we have all the wealth, but we are also communist because we don’t enjoy it without giving it to others. Whatever wealth we have and whatever powers we have unless and until we give them to others, we remain restless. Therefore, there is no greater communist than us and also no greater capitalist than us. 

So, after getting your self-realization you also become very eager to give it to others. To Whom should I give this? I will give to this one, to that one, to this tree! Whom should I tell about this? How should I talk about it? And you explain this very generously to others.  And such power comes within us that I am amazed how this person is shining so much! 

Like, there is a caste in fishermen called ‘Kohli’. So, we have one Sahaja yogi. Although he works in a bank, his caste is Kohli and his original business is fishing. So, they were telling about him, that one day he was going in his boat to another destination and suddenly the sky got covered with black clouds. There was lightning in the sky and they felt that now they won’t be able to go. Such a big storm was brewing. So people tell that he (Mr. Kohli) stood up and said, Now you Clouds get aside! I am going for Mother’s work! Beware! Don’t you dare to interrupt my work! And he went and completed his job. Talked to everyone and gave them self-realization. After doing everything he returned home. This happened at 6 pm. So after returning home and having his dinner when he slept at 11 p.m. then it started raining at midnight. So he said, it’s okay, now go ahead, pour in!

These powers can come in you, but the greatest power you get is the power of Love. This power of love is (aalahaad daayani) the giver of great joy, is so joy-giving that you get drowned in that, tears flow from your eyes and one feels as if there are many dew drops of this ocean of love that are flowing from eyes like little drops of water. The heart soars and there is so much peace within. We gets a strange, extraordinary feeling of love that makes life so charming, beautiful that we do not enjoy any other comfort. Then we want, that love becomes the comfort. That its love that we give, it’s love that we consume. We don’t like anything else.

To this day we have not utilized the power of love. We have only utilized the power of animosity. Now use this power of love. Many people must be wondering Shri Mataji is talking so much. About which world? Of this world! I am talking about this world, here, in this place, in this Noida, this heaven is building and it’s already built. Those who have got it you can see it (applause from the audience) and you all together can get it. The golden age is coming you will be entitled to that and you will enjoy yourself fully.

Whatever I could tell you in short, I’ve explained to you. No matter how much we describe, it’s not sufficient because when you see such beauty, see how beautifully they have decorated here with flowers for me to express their love. I am seeing it but I never think. No thought comes to my mind. I am seeing this in complete thoughtlessness. I am only witnessing and those who made this with love, all the love as if has become joy and flowing over me like flowers. What’s there to think about? I am just enjoying the feeling of it. How beautifully my children have decorated this. With how much love they have written each and everything and how can that love be described in words or kept in the thoughts. You cannot enjoy it. Like when we just enjoy the taste we don’t think about it. Similarly, we get the taste of this. I am getting the taste of that love and the joy. In the same way I am getting the taste of your love and joy and you all are getting the taste of my love and joy. 

Our assembly is so beautiful and so sweet and I say that a very great new race of Sahaja Yogis is in making. This is also been described that such people will come in the world, and they have come and now all of you together strengthen that and fill it with more power and bring good health and whatever are unpleasant things, like criticizing others, thinking bad about others, to insult each other, to shout and scream at each other, to seek power and make money in Sahaja Yoga is all extremely stupid. So the behaviour, the way of talking of a Sahaja Yogi should be extremely polite and beautiful. All the wildness should go from that.

Like the thorns grow first and then the flowers that come as so beautiful. Similarly, we may have been like thorns earlier but now we should become flowers and from flowers, we should turn into fruits and this happens automatically. Gradually a change starts coming in your behaviour. Some people get completely rid of their anger. He thinks, ‘Where has my anger gone? Nobody will be in awe of me if I will not get angry’! but he finds that people are very impressed by him because it’s love which is regarded as most important by people, not strictness or anger.

And the second thing is that you forget watches, you forget the time but your work gets completed (unclear) Your Kundalini will get awakened when the time is right for that and will not awaken at any other time. If I have to delay things then it has to be delayed. There is no need to get upset about it. I was thinking that all the people must be sitting. They are waiting for me. I am also waiting to see them. Waiting has its fun! And at whatever time it has to happen it will happen at the time. What is the use of worrying? After all, how do we utilize our time? What special things do we do? By coming here at least all brothers and sisters are sitting together with love, sitting together in peace. What more is required? Such a meeting! 

You will be surprised to know that every year seventy to seventy-five marriages take place in Ganpatipule and people of thirty countries get married to each other. Out of which, one or two marriages don’t work. Most of the marriages are so beautiful. It seems as if heaven is here on Earth. Everyone looks so beautiful and all the things are worth watching.

You all are invited to come to Ganpatipule. In whatever way possible we will make arrangements for you. Stay there in whatever facilities are available. We will arrange a tent for you, stay there comfortably, stay happily. There you should not make an issue of what kind of a room we have got, What kind of a bed we have got and what sort of bedsheet was there. Delhi people are very worried about these things. (sound of laughter, Shri Mataji smiling) If Delhi people come, Mumbai people run and hide in the village, oh God! We don’t want to live! We don’t want to live with them because they won’t let us live and also everything pricks them.

We had a Peshwa called Bajirao. He went from (unclear ) to (unclear). He married a lady called Mastani. She was a Punjabi or a jaat or maybe something else. So, she was so delicate, that it said that when she used to walk her feet use to get injured even by scraping against velvet. She was so delicate. And there (in Maharashtra) even if there is a queen she sat on the horse with a sword in her hand, but in the case of Mastani, she use to get muscle cramps in her waist at every excuse. So all these queens use to come to see her what queer thing she is! As if a bird has been kept in a museum she has been described like that. She use to say that when I eat betel leaf, then even the redness of that can be seen through me. She was such a sample of finesse, fragility! So, the queens use to look at her with great sympathy that God must have created something so unique and strange like her now what to do! Poor thing! Her body is like that. Her waist gets hurt so often. Now, what can we say to her! Poor thing! And that’s how they felt great compassion for her! 

Maharashtrian women, you know how they are! One is better than the other! If the husband returns from the war they cut his throat. Or if you show any kind of cowardice then the Maharashtrian women become like ghosts. So, women who keep worrying that my son has gone there! My husband has gone there! We never had this kind of thing. This I have heard here only, ‘oh my child has gone abroad, oh my child’! There is nothing of that sort (in Maharashtra) There they say, you have to go! You have to study! You have to bring a good name to your country! All the women there are like queens of Jhansi. Their lives are an example for others to follow, but now I don’t know, some Sindhi people have come, some Punjabi people have come and so (unclear) have started breaking. So, all these things drop out (after self- realisation). A kind of valour, fieriness (unclear) and a module comes means a type of proper manner comes while saying or doing things. If required they can become the queen of Jhansi and when necessary they can also become the housewives of the household. 

For the men also it’s necessary to keep the respect of the housewife, honour the women and take proper care of her and give respect to the children. Like, I have seen here in many households that men have great affection for their daughters but not for their wives. It’s very surprising. If you tell Maharashtrians, they will not believe that (in North India) here men don’t love their wives but only their daughter. They are so much concerned all the time, What happened to my daughter? Give this to daughter! Give that to my daughter! Don’t know whose influence it is? Of the veil or ghoonghat? (the piece of garment women use to cover their faces). Don’t know how this kind of an impact is there on men. So this kind of attitude drops out. All the duties towards all the relations are properly fulfilled. If it’s a wife she has her duties, if it’s the father he has his duties, and if it’s the son he has duties towards his father. So, the duties of all the people are done by them in a balanced manner in Sahaja Yoga.  

Not that, oh he is my son! but when his bride arrives she is beaten and thrown out of the house. Has he married you? Now his bride has come let him live. So balance comes in all these things. 

And also Maharashtrians people get rid of their drawbacks because they are very rude. They don’t know how to talk properly to others. Like if you go to a Maharashtrian shopkeeper. He will ask you what do you want. You will say, Chanderi sari! He asks, which colour? So, you say, pink colour! He says we don’t have! Go away! Now if there is a Punjabi person or a Sindhi person sitting there, he will say, please come sister, mother, father! and will call you inside, with all polite (Shri Mataji is laughing) words. Then he will make you sit comfortably, will offer you tea, and say please have this! Have this! Have that! He has never seen a Chanderi sari in his life but he will not let you go without buying four to five saris. (sound of laughter)  

So this is the defect in the Maharashtrian people. They have no sense of business. They will straight away say they don’t have this, don’t have that! So, this they have to learn from you people and you too have to learn a lot from these people, decency and a way of talking which is beautiful and intelligent. 

Now this one I have told you about the outside behaviour but the behaviour which we do towards ourselves that is the self behaviour. If someone is offering you money, you should ask why are you giving me money, why? Nobody will borrow money from another person. Nobody will misappropriate the money of others. Nobody will look at another’s wife with bad intentions. The eyes become pure. Purity comes within and neither the women will have bad eyes nor the men will have bad eyes. A very pure relationship will be established among each other.

Just think of the foreigners who have no idea of what purity is, they have never even heard about it, they too have become so pure that they know very well how they should behave with others. They even celebrate the festival of Rakhi with great enthusiasm. ‘My Rakhi sister’! they say. If you ask, ‘who is she’? ‘She is my Rakhi sister! That one is my Rakhi sister’! They give so much respect to her. Also, our country exists because of such values.

You must know about the story of Alexander. When Alexander invaded India a king of Punjab defeated him. So when he defeated Alexander he arrested him. His name was Puru. He arrested Alexander and said, now you stay in the prison otherwise you will conquer our whole nation and we will become your slave. Alexander had married an Indian woman. This Indian woman was very intelligent. The festival of Rakhi came. So, she put a rakhi on a plate and covered it with a cloth, and sent it to the court of Puru. He said the rakhi has come from sister tie it and enquired, who is the sister? He was told, Alexander’s wife! Oh my God! said Puru. I have locked up my brother-in-law! What have I done? He went running to the prison greeted Alexander and said, Forgive me, son-in-law! Son-in-law? Alexander asked. He could not understand. Yes! You are my son-in-law! Come with me. So, Puru brought and made him sit on the throne. And Puru said whatever you want I will give. You can even cut my throat if you want! Alexander was amazed. What the matter? He could not understand! Then Puru sent Alexander back with a lot of jewels in a palanquin telling him this is for my sister! So with lots of horses and elephants, Alexander left for his home.

When he arrived at his place, his wife was smiling. He said, what kind of people these are? I don’t understand. Why they released such a cruel person like me? She said, you have been set free because I had sent one thread to him (King Puru). He enquired, thread? Yes, she said, I had only sent one thread! On this day, today if any woman sends only a thread, she becomes his sister! Alexander said, Really? And do they have to release even their greatest enemy’? She said, Of course! Now you are his son-in-law! He said, God, save me from these Indians! Those who can set free their enemy just for a thread, can do anything! They value even the symbols of everything! Forgive me! And he went away. He took Chand Bardai with him. And he said, Oh God! I don’t, I can’t rule here! They are such people!

But that thing has dropped, has reduced quite a lot now because our sensitivity has also reduced. We do not understand that there are such little things, such beautiful things, such lovely customs in our culture which we have not imbibed and now we are set out on such a path, which has led many countries to their destruction. 

We have to achieve the infinite and the infinite can be achieved in Sahaja Yoga. And when you achieve that you become immersed in that. You are surprised that you have come into the realm of a new government, and the new government servants here are engaged in your service. Not like the usual government servants whom you yourself have to serve, but these new government servants are at your services from morning till evening. Whatever you require, wherever you need you will get it. So, in this manner, our life becomes very beautiful and all kind of darkness goes on diminishing and we reach a new dimension.

Now, I have told you all this that so many things happen, that human beings achieve all this. A collectivity comes, all the nations become friends and whatever wrong issues are there like in religion or other things like caste n creed, dowry, etc come to an end because humans become great and so one has to go to the depth of this greatness. You must know that first, you have to achieve that greatness of Spirit and bring its light to your attention.

Yesterday I told you, you all must have come there, that what is the Spirit and what is the Sat (Truth) Chitt (Attention) Anand (Bliss) form of the Spirit. Today what I told you, in my opinion, is about  the benefits of coming into Sahaja Yoga. Now, if you want, you can ask me some questions, if you want. After that, we will meditate for 10 minutes.

(All questions are being read out to Shri Mataji by a Sahaja Yogi on behalf of the Sahaja Yogi’s and people from the public)

Question: Shri Mataji it’s a question from a Sahaja Yogi that- I am practising Sahaja Yoga for past nineteen months. My problem is that I don’t get the full flow of vibrations on my hands. My Vishuddhi has been tampered with (unclear) which was (unclear) in 85 with radioactive iodine. Shri Mataji please suggest any specific remedy!’

Shri Mataji: Now if I tell all of you the cure for this then you won’t get angry? The cure is, that put these fingers in your ears and every day say ‘Allah O Akbar’ sixteen times. Akbar means Virat and Mohammad Sahab talked about this Virat, the one who is Shri Krishna. He talked of Shri Krishna. Jesus Christ also shows these two fingers. This finger is of Vishuddhi chakra which is of Shri Krishna and this one is of Laxmi Narayan, that he is my father. Radha ji had a son called Mahavishnu, he is one who is called Jesus Christ.

Question- Shri Mataji, your daughter Neha has leprosy in her hand. It’s in your awareness. The doctor has given 31st March as the date of operation. I have full faith that by your grace there will be no need to get her operated on.

Shri Mataji: Yes, you meditate! The doctor is here. There are two to three doctors here. Whatever they tell you do it every day, but whatever you do, do it with understanding, not like a joke or a play. This is worship. You are worshipping yourself.  

Question: Shri Mataji, should we not recite mantras while doing the action of Sahaja Yoga?

Shri Mataji: No! Not at all!

Question: Why do muscle spasms occur in feet?

Shri Mataji: You have this problem, not everyone!

Question: Shri Mataji there was a time when our culture was predominant in the world and this country was Jagadguru the world teacher. Today it’s not visible. When and how that time will come again?

Shri Mataji: It has come! It has arrived! Open your eyes and see. You will be surprised that these foreigners when they come to your Motherland, as soon as they come out from the airport, they take the soil of our land and put it on their head. 

Question: Shri Mataji this question is related to Arthritis. I have heard your lectures on the 10th and 12th. I have a problem with arthritis and pain in my left leg due to which I am unable to sit on the ground. I don’t feel anything while practising Sahaja Yoga. What should I do?

Shri Mataji: Now this left side knee represents your left nabhi and this one right nabhi. Left nabhi catches when your gruhalakshmi state is not alright. If your wife is unwell or you don’t treat your wife properly or your wife is very unhappy or your wife is a torturer from which you are getting sorrow meaning that you are not getting the gratification of gruhalakshmi or you are not giving gratification then this centre gets caught up. If you correct that everything will be alright.

Question: Shri Mataji!  There is a question about the white spot that is Leucoderma. How to cure it?

Shri Mataji: It comes from liver! Firstly don’t eat Postman oil at all. I have seen those who consume Postman oil, how many of you use postman oil? Raise your hands! You get this disease from using Postman oil. There is something in the oil due to which one gets white spots. Groundnuts should be eaten less. Apart from that, people with liver issues should not take a lot of ghee or oil. Now how to correct your liver, the doctor will explain to you. If your liver gets alright gradually you will get cured. This is not a disease. If someone thinks it’s a disease then it’s a wrong idea.

Question: Shri Mataji there is a Sahaja Yogi, who says that he cannot get rid of his fear!

Shri Mataji: You must be catching on Central heart! You should find out what is the reason that you don’t get rid of your fear. Not from brain or argument, but find out from your centres, which centre is catching. If your centre heart is catching then put your hands towards my photograph, hold your breath three times and meditate on Goddes Jagadamba! If your mother is Jagadamba, and she is powerful, then why should you have any fear?

Question: Shri Mataji! If it is not possible to take Bandhan by hand then can we mentally take Bandhan?

Shri Mataji: Yes we can, but by hand, it is easier. You can take Bandhan mentally, if your mind becomes that strong then you can take Bandhan from your mind as well!

Question: There is a brother who is more interested in his promotion than getting his realization. He wants to know if he will get a promotion or not.

Shri Mataji: (laughing) Now, I have said it. I am not someone who is a palm reader. I am seeing your future, that how many of you will go in that golden age and will be seated in their places in the realm of God.

Question: Is a human being actually able to forgive others? 

Shri Mataji: Absolutely, he is able! What else does he do? To forgive or not to forgive. What does he do? It’s such an illusion. I don’t forgive him. Means what? What do you do? If you don’t forgive what do you do? (Unclear) I don’t forgive him! Again and again, you go on remembering that person that he is such a bad person. I’ll put him right! This will happen, that will happen. You do nothing. If it is so slap him two-four times then he will be forgiven. But that doesn’t happen and you keep suffering.

Question: There is one more question, Can all the desires of a person be fulfilled after the awakening of the kundalini?

Shri Mataji: Desires became peripheral.

Question: Shri Mataji he has written Kundali instead of Kundalini.

Shri Mataji: No it’s Kundalini! When Kundalini is awakened then all the desires become non-essential because you become joyful. You do everything for achieving joy. Every person search for joy, whether he search money, search some other things. Everything he search in search for joy. But, after getting his realization a person becomes so contented that he feels, What should I give to others? How should I express my love to others? What should I do for others? There is a change in his style that’s why he thinks about the desires of others, not his own.

Question: Shri Mataji there is a question from someone that, Can only rich people get their self-realization or even poor people? Why don’t you give realization to the poor people, meaning why the programmes are not organized in villages?

Shri Mataji: Gentleman! Noida was a village and you people only have made it a City. I mostly go to villages. This is impolite to talk like this. Whatever I have to do, I know very well what is to be done. If you are so much interested then you go to the villages. I am living in the village only. Mostly I meet villagers. Villagers will never ask this kind of question. This is the mind of a city person, that why don’t you do this, do that? Are you paying me money? I’ll do whatever I will feel like doing? Who are you to lecture me and show your right on me? This is the first thing. Secondly, I myself work in the villages!  In cities, I work very less. In cities, people are like that, just like you. So, even to ask such a type of question is uncivilized!

Question: Shri Mataji someone is asking, Who are you?

Shri Mataji: Am I not visible to you? 


Sahaja Yogi: Shri Mataji it is everyone’s desire that it will be better if you can give the experience of self-realization now.

Shri Mataji: (laughing) They are right! (Sound of applause) 

Sahaja Yogi: (addressing the people) There are some personal questions for which you can come to our centre and get the solution. Thank you!

Shri Mataji:  We do this question session, children! because many people have this habit that when you make them sit for meditation suddenly something comes up in the mind, that ‘Oh I haven’t asked this question’. So I think that let their brains cool down so it will be alright. Sometimes it goes on for so long that it never ends. (Shri Mataji is laughing)

Alright! Now coming to the point! Those who are sitting up can take out their shoes and footwear! You all too take out your shoes and footwear and sit comfortably on the ground! And all of you should take to Sahaja Yoga. Those who do not want to do, they should go out. You should not come here to look at others. Now you should look at yourself! Everyone should sit now! It’s not that there is no place to sit. You can sit anywhere because there is  place all around. You may sit anywhere you can achieve it. All of you sit down. it is necessary that everybody sit down.

Yesterday I had explained to you in brief that our left side our left hand represents our desire. Pure desire is Kundalini but this symbolizes desire. Therefore first you have to put your left hand towards me! Secondly, our right hand symbolizes action, the power to act. Therefore we will have to touch our centers with the right hand.

So, first of all, we touch our heart. Before we say something, I want to tell you that  don’t judge yourself about anything, don’t call yourself bad. Whatever justice has to be done about you, will be done by your Kundalini. There is no need for you to do anything. Kundalini itself is awakened. She is your mother and she knows everything about you and she will give you realization in a systematic way. So, you all please don’t bring this idea in your mind that we are bad, we have done these wrong things, we are suffering from these diseases. At this time, all this should be forgotten, and sit cheerfully with your hand on your heart. Do not try to stop your thoughts or one should not think about concentrating. Kundalini rises on its own like this (Shri Mataji is demonstrating by using her finger and her sari) This is the attention and when Kundalini comes up like this and when penetration takes place, then all the light spreads in the attention.

Just now we will not close our eyes. I’ll show you how to do it. Put your left hand towards me and put your right hand on your heart. In the heart resides the Spirit. And then on the upper portion of your stomach. We will work on the left-hand side. Keep watching that we place our hand on the upper portion of our stomach. Then we put our hand on the lower portion of our stomach on the left-hand side. In the upper portion, Guru principle that has been created within us is to be awakened. And in the lower portion, we have pure knowledge due to which the power of God is directed in our every nerve and gives us knowledge. Not just that we also become aware of all the rules and regulations of the divine. That is called pure knowledge and the rest is Avidya the false knowledge. Surdas said that (Surdas ki sabhi avidya door karo Nandlal) Lord Krishna, son of Nand, please remove all the false knowledge I have. After writing ‘Sursagar’ he said that whatever false knowledge I have written now I am giving up that. Please remove all my false knowledge. So, this is pure knowledge. 

Now you raise your hand again to the upper portion of the stomach. Those who have to go should go earlier and should not disturb everyone during meditation. So put your hand on the upper portion of the stomach. Then again take your hand on the heart. Here resides your spirit. Now, the same hand you take to the angle between your neck and shoulder and turn your neck towards the right side fully. (addressing someone) Sardarji you also do! You (unclear) will become alright! Turn your face that side! Now, after this, do it from the front, not from the back. All the ladies do this! Please all of you do it! Later on, if you will have some problem you will say, mother, I have got into trouble! Turn your neck towards the right!

After that take this hand across your forehead and press it. Press your forehead, keep your left hand towards me and now take this right hand at the back of your head and push back your head and rest your head on your hand. Now, after this stretch your hand and put the middle point of your hand on the ‘taalu’ on top of your head which was a soft bone in your childhood and press it and move it. Stretch out your fingers and move your hand seven times. That’s all!

Now, you of all close your eyes. Remove your spectacles. You won’t need them because you don’t have to open your eyes. 

Now keep your right hand on your heart and close your eyes. Till I tell you, do not open your eyes because as I told you your attention has to go inside. Keeping your hand on your heart you will ask me a question. Shri Mataji am I the Spirit? Ask this question three times. Shri Mataji am I the Spirit? speak inside your mind. Keep your hand on your heart. On heart. Don’t open your eyes. Keep your left hand towards me.

Now, if you are the Spirit then you are your own master. Spirit itself is your guide therefore press your right hand on the upper portion of your stomach on the left-hand side and there ask me another question three times. Shri Mataji am I my own master? Shri Mataji am I my own Guru? Ask this question to me three times.

Now, keep your right hand on the lower portion of your stomach on the left-hand side and press it! Now, this pure knowledge I cannot force on you. It’s your freedom. That’s why you will have to say, Shri Mataji please give me the pure knowledge!  You have to say it six times because there are six petals in this centre.

Now raise your right hand again on the upper portion of your stomach. The reason is that when you asked for pure knowledge your kundalini has awakened and it has started rising so the upper centre of Guru principal has to be opened.

Therefore with confidence say ten times that Shri Mataji I am my own master! Shri Mataji I am my own Guru! Say this ten times with complete confidence.

Now, the centre above this which is Heart centre, and where resides the Spirit, there you have to say with full confidence twelve times, Shri Mataji I am the Spirit! Shri Mataji I am the Spirit! Say it twelve times!

Now, you should know that Param Chaitanya’s power is the power of God’s love, is the power of his compassion and joy and he is the ocean of forgiveness. His greatest power is to forgive therefore you cannot commit any such mistake which cannot be forgiven by him. Therefore you all please forgive yourself and keep your right hand on the angle between your shoulder and neck and turn your neck towards the right. Keeping your left hand towards me, say sixteen times with full confidence that, Shri Mataji I am not guilty! Here resides Leeladhar Shri Krishna. For whom the whole creation is Leela the play, so where is the blemish?  It should be said sixteen times because Spirit does not do anything wrong.

Now put your right hand across your forehead and press it from both sides. This center is of forgiveness. So, say it from your heart, it’s not how many times to say, Shri Mataji I forgive everyone at one time! I told you earlier that whether we forgive or not, it is just our illusion, but if we don’t forgive we play into the wrong hands.

Now take this at the back of your head and push your head backwards. For your own satisfaction, without seeing your faults, without counting your mistakes, with your glory, and for your satisfaction say that, Oh! Paramchaitnya! If we have committed any mistakes please forgive us! Say it with full heart how many times you say is not important!

Now spread out your palm, bend your head, and put the centre of the palm on top of your head which was a soft bone in your childhood, and please press it. Push your fingers outwards, and move your hand seven times to move your scalp. Move seven times slowly and clockwise.

Now, here too I want to tell you that I respect you and I respect your freedom.  Self-realization cannot be forced on you. Therefore please say seven times, Shri Mataji please give me my self-realization!  And I will blow the divine power so that your fontanelle bone area opens out. (Shri Mataji blows in the microphone seven times).

Now please take down your hands. Slowly open your eyes! Please put both your hands towards me and look at me without thinking! You can do it in thoughtless awareness! In this manner.

Now put your right hand towards me and bend your head! Take your left hand on top of your head and see if there is a cool breeze coming out!  You can get a warm breeze too! Doesn’t matter! Later you will get a cool breeze! Now, put your left hand towards me! Not very close! Bend your hand and keep your hand slightly higher. Some people get the cool breeze very high from the head.

Now put your right hand towards me! Now check again from your left hand by taking it on top of the head if you are getting a cool breeze or not! Keep your hand a little higher!

Now raise both your hands towards the sky and push back your head. Look up and ask me one question! Shri Mataji is this the Param Chaitanya? Is this the power of God’s Love? Repeat the question three times! Bring your hands down! 

Those who are feeling the cool breeze in your hands or on top of your head, all such people raise both your hands!

See this Noida! Now its name should be changed! 

My eternal blessings to all of you! Eternal blessings!

*(about William Blake)