Mahalakshmi Puja

Keventers, Kolkata (India)

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‘Shri Mahalakshmi Puja’, Kolkata, India, 26 March, 1989

Today the great festival of Easter is celebrated all over the world, but mostly people are
unaware about it.
In Sahaja Yoga we have learnt, that the resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ is the foundation of
Christian religion, which means that the resurrection of human beings must also take place, and
on the basis of this foundation, we Sahaja Yogis also believe that without the resurrection of
human beings, without their transformation, we cannot follow any religion.
His power was his wife who was in the Mahalakshmi form. As she was born from the ocean, she
was named after the ocean because Lord Jesus Christ was the incarnation of Shri Mahavishnu.
And if you read Devi Mahatmyam, it is all described there, but we are unable to connect both
the things and see them separately.
Today we are going to worship Shri Mahalakshmi. The principle of Shri Mahalakshmi is
considered very important here, because this principle exists in the very middle of Sushumna
Channel. Kundalini also rises from the Sushumna Channel. We must understand that till now
whatever we have become, from amoeba to human beings, it is the gift of Sushumna Channel
within us and our Parasympathetic system also works due to Sushumna Channel.
When our Lakshmi principle is complete or we become satisfied with it, when Shri Lakshmi
principle fully settles within us, at that point we move towards Mahalakshmi principle where we
search for that absolute wealth which is imperishable.
Now we see that in Bengal, both Lakshmi and Mahalakshmi principles exist to a great extent.
First the Lakshmi principle has to be established. Unless and until Lakshmi principle is fully
established, Mahalakshmi principle will not be established. To establish the Lakshmi principle,
we need to understand many things, and if we act wisely the Lakshmi principle will get
established here very easily.
We have seen many statues of Shri Lakshmi. We also have photos of Shri Lakshmi and we also
worship Shri Lakshmi, but if you see closely, she has Lotuses in both of her hands, that too of
pink colour. It means that the person who is a Lakshmipati, like Shri Lakshmi has pink Lotuses
in her hands, he too should have a heart that is pink in colour, meaning the one which invites (to
his home), the one who is always inviting, calling everyone in the manner a lotus gives place to
a beetle which has thorns, whose body is covered with thorns, which is made of thorn. To such
a difficult creature it gives place in its core, (Shri Mataji addressing someone in crowd – no
talking during the lecture, do not talk in the lecture, alright?) So it gives place in that core that

even a beetle can sleep comfortably, that’s the specialty of the lotus. So, people who are
visitors, to invite them with that kind of heart and give them all the comfort, is the sign of a
Secondly, Lotus is also a symbol of beauty. Such a person is beauty- oriented . He keeps his
house beautiful, keeps it decorated and his behaviour is also beautiful. To talk rudely to
someone and getting angry is not the sign of a Lakshmipati.
But we see in our society, that those people whom we consider as Lakshmipatis, do not have
such qualities in them. They do not believe in them. And due to that Goddess Lakahmi gets
displeased by such Lakshmipatis, because they don’t have the power of the Lotus that it floats
above the water. It rises above everything, stands alone and makes everything fragrant from its
So you can understand that the flower of Lotus is a very great Capitalist. It has got fragrance
and beauty. It has got comfort to offer, it has got everything, but it stands alone and standing in
solitude, it makes everything fragrant all around. And it’s the biggest communist as well,
because it can’t rest without giving off its fragrance. Whatever it has, it is always ready, desirous
to distribute to others. It is like the description of an enlightened person. Only he can be
described as a Lakshmipati. That’s a Lakshmipati!
But a person who is only worried about himself and only about his children cannot be
considered as a Lakshmipati. For people around him, Lakshmi Ji’s hand is always like this (Shri
Mataji is showing her hand is a blessing position). This hand shows shelter, that people who are
dependent on you, you give shelter to them. You look after them. You take care of them and
behave in a very good manner with them. In your shelter means they are under your protection.
They should feel protected in you. If any calamity befalls them, then you must look after those
Now when any calamity befalls a person, if you keep this kind of behaviour towards him, keep
him like a family and he always feels that in case of any difficulty my master is standing with me
just like my father. If they get such feelings within, then you will notice that people who are in
your shelter will never trouble you and never hurt you.
Atleast, in my life I have seen, wherever I found such a situation, I told them, ‘Make everyone
your family! Treat everyone like family!’ What is our concern and what are we going to get?
Except perhaps if you want to achieve fame, then you must treat everyone like family. If
someone comes, you must serve refreshments and give food! It costs nothing!
Those people who are miserly can never run their business successfully. It will run for
sometime, and will close down soon because it hasn’t got the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi.
Miserly people are never blessed by her. Similarly, people who are not experts, who do not use
wisdom, their business also never run successfully. Means those who are foolish cannot run a

So between the two, the central path is of Sushumna Channel, in which human beings can do
this work. How to make articles that reach the people? How to make articles that are of very
good quality? Now, if people say that they have to only make money, then they can sell
anything by adulterating it, there is no end to it. If one has to do wrong, there is no end to it.
Nowadays, what we see is that, you buy anything. Like you buy chilly powder from the market. I
said, ‘How can it be adulterated?’ They said, ‘People mix (Geru) Ochre into it (inaudible) It’s
exactly the same colour.’ Mix mud into it, mix Ochre into it, mix that into it. It’s the greatest sin!
By committing sin gradually the impact comes on your body. Here on one side you save so
much money and there you get cancer, you lose all the money.
This is a great sin! To betray people like this is the greatest sin!
Similarly, people do many such things like drug dealing and cheating people, and to give them
articles which are not proper but they do not understand that in subtle ways there are such
karmas, due to which they get into trouble, they have to suffer a lot. They get bankrupt, this
happens, they go to jails, all kinds of problems.
If you take the right path and remain satisfied you can nicely exist as a Lakshmipati and you can
do your work nicely. Not only that you get fame, that this is one person who makes everything in
a proper way, because today one item is made, then second item, then third one is made, so it’s
better that anything you create, make it in a manner that you get goodwill. This is the sign of a
Lakshmipati, that whatever he creates, whatever he does, he puts a lot of mind into it, keeping
in mind about the future, what will he put before his children? Even if you give them money,
what will they do? They will have alcohol and will indulge in dirty things, but if you leave behind
fame for them, then the children will be afraid of doing wrong things, word will come out! We
cannot do anything wrong! How our father was!
And the world will say, ‘Is this his son? He was a great man. He was very gentle and how much
good did he do to so many people, and how nice things he created,’ and like that the fame
continues. Do you know that in this world things are sold at very high prices just because of
goodwill? Now, you may do wrong things by using your goodwill but it won’t last long. People
will know that now it’s not the same quality, there is nothing left.
It’s a sign of a Lakshmipati, that he works for the benevolence of everyone. If he runs a factory,
then for what? So that it will do good to all, and for his betterment as well. He will keep
maryadas (boundaries) in that too, because everything is perishable in this world. So, in this
world everything is perishable, and whatever is (inaudible) is indestructible but whatever is
destructible, remains alright only in its proper boundaries. Everything should be done within
boundaries. A proper decorum should be maintained in whatever we do.
Like if you love something, it should have boundaries of decorum. If you are fond of something,
that too should be within boundaries. If a person becomes undignified, then those perishable

things destroy you only, because they have the power of destruction. If you over indulge into
them, they are definitely going to destroy you. (Inaudible)
You know money is very fickle. Today you have it, tomorrow you don’t have it. And if you have it
tomorrow, then you can not say where to invest this money. The reason for this is that the
balance of Lakshmi is not accomplished. If this balance can be accomplished, then there is no
greater thing a human being can do, than to accomplish balance of all the four aspects of Shri
The fourth aspect of Shri Lakshmi is alms. She gives alms. Such people should give alms. But
donation does not mean that you donate to the unworthy. I do not mean donation to unworthy
Donate to the one who is worthy of it. You should see where to donate, give alms. Means, If you
feel it from your heart that this should be like this and it should be corrected, then you should
better find out if these people are not corrupt, because when our house was sold, we thought of
donating it to someone. So the Sahaja yogis said that we will not take money from you (Shri
Mataji), not at all!
So we thought of donating it to any organization. So nobody was recommending it for any
organisation. They said, ‘No, no, no this organisation, it is bribable! That organisation is also
bribable!’ So I said, ‘What should we do now?’ So then I thought, what to do! I thought about
what should be done, so I thought of making a building, making a house which has some art,
because nowadays the type of houses that are being made, they last only around ten to fifteen
years. So, I thought of making a house which has art, in which the contemporary things should
be kept. So people will see the artistic things of this time, because nowadays nobody neither
thinks about them nor creates them. So this is how we made a vaastu.
It is difficult that you cannot even donate to anyone but if you donate secretly. It’s alright if you
make a secret donation, you give something to someone you get a lot of joy, but it should not be
shown off.
It’s the habit of people to show that they have given something, as if we have done this great
work, we have done this favor. Like American people, if they give you something they will give
you something funny with that, by which (inaudible). If they will give you rice, such a big
(inaudible) will come out and they will show off that we have helped you this much, helped you
that much. So it’s better not to help If you show it while helping. It is better that you do not help
at all, because that pisses off the person more and it may happen, that he might come at you
with a knife!
Whatever you have to do should be such, that the other person’s heart feels happy, satisfied
and he remembers you. If you give alms in this manner, then a kind of joy is settled in your heart
and the person to whom you have shown kindness will consider you like a deity. These are the
qualities of Shri Lakshmi that have been described.

The greatest quality of hers is that she doesn’t put her burden on anyone. She is standing on a
Lotus. It means that if you are a Lakshmipati it’s not correct for you to put your burden on
others that I am this, I am that! Where this ‘I’ starts you should understand that your days are
coming to an end. First this ‘I’ must end. I am this! I am so special! I have done this! I have
achieved this! All this should be removed from your mind.
Secondly you should work in detachment. Only after Sahaja Yoga, a person can be really a
Lakshmipati, till he stands in detachment. Money comes. It is coming, it’s going, so what? You
have nothing to do with that. All the business is running with that. You get and put it back. Again
you give, you get and put it back. But when you get the feeling we have got a lot of money, this
is my money. That’s what messes up everything!
But there is a man who is detached. Now suppose it’s lying here (Shri Mataji is pointing towards
the carpet lying before her) If I say this is my belonging, it’s gonna be a headache. What if a
thief takes it away? It should be insured! So, if it belongs to others then it’s very good. No one
even sees it. (Laughter) Otherwise it’s a headache! Handle this, handle that, handle that!
Somebody else handles it, which is a very good thing!
But it’s difficult to be detached. We take unnecessary headache. By getting a headache we get
into trouble, that is how we handle it. How to manage? In Sahaja yoga you become
thoughtlessly aware. Means that now this big carpet is spread out. You simply keep watching it,
whosoever has created this, has created this unique artistic thing. You feel all the joy coming to
you. You will not think about how much money it was purchased for. From where? Belongs to
whom? No jealousy, nothing! But just on seeing it you feel, just like River Ganges flow you feel
the Ganges of joy start flowing over you. Then you don’t think about how much the price is. You
are getting so much joy by seeing it, why should I worry unnecessarily? That is why, whatever
you do for others is a very good thing. The fact is that you enjoy giving all the things of this world
to others. Its utility is in giving to others whatever they like.
It’s very surprising that in love when you give something, people tell me, ‘Mother, I didn’t have a
sari like this!’ ‘Mother, that’s what I needed!’ or
‘Mother, I was thinking about it, this is what I wanted and I got it!’ Now, how did it happen? The
reason is that it’s Love, isn’t it? And in love you can know everything about that person, when
you come to Sahaja Yoga. When you are in love you know about everything that a person
needs,you know in what manner that should be given and how to express our love, not because
one has to get any job done from that person, but expressing love itself is a very great thing.
If you can express your love, I am always facing this difficulty, how to express my love!
Sometimes eyes get filled with tears, sometimes heart fills with emotions, sometimes I try to
express in words, but it’s very difficult to express.
Yesterday these people were singing, so much love was bubbling inside, how should I express?
I didn’t know what to say, how to say it! I couldn’t understand how to express my love to them.
There was no way to express it. Such questions arise. You get such questions after getting your

self realisation (inaudible). And things keep happening, business continues. Everything is going
Everybody tells me that, Mother, you go anywhere, how do you get everything so cheap? I say,
‘It was just kept there. I picked it up.’ (inaudible) Where everybody takes bribe.
Recently I went to Patna and bought silk for Rs.30 a yard. They said one can not get silk for
Rs.30 per yard. I said, ‘See, here it is!’
In this way you will get all the things, according to your desire. You have not caused losses to
anyone, you have not harmed anyone, you have not quarreled with anyone, you got everything
before you! You have to give, isn’t it? All the things are ready for giving.
But in selfishness, if you have to keep them just for yourself then the price rises. Then the prices
will go up, and you will have to pay more (inaudible). When selfishness grows,
then the prices will also go up. Then people say we have purchased such an expensive thing.
We got cheated!
But when we do it selflessly we really enjoy it!
The prices are the same, whether you keep things or somebody else does. What’s the
difference? In any case you have to go from here one day, leaving everything behind.
When this is the feeling you have inside, it’s a state within. In that state something comes, goes,
it’s all happening, it’s all in process, everything is working out and you keep enjoying that. Which
things belong to others, which things are yours, you don’t bother. And this state when you
achieve you stand like the lotus, you stand in your majesty in your glory. Just standing! You
don’t need outside glory. In your own glory you stand.
Similarly when the Lakshmi principle awakens in a person and it settles in him, then the
Mahalakshmi principle awakens in that person. Then the seeking starts – What after this? All this
is going on. Now what after this? Then self realization comes into picture.
Now, if a person doesn’t even have anything to eat, if you go and talk to him about self-
realisation. It won’t work! By coming to Sahaja Yoga Lakshmi principle can be awakened. How, I
will tell you.
There was a fisherman patil with us. Everytime he came for the puja he brought a garland. He
lives in (inaudible) come from there go there. He had children with him. I said, (inaudible) ‘Why
are you bringing garlands everytime. I am already feeling bad about your up & down. You are
spending so much money.’ He started telling, ‘No, no Mother! I don’t need money.’ I asked,’What
happened?’ He said that near his house he has a small farm. ‘I meditate there and stroll there.
One Sindhi person came and said I want to take clay from you.’ I asked, ‘Why?’ So, he told me
that a man has taken some clay from here and he used them to make bricks. Those bricks were

so good, they turned out to be such good quality that he had never seen bricks like that. So now
I want to buy clay from your place in kilos.
So he said, ‘I have become rich just like that, simply because of this clay.’ He used to walk on it,
so it got vibrated, and now the clay became like that. Clay turns into gold – it’s the same saying
(in Hindi language मिट्टी का सोना होना)- to be so lucky that clay turns into gold. Similarly, in so
many ways it happens.
I have seen in London there is so much unemployment. Any Sahaja yogi comes, there is so
much unemployment. Jobless people are moving about, because the Lakshmi principle is not
There was one gentleman who was very poor. I told him that you should go for interior
decoration. He said, Mother, (inaudible) I said at least come for the programme. He came to my
programme and got his realization. (inaudible) I said check the vibrations and see if it’s good or
bad. That’s how everyone’s work gets done.
There was this son of a fisherman. Suddenly he got knowledge of art. He started making artistic
things. You will be surprised that he appeared for the art exam, afterwards he got selected and
he started (inaudible) in JJ School of Arts (inaudible). He started getting a scholarship.
Therefore even the children, there are such children, don’t know what happens to them
suddenly they become so great and famous and many children get scholarships.
Lakshmi principle can be totally corrected if people take to Sahaja Yoga, then poverty can be
removed if Lakshmi principle will come. And after awakening of Lakshmi principle and
Kundalini awakening man gets in the position of (inaudible). It so happens that many people
who are philanthropic feel that we should improve the conditions of people, build schools for
them, arrange clothes, do this, do that! By doing so all good things will happen.
There is a place called Vaarna here, where there was a man who worked really hard and
created a lot of things and a lot of affluence came. When I reached there he fell at my feet and
started crying. So I asked what had happened, at least tell me. He sat crying for a long time. I
asked, ‘Why?’ He said, ‘I must have done a lot of sins in my previous lives.’ So, I asked, ‘Tell me
what’s the matter?’
He got composed after some time and said, ‘I made this Vaarna here. I made this (inaudible).
Everyone got affected by that. I made a departmental store there. As a result of that what
happened- as a result of that (Shri Mataji addressing someone in particular- ‘Please keep the
attention here, you should be with concentration’ ) So, as a result of that the condition in Vaarna
is such that the liquor shops came into existence, prostitution started, every man has kept two
wives, plight of children, all sorts of things.’

It’s because they don’t even know how to handle money! You should also know how to handle
money. If you give money to someone, he goes straight to a liquor shop. One should have the
power to handle money and for that it’s necessary that first you give them realization. By giving
realization, whatever excess money you will give them, whatever help you will provide them, its
result will be good and as a result of that more affluence will come.
But Very few people know how to handle money and enjoy it. If they knew, then there wouldn’t
be so many unhappy people in this world!
Mostly the condition is such that the one who has more wealth is more unhappy. and they’re in
so much misery, that I get into trouble due to them. Someone told me that a rich man is coming,
so I left through the back door. They will have all sorts of problems. There will be physical
distress, there will be mental distress, there will be distress of the children. This will happen, that
will happen, something or the other. All these hardships are like punishment.
So, I went to visit my daughter’s in-laws. They are all rich, very rich people in Bihar, very wealthy
of all kinds. They were so rich that they gave me a lot of trouble. Could not even talk to my
daughter’s in-laws (inaudible). They all had health issues. Somebody has some health problem,
someone had some other health issues, someone had some problem, someone had another
problem. Everyone had problems. That means that human beings do not enjoy wealth. They
are not the (भोक्ता) enjoyers. This is all mental, only an ego that I am so rich, but from inside a
hollowness has come. There is no fun at all.
It means that the Mahalakshmi principle should be awakened within you and that you should
achieve your Spirit. Then everything gets illuminated by the light of the Spirit and you can
joyfully utilize everything.
Whether it’s a little thing or big, it’s light does not come within. That’s why religion is also
arranged in a manner, that whatever religion you may follow, in every religion you can commit
any sin. So, what is the use whether you have achieved Shri Lakshmi or Shri Saraswati.
Like there are many educated people, but this depravity has come into them too. Like if you
have achieved Shri Mahakali, still what great thing have you achieved? You should achieve the
spirit. Once you achieve the spirit all these three dimensions (sattva guna, rajo guna, tamo
guna) shine in their beauty and you can enjoy them. If you really want to enjoy everything, you
must first achieve the Spirit, because the spirit is satisfied with itself alone. The one which
actually gets satisfied is the spirit and the rest of satisfaction which seems so outwardly is Ego
or Conditionings. There is no truth in either of them . It’s only your spirit which is the Truth which
should be enjoyed.

And the land of Bengal is satisfied, quite satisfied in a way, but it is flawed by some
imperfection. Also there is black magic here and people have taken the wrong path. Due to
which a lot of problems have come, but with Sahaja Yoga you can fully get rid of them. And
when these will clear out, first of all the Lakshmi principle will awaken in many people and then
they will achieve the Mahalakshmi principle.
And those people who are already fulfilled with Lakshmi principle, who have properly handled
Lakshmi principle completely and have kept its beauty intact and living with that beauty only, to
such balanced people, Mahalakshmi principle blesses them with many kinds of boons. After that
you go into the realm of God. There is no deficiency of anything in that realm! You say it and it’s
all ready! You say something and it is done! You don’t even have to think. Sitting here you get
what you need.Then your desires also become different. Your desire will be, like a Sahaja Yogi
is coming, you will become very happy. You will go and embrace him. You will enjoy spending
time with him.
In Ganpatipule people live in great difficulty. If you see, in reality all the people arriving from
foreign countries live a very comfortable life there, but in Ganpatipule a tent is put up and they
settle there and get so much joy that one cannot understand.
There is no other comfort except the comfort of the spirit. That joy of the spirit works inside them
and then everything seems like why waste time on useless things. Let’s enjoy it here! After all,
everything is for enjoyment! Everything is for enjoyment, and if it brings you joy, then why not
accept it and why not get settled into it?
When such a kind of joy settles within, then one reaches that state where man has everything
despite having nothing. Now the same state should come, my blessings to all of you on this day
of Shri Mahalakshmi.
The other thing is the manner in which Lord Christ has done a great work of his resurrection, so
it’s very important for us to get our resurrection and it’s really necessary to achieve it.
So today on this auspicious occasion we all should decide that we will fully establish our
resurrection within ourselves and that we shall be fully immersed in its joy and knowledge.