Evening Program before Shri Hanumana Puja

Margate (England)

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1989-04-22 Eve before Hanumana Puja, Margate, UK

Shri Mataji :
Welcome to you all to U.K…and today is the first day I think in the history of Sahaja Yoga that we are celebrating the birthday of Shri Hanumana. And I know our Sahaja yogi children are very fond of him. They all love him very much and that they are going to give you a very beautiful program just to celebrate his birthday His dedication to Shri Rama is to be really understood very well and tomorrow I will tell you about him in the puja what sort of a personality he had. I think you all are anxious to see the Rama and I am also very anxious to see Rama by the children …So you should request them to give us the pleasure of their acting and their drama…All of them are looking so nice …I hope you all will enjoy it. Thank you very much for all of you to come down Actually I was overwhelmed at the station I just don’t know what to say just It was too much could not even describe in any poetic language It was too much…So may God bless you all…
Just read it out …
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Somebody has to read the sequence …You have got it …Alright, Thank you Alright, Thankyou!

[ After the performances :]
Sir C.P:
I have been given the privilege to say a few words to thank the artists in the evening. It’s not an easy task because how do you thank them, What words can you find to thank them …My vocabulary is very limited. But it has been really a wonderful act and an angelic evening. And I [unclear 3:10:37 ] today in Geneva to attend a meeting talking about Iran and Iraq and here I am now transported to another world …as I have told you. Well, the evening began with the little angels. It was a glorious sight to see them …how beautiful was the item in which these little angels came like heavenly figures to delight us …Those who prepared them deserve a very grateful thanks …And the children, they have our love and blessings …Hanumana the little Sita, Rama, Laxmana, all of them and they have tried true …Will you ever forget this evening? I won’t …I am sure You won’t! It was absolutely wonderful. Again and again our deepest love for the children who came to delight us this evening…
Then we have had the Shakespearean program and when their moments which called them from ingeniously Mr Vande was absolutely looked up to the occasion …
Our very warm felicitations and congratulations to the entire troop.
Shakespeare is rightly revered all over the world. The whole humanity is indebted him for what he has given to humanity. It was marvellous that on this occasion we should have celebrated this way…remembered him and paid our homage to him and paid our respect to him. And the dance of Pawar family …First of all, I am sure all of you would like to join me in wishing them and felicitating them on their silver jubilee anniversary and wishing them many many many more happy years together…The dancing will remain in our view all the time Whenever you sit by your self and you close your eyes you would see them both of them the charming figures, the divine figures dancing before you …Very many thanks to them…And then the music, Music from my in-laws place you know Maharashtra, I was delighted to hear whenever i go to Nagpur which is my father-in-laws, mother in laws place I listen to this music …Isn’t it wonderful… to be sitting in the United Kingdom …And listening to this kind of Music. I was glorious. Very many thanks to all of you who joined in this music …Mr Harrison and everyone else …
Thank you!
And finally, If you let one moment more of your time on behalf of my daughter and myself I would like to thank you…You May I? (to mother )
First and foremost for giving me yet another occasion to come here and take part in this eternal joy …And I want to thank you my dear Sahaja yogis and Sahaja yoginis …Whenever I am with you, I get transported to another world …It’s a glorious world. It’s a marvellous world …The more I see of you the more enthused I become about the future. When I am away I feel sometimes depressed …I don’t know which way we are going in the world but a change has come is coming probably those who were in Gapatipule, you heard me saying She went to U.N only the other day and a sudden change had emerged this peace …Peace had broken out …Peace in Namibia, despite the problem …Peace in Afghanistan ceasefire …So the world is turning a little…But the world needs you …The World needs Sahaja Yoga… The world needs better human beings because without that there can be no panacea for the world. So I bow down to you I admire you, I respect you and I wish you the great great success I wish the world a new vision under her leadership. Thank you very much!
And finally, we are all beholden to all the Sahaja yogis in the United Kingdom particularly, those who are the host for this evening …And the person who to whom we greatly indicated is our friend Dr David spiro and Mrs Spiro there, here both of them and I want to thank both of them for the wonderful evening always everything perfect in excellence. Thank you so much!

Shri Mataji :(There is no mike So not audible …But yes Shri Mataji is meeting with the artists after the speech of Papaji)
Thank you! Good Night!