Speech held on board of the boat for Capri, Rejoice in disadvantages

Capri (Italy)


“Rejoice in disadvantages”. Speech held on board of the boat for Capri, 5 May 1989.

First time I went to America, I also went by ship. Now the ship has one problem: that it cannot have any problem as such, because there are no solutions. It is so limited. Whatever is not on the ship is not there. Supposing you want to have a pair of scissors, it’s not on the ship, so you cannot find it. So, there’s no problem. [Laughter]

Because you have possibilities and you have choices, that’s why there is a problem. So, on the ship you start understanding, “Whatever we have, we are happy “.

In the same way a Sahaja Yogi should be: whatever we have we are very happy. So, there is no problem. Supposing you are lost on the way somewhere. Then you have to say, “I have to be here. That was God’s desire, so I’m here. So, I’m not lost. Whatever is myself is with me, how can I be lost?”

There are all such things you see, because there are many people who write to me about their problems. And the problems are such that actually, there are no problems. Once you start thinking like that, you will be amazed how the problems get solved.

Now Italy had no rain for all these days. And that people wanted that there should be rain, before I come, because it should clean out the whole thing. So, they must have said, “There is no problem”. So, it did rain.

Then the other day, it was quite cold. Now they wanted to have, say, some music program. So, it was very cold, so we decided we’ll not have it. So, there is no problem. We slept nicely and got up nicely in the morning because we had to get up nicely in the morning. Otherwise, in the night, you would have been singing till three o’clock. [Laughter]

So, it’s better that it was not so all right. And now today it’s very warm and nice.

So, in Sahaja Yoga you must always think if there is a disadvantage it’s an advantage for us. We should see to the essence of the disadvantage and we will overcome it with an advantage. You’ll see, this is- human beings have done this many a times. Like in Holland. You know the sea is much higher than the land. So, what did they do? They created canals. So, automatically, they got very good roads. They don’t always have to worry about keeping their road all right. So, in every way, if we can learn, how to enjoy the disadvantage, the so-called problem, then you’ll see that the solving of that is the solution in a way, that there is no problem.

It should not be taken as a challenge, but like a big wave coming forward to a swimmer: how he enjoys it, you see, to jump all right. That’s why we are not joy-killers and we are not also spoilsports. Spoilsports, that spoil in the sport.
So, you should not say, “I don’t like it, I don’t enjoy it”, but you should say, “Why not?” Because if you decide not to like it, you will spoil the joy. But if you keep yourself open all the time and decide, “Oh I’m going to enjoy”, then you start enjoying. For example, cappuccino was difficult for me at the beginning.
But now I enjoy.”