What should we do, to be in control of ourselves?

Sorrento (Italy)

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1989-05-07 Public Program Sorrento Italy

SYogi: Please we request all the Sahaja yogis to go by the outside and let the local people be inside [UNCLEAR] receive it. 

  These ladies can come. Come [UNCLEAR] from here [S.Yogi – Presenter – Italian] [S.Yogi – Presenter – Italian] 

SYogi: Sahaja yogis, please can sit in the middle. All the Sahaja yogis can sit in the middle; Those who are outside, specially. You don’t need to stand, you can sit. There is room also here. SYogi: [Presenter – Italian] 

SYogi: [Presenter – Italian] Please don’t take pictures during Shri Mataji’s speech. At the end you can do what you like but not during the speech because it may disturb the audience. 

SYogi: [Presenter – Italian] 

SYogi: [Presenter – Italian] 

  I bow to all the seekers of Truth. And the time has come for all of us to find out the Absolute Truth. We follow religions like Christianity, Hinduism, other religions – so many are there – Sikhism but there is no binding force on us. 

    Shri  Mataji: There is no binding force that we should be righteous, that we should be joy ourselves. Anyone can do any sin, can do any harm. For Christ just talked about love. The main point we have missed in every religion, is very simple. Every religion has said one thing common that, “You must seek the Eternal and live with the transitory in moderation and [UNCLEAR] limitations.” Because transitory things have a built-in capacity to destroy themselves that’s why they are transitory. But they are to be used but in their own limitations. That is why when we go to the extremes, running after transitory things then, they start destroying us also. So what should we do, to be in control of ourselves? Because when we say, “I,” we do not know ourselves. 

  Shri  Mataji: When I want something, after sometime I feel, it was wrong. Sometimes the body wants something and the brain says, “It’s wrong,” or the heart starts fighting with the brain. That means, we are not integrated beings also. Now supposing, before us a man has come, who is a fraud, who is a crook and he says, he’s very great and he’s very good. So now how will you find out? It is impossible to find out because he may appear to be a very good gentleman. So, we have no means to find out, what is good and what is bad – to discriminate. There is one little thing that we have to have now within ourselves. You are paying attention to Me but if I say, pay attention to yourself – you cannot because the One who can do that, is the Spirit, within you is the Self, which resides in your heart. Once this Spirit comes into your attention, you know the Absolute Truth about everything. 

  Shri  Mataji: That is, first time you have your breakthrough into that Subtle power, which is All-Pervading – the Divine Power. Everyday we see flowers, then we see fruits and we see Nature and life. Now, who does all these living miracles? A rose, will give a rose flower. What a discrimination and understanding! This Power must be somewhere and Hume has said that, “This is a Collective Consciousness,” he said so. But in simple words, it is the All-Pervading Power of God’s love. It is a subtle Power everywhere and it vibrates. And once, somehow, you can feel it, then it can work through you and you can manoeuvre it for which, our Creator has beautifully made us, as you see that inside ourselves. This knowledge was known but was never manifested before. 

  Shri  Mataji: As you see the tree, I feel, all the Western civilization has grown like a tree outside but we have to have the knowledge of the roots otherwise this tree will collapse. So whatever I’m telling you or he has told you, is the knowledge of the roots that we are. And we have to know, if we have to keep our civilization nourished and prosperous. We have seen in the world now, the crisis of ecology, human crisis, people fighting among themselves, so many problems – problems after problems in modern times because human-being has become a problem and these problems are created by man, not by God. So what we have to become, is a transformed personality. What Christ has said, “You are to be born again,” but that doesn’t mean that we can have a certificate saying, “We are born again.” We cannot have a false certificate – it has to become. It has to happen. If it does not happen within you, if you do not become, then it is falsehood. It is artificial, you put any brand on you, is artificial. You call by anything, it is artificial and then these people, artificial people, start fighting among themselves. 

    Shri  Mataji: You see these organizations – they become, grow big like plastics, millions and millions and then they start beating each other. They fight for power or fight for money and all these transitory things. So, there is no emancipation. Christ didn’t say that, “You put a label on your head,” that “We are ‘Born again’,” but He said, “You have to be born again,” is the actualization, He meant. So, the time has come for us to be honest about it. You don’t have to believe Me also when I say that because that would be a blind faith but as scientist you must keep your mind open and this is like the hypothesis, I put before you. hen, if it works, then in honesty you must know that you have become a Self-realized person. As he has already told you, that we have got a residual power within our triangular bone called as sacrum. In many people you can see, the throbbing of this power, when we try to give them realization when there is obstruction, in the lower  centres, as shown there. Medically we can say, that all these  centres are connected with our plexuses. 

  Shri  Mataji: So we have the first one, is the actually connected with our pelvic plexus, which is for excretion. So it is clear now, that when you get your Self-realization, this  centre does not come into play. So, one of the activity of this  centre, is a sex activity. So those people who say, that through sex you can achieve God, they are all nonsensical. Of course, the sex is important and is also transitory but we are not sex points, we are human beings and we have to become super human beings. So, there is no prohibition on sex or anything but what is important is, that our attention should be for achieving the Eternal. In Sahaja yoga we have many marriages. This time we had about 75 marriages and most of them are very successful and we get very beautiful children out of these marriages. So what happens is that, this Kundalini just like a primule in a seed sprouts with the living process.  As the seed germinates, when we put it in the Mother Earth, this Kundalini also starts rising because the Mother Earth has got capacity. 

    Shri  Mataji: So now, all these centres are connected with different plexuses, I told you but also with three channels you see – one on the left, one on the right, one in the centre, are also connected with our Autonomous Nervous System. So, it’s quite a complicated thing within yourself. But when you come in this hall and you want to put on the light, you have to just put the switch, one switch and all the lights are there. It’s all built-in I don’t have to tell you the whole history of electricity and then the source of electricity – no, it just works. So, in our evolutionary process, this is all built-in within us, we don’t have to do anything. So Sahaja means, ‘Saha’ means with, ‘ja’ means born with you, is the power and yoga means, union with the Divine force. This method of Sahaja yoga, enmasse, I discovered about 19 years back and it has worked. You’ll be happy to know, that in Sorrento we had so many scientist, doctors, musicians, artists, educationalist, who came down here to give a full proof that it works.  And last time I had visited Sorrento and I told Vido that this is a very good place because here it’s very Divine vibrations, people are nice here. They are not affected by negative force much. 

  Shri  Mataji: Now with Sahaja yoga what happens to you, first of all, when the Kundalini rises, She nourishes all these subtle  centres and by nourishing them with, your diseases get cured.  Now we have many cancer patients, who have been cured with Sahaja yog. Specially, blood cancer patients, who are certified to die, are still existing after so many years, very nicely.  Many diseases like [UNCLEAR], which are not curable – where the muscles start becoming decomposed and dilapidated. Like Schizophrenia, mental disorders, also we cured. So many types of diseases have been cured by Sahaja yoga but not by Me but by your own force that is residing there, that cures you, is your own. So, the physical side is solved, once for all. Mentally, you become very alert and dynamic. You become very creative because your fourth dimension is expressed.We have some very world famous musicians, artists, who have been blessed by Sahaja yoga and suddenly they prosper. 

    Shri  Mataji: Now spiritually many people are suffering, as well as they are suffering emotionally. Emotionally they become very wise and they can face problems without much difficulty because they become like witness of a drama. For example, when you are in the water, you are afraid of the waves but if you get into the boat, you can enjoy the waves. So the state of your mind, reaches that height where you becomes a witness of all this world and you stand on your axis and the world moves like a wheel. Normally, we live in the past or in the future and the thought waves start from this enter another one, another one comes up – we are jumping on the cusp. We are all the time thinking.  but with Sahaja yoga, you enter into the realm of present, between the thought. That is the peace within ourselves. Then, if you want to think, you think, if you don’t want to think, you just don’t think. People start with ‘Foundations of Peace’, ‘Rock of Peace’ and all that but they have no peace within themselves. 

    Shri  Mataji: So, how can they give peace? This peace is within ourselves. We are really glorious things Human-beings are created and they are at the epitome of creation; They are the highest thing that God has created. But in the darkness of ignorance, people know each other. But then, once you get your realization, in the light of enlightenment, you know everyone because you get in yourself the new awareness of collective consciousness. You can feel it on your finger-tips, the All-Pervading Power about which every religion has talked. It is the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost. Then these five finger, six and seven are denoting your centres within yourself. And on the right hand side you feel your physical and your intelligence or your activity and on the left hand side, you feel the emotional. So, if you can just know what is what, you can also know how to cure it and you can be alright yourself, you can treat yourself. So sitting down here, you can feel the vibrations of anyone you want to know, whether dead or alive and you can find out what was his, what is his situation. Not only that, but you can also raise the Kundalini of another person and you have a right to do that. 

  Shri  Mataji: You can give realization to others, you can cure others but you become yourself a very beautiful, righteous, loving personality.  And above all what you get, is joy. The joy is not like happiness or unhappiness but is singular – joy. So you just go on swimming in the ocean of joy all the time. There is no time for being harsh to anyone, no time for being crooked, no time for being harmful to anyone and you are looked after as if, you have entered into the Kingdom of God, which is very efficient and then Virata uses His Being through you – you are amazed how you are helped all the time. This is what you are. Only you have to become aware of it.  Like I say, there’s a television and you take in an Indian village and tell them that, “You can see all kinds of beautiful dramas in this.” They won’t believe. They’ll think this is just a, some sort of a box. We also think we are some sort of a box but once you put to the mains, then you know what glorious thing you are! 

  Shri  Mataji: Then you get meaning to your life and you know why you are on this earth. May God bless you all! Now, should we have some questions from…?   

SYogi: I think, they all want the experience, Shri Mataji.   Annh? (What?) 

SYogi:I think, they all want the experience. Oh, alright! That’s very good. That is Sorrento! 

Seeker: [ITALIAN] 

SYogi(Presenter): He’s asking, it may help him that we stop thinking and how it happens? 

Shri  Mataji: It happens because, when the Kundalini rises, you see, this power passes through this area, which is the crossing point of optic chiasma, so what happens, that your ego and superego are sucked in, sucked in and because of that this opening, then there’s no thought.  Now on this centre, you’ll be surprised to know, that it is Christ. He resides there and that’s what He has said that, “I’m dying for your sins.” So no more of your sins or your karmas are there anymore – finished. Once He’s awakened, He takes away all the problem.  And then you start feeling the cool breeze coming out of your fontanel bone area. So, it’s the actualization of your baptism – it’s not just somebody putting the hand or a water but you really feel the cool breeze out of your own head. Who’s that, he’s standing there, yes please.   

Seeker: [ITALIAN]

SYogi(Presenter): He’s say that he, he’s been, he’s heard about many spiritual talk coming from the East and he’s very happy and pleased by Your introduction and he would like to know, now how this is possible? 

How can this dynamic force rise within us? It’s a living process, you see, just like the seed rises, just like the seed comes up. But be careful with the people, who come with the Spiritual talks. If they are interested in your money, then you have nothing to do with them. You cannot pay for your Spirit – God doesn’t understand money, He doesn’t understand money.   

Seeker: [ITALIAN]

Shri  Mataji: Peace and it generate happiness to people and it generates that which changes them, transforms them. Even a glance of such a person can be very effective. Sit down. Sahaja yogi should not ask. Alright? 

So you all can become that. Sahaja yogis need not ask, they can write to Me but the rest of them can ask Me questions. 

Seeker: [ITALIAN] SYogi(Presenter): They want to know only how 

Shri  Mataji: Alright, sit down. [APPLAUSE]   We’ll work it out. That’s a very good question. Shows you’re real seekers.  Alright!   Now very simple thing is, that we have to take the help of all the, what you can say, the elements and the first and the best thing is the Mother Earth, so would be better if you take out our shoes also, it will relax our feet a little. So, we have to take out our shoes. That’s all we have to do. And put them on the Mother Earth, like this, flat. 

  Shri  Mataji: Shoes, that’s all. It’s alright. It’s alright, that will go away, that will go away. Everything will be alright. Sit down. It doesn’t matter. That’s alright. Some of the Sahaja yoginis can go behind and some [UNCLEAR] you must get up and walk far. [UNCLEAR] half of the Sahaja yogis are [UNCLEAR] [ASIDE] Somebody should stand up and show them. Is there a question he has, this gentleman? 

SYogi(Presenter): He said that, they say there’re seats available.   

Shri  Mataji: Alright. First I will tell you, how you yourself can raise your Kundalini. Very simple, very simple and then we’ll close our eyes and I’ll try, that you all get your realization – alright? So he will show you what is to be done, first of all. First of all, you’ll have to put the left hand towards Me because this represents the power of desire that you want to have your realization. Like this, Like this, like as he’s showing there. Now. As he’s showing here – see now. You can turn a bit so that everyone can see. 

  Shri  Mataji: Like this   With the right hand, now, we’ll do the action of helping our  centres to open out. So the right hand we’ll put it first on the heart – very important. If you have a coat, you put inside little bit. It will be good. Inside the coat little bit. You can open the button, would be better, and put the hand because after all, I’m the Mother, so there’s no formality. Now, then you have to take your right hand in the upper – we work only on the left hand side – in the upper part of the abdomen on the left hand side. First in the heart, on the heart because in the heart resides our Spirit. But secondly, now we put it on the  centre, which gives us the mastery. This is created by so many masters, who came on this earth, great masters. 

  Shri  Mataji: Like, you can say, Abraham, Moses and many followed. Lao-tse – many. So now, we put our – Socrates, Socrates. Then we put our right hand on the lower part of our abdomen, on the left hand side and press it hard. This is the  centre through which we work out all the Divine laws. So, this is the, this is the  centre of Pure Knowledge and while the Kundalini is the Power of Pure Desire. All other desires are impure because whatever desires we fulfill, they are never satiable according to the Economics. You tell them, they’re not rightly so. Then what we do, is to put our right hand, upper part of the abdomen again because Kundalini starts rising.  Then we take this right hand again on the heart. 

  Shri  Mataji: Now we take this hand in the corner of your neck and your shoulder, here and put it down. Take it from the front, not from the back side. And then turn our head to the right. This  centre is the one, which is caught within us, which is obstructing us because we feel very guilty. At the very outset, I have to tell you, that God cannot commit mistakes but we are human-beings and human-beings must commit mistakes after all.  What is there to feel so guilty? There’s nothing to feel guilty about anything. So please, for very outset, I must say, you should not feel guilty but you feel happy and know that you are going to get to your glory. Now, you have to raise your right hand and put it on your forehead across, with your left hand towards Me, like this and press it on both the sides. This is the centre, as I told you, of Christ, which is for forgiveness, forgiving everyone. Now you have to take back your hand on the back side of your centre. 

This is the another part of the same centre and put your head on top of that resting on it and look, close your eyes and look upward. Without feeling guilty, you have to ask for forgiveness. Now, you have to spread your hand, like this and the  centre of your hand must be put on the soft bone, here, which was in your childhood called fontanel bone, press it hard, push back your fingers and move it slowly, seven times, clockwise. Bend your head. Bend your head. Now. This has to be done with your right hand and left hand, all the time, towards Me. That’s all we have to do. Again we close our eyes now  and we should not open our eyes, till I tell you because attention has to go inside. Everyone should do it to help each other. Now please put your left hand towards Me throughout, meaning you want your Self-realization. Both legs parallel to each other on the Mother Earth or if you’re sitting, is alright. 

Take out your shoes. Now, after that, also take out your spectacles, if possible, because this helps your eye-sight. There is something tight, you can make it little loose here. You must sit straight but not with tension and keep your neck straight, without any tension. Keep the left hand, all the time, towards Me. Now, let us start. Put your right hand – close your eyes, all of you and put your right hand on your heart. Now here, you ask Me a question, three times, “Mother, am I the Spirit?” That means the Self. “Mother, am I the Spirit?” 

  Shri  Mataji: You can call Me Shri Mataji or Mother, whatever you like. When you ask this question and if you are the Spirit, you are also your master. So now, please take your right hand on your stomach, on the left hand side in the upper part. And now, press it hard. Now here, you ask Me another question, “Mother, am I my own master?” Ask this question three times.  Right hand now should be taken in the lower part of the abdomen and press hard. Here now, you must know, is the  centre of Pure Knowledge, which has to manifest through your Central Nervous System.  So here, you have to ask for Pure Knowledge. I cannot force you because you are free. I do not want to cut short your freedom. 

    Shri  Mataji: So here you have to ask, “Mother, can I have Pure Knowledge?   Mother, please give me Pure Knowledge.” Ask this six times because this  centre has got six petals. Six times. Now, when you ask for Pure Knowledge, this residual power of Pure Desire start rising. So now, we have to clear upper  centres for it’s movement. So please, put your right hand now in the upper portion of your abdomen and press it hard and here, you have to say with full confidence, ten times, that “Mother, I am my own master.” Say it full confidence to open the  centre. Now the greatest truth about you is that, you are not this mind, this intelligence, this ego, this conditioning but you are the Self, you are the Spirit. So you please, raise your right hand on your heart again and put it and press it and say it with full confidence, twelve times, “Mother, I am the Spirit.” Say it twelve times, please. 

      Shri  Mataji: You have to know that the Divine Power is the ocean of Grace, blessings and joy but above all, it is the ocean of forgiveness. So whatever wrong we have done so called, can be easily forgiven and dissolved by that ocean of love. So please, forgive yourself and you have to love yourself. Not to feel guilty at all. Now with full respect to yourself, you put your right hand in the corner of your neck and your shoulder and put your head towards the right. Press it hard. And here, you have to say with full-confidence in yourself, sixteen times, “Mother, I am not guilty,” say it sixteen times with full confidence in yourself. Turn your head to your right, please. Now, if you still think that you are guilty – I’m telling you not to feel guilty but if you still feel you are guilty then, it is better to take a punishment and say it 108 times. You must be pleasantly placed towards yourself, you are entering into the Kingdom of God. 

  Shri  Mataji: Now, take your right hand and put it on your forehead across and press it hard. Here, you have to say, “Mother, I forgive everyone,” from your heart. Not how many times but from your heart. Now, many people think, it is difficult to forgive but whether you forgive or don’t forgive, you don’t do anything. It’s just a myth but if you don’t forgive, then you play into wrong hands, so say with full-confidence, “Mother, I forgive everyone.” Now push back your hand and place it on the back side of your head and look upward, in a way, but keep your eyes shut. Now here, without feeling guilty, without counting your mistakes, just say for your own satisfaction, from your heart, that, “O Divine, if I have done any mistakes, please forgive me.” Now, spread your hand fully and put the centre of your palm, on top of the soft bone, which you had in childhood. Now, push back your fingers and put down your head, bend your head. Press it hard and try to move your hand, seven times, slowly clockwise, while I request you to say that you want your Self-realization because I cannot again cross your freedom, so you have to say seven times, “Mother, please give me my realization.” 

I cannot force you. I’ll try to blow Pranava into them, so it will work out. [SHRI MATAJI BLOWS INTO THE MIC] Now, please take down your hands. Open your eyes and put both the hands towards Me. Now, put the right hand towards Me, like this.  Bend your head and see if there is a cool breeze. Some people get it very far, some people get it near, some might get it hot [UNCLEAR]. Some will get it hot, to begin with. Now, put the left hand towards Me. Again bend your head and see for yourself. With the right hand. Now once for all, again put your right hand towards Me and see with your left hand. This is for verification. Now, put both the hands towards the sky and look like this and ask a question, “Mother, Is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost?” 

Ask this question three times.   

Shri  Mataji: “Is this the Power of God’s love?” “Is this the Divine Power?” Ask this question three times. Now, put down your hands. See in your hands, if you feel the cool breeze and see if you have become thoughtless and relaxed. All those who have felt cool breeze out of their head or on their hands, on the fingertips, please raise your hands. The whole of Sorrento is blessed. Some of you have not felt, doesn’t matter. [APPLAUSE] Tomorrow we are having a program in Naples in the afternoon and I’m sure, you’ll make it convenient to come there and also you must attend the centres here so you know how to use this power, how to grow; They have a course. 

        Shri  Mataji: And those who have not felt, also should not feel disappointed. They’ll feel tomorrow. Everyone can feel it. Of course, don’t have to pay at all.   

Shri  Mataji: And you must master the Knowledge. You should all become masters. It is your right.   

Shri  Mataji: Of course, please, please 

Shri Mataji: It’s there, see now. Now, are you feeling it now in your head? [SHRI MATAJI MEETING NEW SEEKERS] I hope you come to the centre and become a great sahaja yogi, alright?