Public Program Day 1

Emirgan Korusu, Istanbul (Turkey)

1989-05-26 Public Program & Kundalini Awakening, Version 0, Istanbul, Turkey, 88' Add subtitles:
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1989-05-26 Public Program & Kundalini Awakening, Version 1, Istanbul, Turkey, 79' Add subtitles:
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1989-0526 Public Program, Turkey

I bow to all the seekers of truth. Can somebody translated me? (UNCLEAR, Somebody: I can see they are already in meditation)

I said I bow to all the seekers of truth.

Much better (UNCLEAR).

Now we have to realised that truth can not be conceptualized. Truth is (UNCLEAR) all the time. We can not organize it. And those who are seeking truth, after know that they should keep their minds open.
Like a scientist. And whatever we are telling you, has to be taken as a hypothesis. And if it proofs right, than you have to accept it as honest people.

Since long there has been talked about truth. Socrate is talked about it and he was killed. Then came Christ he talked about it he was killed. Then came prophet Mohammed Sahap and he was also in a way killed. But today the human awareness is much better. And we are understanding that truth has to be beyond our mental projections. When we see those people who talk of peace and talk of any theories of democracy or capitalism or communism. or they talk of any religion like Islam Hinduism Christianity. Everyone is the just the same. There is no binding force anybody can commit any sin.

So where are we got wrong. All these prophets and saints and incarnations were absolutely truthful but where have we gone wrong.
There is one thing common among all of them that they said you must see the (UNCLEAR, eternal). And (UNCLEAR fronsidering ) things are to be used in their moderation and in their limitations. This is the essence of all the religions.
But we have gone wrong because we did not see later. And got lost into transitory things.

There was nothing wrong with those who started on these great religions and great philosophy. But we missed the point. But today the human awareness has reached the state where it can see so clearly. That the fulfillment of the promises given to us has to be done.

It is said that there is the ruh all pervading power round us. All the living things that you see like flowers, fruits and trees and human beings are miracles. These are worked out. These are worked out through this all pervading subtle power. But so far we have never felt it amass this power. Few saints have faith it but nobody would believe that. But now a special blossom time has come. And in this blossom time we are going to find out the truth without any difficulties. It has should be the easiest thing because it is a living process. But you saw the seed in the mother earth it sprout spontaneously.

In the same way within us this power which I have told is described as (UNCLEAR, asas) in Koran. In the Bible as the holy ghost. And in the inner scriptures as Adi Shakti Primordial Mother (UNCLEAR Aphina).
Resides in triangular bone called as sacrum meaning sacred bone. This is the power of God’s desire which resides within us as our pure desire. And it spontaneously rises and break through our fontanel bone area. So actually you get the actualization of your baptism, actualization. It is not just artificial certificate. Once you become connected with the all pervading power and you become a saint. Or you become vali or become a self realized soul.

As a result of that transformation starts taking place in every human being. And this transformation is very unique. Such a person automatically becomes purified. You don’t have to tell such a person, don’t do, don’t do. He just does not do wrong things. He becomes very dynamic but very compassionate. And lives in complete joy and peace. All this is your right as human beings to have it. This is the glory that is within us. Only our instrument has to be connected to the main.

Also physical, mental, emotional this others get completely connected by (UNCLEAR).
And you start feeling this formless energy all round yourself.
So your enlightenment your attention becomes enlighten.

Now we have here people from I don’t know how many countries who have come to Istanbul to meet you all. It is surprising how it was difficult for anyone of this western country people specially
English, French who even pronounce one Indian Hindi word or any other language in Indian language. Now they can pronounce Sanskrit. And later all They will be singing Arabic. Because they have become universal being. And this is what we have to touch this universal being which the spirit.

Now we have people we have Jews who worshiped Muhammad
Sahap, who worshiped Christ. Because through their experion of truth the have realized that they were incarnations.
All these great incarnations and prophets came on the same tree of life at different times. To give us balance and to save us from evil. But we have plugged the flowers and we are saying this is mine this is mine and fighting with these dead flowers.
So it is important for all people who are honest and who are seeking the truth should achieve their self realisation and see the absolute truth about them. They never talked ill about each other. But only we in our ignorance do that.

So this light has to come within us. Supposing we are holding a snake in our hand and there is darkness and your eyes are not open.
You will not believe, if somebody says there is a snake in your hand. But if you get the light and your eyes are open up, you will immediately yourself believe that snake.

So a person become so powerful and so free that no bad habits (UNCLEAR get) dominate him. You yourself become your own master and manage yourself. I do not have to tell you, don’t do this and don’t do that.

I am sorry for today’s delay but you know, there were problems of traffic and all kinds of things. It was very unexpected. So I hope, you will excuse me for coming late. Tomorrow of course, I will be here much earlier and explain to you much more about Sahaja Yoga.

Sahaja; Saha means with, ja means born. Yoga means union with the Divine with the Ruh.

So all the human beings whatever (UNCLEAR) belong to have a right to achieve this stage.

May God bless you all.

If you want to ask me some questions, I will be very happy to answer them.

QUESTION: Gentleman says that a minute ago you claim that important religious personalities have been killed. Because their (UNCLEAR).
You said that Socrate was killed and also in a way Jesus
Christ was killed but coming to Prophet Mohammad Gentleman doesn’t agree with you that requires through which particular (UNCLEAR) he was supposed to be killed.

Shri Mataji: No. He was supposed to be killed in the sense that you see whatever he try to preach and try to do, people would not listen to him. And he had to really struggle a lot all his life.

QUESTION: Gentleman says then there is no physical question of getting killed.

Shri Mataji: No. Not that way. That part is not important. What important part is that what he wanted to established. In his lifetime it was very difficult. Because people were so ignorant.

QUESTION: The gentleman wonders whether during sleep or during yoga section energy works out.

Shri Mataji: What happens?

QUESTION: During sleep or during a yoga section the energy works it out.

QUESTION: The energy wakes up during the sleep or during a yoga section?

Shri Mataji: No during, not during the sleep but during the yoga section.

It is one should understand why these great prophets came. Because they had to help us. In the same way, the one, who is enlighten, can only enlighten another person. Like one light, which is enlighten, can enlighten.

But that person has to be enlightened is the authority that is from God. That he should be enlightened. Blinds, blind people can not (UNCLEAR, see) light.

QUESTION: Gentleman wonders whether Buddha himself has realized self realization and reached the (UNCLEAR, stage mysticism)

Shri Mataji: Yes he did. One exceptional case to prof the Ruh.
Actually it was the grace of God which worked on him. And he was so so desperate. And he had reached the state where he would have committed suicide if he (UNCLEAR, hadn’t)

And when you are enlighten, you can enlighten others. You all have all the powers to you enlighten others. Like I really don’t do it much. All of them here who are sitting are, all I would say, can do it.

If that is your capacity that is your power today. Why not have it.
For you can not pay for it. You can not do anything about it.
Effortlessly you get it. Why not have it.

It is so simple as that. Today we went in the Bazaar.
And there was a Armenian boy who was selling us (UNCLEAR)
Then he said who are you?
I said I have come here to give self realization.
He said can you give me now?
I said yes. He just puts his hands towards me and said ooh I am feeling the cool breeze.
So he wanted to thank me. I said this is your own what I have done. Why are you thanking me?
This all builtin in you it has got. Alright, tomorrow you will do this to the others.

QUESTION: Lady wants to know what a yoga has to do (UNCLEAR) powers what you have Sahaja Yoga get ourselves about the other world.

SOMEBODY: Sorry we didn’t understand.

QUESTION: The lady wants to know whether you have any ideas about the happenings in the so called other world.

Shri Mataji: See I have decided not to talk about myself. The reason is see now, because all of them talked and said oftenly, like Christ said I am the son of God and everything talked of truth so what did they do to them.

But I must be something no doubt. I must be knowing something. But is better, you know yourself then you know me better.

QUESTION: Gentlemen wonders whether anybody can do this or.

Shri Mataji: Yes of course. Anyone who has got enlightenment.

QUESTION: Gentlemen has got the opinion. He might be misunderstanding you. That what your practises, in a way externalises all other religions. In a sense disqualifies them. Is it true? Sahaja Yoga, in a sense disqualifies all the other major religion in the world.

Shri Mataji: Of course. It proves. It proves the truth of course. Of course. Of course.
All religions are true. No doubt about it. But we have done mistakes. That is the point i am saying.

QUESTION: The gentlemen would like you to tell them a bit more about the tree of life.

Shri Mataji: I will tomorrow definitely. I will explain to each and everything. There is going to be no secret about this knowledge of the roots. This is the knowledge of the roots. Only we have to become subtle to feel it.

Everything, everything.
But this knowledge is love, is compassion.

QUESTION: The gentlemen would like know, what exactly differentiate Sahaja Yoga from all other meditation systems.

Shri Mataji: other yogas?


Shri Mataji: See. That way, all other yogas are actually an integral part of Sahaja Yoga.
If you do say Hata Yoga, in that also, it is first of all, the cleansing this that and all that and then you reach a point where you have to take to realization.

Allright. Now, the second is you can say, Raja Yoga and all that the way they preach is artificial.

Like in Raja Yoga they say that, you should take your tongue backwards and you should put your stomach tight and all those things. But when kundalini rises, automatically it happens. You don’t have to do it.

Like when your car starts, all the machinery starts moving automatically. But supposing, you just take the wheel and start moving, the car won’t move.

So one has to understand that yoga means; union with the divine.

Now, the difference is that in modern times, nobody has time to go to Himalaya and sit there for hours together, cleansing themselves.

So, I have found a method. By which first of all raise your kundalini.

And most of you, I am surprised, you get your realization for fix that moment.

But supposing, somebody do not get it fixed.Then they can see in that little light, what is wrong with them and they improve themselves. I don’t have to tell them.

So you become your own master.

QUESTION: As far as the gentleman then knows in
Trancantidal Meditation you kind of elevate yourself.

Shri Mataji: No. It is all, it is not true. It is falsehood.

You see, first, you must know that anybody who takes money from you in the name of religion, in the name of yoga, in anything is a false guru.
I don’t mind, even they being cheats, but not only they cheat you, not only they cheat you, but they spoil your kundalini. And they spoil your chances of realization. We had about only 4 or 5 people only yesterday, who came to us from this TM. Who poor things have become recluses.

Also logically, logically we should understand what is there to get up from the body and to move about. What is the sense.

What is the advantage. We have to two legs to walk. What is the need? It is stupid.

All this kind of funny things if they tell you, why should you believe them?

No scripture has talked about it.

There should be some bases.

QUESTION: In India, there is certain yogi by the name
Maharishi Maharishi.

Shri Mataji: (UNCLEAR)

Go and see it his bank balance. That is all.

Please be careful. Please be careful. I am sorry. They are Indians, I know. I know, they are Indians. I am very sorry for that. That is why, I am here to tell you the truth.

I would like to warn also.
I have talked about them in 1970 very openly.
Very openly. But still people I don’t know how they take to him. Because he says that he can make people pay so people are happy, I think to pay.

Thousands of seekers are ruined.

Allright. Now one more question and no more. Allright? (UNCLEAR, let’s do it.). Because it is getting late.

Very fast.

QUESTION: The lady cames that she has been using this technique of Sahaja Yoga, but she said she paid for it.

Shri Mataji: Really

QUESTION: And at the same time she is very happy for that.
Aa I am sorry. I made a mistake. I am sorry.

Shri Mataji: I am surprise.

QUESTION: The lady meant transcendental meditation.

Shri Mataji: Of course I know.

QUESTION: But she claims that she is quite happy. I mean, she has been able to redeem all the stress she had.

Shri Mataji: Alright. Then it is alright. If she thinks so, but I can tell you this much, that please don’t come back to me when you will have problem.

Moreover you see. What power she has? What has she learned? Can she give realization anyone? It is the point. What is the great transformations she (UNCLEAR, discovered) for the payment.

You see the mantras, this gentleman is giving, because you don’t know sanskrit. (UNCLEAR) one is tinga, pinga, inga. These are not sanskrit. He doesn’t know sanskrit, this man.

Tinga means, tinga means when you show somebody like this. What do you say it in your language? That is tinga. That is the mantra, he gives and 300 pound he charges for giving such a stupid mantras.

And another one he gives is inga, meaning sting of the scorpion.

And pinga means when you get possessed you go round and round like that. You see that is pinga.

I am sorry. I, I am not with that at all.

QUESTION: Now the lady is (UNCLEAR), actually based on something else. She says, ok, I paid for it. But as I claim and she goes the certain society. Only they practice transcendental meditation and apparently they claim that their teachings based on thousand year old Veda (UNCLEAR). And she is quite happy with it. I wonder what she is looking (UNCLEAR).

Shri Mataji: See. I can give you a complete story about if you come and see me. That they started at (UNCLEAR) which people were stall to be jumping. I have got a whole coming sorf of a letter from that gentleman whom i have cured also. And they started course in Scotland. His name was Mr (UNCLEAR Pitapairs) and his wife. He was the granddaughter of a duke. And they became bankrupt and epileptic 3 of them. And I have to keep them in my own house to treat them. And I have got a letter from them. So I mean this is what I am saying that, they go to any guru, let them go. But then don’t come back to me. Because I headache for them.

I will send you his letter. You can see it.
Now poor man, he became bankrupt and he has gone to South Africa.

And this is told me that he used to tell that he could pass through the wall he could jump up in the air then all lies. Because he puts so much money in it.

Alright now we don’t want to anymore of this TM.
Now let it be now. Let us have the realization part. Better.
Let us have this please.

QUESTION: He has worried that tomorrow session will be too crowded and they may not be able to (UNCLEAR).

Shri Mataji: get realization. So let us have the realization that what I am saying, you are reel seekers.

Very simple it is. Very simple. Alright. Now, just think that we have to use the power of the mother earth so we have to take out our shoes. That is all. Take out our shoes.

As we take out for any ibadet (UNCLEAR)

And we put our hands for namaz, namaz. The thing
Mohammed sahib told you, it was all kundalini awakening. It was all.

Trust, everything.

Now. Now before you close your eyes, I tell you, how to help your centers which are on left hand side. We will work out.

Very simple it is.
Anybody (UNCLEAR)

First, you have put your left hand towards me which is symbolically. This is the power of desire. So you want to have your realization.
Now so left hand towards me like simple and the right hand on your heart. Because in the heart resides our spirit.
Left towards me, left, left, left hand towards me.
Right, right hand on the heart.
Right, right.
Alright, now. Then this is the center where the spirit resides.

Now you have to put your hand in the upper part of your abdomen on the left hand side.

And then you have to put your right hand in the lower part of your abdomen on the left hand side, again.

Now the upper part of your abdomen is the center of your mastery. Of your mastery. (UNCLEAR)

Now, lower part of your abdomen, on the left hand side is the center of pure knowledge which manifests through your central nervous system.

Now, now you put your hand again on the upper portion of your abdomen on the left hand side which is the center of our mastery.

Now, you put your right hand again on the heart which is the spirit.

Now the center between the neck and your shoulder, in the corner, you put your hand and turn your head to your right.

Now, this is the center, we catch, when we feel guilty.

You should be very pleasantly place toward yourself, after all you are a human being and if you commit mistakes, after all you are not God.

Now you put your hand on your forehead across, and press it hard.

This is the center of forgiveness.

Now you put your right hand on the backside of your head and push behind your head.

This is the center of asking for forgiveness without feeling guilty.

Now stretch your hand and put the center of your hand on top of your head, bend your head, push back your fingers and move your scalp slowly seven times. Because there are seven seats of the seven centers in your brain.
Alright, stretch back your fingers.

Now just we have to do it by closing our eyes. You can take out your spectacles. You have to sit properly. (UNCLEAR) the legs apart from each other. Not to sit in a way that you are slouching or too much strain but in a natural, normal straight.

Now please close your eyes and don’t open them till I tell you.

Now, please put the left hand towards me.
And right hand on the heart.
Please close your eyes.
Here, you have to say and ask a question to me 3 times.
It is a very important question. Mother am I the spirit?
3 times.
If you are the spirit, you are your guide, you are your
Master. So please put this right hand in the upper portion of your abdomen and press it hard the left hand side. And ask me a question.
Here you ask me a question again 3 times. Mother am I my own master? Call me mother or Shri Mataji whatever suites you.
Now, take down your hand in the lower portion of your abdomen and press it hard.
Here, I have to respect your freedom. And I can not force pure knowledge on you.
So, you have to ask me in your own freedom.
Please say 6 times. Mother please give me pure knowledge.
Now, when you ask this question this force of Kundalini starts rising.
Now, raise your hand on the upper portion of your abdomen on the left hand side and press it hard.
As the kundalini is raising, we have to help with our confident, our centers to open out.

Now, here you have to say 10 times. Because there are 10 petals to this center.
With full confidence say, Mother I am my own master. Say it 10 times.
This center is created by own prophets.

Now, one has to know that we are not this body. We are not this mind. We are not ego. We are not our conditionings but we are pure spirit.

So, now, raise your hand onto your heart. And say with full confidence, the most important truth about yourself, Mother I am the spirit. Say it 12 times.

Now, raise your right hand into the corner of your neck and your shoulder. One has to know that Divine is the power of bliss and joy. But above all, above, above all it is the power of forgiveness.
So whatever so called mistakes, you have committed then be dissolved completely into that power.
So please turn your face to the right. Symbolically saying that Mother I am not guilty. Say it 16 times.

Now, raise your right hand onto your forehead across and press it hard.
You may bend your head.
Here is the center to forgive. You forgive everyone. So please say with full confident, Mother I forgive everyone.
Many people say that is difficult to forgive. But whether you forgive or you don’t forgive, it is a myth.

But if you don’t forgive, then you play into wrong hands.
So please say from your heart, Mother I forgive everyone.

Now, take your right hand on the backside of your hand and allow your head to rest on it. Here without feeling guilty, without counting your mistakes for your own satisfaction. Please say O Divine, If I have done anything wrong, please forgive me.
From your heart.
Now stretch your palm and put the center of your palm on top of your head.
On soft bone which was in your childhood.
Push back your fingers.

Now again, I can not force on you self realization.
So now bend your head and say 7 times moving your hand with pressure your scalp, clockwise.
Mother please give me self realization. Please move 7 times.

Now take down your hands. Put both the hands towards me and open our eyes slowly.
Now just see, if you are thoughtless. If there is any thought.
Now, bend your head and put your right hand towards me.
And left hand you try to feel cool breeze out of your head.

Now, put the and again put the head down and put the left hand towards me.
And with the right hand see again, if there is a cool breeze coming, could be hot also.

Now, put the right hand again towards me and see with the left hand if there is a cool breeze coming out of you.

Now put your hands up in the sky, like that towards the sky, push back your head and ask a question
Is this the all pervading power of God?
Is this the Ruh?
Is this the power of love
Now take down your hands

You all will feel very relaxed.
Now those who are felt the cool breeze of their head
And in your hands, like this so you can feel in the hand of others also, neighbor’s head.
Here also here.(UNCLEAR)
All of you felt it I know.
So raise your hand, let’s see, both hand.
Those who are felt it (UNCLEAR) raise your hands.

May God Bless you all.

So many of you are felt it.

Tomorrow again you are coming here
And we are going to establish it fully.

You will feel very joyus, very happy.

Tomorrow (UNCLEAR).
I hope, you will bring your friends.
You feel very relax, very happy.

Especially I have seen muslims they receiving very fast

Got it I know you got it.
Alright. So, please come tomorrow and don’t discuss it. Because this is beyond your thought.

QUESTION: What time is the meeting tomorrow?

I will be very (UNCLEAR) there today. Tomorrow I hope there is no traffic jam.

QUESTION: Gentleman wants to ask a question, if you don’t mind

Shri Mataji: Please come. Please come. You can come here.

QUESTION: For the benefit of everyone he says.
Shri Mataji: Alright. Alright.

QUESTION: He is very happy to welcome you here.

Shri Mataji: Thank you very much. Thank you.

QUESTION: Gentleman says, looking at the questions they have been asked so far. This (UNCLEAR) because of (UNCLEAR) and misguidance.

Shri Mataji: It is alright. But one has to answer.

QUESTION: They are participating such a talk for the first time, he says.

Shri Mataji: No, no. It is alright. See I am a mother.
So it is alright. Children must ask questions.

QUESTION: Gentleman (UNCLEAR) asks forgiveness, that there is a misconception in Turkey. Because there is a certain personality know as yogi Kazim who tries to peers through his body (UNCLEAR) bigger than all the rest. And we expected something like that now (UNCLEAR).

Shri Mataji: No (UNCLEAR).

QUESTION: He says; now (UNCLEAR, we have been enlightened) and it is simple because of that misconception that we expected something spectacular here.
Now, we understood where the true lines (UNCLEAR).

He says; (UNCLEAR) we should rest a sure that now, we know, what the real true light lines (UNCLEAR) and we thank you.

Shri Mataji: You see, there are no austerities in Sahaja Yoga. No asceticism in Sahaja Yoga.
No (UNCLEAR) life in Sahaja Yoga.
God has created this world, for you, to enjoy. But in the right way.
He is your father. And the greatest of fathers.
And why (UNCLEAR) did right you to be miserable.
Actually, he is anxious for you to enter into his
Kingdom, enjoy his love and blessing.

Thank you very much.

Beautiful. Very beautiful people.
You got alright. Now, laugh, enjoy.

The problem is that there was no one here Sahaja
Yogi. Now luckily we have a lady whose husband got transport.
See I could have come much earlier here. As I have been another country. I have been working now for 18 years.
But there was no one in Turkey.
So I had to wait for somebody to be here already.
There is a lady who has got transfer here.

QUESTION: (UNCLEAR, she is worried, UNCLEAR)
Shri Mataji: No we will have here. Lots of people will help you.

Thank you.
Thank you my child. (UNCLEAR)
My God Bless you sir.
Look at his eyes. See now his eyes. Look at his eyes.

Tomorrow hope to see you.
Tomorrow hope to see you madam.
Thank you. Are you alright.
Hello (UNCLEAR) did you feel the cool breeze.

It is so kind of you. Thank you very much. Thank you very much. It is very kind. It is very kind.

QUESTION: The gentleman would like to know what exactly is different that he felt heat instead of cool breeze.

Shri Mataji: Still you are feeling. Little heat in the body instead always and now they said you can see here. If you can see here becoming softer, here. And through this all the heat is coming out. Let the heat get out. And heat will get out. And you will feel cool better. Because in the body, in the system they said heat will (UNCLEAR) go which is together. And (UNCLEAR) due to liver.

And also he has to forgive. He has to forgive. I think he didn’t forgive fully. So please forgive. Please forgive. Forgive, forgive. See now. You not forgive. He did not forgive.
QUESTION: Yes, yes thank you.
Shri Mataji: He did not forgive.

QUESTION: Nice to see you.

Shri Mataji: Thank you. Look at your eyes, sparkling.
Nice. Are you alright?
Hello now, you, young people have to take it up. Alright.
I am sorry this language I don’t know.
Young people have to now understand and take it out.
See you again tomorrow. Bring your friend.