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Istanbul (Turkey)

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1989-0527 Public Program Hotel Hilton, Istanbul, Turkey.

This morning I saw the beautiful sea that is surrounding this beautiful place of Istanbul and the nature so beautiful all around. But problem is with human beings only. If you go in the forest you’ll find forest is a very, very clean place. There are tigers. There are other animals but it’s absolutely clean and there is no bad smell or anything anywhere. But if some human being go and live there then you will immediately know. The reason lies with us that we have not yet achieved our absolute  being which is so glorifying and so beautiful.

As it is we have evolved much more than animals. You can see if you ask a dog to pass through any dirty lane he can do it very easily, no problem. And you see even a horse doing the same thing. But human beings cannot. They cannot bear the dirt  and filth. So we have evolved. We have evolved to the state where we are human beings. But still l may tell you whatever we may believe into, whatever faith we may have, still we are not powerful people because we give way to wrong things very easily.

Now it was said, Mohammed Sahib had said that one should not drink alcohol. It was for our good because it goes against our human awareness. But I don’t blame people who drink because they are not saints. Say if they are in  the yard they don’t drink at all  I’ve seen them, but if they come to London they drink more than any Scotch man because we have not achieved our absolute nature. We can become slave of anything. We may not believe in slavery. For example I see in the West now people think they are living free. But they are not. Now they are getting entrapped into drugs and even a twelve year old child you will find taking drugs. Worst in England I’ve heard that children are killed by parents every week too, [two] in London. So what sort of a progress have we made that this one war is over? Are you are preparing for another war? Apart from that, whenever you see you do not feel that anybody is doing absolutely right things. Somebody will be a great friend today. Tomorrow he’ll turn out to be your greatest enemy. So there is the understanding of  we all being part and parcel of one personality, the macrocosm becoming the microcosm is not there.

We are still very individualistic and extremely prone to slavery. Now for example a entrepreneur starts a fashion, say tomorrow that you can put a little tin on your head and tie up your hair. All the ladies will start doing that. Any fashion they start it works. For example in London people were making the hair into red, yellow, all colours, they call it [bugs unclear] . Now it’s over. It is. It is over because now it makes them blind. So the human being today, modern times wants to try everything that is new. This is our modern trend and if you ask them why you are doing?, they say, “What’s wrong”? Like Me  I one day I had dinner once with the ambassador of Mexico and he told Me that why you don’t like Freud and why you like Jung? I said because Freud has brought forth Aids and Jung is traditional. He based his discoveries on something that is very [precious traditional]. He didn’t put his own ideas but he went round the world to see what is relevant. But what about Freud? He starts some new ideas. So he said,  “I’d like to do something new. Because a very modern man”. I said then we have eaten the food all the time why not eat the table.  It’s a new thing. This is what’s wrong with us that we have a lack that absolute logic.  Now his absolute logic is lost in the modern times, most intensively, and people are confused.

I was very angry with Rashneed for saying things against Mohammed Sahib. He had no business because he doesn’t know anything about Mohammed Sahib. It’s very nice way of making money, that’s all.  Because in modern times such a man can lie. But what was his education? What was his understanding? He’s not a spiritual man. He doesn’t have a [unclear]. How can he tell the world somebody, such a great incarnation of a primordial master like Mohammed Sahib? So one has to realise that in these modern times there are many people who are trying to mislead us and taking us away from the spiritual, real spiritual life and real spiritual leaders.

Yesterday I told you quite a lot about the false gurus from India and all over the world and also warn you be careful, because in the modern times we have become quite frustrated and we are seeking the truth. And when such a market is there people have full idea how to make money out of you. Unless and until you get your self realisation you will not find out who is false and who is real. Because then only your fingers speak, hands will speak [unclear. And bear witness to that] and your feet will be witness against you that at least you become like a divine computer yourself.

Koran is a very deep knowledge, very deep. My father translated Koran into Hindi language because he knew fourteen languages and he told Me by translation they cannot understand. They have to have self realisation otherwise they cannot understand Koran. That this [unclear] has direct connection with God with the Ruh, with the all pervading power. So you are endowed with this power. So you become powerful and knowledgeable. All this knowledge is within you already. All this divine love is in your heart and all that divine attention is in your liver. Only thing you have to have the last breakthrough as Jung has said.

There was a poet in England many years back called William Blake* and all English thought that he was a mad man, he talked about these modern times. People like somebody who will support their weaknesses and leave them more weak and more weak and more weak and ruin them. But all the strength is in your spirit. All this understanding is within you. You are after all the highest, the epitome of evolution. Nobody’s higher than you, except for the God Almighty and the prophets and [unclear, saints]. So now we have to  understand that the time has come, the Kiyama (to stand up), Kiyama is described in the Koran, Kiyama is the resurrection time. We have to ascend to that stage where we become the Spirit, the Rue. It’s more for the people who read Koran than for anybody else because Mohammed Sahib is the biggest that we have.

So it is for you to get your realisation. It will give you greater faith in Mohammed Sahib and his teachings and his life and you’ll understand him much more. You’ll understand why he had to marry so many [unclear] who were his wives. You’ll understand what was his nature. What was his divine nature. Who he was before he became Mohammed Sahib. He was very humble and he never talked about himself, and the whole life people just fought with him. In modern times, thank God there are no more swords left for the people to fight with. But people are wiser. They are seekers. They are honest and they are seekers of truth. Sahaja Yoga is made for such people, not for the frivolous or not for the people who are giving you some conditionings. 

Actually I was surprised the other day. I was looking at the top boys and girls we have in Sahaja Yoga. I was surprised that they are all top of universities, that means there is a peak of intelligence if needed. Intelligence it doesn’t teach itself but sees the variety and understands that it is for your benevolence. The importance of that is that you know yourself and you know what is the meaning of your life. It’s all within you. It’s your own. It is nothing that I am going to do much about. It’s your own power which you are going to get. It’s your own power.  It is we can say it is your own property which has to be manifest. As a result is you may get completely cured of health. Mentally you feel very relaxed and you feel the peace within. This transformation creates a new type of race. Those who understand the innocence of all the religions and respect themselves because they have self knowledge; they have self respect . And those who have self respect, respect others also. But its not an educate or some sort of an outward behaviour. It is innate and it should work out for all of you. It should.

I think we should have now the experience of self realisation because yesterday I was very happy, a gentleman said that a misunderstanding about a yogi and that’s why they asked questions. And he thought that a yogi is a person who has [ spears?] in the body. It’s not so. It is nothing outside. You have to lead a very normal life. You have to be married as you are and you have beautiful children. But you lead a very righteous and beautiful life of friendship and love. May God bless you. So should we have the experience now?

You see before taking my photograph please ask permission. All right? He didn’t ask permission so  these boys have an objection that he should have taken My permission before. It’s all right.  No, no they will have now. It’s all right I don’t mind, I don’t mind. It’s all right.

Now as you are newspaper people you have to become absolute witnesses and should not be biased. And have to be fair. You see in every country they reveal lots of things so much. The young are exposed to so many dangerous things and nothing can protect them. Any amount of military or putting you cannot stop these dangerous things that are walking into our societies everywhere. So these young people have to be born to withstand that. They must be helped, and that is why I am travelling and telling them what is to be done.

Now we have thousands and thousands of Sahaja Yogis out of which at least fifty percent were drug addicts. All of them have given up. They don’t touch it now. They don’t want it now. Like the dog could go in the dirty lane, in the same way when we are not realised we can accept any sinful thing, which is destructive for ourselves but once you are self realised you think its a filth. It is dirt and you just don’t accept it. You just don’t feel tempted about it. So please I would request you young newspaper people and I know sometimes newspaper people try to make something very interesting but try, try to make things which will help.

As you know my husband is Secretary General of International Maritime Organisation and he has [unclear] many a times. Yesterday he told Me that Turkish people are very [unclear- kabil, kabil] means capable, very capable and he is very much in impressed by it. My husband himself is so surprised at My work, that I have transformed human beings. Of course he’s a very religious man but he always said that you are an [sounds like audia] means a worry to Me. My husband used to say [unclear audia], means a worry. You are above every temptation. But you cannot make others like this, this I can tell you, whatever you may try. But now he has openly he said that this is the emancipation everything. And he said My honesty now compels him to say that this is going to save humanity. He said, “You are making angels out of these people”. It is really a hard going [unclear] my husband extremely honest and very brave. But the way he has now seen it. And he saw the newspaper people who proceed with honesty, the brotherhood of all the nations. The respect of all the nations. The respect of all the religions and the brave prophets. It will all be [unclear -descend on us] in  this  knowledge, the self knowledge. Thank you.

Now we have to take out our shoes as I told you yesterday because it can be tight on our feet first of all and secondly it’s nice to take the help of Mother Earth.  You also try. You also try because you can become great newspaper people, dynamic.

Question: The gentleman wonders to know if he can photograph during the experience?

Shri Mataji:  No that’s only disturb you see it’s en-mass. That will enlighten en-mass and you can’t disturb at that time. I’m sorry please don’t disturb.  It’s not civil. It’s not civil. Best thing is you get your realisation, take your photograph later, before and after. And you feel very peaceful. Say I am 67 years of age and I am travelling all the time. [ unclear, last night I hardly slept] The whole day I seemed to be walking here and there. [unclear]. All right.

It’s very simple.  It’s your own. You don’t have to do anything about it. There’s a group of people, why are they laughing so much? I don’t know. There’s nothing to laugh. Of course I can be serious also but one has to have the open mind of a scientist. If you want you can come inside instead of standing there is space for you to sit down. Please come forth very serious.  You have to be seated. You have to be comfortable. Now. You don’t have to excess at all.  It’s [unclear] means easy also.  On the contrary you should be very pleasantly placed towards yourself to begin with. You should have no guilt. After all we are human beings and if we have committed mistakes it’s not important. We are not God.  God does not commit mistakes you see.  So we have to be absolutely forgiving ourselves and [unclear, loving yourself like children].

It’s very simple. I tell you first when you keep your eyes open and later on I will tell you when you have to close your eyes. Marcus from Austria will show you. He is [unclear-a sikh] he went to India and [unclear]. So you please put your left hand towards Me which means you desire to have realisation, that’s all. Now as you have to use the right hand for leading. You can keep it on your lap.  It’s all right. You need not put it like that because it will hurt. Can you put it down.  Stand up please. Now left hand towards Me [unclear, arms apart from each other] Two different powers is in that. Can he hear Me? Now the one power is the power of desire and another is the power of action. Now you put the left hand towards Me meaning you have a desire to have realisation. All right. So we put our left hand like this and right hand on our different centres. We work only on the left hand side. So first we put it on our heart, where resides the Spirit. Then we put our right hand on the upper portion of our abdomen. This is the centre of our mastery. Is created by own masters. Now we put our right hand on the lower portion of our abdomen. This is the centre of pure knowledge which manifests in our central nervous system and gives us the  knowledge of the divine laws. Now we raise our right hand in the upper of our abdomen. Then we raise it again on the heart. Then we raise in the corner of your neck and your shoulder and turn your face to your right. This the centre will catch when you feel guilty. It is a very dangerous thing because it gives you diseases like angina, heart diseases and also spondylitis. Now we raise, put our hand on top of our forehead and press it hard on both the sides. This is the centre of forgiving. We bend our head like this so it’s easier. Now we put our hand on the backside of our head and put our head on top of that. This is the centre for asking forgiveness without feeling guilty. Now please stretch your hand and the centre of your palm is to be put on top of your fontanel bone area which was the soft bone in your childhood. Press back your fingers. Press it hard and move your scalp seven times clockwise. Slowly. That’s all we have to do all together.

Now you have to close your eyes.  You can take out your spectacles also, and please don’t open your eyes till I tell you. All right. Now close your eyes and put your right hand on your heart. Now here you have to ask Me a very fundamental question, Mother am I the spirit? Please ask this in your heart. Now if you are your spirit and nothing else then you are your master. So please take this hand on the lower portion, upper portion of your abdomen on the left hand side and press it hard. Now here you have to say a question again to Me. Mother am I my own master?  Ask this question three times. Now I must confess that I cannot come over your freedom. I respect your freedom and I cannot force pure knowledge on you. So put your right hand on the lower portion of your abdomen and press it and here you will have to say yourself in your freedom, Mother please give me pure knowledge. Please say it six times because this centre has got six petals.

Now when you say that your kundalini has started rising and you have to open your higher centres with your confidence. So you put your right hand on the upper portion of your abdomen. Now here you have to say with full confidence ten times, Mother I am my own master. Now one has to realise that the most important truth about you is that you are the spirit. You are not this body. You are not this mind.  You are not these imaginations and emotions. You are not your conditionings. You are not your ego but you are pure spirit. So please put your right hand on your heart and here with full confidence say, twelve times, “Mother I am the Spirit”.

Now one has to know that Divine is the power of bliss and joy. It is the power of love, but above all it is the power of forgiveness and what mistakes can you commit that this great power of forgiveness cannot dissolve it. So now raise your right hand in the corner of your neck and your shoulder and turn your head to your right. Here with full confidence say, “Mother I am not guilty”. Please say this sixteen times. Please say it from your heart. Believe Me that you are not guilty. Let your kundalini judge. Let God judge you. Don’t judge yourself. Now put your right hand on your forehead and left hand towards Me and put down your head. Press it on both the sides. Here you have to say Mother I forgive everyone. Some may say that it is very difficult but whether you forgive or don’t forgive, you don’t do anything. So please don’t play into wrong hands and say with full heart, “Mother I forgive everyone”. Now take back your hand on backside of your head and put the head backwards on it. Here now you say without counting your mistakes, without feeling guilty, just for your satisfaction  you say O Divine if I have done any mistakes please forgive me. Now stretch your hand and put the centre of your palm on top of your head and press it hard. Push back your fingers please and bend your head. Now move it seven times very slowly clockwise. Here again I cannot force self realisation on you all. So you have to say seven times, “Mother please give  me my realisation”.

Now take down your hands and watch Me. Without thoughts you can watch Me. You can watch Me without thoughts. Now put your right hand towards Me and bend your head and see if there is a cool breeze coming out of your head. Some people get it hot.  Doesn’t matter we’ll correct it. Now put the left hand towards Me and put the right hand to see if there’s a cool breeze coming. Now put the right hand once again and put the left hand and see bend your head. Now you push back your hands and ask a question, “Mother is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost?” “Mother is this the power of God’s love”? Ask this question three times. You can ask, “Is this the rue which is all pervading”? Put down your hands please. All those who have felt cool breeze in their hands or on their head, cool or hot breeze please raise both your hands. Both your hands.  Can you feel? Just feel on his head. Some [unclear]

S.Y. He feels heat.

I knew he had. You put your left hand on your liver, this side. More on the liver side. Now it will cool down. It’s because of his liver. Again can I see those who have felt the cool breeze. Both the hands, those who have felt the cool breeze. It’s true. You people are really great.  Most of you have felt. it. May God bless you. Those who have not felt also can feel it. Come this side, and we’ll work it out from there. Have you got it now?  You feel it now? Are you feeling cool? Put it left to right. Too much of left side.  Too much of thinking.

*(about William Blake)