Enjoy the blessings of God

Eden Park Seasongood Pavilion, Cincinnati (United States)

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1989-06-14 Public Program in Cincinnati

I bow to all the seekers of truth, it has to be understood at the very outset that truth is what it is we cannot organize it… at the very outset we have to understand that truth is what it is we cannot organize it, we cannot order it nor can we conceptualize it. It has to be felt on your central nervous system and this is what it is called what we call as self-realization or we can say the second birth as told by Christ. It’s not an artificial way of accepting any baptism that we say that we are baptized but whether you are baptized or not baptized you are just the same, there is nothing special has happened to you, nothing has happened to your awareness, nothing has happened to your personality. So when we say that we have to have our self-realization means whatever is our human awareness has to achieve a new breakthrough. In the process of our evolutionary process which is as you know is a living process we have achieved a state what we call as human beings and human beings have freedom to choose whatever they like till they realize with their own trial and error methods that this is wrong… this is wrong… it takes too much time for them really to reach a point to understand what is really good and what is bad for their society for their country and also for themselves.

Today when we are standing on the brink of a delusion and a shock we don’t know what’s going to happen to us in future, one has to realize the one who has created this beautiful universe is not going to allow this work of his to be destroyed, only thing he has given you chance… full chance… to realize your freedom to develop your wisdom and to see how far you really understand what is right and what is wrong. In the human awareness whatever we know about is… a… you know relative terminology, we are not absolutely sure there is no absolute knowledge with us because we are not in the state of absoluteness. Also the development, the material the physical the scientific all development that has taken place has evolved us outside just like a tree has grown, but we have lost our roots and whatever just now you have heard about is the knowledge of our roots and if you do not know our roots we are waiting really for a complete destructive shock. It’s an evolutionary process which has come to this point and the breakthrough is a very small journey say at the most of three to four feet that you have to allow your kundalini to raise and break through… about which thousands of years back people have talked. In every country there has been lots of prophecies that such a time will come when men of God will know the truth and this is what it is, today we have so many seekers… so many seekers of truth who are genuine honest trying to find out what is the truth of life, why are we here, what are we to do.

You are here to enter into the kingdom of God, to enjoy the blessings of God not to torture yourself not to trouble yourself but to abide in that beautiful land of God’s joyous blissful state. For that you cannot pay, please remember that God doesn’t understand money and you can’t pay for it, anybody who takes money in the name of God is a false personality is a false person because you cannot pay for it. But when this happening takes place when your kundalini which is the pure desire within you… the pure desire because all other desires as described in the economics that they are not satiable in general. This desire is the one this energy when it raises then you become the giver of desires all desires subsides and just you enjoy each and everything of this creation. This is all within us is all your own, just like one candle can enlighten another candle it works, it’s very spontaneous because it’s a living process as you can understand one seed if it has to sprout you have to just put it in the mother earth and the mother earth has got the power to sprout it and when it sprouts it comes up by itself, in the same way this kundalini comes up by itself and you can feel the cool breeze of the holy ghost around you. Now this cool breeze of the Holy Ghost has been described in the bible has been described in all Indian scriptures as the all-pervading power of God’s love, it’s described in all the western and eastern, northern and southern scriptures or the treaties of all the saints. So actually what happens to you that you become a saint but you don’t give up anything, you exist wherever you belong you don’t give up anything, what is there to be given up only thing you become a witness of the whole play and you enjoy all that is created all that you see it seems to be a very… a… dangerous thing sometimes and sometimes very frustrating and sometimes very depressing everything becomes like a play, like a though that raises and falls off, another thought raises and falls off and we are jumping on the crest of the thought we are thinking about the future and the past. But we have to be in the present when the kundalini raises then you stand in the present and you see the past and the future. When you see the past and the future you are surprised that you are silent there is no thought, now when you are out of the water it’s much easy to solve the problem you can see the water and you are not afraid of it, you are in a boat you can enjoy the ride but supposing you become a master who can swim then you can save others also.

The time has come for humanity for all of us to get this blessing, this is all built in with in you. I don’t have to do anything, is like one candle which is enlightened can enlighten another candle, this enlightenment which is just spontaneous happens spontaneously, so i do not deserve any credit for you and you don’t have to be obliged about it. It’s just your own, it’s your own property by which you achieve. 

Now the knowledge about the kundalini or the knowledge about all these things are to be taken in a very open minded way like a scientific attitude. Now i put before you or he has put before you this hypothesis and you should see for yourself it works or not, if it does not work alright we should work harder to see that it works out. But when it works honestly you must believe in it and you must go with it and you must check upon yourself that now you are a light and you have to give light to others, this is a very very important thing as a result of this happening of course diseases get cured. Many incurable diseases have been cured by Sahaja Yoga, there are mental cases which has been cured, people feel absolutely peaceful so called tension business disappears because i think a little hole is created in the whole heat comes out of your heads as the tension passes out and you feel absolutely relaxed. You look very young, you feel very young and the whole attitude of life changes as if you are asking for something always now you are standing here to give something. All these things are at hand you don’t have to do anything difficult and why not… why not… we all get out realization.

I am sorry to say that i am here only for tonight on my way i just as if i have stopped here, i wish i was here for a longer period to be with you all but you have here some very good Sahaja Yogis who are very senior people who have mastered this and they will be very good to you. And they are very compassionate they are very righteous people and they lead a very beautiful life. So you will be happy to meet them and they will help you and then as one light enlightens another you can go on enlightening another people. It’s a very simple method there is nothing much is to be done and children are the best for it. Now i have to just say that supposing in this place i have to come and put on the light you just have to switch on that’s all. I need not tell you about the whole electricity about the history of electricity how it was brought and the source of electricity. In the same way you have built in, it is within you through your different stages of evolution everything is built in with in you. So you don’t have to do much about it but once you get the light then it’s better to know more about it. For example if somebody is holding a stick in the hand, he is in the darkness he can’t see anything and if you tell him you know it’s a snake he will say no its a rope he will argue with you. Its better is to put on the light and let him see for himself so he drops it. In the same way as he has told you all your conditioning and habits drop out because there is light but it is not mental it’s just a happening the center which is here as AAgnya chakra is shown there which crosses this center when awaken this is the center of Christ, when this center is awakened it sucks in all our conditioning and our ego that’s why we say that he died for our sins. But he is to be awakened, if he is awakened then he sucks in and then you get your realization, this is a very simple method built within us for our second birth which is a reality which is not something just talking or words. I hope most of you get your realization in this beautiful atmosphere. May God bless you all.

Now i would like to have some questions from you but it is so far away, you are so far away from me i don’t know how will i be able to relate but if you have some good questions not to challenge or not to sort of criticize but ask questions which are related to the subject which will help because i am not here for seeking votes or for any money or anything, you can’t give me anything its better you take something from me will be a better idea. So if you want to ask some questions please ask. A lot can be said about Sahaja Yoga i must have given at least four thousand lectures or five thousand lectures in English language but that’s different i said first have you enlightenment and then we can talk about it. Yes please

Question: Why this time in history can they have a gift like this?

Shri Mataji: It’s a blossom time [UNCLEAR]. You see in the beginning the tree of life we had very few flowers but now it’s a blossom time we have so many people who are seeking the truth, it was all prophesied long time back but the modern times as they call it the kaliyuga will find people who will be leading a normal life, normal house holders, will be seeking the truth and they will find it. 

Question: He wants to know what will be the result of this special time is blossomed what will it mean what will it do in their lives

Shri Mataji: Now i would say… so many things we can do, but you see around we have people who are Christians, Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs all kinds of people we have. We have Americans, Indians all types human beings and everybody is capable of committing any horrible thing any violent thing any sinful thing, there is no binding force. So when we talk of peace they have no peace within themselves, you just talk of peace they are foundations of peace and organizations of peace, at the slightest pretext you find they themselves become violent. So what you need is a transformation of a human being who expresses the spirit the spirit which is knowledge, knowledge which is not relative which is not mental but which is absolute, compassion and love that expresses joy, and attention that can work out things. All this is within the reach of human being in this modern times the blossom time.  We have to transform human beings, all the problems of this world are created by human beings and not be god so that transformation creates a beautiful race of people who are collect they act as collective beings because your spirit is the collective being with in you. So it’s like you become part and parcel of the whole, if this finger is suffering immediately my another hand helps it, it doesn’t think I have to oblige or anything because it is part and parcel of the whole. In the same way we become genuinely collective as a result complete emancipation of humanity can be achieved. The best part of the whole thing is that today it is acting amass, the righteousness the compassion the love the wisdom of saints is love, manifesting amass. Other things happen also, i would say i have known people who never knew what is art have become artists, artist who create things which emit divine vibrations. Then there are people who never could sing have started singing those who could not do good in their work have become dynamic, but despite all that they are compassionate and honest. I am sorry this is the first time i have come to Cincinnati that’s why it sounds little fantastic. But we are fantastic… we are fantastic… in a village of India supposing you take a television and say that you can see all kinds of beautiful images nobody is going to believe you they say o telling stories this is just a box of plastic. But when you put to the mains it starts working, in the same way you start working like a computer, you are a divine computer only thing you have to be aware of it. And if it is going to be that way why not.

Question: She wants to know, she is asking you to elaborate on how when the kundalini is awakened it removes negative karma 

Shri Mataji: It does, see we judge ourselves in a very funny way, all the time we are judging ourselves and feeling guilty and for a small small things we think o we should not have done this way. Even if you spill a little coffee you think you have done a disastrous thing. After all we are human beings, if we make mistakes it is all right after all we are not god are we.
All the time we try condemning ourselves we done this bad that one we are negative also the suggestion comes from so many ways, people say you are a sinner you have done this sin that sin… just imagine it’s not so we are all human beings. So let your kundalini which is you own individual mother decide what karmas you have done and she see to it that you get rid of them.  

Don’t condemn yourself, don’t feel guilty that’s the first condition. If you feel guilty i do not promise you kundalini awakening, to begin with, not to feel guilty at all, that’s first condition. Second is we have to forgive everyone, after all whether we forgive or if don’t forgive we don’t do anything i mean it’s a myth. You say it’s very difficult to forgive but what are you doing about it. Only thing by not forgiving we are playing into the wrong hands, so it is a very great weapon we have got just you say i forgive everyone don’t count how many you have to forgive, don’t count their mistakes and your mistakes. In short forget the past for the time being and not to feel miserable about yourself. You have to be pleasantly placed specially towards yourself, if you are not pleasantly placed towards yourself you cannot be pleasantly placed towards anyone. 

Alright so should we have our realization now. They are too far away they can come little forward will be better just by [UNCLEAR].

Question: She is saying that children are supposed to be born in a more enlightenment stage and what can we do to help them maintain the enlightenment
Shri Mataji: You should get your own [UNCLEAR] they have all come here… look at that… that’s Cincinnati really. May god bless you all… look at that… May god bless you all. But yes by getting realization you will understand your children much better and you can do much better for them. ohh it’s great isn’t it.

I have to just ask you to take out your shoes because shoes little bit tighten your feet. So just take out your shoes if possible. We such [UNCLEAR] what beautiful people you are…

So we are all going to enter into the kingdom of god and nobody has to feel guilty when you are going on a big journey so pleasant at that, you have to be very pleasant, you have to be very happy and enthusiastic. Alright it’s very very simple extremely simple as i told you. As he has told that we have to little bit help our centers and on the left hand side we will be helping out centers all those who are sitting up on the chair should take out their shoes also please and put your feet on the mother earth because this mother earth helps us a lot.  She is a very helpful thing also if you could take out your shoes i will be happy for a little while only ten minutes at the most. It takes about ten minutes not more than that and that much time we can always give to ourselves. And those who are sitting on the chair have to put both the feet apart from each other, the best are those who are sitting on the ground. Alright but in any case it will work i am sure. Now what we have to do is to understand as he has told you in a very short form that the left side is the power of desire, so you put the left hand towards me just like this very comfortably without troubling much just the left hand like that, be comfortable, you can’t sit with legs like that, those who can’t sit like that will be difficult so at least have one foot up and another like that so that you can put the left hand towards me. And the right hand on the mother earth here on the heart… on the heart… in the heart resides the spirit. So first we put our hand on the center where resides the spirit, then we take down our hand and put it on the upper part of our abdomen on the left hand side, left hand all the time like this, desiring to get your realization. Then one has to understand that if you are the spirit you are also your master… you are also your guide… because there is light and you know what is to be done and you don’t need any master… you don’t need any guru, you become your own guru. Then you take your right hand and put it in the lower part of your abdomen… lower part… on the left hand side, the upper one was the center of your mastery the lower one is the center which gives you the manifestation of the divine power in your central nervous system, means it’s the pure knowledge, it’s not the knowledge that you just know through your mental activity but is the pure knowledge like i can feel this is hot or cold this is red this is pink in the same way, absolutely that’s the center for your pure knowledge. Then you take back your hand in the upper part of your abdomen… again on the left hand side to raise the kundalini as we will do later on with closing our eyes then you have to take it to your heart and then you have to take your hand in the corner of your neck and your shoulder and turn your head to your right, now this is the center i was talking about which is always very much caught up because we feel guilty and it’s the worst center because it causes horrible diseases like angina, spondylitis all kinds of headaches, so please put your hand as far as possible on the back and turn your head to your right. Now this hand again is brought on to the forehead across as we put it sometimes for our headache and press it on both the sides, this is the center of forgiveness. Then we take back our hand and put it on the back side of our head and push our head on top and look up. Now this is the center for asking forgiveness without counting your mistakes your guilts and all kinds of condemnations. Then your stretch your hand… stretch your hand… and put the left hand, in the center of your palm you put the center of you palm, bend your head in the [UNCLEAR] fontanel bone area which was the soft bone in your childhood, just adjust it properly and then push back your fingers, press it hard and move your scalp very slowly seven times, very slowly clockwise. All this we have to do just now closing our eyes, just we have to close our eyes because our attention has to go inside.

Please put your left hand towards me and you can take out your spectacles would be better because your eyes also are hurt. Now please put your right hand on your heart and you left hand towards with both the legs apart from each other, not for the sitting people but otherwise.

Now at this point you have to ask me a question three times, a very important question, you can call me Shri Mataji or you can call me Mother. “Mother am i the spirit” ask this question three times it’s a computer style of meditation so ask a question “Mother am i the spirit”, ask this question three times. You are not to be defendant about anything at this moment. Now if you are the spirit you are also the master, so take down you hand in the upper portion of your abdomen on the left hand side and press it hard which is the center of mastery and ask another question three times “Mother am i my own master”, please ask this question three times “Mother am i my own master” “Mother am i my own master” please ask this question with in your heart. Now please take your hand in the lower portion of your abdomen on the left hand side and press it hard, as i told you this is the center of pure knowledge but i cannot force you to accept pure knowledge it cannot be done so you have to ask for it in your freedom and glory, so please say six times because this petal has got… this center has got six petals so please say it six times “Mother please give me pure knowledge” please ask six times, as soon as you ask for pure knowledge the kundalini starts moving and so we have to help the other centers to be opened out with our right hand, so we put our right hand in the upper portion of our abdomen on the left hand side and here we say with full confidence to open the center of mastery, ten times we say ten times “Mother i am my own master” “Mother i am my own master” we say it ten times. Now one has to know the truth and the truth is you are not this body, you are not this mind, you are not this intelligence, you are not your ego nor your conditioning you are the pure spirit. So please raise your right hand on your heart and say with full confidence twelve times please say it with full confidence twelve times “Mother i am the spirit” “Mother i am the spirit”. 

Now one has to know that the divine is the ocean of bliss and joy, it is the ocean of love and compassion but above all it is the ocean of forgiveness we cannot do anything that cannot be dissolved by this ocean of forgiveness. So now raise your hand in the corner of your neck and your shoulder as far as back you can take it and turn your head to your right here with full confidence you have to say sixteen times with full confidence sixteen times you have to say “Mother Mother i am not guilty at all” please say it sixteen times “Mother i am not guilty at all” and don’t think how can i say and how cannot say. Let your kundalini judge you, you should not judge yourself, please say it sixteen times with full confidence… now sixteen times… we have to know the greatest weapon we have is that we can forgive others when we forgive others we get out of the clutches of other people and the divine looks after that. So please now raise your hand on to your forehead and bend your head and press it hard on both the sides… bend your head and press it hard on both the sides, here you have to say from your heart not how many times but from your heart genuinely please say “Mother i forgive everyone” please say that “Mother i forgive everyone”, it’s very simple to say just you have to say it earnestly from your heart please say. Now take back your hand on the back side of your head and push back your head, rest on the hand, here without feeling guilty without finding false with you, without counting how many mistakes you have committed, for your own satisfaction in general you have to say “O divine if i have done any mistakes please forgive me” “O divine if i have done any mistakes please forgive me”, from your heart not how many times but from your heart. Now please stretch your hand and put the center of your palm on the soft bone that you have on top of your head when you were a child, press it hard push back your fingers press the scalp and move it slowly but here again i cannot force self-realization on you, you have to ask for it… you have to ask for self-enlightenment so please say “Mother please give me my self-realization” seven times when you move your scalp… seven times clock wise please [Mother blowing into mike]. 

Now take down your hand, put down both your hands put your hands towards me both of them and open your eyes slowly. Watch me without thinking you can do it, now put the right hand towards me and see for yourself… bend your head… and see for yourself if there is a cool breeze coming out of your fontanel bone area… just see for yourself you have to certify yourself, i am not going to say anything just see yourself… bend your head better to be seen this way. Now not to be close to your head little higher… you have to put it little higher see for yourself… if there is… some people get it very much away just see… some people will get hot air doesn’t matter the heat has to come out then the cool will start coming. Now put the left hand towards me with the right hand you try to feel the cool breeze. Now again at last put again the left hand little further and see for yourself there is a cool breeze coming out of you fontanel bone area. Now you put your both the hands towards the sky and lookup ask a question any one of these questions three times “Mother is this the cool breeze of the holy ghost” “Mother is this the all-pervading power of god’s love” “Mother is this the brahma chaitanya” ask this question three times, now please take down your hands. Now see if you are feeling the cool breeze in your hands. Now watch there is no tree moving no leaf not a single leaf is moving they are all watching you, you are feeling the cool breeze there is not air conditioning or anything. Now all those who felt the cool breeze in their hands or out of their head or heat please raise your hands… both the hands… oh my god… oh may god bless you. What a place Cincinnati is… what a place… so many seekers… i really bow to you all very much and next time i am going to come here for more time to be with you so heartening. 

May god bless you. 

We have a follow on course and they are going to look after you, those who have not felt also cool breeze will feel. Everybody can feel it and only thing is it is beyond your thought. So you can’t [UNCLEAR] it out, you cannot think about it. Try to remain in thoughtless awareness. Please come and see these people and they will definitely help you out to fix your connections. In any case i would like to meet you if you want to shake hands with me i will be very happy. Thank you. Can you move the mike? So many people now… Tremendous… Tremendous