Shri Mahakali Puja: Fix up your Mooladhara first, Talk after Puja: On Racialism

San Diego (United States)

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Shri Mahakali Puja, “Ascent”. San Diego (USA), 19 June 1989.

Talk before Puja

Today we have decided to have Mahakali Puja.

Now we must understand the Mahakali is in totality a reflection of Adi Shakti in totality; or we can call it that Adi Shakti is in charge, She’s managing all these three powers. But Her manifestation in totality is

Mahakali in the sense that it is the desire of God Almighty.

So first She’s Adi Shakti in charge of all the three powers and that’s why we can say that when She is in a potential stage She is Mahakali and then she divides Herself into two other forces as Mahasaraswati and the ascending force that we call, or as a parasympathetic nervous system expressed in us is the Mahalakshmi.

So She has actually all these forces in Herself, Kali has all these forces but She manifests, She desires to act and when She wants to act Her potential force becomes these two other forces.

So when we do the Puja of Mahakali, we must understand that inbuilt within this force within us is desire; so we can desire anything, if you want you can desire everything, you can desire say the joy, we can desire the knowledge, we can desire to be compassionate and love and we can desire also the destruction of those which are negative forces. But the Mahakali force is the one which is working out the constructive force but in that constructive force only there has to be destruction, because if you are constructing something and there is destruction which is trying to destroy your construction then you have to destroy that destructive personality; and this is what people sometimes misunderstand and they think that Mahakali force is negative force or is a force of destruction, it is but in a very positive way and if you understand this part of Mahakali force then you will understand that if you have desires to construct yourself properly in Sahaja Yoga then you should also have the desire to destroy whatever is standing against your construction.

So one by one we should see within ourselves what sort of things that drag us down and thus they do not give us this desire. If this desire becomes intense then you start immediately seeing what are the forces that are destroying your ascent.

So we have to ascend is the point, our goal is to ascend, our destination is to ascend; so our desire should be that we should ascend and construct our being in such a manner that we can receive all, so we should understand that we have to be prepared to destroy many things within us, if we have to become great evolved personalities

As you have seen in evolution itself you had huge big animals like mammoth this that and they they could not cope with the evolution so they were all destroyed, so many thing were destroyed, and this destruction is built in within us, when we ascend we just start seeing that these are the forces which we are destroying us and that our destruction is so much that if we do not desire the destruction of these destructive forces we will be finished.

So at the same time, when we are ascending higher we have to know what we have to destroy. For example even in living forces when a flower becomes a fruit, lots of things which were the part of the flower get destroyed, automatically, but that is done in the will of God by His own understanding. So it’s absolutely perfect.

So in Sahaja Yoga when we desire something, we must know what we desire, first fix your goal and then relate it to that.

Now there are many deviations in life, like you are going to the airport, our attention should be we have to reach the airport and whatever are distractions are distractions; we should not get lost with it, if you get lost with those distractions, then we cannot achieve our goal in time. So one has to understand first of all that our goal is to ascend and for that the distractions are on our way, because of ourselves, because of ignorance, because of darkness, because the light is not so much.

The first destroying factor that is within us is the Shri Ganesha’s power and this Shri Ganesha is the power of Mahakali. She first planted Shri Ganesha to emit holiness on this Earth, so the whole thing could be vibrated and as you know one aspect of Shri Ganesha is also Omkara, means this vibratory awareness which flows everywhere.

So these vibrations have four sides in it: one is that these vibrations establish holiness, auspiciousness through Mahakali; then these same vibrations also comfort us through Mahakali power. Vibrations do not

give you desires as such, if you see, they do not give you desires, but they give you proof of your desires being fulfilled. Supposing you want somebody to be cured, this is your desire and you give vibrations to

that person; so its a means, so it is also the action part which is there in those vibrations, but this action also comes from desire. If you don’t have desire you won’t act, so the desire is so important even to establish your own path, to establish your forward march, if your desire is poor, if your halfhearted you can’t work it out. Halfhearted people cannot achieve anything in Sahaja Yoga, it’s not meant for halfhearted people, it’s meant for people who are brave, who have intense desire, who are intelligent and who are auspicious. But in case you do not have intense desire, then the pure desire doesn’t work and you do not get your realisation; also after getting realisation unless and until you have desire to ascend, very strong intense desire to ascend, you cannot ascend.

So for all Sahaja Yogis it is necessary to first of all early in the morning, while taking the name of Ganesha, must say what is my desire, this is my goal, this is what it is, all activity must be surrendered for this work.

So now how our desires are curbed, first of all through conditionings. We have certain conditionings. After Sahaja Yoga people become very affectionate, so immediately even if in the west – where the family is not so important, children are not so important, selfishness is there, people think about themselves only, they cannot think of others – even in those countries, it starts developing a kind of a, another cocoon of myness, my child, my house, my home, my family; then the attention starts working on that, you become halfhearted towards your ascent, because your ascending in a way so called and also you are spreading out.

Then the concern goes to other conditionings we have. Like the other day I met one fellow he said that “Mother I am a Sahaja Yogi, I know but I can’t get over the idea of Christ”, I said “Who has asked you to get over idea of Christ? Christ is there, in Sahaja Yoga very much, but understand it in its own comprehensive way and see for yourself!”.

But this conditioning is of thoughts. Supposing if you have read too many books, if you have gone through… supposing you are a born Hindu or a born Christian or born Jew or anything, so the conditioning is there. You were born as a human being, you got this stamp later on that you are a Hindu or a Christian of anything. These stamps you did not carry when you were born.

Supposing the child was lost, he could be any religion, so these are not really your innate religions, this is just a stamp you have got, like Christian or anything.

Then you have another conditioning, that you belong to this nation, to that nation, like we have, we have America, this that, that, that, but still these are stamps. You were born in America, that’s why you are an American, anybody who is born in America is not different from anybody else only thing according to the climate of a particular place, you might have your complexion, your height and your face and all that, but that doesn’t mean that innately this is meant for America, it could be anywhere.

Then all these conditionings within us start acting on our language, on our styles, on our lives in every way. Then we start becoming Americans, so these are the effects of the outside that come in us and then we say we the Americans, but if you scratch them inside body is the same, heart is the same, the blood is the same,

everything is the same, there’s nothing different, it’s even not skin deep. But in the brain it has gone that “I am an American”, then all these things that are in that society, for example in America so many things are allowed, so that’s alright, in India many things are allowed, that’s alright, like that we start accepting the society, the norms of the society and the conditioning starts.

But with all that, this desire is there, the pure desire to ascend. I think you put these lights little ahead because they are so, paper there and with my force, light is going behind, no, no, not that one please, because they are facing that fan, could bring them down here, still quite close to that fan you know, you can put them anywhere, you can put them here if you want, you see because the air is blowing that way and they are all going that way.

So the desire within us to ascend comes to us also as a reaction to all these things, when we see as Americans what’s happening to our country, what’s happening to the people, what’s happening to our surroundings and then we get a shock. Oh God! What is this?

Then we also see this is artificiality, like in England you have to wear a tail coat, you have to wear this, you have to have this kind of spoon, this kind of a glass, this that so reaction builds in; so you start anti-culture, anti-culture to get rid of artificiality.

Well the desire behind it is, is to seek the reality, to seek reality. Then they have hair just like primitive people, they live like primitive people and the reaction is built in. Behind all that is the same desire, is to ascend. So this Mahalakshmi power is acting within us, it is giving us all kinds of shows, we can say, alright, you want to have, say variety of things, go ahead with it, then you go crazy you see what’s this going on, why should we be so mad about it. Now they want to have, you want to have say, your children, your home, your houses; then you just get fed up with it, because children become arrogant, they become horrid, they trouble you, then you say, “Oh God! I’ll never have any children any more!”

Then have wives and you find wives horrible and husbands horrible, then you divorce, you go on divorcing, divorcing, divorcing and then you find it’s useless, it doesn’t work out; nothing seems to work out, you feel so frustrated and that action and reaction works on your desires,

so your desire go on changing, especially when we are wanting to be affluent, people become affluent and then they find the problems of affluence, so a reaction is built in, those who witness those problems of the rich, they don’t want to be that rich, nothing doing. So in every way the desire to achieve things works out, like some people want to have power, they go into politics, fight it, get it done and done forever.

So lives after lives it goes on. Then you are born in modern times when I am here and now your only strong desire is to become The Spirit – I hope it is.

So now all these back things are to be crossed over, they are finished, now what should we do for our realisation, what action we should take? The first action is to develop your Mahakali power, by one power you destroy all that is nonsensical, destroy all that is impeding you, troubling you, blocking you, destroy all that, just I dont want it.

Because I have seen Sahaja Yogis suddenly go off, like you have to go to the airport, suddenly find they have fallen into one of the gutters, what happened? “Mother, we felt like going there”, but why?

So keep your attention on that point.

Some people get married, in Sahaja Yoga also, they have a desire to marry, have children, this thing, but in that also they get fixed up. Marriage is not the end, is just one of the means to be balanced.

So we have to have desire that we have to achieve something so go on destroying all that within us, within us is six enemies as they say, is anger, then greed, jealousies, violence, all these are within us, so have to destroy these six enemies.

But what’s the power of a Mahakali is that destroys all the enemies that stand in your way, all the rakshasas, all the devils all the negative forces, she tries to destroy, so that your path should be all right; but while She is destroying all of them you start sticking on to them, what can She do? So your desire should be pure and that you should say that all right we want to achieve that and she is working it out for you.

This is the first thing, Her job. Then the second job is that She comforts, She gives you comfort, of every kind. The first comfort She gives you is of your body, your body becomes comfortable, means all your diseased and all your troubles are destroyed. You find that your body becomes healthy, you feel younger, you get energy and you can work out your realisation. This is the first thing She does for you: is to give you comfort.

Then she also gives you comfort of the Spirit, so that you do not ask for artificial comforts, you can live anywhere, you can live in a jungle, you are comfortable; if you live in the most busiest place you are comfortable, so you are comfortable everywhere and that sort of a comfort you can establish within you.

Then the highest of all Her boon is that She gives you the joy, joy of every kind, joy that emits from everything, from everyone.

So that is the highest you get when you keep your desire, the flame of your desire burning, till you reach that state of spiritual attainment, then you find that no more desire is left; but only one, if it is any, that “let the whole world be realised”. Like a drunkard, you see, he wants to enjoy his drinking with others, like that you become, you are drunk in your joy and why not others enjoy, so you work for it.

But human beings, I have seen, they move like a yo-yo, they achieve their spiritual attainment they have the joy and then they go back to help people, they get caught up with them, they are not strong enough; because the Mahakali power is not strong.

And another is the weakness of the Mooladhara. Weakness of the Mooladhara makes you imbalanced and in that imbalance, you lose your will. So one has to be very careful that our Mooladhara must be fixed properly. There are so many ways by which you can fix up your Mooladhara and you must fix up your Mooladhara first; then your desire absolutely moves like a kite moves in the sky, stuck to Mooladhara and you can move into any direction to any height, wherever you go you are quite in charge, you know how you are moving.

It can bind your attention, everything. So what we say that the roots are very important first to be established for the growth of your desire upward, like a tree.

So they go hand in hand, Mahakali power and Ganesha’s power go hand in hand because that’s the foundation; if it is based on that foundation, desires grow much stronger and stronger and effective and they do not deviate. Every sort of desire is fulfilled till you reach that state where there’s no other desire left but to enjoy, you just enjoy, without any desire, desirelessly you enjoy.

And that state is to be enjoyed, just to be enjoyed. What is there to talk about it? what is there to say about it? you are just lost in the ocean of enjoyment and that should happen everywhere and that’s what you are worshipping.

So now I hope you have hundred and eight names of Mahakali, and if you have hundred and eight names of Mahakali we’ll see one by one that these stages of working out for you, how manifest that you can see in those names.

So now first we’ll have a one Atharva Sheersha and then we can have these hundred and eight names.

Can we? We did a Puja there also, Canada also did it, I think it is very important to do Mahakali puja because that’s the first power that starts manifesting.

Talk after Puja

Also there is a little bit of racialism in American Sahaja Yogis, which [UNCLEAR] out and out, which is nonsense. Racialism must be fought completely. That’s the greatest curse you have in the West. Especially in America people like George Washington, people like Abraham Lincoln, they have lost their lives because of this racialism. We have to know that our differences are only skin deep and if you are skin deep Sahaja Yogis, you are not Sahaja Yogis. You have to be kundalini deep. Unless and until you develop that, this racialism will continue. And that’s the worst curse we have.

I don’t know from where it has come, this racist feeling, but you know Hitler he worked on this and what he did, so how dangerous it is, how cruel it is. Absolutely it’s the most dangerous thing. But now Germans have learned a lesson. At least German Sahaja Yogis and Austrian Sahaja Yogis are better. Of course there are many Germans in Austria who are still being great racists and support it. Remember that if you have any racialism in your head you are a part of Hitler’s state. This is one of the greatest conditionings we have in the West. Which way you can decide which race is higher, which race is lower? Isn’t that one race is dominating, that’s all we can say, has been. So, dominating races may go out of the circulation of evolution completely. And all that dominating animals have wiped out. So please remove that from your head, completely. We are all children of one Mother. My face may be fairer, but My hands are black. That’s the sign of Mahakali also, one of the signs. If you read all of the names, there is… Her hands are black. Face is… All right. So for all of you I have to warn that no racialism will work. Anybody who will try racialism will go out of Sahaja Yoga completely. We don’t want Hitlers in Sahaja Yoga. Those who try to be like that by any chance – so many tried to be Hitlers in some way or another – all out. So one has to be careful on that point. Very surprisingly Christ was not born in England or in America. According to racialism He should be condemned, isn’t it? It’s a very funny thing, which I really can’t understand, how people justify themselves. All such ideas must be given up.

Any other question if you have you come and talk to Me. Try to understand that this is the greatest work in spiritual history. You are used for the greatest [UNCLEAR vision?] and you need a tremendous understanding. It’s not an ordinary revolution. I’ve seen a person, anybody, say – Elvis Presley and all those ordinary people; just he has some musical talent. People were just mad after him. They could do anything for him. But Sahaja Yoga which has so much of [UNCLEAR weight?], so much of blessings, so much of My love. We have to give up our baser ideas [UNCLEAR]. We cannot be low grade people. That doesn’t mean that you should be well educated, not necessarily, but a kind of a dignity, understanding and fighting these evil forces are not possible [UNCLEAR with people?] who themselves are negative.

Now we’ve worked a lot in America. Now lots of people are coming in San Diego and today there will be many more, but we have to . . . we have to look after them and sustain them and develop them, and for that you need lot of wisdom. I hope with this puja many things will be ignited [UNCLEAR] will be enlightened about how to manage people slowly and steadily and then introduce to them this ocean of joy. We have to be above all these things, all petty things. Petty mindedness cannot help Sahaja Yoga. And the attention is so poor that you know that on a Sahasrara Day, also, there were no flowers. Mother said there were no flowers from the whole of America. But even if they have some pain in the head they write to Me. From Australia, from everywhere I got it. If you are devoted to someone, if you love someone, if someone loves you, you see, how can you remain without wishing that person I can’t understand. And you should not wait for any leader to tell you that you have to wish your Mother. This is going to far. You must understand the importance of your being there and also the importance of the great work you have taken upon yourself, your responsibilities. If you do not understand that you are useless as Sahaja Yogis.

As you know at this age I am working so hard, traveling all the time, I mean, people give up half way. For what am I doing it, for Myself? What is My gain? Nothing. Sahaja Yoga is for you, and for others, your brothers and sisters. There isn’t any sacrifice involved in that, no asceticism, nothing, but certain discipline of your soul should be there is to get up, have your baths and to do your meditation. That’s all. Look after your ascent. That is your goal. That’s [UNCLEAR]. As soon as Sahaja Yogis achieve that depth, Sahaja Yoga will spread in America, New York, any city. Even one deep person is sufficient.

The other people, those who have gurus, they go on talking about them for hours together, telling fantastic stories. May be false, but we don’t talk about our guru to anyone. We don’t talk about Sahaja Yoga to anyone. We have to be bold and brave and dashing about it. Then only [UNCLEAR it will work out?] Now you’re allowed to say what you like about Me. You’re allowed to say that I am The Holy Ghost; that I am The Holy Ghost that Christ has sent. Do what you like. There’s no restriction. You can talk about the miracles. You know about the miracle of the Sahasrara, which opened in the photograph and the whole of Sahasrara has come out as a white, pinkish color lotuses and you can see beautiful petals. You can also see the kundalini. You can also see the three forms. It’s wonderful. But surprisingly the photo in which you see three forms and you see the breaking, that photo, when it is enlarged, you don’t see the three forms, only you see the lotus. Miracles after miracles. But one must realize it.

May God bless you.