Shri Ganesha Puja: Christ and Christianity

Bogota (Colombia)

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Shri Ganesha Puja. Bogota (Colombia), 26 June 1989.

Today I would like to tell you about Christ and Christianity because that’s very important, because this country is very Catholic. And even if you are Protestants or Catholics, the church has not fulfilled what Christ wanted them to do, which you can see very clearly.     

If you read the Bible, you’ll find that Christ has been described as the Son of Mother Mary, born out of immaculate conception.     

But they have not been able to really, profoundly, accept that.     

The superficial way they are using Christ to make money, make properties, build churches.     

And because they cannot explain anything, they always say that it is a mystery.

That Christ was born of an immaculate Mother – “Immaculata” – with immaculate conception, according to them is a mystery. 

Also, they cannot explain how Christ walked on the water.     

Because they have not been able to find out the spiritual life, which was the idea of Christ.

And they created such a materialistic world. 

Moreover, the amount of money and wealth the Vatican has, one can’t understand how there is so much poverty in the Catholic nations.     

They have not tried to solve the problem of poverty at all.     

In India, they converted people by giving them some loaf of bread or something like that. And very low-level people who were just, we can say primitive, they converted them.

Whether they are Protestants or they are Catholics, they are the two sides of one coin.     

Because they are seeking something that is very transitory.

They are not seeking the eternal life.

And the people are extremely frozen, meticulous and rigid.

They only know how to make money, that’s all.

And even the very, very high-up people there have relations with mafia.

So it is something like a religious mafia, you can call it.

Also, their concept about sex and married life is extremely funny.

By leading an unnatural life, they have suppressed people so much that wherever Catholicism has gone, people have become extremely licentious.

They have no sense of chastity.

Apart from that, what Christ has said, that you have to seek yourself.     

The way He has described about a person who is a Christian: “Thou shalt not have adulterous eyes.”

Also in the Bible it is: “Thou shalt not kill.”

The amount of killing that is done by Christian people, those sins, God knows how they are going to pay for it. Through cocaine maybe, I don’t know how. They have killed so many people.     

If they had the white skin, they felt that they had a right to kill all others with other skins.

While Christ was not a white-skinned man at all.

He was brown, like us.

He was not born in England or Switzerland.     

So, to think that if you have a white skin you have a right to finish everybody, is something like a Hitler’s situation.

But worse than that it is, because it is in the name of God it was done.

In the name of God you cannot do such things. These are the worst type.

So this is the outside, but the inside of it is also extremely poor and extremely detrimental to the growth, spiritual growth.     

They don’t know who is Holy Ghost.

They do not want to believe that Christ’s Mother was a Goddess.     

In the Hebrew language, it was written that She would be a kanya – means a virgin.

Now, there is a proper understanding that She was a virgin, and then She had a child.     

But they have no sense of virginity left in them.     

Now apart from that, Christ has said that you should seek the truth, you should seek the Spirit. They have never bothered about it.

But the main thing that Christ has said [is] that, “I will send you the Holy Ghost.

Who will comfort you, who will counsel you, and who will redeem you.”

So, they never looked for one.

Because they don’t know who is the Holy Ghost.     

And in the Catholic religion now, even till today, they do not allow women to be ordained—when Adi Shakti, which is a feminine aspect of God, created the whole world. 

That’s why the women also, in the West, have tried to compete with men, because they have no position in the religious life.

So, when the women have no position, they started competing with men and they lost their femininity also, and they became very dominating, right-sided.

So, what they have been preaching, that there should be no divorce, they made all arrangements that people should divorce each other.

Now, to understand Christianity, we have to know through our Sahaja Yoga that Christ resides in the Agnya Chakra.

And when the Kundalini comes to the Agnya Chakra, you have to say the Lord’s Prayer, otherwise the Kundalini does not rise.     

So, once you say the Lord’s Prayer, Christ is awakened in your Agnya Chakra.

Whenever I travel in the Western countries, even here, My Agnya gets so badly caught up – and the left Vishuddhi – in a Catholic area. And Agnya.

That means people are against Christ, and they are feeling guilty because all the time the Catholic Church is telling them that you should feel guilty – and then confess to the priest. Now the priests are not realized souls, nor is the Pope.  

So, it is absolutely so artificial, the baptism itself is so artificial.

Also, Christ said that this is – the bread, He said – is My body and this blood is My wine. He should have said water; [that] would have been better for these stupid people, would have been much better.

But even now, if you go to that country, you’ll find people don’t drink water, they drink only grape juice.     

So wine doesn’t mean alcohol.

Also they say that Christ made some wine for the people who had come for the wedding.

The first part of it, that Christ went to the wedding, itself showed that He respected the custom of the wedding.     

The second thing is that wine cannot be made alcohol into a second. The alcohol has to rot. I mean, wine has to rot to become alcohol.

I went to Italy and there was one gentleman called Romano Battaglia, who was to interview Me for his TV program.

So, he said, “First You give me realization, then I’ll do the TV.” 

So I said, “All right, get some water.” And just I put my fingers into it and I said, “Now drink it.” So he said, “This is wine. This is not water.” 

I said, “How?

He said, “It tastes like grape juice.”     

The person who brought [it], he asked him, “Did you bring water or grape juice?” 

He said, “I brought water.” 

So, this is also another thing they have used to take alcohol.

They do not understand any subtleties about religion, about dead bodies, how to deal with them.     

Unfortunately or fortunately, I lived very near a church in London. And the whole day – it was on the back side of the church, or the side of the church – the whole day one activity was going on: barrels of beers were brought in, emptied, and sent away, the whole day.     

And I could not understand who is drinking such a lot of barrels, you know, big, big, huge barrels.     

And in the night, if I could ever see, I would see lots of horrible black spirits coming out of the church. So I gave them bandhans, and I said, “You take your birth.” But they didn’t want it.

They were mostly bishops, and all sorts of people, perhaps, who were buried in that church.

So one day I went to that church and as soon as I stepped in, I felt I’ll faint here, because everywhere there were ten dead bodies, one after another, buried in that church, throughout. It was like a churchyard.

That means they have no idea as to where to bury the dead. In India, even in the churches they will never allow any dead body to be buried and to walk on them like that.

So, in every way, they have not gone deep into themselves spiritually to find out what is the truth. Even they have not been looking out for the Holy Spirit.

So, when they say that we are the chosen ones, and that once we become Christians God is going to give us the heavens, they are sadly mistaken.     

Because whether you are a Christian, Hindu, Muslim, anything, you can commit any sin. Everybody is capable in every religion; no religion binds them.

Only in Sahaja Yoga you become righteous and sinless. That you give up all your habits. And also you get rid of your tempers, and your meticulousness, your frozen nature. You trust each other, you open your heart.

And you forget about racialism, about your countries, and you try to become one with each other.

And when our children will grow up, we’ll find one collective body, [we’ll have] absolutely forgotten all these nonsensical barriers between one person and another.

But when you meet a fanatic, you see, don’t argue with him.

Their brain is covered with fanaticism; they cannot understand.     

But any open-minded person, if he asks you anything then gradually, one by one, intelligently, you have to talk in a very sweet manner: “See, I was a Christian and I couldn’t find this, and my mind was going on one side, I was not integrated.” All these things you should talk as if it happened to you.

So then, what happens [is] that they would start seeing the point and the truth: that it’s not that you give up Christ, but we give up the so-called Christianity.

And this way, we can get all those half-hearted people who are neither there nor into anything else, they will definitely come to Sahaja Yoga.     

And there is nothing to feel guilty.     

It’s all done by every religion, they tell you: “You are a sinner.” Everybody says like that. Because then they can cash [in] on it.     

It’s all Brahma Chaitanya, which itself in itself creates and sees its own play. And enjoys itself.

An analogy can be given: like the sea creates the waves, and then sees the waves and enjoys them.     

So when we are ignorant, with our ego covered, every wave thinks that “I am something great.”

But when you get dissolved in the sea, you can feel it.     

The vibrations are called as sphurti in the Sanskrit language, sphurti.

And that sphuran, that vibrations we can call it, or that pulsation is what you call as Brahma Chaitanya.     

So, we have to become one with that and allow it to work it out for us, everything.

So, supposing something fails, if you work out something, something fails, so we should know it must be something for our good.     

So you’ll never will be frustrated, and you will see the play of Brahma Chaitanya.

May God bless you.