Public Program Day 1, We need to ascend and know the Absolute Paris Marriott Rive Gauche Hotel, Paris (France)

Public Program. Paris (France), 10 July 1989.
Till 7.13 yogis singing Uday ga ambe (Marathi devotional song)
Thank you very much.
I bow to all the seekers of Truth.
It is to be understood that Truth is what it is. We cannot conceptualise it. We cannot achieve it by our human efforts or mental projections. We have to reach into a higher state to know it. To know it.
This song that they sung just now was written in the year in 1600 in India by a very famous poet, […]

Interview with African Magazine Paris (France)

The Indians call her ‘The Great Mother’ and see her as a saint; At a very young age she used to write Mahatma Gandhi’s prayers. She’s been living in London since 1975 where her husband is general secretary of IMCO. She has founded yoga centers in India and in several countries in Europe : England, Switzerland, France, Italy.
Shri Mataji Devi is what we usually call a ‘guru’ which is a rather rare status for a woman. […]