You develop a balance in life

Paris Marriott Rive Gauche Hotel, Paris (France)

1989-07-11 You develop a balance in life, Paris, France, DP, 89' Chapters: Arrival, Talk, Q&A, Self-Realization
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Public Program Day 2. Paris (France), 11 July 1989.

It’s only possible because they are Sahaja Yogis. Because it’s a very difficult language. And music is very intricate and the rhythm also is very difficult. It’s surprising you all have joined it so well. If I tell this in India, nobody will believe.

So yesterday we were talking about this power within us, which rises and gives us our Self Realization. This is our own power, and she is our mother. She has been waiting for this moment when she could achieve this second birth for you and it has been for ages. She is like a tape recorder, she knows all about us. She knows about all our failings, she knows all our weaknesses. And she knows all about our dreams and aspirations. So she’s not going to trouble you at all. As your mother gives you birth and she took all your troubles, in the same way this mother takes upon the problems upon itself.

And when she rises, she understands how to move, and how to establish your Self Realization. So to achieve your Self Realization you don’t have to worry much. That works all right. But the connection with the Divine has to be established firmly. Many people who get Realization feel very fine, and then just get lost. And then they come and complain, they have got this trouble, they have got this fever. They’ve got cancer, all kinds of things.

As a result of this happening, you get physically perfect. Your health improves. As I told you, you develop a balance in life. You don’t go to extremes. As a result of the, another Chakra opening within you, which we call as the Nabhi Chakra, you become righteous in the real sense you become religious.

We see in the world there are problems with all the religions. Because they did not seek the eternal. But once you get your Realization, then you see the beauty of all the religions. And you see all these prophets and these great incarnations as relations to each other. Christ has said “those who are not against us are with us”. Who are those people? So the innate religion within us of a universal nature is awakened.

The carbon has four valences and human beings have ten valences. These valences get lost when we start going to extreme, towards the left or towards the right. But when the Kundalini goes into this Nabhi Chakra, she enlightens our sustenance, our religion which is so innate. Nobody has to tell you that, “Don’t do this, don’t do that.” You yourself become your own master. You yourself become your own guru.

Then you have the Chakra of the heart. This is the center, which gives us sense of security. When our sense of security disturbed we get problems of our lungs, and women get a breast cancer. The establishment of security gives you a great sense of personality.

In the west as we see, all the time men and women are insecured about each other. The woman thinks that now today my husband has gone out, I don’t know if he’ll come back or not. And the man thinks I’m going to go home, maybe the wife will be missing. The children are always worried that God knows when they will divorce and will have five fathers and six mothers. And this sense of insecurity creates problems in the society. And specially very, very dangerous for children. That’s how children leave their families, get out and lead a very insecure life.

When you receive your own security, you respect the security of another. And you look after the security of other members of the family.

There, a Chakra of Vishuddhi, is a center which is very important because it gives you collectivity. Collectivity of a very genuine nature, not of some sort of funny relations. That is so pure. All over the world you feel you have brothers and sisters. Everywhere you go, you feel there are people who know you. They are all waiting for you, they look after you, and they love you. When you leave them, they remember you. Such genuine love exists between Sahaja yogis, that not even among brothers and sisters, husband and wife you’ll find. So I’m talking about this new race of new people in this new age. Where there’s no chance to hate anyone. So there’s no question of wars and fights.

Higher Chakra than that, is the Chakra of Agnya, is very important because when we think too much this chakra goes out of order. We think of the future or we think of the past. We have to be in the present. And for that it is important to forgive everyone. If you can forgive, you’ll be surprised, you stay in the present. It’s a very surprising [phenomena/ phenomenon?]. Actually when this center works too much and people think too much, I just tell them, you go on saying “I forgive everyone”. Miraculously it works. And people go into that state which we call as thoughtless awareness. That means you stand in the present.

But the best thing that happens with this center opening, that your eyes become innocent. Christ had said, “Thou shall not have adulterous eyes”. He said it for the Christians. But do you find Christians like that? Not at all. But then when this center is opened out, the Christ is awaken within us, and our eyes become innocent. Without any greed, without any lust. These eyes are so powerful. That even a glance of such eyes can create beauty and peace. Can give happiness and benevolence. And can cure people.

The last but not the least is the seventh center, which we call as Sahasrara. This have thousand petaled Chakra or center which has got limbic area inside it. This limbic area is very important. Because this is the one which experiences joy. But these days there are so many things, which are joy killing. So many pursuits are joyless. But when the Kundalini enlightens this, then you feel the joy, the joy of the Divine.

Nowadays, people are taking to drugs, and these drugs spoil the limbic area. The limbic area becomes weak and [numb down]. And you have to take stronger and stronger drugs to excite the limbic area. Same with the modern music, which is very loud and also numbs the limbic area. So now you have to have even very strong, very strong music, so much so that normally children might become deaf with it. Nowadays I hear some of the music is like just shouting at the top of their voice, without any melody without any proper rhythm.

So you come in the center and you become very moderate automatically. You don’t go to extremes and you enjoy your own personality. You enjoy your own virtuous. As I’ve told you, that as a result of Kundalini awakening your health improves, your wealth improves, your mental situation improves. Like many mad people have become all right. And spiritually you get empowered with Divine compassion.

There is a lot to be said about all this. I’ve given thousands of lectures. But in short I’m trying to tell you what one can achieve very easily in no time. So I suggest let us have the experience of the yoga, the communion, the union with the Divine.

Thank you very much!

Yesterday we had many questions. And I’ve tried to answer them. If you have any questions you can ask Me, but not for a long time, because I want to meet you all today.

Question: Ordinary people if you ask them, they say yes we believe in God but actually in their life they don’t behave as people who believe in eternal life. Why this contradiction?

Shri Mataji: The contradiction is because you are not connected to God. You have to be connected. Christ had said, “You are to be born again”. That doesn’t mean that you put a certificate that I’m born again. It’s not a certificate. It’s an actualization. Actualization of the baptism. In Sanskrit language a person who is a realized soul is called as Dwijaha, meaning born again and also a bird is called as Dwijaha. So [first] it’s an egg, as we are also closed people.

And then it becomes, it becomes a bird. So unless and until you get your Realization, you cannot become twice born. And as a result of that, you have these powers. Then you cannot do wrong, because you become part and parcel of the whole. You become aware of it. As I told you yesterday this hand will not harm this hand. Then whatever is just a blind belief becomes enlightenment. That is why one should get Self Realization otherwise you cannot understand religion or God or anyone that is Divine. So much so that Buddha didn’t want to talk about God. He said, “First get your Self Realization”.

Question: Is everybody able to get his Realization? Isn’t there inequality between people? For example why Hitler does he never get his Realization?

Shri Mataji: You are going to get it don’t you worry. Yes there is, there are problems. For some people, there are problems, which are physical, mental, emotional, rational. But if anybody wants, they can get it. All problems can be surpassed.

Question: Does one always come to the possibility to have his Realization in his life? Is it available for everybody to get the opportunity to get Realization?

Shri Mataji: We can create lots of opportunities, if everybody cooperates. Now we have films we have got television, we’ve got this mike as so many things we have by which we can spread it, much more than Christ could do.

Question: What is death?

Shri Mataji: I say just now don’t worry about death. We have to think of the present.

Question: About vegetarianism

Shri Mataji: Not important. Whatever you need you should eat. You need, some people need protein food some people need none [proteins/ proteinus?] food. That’s very important because human body is the most important thing, more than any other animals. Of course you should not be cruel. You see is a sort of a concept, because even Buddha used to eat because he died of eating a meat of a raw wild boar, you see he died of that.

Question: Is it possible to feel inside the opening of the Chakras?

Shri Mataji: Not necessary. There’s no necessary but once you get your Realization, you’re established then you can feel the opening of others their Chakras

Question: The Divine fire is burning in every people but ignorance gives pain. So how is possible to awaken this Divine fire in the cosmic consciousness of everybody.

Shri Mataji: That’s what I’m going to do.

Question: In many books we can read that all great saints did not accede to Realization and their guru told them that it was for a further life, another lifetime. So how is it possible nowadays? Is it because you have some special capacities or Shri Mataji is it because time has come that this event takes place.

Shri Mataji: It must be something, isn’t it, about Me. But it’s better that you know yourself and then find out about Me. Whatever I may say about Myself why should you believe blindly. Secondly time also has come. So both things are correct.

Question: Can you explain this two sentences of the Buddha, “No man can make another raise up?”

Shri Mataji: He never said so. It’s not true. He cannot say that, it’s not true.

Question: The other one is “no one can raise another man as his own spirit can do”.

Shri Mataji : The both are wrong. He can’t say. See they have put everything into the mouth of Buddha into the mouth of Christ. [into the …] that is very simple. But you cannot do that to Me, I’m recorded. Thank God. See now I’ll tell you. Now see, sit down. Just now there is no Buddha here. Is he there? We have no Christ, is he there? We have no Rama, we have no Krishna, all right? If you are a seeker of truth, I am sitting here to give you Realization. Now why should you worry about Buddha?

Question: What are the possibilities through Chakras and Kundalini awakening to cure AIDS and cancer.

Shri Mataji: AIDS is curable of course no doubt. It is caused by the lowest Chakra [is ] the Mooladhara Chakra. And if you can cure Mooladhara Chakra and other combinations you can cure AIDS. Virus, virus comes from the past from the.. Virus is something which is dead, dead body or you can say is something dead body becoming alive, like you can say fungus sort, it’s like fungus. Now the, we have cured AIDS, no doubt but what I found about these people, there are three cases. All of them had no will power. And they again went back to the same bad habits. Moreover, I must pointed out to you that the person’s habits in the west are not all right.

Question: Some discipline is necessary for spiritual evolving?

Shri Mataji: Yes we have done all that before. You all have done all the disciplining in your previous lives I think. Actually the Kundalini is such a thing that it gives you light, wisdom. And then you yourself start taking to right type of life. So before Realization you don’t have to worry so much about disciplining. We’ll say like this that there are seeds, which are sowed. And that time the gardener has to look after it. And then, there is sprouted because it is built in the seed to sprout. In the same way though the gardener just sowed the seeds, the mother earth does the job automatically. But afterwards the gardener has to look after. In the same way, you have to look after, afterwards. And in the light of your enlightenment you can do very well.

Regarding cancer, I better tell you because that question was after. Now supposing this is the Chakra form by left and the right side of the sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic in the center. Now if you’re going to too much action physical or mental you use too much of right side, and you just start exhausting the energy of this center. And suddenly it’s already getting dislocated, when suddenly an attack comes from the left. As a result of that this thing breaks. And the connection with the whole is lost. So it starts working on its own, it becomes malignant and it becomes arbitrary. But when Kundalini rises, she passes through this and then through this and puts it right. And then she connects it to the all pervading power. And if the connection is established, all the time the energy is flowing. And then your cancer gets cured.

Question: You speak quite often about Jesus Christ. He would like to know what is your position about Jesus Christ?

Shri Mataji: His position in ourselves? Yes his position is on Agnya Chakra. Without him I couldn’t have given you Realization. He is in the door standing there. He is a little… he judges you very much strictly. He judges you.

Question: According to what You said about cancer does it mean that people who have cancer must have led a bad life before and does it mean also that realized people cannot get sick?

Shri Mataji: No not necessarily. I mean good and bad is a very relative term. I mean, whom to tell you bad, those who are right sided or those who are left sided. It’s all ignorance.

Question: This lady has heard that we have to light on a candle before meditation. What is the meaning of this light.

Shri Mataji: No you don’t have to, before meditation it’s still there. That is just there putting for My photograph. This will know what it is after. You first you get your Realization. Now supposing you get some or other this candle full of vibrations. Then one candle can cure cancers and so many negativity. The things that looks so insignificant when vibrated become very significant. I gave an example that once I was travelling in Kashmir and suddenly I felt tremendous vibrations. So I asked the driver, “Is there any temple here”. He says no temple. But then I asked him to go I said, “Take this road”. There were some poor Muslims were there. Then ask them is there any temple here. He said no. There is no temple but there is [Asrat akbar] that means one hair of Muhammad Sahib was there. And I got it six miles away.

Question: Have you heard about the Feminine Divine power at the beginning of this universe?

Shri Mataji: Of course it is true. You see you have the father God and the son God. How can you have a father and a son God without the Mother.

Question: Does the candle gives the Realization? Because for very old times people used candles in religions.

Shri Mataji: Yes, it doesn’t give Realization but if it is a vibrated one it helps a lot.

Question : You spoke about two parts of the brain. Saying that people are more on one side or another side. Does those people have to accept that they are left sided people or right sided or do they have to come to the center?

Shri Mataji : You don’t have to. It’s not a mental activity. It is. You don’t have to accept anything. It just works. If you are left sided or right sided makes no difference. From your questions I see everybody is anxious to get Realization. Also some of them are apprehensive whether they will get it or not. There is nothing to be worried about. Everyone of you can get it. If not today – tomorrow. But you are all going to get it. You are seekers and you have every right to get the truth.

Question : How to do to keep this Realization all the time and not only during meditation?

Shri Mataji : Yeah that’s a, That’s it because once you get your Realization then you have to come to the collective, be with them and learn how to keep it on, which is all absolutely free. And you can master it.

Question : The Swastika is known nowadays as the symbol of blood and death how can it be turn back into a symbol of joy.

Shri Mataji : Swastika you see is fundamentally to be understood that it has double powers. If it is made in a clockwise situation then it is constructive. And if it is made in the anti-clockwise, it is destructive. The Divine played a trick on Hitler. First he used the Swastika in the clockwise manner, and he was doing well. But then later on, it was done to the stencils, to the stencils. So one side of the stencil was top spoiled, so they did it from the other side. And that’s how he got lost.

Scientifically, I had told people that if you can see the carbon atom under microscope, if you see it from right side, you will see the left side. And in the left side it will appear like a Swastika. And if you see it from the left side, you see the right side, it appears like Omkara. And if you see it upward it looks like a cross. So, some scientists that we have in Sahaja Yoga, they studied the atom of carbon and made a model. And then they took the photographs and what I’ve said was true.

There are many things, which I have said have come up proved scientifically. One of them is that after Realization you see in the sky, say, in India of course you see lots of vibrations like little, little commas, shining commas. Also you see loops a seven loops like that many a times and some times many loops joined together. So I told them that these are dead souls.
We too have a soul, which is fixed into us seven times on to the seventh Chakra like that from the front side. And when another soul which attacks us from the back side, it starts spoiling our Chakras, we become possessed. Also I had said that every cell in our body has got a receptor in which the soul is reflected. Now they have found out that every cell has a receptor with this seven loops there, they can’t explain. So there are many things, which can be proved scientifically, also. The greatest prove is that you can experience it, and that you can feel it. And that you can enjoy it and master it.

Now let us have the Self-realization.