Evening Program, Eve Of Guru Puja Lago di Braies (Italy)

1989-07-22 Evening Program before Guru Puja It’s beyond Me to really express the great joy that I see in your hearts, reflected in My heart. Today is a great day I think, that we have come to a place which is in Italy, and the Austrians are going to do the Guru Puja, because it’s such an integration of understanding. Is a very new beginning of a new world, the vision of which I had since long. Because this world is one, created by one God. All these demarcations are man-made and they create problems. In Sahaja Yoga you realise that we are all one, part and parcel of one great Virata. This has to be understood that, this joy comes out of the love and affection we have for each other and for Our Mother and The Creator. So open your heart. Open your heart. And everything will be enjoyable, beautiful and you’ll feel the Ambrosia trickling into your being, into your nerves, all around you. The joy can be only complete when you can receive it every minute, every moment. And that is what I want all of you to have. That’s My pure desire. May God bless you all.