Arrival and Talk to Sahaja Yogis: Whatever is recorded should be accepted

Meli Ashram, Vienna (Austria)


Arrival Speech. Ashram Melichargasse, Vienna (Austria), 25 July 1989.

It was a wonderful time that we had in Italy when we went to that lake and I’m sure you all must have enjoyed it. But all these seminars and tours and all that are for our understanding of the spiritual urge within us and that exists in others. It is more meeting the other Sahaja Yogis together to know about other Sahaja Yogis from other countries and to enjoy the Spirit, which is so collective, because if everybody has the reflection of the Spirit, their company would enhance our joy and would give us a greater depth.

See a person who is shallow, lives with himself, enjoys his selfishness and is all the time worried about himself. That’s the sign of a very shallow person. But as he starts becoming deeper and deeper, then he starts thinking of other people around. Then he goes further. He starts thinking about how this world was made, why is he on this Earth, what is the purpose of his life? And when such questions start troubling him he starts onto the path of Mahalakshmi. And when you are on the path of Mahalakshmi you get lost, you think it’s a kind of endless, bottomless pit where you cannot understand anything and you are just feeling that you have to seek something and to find out something.

So when you find – we have these groups together where you find many of us are all over the world are seeking the same and have found the same, and are absolutely in tune with each other. Our language has changed, we talk with the language of the Pentecost, as we can say – of the chakras. We talk to each other in that language. Not only that, but we also try to enjoy that collectivity which we have never enjoyed. For example, if Sahaja Yoga is working in thirty nations and I was told some lady, one lady had come also from Turkey. Recently I have been there. So you see all My, this movement and going round to all these places in a such a big jet-like speed, I never knew that we would gather so many people together, but in this one you saw that there were about thousand people who came to worship your Mother as a Guru, but what surprised Me – the oneness of understanding.

I could speak to you about all these things because you all knew what I was talking about. Say I talked to somebody about Swadishthan chakra, they will say, “What is this supposed to be – Swadishthan?” But it’s so easy to communicate because we all know this instrument within us, we know all the language of the Divine. So, we have learned the language of Divine, we have learned the language of love, but the greatest of all, we have learned how to enjoy other human beings. Not only one, but all of them, which is very, very rare. Absolutely I have seen it because, see, I have been through life and thousands of people I’ve met. And always I’ve found there was a kind of a jealousy, or could be some scrutiny, some sort of – ill-feelings and seldom you found really good friends. And even if they were friends, they would not have that joy as you all were having there.

So, this is to feel, just imagine, that you are part and parcel of that great mass of enlightened saints. And it’s so energy-giving, so joy-giving that we are not alone, and we know the Truth and we know it very well, all of us. Now, as I have told you that we have to worship ourselves as Gurus and for that what we have to do. So I hope you will all equip yourself with whatever I have told you.

Another thing one has to know that Sahaja Yoga is, of course, for this benevolence, for your goodness, but you must all, individually also, work it out that you study Sahaja Yoga in a way, like, I have seen that people tell Me that, “Mother, on such and such tape you said such a thing. So, what does that mean?” I was very happy because he’s seeing the tape is ready again and again he tried to find out the meaning, he couldn’t find it, then he asked Me, so I was very happy about it that is such an interest he has and he wants to know about these deeper things. So, the inquiry you see, becomes deeper and deeper and as the inquiry becomes deeper and deeper, you are amazed at the knowledge that we did not know, don’t know, and that you’re amazed also that this knowledge acts – works.

It’s not only knowledge in the university-like, but it is actual – it acts. So, if you have the knowledge – the other day somebody told Me that his child got very high temperature and he didn’t know what to do and then he got into convulsions. I said, “That means you have not attended centers properly or you have not found out what can be done.”

In most of the tapes, whatever I have said can be, you see, found out what is said about health, what is said about children, because I spontaneously say things. And if you can sort it out, you will know so many things, I mean if you sit down as a study of these tapes, it will help you to find out so many little, little things which are very important for life.

Like, today I saw a child, who was crying all the time and so, when I saw the child I found the head was all burning, it was hot. So of course, Mine is cool hand but you can do the same, I took out a little cold water and put it on his head and cooled him down and tried to blow little cool air on his head. It stopped.

So all these little, little things about children, I hope I’ll be able to write, but you also should find out from My tapes and otherwise what these small, small things we should do for children, because every time you need not go to the doctor’s, we need not have the doctors at all. And there was an Indian lady sitting, she said that they don’t know all these Indian things, little things we know in India, when it is coming as an heritage and as soon as a lady conceives, you see, she has to know all about it, so she knows about children, what is to be done and the Mother is there or Mother-in-law is there and they all the time tell you, “Now do this, now do that”, and that’s how they have the knowledge.

So, she said that they go to the doctor. Well, we don’t do, we do all Indian, Indian treatment, little, little here and there. So all these things are to be understood but you cannot get a kind of a book on it. So far, they have not been able to do it, but all those who find, say, something about it, so you can classify it, you can note it down, that, “This is, Mother said about this thing or this She has said about this thing.” It will be very good for us to sort it out this way because everybody’s trying, but I think you people can do it very easily, sitting down, because you have so much equipment here that you can find out what point you think is something that is to be noted down in a different heading. So you can put different, different headings and can jot it down – “This is what She said.”

Then also you will find a reflection of it in some other books, somewhere else, this can be worked out. English did lot of research on this, I think, and the maximum was done in Australia. So we have lots of thing – prophecies and all that, but so far I haven’t got anything from Germany or from Austria, because I think there were great, great poets here, we had Goethe, we had Dante, also, though Dante wrote it in Italian language? All right, but I think in Germany it’s available, German language – quite a lot.

So I mean all such big, big people who wrote so many things, you can take out from there, if there’s an indication. So, sort of a study of Sahaja Yoga should be there and that impresses normally people in the West very much that they are learned you see, they know the subject. Also Indian Scriptures as if it is available we can have a library here for you, we can get some nice books from which you can read and find out what – what is written about Divinity, what is written about the Kingdom of God.

All such books could be put here and people should borrow them from the library and see for themselves and sort out the knowledge part of it so that when it comes to that, each one of you can speak, because if you have to be the Guru, the first thing you must have: the capacity to speak and to give knowledge. If you don’t have knowledge in your brains, even if you have in your heart, in these modern times you can’t work it out. You have to give them through your brains, (Shri Mataji laughing) you have to tell them, ‘This is it, this is it, this is.’ And people are very curious, not only that, but sometimes skeptical, sometimes critical, criticizing.

So, we have to be prepared and that kind of personality we should have. But that doesn’t mean that you go mental – not at all. It means that with your heart expanded, you feel that if you have to communicate, we have to know it in a more detailed way, in a more precise way and in a confident manner.

Now also there are certain misconcepts that ‘Mother said so, Mother said so.’ Whatever is not on the tape you should not listen to. Whatever is on the tape is authentic. But of course, I mean, I was saying that we, I should be taped all the time and I’ve got something now, machinery for that, but it doesn’t happen that way. I was thinking if I can get a suitcase or a purse with a thing attached, so that whenever I talk it can just (Mother laughs & laughter), so everything could be recorded, but whatever it is, whatever is recorded already, should be accepted. And if somebody says, ‘Mother has said so, Mother has said so,’ then it should be, it should be first of all found out, if it is so or not. Otherwise it won’t work out.

So, one side of Guru Tattwa I told you that you have to be creative, that you have to be loving like Mother, but another side of it is that you should be knowledgeable, should be really knowledgeable. And knowledge is within you. You see, if you start just thinking about something, logically you can reach lots of conclusions. Like, somebody said, ‘Mother, how did you say copper is responsible for AIDS?’ How can we reach logically? Now, from where does it come? It comes from Zambia. Who brought it? The monkeys. But the monkeys don’t get it, but human beings get it, because monkeys are not stupid like this. All right. But, the how – why from Zambia and why the monkeys?

The reason is monkeys are very close to human beings, you see, so they can only carry such viruses and in Zambia the metal that grows, or has, is copper. Such a lot of copper in Zambia, that in the water it is dissolved, also they have got ores of – ores of copper all over, and the big mountains are filled with it. Just like, I mean you walk on anything, you can see the copper there and that looks copper as you know, when it is exposed looks greenish because it has that virus, we can say, that fungus on it which makes it look green. The copper starts looking green. So when these monkeys must be walking on that and all that, they must be taking up this virus from the copper. And when in the body there is too much copper and you do all this dirty stuff, then what happens, that it – it permeates into the being and settles on the copper.

So now logically if you can remove the copper from the body and make it copper-less or you put some sort of a higher metal like, say, silver or you put gold, platinum, anything to replace the copper, then maybe that this trouble can be avoided. But copper is essential for body, no doubt, but if you don’t have these problems then – or you don’t go into such habits then, copper is important because that helps you to – for circulation and so many other things it helps you and those who have less copper suffer from gout and other things.

So, one has to logically also, you put your just attention, you’ll get ideas. Just put attention – Why this? You’ll get ideas. But your attention should be pure, otherwise it won’t; your attention should be pure and you should just put attention and you’ll get ideas after ideas, because knowledge is all in your brain, already built-in. So it’s not difficult to get ideas, as long as you want to know, you will know it.

The other day I saw a thesis written by a Sahaja Yogi though he was taken out by his parents and he had suffered from Rajneesh and then he came to us and all that. It’s a beautiful thesis he has written: What is the symbol of all kinds of auras we see around Mother Mary.

Now, if such a thing is available now you tally it with auras that you have, you see or you have seen with the photographs. There are many which won’t be there, of course, because there are auras, there are all kinds of movements of lines, there are “AUM” written, then sometimes you find a, a sort of a light coming from somewhere, I mean, it’s endless. But somebody can sit down and write down how many types of things, of lights we have seen it, Mother.

Now, you can find the symbolism in some books like that. So, what I am saying now on a research, whatever I have said can be researched and found out. Like there was, I told about carbon and they found out about carbon what I said. Once I told about these souls we see in the air hanging, dead souls. So there’s a doctor, I told him that this soul is within us on our – placed in front of us, and in the front of the chakras and it feeds, you see, all these chakras, our soul, like that, and this soul actually is – is the Brahmanadi within us, you see, which is continuous. Inside is the Brahmanadi and outside it goes like that and is reflected in our every cell. Outside when you are Realized Souls you can see them hanging in the air. You can also see, I can now see lots of these vibrations as chak, chak, chak – like that, which are like little commas if you can steady? But if you can just bring down your eyes a little, then you can see those souls that I am talking about also.

Now, now they have discovered under microscope that there are, there are loops of the same kind in every cell on the receptor. If they can go further they’ll find a person who is sick, who – mentally sick, who in his cell – an element called dopamine is secreted, they’ll find out, that those loops are doubled. Because when there’s a baddha that comes on the back side, some other soul and feeds on our awareness. Because the awareness is, is connected with our soul. And that’s how what happens that we get out of control or disoriented from ourselves when there is a baddha or you become schizophrenic or say you become mad.

So all these things whatever I have said it, can be verified, can be found out. Not that you are doubting them, but you are supporting them. So, that would be a very constructive way of looking at things and working it out. There are so many things one can discover, even in Architecture you can discover, you can discover in so many other things that the mundane style or the every day-to-day style of things that we have, is, has got many dimensions which we can enter into and find out the solution.

So this one is the continuation of the Guru Puja only, I’m just telling you how to improve our knowledge and to be able to give it to others. Because we should not sound some sort of slaves of Mataji, but should be very knowledgeable people.

May God bless you all!