A space between the thoughts

Vienna (Austria)

1989-07-25 A space between the thoughts, Vienna, Austria, DP, 176' Chapters: Arrival, Introduction with music, Talk, Self-Realization, WorkshopDownload subtitles: EN,TR (2)View subtitles:
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1989-07-25 A space between the thoughts, CAM 2 Vienna Austria DP-RAW, 93'
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1989-07-25 or 26th Public Program Day 2 in Vienna

I bow to all the seekers of truth. I asked them to play this music, because the thoughts were too much [in the minds?] And this music has no words, it doesn’t give you thoughts. And that’s how thoughts can be removed very easily. One thought rises and falls off. Another thought rises and falls off. And we are jumping on the cusp of the thought. Either we are thinking about the past or about the future. But we cannot be in the present. When one thought rises and falls off, and before another rises, there is a space in between and that is the present. So when this Kundalini rises, it makes this thought smaller. And this central area of silence expands. That is the time we become thoughtlessly aware. When we look at a beautiful carpet, all kinds of thoughts start coming in our head. If this is my carpet, then I am worried about the insurance. But if it is somebody else’s carpet, then I start thinking, where will I get such a beautiful carpet, how much I’ll have to pay? I cannot enjoy the creation of beauty and joy, that the artist has tried to pour into it. So when I see this carpet, and I am in thoughtless awareness, all the joy of it’s creation starts flowing, like a river Ganges, cool vibrations start flowing and you feel completely relaxed. So the first step we have to do in Sahaja Yoga, is to establish our thoughtless awareness. 

It can be done, if we understand this center of Agnya. It is placed between the two optic chasms crossing, like this. And when the Kundalini pierces through it, the Deity in that center is awakened. This is the Deity of our Lord Jesus Christ. First he is conceptualized by the Divine, in the first Chakra of Mooladhara. So he is the Deity of innocence, which incarnates on this earth. Not only this, but it is the body of Christ was made of vibrations. That is why he could walk on the water. He has told a very simple thing, that we have to forgive others, as God has to forgive us. As soon as you forgive others, and ask for forgiveness, this center opens. And then Christ is awakened, is born within you, or can say awakened, and he sucks in these two institutions of ego and your conditioning, which is called as superego. So these two institutions are sucked in and the brain opens out like a lotus. Inside is the limbic area. And the Kundalini then passes through your fontanel-bone-area. But the most important thing is, first this center has to be completely opened out. Then the question one gentleman has asked, that are the sufferings due to our Kharmas? Only the human beings think, that they are doing some Kharmas. Animals never think that way. Because we have our ego, That’s why we think, we have done wright or wrong. A tiger will kill any animal and eat it. A serpent can just bite anyone. But they don’t think they have done anything wrong or right. But human beings think, that we have done this wrong and this wright. But, actually, they do not know, what is wright and wrong. Because they live in relative world. For somebody this is wright, for somebody that is wright. But what is the absolute? What is the absolute truth? That only you can know, when you have these divine vibrations, and you become the divine computer. 

Then everybody, who has got this awareness, thinks the same way. They just know, what is wright and what is wrong. Like, if there is a dirty lane, a tiger, or a dog, all can pass through it. But human beings can not pass. They will all get the same dirty smell, and they won’t be able to go through that dirt. But when you become a saint, then you know, what is wright and what is wrong. And you cannot do anything that is wrong. Because you get this new dimension, by which you know, that this we cannot have, this is wrong. But before that, before that fully happens, you have your conditionings and your ego. That covers you and you become a closed personality, like an egg. So the opening of this has to be done by the awakening of the Kundalini, but also at this center, Agnya-center, when Christ is awakened, he sucks in your ego, your Kharmas, and he sucks in your conditionings. That’s what he said, that we say, that Christ died for our sins. That’s what we say, that Christ died for our sins. Because when he is awakened, by his own powers he can suck in all our sins. So you don’t have to go on [harping?], that I have done bad Kharmas, I have done bad Kharmas. You need not feel guilty at all. because Christ has done this duty for us, of resurrection, and because of him all our Kharmas are going to be sucked in. He has suffered for us. So we don’t have to suffer any more. This idea of suffering has come from people, who just like people to suffer. They want you not to enjoy the beauty of Gods love. They will say, you are sinners, so you must pay money, and when you pay money, all your sins will be finished. But God does not understand money. He doesn’t know banking. It’s all your headache. So all such ideas are given, that we must suffer, and we should starve, we should stand on our heads, and we should give all the money to these people, who are telling us, we are sinners. Are we going to suffer more, then what Christ has suffered? In Sistine-Chapel I saw Michelangelo has made such a huge beautiful Sistine-Chapel, with a Christ with such a healthy body standing there. Because Michelangelo was a realized soul. And below that was a table, on which something, called Christ, was kept, with bones and skin on top. So miserable, like a tuberculoses-patient. Can a patient like that carry a big cross? Think about it! 

Now, thank God, Thomas, the disciple of Christ, has written all about Christ, and it was stored in Egypt, on his way to India. Thomas has written everything about Christ, and has stored it in Egypt. And it has been [decoded?] and after forty-eight years we have come to know, that Thomas has talked about nothing but Sahaja Yoga. He says, that our father, God, is the father of all the fathers. And he is so kind, he is so loving, how can he ask you to suffer for him? He has said, that you have to have the experience of self-knowledge, and then you will realize, that our father is just anxiously waiting us, for us to enter into the kingdom of God. Now, you see, that he has said it, that our father is waiting in the kingdom of God for us, to enter into it. So let us be joyous and happy. And give up the idea of sufferings. We have to have the self knowledge, that’s all. You are not to feel sad or guilty. This is what is the message of Thomas about Christ. So thinking creates, as he, the gentleman, has asked me about diabetes, that can it be cured of thirty years of diabetes? It can be very easily. The diabetes is caused by over-thinking. Because the second center that we have, the yellow one, which moves round the green void, is the one by which, ah … When we think, the grey cells are transformed into … When we use our grey cells, we get more grey celles, by the activity of this particular center, called as Swadishthana. So it converts the fat-celles into the grey cells, for the use of the brain, when we think too much. Now, if you think too much, then this poor center has to do only one job, is to convert the fat-celles into the grey cells for the brain. But it has many other things to be done. And it has to look after the liver. It has to look after the pancreas. It has to look after the spleen. It has to look after the intestines. And also it has to look after the kidney. But when you think too much, all these organs are neglected. 

Now in India, in the villages, when they take sugar, the villagers must have the spoon standing at right angel in the sugar … … in the cup. Now, they drink so much of sugar, nobody gets diabetes. Because they don’t think. They earn, they earn for one day, and sleep off nicely, they don’t have to take sleeping-pills. But it is very difficult to stop thinking, once your brain is modern. Like one doctor in Switzerland said, Mother you cut my throught, or do what you like, but stop this thinking. So this thinking itself is responsible for diabetes. And the gentleman who has diabetes, if he practises Sahaja Yoga, his thinking will be under his control. If he wants to think, he can think. Or if he doesn’t want to think, he need not think. Even when too many thoughts are bombarding you, if he just say, I forgive, I forgive, I forgive, three times, you will find that this center will be quite at ease, and you won’t have problems. Yesterday you saw, so many people did not feel the cool breeze. and when I said, now forgive, forgive, forgive, three times, they started feeling the vibrations. And one lady said, she cannot forgive, it is very difficult, she cannot forgive. Because of that her, this center had become so [jumped?], because it could not get out anything from here. So, as you saw, yesterday I gave two jets to her Vishuddhi, and she started feeling the vibrations all right. Two jets I gave her. So in the modern times, I think, there are two centers, which are very much blocked. One of them is this Chakra of Vishuddhi. And another is of Agnya. And this Vishuddhi Chakra is for collectivity. Is for communication. For example, when we have to wish somebody, we shake the hands. Because of my another life, with my husband, sometimes I have to shake hands, with 700 people at a time. Only when they are going in, but when they are coming out, they are drunk. So you don’t know, what they do to your hand, completely finish it off. So this hand, which God has given us, gives you communication. And also gives, tells you, there is communication with the divine. because you start feeling the cool breeze, on your fingertips. Now, the doctors have agreed, that these are the nerve endings of the sympathetic nervous system. And so we have five, six and seven centers on the left-hand side and seven centers on the right-hand side. Now when left and right side meet, a center is formed like this. And inside is the part of our ascent, is a third channel. So this is the left sympathetic, this is the right sympathetic. When ever we use in emergency, these two sympathetics, what happens sometimes, they go like that. And sometimes, with some sort of a shock, it breaks. Then the relation with the whole is lost. 

And the cells start growing on their own, we call it, it is then a malignancy, cancer. So to cure the cancer, if the Kundalini rises, what you have to do, is to push this like that. Yesterday there was a lady with cancer, and also with multiple sclerosis. So what I did, I put a candle before me, and asked he, to put her left hand towards the candle. Now, by putting left hand to the candle, you see, my vibrations were passing through this light, which was enlightened and was passing through the hand, from the left side, and by that this one, that was broken, got fitted like that. And within ten minutes the [bold?] felt all right. There is no miracle, it is scientific. Absolutely scientific. Only, science can go up to a point. Whatever they see is the science. They cannot go beyond. So they use only human awareness. But if you use your superhuman awareness, you have all the knowledge. And if you work it out, if you work it out, you will be amazed, how one candle can cure ten cancer patients. Then they say, Mother we should give you some money. How much will you pay for a candle? How can you pay for that? So this is how it is so simple. When you go to the basics and the fundamentals, everything is very simple. Now, I must say, Sahaja Yoga has also cured Aids. But those people who get Aids, have no will-power to live. Those people whom we cured, again went to the dirty habits. So they again got it. Like this, there are many diseases, which can be easily cured, if you know, from which side the problem is coming. Is it coming from the left, or from the right? If somebody says, how many turns there are? Only left and right, that’s all. 

Two turns. So if you can cure your left, or right, you are in the center. That is why Sahaja Yoga is the simplest method of curing many diseases, which are incurable. The left side diseases that comes to us can be called as psychic, and the right side somatic. So the combination of these two also there are diseases which are psycho-somatic, they also can be cured. So even in this modern times, where we really do crazy things, it doesn’t matter, you can be balanced and you can be all right. In Sahaja Yoga you feel so satisfied, so happy, all the time so joyous, and so generous, that you do not feel the greed, the bangs of the greed. In that you want to give. Like this light, which is first not enlightened, must be waiting for the light, to come inside it. When this light is not enlightened, then it is waiting for the, to be enlightened. But once it is enlightened, it is giving light. So once you are asking for light, you are sitting like this, and once you get the light, you give lights to others. Thus you start clarifying yourself completely, the purity starts coming within you. Your eyes become innocent. Your heart becomes pure. And you enjoy your virtues, you enjoy them. And you enjoy others. Those who have got realization, you enjoy their company. You enjoy your marriages, you enjoy your children, you enjoy your family. You enjoy your friends, you enjoy Sahaja Yogis, everyone you enjoy. There is no jealousy, there is no competition, nothing of that kind. Such friendship, that I tell you, is so joy giving. When I see a jew, holding a muslim Sahaja Yogi with such joy, embracing fully. All these barriers, which are so false, drop out. That is how one race of higher-awareness people comes up. and this transformation makes them forget all these nonsensical things. We have to all become the spirit, which is the reflection of God Almighty, which is the source of peace and joy. Is the source of all the knowledge, which is pure knowledge. And when the light of the spirit comes in your attention, your attention becomes pure. There is no lust and greed, but pure love. If such a person even puts a glance towards you, then you feel the peace, you can feel the Kundalini rising, you can get completely cured. And about all, spiritually we become one with that great ocean of divine power. And from very small incidents to very big incidents you will be amazed, that you feel, all the time, there is protection and complete guidance and help every moment. First you think it is coincidence, but later on every moment, when you find there is something is happening to help you, then you’ll understand, that it is something. We are in the kingdom of God. Everyone of you have right to enter into the kingdom of God. 

So please don’t feel guilty. And forgive everyone. That’s all. And you’ll be surprised, how suddenly you will find yourself into that state of thoughtless awareness. And than, after some time, you’ll become doubtlessly aware. You have no doubts about yourself, that you are a realized soul, and you have no doubts about others, that they are realized souls. You have complete confidence about it. It is such a powerful, dynamic compassion. So let us have our realization now. It will take about ten minutes and I am sure all of you will be helped very much. If you all put your shoes on one side and put both feet on the ground, separated. Those who want to come, can come also in front, to sit down. It’s better the lady has gone there, ask her to sit here, come, not on the sides. You won’t be able to see me. You come here? These are all Sahaja Yogis, it’s all right. Those who want to come can come and sit in front. There is – come in, come in – there is space here. Next time you must take a bigger hall. Can you full this up there, so, it [would be?] better. Can you pull this chair, my chair there? This chair. 

All ready so many of you have felt the cool breeze. Now, very simple thing has to be done, extremely simple. As I told you, the left side is the power of your desire. And the right side, the right hand is the power of action. So we put left hand like this. And both the feet should be on the ground, separated. Those, who are sitting on the ground, are all right, the way you are sitting is the best way. Now, the right hand has to be acting as the nourishing instrument for our centers. Good. So as I have told you, there are two conditions, that you are not to feel guilty, and that you have to forgive everyone. So now, first we’ll have to put our hand on our heart, because in the heart resides the spirit. Now, if you are the spirit, you are also your guide, your Guru. So you have to move to the upper part of your abdomen, on the left-hand side. [This is?] the center of your mastery. Left hand towards me, left towards me, left hand, and right. Now, then you have to move your right hand in the lower portion of your abdomen, which is the center of pure knowledge. Pure knowledge is the one, that manifests through our central nervous system. And we can feel the cool breeze, we can feel the all-pervading power, and so many things are, ah … they become part and parcel within ourselves, the experience. Again, now we have to take it up in the upper part of our abdomen, on the left-hand side. We are only working on the left-hand side. Then we have to raise our right hand on our heart. Then we have to take our right hand in the corner of our neck and our shoulder and turn our head to our right. Turn your head to your right. Now, this is the center you catch, when you feel guilty. A very dangerous thing, because it gives you angina, it gives you spondylitis, it gives you so many problems. Now, you have to take your hand and put it across on your forehead. 

This is the center of forgiveness. You have to take your hand on the backside of your head, and put your head slowly on it. Now, this is the center for asking forgiveness. Now, stretch your hand and put the center of your balm on top of the fontanel bone area, which was a soft bone in your childhood. Now press it hard and push back your fingers. And move it seven times clockwise. Push back your fingers and with pressure move it. That’s all we have to do and now we have to close our eyes and please don’t open your eyes, till I tell you. Ah, you can take out your spectacles, if you want. You have to sit very comfortably, not bending, nor stretching too much, but in a simple manner, and you have to keep your both the feet apart from each other. Now, please put your left hand towards me. So keep it comfortably, throughout. Now, put your right hand on your heart. Close your eyes, please. And don’t open them, till I tell you. Now, please ask me a very fundamental question, putting the hand on your heart, three times. You can call me, Shri Mataji or Mother. “Mother, am I the spirit?” Now, as I have told you, if you are the spirit, you become your own master. You don’t need anybody to guide you. So please, put your right hand on the upper portion of your abdomen and ask a question three times: “Mother, am I my own master?” Now, you have to know, that I cannot cross over your freedom. I have to respect it. In your own glory you have to ask for pure knowledge. I cannot force on you. So please, take your right hand in the lower portion of your abdomen, on the left-hand side. Here you have to say six times, because this center has got six petals, six times you have to say: “Mother, please give me pure knowledge.” As soon as you have asked for pure knowledge, this power, Kundalini-power of pure desire, starts rising. So, we have to give, ah … … nourishment to higher centers, so they make it easy for the Kundalini, to pass through. 

Now, raise your right hand in the, on the left-hand side of your abdomen, in the upper part, and press it hard. This is the center of your mastery. So, here you have to say, with full confidence, with full confidence, ten times: “Mother, I am my own master.” Please, say it ten times. Now, the truth about you is, that you are not this body, you are not this mind, you are not this intellect. You are not these emotions, you are not your conditionings or ego, but you are pure spirit. So raise your right hand on your heart, and say it with full confidence: “Mother, I am the spirit.” Please, say it twelve times. We have to know, that the divine is the ocean of love and compassion. It is the ocean of joy and bliss. But above all, it is the ocean of forgiveness. So, we cannot commit any mistake, which can not be dissolved by this powerful ocean of forgiveness. So forgive yourself, and put your right hand in the corner of your neck, and turn your head to the right. And here you say, with full confidence in yourself, sixteen times: “Mother, I am not guilty at all.” Many of you will say, that it is difficult to forgive. But whether you forgive, or you don’t forgive, you don’t do anything, it is a myth. But if you don’t forgive, then you play into wrong hands. So please now, put your right hand on your forehead across and press it on both the sides, and bend your head. And here you have to say: “Mother, I forgive everyone.” Say it from your heart, not how many times, but from your heart: “Mother, I forgive everyone.” Please, forgive genuinely. Take back your hand, and push your head on it, upward. Here you have to say, from your heart: “Oh divine, if I have done any mistake, please forgive me.” But do not feel guilty, and do not count your mistakes. Just say it for your own satisfaction. Push back your head fully. Now, take your right hand on top of your head, and put the center of your balm on top of your fontanel bone area and press it hard and push back your fingers. Please, do it carefully. Keep the left hand towards me. Now, press it hard and move it, clockwise, seven times with great force, slowly, seven times, your scalp. But here again, I cannot cross over your freedom, I respect it. So I cannot force self-realization on you, you have to say, seven times: “Mother, please give me self-realization.” Push back your fingers, push back your fingers. 

Now, please remove your hand. Open your eyes slowly. Put both the hands towards me. And watch me, without thinking. Now, put right hand towards me and left hand, you put down your head and see for yourself, with the left hand, if there is a cool breeze coming out. Now, it can be little far away, for some people can be closer, but has to be about the fontanel bone area, to feel it. Now, now please, put your left hand towards me, and put down your head, and see for yourself, if there is a cool breeze, coming from your head. Don’t think about it, don’t think. Now, once again, put your right hand towards me and put your left hand on top of your head and see for yourself, if there is a cool breeze coming out. Bend your head, without bending you won’t [do it?]. Now, please put both your hands towards the sky, and ask anyone of these questions, three times: “Mother, is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost?” “Mother, is this the all pervading power of Gods love?” “Mother, is this the Paramachaitanya?” Ask anyone of these questions, three times. Now, take down your hands. those who have felt cool breeze out of their head, or on their hands, please, raise both your hands. Everyone, everyone has felt, practically. So first those who have felt, can come and shake hands with me, and then, who have not felt, should come, because then it is easier, for those people who have felt, can go away, and we look after the people, who have not felt it.