Spiritual music cleanse the limbic area

Porchester Hall, London (England)

1989-07-31 What Is All Pervading Power? London, England, DP-RAW, 72' Chapters: Introduction by Yogi, Introduction with music, Talk, Self-Realization, Workshop
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Public program, Porchester hall, England, 1989-31-07

[Talk starts at 10:52]

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

Just now you were listening to a folk song which was written by a great saint called Nama Deva about 1200 century. This great poet has written in this poem about asking the Mother for the yoga, is the union with the Divine power.

In many ways he has promised that he will give up all the bad relationships he has had with greed, lust, with hatred and with all other – these destroying qualities which cling to human beings and make him subservient. It is very beautifully written but the last one is so beautiful that he says that, “I would like to have the complete ‘bodha’”. Now this ‘bodha’ word is coming as you have heard about Buddha. Bodha. ‘Bodh’ means that you have to feel this All-pervading power on your central nervous system. It is not just a mental protection. It is not a certificate. It is not following any cult or sect or religion outwardly. But something happening on your central nervous system is bodha. And from there, there is another word which we call as ‘vidha’ which means- from where Veda has come. Veda means also to know your central nervous system. So, it is not just a mental projection that, “I believe in it, I believe in that; I believe”. But who are you? First of all, find out who you are. What are you believing? When you say, I am my eyes, my hands, my body, ‘my,’ so you are not that. It is yours. So, to know the reality we have to know it on our central nervous system.

In our evolutionary process, whatever we have known so far- for example, if you have to take a dog or a horse through a dirty lane he can easily pass through. But a human being cannot. The reason is human beings have evolved much more than a dog or a horse and he cannot bear the smell or the filth or the dirt of that lane. But when you become a saint, when you become a Self-realised soul, then nobody has to tell you that, “You are to be moral, you have to be compassionate, you have to be good”. It just happens. And that is what has to penetrate into your own being, it has to work out and it has to make your own being like that. So, it has to manifest in your personality. It is not just certifying you that you are such and such and such and such.

So, those people who identify themselves with this kind of artificial following, ultimately discover that they have done wrong, that they have been misled and they give up. Or their children give up or they revolt. But it is just the same. Now when we start finding that, in the name of religion so many things are happening, we start even doubting if there is God or not. If there is his power or not. We start doubting everything because we think that it is, it is the thing that our parents have followed, our forefathers have followed all the time, they have spent all their lives, they achieved nothing. So now there must be something in it or are we all being slaved to all these theories and all these big, big organisations that are built in?

So, in the essence, there is truth. In the essence the people who came on this earth to teach us about the All-pervading Power of God or God Almighty or his love, they were not false. But the falsehood came later on when people started using that for other purposes. So, the principal of everything is that we have to first seek the eternal. And what is this eternal? This eternal is the All-pervading Power of God’s love.

Everything is existing in that Power. This is the power of God. Everything is created out of that Power and remains in that Power like an ocean. But supposing sometimes the waves can fold it, of ignorance comes in, and in that fold people don’t realise that they are completely nourished, looked after and loved by this Power of God.

As I say, you have to have a very open mind of a scientist. You need not come with any blind faith or you need not come with any conceptions. But you have to just see this from the point of view as a scientist would see like a hypothesis. And if hypotheses is proved then you have to accept it. So, if this Power is looking after us, if it is nourishing us then where did we go wrong? We have lost in the ignorance of this Power. We are not conscious of this Power. This Power exists around us. It has given us all our body.

So many things cannot be explained by medical science. For example, there are so many things but one of them I’ll tell you, that anything that goes in the body which is a foreign body, by nature of the body, it is thrown out. But when a mother conceives a child, it is kept in the womb. It is looked after, nourished, and thrown at the right time, with the proper timing. Who does that? There are so many other things like acetylcholine and adrenaline, these two chemicals react in a different way. They are sometimes augment and sometimes relax. Doctors cannot explain it. They cannot explain it but they are honest people so they say we don’t know. The mood of nature we don’t understand of these chemicals what happens with them it is in the body. Who does that? When we say autonomous nervous system, who is this auto? Who is the one who looks after this autonomous nervous system?

But in science, they don’t ask questions because there are no answers, but whatever is available they put forward and one has to go further to see. So, we have to turn our eyes to saints, to real saints. Not some certified ones but the real ones who have felt the truth, who have talked about it and said that there is All-pervading Power of God’s love. You can call it by any name but everyone has talked about it. Now what is that all pervading power? It is the power that acts in our whole evolution, in all our being. It is the comforting power within us which comforts us. It is the counselling power which counsels us and it is the redeeming power which has made us a human being.

It has also created human beings with very special centres within ourselves. You see here, there are seven centres within us.  These centres on one side look after our plexuses on the physical side, on the emotional side and also on the mental side. These exist within us and you can see them when this power, which is told as Kundalini, which is the power of pure desire, which rises you can see the rising of the kundalini sometimes with naked eye. But definitely you can feel it with the stethoscope till it reaches your fontanelle bone area, where you can feel the throbbing. And once it breaks you can feel the cool Breeze of the Holy Ghost coming out of your own head. Nobody has to certify it. And then you start feeling this cool breeze of the Holy Ghost all around. Nobody has to certify it for you. It is for you to feel it. But first open your mind. You have to open your mind in one way that, “After all, we have not reached the absolute point”.

Human beings have not reached the absolute point. And when we have not reached the absolute point, what is the way to reach that point? They will try to reach the absolute zero in temperature. Why not the absolute within ourselves? The absolute is the Spirit which resides in the heart and is the one which is the source of joy, which is the source of truth, which is the source of Divine love, which is the source of peace and bliss. So, why not reach that source?

But it cannot be reached by your mental effort. It cannot be reached by your emotional effort that, “I love God and O God when will you meet me? I’ll break my head”. And all kinds of these ideas are not going to take you there. Moreover, for God to lament and to suffer is not necessary. He is your father. He is the father of all the fathers and which father would like his child to suffer? If He loves you and he loves no doubt because He is a source of all the pure love. Then why will He ask you to suffer?

So, anybody tells you that, “You have to suffer for God” must be wrong or maybe there are some other intentions. You don’t have to suffer anything. He has built you up very well, beautiful like this. Sometimes, of course, if you have some physical problem, some mental problem, some emotional problem then, of course, you find that this happening of raising of the Kundalini takes some time. But that’s just is, I should say, an exceptional case. Mostly people get their Realisation. But later on, again their mental activity starts. They start thinking about it.

I have seen wherever I have programs for two days, most of the persons first they get their Realisation, they’ll raise their hands, they have felt the cool breeze everything. And second day, they come back and say, “Mother I have lost my vibrations. Why?” “Because you have started thinking”. It is a very simple spontaneous method by which it happens. There is nothing to be done about it. It is spontaneous as I tell you, because it is a living process and a living process has to be spontaneous.

Supposing tomorrow one of you get Realisation and you know the decoding of it, then you can give Realisation to others. That’s how we have to change. We talk of organising things about ecological problems and war problems, and this problem, that problem. But those who are organising it, are they peaceful? Are they in balance? Have they got ecological balance within themselves or not? So, first of all, we have to achieve it within ourselves.  If you achieve it, then we will know what is the real balance, what is needed, how far we have to go.

As it is, they had told me, “Mother you better not give a big lecture to them but just give them Realisation”. And I hope you people would like to have that.

Now this song has a special meaning because it is sung by a very great poet and a very great saint who very deeply understood this All-pervading Power. And when we he went to Punjab, he was respected by Guru Nanaka because only a saint can recognise a saint. When he went to meet a potter, an ordinary potter, the potter was busy with his pottery. So, he just looked at him and he said, “O, I came here to see the Formless” that is the vibrations, “but I see it in a form that you are”. What an appreciation of another personality! No jealousies, no anger, no temper but just an understanding that we are part and parcel of the whole. That’s what you become. Once you become that: becoming is the point that you become means you do feel within yourself another personality. You can feel another personality and then the joy of that love is so tremendous.

I have seen people now from 30 Nations meeting, they are like angels. So beautiful! How they meet each other. How they talk to each other, and what a beautiful race, I would say, they have created which you see, you are surprised. They dress up like you. They are all normal, all married people, have very sane married life, have children, beautiful children. They live so beautifully! There is not much of a change outside but inside they are completely changed. I don’t have to tell them, “Don’t do this, don’t do that”. Nothing of the kind. The Ten Commandments within themselves are awakened and they can feel it.

So, for Sahaja Yoga, if you want to know, there are books you can read them. As I always tell that, “Look at these beautiful chandeliers”! But if you come here and there are no lights you have to just switch on one switch and all of the lights will come on. In the same way, if it is built in within you, it just works. You don’t have to talk about it, discuss about it, it just works and it has to work out today for all of you.

I was thinking of you people asking me for questions. But I would like to know, “Would you like to have your Realisation or the questions?” So, [if] those who want to have Realisation are more, we should have Realisation first. What do you say?

All for Realisation, raise your hands!

[Seekers’ answers inaudible]

It’s very good. Now, what I would say then, those who have questions also, I don’t want to say ‘no’ to them, because it’s a very wide subject. I must have given thousands and thousands of lectures and that too, in English language. So, there is no problem. You can get the tapes also. Apart from that, if you want to can ask me questions, you can write them down and we will answer them. So, please write them down instead because most of you want your Realisation so it is better to have your Realisation. If you have any questions then you can write them down and let us know.

Also, we have a clinic. We have a clinic in near Cambridgeshire where people are treating patients. So, those who are suffering from some incurable diseases like cancer, also drug addiction or anything like that, are welcome to go there. It is a very beautiful place where there are doctors who go there Saturday, Sunday and they look after you and they will help you. You don’t have to pay anything there. Nothing has to be paid. It is all free. And those who want to go can take the address, outside they will give you the address. You are all welcome to go there. So that’s how we can minimise the work of people by separating them. Like they will do the curing. Then also there are books you can read them. Then you have questions you can write to us. Like that we can attend to every one of you.


There is one thing: those who do not want at all Self-realisation, you cannot force it. It cannot be forced. You have to ask for it. As Christ has said, “You have to knock”. In the same way you have to ask for it. Nobody can be forced into it. It takes hardly ten minutes to get your Self-realisation. If you don’t get it today, you will get it tomorrow. Everybody gets Realisation if not today, tomorrow. It takes some time for some people, if you are sick, there’s problem, it’s cured with just Kundalini awakening. You don’t have to take any medicines. Nothing. The Kundalini itself cures you.

Now how it cures you, how it works out? It’s all in the book. You can read it for yourself. They will tell you if there are doctors. They can go and meet our doctors. Now there are seven doctors who are doing this work for you, absolutely free. I hope you are satisfied with this arrangement that we have made. You can go there in the morning; you can telephone to them. You can have your lunch there if you want, you can stay there and you can ask for your cure for which you don’t have to pay at all.

But if you are going there, you have to take your papers of your illness: what is your illness, what is your trouble, because without that, it will be difficult for doctors to locate your problem.

It’s a very simple method for which there are two conditions you have to do. One condition is that you are not to feel guilty. Nobody has to feel guilty. We are human beings and if we make mistakes there is nothing absurd about it.  After all, we are not gods. So, we can make mistakes. But God himself is the ocean of forgiveness. So, what mistakes can we commit that He cannot forgive? He can forgive anything that we think is so bad or something that to be guilty about. You need not be guilty about anything whatsoever. At least, just now, you forget the past. Completely forget the past and don’t think of the future. At present you have to get your Realisation. So, you shouldn’t at all feel guilty.

Then second thing is that you have to forgive everyone. Many will say, “It is difficult to forgive”. But just for saying that, “I forgive” is not so difficult. Moreover, logically if you see, that whether you forgive or don’t forgive, you don’t do anything. You don’t do anything. It’s just a myth. But when you don’t forgive, you play mentally into wrong hands. So, best thing is to forgive and not to play in the hands of wrong people who are going to do you wrong. So better to say in your heart that, “I forgive everyone”. If you say that you will feel much lighter and you will feel much happier.

I know the music was rather loud but it helps to clear out your limbic area, I find. Sometimes it is very good. Specially for young people, they love it because they are used to loud music nowadays. But it helps to clear the limbic area which might have clogged. So, some people might have felt, “It’s rather loud. They should have made it a little slower.” But it is good from the Kundalini point of view. It helps you.

So, may God bless you all.

Should we take out our shoes please? Because this Mother Earth helps us a lot.

Some people have doubts, I think, that they must have read some books, horrible books about Kundalini, that with the Kundalini awakening, you get heat some sort of a problem or something, people start jumping, it’s not true. We have had thousands of people like that. It has never happened to anyone. At the most, you might feel a little heat coming out, first from your head. Let it come out and then you’ll feel the cool very well.

[Realisation starts]

So, please take out your shoes and put both the feet apart from each other. As you know that the left and right are two sides we have got, which represent- left represents the power of desire. And the – fix it up [about the mike] and the power of desire and the right side represents the power of action.

So, we put both the feet on the ground properly. Now if you have anything tight on your body, you can reduce the little tightness if there is anything tight you feel. You have to be comfortable. You are not to feel uncomfortable. You have to be very comfortable and of course, not to sloth, not to be very stiff, but in a comfortable state, back, you should seat like that.

Now you have to respect yourself, that’s the main thing. You have to respect yourself and you have to love yourself because you are at the epitome of evolution. And it’s just a breakthrough you have to have. So, don’t condemn yourself for anything, whatsoever. That is something not difficult if you know that this is the ocean of love and the ocean of forgiveness in which we live. Otherwise, we make mistakes every minute.

You have to put your left hand towards Me, like this, this is suggestive of the desire to have your Self-realisation.
And the right hand, we’ll be using for touching our different centres on the left-hand side which is the nourishing of those centres with our desires to get Realisation. So, this is the desire and this is the action to prove that we have the desire.

First- somebody should come up here to show. Doctor Spiro? Doctor Spiro will show you how to raise, how to touch your centres on the left hand-side. And then later on, we’ll close our eyes and then we can do it with closed eyes.

Now, first we touch our heart. Here resides the Spirit. Spirit is the reflexion of God All-mighty. Left hand towards me like this and the right hand on the heart which is the reflexion of God All-mighty. And Kundalini, which is the residual power within the sacrum bone which is the reflexion of the Holy Ghost or of the All-pervading Power we can say.

So, first we put our hand on our Spirit. And then we have to put our hand on the upper part of the abdomen on the left-hand side which is the centre of our mastery, the mastery over Sahaja Yoga, to know all the technics as if you become your own master. You have to become your own master. And these centres are created by the great masters or the great prophets who came on this earth.

Then we put our hand on the lower part of our abdomen on the left-hand side which is the centre of pure knowledge. This is pure knowledge because this knowledge doesn’t come from your mind or from your emotions but comes from your Spirit and manifest on your central nervous system. So, you put your hand on the lower part of your abdomen on the left-hand side which is the centre of pure knowledge.

Then you raise your hand again up on the upper part of your abdomen, the left-hand side. Then on your heart again. Put it under your coat, not over your coat. And then you have to take it in the corner of your neck and your shoulder. And turn your head to your right.

Those who are not doing it are really wasting our time and their time too. If they don’t want to do, they should go away. Why to waste our time and your time and watching others is not a very decent thing, I think.

Turn your head to your right. Now, this is the centre which is caught up when you feel guilty and which is a very dangerous centre because if this centre is caught up, you get anginas, you get all troubles from the spondylitis and all kinds of obstructing elements which makes all the organs very lethargic. So, please put your right hand in the corner of your shoulder and your neck and push it as much as you can and put back your head to your right.