Public Program Milan (Italy)

Public Program


I bow to all the seekers of truth.

You are here to feel the truth. And not to just conceptualize it

Now, there’s a question yesterday, people asked that what is the
difference between Sahaja Yoga and other Yogas. All these yogas have
been written down by a saint called Patanjali, long time back. And he
called it Ashtanga Yoga, with eight facets. He existed a thousand
years back and that time we have a system in which the students went
into the university to study under some enlightened soul, […]

Shri Bhairavnath Puja, Bhairava and Left Side Garlate (Italy)

Shri Bhairavanath puja. Garlate, Milan (Italy), 6 August 1989.

Today we have gathered here to do puja to Bhairavanath. I think we have not understood the significance of Bhairavanath who runs up and down on the Ida Nadi. Ida Nadi is the nadi of Chandrama, is of the moon. So this is a channel for us to cool down. So the work of Bhairavanathji is to cool us down.

For example, people have a hot temper with their ego, […]