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Geneva (Switzerland)

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1989 – 0810 Public Program Geneva Switzerland

I bow to all the seekers of Truth. As I told you yesterday about the all-pervading power of God’s love, that is fort is described by Yung who was a Swiss as the collective unconscious. So, in Switzerland already it has been established that there is a power which is a subtle power which does all the living work. Now, how are we to feel of this power is very important. As I told you yesterday that it is a living process within us which takes you to that state where you can feel the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost. You cannot pay for it, and you cannot force it. It has to be in a way that you are seeking the Truth and the grace of the Holy Ghost wakes up this power of Kundalini which is the power of pure desire within you. So, you cannot maneuver, you cannot manage it, you cannot manipulate it, nor can you create it. It is already there built-in within you which has to work. Now all human beings have this power within themselves. And the awakening takes place without any problem. One saint Rama Dasa was asked, how much time it takes for the Kundalini to Raise? He said ‘Tatkshan’ means that moment, that moment. But he clarified it is not meant for ‘moodhas’ means stupid idiotic people. And it is not meant for the people who are not really seeking the Truth but are just what you can say very superficial type. So, there is a group of people, we can say a category of people who are much higher than the rest of the people who are seeking the Truth honestly within themselves. If they are identified with something that is falsehood, then they are the losers. Because this is for their own benevolence, and I will tell you how many things one can achieve by the self-realization. Yesterday as I told you that you get the knowledge about yourself, your own centers which are within you. And also, you develop a new dimension of your awareness which gives you collective consciousness. So that you can feel the centers of others on your fingertips. Mohammad sahab had said it in Quran very clearly that at the time of resurrection calling as ‘Kiyama’ your hands will speak and they will give you witness against you. So, you can understand all the scriptures have talked about self-realization, have talked about these days of the Holy Ghost coming and they have talked about the way we are going to be reborn. So, self-realization is the last evolutionary process within us by which you become the absolute Truth. 

So, to begin with we have to understand that this Kundalini raises from the triangular bone through six centers. And the seventh center is placed below the Kundalini. The seventh center is the center which on the physical side looks after the pelvic plexus. On the physical side. And the activity of the pelvic plexus as every doctor knows is excretion. Even the sex activity is the same. So, when the Kundalini raises, She is above these activities and all these activities are stopped at that moment. This is the center of your innocence. So, when you get your realization, your innocence is established in you. Innocence cannot be destroyed. It can be covered like the sun can be covered with the clouds. But it cannot be destroyed whatever you may try. So, when you get your self-realization, the clouds of your ignorance disappear, and you are surprised your innocence and the simplicity that you are. So, those people who say that through sex activity, you can get your realization are absolutely absurd. They want you to do something which is basically wrong and use your weaknesses for their own purposes of filling their pockets. They are so stupid that they want to busy Rolls-Royces by ruining your lives. And some people do feel that they have Rolls-Royces for they must be great people. They are also another superficial people. So, the first center is such that your innocence is developed, and you lead a very saint sex life with your wife. And real love flows between the two. The whole culture of love changes. It’s so sweet and so beautiful. The relationship is that you just become like Romeo and Juliet in the real sense of the word. Then the second center is also very important because when it is enlightened by Kundalini and established by your realization then the center uncelar(BE) the center of creativity become extremely creative. Can you imagine Swiss people singing Marathi songs with such pure pronunciation. You see English ruled in India for three hundred years, they could not learn one sentence in Marathi. If we had to say please close the door, we will say that in Hindi language like ‘Darwaza bandh karo’ so to say it in English we have to say, say, ‘There was a banker’. We thought they were all nuts I mean they count understand anything we were doing. Not our music, not our dancing, our culture nothing nothing would go into their heads you see. Only thing they used to remove most of their clothes and sit in the Sun with a unclear (mad/mag) dog. And in India nobody sits in the Sun is regarded as madness shear madness in the scorching Sun. So, we thought that these are the people from some special planet to see different type. Now the same, I mean worse than English where the Swiss I mean can you imagine singing beautifully Sanskrit songs which are very fast, very very fast which even Indians can’t sing. From where does it come? Is the second chakra or swadhishtana which gives you tremendous creativity. Many musicians have earned such a lot out of sahaja yoga that in India there is a list of all the musicians who want to play before me just to awaken their second chakra. In art, in music, in any kind of creativity. You become tremendously successful. Because this is the source of creativity. So, we tap that source and it starts flowing in us. Then we have the third center which we call as the Nabhi chakra which is the Solar plexus originator of Solar plexus, or we can say on the physical side, it looks after the solar plexus is the center which gives us a full idea about money. We become so dynamic and our attention become so pure that we know what to buy, what to sell, what to, where to put the money, how to employ everything about money you know without going to any consultant. In your relationships also you become extremely extremely pure. Now we have as I have told you thirty nations where the Sahaja Yoga is working. And we have people from thirty nations. But I haven’t seen anybody running but away with anybody’s wife. Or any husband running with somebody’s child. Nothing of that kind. We have never known such a thing in Sahaja Yoga. We don’t have to tell anyone, it just works. So, the ten valences with in us which are ten commandments just manifest automatically. People just don’t take to bad habits, just they give up. Overnight I have seen alcoholics, drug addicts giving up just like this. Next morning, they are free birds giving up smoking. We have now put-up military in England to stop Smuggling of drugs. Because in a very little part of England children of twelve years are taking drugs, we are about two thousand. But if they become sahaja yogis, they will never drink, they will never smoke, they will never take drugs so there is no need to worry about smugglers. Nobody is going to buy from them. You will be surprised even to light these candles we have remind that take a match box because nobody have match boxes. So, sort of they become so free and so powerful and so compassionate that, that love, that compassion gives them the complete satisfaction. You are no more bored in life no more bored. So, I will not go into details, but this is such a great thing happens to us that you just become righteous. You enjoy you’re your virtue. You enjoy them. Now with the chakra which we call as the center heart because there are three chakras attached to it. Left, right and center heart. You develop a sense of security. You feel secure. Many people know that there be people develop all kinds of diseases like Asthma or right breast cancer all these are only because if the center is out of gear. After realization you know if there is anything wrong with that center. You don’t have to go to doctor, you immediately know yourself and you know about others also. Now if you know how to correct that center, you feel extremely secure and peaceful. It emits peace. And you really become peaceful within yourself. You do not have that disturbance, that tension, this kind of crazy behavior. And when you tell somebody, we have to go to the airport, finished people are finished. As if the plane is going to run away or God knows the whole Earth is going to be destroy, its terrible feeling of nervousness crawls upon people. So first you are at peace with yourself and then you are at peace with others. Its not only talk talk talk of peace. But it becomes part and parcel of your nature. Then we have this fifth chakra here which you can call as the Vishuddhi. This center is very important because it gives you the communications with others. It also gives you communication for the Divine because you can feel it on your hands. When you shake hands with people, sometimes I have to shake hands with seven hundred people, and I don’t know what to say because my hand just goes numb. But some of them do feel that there are vibrations of cool breeze flowing into them. So, it’s a good idea. So, the communication is done by this center but at the same time this center when enlightens makes you the witness of the whole play. You see the whole thing as a witness as if you are witnessing the drama. Supposing we are standing in the water, we are afraid of the waves, but we climb on to a boat then we watch the waves carefully and enjoy them. But supposing you become a master of swimming, then you jump into the water, enjoy the waves and save others. This is the power you get when you get your self-realization. You are empowered. That’s why I tell you that when you go to any organization, or to any group, to any cult, to any sect or to any religion or to any philosophy first find out what have you got yourself? Have you got any power within you? Power of love within you which acts? Is your life transformed? Or you are a slave of some sort of ideology belief or your ego. For this the witness state has to come. When you have the witness state, you see what’s wrong with you, what’s wrong with your fellowmen, your friends, your country. Now if you want to know about say Indians, ask any Indian sahaja yogi he’ll tell you what’s wrong with them. If you want to know about the Swiss, ask a Swiss sahaja yogi he’ll tell you everything what’s wrong about them. If you want to ask, say about English, they can tell you all about themselves. But contrary it is, supposing you want to ask a Jew about a Muslim, they will say, they are Unclear (Hethans) they are hopeless, they are bad. But Jews are the best. But if you ask the Jews, they will say like this, but if you ask the Muslims, they will say reverse that the Muslims (Shri Mataji meant Jews?) are the worst, they are going to hell. So, in that state you find everybody is wrong and you are the best. But in the witness state, you understand see this was wrong, I was in that wrong, thank God I am out of it and everybody should be out. So is the transformation of a personality where you become the witness means you become a truthful witness of the Truth itself. I always say that the media has to become the witness. They have to give the correct, truthful, honest picture of everything. They should not be just doing something for character, see putting mud on the character of somebody and cheapest things that they do and the gossip. But they have a great mission in this world. Now, they have television, they have the radio, they have these mikes everything is there. But we should not use this for spreading falsehood and hatred. When you become the witness, you see the benevolence of the person, benevolence of the country, benevolence of the whole world. And you cannot be in anyway be frightened of anyone who tries to put pressure on you to say something false. You will never say the false thing. See the example of Christ. He saw Mary Magdalene being stoned, immediately he saw what was his responsibility. A person like Him has nothing to do with prostitute, nothing to do. But he saw that this was in justice. So he stood up with all His courage and said those who have not committed any sin then throw stones at me. What a courage it was. So, he was not afraid of anyone but also he knew the truth about Himself that he had committed no sins. With that witness we develop that courage of truth within yourself.

What we need today is of course Love. Detached love. Like in the tree as sap raises, goes everywhere to the branches, to the leaves, to the fruit and goes back. It doesn’t get attached. In the same way our love should flow to everyone who needs it. The way he needs it and should return back. It should not get attached. Imagine the sap of the tree getting attached to some sort of a flower or some sort of a leaf, the whole tree will die and that flower will also di e. That kind of detachment of love you develop when you become self-realized. Now at this center of forgiveness, you develop of a new state of awareness which is called ‘Nirvichara Samadhi’ meaning thoughtless awareness at this stage. A thought raises and falls, another thought raises and falls and you are jumping on the cusp of the thought all the time. Either you are in the future or in the past but you are not in the present. But when the Kundalini passes through this, very important center this is the most important I would say. When it passes thought that these thoughts separate and there’s the present in between them. So then, if you want to think, you will think. If you don’t want to think, you don’t think. This is what is an achievement which in olden times people had to work for years together to achieve it. But in this age of Jet, the Kundalini also acts like a Jet. I myself surprised the way this work is going on, the way the people get it. Now this center has so many things to be done. Because when it is enlightened, your eyes become pure. Absolutely pure. There is no lust, there is no greed, you just watch. And they are so power these eyes that even a glance of an eye can cure anyone, can give realization, can do anything. Even a glance. We can say that the eyes which were described as Christ ‘Thou shalt not have adulterous eyes’. This is what happens exactly to you. When you go to these Christian nations, you are surprised, nobody seems to have those eyes that Christ has asked for. So, the fulfilment what Christ has asked happens spontaneously. 

Then the last center is very important. Is made of one thousand petals like this. And is closed down like this because of the two institutions – ego and super ego coming from both the sides and covering it. And there is an area called limbic area. When Kundalini comes into that area, she pushes these. Also, this Agnya chakra, this center which is the center of Christ sucks-in the two institutions of ego and super ego sucks in. That’s also proves that Christ died for our sins, for our karmas. So all our karmas that sucked into it. Then the Kundalini rushes through your fontanelle bone area when was a soft bone in your childhood. First it pushes out the heat in the body then the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost starts coming in. As a result of that your physical problems are solved. Your habits leave you completely. You are no more a slave of anyone. You do not aggress anyone, nobody aggresses you, and nobody can aggress you. And you live in complete joy, peace and love. All problems starts solving and you get the complete knowledge about yourself and about others. This knowledge acts, this acts and works so efficiently that you are surprised at the kingdom of God. What an efficient government it is. And then you start realizing that you are the part and parcel of the whole that microcosm have become macrocosm and that you are really in the kingdom of God because the way you are looked after.

Translator: I am sorry I didn’t get the last one. 

Shri Mataji: What’s it?

Translator: The last part you said

Shri Mataji: laughs

Translator: was three things

Shri Mataji: Three things? One is the joy, another is the Knowledge, third is the love.

Shri Mataji: Alright. The fourth is the attention. That your attention becomes so enlightened that you pay attention to somebody everything about that person and with your attention, you can correct that person. You don’t have to speak. And also, you have wisdom that if he is a stone, we leave him alone. Don’t waste your energies with stones. Because you cannot make the stone grow. So, you become extremely wise. So many things happened that it is impossible to explain in one lecture. Some sahaja yogis wanted to write about the miracles of sahja yoga. Now we have got a books of this height. How many volumes it will be got God knows and they have got proofs of it. How curing, how people go through their exams, how a dull body was no good, how he passed in exams with flying colors all kinds of things. How he meets somebody whom he wanted to meet suddenly and how his problems have solved there are so many things. I don’t know when are we going to publish those books. So, the collective consciousness is a miracle for us because we do not know it. But not for the saints. They know it that it works our computer. That we become like a Divine computer. I think as I told you yesterday there is no end to speaking about the knowledge which is like an ocean. But this has to act and it has to be actualized. There is no secret about it. It has to only work. And when it works, then only it is of some use talking about it. Then I am sure tonight it is going to work out.

May God bless you. 

Yesterday we had some questions, a very good questions related to the subject and we spent some time with it about half an hour, but today I think let us get our realization first. And last night I was here till about twelve O’clock or one O’clock I don’t know. But tomorrow morning I have to flyout to unclear (home) at eight O’clock. So I think its better to finish our realization first if you don’t mind. But if you have any questions, you are welcome, you write to me, to our centers and you will definitely get the answer. We have very good centers in Geneva and also there are in other places in Switzerland. So, you all can come to those centers. Even if you get your realization, you have to know one thing that is the beginning where your Kundalini has sprouted like a seed and you have to respect it. You can become a tree if you pay a little attention to it. Within a months’ time, you can be a great master. Also, you don’t have to pay for anything. But you have to give sometime to yourself. I know you are very busy people. But we have to give sometime to ourselves also. We have watches to save time to waste it. So, I would request you that you should have this realization and establish yourself. Because sometimes the connection is loose. So don’t get lost. 


Just take out your shoes if possible, because the Mother Earth helps us a lot to suck-in our problems. Now, we have to use our left and right-side energies. So, you have to put both the feet on the ground separated from each other. Now those who do not want to have realization, I am sorry I cannot force on you. So those who do not want should leave the hall please. To be kind to others. So, it will be very kind of you if you would leave those who do not want realization. But you have to join us, co-operate with us, and keep quite and not to leave in between. Alright. So now, you have to put your left-hand towards me, which is symbolically the expression that you want your self-realization. Alright, now you have to use your right-hand, to nourish your centers. Now, the first thing is that you have to just see for yourself what is to be done, and then to close your eyes. First you do with your open eyes. Put your right-hand on your heart first, left-hand towards me. Then you have to put your hand on the heart because the Spirit resides in your heart. Then you have to put your right-hand on the upper part of your abdomen. Which is the center of your mastery. Then you have to put your hand in the lower part of your abdomen on the left-hand side again. This is the center of pure knowledge which manifests in your central nervous system. Now again you have to take your hand in the upper part of your abdomen on the left-hand side, on the center of your mastery. Then you have to take your hand on your heart again on the center of your Spirt. Then you have to put your hand in the corner of your neck and your head, which is the center which gets blocked when you feel guilty. You have to take back your hand as much as possible and turn your head to your right. Now, you have to put your hand now on your forehead across and slowly put your head on it resting till it comes to a complete halt. Now you have to press on both the sides. This is the center for forgiving others. Now, you take back your right-hand on the back side of your head and push your head on it fully resting. This is the center for asking forgiveness from the Divine without feeling guilty, without counting your mistakes. Now, stretch your hand fully and put the center of your palm on top of your fontanelle bone area which was a soft bone in your childhood. Now, put down your head and push back your fingers and move your scalp slowly clockwise seven times. That’s all we have to do.

At the very outsaid, you have to know there are two conditions for getting your realization. One of them is that you are not to feel guilty. Not feel guilty at all. Because logically it has no sense. We are human beings and if we make mistakes, its alright. we are not Gods not to make mistakes. So, forget the past. And forgive yourself. Because this all-pervading power is the ocean of forgiveness. And it has the power to dissolve all your mistakes. Now the second condition is that you have to forgive everyone. You may say it is difficult. But it’s a myth. Whether you forgive, you don’t forgive you don’t do anything. But if you don’t forgive then you are playing into wrong hands. So, you have to forgive. It is very important. You have to forgive otherwise, the Kundalini won’t raise. Alright. 

So now, please all of you close your eyes, you can takeout your spectacles if you want, and please put your left-hand towards me and right-hand on your heart. Like this, the hand should be like this and you have to ask absolutely from your heart that you want your self-realization within yourself. From your heart sincerely, honestly. Because I told you yesterday that Kundalini is the pure desire. So now please put your right-hand on your heart. Don’t worry about others. Now, here you have to ask a very fundamental question to me as you would ask a computer. You can call me Shri Mataji or to make it simpler, you can call me Mother. So now, you have to ask a very fundamental question, don’t open your eyes till I tell you please. Now ask a question three times ‘Mother, am I the Sprit?’ Now, if you are the Spirit, you are your master, your guide, your light. So, take down your right-hand in the upper portion of your abdomen, on the left-hand side. We are working only on the left-hand side. Here you have to say, ask a question ‘Mother am I my own master?’ ask this question three times. Now, please take down your hand in the lower portion of your abdomen on the left-hand side, press it hard. Here again I cannot force pure knowledge on you. You have to ask for it. So please ask me ‘Mother, please give me pure knowledge’. Please say it six times. As soon as you ask for pure knowledge, the Kundalini starts raising. So, we have to nourish our upper centers with our self-confidence. So now raise your right-hand in the upper portion of your abdomen on the left-hand side. And with self-confidence you say ten times ‘Mother, I am my own master’. One has to know that you are not this body, you are not these emotions, you are not intellect. You are not this mind, you are not these conditionings and you are not this ego. Because you say this is my ego, these are my emotions you say my you don’t say I emotions. So, you are the Spirit, pure Spirit. So raise your right-hand in the area of your heart and press it and say with full confidence twelve times because this center has got twelve petals. Twelve times with full confidence ‘Mother, I am the Spirit’. One has to know that this all-pervading power is the ocean of love and compassion. Is the ocean of bliss and joy. But above all it is the ocean of forgiveness. So, what mistakes can you commit which cannot be dissolved by the power of this ocean of forgiveness. So, now raise your right-hand in the corner of your neck and your shoulder as far back as possible and turn your head to your right. Here now, you have to say with full confidence sixteen times ‘Mother, I am not guilty at all’ please say that. I have already requested you that you have to forgive everyone. And that whether you forgive or don’t forgive you don’t do anything it’s a myth. But if you don’t forgive then with this myth, you play into wrong hands mentally. And you are not going to miss out the truth, your realization for this myth. So now please put your right-hand on your forehead across and put down your head slowly, pressing it on both sides slowly. Here now you have to say without any doubts about yourself, about anyone ‘Mother, I forgive everyone’ say it from your heart not how many times but from your heart sincerely please say it. Now you have to ask forgiveness from this Divine power, but you are not to count your mistakes or your guilt or those who have harmed you. So now, take back your hand on the backside of you head, push back your head on it. Without feeling guilty, without counting your mistakes you have committed, you say it with an open heart ‘O Divine please forgive me if I have done any mistakes’ just for your satisfaction. Now, stretch your hand and put the center of your palm on to your head where there was a soft bone in your childhood. Press your scalp, press it hard by pussing out your fingers. Put down your head. Now you have to move the scalp seven times clockwise. But I have to tell you that I cannot force self-realization on you. You have to ask for it. So, while moving your scalp, you just say ‘Mother, please give me my self-realization’ seven times please but do it carefully by pushing back your fingers. 

Now please take down your hands and open your eyes. Now, bend your head and put the right-hand towards me like this and see if there is a cool breeze coming out of your fontanelle bone area. Now, put the left-hand towards me and put down head. Please see, please see. If you can feel it, you have got your realization. Now, see your right-hand with your left-hand you see. Bend your head, bend your head. Its better to bend your head. Now put your both the hands towards the sky and push back your head and just a question ‘Mother, is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost? Mother, is this the all-pervading power of God’s love? Mother, is this the Parama Chaitanya?’ ask any one of these questions three times. 

Now, take down your hands please. Put your hands like this and watch me without thoughts. Can you do it? Now, those who have felt cool breeze in their hands or out of their heads or even the hot that means it opened out please raise both your hands. May God bless you all.

Now it has happened without mental projection. So it is beyond thought, you can not think about it. So you have to be in thoughtless awareness and you should come to the follow on meeting and perfect your self-realization. I have to tell you that it’s a collective happening. Like if this hand is sick, so another one helps it. There’s nobody the other. Supposing the nails are outgrown and cut them out, they are cut out. They are no more with this body. So, your growth will take place though collectivity within you and without. Some people have some centers better of than others, and there can be a very good influence of each other without your knowledge. There is no money involved, there is aggression, there is no guru dump, you become your own master. You have to become your own guru that’s all. 

May God bless you all. 

Yesterday I met most of you, those whom I have not met can come and I would like to meet them. But I met so many of you yesterday. 

Who is he? These are your children? 

Good. Did they feel the cool breeze? Did the children feel the cool breeze?

Did you feel the cool breeze in your hands? Ask her. 

Good, good. 

It’s good, very good.

1989 – 0810 Music Program PP Geneva Switzerland

Baba Mama: The next item I am pressing Chaya Wankhede along with Prabhakar Raju Dhakhade on the Harmonium, Asish Saho on the Guitar, Shankar Bhattacharya on the Sarod and the percussion on the Tabla is being provided by Ashok Dhoke and Sandesh Pabatla. Chaya Wankhede is going to sing two devotional songs and then we will ask other singers to sing. 


Baba Mama: All the children of the Sahaja Yogis should come here, to front. Who knows the song 


Shri Mataji:

Now this is a song, this is the last song they want to sing to you, {somebody to translate me, Marie unclear (Marty/Martin)} which is a folk song of Maharashtra. Now, so this is a song which was written in the twelfth century by a great saint and a great poet. His name was ‘Namadeva’. He was a Tailor by profession. Such a beautiful song it is, but it is a folklore and is sung in the villages of Maharashtra. It’s in Marathi language which says ‘Oh Mother, please give me the union with the Divine with the collective and consciouses. And he’s sung in all the villages and what I have done is this: that I have broken all the relationships with my false pride, my jealousies, my anger, my competitiveness all these enemies of mind I have given up. The greed and the lust all are my relations. One is my husband, he thinks a lady there, one is father-in-law, one is my brother-in-law like that. I have given up everyone. Now I am standing from all these enemies. So ‘Oh Mother, give me the yoga’, then they say that ‘Oh Mother Kundalini’ they call it Amba/Ambe, ‘you raise’ udo udo – raise. This song has been sung in India from the twelfth century in the villages so you can see the background as I was telling you yesterday. That we had this background in our country. And have sung and people are waiting to get their self-realization. Now I think this song will help you a lot. Because it makes you thoughtless. Yesterday I thought that it has relaxed you quite a lot. In the beginning they said you were quite tensed, and this song will definitely help us to raise the Kundalini. Because this music carries the message inside, works inside. It’s very amazingly this song is built up by this great poet ‘Namadeva’ who then went to Punjab and was very much respected by ‘Guru Nanaka’, and he made him learn Punjabi language. And he has written such a big book of his poetry in Punjabi language. But they were very an unclear(), loving and affectionate people. So, I wish you could little bit pay attention to this song and enjoy it. 

Thank you very much – [Shri Mataji says to the translator]