Devi Puja: Don’t get frustrated

Hotel Cumulus Kaisaniemi, Helsinki (Finland)


Devi Puja, “Don’t get frustrated”, Hotel Cumulus Kaisaniemi, Helsinki (Finland), 17 August 1989

Here we are in Finland and hell, competing with itself a little bit because it’s the end of the line. All the problems come and settle in the end. And that’s how we see here that there are lots of negative forces that have been working very nicely, and also there are so many seekers. So, it’s more of an attraction for them to come here and attack the seekers.

When you take to Sahaja Yoga, you have to know that Sahaja Yoga is like the light coming in your life and the light which comes gradually shows you everything that you have.

For example, you are carrying the snake in your hand. Somebody says, “Throw away the snake.” You are in the darkness; you think it’s a rope. So, you don’t want to throw away the snake. But the light comes in, you see the snake in your hand, you get a fright and you throw it away. And somebody might just run away thinking that the snake has come from Sahaja Yoga. The people who come to Sahaja Yoga also will be like that. They’ll come to
Sahaja Yoga, and they will be upset about themselves that, “Oh, God, this is my condition,” and they will not like to face the reality and will run away. So, you have to be very patient with them and careful. A little complication

If somebody is coming to Sahaja Yoga, let’s say – if he is coming from complete darkness or from complete ignorance. Maybe he’s already half mad. You will not know what his mental condition is. Maybe he is suffering from some sort of a horrible disease; it could be cancer, it could be anything. Because if he had been to gurus, there could be anything. And maybe they are not suffering yet from that. Or they are suffering so much that they can’t feel it. It’s very complicated.

One should know the first principle of Sahaja Yoga: Never get disappointed. Sometimes you have to work hard. I’ve worked on people for twenty-four hours and I found they are good for nothing. They’re just like stones. If I’d worked on stones, at least I would have created a Ganesha out of them. You find there is nothing has come out of all that work that’s important. There is nothing to feel frustrated in Sahaja Yoga. Whatever we have to do, we have to do. We shouldn’t worry about the fruits of it. One of the main principles of Gita is: Karmanye vadhikaraste (Though the karma is there, but not to worry for it). Phaleshu ma kadachan (we should not worry about the fruits).

So, that will keep you on the right track. Otherwise you might get frustrated and I have known people, how they have been breaking their heads and one day I said, “Why are you so much worried?” It happened in Boston. They said, “Mother, do You mean to say, ‘all of them are going to go to hell?’” I said, “I don’t say that.” But I would say that at least you should not give up hopes. Till the end we should try to save them. And things will work out. And it has started working out there.

In the same way, we have to know that in the beginning you never get many Sahaja yogis. Never, whatever you may try. Even in India I started with one Sahaja yogi. Because we have to have a proper foundation, we have to have proper people. Also the Divine doesn’t want us to have too many people. Because there would be just useless people joining us. We have to know that, first of all, we have to have solid, good Sahaja yogis. And those who call themselves Sahaja yogis have to build up themselves in such a manner that they are very good Sahaja yogis, there are no catches and their attention is good.

First, once they are established, then we can build up the whole thing around them. But otherwise it so happens that if the foundation is weak, the whole building can go down. So, we have to have few Sahaja yogis. We can’t afford to have many. Though you will see when I go there’s a flood and thousands will be there.

Everywhere. Italy when I went, Milano, they had never seen my face; they never knew who I was. But the whole hall was full. I don’t know how many thousand people and you had to just wade through it. Everybody was so enthusiastic. I could see the future also.

So, we got about ten people out of all that. Then ten people more, ten more. That’s how it started gathering. Because since Sahaja Yoga, you have to become something, becoming is the problem. If you don’t become something, you are no good as a Sahaja yogi.

This is a very big problem. You should never get frustrated, never get upset about it. If anybody says anything to you, after all he is blind, so it doesn’t matter. Have pity on him and don’t get angry at him at all. There may be some fanatics who are against Sahaja Yoga naturally because they are fanatics. They are not wanting reality.

So, all such things will happen. You will have to show your patience and a complete forebearance. That’s very important. Never to get frustrated. Remember what we have. We should try to perfect it. The more you’ll perfect it, the better it will be for our basic things, our foundation, which has to be very strong. And once the foundation is strong, then you can go ahead with it.

But just now, to begin with, you should not talk about Me much. Just say that, “She is an ordinary human being.” Or at the most, if you don’t want to tell lies, you can just say that, “She is all right, we shouldn’t discuss that, let us discuss something else. Let us know about science. That’s better. Then we can know Her.” You say, “Keep it for the further discovery.”

If you go on making them understand that it is for their benevolence, for their own energy and their own maneuvering, they should keep it to themselves, they will be happy and not to tell them about Me much. Now the miracles or such things of Sahaja Yoga should not be described or talked to them. Like Heidrich talked to them about the photographs, to these two persons, but they have been doing Sahaja Yoga. But normally, never show them any miraculous photographs. Because they will always say, “You have managed it and it has been some kind of a maneuvering.” For that you should limit yourself to some things like telling about Sahaja Yoga, about Kundalini, about all these things. But about Me or about miraculous photographs and all miraculous things, you should not talk. Keep it in a general way.

Also, you shouldn’t say, “It’s a puja,” and things like that. Because very few new people can come to puja. Everybody need not know about puja. But what you can tell them is that there are chakras, they are to be cleaned out and they are to be kept in balance. And you have to raise the Kundalini, how to raise the Kundalini, and you can say that, “Just now let’s use Mother’s photograph for the time being. But later on, when we are free, independent guru beings first, then you don’t have to use Mother´s photographs.” Then they’ll never give up. And they’ll fight for it. And thirdly, they are afraid of collectivity. So, you have to say that, “Because we are not collective, that’s why we are frightened, and if good people all collect together, if righteous people…” Like that if you talk, they won’t be afraid of you. Only the thugs combine, only the thieves combine.

The good people don’t combine. So, we have to combine good people. So, then they will understand that part, and they won’t be angry. Otherwise, if you say, “We have to have collectivity,” they must be thinking you are up to something. That will be the suspicion. It will always be because nobody combines for love. If they combine together, they only combine for what you call is the fight, or the hatred, or could be some sort of a sinister stuff. Otherwise they never combine.

If you say, “We are for love,” they’ll go away, “Oh, we know this kind. The story we know, this love.” So, if you have to really bring them round through discussion and argument, you must, first of all, be very good at Sahaja Yoga. That means that – of course the knowledge of Sahaja Yoga is too vast – but you should be in such a mood and such a state and such a personality that they should see there is something special about this person. And then they will accept you much better. That’s what we have to do and not to get frustrated. It’s a fun, that’s all. If we don’t get this, all right, we’ll have another one, doesn’t matter. And now I’ve been going to countries and countries and countries. The first one I went to was Italy, which today is a great Sahaja yogi nation. I stayed in a hotel, like this and Mr. Gavin had arranged to stay in a hotel and there was going to be a press conference and there was a very huge meeting for which also I paid for a big hall in there.

So there, with me was Gregoire’s first wife. We went down. And they gave us the room and all that was nice, and I stayed there. But when in the evening we went down, not a single soul from the press and not a single cockroach even for the meeting. And before that I, of all the things, went out to do the postering.

And she was so worried that, “If they catch us” and “something will happen.” I said, “Nobody’s going to catch you. Take it from Me. Just like that we will do.” I went and did all the postering, because we were the only people there. Despite that, not a single soul came in. Not a single one. It’s all right. It’s fun. It happened that time so I could tell you today for you to laugh.

They’ll realize it later on in Sahaja Yoga that they didn’t know where to go, what they have been doing, how they were stupid and they’ll enjoy it themselves. So, all humans are important in Sahaja Yoga. Very important. Because that gives a variety and an interesting theme.

Everything has to be taken as fun. I wish you people could completely understand this and relax completely on this point. Never get frustrated. If somebody is not all right, doesn’t get vibrations, you should just smile a little bit and, “All right, next time.”

May God bless you.