Public Program

Valkoinen sali, Helsinki (Finland)

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1989-0817 Public Program, Valkoinen sali, Helsinki, Finland

I bow to all the seekers of truth

At the very outset we have to know that truth is what it is. We cannot conceptualise it. Nor can we organise it. Neither we can order it. So we have to know it. I ?? in Finland in 1980 when I found people were ?? seekers, no doubt. And they are seeking the truth. But at the same time you have to know that truth is the manifestation on your central nervous system. Like you have to feel this all pervading power all around us. You have to feel it on your finger tips. Its not just one may claim about, but it actually has to happen to you. From amoeba stage now we have to come to human stage and there is a little break through which we have to achieve in this life time. So how do we do it? Many people ask me, how do we do it ? Now how do we become human beings, spontaneously! Within us is the power spontaneously rises because its a living process. It is not a artificial process but a living process. Like this mother earth sprouts a seed spontaneously; because the mother earth has got the capacity while the seed has got built in properties. In the same way within us ?? this instrument. Now you have to have an open mind like a scientist; that, should see for yourself if it works or not. There should not be any blind faith about me or about anything. We have ?? all throughout. Some people believe into this, Some people believe into that, Some people believe into that, but this belief has created ?? .


whatever belief you may have, whatever religion you may follow, whatever philosophies you may follow, every human being is capable of committing any sin. So as we are ourselves ?? .. look at the eyes , are best camera that you can think, look at our brain what we have created , look at our hands, all this is a miracle. And look at the flowers, these are so beautiful coming out of a seed. Who does this work. Who does all the living work. It is done by the all pervading power which is a subtle power of God’s love. In modern times if you take the name of God in the west, people dont like it. They also conceptualise by saying that we don’t believe in God. But this is the real scientific, you should find out first of all if there is God or not. Without finding out any facts if you say there is nothing like God, then you are unscientific. Now if I say that there is God and there is the all pervading power of God all over, which does all the subtle work, then as a scientist you take it as a hypothesis. And if it is true, you have to accept it. So as it is the living process you cant pay for it. Those people who take money from you for doing anything that is called as God’s work or increasing your awareness are all falsely. There are some who will say that you are flying in the air. But you are flying in the air systematically (aeroplane); but if you just think that some of you start flying half way (above ground unsystematically) in the air, what will happen. Is that what is going to happen to your self that you are going to become birds ! Then some people say that you start jumping like a frog; are we going to become like a frog or earth worms now. What is going to happen to us; is that we are going to become people of absolute truth. Absolutely righteous, absolutely compassionate, absolutely loving. More over we are going to have the dynamics of truth. Like Christ, when he saw Mary Magdalene; he had nothing to do with prostitutes, just stood up and said “those who have not done any sin can throw stone at me”. That is the courage, that is the courage of a person who knows the absolute truth. While we live in primitive world. We don’t know which theory is correct.

Is all the mental projection. And a now a days people have become so much mental that I don’t know how will they recognise the truth. Because the mental projection moves in a linear way. It cannot sustain itself because its not the truth. It cannot sustain itself. So it recoils. We had science so we produced, ultimately going to the extremes atom bomb, hydrogen bomb, this bomb, that bomb for our destruction. We started cutting the trees so ecological problem has come. We started using the machines, so now we become slaves of machines. Machines are for us, we are not for machines. So there is no balance in our life. Anything we start, we start going to the extremes. And then we feel guilty. We think, oh, we have done something wrong. So one side we started using our ego too much, and then we feel guilty we shouldn’t have done like this. So the knowledge that you have of science, about all other things, is the knowledge of the tree. But this is the knowledge of your roots. The tree that grows out of proportion without having relationship with the roots is definitely going to be destroyed. So through sahaja yoga, sahaja, sahaja means born with you, is spontaneous. And yoga means the union with the divine. So, sahaja yoga is the right of every human being. This is the last breakthrough, as told jung of our evolutionary process. As a result of that you get powers, you become powerful. You do not become somebody’s slave. You become powerful. You start feeling the cool breeze of the holy ghost which is the all pervading power. And you get the experience of actualisation of your second birth which we can say actualisation of baptism. You feel the cool breeze coming out of your head. You feel it ! The you start understanding your own centres which are within you and also the centres that belongs to the others. It is like this instrument (mike with wire), if its not connected to the mains, it has no meaning. In the same way our lives have no meaning unless and until we are connected to this all pervading power which has created us.

I mean of course, as a result of that so many diseases getting cured completely. We have records and records, and records of so many diseases like blood cancer, other so many incurable diseases, we cure ! It happens automatically. You yourself become a doctor. Because you can feel the diseases of other person on your finger tips, and if you know how to correct it, then you are a doctor. Mentally you become so peaceful. You feel such joy and such peace within yourself. [not audible] . And this peace, peace foundation , peace this thing, peace that, no body has peace within. So you establish your peace within yourself. But such a person is so compassionate, at the same time so dynamic that you work any length of time, you are not tired. You always feel fresh and you give joy to us. The first thing that happen is that you become innocent person and you develop respect for yourself because you know your glory. You realise you are the epitome of evolution. You no more feel guilty because you are now one with the divine power which is the source of all this things. But your attention becomes innocent so powerful. For Christ has said though shall not have adulterous eyes. The eyes become completely ??? of lust and greed. And even one glance of such a person can solve the problem of anybody in trouble or distress. So this transformation takes place spontaneously. But one has to open the mind and to recognize that you are all capable of reaching that stage. Also one thing I have noticed is, specially about Finland was that people were very simple and very humble. But, unnecessarily you feel too much guilty. They have done nothing wrong so far, they have never dominated any country and I don’t know why they are (feel) so guilty; to such and extent that they are very frightened also, afraid. But there is nothing to be afraid. If you are in the collective consciousness then every nation is your friend. Like this hand will always help this hand because you are part and parcel of the whole. You are not hanging somewhere in the air. Today you will be amazed to know that for Helsinki we have got people from many different countries ??? even , even from New Zealand. And sahaja yoga is now working in 30 nations. And you should see the way they are all together, no quarreling, no fighting, no arguments; just enjoying with you. More than flowers, more than paintings, more than anything else, the best thing ?? enjoy are human beings. But we have to develop that capacity that state. I am sorry I am here only for one day, I wish I had come yesterday and I am very sorry that I did not come yesterday. Only thing I have to make a humble request to you all that when you get your realisation don’t get lost. I will give you an analogy. Somebody is standing with a snake in his hand and you tell that person this is snake in your hand,but he is in darkness. So you put on lights. He sees the lights and then he sees the snake and he is frightened. He throws away the snake alright, but also put offs the light because he is frightened. That happens very much. There is nothing to be frightened. You must know that all these things that frightens you just run away. But you have to stand on your legs. So far we have had thousands and thousands of people, in the west also, who have got realisation; they had no porble in this. Also I would say, in India when I go there, we have 15000 in a meeting because we have background. And the false gurus are not interested in Indians because they have not so much money to waste and Indians know that you are not to pay to anyone who says that I am such and such. So it works much faster there. But in the west sahaja yogis we have got are excellent people, very deep; quantity is less but quality is great. I hope today it will work out among you people and then you are going to master it. This will hardly take a month at the most. But you must have determination that you are going to master this. I will give you another analogy that when you start driving a car, there is a break and the accelerator you use both. As the left and the right (pointing to chart) ?? once you learn the balancing, you become automatically the driver. But still the master is sitting behind. So you have to become the master and once you become the master, you can see the driver, the accelerator and the break and you control it fully. All this may sound very fantastic. But you are fantastic. You are not yet aware of it. Like if you take a television in Indian village and tell them that you can see everything in this box. They will say what, this box, how can you see a everything ? But if you put to the mains they will see what ?? it is. So in our ignorance we might not think much (high/good) about ourselves. But each one of you is capable of achieving that state. So you have to have confidence in yourself. May God bless you all !

Its a very vast ocean of knowledge and I must have given thousands and thousands of lectures even in english language. Like for this beautiful lights we have to just switch on one switch. But if go on telling all about electricity, how it was stored, how it was started…. You will have headache. Better thing is to have a light ! In any case, I think because I am here for one day, if you have any questions you please ask. But they should be relative, sensible, in the sense that they should show that we want selfrealisation. So I am not here for to ask for anything. I am just going to give you your own property, your own powers. So I am not here for any votes for elections either. I am sorry I have come to Finland very late but its the end of the lands, so naturally so it took some time for me to come. But I must tell you among all the Scandinavian nations you are the greatest. I mean spiritually.

And don’t have any inferiority complex in your heads, at all. Where ?? I know Finis very well. Here humility goes up to the inferiority complex. Thats good too far. You are good for everything and specially very good for spiritual ascent.

Alright. Is there a question.
Q: [not audible]

A. yes, once you get realisation you can also ! Because when you go to a nation, you see spiritual life, how many are seeking the divine. And how do some people go deep into it; some people are very superficial. You can easily see, say that I would say Turkey, we had such a lot of sahaja yogies suddenly coming up without any difficulty of all the places. And there were people who told that they (Turkey people) will never come to Sahaja Yoga but they are islamic people. But, they blossomed. As you know my husband’s job is International, I met many people who are Swedish, also from Denmark; what I found, Finn people have a genuine desire to know. So when I say that I mean the more percentage of people. If I say so, Russians will be very great seekers and they will be there very soon. Imagine their (Russian) Government has accepted Sahaja Yoga officially. And also Italian Government has accepted in a big way. And even if, I mean Indians accept it, I am not surprised because they know all about it already. So the quality of spirituality can be determined by the percentage of people and the depth of the people. Its easy to ascertain ???.

Now let others as the questions alright.

Q. [not audible]

A. You just leave it, automatically. I don’t have to tell; once you get your realisation. In England we had drug addicts, overnight they gave up drugs, overnight. You wouldn’t believe ???. Because you get the light and you get the power. I know there is a drug problem here ??? I know that very well. Because you depend on it [drugs] and then you suddenly start depending on your spirit; the whole thing is finished.

Q. [not audible]

A : There is no question of time, my child. You go beyond time. It just works. You see, the kundalini starts rising, and she starts enriching your centres by which you start feeling better and satisfied with yourself. And in most of the cases it has happened overnight. Thats why I said quality of seeking in the west is much better than in India. Most of the people, they took drugs because they are seeking. Most of the people who commit suicide, they are also seeking. They do it out of frustration. Also in sahaja yoga you will be happy to know that family life becomes beautiful. Every year we have about 75 marriages and I would say 1% will be divorced or some sort of thing; but otherwise they are ?? very beautiful. And also they have beautiful children just like saints.

Q. [not audible]

A: .. for that, I am saying would take about a month at the most to see because you yourself become knowledge, you yourself know whats wrong with you. I will give you an example. There was a gentleman who came and said, he is a realised soul, said “mother my agya chakra is catching”. That means his ego is troubling him, that means he can see his ego, separately. If you tell somebody you are suffering from ego that people will hit you, anybody. But, this person himself tells that he has got ego. Now what do I tell him that you just forgive every one. And he has those vibrations in his hands and he can correct it (agya). So you have to just know how to correct your damages, thats all . Which is of course free. The whole knowledge is absolutely free.

Q. [not audible]

A: .. you see, actually this is a point one should know that we cannot force it on anyone. We cannot force it. We are very sorry. We can help people ?? wall climbing. It cannot be forced. No, not at all. Moreover, if you want to leave us its alright, very good, thank you very much. You see also in the Kingdom of God there isn’t many place.

Q. [not audible]

A: ..of course, music is very close to it. But first you must get your realisation. Then you will have discretion to know which is the right music and which is not.