The Divine Power is doing everything

Moscow (Russia)

1989-08-21 The Divine Power Is Doing Everything, Moscow Russia DP-RAW, 105'
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Public Program Day 2 in Moscow (Russia), 21 August 1989.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

The truth is that you are the spirit and that you are the part and parcel of the whole and that the all-pervading subtle power, living power, of love and knowledge is doing everything.
So when we think we are doing something, we are really playing with our ego. For example: if a tree is dead and out of that we make this platform, we think we have done a great job but – from dead to another dead. We cannot do any living work. So this idea that we are doing something only comes from our institution of ego.
But after self realization you can do living work. Like if you give vibrations to trees, who are dying of acid rains, you can stop their decaying and you can make them absolutely normal. If you try to give vibrations to a cow, Indian cow, which gives about, at the most, six to seven kilos of milk she can give sometimes more than an Australian cow which is about sixteen kilos; fifteen to sixteen.
A person who is supposed to be a dull person, a depressed person, can become suddenly very dynamic and can create works of art – music – which many people having gone to colleges of arts cannot achieve. With this new dimension of vibratory awareness you become collectively conscious. That means you can feel another person on your finger tips and if you can de-code it, then you know what is that person suffering from. Like an absolute computer you work. Even if you have ten children and tie up their eyes and ask them: ‘what’s wrong with this gentleman?’ they’ll all of them point out to the same finger.

(interpreter: sorry Mataji, could you repeat that; I didn’t catch the idea. If you have ten children?)

Tied up their eyes and ask them to ask what’s wrong with this gentleman, they all show the same fingers. So you know the absolute truth. Then you can make out who is a realized soul, who is a false person, also in the past who all have been realized souls. Everything you come to know, because now you have the absolute computer. Human beings have ten valences within themselves. As carbon has four they have ten valences. (Just show where.) In this part there are ten valences – in the green part that you see. And when these valences go out of control, then you either become sub-human, or you become a supra-human, means a very cruel person. These valences are enlightened within us so we don’t have to tell: ‘don’t do this!’ You just don’t do it. As I told you the other day somebody is standing with a snake in the hand and then somebody tells him that: ‘See, you have a snake in your hand.’ But there is darkness. Then you put on the light. In that light he throws away the snake. You don’t have to tell him don’t. In the light of your own spirit you know what is for your benevolence.

So apart from that your physical side, mental side, emotional side improves, you get a much greater penetration into your creativity. And automatically you become a righteous person. You become extremely compassionate and generous. You enjoy your generosity. Then your sense of security is established. Many people in this world are insecure. I was just now discussing the Jewish problem. They got their problem because they were displaced from Egypt long time back. So all the time they still have a feeling that they’ll be displaced from somewhere. All their action is based on that fear. Moreover they celebrate their Passover. They celebrate it the way they got their exodus. So it is a permanent reminder and all the time they are reminded we might have to again go away. Now they are not in Egypt but still the feeling is there. As in Christianity now, you are supposed to be sinners and there is a fear of going to hell all the time. Moreover you have to always confess that you have committed a sin. Especially women are sometimes very much insecure. If their husbands are wayward then they are all the time thinking that; ‘We’ll be divorced. We’ll be left with our children. We’ll have problem.’ Such women develop a tremendous type of insecurity within themselves and that is how they get sometimes this breast cancer, because their motherhood is challenged.

At the heart chakra there is a bone, which you know as behind it, and this bone is the one which creates the anti-bodies ’til the age of twelve years and they go in the whole body. After twelve years of age if there is any fear, any trouble, then this bone, which is called as ‘sternum’ in English, starts pulsating. With that the message goes to these anti-bodies and they get prepared to fight. So those men who run after other women all the time, or have this joyless pursuit of having many love affairs, joyless pursuit it is, but all such men give horrible time to their wives. That’s why Christ has said: ‘Thou shalt not have adulterous eyes.’ But all the Christian nations I have seen, most of the men and women have adulterous eyes. So such men give a tough time to their women and play games with them. Also when there are divorces and people, children suffer that their parents are lost, the father is lost or mother is lost, you catch this chakra on both the sides; one for the father and one for the mother. And if somebody, some child’s parents, both of them die in early age then both these centers are very weak. So if the right heart center is weak because of father or because you are a bad husband then you get asthma. If you’re a bad father or a bad husband then you get asthma. Or if a lady has suffered because she had no father or she has bad relations with the father then she can also get asthma.

This is the deeper reason. That’s why people cannot cure asthma. With the left heart weakness people become, develop diseases of lethargic heart and with the over-activity (alright, thank you), with the over-activity that we do, the over right sidedness the more futuristic plans we have, also we have massive heart attacks. Now the second center of Swadishthana is very important, because it has a very important work to do. It converts fat into gray cells for your brain. When we think too much, then these gray cells have to be re-placed. So all the attention of the center, of the second center, is on transforming fat into brain cells. But this center also has to look after your liver, your pancreas, your spleen, your intestines, lower intestines and also your kidneys. (Shri Mataji says to interpreter: sorry! – and kidneys, kidneys and lower intestines, large intestines. Alright.) So all these organs are neglected. Now a person who is very futuristic, planning type, always thinks too much, has no energy for these organs. As a result of that you get a bad liver and liver, which has to take out the heat from your body, is incapable to remove the heat. So such a person has an attention which is very irritable. Very hot tempered you see. You have to reach such a person with a barge pole. God knows when they’ll jump at you. Anybody like that you see, you know that he has a bad liver and forgive. Then there’s your pancreas is in danger. As a result of that you develop diabetes.

Now in India, in the villages, people take sugar so much that the spoon has to stand at right angle in the cup and they never get diabetes because they don’t think for tomorrow. They don’t plan. They are satisfied people. One day they work, earn, eat and sleep off. At the most in the night they’ll sit down and sing songs together – that’s all. So in a way we are also happy that we are not so rich to get drunkards. Only when you have extra money you drink. Then we have the problems of the spleen. This is the most interesting one. The spleen has the job to supply red blood corpuscles whenever there is an emergency. I mean, supposing you have taken your food and after that you have to run: you get pain in the spleen area. If you have taken the food and suddenly you have to run then you get a pain in the spleen area. Because there is an emergency and the food is to be digested, so it becomes crazy. But in modern life we really make it crazy all the time. We have become slaves of watch. We try to save time to waste it. Time we have to save for meditation, for enjoying yourself. But we lead a very hectic and shocking life.

Early in the morning we read the newspaper, which is the most horrible thing. So many people have died, so many…. All kinds of nonsensical things. Newspaper never reports something good or peaceful. They have to shock you. So, early in the morning you get a shock, so poor spleen does not know what to do. Then you are hurrying up for your work. You get into your car, you are eating your breakfast there in a hurry. Then you find the jam. Then in the office your boss shouts at you. All the time you are on the run. This poor spleen doesn’t know how to act with a crazy man like that, who is all the time in emergency. As a result it becomes hectic and a very serious disease called as blood cancer, or leukemia, manifests. Well, you will be happy to know that we have cured leukemia in India and also abroad. Because with Sahaja Yoga you become a peaceful personality and your spleen which is a speedometer doesn’t become hectic. With kidney you get high blood pressures. Kidney troubles they are curable of course. Also you get large intestine with that constipations and all kinds of problems. Also you have problems if the Swadishthana chakra is lethargic. So you have to be in the center. Now at the vishuddhi chakra we become witness. Witness of the play. Witness of the drama.

When you get realization and vibrations start flowing in your hands because the vishuddhi chakra is enlightened. We express our collectivity and relationships with others with this center. We shake hands, we move hands, we talk to people with our hands – not with our legs. We nod our head say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and the language also is expressed through this. In Sanskrit this power of expression of language is called as [WAIKHARI?]. Now you become absolutely collective if your this center is alright. It is spoilt on the left side if you are guilty, all the time think you are good for nothing; then this is spoilt. And such people run away from societies. The right sided people, who are having the right vishuddhi problems, are extremely aggressive with their language. They shout and say very horrible words and they try to control. They intimidate and so many politicians and we can say the dictators and also presidents and all of them. They try to control other people through this center, but this is a very dangerous thing because. Those people who go on chanting names develop the left vishuddhi. This is another madness is to go on chanting something like in Buddha’s name they go on chanting, in Rama’s name, Krishna’s name.

By chanting, even Rama must be getting angry. Supposing we just go and stand in the palace of a king and you start saying: “A king! A king!” – then the king will get us arrested. But Rama is king of kings, so how can we just call His name? Is He in our pockets? There is a protocol. But after realization you take name of anyone, in one second the whole job is done. It is before your telephone is connected you go on ringing. The telephone gets spoilt. Like that your throat gets spoilt. Safety is about prayers, everything without connection. So now we have the center which is very important is what we call as agnya. Where the optic chiasma crosses each other in the center they call it Shiva’s third eye. That’s such an important center because it is a very narrow. Is called Shiva’s third eye, because you can see inward, not outward. Those who see outward are not there. So if you see something outside like light, this that; that means something wrong with your agnya. Supposing you have a camera and the camera has to take the photograph outside the camera, but supposing the camera takes the photograph of your eye, then what would you say? In the same way Paul saw a cross somewhere. He had nothing to do with Christ. He is the one who organized Christianity and spoilt all the teachings of Christ. Now the last is the most important, is Sahasrara, is the thousand petal, which is made of thousand nerves and is covered by your ego and super-ego like this. And in the center of that is the limbic area. So when the Kundalini passes through this agnya, She sucks in these two institutions. So your karmas and your conditionings are sucked in and you become a free person. And then the Kundalini emerges through your fontanel bone area and gets connected with this all-pervading subtle power. As soon as the Kundalini passes through agnya, you become thoughtlessly aware. Now the one thought rises and falls off, another thought rises and falls off and we are jumping on the cusps of these thoughts. They come from the past or from the future. Now if I say that: “You be in the present” – you cannot be. If I say: “Pay attention to yourself” – you cannot. In between these thoughts there is a little space, which is the present. So when the Kundalini rises these thoughts become weak and there’s a space in between, that’s the present, where there’s no thought. Then you grow spiritually and you are inspired. And now you can think about whatever you want whenever you want, with a new light, with a new penetration. Now Kundalini pierces through alright, but if you have problems She goes back and attends to it. So you have to know how to master it and how to fix your Kundalini, your connection, and once it is done you are in the second state, which we call as ‘Nirvikalpa Samadhi’, meaning ‘doubtless awareness’. There’s no end to this knowledge. I don’t know! Thousands of lectures I’ve given so far in different languages. The tapes will be made available to you, once your connections are fixed. Actually we don’t want you to read much, because if you go on reading you will know all the knowledge of Sahaja Yoga, so called, but the connection will be loose. As there are many lights here but we have to just switch on one light and the whole thing comes up. But if I have to tell you the discovery of electricity and how it is brought here to Moscow and all that you’ll be fed up and you’ll be tired and bored. So the best thing is first to have to a light. I hope you understand that no amount of discussions, arguments, reading is going to work it out. As Kundalini is the power of pure desire, you should keep your pure desire to be connected with that all-pervading power. That is the best way to achieve your spiritual ascent, as you are at the epitome of evolution and this is the last breakthrough into absolute knowledge and reality.


Questions, there were so many questions. What happened to them? Lost them?

(Interpreter: Not too many today. Not too many questions today. We never offered. Just several I have on papers and I already made a suggestion. Those who have something to write please address and name and the usual proceedings and we shall collect them and we shall make replies later).

Alright but please you have to give your questions and also you have to give your addresses to us, so that they could contact you for further information about what is the center you are going to have.