Reach the Absolute Truth

Antonov Aircraft Corp. Palace of Culture, Kyiv (Ukraine)

1989-10-22 Reach the Absolute Truth, Kiev, Ukraine, 101' Chapters: Talk, Q&A, Self-Realization
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Public program Day 1, Antonov Aircraft Corp. Palace of Culture, Kyiv, Ukraine, USSR, Oct. 22, 1989

I bow to all the seekers of Truth. At the very outset we have to know that Truth is what it is. We cannot organize it, we cannot order it. And at the humane level we cannot achieve it. We have become from ameba to this stage of the humane beings. But still we have not reached our absolute Truth. Some people believe this is good, some people believe that is good. So under we can decide something or on emotional basis or on rational basis. And both are limited. Anything can be justified with rationality. Also emotionally we can justify; might be our emotional oughts. So everyone can think differently according to their own projections. So you have to go to a stage, a state where you can all say the same to this, is the Truth. The whole humanity has to come to that state where they know this is Absolute.

So we have to understand that our evolution is not yet complete. There is one more break-through in it. This break-through is Self-Realization. Is to know your Self. To know your Self is not possible if you work it out mentally, physically, or emotionally. After all, when we became from ameba to this stage we did not do anything. It is through the living process of evolution we have spontaneously become humane beings. So, if anything has to happen it has to happen spontaneously. Like a seed, if you put it in the Mother Earth it sprouts by itself. So the seed has got a built-in quality and the Mother Earth also has contributive quality to sprout it. In the same way within us is placed the power of pure desire, which gives you that break-through. It is the power of pure desire.

Whatever desires we have we do not get satisfied once they are fulfilled. We want to have food, when we get the food we want to have clothes, when we have the clothes we want to have a house, then we want to have a car, then we want to have an airplane, and I don’t know; it goes on like that. That means in general our wants are not satiable. Then we have very dormant state, we have a desire within us, which is a pure desire. This pure desire is to become one with the All Pervading Subtle Power of Love.

Now whatever I’m telling you, you have to accept it as a hypothesis. And as a scientist you must keep your minds open. And if it works then we have to believe as honest people. So this power within us lies in a triangular bone called as sacrum. Sacrum is a Greek word meaning sacred, and it means, it means Greek people knew that there is sacred power in it. So this power is placed in this triangular bone and is awakened as a germ or a primula in a seed, spontaneously. It pierces through six centers, ultimately through the fontanel bone area and you start feeling a cool breeze coming out of your head. If this center (Shri Mataji points to the central Vishuddhi) is alright then you start feeling in your hands a kind of a beautiful soothing cool breeze all around us. This power in the sacrum bone is called as Kundalini in Sanskrit language. And many people in India thousands of years back have discovered about this Kundalini in our country. The word Kundalini comes from the coils, Kundalini is the coils because it is in three and half coil.

Now She is your mother. And She takes up all the troubles to give you your second birth. So you don’t get any troubles. In Sanskrit language we call a person who knows about this All Pervading Power of Brahma as, as dvijaha. Also a bird is called as dvidjaha. Dvi-jaha means born twice. Like a bird is first born at the egg and then it becomes like a bird. In the same way a humane being is born in a closed way of ego and superego on his brain, is the closed personality. But when Kundalini rises and he becomes the Spirit, he becomes as different [UNRECOGNIZED WORD – finery ?] personality. He becomes that free personality. No habits can overpower him. He does not overpower anyone. And nobody can overpower him. He becomes a very compassionate, confident personality. And he can feel the All Pervading Power on his fingertips.

Now this All Pervading Power organizes, thinks, above all it loves. So, when this connection is established, your physical problems, your emotional problems, your mental problems, and your spiritual problems all get solved. It is not an artificial thing, it’s reality. The problem with the religion was that the essence of every religion was to seek the eternal and to treat the transitory in its own limitations. But all the religions failed and they now are only mundane. Either they have become power orientated, money orientated, or emotional farces. So we have to seek this eternal power. And thus we become our Spirit. You can feel on your fingertips what’s wrong with your centers and what’s wrong with the centre of others. So a small little drop, which is limited, becomes one with the ocean and becomes the ocean. Then you become the instrument of that Power. That Power starts flowing through you. You become powerful. And you scientifically know what is this power of parasympathetic nervous system. You become a complete in control with yourself and in complete balance, very dynamic and compassionate at the same time. All the time this energy flows through you.

So this is the power, which has got integrated within you physical power, the mental power, the emotional power, and the spiritual power of love. This is how the emancipation of humane beings is going to take place. This is how the whole world is going to become one. Because your Spirit is the collective being. It’s not forced collectivity, it is innate. For example, I would say, if I have all the powers I’m the greatest capitalist, but I cannot live without sharing it with others, so I’m the greatest communist. That’s how all these theories become really actualized. The time has come today, this is the blossom time. So many flowers have to become the fruit. Thus we are all here to get to that state where you all become Spirits. Which is the knowledge, which is the beauty, which is the goal. May you all be blessed.

I would like you to ask Me any questions if you have, because I’m here for the first time and if you have any sensible questions please ask Me. I’m here to give you what you have, your own property, not to take anything from you. So please ask Me questions, which are benevolent. Thank you very much.

Q: Is this Power like that of extrasensory individuals?

A: ESP is a power comes from dead spirits. And I told you that either you can move to the left side or to the right side, you can move to the emotional side or to the right side, also mental side. That is the sympathetic nervous system, if you are doctors you can understand that only the sympathetic nervous system humane beings can work. For example, if you are running you can increase the beat of your heart through sympathetic nervous system. But in order to reduce the beat that’s only possible through the activity of the parasympathetic. So now when you get this power you know exactly what it is. You know how it works. And those who work can give it to others also. ESP and all these things can cause horrible diseases. I can tell you from My own experience, it can cause a disease called epilepsy. There is a reception of prime in India, and Sahaj Yogi has done it, he’s a doctor, he’s got his MD with epilepsy. That’s one of the things you get – epilepsy with ESP. You get into the power of somebody else; it’s not your power. Also cancer and many incurable psychosomatic troubles can come from this kind of reach. While you can cure many people by raising the Kundalini, you can see with your naked eyes the movement of a Kundalini in some people. And in some people you can see the throbbing here (Shri Mataji puts her palm onto Her own fontanel bone area) reaching on your head. And when the throbbing stops you feel the cool breeze coming out of your own head and then you see, feel the cool breeze around you. This is the power of love, of pure love. We have never used the power of love; we have only used the power of hatred all over the world. Tomorrow I’ll explain more as to how people can go on the left side or to the right side.

Q: Respected Shri Mataji, Self-Realization can be harmful for children?

A: Of course, they are the best, they are the fairest.1.

Q: Really, could it be possible that all the people who are sitting here would be able to feel this Realization, maybe it is not for the first time but for the second, third, fourth times?

A: Now, maybe first time most of you. Have faith in yourself. Just have faith in yourself.

Q: I have felt coolness coming out from my palms right now, like wind, and my breathing became more frequent. Could this be possible?

A: Yes, yes, why not? That means you are very receptive. Good, good.

Q: Is the Kundalini awakening the only way to get the Realization?

A: That’s only way. Because it’s a living process. Like a seed has to sprout to become the tree, there’s no other way out. It’s natural.

Q: Did Indira Gandhi and Nickolas Roerich possess that power?

A: No, but don’t ask the personal questions. This was not, but to Mahatma Gandhi it was, to Lenin it was, and to Maxim Gorky it was. To Gorbachev it is. I don’t asked it, you see, because I’ll have to tell you the truth, you see, and some people will not marvel it.

Of course, you will know about that, and you’ll know all about them – Lord Krishna, and also Rama, everybody and all these things you will know, everything about Them, once you come to Sahaja Yoga, every knowledge. There will be no secret.

Q: I has not understood what is Kundalini – is it a Spirit or an energy?

A: It’s an energy. Spirit is in the heart. And the seat of the Spirit is here (Shri Mataji puts Her palm onto Her fontanel bone area). I’ve told you there’s the integration of four energies within us. Now there are four energies, realization of four energies. One that comforts, one that counsels, one that redeems. And also the fourth one is that it gives you the new dimension on your central nervous system, is collective consciousness.

If you have personal problems tomorrow I will be here again and I’ll meet all of you, personally.

The interpreter: Today, they ask today.

SHRI MATAJI.: Say tomorrow, tomorrow, because today we have got some dancers, I want to see their dance. I will greet this every day, now let’s see [TWO INAUDIBLE WORDS] the dancers. All right? Thank you. Spasibo (It is Thank you in Russian. – Transcribers).

Now, Chernobyl has been a great, great problem. All My attention was there. And it was a lesson to us that we should not indulge too much with atomic energy.

We should now care more for peace. And the All Pervading Power will give us everything that you want. And we should not play with such terrible energies, which can be very dangerous. I feel sorry that Ukraine people have been suffered, but this a lesson for the whole world. Moreover, it’s like they were the ones who are crucified for the whole world. I’m sorry for that, very much sorry. But the Spirit does not die. For the people have died, their Spirits are still there and they may come once again.

Q: Respected Mistress, there are many Yogas in India – Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga, Karma Yoga, etc. What is the peculiarity of Sahaja Yoga? (This question had been asked in Russian and immediately Shri Mataji started to answer without translation it into English by the interpreter. – Transcribers.)

A: In a… all kinds of Yogas they have got this talk about. Now if you, if these people read the Patanjali Yoga, which is Patanjali who has written it, they set a big book. In that this asanas and all that is not even this much (Shri Mataji shows her thumb and forefinger clenched). Sahaja Yoga is described in this book very clearly, that you have to reach the state of thoughtless awareness and then undoubted awareness. And he had also called this All Pervading Power as [SOUNDS LIKE – Rutambhara Pragia]. But some of that people who went to Himalayas and all that and they were useless, so they just knew little bit about this Yoga asanas. And those who were teachers threw them away so they started teaching asanas leading the attention of people only to the physical side. But even physically it’s very dangerous to this, to do this asanas without explanation. It is like taking all the medicines from a medicine box without knowing. In Sahaja Yoga also if somebody has some physical problem on the spinal cord we use there, the one that’s required any asan. If it’s necessary. But Sahaja Yogis are masters, they know what to be used. It’s not absurd that’s you go on turning that body into [INAUDIBLE]. The other day I met a very important minister, counselor-minister. Poor man, he was complaining to Me that he did Hatha Yoga. Now the situation is such that all his muscles have become tense and one of this shoulder joints, the socket, from the socket [INAUDIBLE]. Because he said that his guru, his teacher, make wanted to make [UNRECOGNIZED WORDS – him an expert and made him to stand on his head?]. [INAUDIBLE] gets a horrible self-destructive things. In the beginning he said, “I felt better, but now at this age of mine I’ve become a very weak person, and so many of us who had learnt this man have become very weak.” And I found they have a very weak heart also. In Sahaja Yoga you will know why it happens. Because he developed a very one-sided personality. Actually, Ha-Tha, Ha means the Sun, Tha means the Moon. Ha-Tha Yoga, means that both the naris to be used. But they only use the right nari. They just use that Sun nari by that they become very dry, absolutely dry, because they get liver problems and very hot temper, the really hot temper. They are so aggressive that to go near them you have to use a barge pole in between. They divorce very easily, they can not carry on with their wives. It’s very funny, even the wives become like men; it’s horrible.

Now the other word is Raja Yoga. Raja Yoga has come from the idea that when the Kundalini rises there are lots of things happen, like when She rises there’s upon Nabhi, there’s a constriction in the chakras, till doesn’t fall down or when it comes to here (Vishuddhi) they call it that we have to the tongue is fallen inside. It’s a fact, little bit happens, little bit happens. But you don’t have to worry. (To the interpreter) Tell them that. Now it happens that it’s like you see supposing if your car is ignited, started, your car started, then all the machine starts working by itself. But supposing you take out the wheel and start moving it without igniting that thing, like without rising the Kundalini if you start moving your charkas, this, that, what will happen? It will be spoiled. Artificially. Unless and until you start your car what’s the use of moving the wheel or [INAUDIBLE]. And to such an extend, to such an extend that they cut that thread and the tongue, and the tongues are hanging just like the dog’s tongues. You see, they can’t talk. I know some doctors from India was doing it, because they say you have to down your tongue inside [INAUDIBLE touch other caves in it ?], horrible. This I saw in California, so the first idea that you have to suffer to enter into this great Kingdom of love is absolutely wrong.

Q: Could be natural powers, like water, like earth, like air help to raise Kundalini?

A: Yes, they do. We‘ll take their help. But first of all there should be somebody who knows the job.

Q: What could be a main problem in raise Kundalini? Could it be a collective problem or individual problem?

A: There could be any, but you don’t worry about it, you forget it. That’s My headache, that’s My headache, I’ll find out, you don’t worry. These were collective, collective vision, but we have hundred, hundred things, one need not bother it.

Q: When will be practical Realization, please?

A: Practice! Practice! He is a seeker! [INAUDIBLE – I will do it, I will, I will ?].

Q: When this power has come out, what should we do with it, please? (Laughter)

A: We’ll tell you everything, we’ll tell you how to use it. That’s all is free.


A: Now he’s asking about death. We need not talk about death, nobody’s going to held this now. You will know everything about it, later on. And we will answer it, you’ll see it. See now, we have beautiful life we did saw, and not sought to beautiful life.

Now, when you come in the room you ask what switch you have to put and you put on one switch and all the lights come in. Because it’s all built in, it is all built in. Now, if I have to tell you the history of electricity, the source of electricity, a name of the engineer who did it, you, say, will be bored. So the first thing is to get the light and then know about it, it’s much better, isn’t it?

Now, we have lots of literature. But, you see, reading it is not going to help you. Reading too much can be also headache, I tell you, one of [INAUDIBLE]. There’s a very great saint in India, Paritta, he said that by reading too much people have become stupid. So I could not understand, how can that be? I did not understand, how can that be. But I’ve seen that people are over read, they will go on asking questions from the poor man, just wasting times.

Second question this lady has.

Q: Is high radiation affecting our energetic ability in our body?

A: Once you are Realized soul, if there are many Realized souls in your place no accidents can take place. You are protected and also all radiation, all evil forces are killed and neutralized. And like the Statue that you have here, of The Mother, She makes a Kundalini who protects you and also She kills all that is negative. Also She challenges the church 2. Imagine, the churches, I don’t know, what your church is, but in all Catholic Church doesn’t ordered a woman, as a priest. And the Kundalini is the Primordial Mother. Can you imagine, they have got God the Father, God the Son and no Mother. How can you say that? And to Indian a woman is Goddess, Goddess is a woman. So is very different that you put down 50-60% people as something lower. In Sahaja Yoga if you are a woman or a man, whatever you are, you can all become masters, you can all become yogis. So Me, there is no such differentiation on men and women, it’s nonsense.

Q: (The interpreter) Questions about Jesus Christ; what kind of powers Jesus Christ had?

A: A, you will know about Jesus Christ also, everything about Him. Who He was, what were His powers, everything. About all of those Devine Incarnations, you will know all about Them. But it won’t be just a sermon, actually on your fingertips you will know. You’ll know on the Kundalini itself when it moves you will know Their importance. Do not judge Them by the way people start these religions, they are all [INAUDIBLE] sacred.

Q: What is the purpose of the candle near You?

A: I don’t know why that is put, this could work other side, but candle is good, if there’s any negative force here that can show on the candle also. It finds out [SOUNDS LIKE – our newer spirits ?].

Q: When was born the first Self-Realized person?

A: Eight thousand years back we have the father-in-low of Rama, Raja Janaka, who was the incarnation of Brahmadeva Master. And a disciple called [SOUNDS LIKE Nachikita] went to him to ask for Self-Realization. One, one, Nachikita. And He told him that, “You can ask for anything, but not ask for Self-Realization”. And He tested him, and tested him, and tested him. So it is difficult to give the history about the Realized soul, but it’s an eternal process. On the Tree of life first there were only one or two flowers to become fruits. But today it’s a blossom time.

All right now, should we have our Realization? (Clapping)

So there are two conditions, two conditions. One is to forgive yourself and forget the past. Not to feel guilty at all. After all, you are humane beings and only humane beings can make mistakes, so what is there to feel so guilty? And the All Pervading Power is the ocean of forgiveness. So what mistake can you commit that can not be dissolved in that ocean?

The second condition is that please forgive everyone whatsoever. You may say that is difficult to forgive. But whether is it forgiven or you don’t forgive logically you don’t do anything. But if you don’t forgive then you are playing into wrong hands. So the best thing is to forgive everyone from your heart, forgive. Prostite. (It is “Forgive” in Russian. – Transcribers.)

Thirdly, we have to know we are going to enter in the beauty of love. Into the kingdom of enjoyment, joy. Into the garden of purity and bliss. And we are going to know how we are glorious. So we have to be very pleasantly placed towards ourselves. Not to be angry with yourself, maybe you might have done anything before, forget it. In your seeking you might have done anything, doesn’t matter. Don’t judge yourself, your Kundalini will itself judge you. And have complete faith in yourself and confidence. Already some people have filled a cool breeze in the hands.

All right, the second of these things that we have to take out our shoes to take the help of the Mother Earth.

All right. You have to sit in a relaxed manner, relax, relax.

Now, first I’ll show you how we are going to use our left hand symbolically to suggest that we want Self-Realization, because left hand or the left side is the power of desire. And the right hand to give energy to our chakras in a way that the Kundalini rises. It is spontaneous but by this you will know later on also whenever you want to raise your Kundalini afterwards.

Now please put your… I’ll tell you everything. He will show you, he will show you.

Now, please put your left hand towards Me like this on your lap. And right hand on your heart. And in the heart resides the Spirit. Now you have to take your hand like that, you are working only on the left hand side. And this hand is steady and the right hand then moves from this to the upper portion of your abdomen. So this is the center of your mastery, so that you know how to control yourself. Then you have to put your hand on the lower portion of your abdomen on the left hand side. Now this is the center of the pure knowledge, pure knowledge, knowledge of all the laws of this Power. Now, then you have to put again your hand it the upper portion of your abdomen on the left hand side. Now on your heart again. Now you have to take your right hand in the corner of your neck and your head and turn your head to your right. This center catches when you feel guilty. And gives you a horrible diseases like spondylitis and angina. Now you have to place your right hand on top of your forehead across, like this. You have to bend your head as much as you can. Now this hand has to go on the back side and push back your head. This is the center of forgiveness. Now you have to stretch your hand. And put the center of your palm on top of the soft bone that you had in your childhood, this fontanel bone, and push it down, press it down with your fingers outward. Now, move your scalp slowly seven times, pushing back your fingers. That’s all we’ll have to do.

Now please you have to put both your feet apart from each other. You can loosen your necktie, the tie, loose it a bit here and here [INAUDIBLE]. You can take out your spectacles because you close your eyes until I’ll tell you, you should not open your eyes. Now those who don’t want to do it should leave the hall because they will disturb others. It will hardly take ten minutes, hardly.

Now, please close your eyes, slowly. Now put your right hand on your heart. Here you ask Me a very fundamental question, you can call Me Shri Mataji or Mother, whatever you like. Here you have to say, ask a question, “Mother, am I the Spirit?” Ask this question three times. Ask in your heart. If you are the Spirit you are your master, you are in control of yourself.

So now you put down your right hand in the upper portion of your abdomen on the left hand side. Ask Me another question, “Mother, am I my own master?” Ask this question three times, please.

You have to know that I respect your freedom and I can not force pure knowledge on you. So please put your right hand in the lower portion of your abdomen. And please ask Me six times, “Mother, please give me pure knowledge”. Six times, because this center has got six petals. As soon as you ask, the Kundalini starts rising, pure knowledge, as soon as you ask pure knowledge.

So, raise your right hand in the upper portion of your abdomen on the left hand side to open this center for the Kundalini to rise. So please say ten times with full confidence, “Mother, I am my own master”, say with full confidence.

Now, the greatest truth about you is that you are not this body, you are not this mind, you are not these emotions, and you are not ego or conditioning, but you are pure Spirit. So now raise your right hand onto your heart and with full confidence please say, “Mother, I am the Spirit”.

As I’ve told you that this Divine Power, or we may call it the All Pervading Power, is the ocean of love and compassion. It is the ocean of bliss and joy. But above all it is the ocean of forgiveness. So all your mistakes are completely dissolved by this great ocean. So now raise your right hand in the corner of your neck and your shoulder and put your head to your right. Here you have to say with full confidence, “Mother, I’m not guilty at all”, please say it sixteen times.

As I’ve told you that whether you forgive or don’t forgive you don’t do anything. But if we don’t forgive then we play into wrong hands. So we have to forgive everyone. So now please put your right hand on your forehead across and bend your head slowly on it. Here you have to say, with full understanding, not how many times, “Mother, I forgive everyone”, from your heart.

Now for your own satisfaction you have to ask forgiveness, for your own satisfaction, without feeling guilty, not counting your mistakes. Now so for that you put your hand on the back side of your head and push back your head as much as you can do. You have to say, “Oh, All Pervading Power of Love, if we have done any mistakes, please forgive us”.

Now stretch your hand and put the center of your palm on top of your fontanel bone area. This is important, so press it hard, push back your fingers, and you have to move your scalp seven times. Put down your head and very slowly move. Here again I cannot take your freedom, so you have to ask for Self-Realization. You have to say seven times, “Mother please give me my Self-Realization”.

(Shri Mataji blows in the microphone 7 times.)

Now please take down your hands. Please open your eyes. Now, put both the hands like this towards Me. Now, put the right hand towards Me like that. Now bend your head and see for yourself if there’s any cool breeze coming out of your head, with your left hand. Some people get it little hot and some people get it little far away. Now bend your… Put your left hand towards Me, but must bend your head. Now see from your head if there’s a cool breeze coming from your head, with right hand. Now, put your right hand towards Me and please bend your head and see with your left hand if was cool breeze coming out of your head.

Now, raise your both the hands towards the sky, push back your head. Ask a question three times, “Is this the cool breeze of the All Pervading Power of Love?” Ask this question three times.

Now put down your hands. Firstly, you’ll feel very relaxed. And thoughtlessly aware. All those who have felt the cool breeze out of their head or on the fingertips please raise both your hands. Both the hands, please. Both the hands. So many of you have felt, most of you, most of you. Tomorrow again those who have not felt will feel. And those who have felt will feel it better. Apart that we should not discuss it, arguing, thinking on mind.

(The interpreter, “Some have felt a heat coming out”). Let that heat go, come out, it’s all right. You’ve much heat in the body, let it get out. Doesn’t matter. Heat will go away. Also if you don’t forgive you feel heat. You put your right hand like this and left hand like this. Left hand like this, like this, backward. Not like this, not like this. Like this. They have to put like this. Not like this, like this. Now you say from your heart, in your heart, “Mother, I forgive everyone”. Say from your heart.

Cooler now? Cooler? Ooh, better. Now see on your head if it’s cooler. Better now? You should have. Cooler? All right? That’s all, the heat has to come out. Thank you very much. Did they feel much up there? (Means people who were sitting at the upper rows. They said, “Yes”. The interpreter, “Yes, Shri Mataji”.)


1 Apparently, because of the interpreter’s poor English and of his indistinct pronunciation Shri Mataji has heard the question as, “Self-Realization can become for children?”. – Note of the transcribers

2 Shri Mataji means the huge statue of Motherland in Kyiv, in which She has awakened Kundalini flow that day. Now it is emitting a tremendous flow of vibrations. It stands nearby the Pecherska Lavra, the internationally known Orthodox monastery and church complex. – Transcribers.