What is the criteria of a yogi?

Antonov Aircraft Corp. Palace of Culture, Kyiv (Ukraine)

1989-10-23 What is the criteria of a yogi? Kiev, Ukraine, 68' Chapters: Talk, Self-Realization
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Public Program Day 2, 23 October 1989 Kyiv, Second day

I bow to all the seekers of Truth. Now we are here to know the Truth and the method by which we achieve it. Now when I tell you about all these separately questions it will be too much time but all in go in general I’ll explain to you what is within us and how to achieve that state. So first of all we should know how this mechanism built within us. Yesterday I told you about this power of Kundalini. Now some want to know when it rises then does it fall it fail or also but you will know how to raise it and fix it up. But for that you’ll have to attend your followed on programs to understand thoroughly how to raise your Kundalini if it falls down due to some mental, physical, emotional ill in your body. And we are here only for today and we are just to help you to sprout, germinate your Kundalini that pierce through your Sahasrara to begin with through the very subtle center, central channel we call it Brahma Nari. So when she rises and pierces through this fontanel area in a just like a thread then she touches this All Pervading Power, you start spread slowly pouring on our two sympathetic nervous systems it relaxes, that’s how your centers get relaxed and more threads of the Kundalini can rise. But some people who have lived a very temperate, moralic life, their chakras quite all right and their Kundalini rises once for all and does not fall on. It hardly takes few times to make your Kundalini fixed. So first we should see what are the problems we have.

We have two channels – one is a left side channel and the tight side channel. And they combined like this to form a center. So the left side and the right side look after the left and right sympathetic nervous system and the central one looks after the parasympathetic nervous system. Whenever there is your problem of going to the left or to the right there is a movement and the chakras get constricted and you can see it clearly here. But the worst catches come from the spiritual problem. Because that hits the parasympathetic itself. When people came to know that there are many seekers of Truth the market was flooded with false gurus and false people. As a demand is there,there is a supply. Of course, I’m very ashamed and sorry that most of them came from India. And they have took some funny ideas of teaching people about their accent. Misleading people. For example, people have asked about Karma yoga, Agni yoga, this yoga, that yoga. Bhakti yoga. Karma yoga. There is no yoga there. It’s only the union. When the union takes place you can feel it and experience, it’s a real yoga, it’s written in all the books. They do Bhakti yoga, for example, of Shri Krishna. Without getting Realization you can’t even understand Ghita. He has said that, “You must do ananya bhakti”. Ananya bhakti, where there is no other, when you are joined with Me.

About Karma yoga He says, “You should do your work and put all the fruit at My feet”. That is not possible unless and until you are a Realized soul. So any kind of bhakti you do actually you go to the left side. In the, just in India everyone – servants, everyone say “Hare Rama, Hare Krishna” in the morning all the time. They’ll say “Hare Shiva”, everything they go on saying. So are they in yoga? What is, what is the criteria of a yogi? We have so many beautiful books, in Sanskrit and also translated in English, that “Shiva Sutra” had been, “Swahakalibraham”, all these books are translated, where you can see what is the sign of a yogi. He’s not like mad singing some songs or praying to God, breaking his head, no. He isn’t beating, he’s not in separation. On the contrary if you, say, take a name of Shiva, Who resides in your heart, you take a name of Shiva, you take a name of Omkara, you catch on this center. You take a name of Shiva, you catch on heart, if you take the name of Krishna, you take a catch on the Vishuddhi chakra and you get cancer of your Vishuddhi chakra. Now rising of the Kundalini then you’ll see with your naked eyes, not only that, but also that we have three doctors in our university of Delhi who have got their MD doing Sahaja yoga as subject for curatives of different diseases. I’ve told you yesterday that just by dancing in the name of God or by singing or by selling books – all these things – you can not get ananya bhakti, you can not get oneness with God. It’s very misleading and what surprise Me that so many of these people who are doing “Hare Rama, Hare Krishna” just taking money in London and also in New York. And Shri Krishna is Kubera, means He is the God of Wealth, and when we have the God of wealth why should we beg for money? He gives us money as it is, He has done it. Before also, in so many books it is written. What is there to beg? If you worshipping Him, you are all right. Kubera, He’s called as Kubera. Shri Krishna is called as Kubera, means God of wealth. He’s the bestower of wealth according to the Scriptures. So why should His disciples ask for money? By shaving your hair, if you can get your yoga, when all the sheep that shaved every year should get to their yoga. Try to understand, please, it has to be logical, it’s not that stupidity. If you are to be seekers then earnestly you must seek the Truth. And do not you’ll be saved by people who are very cunning and clever, even if they are Indians, they are horrible evil people. In India we have had many saints and seers, no doubt, but we have also the greatest cheats and the thugs and the greatest evil people. These people are the same, I think. If they want to take money from you, they live on your money, it means they are beggars. What can they give you? They are your servants. Unfortunate, they say, for example, for somebody’s haunted lady or the airplane take it holly, but why are they taking money for their nameshifting?

So let us end up with all these Agni yoga, Karma yoga, Bhakti yoga, first of all we should have a real Yoga. You should not accept anything if it is not the truth. One has to be honest to your Self, you have a duty to yourself, you are a seeker and you have a duty to yourself, you have been seeking for all your lives and you are not here to waste your time and life for wrong things, you are seekers. Best part of it, that when these people take to these gurus, these false gurus, they don’t even ask questions to them! Then I very happy that they have asked Me questions. That shows they have freedom to ask. All right, so one chapter is over.

This Sahaja Yoga is a system which was known in India hundreds of years back. But I told you there were very few people who got Self-Realization. Now. But now it’s different today. Is already predicted about fourteen thousand years back by a very ancient saint that this will happen in the modern times – Kali Yuga that thousands of people will get their Realization. There was an astrologer the one who was I should say the one who was a pioneer of astrology called as Bruhumuni brought a book of [unclear word] we call it called as Malituren and in that he has gave the completely about Sahaja Yog. Even the time was calculated from she today.

So now we have two channels – left and right. The left one is called as the Ida Nari and the right one is called as a Pingala Nari. And this left one is also called as the Moon Nari, the Moon channel and looks after our past, our subconscious, our collective subconscious. We can say that it looks after our psyche. But psyche is a very much smaller area, it looks after a much bigger area.

Now the right side that is within us is the one which is called as the Sun channel, looks after our future. So the future is created by our right Nari which gives us the supraconscious mind. And also the collective supraconscious beyond that. So all the past that has gone and all the future that has to come is all within ourselves.

And the center path is made for our accent. Now, there is a cancer patient here who has asked Me a question, so I’ll tell you in short how cancer is caused. You see with this are the chakra as I told you and you start using it too much, say, the right side, who start thinking too much, using your will power, your futuristic attitude too much. And you start moving on one side slowly-slowly. Now if there is any attack from the left side, means if you get a shock, or you get a fright, or any kind of a past thought or any kind guru affects you or the feeling of energy as you say, any such horrible thing they act is black magic, suddenly this breaks like that. So now, so there is no connection with the whole, you are separated, you are malignant. So one cell becomes independent, it catches another cell makes it independent, they start growing on their own like that. But is necessary then has to be attacked from the left side, so cancer is psychosomatic disease. So, this can only be cured through these two things brought together. So in Sahaja Yoga there is a way of removing your left side, your attention that has gone to your left side is removed and brought to the center. So that it comes back like this normally and again the Kundalini passes through this and as if a thread is taken through the pearls it passes through and holds up and again its connected to the whole. So you are in the center. So you can cure blood cancer, there are many cases of blood cancer being cured. Many cancer patients can be cured. But sometimes it seems such a galloping way. Sometimes the patients do not take it so seriously because it’s free, then we can not save. But if you can really work it out it has cured many cancer patients, no doubt about it. [Shri Mataji corrects the interpreter’s mistake when he instead of “blood cancer” said in Russian “black cancer”]. I don’t know Russian but it is so ardent. All right, so like that, so many diseases are cured. But it’s not the end of life. Your cleansed and you feel all right. But now, say, you have Chernobyl problem here. Many had asked questions about that also. Yesterday some of you, quite a lot of you felt the heat coming out of your heads. Some of you might have had it because of radiation problem and some of you might have been out of fear – getting that heat. Yesterday a lady come with Me, she was very hot, I could fell her heat very much and then I asked her to put her right hand towards Me and left hand outside and after some time she cooled down. So you can get rid of that problem also, radiation problem you asked. If you every day take care now you can get rid of it completely. And you yourself will know that you have got rid of it.

Then after you get it, help you out, you are clean, then you should know how to protect yourself. So when you know that how to protect yourself then there is never a problem. Once you know how to be in the center then there is no problem of physical attack. Now through these ESP and other thieves, they tried to suck your energy, but if you get your Realization then they’ll run away from you. Because they are under evil force and you are so strong they start shaking before you, actually we’ll see they shaking before you. With Realization many people will become powerful in spirituality and the evil will go away as the light when comes the darkness disappears. There’s a very nice question somebody asked Me, “What is the purpose of Sahaja Yoga?” the first one is, of course, as I told you, is the evolutionary process by which now the last breakthrough is achieved and you become absolutely the absolute truth, you know absolute truth. You take ten children and tie their eyes and if their Realized souls and ask, “What’s wrong with this man?” They’ll put the same finger. Means something wrong with his Vishuddhi. Everybody will put the same finger. One gentleman came and asked Me, “Why everybody is asking me, what is your relation with your father? Why all Sahaja Yogis are asking me, what is your relation with your father?” I asked him, “Do you get asthma?” He said, “Yes”. So when the center on the right heart as the call it, when it caught up you feel this because you might have lost your father, your father and son are not be all right that’s why you get it, husband and wife relationships are not all right, also one may get it. So it is that’s how you get in this time of a thing – asthma. It is so deep as that. Now the attention of such a person becomes so pure, so innocent that even a glance of such a person can cure another person. Though we have one brain we have two rooms and normally if you are one-sided your only one room develops. For example you are very futuristic, you’re your left side room will develop. Means you are futuristic. You are planning, now I have to go, I have to pay the metro, then I go there, I do this and not thinking about the future. Then all the time you are planning the future which does not exist. After forty or fifty years the another side of a brain will be come down and your memory will become weak. You will not even remember what metro you have to go. Or you may even forget your wife’s name.

So the another side is if you are too much left-sided, very emotional and this and that, then the right side becomes useless. So this imbalance is connected with Kundalini and she brings you to a balanced life. But when it touches this center here, the center of the Mother, where you feel the compassion, the love. This center is very important because here in the sternum bone you produce till the age of twelve years antibodies who go and fight the diseases later on. Any type of attack or fear is communicated by this sternum bone which starts pulsating. If you are insecure then you develop problems of your sternum bone. Like women if they are insecure about their motherhood if their husbands are not kind to them they can develop insecurity and can have cancer of the breast.

In the same way, your whole attitude towards life changes because you become a witness of the whole show, the all thing looks like a drama. Like when you are seen some drama and you are quite engrossed and you are think you are there. But as soon as the drama is over you [think], “it was just a drama’, you understand. So a witness state happens, the witness state. Then you start enjoying everything. For example, I like this carpet very much, I see it and worries is not mine, because there’s no headache about it. When I see this what I feel is the joy that is put into it by it’s creator and whole thing fills you very joyous soothing feeling all over you. Because there is no thought in it, no thought, just seeing, just seeing. And so you are fully one with the creator who has done this work. Like a beautiful lake has very nice beautiful [unclear word] around it and there’s no ripple in the lake, the whole beauty and the joy of it completely reflects in that lake. You become collectively conscious, you become a new personality where on your fingertips you can feel the others, you become one to your central nervous system, collectively… You are not forced into it, it just you become. Who is the other? Do you know, so many Germans came with Me from Germany to give Realization to Russians. And so many Russians have come with Me to give Realization to Ukrainians. No so many Ukrainians have to go to Turkey to give them Realization. If there is pain in one finger, then the whole world rushing to be with you. Spontaneously, you don’t have to tell, spontaneously this hand will help this hand, spontaneously. Because it is part and parcel of the whole. Not mentally only, not forcibly, but actually, innately. To be very frank, there was only one world created, nations there were not created by this All Pervading Power, only humane beings have created nations. So new awareness is born on your central nervous system. Supposing a dog has to go through a dirty lane it can go, but a humane being never goes because it’s dirty. In the same way when this new awareness come to you just don’t do wrong things. I don’t have to tell you, you just don’t do it. I have seen people becoming overnight rid of their habits of alcoholism and drugs and all kinds, overnight. It happens like this that if you are holding a snake in the hand and if it’s all dark and I say, “It’s a snake” You will say, “No, it’s a rope”, you will never listen to Me. But if there is light you will know it yourself, I don’t have to tell you. So the new awareness of righteousness, of goodness comes within you. And you do something which is benevolent for yourself and benevolent for the whole world. Above all you enjoy your Spirit which is the source of joy. Joy has no duality, it is neither unhappiness or happiness, it is just joy. So you just start swimming in the ocean of joy, enjoying each other, the humane beings which are the epitome of evolution. Whatever is comfortable for your Spirit that’s what you seek and you don’t bother about other things.

I hope I have covered most of your questions. There are certain questions which are personal and I told you I meet you all one by one, so you can tell Me your personal questions will be good idea. First let us have our Realization again.

Now again you have to take out our shoes. Somebody had asked Me that, “Tell me how to do the same [unclear word] again”. It’s not necessary. In the center they will tell you how to do meditation much more simpler.

All right. So first you get your Realization. First, you see, get your light and in that light you can understand much better.

There are people still to take out your shoes to take the help from the Mother Earth. Now you have to take your both feet apart from each other. As I told you that this is the power of desire, this is the power of action and they took power separately. You have to sit comfortably. But not slouching [on anyone state?]. If you have a tie here you can loose the pressure. Now put your left hand towards Me which symbolizes your desire to get Self-Realization. Now first I’ll show you how we are going to use our right hand to enrich or to open, to help to open our centers on the left hand side. Before that we have two conditions as I’ve told you yesterday. First one is to forget the past. We have to live in present. That means you forgive everyone. The second question is that you have to forgive yourself. And you are not to feel guilty at all. As I told you yesterday we are humane beings and we can only make mistakes. And this All Pervading Power which is the Ocean of forgiveness can dissolve any mistakes committed by you. So that you have to remember you are going to enter into the kingdom of healthy, into the garden of beauty, into the heaven of joy. So we should be very pleasantly placed towards ourselves.

So now please put left hand towards Me and right hand on your heart. We should put it under your coat. In the heart resides the Spirit. And Kundalini is the energy of Primordial Mother reflected in us. And Spirit is the reflection of the Primordial Father. The seat of the Spirit is here, on the fontanel bone area where it was a soft bone in your childhood. Now please put your right hand on your heart. Here you have to say or ask Me a question. You can call Me Shri Mataji or Mother, “Mother, am I the Spirit?” Ask this question three times.

Now if you are the Spirit you are your master. Now please bring your right hand to upper portion of your abdomen and ask a question three times, “Mother, am I my own master?”

Now the lowest center here is the center of pure knowledge. And I cannot force pure knowledge on you, I respect your freedom. So you have to say six times, “Mother, please give me pure knowledge”.

As soon as you ask this question your Kundalini starts moving upward so we have to clear the upper centers by nourishing them with our self-confidence. So now please take your right hand on upper part of your abdomen on the left hand side, press it hard. Now here with full confidence you have to say, “Mother, I am my own master” ten times.

Now the greatest truth about you is that you are not this body, you are not this mind, you are not these emotions. You are not this ego or conditioning, but you are pure Spirit. So now raise your right hand on your heart. And twelve times with full confidence say, “Mother, I am the Spirit”.

The All Pervading subtle Power is the Ocean of love and compassion. It is the Ocean of bliss and joy. But above all it is the Ocean of forgiveness. So you can not commit any mistake which can not be dissolved by this Ocean of love. So please forgive yourself. And put your right hand in the corner of your neck and the shoulder and turn your face to your right. And please say here with full confidence sixteen times, “Mother, I am not guilty at all”.

Now as I told you before that you have to forgive everyone. Whether you forgive or nor forgive we do not do anything. But if you do not forgive you play into wrong hands. You just forgive everyone. If you don’t forgive then you’ll get the heat coming out of your heads. So just forgive from your heart.

Now please raise your right hand unto you forehead and put down your head as much as you can. And here you have to say in your heart, “Mother, I forgive everyone”. It’s not important how many times, but say it from your heart.

Now take your right hand on the back side of your head and push back your head on it as much as you can. Now here we have to say for your own satisfaction without feeling guilty, without counting your mistakes, “Oh, All Pervading Power of Love! Please forgive me if I had done anything wrong”. Say it from your heart again.

Now please stretch your right hand and put the center of your palm on top of the fontanel bone area, the soft bone which was there when you was a child and put it put down your head. Here again I can not cross your freedom. So you press your palm hard and push back your fingers and move your hand slowly moving your scalp saying seven times, “Mother, please give me my Self-Realization”. Move it clockwise. Push back your fingers! Push back your fingers otherwise it won’t work out.

Now please take down your hands and open your eyes slowly. Please put both your hands towards Me. And now put right hand towards Me and put down your head and see if there’s a cool breeze coming out of your head. Some people feel it far away, some people feel it closer.

[End of the recording].