Shri Mataji leaving UK after 16 yrs residence

Shudy Camps Park, Shudy Camps (England)


Farewell Talk. Shudy Camps (England), 3 December 1989.

Have you got that album also? Just to read.

I have to thank you all for giving money for the presents for Indians. From the Indian side I would like to thank you all for doing that. And I hope you all have done it. Indians are waiting for Sahaja Yogis and they are regretting that some of you are not coming. And we’ll be celebrating Christmas in Puna in a big way. And I hope you all will celebrate Christmas, if you want you can come here and celebrate the way you want to do it.

Now you know that Mr. Srivastava has retired. As a result of that I also won’t be staying here for longer periods, come here for short periods, may be for at the most month or so. Now it is your responsibility to spread Sahaja Yoga. Each person can do a lot. In every country it has worked this way. We’ll be having about three Ashrams established, but every house is an Ashram and I was happy that also in Harrow they are having some program. I hope he is here, is he here – Malcolm? He wrote to Me that he wants to start a program in Harrow. In the same way in whatever locality you live you can advertise to begin with – gradually it will move. You know that Sahaja Yoga started with one person. So you shouldn’t mind, in the beginning they come then they go away, then they come, when I’m there all of them will come. I don’t know what’s wrong with them. But otherwise they don’t come. So there’s nothing to be disappointed with them. We have to help our country-men. We have to try to understand them.

Now we are much better Sahaja Yogis. We understand Sahaja Yoga very well. Perhaps it is never been a great knowledge to you that you have become real great saints. It’s not a knowledge because gradually the whole thing has opened out so beautifully in you whatever is your, your own being has shown its own manifestation and the whole thing has worked out so beautifully that you don’t know what you have got. You talk to anybody who is of a very high ranking philosopher he will know what you know. You can face anyone. You can face the pope, if you want to. (Shri Mataji laughing & laughter) And Yogi Mahajan went to these orthodox church and he told them, “What are you talking, if there is a Holy Ghost on this Earth, what are you doing here, why are you fighting?” They wouldn’t take him seriously. They said, “Where is the Holy Ghost, now whatever are the, whatever are the signs given of the Holy Ghost are here. So why don’t you accept? If you are Christians you should accept.” And he single handedly fought them, single handed he fought them. And he said, “You, you are all blind people.” And that’s what the Christ has said that, “You will be calling Me Christ, Christ and I won’t recognise you. You are the people.”

But I was surprised even in Koran there is a complete, complete chapter, a very big chapter called as S Y, [Sahashta Yoga ?], can you imagine, in Koran, where He has said it completely, in such a complete manner that you won’t recognise the one whom we’ll sent. You will not believe. You’ll try to play tricks. You will try to trouble but you will be the losers and you all will go to hell. It’s so clearly in that one, the whole chapter. I haven’t got the Koran with Me otherwise I would have read it out to you. You will be amazed. He has condemned all such peoples, who are with such short sight they won’t recognize. Even in the Bible yesterday I was reading that, “You are not going to believe, you are not going to understand.”

So in every scripture they’ve tried to say this. And of course, when there is no background at all, whatever background we have and whatever is said is so emphatically said we have to accept it. But it doesn’t happen. It doesn’t happen. Now surprisingly that you know that in Russia we have done wonders. We are already recognised there while this pope is still busy trying to recognize – and get his Catholic church recognized. We are already recognised. We have an independent status. So the Russians have that depth. You know one fellow has written a theses on this Shri Chakra and its mathematics, can you believe it, he is a professor of Mathematics. That book is lost somehow or other I don’t know where but we are going to get it. They have written books about yoga – they have written books of Patanjali. They have written so many; I mean they have done so much. But they know they have not found it. They know this falsehood. Something has gone wrong with it sometimes I feel it’s the curse of Christianity in the West. Perhaps may be. Because why is it wherever there is Christianity such a stumbling block for Sahaja Yoga. I just don’t understand, what these people have done to us?

So now it is our duty as Christians specially, to bring good name to Christ, because they are blocked people, they can’t see. They cannot feel, and they don’t want to know. Can you imagine – the ministers of their Supreme Committee are coming to Ganapatipule? Can you think even a ordinary, you can say [chapraci ?] as we call them – the door keeper from Western bureaucracy will come to Ganapatipule?

So this is the problem and they think we are all mad people, you see they want to show that we are all mad, we are in a cult, we are into this because anybody who is not in Christianity is in the cult – and they are the greatest cult I think. So now you realize that this is the thing that has happened now with the Christians. They have not achieved anything we have to fight them and we have to tell them that this is what it is, “You are a cult. We are not a cult. You are a cult. You are the ones who are following something so blindly and you cannot open your eyes to something that’s the truth which is told in the Bible.” You have to tell them.

Unless and until you talk to them this won’t happen. This won’t work out. So you see we have to be very bold now, we have to talk about Sahaja Yoga on every level. So on a religious level I would the say I don’t know the Jews will ever listen to anyone, I mean Jews are another cracked people, just fanatic people because they don’t listen but we have Jews now in Sahaja Yoga, we have. So we have to get Jews like this talking to some friends and this and that because the older people in Jews, you see, they all think they are in dangers. I don’t know if they’ll come. They can go to TM but to come to Sahaja Yoga is very difficult for them because they think it’s some sort of a cult. I don’t know what picture they have given.

Now on various levels we have to see what we can do about Sahaja Yoga. On religious level the Hindus, or the Indians who have come here or even Pakistanis who have come here, all of them as I told you, they all like a mango tree brought to London, which cannot produce mango, but it cannot even produce an apple. So Indians are hopelessly bad so don’t worry too much about them. If they’ll come to you they will telephone to Me immediately my mother is ill, my father is ill, my God father is dead, bless his soul. So best thing is to be careful as to what people to handle. If you can get hold of someone do not pressurise them too much because the ego is too much, slowly, slowly work it out. I am sure they will understand. So we have to get people who are well educated, who have some sense in their heads and people who have not, sort of – you are not under the other conditions, of other gurus and this and that because they are difficult. You don’t have to worry about them because you catch. So you don’t worry about such people. You worry about sensible, normal people that are there and talk to them.

But normal people think that, “Oh! We are all right. What’s wrong with us? What’s so special about it?” So for them you have to tell them that, “See, we have found out that we are the Spirit. We have found out the method how to become that and we know everything about it.” If you start talking about this to them they’ll be really amazed. Now you take Bible and read in that different, different chapters wherever you find there’s support of Sahaja Yoga and you can talk to them on religious basis. Now there’s another kind of thing, you might find is the people who are in the business and things. So now those people, who go to them and meet them have to talk that, “In business you can improve. You definitely improve in business if you go to Sahaja Yoga.” You can talk to them. Sahaja Yoga gives you that special quality of relaxation that you can improve.

So that’s how you can talk to them because they are also another. Bureaucrats you don’t talk to them. They are out of question. Just don’t bother your heads about bureaucrats. They are the stupidest people I have come across. I don’t know where are they going to hang themselves. (Laughter) Don’t talk to bureaucrats. Bureaucrats are out of question, very difficult people. So now then we have got say, professionals like architects, doctors and other things, also these people can be handled. You can talk to them, have meetings with them, call them. If there is an architect, you can call some architects to say that, “See, in architecture how you have improved, how you got more dynamic ideas”, and things like that. But I think this country is more meant for doctors. We have many doctors here. So this country can work out on the doctors. But that doesn’t mean you should gather all these sick people and bang at the doctors’ place. But still, still if you find somebody like that if you give Realization that person, then you can take that person to the doctors who are trying to form, some sort of a, we can say a clinic here. So Dr. Wells has started one clinic. Dr Spiro is going to a start another and we have still got Chelsham road. And Chelsham Road is there.

Now the problem that we have now is to understand, first of all, who will take to Sahaja Yoga. Don’t waste your energies on stupid people because then you get so fed up with them and then come back to Me and say, “Mother, see I have tried.” Don’t try. Try only three times – if it works, well and good otherwise forget them, just forget them. There’s nothing that can give you any credit if you run after some mad fellow. But you might become mad, that’s all. They are mad. They are blind. They can’t see and they think that Sahaja Yoga is only for – some people think that it is only for people with problems. It’s not so. It’s not so. It’s meant for everyone who wants to have betterment of their lives, is for the benevolence of everybody. But those who do not want to see their benevolence, no use forcing them, wasting your precious time, you see, Sahaja Yogis are the most precious things.

Now I’ll tell you – when I went to Russia, see, I was telling Yogi Mahajan that this Yoga conference I would like to attend. He said, “All right, Mother, we’ll find out some time for You to speak.” And I said, “It’s a good idea. I’ll come.” So I told him when I went there, you see, this is a very big breaking point because all East block people are going to be there, East Germany, Czechoslovakia, all these people. They are all going to be there. And once they face Me, they become Sahaja Yogis, once they go back to their own countries it will start cracking. Exactly that happened. Exactly that happened because that conference was held we got doctors and people from East Germany, we got from Czechoslovakia, we got from Romania, from everywhere we got. And they came and so many of Russians also and when they became Sahaja Yogis they cracked. This – such a big wall is cracked now, all these things have happened. In the same way when Hungary was asked – Hungary, what about Hungary, I said, “Let one Hungarian person come to Sahaja Yoga it will work out.” It has worked.

Now certain countries are little difficult I find, I think as Portuguese and Spain are rather difficult. Perhaps may be they have been very aggressive, extremely aggressive, English also have been, I must say, English, French, you must accept that. But Spanish have done lot of crimes because they killed so many people in America, so many. I mean when you go and see there, I mean, all these films they show – is all wrong. Actually they all aggressed all the people there. So this is a trouble with the white skin. That it tries to aggress all the time. You see somebody they’ll aggress they think they have the right to aggress because they have the white skin. You see, it’s such a curse, it’s such a curse. So I would say that, that may be the reason – now I know why they want to tan their face, because they feel little guilty (Shri Mataji laughing) – have a complex. So this aggression has done so much harm to people, so much harm. And that’s why these two countries Portuguese and Spain are still like that. I think Spain is coming up and goes down, comes up, and all that. So we have to support them and help them. Of course, God has forgiven them, no doubt, but still there are certain bhoots there who must have been aggressive or who are trying to play tricks with them.

France was very difficult and I went to France I don’t know how many times. In one year I went four times to France. So I worked very hard on France and as a result France has improved a lot now. France has got so many centres and so many people are there. They are coming up it’s much better. Germany is working, Austria you know very well. So in these things – now Germany has done so much of aggression, but Austria is doing very well because it was not so much in it. Germany is also coming. So you see, in the whole world we can create lot of good will. I went to America last time and I said, “Some Chinese from China-land should come then it will work out.” But there were some Chinese, not from China land not from mainland and I gave them Realization, one of them was the father of the boy who had acted in this ‘The last Emperor’ thing. And he was very dynamic and he said that, “Mother, something should be done about China.” I said, “China is not yet ready.” And it happened they did do something but they failed there. Of course, it has to be worked out. But the Chinese there are now not coming to India but going to Taiwan. And they are working it out in Taiwan and once they’ve worked it out I am going to Taiwan on My way to Australia. So Taiwan is also we are going to get and maybe Japan also. So I’ll be going to Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Australia – all these places I would like to touch.

And wherever there will be Sahaja Yoga all these old things will crack. But these are cracking because they were very power-oriented so the Shakti first attacks the power part. But also we much know that the countries where there were no restrictions, this abandonment of old value system as we have in all these Western countries, we have become so ignorant about ourselves. We have become so blind. We have become so ego oriented, we have gone so wrong. All these countries have gone so wrong. But while the countries now – I know that all East Germans who are coming into West Germans are going to fall into Sahaja Yoga ocean, no doubt about it. And I could see also all the Czechoslovakians – their faces; they are already becoming Sahaja Yogis. So they are all going to fall into it. But what about we, the ones who are supposed to be the free people? That’s what is to be done, and for you all must decide on the Christmas day or today if you want to, if it’s not too early that, “We are going to work out Sahaja Yoga and we are going to give Realization to people.” Tell them about it, how you have changed, you talk about yourself. If somebody says, “Oh! This is it.” “I was just like you, just like you, I tell you I was like this, but this is what has happened.”

Now certain things we should know we are now going to India and there people who come to us and all that. So we have to know that this is a pilgrimage we are going there for a pilgrimage not for just a picnic, all right, for a pilgrimage, for our ascent. And you may have some bad times, you may have some good times and – but it’s a venture, it’s a venture into the new areas of rustic life and not so much of sophistication. There you have to understand that you are going for the comfort of your Spirit and so far people have been very nice. But except for one or two things, which I should say today that we should not form into groups. Groupism is a very bad character, specially of the English. They always form a group wherever they go. And it’s so troublesome sometimes. Now in, you see in Italy they are saying, “Take back all the English. We don’t want them here. They all form a group.” Anywhere you go in the whole world. See I went to a very nice place in Argentina and they have a very beautiful, very, very beautiful area near the sea called as Mar del Plata. It’s so beautiful it was, so I was telling C.P. that we should really have an Ashram here. I said, “What about the Christians, what about the English?” “Oh! They have another area they live there, all of them.” Anywhere – they just stay somewhere else, you see.

This kind of a false superiority is not going to help us. We must face ourselves. It’s false. So we should never form a group. Now when you go there you’ll just mix up with other people talk to everyone. And that past is over. We are all Sahaja Yogis now. We are not English, we are not British and we are not Germans – we are all Sahaja Yogis. Imagine the Germans came all the way to Russia to give them Realization. Russians were given Realization by Germans, can you believe it? And the Jews and the Jews gave Realization to Russians. This is the best part of it. You can never hear such things. So you should get rid of these small boundaries of your mind that English are something special, they are not. We are all very ordinary Sahaja Yogis. Let us be ordinary. That’s the best way. Let us be very ordinary. Once you become ordinary then the extraordinary comes out of you. Well, if you try to put up something extraordinary upon yourself the poor thing which is inside so beautiful just says, “All right, thank you very much Humpty Dumpty.” (Shri Mataji laughing & laughter)

So let us be very humble, let us be very kind, let us be collective. No groupism is needed in Sahaja Yoga. You cannot have. If you try I’ll break it. I’ll break it the groupism. I’ll break the group, and may be the members of the group. So you have to be very careful. Those who have ideas of groupism of any kind should give up – completely. We do not belong to any group. We do not belong to any country. We are in the kingdom of God. Why do you want to belong to this wretched country England or to that wretched country India? You belong to the kingdom of God, all right? So with that you feel so happy, and so nice and so contented, so protected. But if you want to belong to British, all right – face Mrs Thatcher. (Shri Mataji laughing & laughter) I have nothing to say but if you want to be in the kingdom of God that have all blessings everything from them.

How things work out! How things work out! It’s so remarkable, so remarkable, that I mean I cannot explain to them but I can tell you one or two incidents where you will see how things work out with this Paramchaitanya, this all pervading power, how it works out. Of course, in My case it always works out. In My case I have no problem. I have no problem at all of any kind but even in your case, like Steven wrote to Me saying that, “Mother, I won’t be able to come because I don’t have so much money now to travel and all that.” I said, “You are the leader, you can come.” But he said, “Travel money is another problem.” So what happened, he told Me the other day, that he went to book all the seats for all the passengers who were coming from the Sahaja Yogis. The man who booked them said, “You can have one ticket free.” (Laughter) So even on material level it works out. Even small, small things you will find – it works out.

I went out shopping for you, your presents and you won’t believe we got woollen cloth for two pound a metre, can you get it, woollen, full wool – just there. And all thanks will come to you, though shopping I’ve done but thanks will come to you because you have sent such nice things. So for Me it works out, and it works out for you also. Just have faith, just have faith, whenever you have problems just pray. Just pray and have faith that this is going to work out and everything will work out very well. It may take sometimes some little time, doesn’t matter. So all in different levels we have seen that we have to work outside and give Realization to others, like if you open one door – Sahasrara is not sufficient. You have to open another door, otherwise it doesn’t flow. If you want it to circulate and flow then you must open another door of giving Realizations to others. And you must try to do it, those who are here have to do it. And those who are going to India are going only with the idea that they’ll become more powerful to do it.

So it’s the Christmas coming, it’s nice to celebrate Christmas as His birth, but He, see, He had such a short time to live and He couldn’t do much, should have done much more, couldn’t do and His crucifixion came up suddenly. But doesn’t matter He still is there within us as the Spirit and you are again reborn. So at Christmas actually is the day you were born is the Christmas; when Christ is born within you. So what you have to do is to think that we are doing the work of Christ, we are doing the work of Moses, we are doing the work of Mohammed Sahib, of Guru Nanaka – of all these great incarnations. We are doing their work. And so we are important. We are chosen ones. We are ordinary but we are important. And this is how you will realize that everyone of you plays a part and a role. How much you take responsibility is your own. Christ took such a big responsibility because He was after all Omkara. So it’s all right. But we are also there so we should also take the responsibility of England. We should take at least the responsibility if not of England, of your own, say, province, or you can take of your own little village, at least. That’s how it is going to work out.

I have some different plans also for you which I am sure will work out. Let’s see next year, we’ll able to see the results of those plans. But this year only you have to work hard and work it out. Everybody must try to also make up some business or some, earn something and do something better for yourself. Not to be lazy because this is another curse on the – because of the climate I also feel lazy, such a horrible climate it is. But doesn’t matter we have to fight it, you see. So the laziness is not a very good thing and for that I think early in the morning 4 o’clock if you take bath you won’t feel lazy the whole day. If you can try that. Try getting up early in the morning somehow or other getting on to the top, have your bath and then see how you feel the whole day. All day you will very, very energetic. But you must do it early in the morning, because after that you have to at least spend two hours in the house. Then there won’t be any problem and you can do very well. So this is one of them you can try. You can also try massaging your body – with some sort of a massaging thing if you can get. That will give you good circulation because we have to be very active compared to others so that they see in us the dynamism of Kundalini working. And that will be very helpful to you because this laziness is a curse of this country. They used to be too active.

You see what we knew of English means you see they’ll come at the time that they will be there. They will do this at this time they will do it. So spick and span, absolutely tailored people, absolutely. Now the same thing has gone to the other end. So we don’t need that extreme and we don’t need this extreme. We have to be in the center and we have to be active. If you feel sleepy or anything then there is something wrong with us. If you feel sleepy wash your face, do something but keep – try to keep awake and see what work you have put in. Immediately your brain will start working, your earnings would be better, your life would be better. So try to be active and try to be projecting yourself, projecting all the time and it will, I am sure with this New Year’s coming it will work out very well.

My going is, I think – was fixed on the 9th, may be on the 8th I don’t know whatever it is and I don’t want you to come in the fog again there, it’s all right. So I would like to really say Good Bye because I really don’t want you to come all the way in the fog and stand there in the cold. And when I come when it is cold please don’t stand in the cold because all the time I am worried in the plane that they must be standing there, now the plane is getting late this is happening. I would say that when it is warm and nice and then it’s all right but when it is so cold I don’t want children to be there because if you want to make Me happy then you shouldn’t take My children suffer in the cold, all right? So please, at least don’t bring the children. But the children are there, everybody is there, and I am worrying in the plane that all of them would be standing and this plane is so late, you know, sometimes you can’t help it. So this is My little request is.

Now another is that you shouldn’t give Me any more presents. You see, just see this house is filled with 65% things are presents. I don’t know what to do with them. I cannot sell them. I cannot give it any one. I cannot wear them. I don’t know what to do. Now I will have to build three more houses. (Laughter) It will be going in the museum. So there is no need at all to give Me any presents whatsoever. For to give Me flowers are the best and but that also not so many, My husband was saying that, “You better, We both better get out of the house and let the flowers live in the house.” (Laughter) That going too far. (Shri Mataji laughing)

So I mean that you love Me, I know that you are very kind to Me and you are very sweet and to feel that so many people love Me itself is so joy giving. You have no idea – My joy has no bounds. It cannot – I cannot express to you that you see how, how much it is from all sides. I feel the flowing of joy and the pouring in joy is such a lot and I enjoy all this that you love Me so much. But you must also love yourself and respect yourself that you are Sahaja Yogis. That’s all I have to say and wish you a very, very happy Christmas and a very prosperous and very dynamic New Year!

May God bless you!

(Now Shri Mataji is starting to talk about Sahaja marriages.
Bad quality due to much background noise.)

Also you must give clearly what are your preferences are, whom would you like to get married, if there is somebody in your mind you better act. And also after consulting that person. (Laughter) Otherwise it would be very embarrassing. (Laughter) And clearly you must state what sort of person you want to marry and also clearly about yourself, you see that what you are doing, if you are capable or earning or not, capable of supporting your wife or not, such a thing, you must write so that – or if wife is there she should also write, if she can help her husband in any material area or anything, so you must clearly write in the form, it’s all there, nothing to hide. Nothing to say something, which is not there. Because these things can be quite misleading, all right? And no leader is going to put anything absurd now because we have had funny experiences before.

But there is one thing – getting into Sahaja Yoga marriage is very different from any other marriage. Of course, Sahaja Yoga has got all the facilities for divorce also. There is no – that we don’t say that you cannot divorce. You can divorce, but under certain circumstances. But after marriage some of the people just get lost. And this is something – the worst type of thing that can happen to you. They get into their honeymoon mood and I don’t know what they get into – all their ideas, romantic ideas come back, they were just lost with that. You are marrying here for Sahaja Yoga. That’s the main thing to remember.

And don’t forget. Because this has been seen with some percentage of them, not with all that, they get lost. They start dominating each other, fighting with each other, trying to be funny and some of them are shocked, shocked. And some have left Sahaja Yoga because of their marriages. And another if you have any – like if you have children and if there is a case going on – better not marry. Forget about it. If you are free, absolutely free there is no problem of that kind then you better marry. But if you have a problem that another person going to sue you and do all these things, it’s absurd. It’s a very common thing.

So, also I would say last thing that if you have such problems of your children are with somebody else, you have to forget about the children

If you have the children with you then if you [have that lady, who ??] always trouble us, talk about Sahaja Yoga, do this do that. So, in Sahaja Yoga, you see, it is not practical. It’s not practical I have seen. If you want to have the children or anything then the husband if he is against Sahaja Yoga he may say that, “All right, you can be a Sahaja Yogini but I will not allow our children to be in it.” And he won’t like it. So why don’t have a [liability ?] and see the child yourself and meet the child. You don’t have a liability of children on yourself.

In Sahaja Yoga also there are people who have misbehaved who have been with Me for ages –
I’ve treated them just like My own children. I forgive them because they couldn’t [go on ?].

So this kind of attachment is also is not good which creates problems for your ascent. You are in Sahaja Yoga for your ascent. Your marriage is for your ascent. Your children are for your ascent. Anybody which creates a problem or hurdles for your ascent you should try to forget it because God knows how many times you have been married in your last lives? (Laughter) And how many children you have had. So all these attachments are superficial. You are special people as far as Sahaja Yoga is concerned. So you’ll give it a thought that you are not going to divorce next day, it’s not good. I don’t like it.

If you don’t want to marry – don’t marry. If you want to marry a person there’s one month choice – you can find out. Like somebody – decide for yourself. You may not fall into love, may not, that’s also another thing I don’t know, what to fall into love. That kind of thing may not be and it is not necessary because if you fall into love also rise into divorces. (Laughter) So best thing is not to fall into love and not to rise into divorces, but have a balanced idea about marriage. See, marriage, it cannot be decided like the way you have Romeo and Juliet or something, nothing of that kind. Life is practical, you see, it’s practical life, your feet should be on the ground, you see, absolutely on the ground. So you won’t lose your balance. So if you understand that point then marriage will be successful. But if you try to think of a romanticism and all that – it just fails. Of course at the same time I would say it is not ascetism of any kind at all but you lead a nice, friendly married life, in a very friendly manner in every way, decent and decorous. But you do not become sort of over romantic so that another person runs away with your romanticism.

I’ve told many a times about it. That you have all the freedom to choose which ever person you like and you can always say, “No, Mother I don’t want to [belong ?].” You have all the freedom everything. I never force you to do anything even in Sahaja Yoga. If you want to stay in Sahaja Yoga you stay all right – if you don’t want to stay you can go. So there’s no compulsion of any kind in Sahaja Yoga. If you don’t want to get married – all right, if you want to get married – all right. So it is your Spirit which has to guide you. I am not going to say anything. I’ve never even said that, “Give up drugs, alcohol – anything.” It just works automatically.

So if you want to develop a state of your Spirit you have to listen to it and it will be seen in your own life that you are wise. You must know how to handle your wife, how to handle yourself, handle your tempers and things. And that’s one of the tests – that’s the test in Sahaja Yoga. So I hope marriage is not the priority, not the prior thing. It is not that. It is supportive, it is not the prior. What is prior is Kundalini. Standing on that primordial principle and you have to adjust yourself to that principle and with that you can see that others can be also adjusted.

We have ways and methods, silent methods of improving others – not arguments, not talking, not saying harsh things, no, but silent ways of doing things. And it works. Of course, if somebody is horrible – like that I am not going to in any way, any way ask him to continue with that person, all right finish it. But you must know when to finish it. I mean it’s very surprising that people do not want to finish off with the problems they face, because of their children, because of their husbands, this, that. But they are very anxious to have a divorce, it’s very surprising. It has become like a market, marketing. It’s so much in the atmosphere – you must divorce, you must divorce.

In India you don’t have anybody falling into love, I mean, we don’t know that part but we have very good marriages and we have lots of children, no problem. And we don’t have divorces either. So you must understand your own position – specially ladies in the West. There is a trick of the trade. And if they don’t know the trick of the trade they can never be successful in marriage. Don’t try to be men. A man cannot marry a man. Of course, in these days (Laughter) – but we are not like that. You have to be ladies and you have to be gentlemen and that’s how the marriages take place. And that’s how it’s all right – and not to quarrel, not to fight. But to love each other, to understand each other in the same love, to feel their love. It’s the best thing, if you know that your love is the highest thing, I think. For Me that’s the highest and makes you so nice and happy, because even to love someone, another person doesn’t love you a little bit you cannot get the reflection of your love. But when you see the other person also loves you then it’s done.

So it’s a nice way of learning how to have a private life of love. But it’s private. It’s not public on the street, in the airport or anywhere. It’s very private. The more private you make it the better it is. And the more you try to express it outside it’s going to be dangerous, very dangerous. I have told you many a times that people who are kissing on the escalator are going for their divorce.

We are deep people and deeply we should love and deeply we should understand life. We should not waste ourselves in nonsensical analysis – all right?

May God bless you!

So for all those who are getting married we must give them a hand. (Applause)

All right. May God bless you all!

I am always with you. You are always with Me. I know, you are always with Me. I know that but still you know sometimes you feel concerned. Look after yourself. Don’t go out in the fog. (Laughter)

And meditate, meditate – that you forget. Every time I need not tell you, every time need not tell you. You must meditate both the times. Let the children also meditate otherwise they’ll become difficult children. Force them to meditate. They must meditate. If the children don’t meditate they will have trouble, they will be very troublesome children.

So try to make them meditate, all right?
May God bless you!