Puja: Try to Become Aware

Shrirampur (India)


Puja in Shrirampur (India), 21 December 1989.

Backwards, those who haven’t got space please move backwards. Be sensible. You all can see Me very well and those who are far away are closer to Me; is a fact. When I say the truth, the Vishnumaya is there. Please be seated. Hello. Uska kya naam? Jenny, you go that side. Don’t sit with men. Must keep a discipline on yourself. Those who are sitting here please move to the left. Keep a distance. Now, you are such great Sahaja Yogis, ancient Sahaja Yogis. People look forward to you for discipline and sense. Mostly those who are very new try to come forward. I’ve seen that. I can understand if you are a leader if you are sitting in front. But otherwise what is the need to sit in front? Good. Please be seated. The further you are, you will feel more vibrations. You can; for this you can testify. The closer you are you’ll feel less. That’s My trick.
Now see, are you feeling more vibrations there? Jenny, there, see yourself. All right? I never tell lies. I’ll have some water. [Hindi] No, no, why don’t you have a proper seat? [Hindi] You better have a seat. [Hindi] I’ve been telling them about something which you need not know. I hope you didn’t understand. Sometimes I have to speak in English when I want them not to know anything about you. It’s quite mutual.
All right, so I’m sorry for this delay but it so happened that they never told Me anything. I didn’t know that it’s such a beautiful place is here. Otherwise I would never have taken you down there for any problem because actually this is the one that solves our problem. God willing we may buy this place. So I must praise you for your patience and for your sweetness about it that delays do not matter as long as we have the Pujas.
I hope you all have rested very well and your stomach must be also resting a little bit because you had a very severe type of an attack of people who wanted to feed you and it was too much. Started from Aurangabad to this place. So it’s good, once in a while, to allow your stomach to rest.
Now, I don’t know what to tell you because as it is you know that We have big plans. When I say “We” I mean the Paramchaitanya and all the deities put together, to expand Sahaja Yoga. It’s not necessary how many things you give Me. It’s not necessary at all. It’s not necessary how many of us are there. But it’s more important how many people you give realization to.
And secondly, how are you? Have you evolved? Have you really become independent and you can get rid of all your conditionings, your ego? And have you become a very mild, beautiful, compassionate, collective personality? So is a question of introspection, seeing ourselves. Is very important. If we do not have a proper car we cannot drive. In the same way if our being is in a funny situation then you cannot ascend. That’s a fact.
So we have to understand that the amount we enjoy everything is the sign [of] how much we have achieved. If there’s a little cup then a very little joy can go into it. But if there’s a large cup it gets much more joy in it. But if it is like an ocean all the rivers of joys fall into it.
So it is the amount of enjoyment you have. Not fun, I mean enjoyment. I’m not saying frivolousness, cheapishness, but a very majestic, deep enjoyment that you have within yourself, which just bubbles into you, makes you very happy, and you don’t know why you are happy, just enjoying your happiness. Then one has to say that you have really become a Sahaja Yogi. And then, at that stage you want to share it. You don’t want to keep it to yourself. You’ll work very hard. Do everything that is possible under the sun. Your mind will think how to spread it, how to give this joy to others. You won’t be happy unless and until you communicate with others. So first you become the capitalist and then you become a communist.

So first thing is how far we are enjoying. Second is what have we got in our mind now, how are we going to expand Sahaja Yoga outside. First, the light has to improve and automatically the light has to spread.

What is the relationships we have with ourselves, which I have told you before also, don’t form groups. This is the country, that is the country. I would request you to change the buses and put different people into the buses and let us see if they reach in one piece or not, or there is a big quarrel and a fight. If there is any quarrel or argument then drop that person on the way and let him come by another bus (laughter). We don’t want argumentative spoilsports with us. So just put them on the ground, I tell you. And it’s a, it’s definitely, you must know that I am telling you in the presence of everyone. Anybody who is difficult just ask him to get down here, “Please be here. Some bus will be coming and take you.” So try to find out who are the spoilsports.

Another thing is some people have developed a habit of moving their neck a bit too much. Even in singing they move their neck so much, than their body. You can move your body but not the neck. Neck should be moved with the body. Yesterday I had a problem with My liver, then I thought you all have livers. But then it was Vishuddhi and Vishuddhi must have come from the way you people move your neck. Like if you say, “Yes, yes, yes, yes” (nodding) Or if you don’t want to say also, if I’m saying anything you’ll go on like this, nodding. So don’t do all these things. That spoils your Vishuddhi. As it is you have bad Vishuddhis, thanks to this Roman Catholic Church and the other church which just talks.
So please try to keep your neck in line with your body all the time and even if you have to move, move very slightly your neck, not with jerks, and don’t go on nodding. While music time I’ve seen many people do not move their body. But if you see the Indians, they move their body. So this is one of a very small thing but is important because your Vishuddhis have to be alright. There should be no problem on your Vishuddhis. For liver also, there are some people I see still with liver who are very thin people. They should be asked to stand in the water for one hour and clear out themselves. If you are very thin, be sure it is not a normal thing, it’s not natural. It is abnormal to be very thin. So work it out, it’s all your liver, and later on you can have a session of checking yourselves somewhere sitting. Before meditation you can check yourself what is wrong with you, before My photograph, and then you should go into meditation.

So now we are here on a pilgrimage to achieve a higher state of awareness. Awareness is the main point, you should be absolutely aware!

As we were coming, I just said, “Now, this is wrong road.” They said, “How do you know Mother?” I said, “Just I know. Just find out.” Just to know everything you need not do anything about it. But that is the sign that you have become very aware. To be aware of everything, it is not like sitting down here that you should say, “Oh, it’s very beautiful. Oh, it’s very grand.” That’s not the point ? not to certify, not to criticize, but how much do you know, feel it in the atmosphere.

Because we have a very big brain and we have two lobes in our head, is not one brain but two lobes. And when the awareness starts giving you light you start knowing within yourself everything and you are silent. You don’t have to assert, manipulate or to exert yourself but just to know. And that’s a very beautiful thing one has to do. Those people who do not feel vibrations must feel their vibrations in this tour. They have to feel their vibrations in this tour. And those who are still complaining about their troubles and stomachs and livers and this and that should get treated immediately and get well.

Another thing which I can tell you which is very important that in India you must comb your hair properly because they think you are all beggars. Only the beggars have hair like this. Please put oil and make your hair properly. They’ll not have any respect for you. You must have properly combed hair, groomed hair. Otherwise they think you are something mad, or you are hippies or something gone wrong with you. They don’t appreciate this fashion. Please make your hair properly, absolutely in a proper way as they used to do. When we saw your western pictures when we were young, they all were very well-groomed people. Now suddenly this fashion, stupid, has come to make you all bald-headed and then to sell their, err…what do you call them?…Wigs!
So this stupid idea is wrong. Will you please now see that your hair are properly groomed and not to have any hair on your, this thing (forehead). Is a sign of stupidity in this country. Anybody has, who has hair on the forehead is a sign of stupidity. We call it as “gipreya”. I asked Neeta what is the fashion now. She told Me in Marathi it is “gipreya”. “Gipreya” means a person who gets mad or lunatic has the hair here, you see, like that.

At least we Sahaja Yogis should not follow such stupid fashions. They now take out hair like this, you see. I just don’t know, like moustaches coming out of the head (laughter). You should be proud of your forehead, is the Ekadasha! You have to fight the whole world with this Ekadasha of yours.
So please see that you keep your forehead absolutely open, hair properly done and oily. That will also soothe you. In the night you can put some oil and it will soothe you. You’ll find it very much better; specially for liver patient is very important. They must put oil in their heads because they are dried out people. There’s no fat in their hair and the hair do not grow. They become immediately bald as soon as they achieve twenty-five to thirty years of age. I don’t want to have bald-headed Sahaja Yogis. Otherwise you’ll have to wear the ‘shendies’ like the Hare-Rama Hare-Krishna. If you want to make such clownish appearances…I’m worried about you because you don’t see the point what I am trying to make. Look after your hair, it’s very important.

Alright. Now last but not the least is a request that we are here for meditation. Though we may sleep late, I always get up at four o’clock. Whatever time you may sleep, get up at four o’clock, do your meditation. You can go after to sleep again. But that’s the best time to get up, have your baths, whatever way you want, or wash yourself and just go for meditation. And then you can sleep off again. That time you will find you will be quite alert and awake. It’s not so difficult. You’ll all be awakened. I will awaken you. But please see that you get up in the morning, do your meditation from four to five and then go off to sleep.

We have to write a book about the Sahaj culture. But it is going to come out of you people. If I write something then I am manipulating you, I’m trying to tell you, but you have to write something yourself. You have to bring out what is Sahaj culture is. You are already manifesting it without My telling you now. So what is the Sahaj culture, how we work it out, ourselves, our things. I don’t tell you all these things into details.

Also, try to judge where is your attention, what are you doing about your attention. All the time keep an attention on your attention. Where is my attention? Mr. Attention, where are you lost? And that will work out for you. So now for today it’s sufficient. Already we are very late and I hope My lecture doesn’t go over your heads or on the sides of your ears. It should go inside and you should record it and whatever I am saying it’s very important. May God bless you all.

Will you please polish those things some time and show them. All right.

All the small children can come. Up to ten years.