Christmas Puja: You Have Christ Before You

Pune (India)

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Christmas Puja, Pune, India, 25 December 1989

Today we have assembled here to celebrate the birth of Christ. When you think of his birth one knows that he was born in a very humble place and all his life he lived in a very humble way.

Also as Sahaja Yogis you know that he was the incarnation of Shri Ganesha, which is in a sense his innocence and he was crucified due to the stupid understanding of blind people. He was the eternal child, and is so sad that when we talk about Christ and Christianity we feel that Christianity has gone just the other way round on the other side of Christ.

If one is construction, the another is destruction, and if one is innocence another is cunning. If you see the Christian nations its very surprising where we have got Christianity in its practice is very surprising that innocence has no place, no respect, chastity has no place no respect, which was the essence of Christ.

He was made of it. It is sometimes shocking how these so called Christian nations have maligned Christ to that extent, and how they have ruined so many people with their stupid ideas of allowing people to indulge into all kinds of filthy things.

And the second point is very important to see how he was born in a very humble abode, he lived in a very humble way, he was a son of a carpenter so he lived like a carpenter. But, in the Western life people are so materialistic and to them to live lavishly to show off their wealth and to plunder people, to plunder countries after countries for material gain is a common thing.

They do not feel also that it is wrong, and they are quite proud of it. And the third great thing about Christ, was that he wanted people to love each other and to be humble. But the arrogance and the cruelty that one has seen of the Christian nations one cannot understand how are they anywhere near Christ.4:00

He has said about “Blessed are those who are meek”. Where are those meek people living? Not in the Western countries, not in the countries where Christ is worshipped, where temples are raised in his honor and have been worshipping the Mother for so many years. What a sinful thing it is to do to Christ. Is the greatest sin that we say that we are following Christ, and to do all these horrible things, all such people have to go to hell of the worst type, no doubt about it. They may not realize, but they are already getting into it, they are already having this problem.

They are worse than people who crucified Christ, this is everyday crucifixion. So it’s a great occasion today to celebrate the birth of Christ who came on this earth to help us in our resurrection, to talk about the Holy Ghost. He was bearing all the brunt of the people, everything, but the outcome of that life is so horrifying, that sometimes I get worried that I hope they don’t make something out of Me like that. Is such a stupid ideas people have in the West, that for any sensible man he can see the way they’re emotional, romantic, nonsensical.

They have no respect for themselves and to follow Christ with that kind of an attitude is, I think is, they have no business, they have no right. But it has happened. Now you people are born again, as Christ has said you have are to be born again. You have achieved that state which Christ was talking about. You are the special type of people, I never had such hopes I must say. The first encounter was so horrible that I didn’t think that many will come out of it, but so many of you have come out of it and have really glorified the name of Christ no doubt about it, and keep it up.

I would request you now to know that you are Sahaja Yogis, and that you are the followers of Christ, you are the Gnostics as described, you are the ones who know, and that’s how you have to help people to emancipate. It is very surprising that I saw that the Western life, the stupid, destructive ideas did not kill the innocence. Like the clouds all these affectations were there but once the Kundalini rose the innocence started expressing itself, but still I would say that this kind of lovey-dovey stuff must be given up.

It is just most un-Christian because if you see his life was a life of a tapasvi. A man who lived in a very detached manner, in nishanga. So for Sahaja Yogis who are coming from a Christian life have to understand if they have to get rid of it they should be like that. But on the contrary see the interest in marriages, the interest in all this kind of thing and after marriage is a bit too much. Is so much in it, I mean it’s absurd, it’s absurd in Sahaja Yoga. It’s one of the lifestyles, is alright one of the parts, is not everything and it covers the whole entire personality of a Christian personality.

Not with Muslims or Hindus I have seen that, but I’m married too. This doesn’t cover my whole entire being with it. How can it? And that’s the problem is that once marriage system starts anything starts oh, it’s become so important. And I am faced with problems all the time. Marriages performed then letters will be coming, this has happened to my marriage, they must get married, nobody is such that supposing now one has finished, live without marriage, they cannot do it. Just can’t live. Christ never got married. They cannot have that tapasya in them, and they depend so much, they’ll ruin their wives, they’ll ruin their husbands, they’ll ruin Sahaja Yoga, they’ll take them away.

But it’s something surprising, the importance of Sahaja Yoga is so minimized by this Christian mind, I don’t know from where these ideas have come to. It’s a juxtaposition as you can call it, juxtaposition. There is no similarity between the life Christ must have thought people would lead and the people are leading. So it is necessary for Sahaja Yogis to have a dignity and a sense and to know that they are grounded in Sahaja Yoga and marriage and all those things are just subsidiary. It’s not the end of life. And when I see that happening I’m rather surprised in Sahaja Yoga.

I have to marry people because I believe that one should lead a proper married life because if you just take up sanyasa without going through this married life you can be very much hypocritical. But that doesn’t mean that marriage is everything. It’s not so important. It’s just something has to happen. It’s not important than any puja, it’s not even important than praying to me, it’s not even important than meditating, is not important at all than even eating your food.

The more ado you start making of it, you fall into the same trap from where I pulled you out. So as the other day I was telling people about what they have to do about this caste system we have in India, so in the society of Sahaja Yogis, it should be only a one day affair or two day affair at the most. But so much importance, husband wives getting married, then solving their problems, I get a headache with them. They always come “My wife, you know she is like this, and wife’s sister like that, and wife’s this”, and one should be ashamed even to say that “My wife”.

In India nobody says like that. I don’t think anybody will say “My wife”. At the most they’ll say “My children’s mother”, and if you have no children you don’t say anything. So, this is the doom from which you have come out, please try to understand. From hell we have come out, absolutely wrong ideas we had, from there we have come out now be dignified, be sensible, and over importance to such unimportant thing will not allow you to rise very high in life. But I don’t say you don’t marry you must marry.

Of course if you have a sahaja yogini who is also a good sahaja yogini and she knows about Sahaja Yoga then of course you are helped much more, definitely, you get much more power, much more understanding, much more joy and is very good. But the interrelationship is so important on small small things is just beyond me to understand. Then I see that then the girls fall in love with the man who they are married, finished, the man is finished, the woman is finished.

Today I’m taking this great occasion to tell you that Christ was born to immaculata, and that’s how I have given you your second birth and you are so pure. So all the impurities you must see them clearly. I know you don’t like them, but they still creep from here and there. Of course if the society you see in the West is a society which of course there is no family, no wife nothing of the kind, so it’s slightly better than that. But again you get stuck. If you have to come up the stage you have to give up the staircase.

You think that you have achieved a lot because now you have a settled family, and settled children and you are only worried about you own children all the time. No, it’s another temptation, it’s very big temptation.

So, on the great occasion of the birth of Christ, we have to say to ourselves that we are dedicated to Sahaja Yoga. That’s the main thing. Everything is subsidiary. I hope you’ll understand that we are now on the cusp of a wave from where we are going to jump on to another wave which will be much higher than this. But you must have the worthiness. If you are not sea-worthy you will be drowned. So we have to develop that worthiness, and we have Christ before us, what a life.

What a life it was, he lived like a human being in a humble way and what a life, and how truthfully forthright he was to say everything so clearly, in the same way you’ll have your strength when you will know you are much more than a married man, and you are much more than your nationality. You are a higher personality a Sahaja Yogi who is dwelling in the bliss of the Kingdom of God, that’s the bliss, not the family bliss, and the children bliss, but the bliss of God.

May God Bless you.

Today it’s Christ’s birthday …

With all my heart today on this big day I have a request that you all have to promise Christ that the way you (Jesus Christ) didn’t believe in any cast, the same way we are also not going to believe in any caste or creed. This promise all the Sahaja yogies have to keep from their hearts. We will not believe in any caste or creed whatsoever. And I was telling these Sahaja yogies the same thing.

I have told them about the caste system we have, also we have to think about the racialism we have in the West. Is absurd. Christ was not a white man; he was not at all. He was not born in England by any chance. So how is it you people can talk of racialism and Christ with the same tongue? This is another horrible thing we have got. Like Indians have got this disease of caste system, and unless and until this caste system gets out of our systems we can never improve in Sahaja Yoga.

If there’s a Brahman leader, he’ll only have Brahman friends, if he’s a marathi leader he will only have marathi friends or as he’ll help them. Very surprising, very very surprising. And it shows that our development is very slow we are still tagged around.

So today on this day, I would request all of you to say that we are dedicated only to Sahaja Yoga, to our ascent, and we are going to give up all these nonsensical things absolutely through our meditative procedures and through watching ourselves, introspection. I hope we’ll learn from Russians who had no caste system, who had no religion, they are going to really outwit you in every way. In number of course no doubt, but in depth, in understanding, in vibrations, in superiority I can tell you this one.

Let them come they will overpower you no doubt. They have no absurd ideas of romanticism, they have no absurd ideas, they don’t have these ideas, they just want to have their ascent. Let the Russians come in, thank God this time it has stopped somehow or other. They were 32 were coming but only one is going to come now. But if the 32 had come they would have overpowered you. 

They would have been shocked also to see the way we are supposed to be Sahaja Yogis. So now whatever has been the conditioning of this so-called religion, and conditioning of the so-called society in which you live, the “samaj” as they call it, please leave it behind. We have to go very fast, we have to move very fast as I told you that we have now, we have to jump on the other cusp of a much higher wave of growth.

May God Bless you all.

Today’s Puja is the shortest of all, because only we’ll have to worship Ganesha, that’s all and for that only if there are children they should come up and not much is to be done.