Devi Puja: In 10 years we can change the whole world & Weddings Announcements

Brahmapuri (India)

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Brahmapuri Puja. Brahmapuri (India), 30 December 1989.

[English Transcript]

I’m sorry what has happened yesterday, but I think the war has begun between the evil and good, and after all the good prevails. In these modern times, evil used to prevail on good but now, in this Krita Yuga, the evil will be completely conquered by good, and not only that, but good will spread all over. The evil has the capacity to go to extremes and then to fall out of the evolutionary process completely. Because they are blind they cannot see the good that’s why they are evil. If they could see the good they would give up their evil.

In our country which is a country of yoga, especially Maharastra which is the country of the saints, I was amazed to hear what people are up to. One of the real source of this nonsense seems to be Rajneesh, the horrible fellow, because he has made an exhibition here absolutely denouncing all the deities and saying all kinds of dirty things, and I think the chief minister of this place is also hand in glove with him and they are all trying to prove that there is no God, there is no spirituality. They want to establish that science is everything. We have no heritage of science in India, we have the heritage of spirituality. I mean nobody is known as such a great scientist in this country. Nobody has made any special inventions and the way people are organising it in the name of science, there is hardly anyone who has done anything of science. So, it’s the evil which has taken this new form of talking about science and denouncing God.

Of course, in the West also the same thing has happened to a great extent but not to that extent. They have not discarded everything that was spiritual. But here they have gone headlong, those few people who are there, very very few, but they are there. So it’s a very bad growth in this country, it won’t survive I know, it cannot survive because this country is so full of spirituality. In the West, because people took to science, they have lost all culture of society. There is no culture of society. The etiquettes are limited to fork and spoon or how you wish each other. There is no other culture. It’s so outside, there is nothing deep really. Because they have taken absolutely to the modern or we can say that it’s the industrial evolution of the people, they have taken to all that and have lost contact with reality.

The culture of any country can only survive on spirituality. Science cannot talk of this and it has so many limitations that it cannot even answer simple few questions that are facing them. Above all they have no idea what is love, they have no idea what is the all pervading power. Now you all have felt it, and you know what it is, and you know how to use it.

So, under these circumstances I find that those people who are mediocres in Sahaja Yoga cannot help much for establishing goodness. You have to be very clean within yourself, you have to be very powerful within yourself and you have to be extremely sensitive.

So, we are not to waste our energy, our attention onto superficial and nonsensical things. We have to get out of it and we have to become people who are detached, detached from any things which create problems. If you take a detached view of everything you will have a kind of a life that will nourish your society which is now sick, is a sick society, is a decadent society. And for that decadent society you need people who are very morally strong, who are tremendously pure and who know everything about Sahaja Yoga.

The mediocrity in Sahaja Yoga is very common in the West, very common. And so much involved into their personal problems that I cannot understand how will they rise above this nonsensical, personal viewpoint of view. So, one has to realise that the whole tree that has grown outside so much due to industrial revolution, has to seek its own nourishment from spirituality which is in India. No doubt. Spirituality without development, it has no meaning. Spirituality has to have development outside otherwise it is lost in the Mother Earth. It has to sprout and it has to show results, which we are showing no doubt. In so many ways Indian Sahaja Yogis are trying to show that, though they are rather slow about that point. So, it’s something funny that, in the West, people are rather slow, Sahaja Yogis are rather slow about their spirituality, and in India people are rather slow about their manifestation outside.

Unless and until we really do some dedicated effort it’s not going to work out. So I hope, as we have circulated letters, that we have come here not for fun but for dedication and for our ascent and it’s a pilgrimage. Talking loose, talking about small things, quarrelling with each other is out of question of course. But domination, terrible domination of falsehood, just to think that you are leaders, or, “Why is he leader?”, you know, shows that we are not yet worthy.

So, the worthiness of a ship is very important if it has to fight the turbulence of the sea. If it cannot fight the turbulence of the sea then it is definitely not seaworthy and it is absolutely useless because it cannot go across. In the same way if you have to be something, you have to work it out in such a manner that you really become worthy of crossing this ocean of illusion and that many could cross with you.

As in India they have started at every place, at every home, at every family, a center. If they invite people, they talk about nothing but Sahaja Yoga. Now you can go all out to talk about it, I give you permission to tell them that I have come, there’s nothing to hide. And you have to go and open the doors of many churches and many temples and many organisations and tell them that I am there.

Now the time has come, you can see it so clearly, it’s so obvious. First, I used to say I would not go to the newspapers, this not good that’s not good, let us work it out. But it has come now so much, that I have to say things and I am going to say them, very openly, I am going to say them. But I want all of you to be such that nobody should point out a finger at you to say, “Oh, this is a Sahaja Yogi. And how this Sahaja Yogi is behaving!” If somebody is stupid and not working it out, it’s better to get rid of such a person. Or else help that person and tell him that, “You have to come up. You can’t be here, we don’t want mediocre people here. We want some very extraordinarily, pure people.”

The purity is the main point which we have to have. Once you are pure you don’t have to worry, then I look after you. But the purity of mind, purity of heart and the purity of your attention, these three things are very important. When it works out, you’ll be surprised, collectivity will grow in no time. Is a tendency among Sahaja Yogis also, still, to go back to the same materialism and to try to have your own house, your family, your children- sort of a nonsense. We have to be in the ashrams and we have to work it out, we have to work it out very beautifully that we all live very happily in the ashram. But I find still people cannot work it out that way. They are more concerned about their jobs, concerned about their things.

Once you live in the ashram, I’ll see that you get everything. But if you do not want to have the blessings of God, how can anybody help you? So tremendous sacrifice is needed. Of course, as you know in Sahaja Yoga, I don’t need any money from you at all, but sacrifice is very important, and sacrifice of nonsensical ideas that you have. In every way we have to show that we are Sahaja Yogis: the way you dress up, the way you live, the way you think, the way you behave, the way you have relationships with each other and the way you lead your married life and the way you look at your children.

Unless and until you have purity, the light of love will not shine, the light of love will not shine. You have to absorb the light of love within yourself. But you cannot unless and until you are a pure personality. And that pure personality has to develop by your meditation, by working hard, it’s a question of few years. In 10 years we can change the whole world, in 10 years! But you have to be really very dedicated.(applause)

It is you who has to change, not Me. You have to work it out, not Me. I have done my level best but within 10 years it should be possible that every Sahaja Yogi should become a tremendous force of Sahaja Yoga. So, please try to avoid all those who are mediocres. If you find mediocrity, the leaders must go all out to correct them, all out to tell them off. Don’t tolerate. You don’t have to be very mild on this point. You have to tell them frankly that, “See now you are an extremely mediocre person for Sahaja Yoga”. It’s not meant for mediocres. It’s not meant for foolish people, it’s not meant for stupid people, it’s meant for something who are ready to sacrifice anything for the sake of truth.“

These people are saying that, “Why don’t you go the way of science?” I say, “Why don’t you go the way of truth?” Take to truth. Science is not truth. Today it might appear, tomorrow it disappears. Today you may think it is correct but every hypothesis is challenged, every law is challenged, that’s no law. You have to use Sahaja Yoga in every practical life, everywhere. But in no way you have to be fanatic about it.

Like I have seen some people start giving vibrations or they start moving their hands for bandhans, even if I am sitting, they are doing like that. There is no stupidity about it, it has to be very dignified, decent and decorous. But for that we need really people of quality. And a complete obedience is needed I must say.

I have told Indian people that time that they must have a proper case done for them, they just didn’t listen to Me that time, they said “Mother, why do you want, you know, you’ll be in trouble and all that”. If they had listened to Me there would have been no trouble today. But you must listen to Me what I say, don’t give Me explanations, don’t give Me logic, but I know everything you know that. I know everything.

Now we have something good for you is the list of the marriages. But marriage is not such an important thing that you think about. It’s not such an important thing for you that you dedicate all your attention to that. It’s just by the way, because you have to have a marriage, that’s why. There’s no need even to have sometimes. But you have to have it, and then letters after letters about your marriages, about your children, I just don’t want to read that. Nothing about Sahaja Yoga. If you are detached, whatever may be the quality of your wife, you will not fall, whatever may be the quality of your husband, you will not fall. So one has to be little concerned that: What are we doing? What have we achieved? What are we going to give to the world?

For Me, you are my instruments. I don’t have to ask anybody else. You are my instruments and you have to work it out. You are not for Me useless people, I worked very hard with you, very hard. So please don’t waste my energies also and try to become very good Sahaja Yogis in every way that is possible, in every way you should be dedicated, in every way try to be something of very great qualities.

Now you have seen how people have becoming violent and there is a violence on. Of course, this may not continue but it’s one of the signs that we have to be prepared to be very strong people, very strong, and that will work out I’m sure. They threw about 400 stones at least, maybe more according to the police report and very few people were hurt. What does that mean? That there is somebody who is avoiding all these troubles.

Regarding our tour further, now I have decided we will not go to Atith because there are- the commissioner, the ESP told Me that it is better not to go, it’s very- these people are very bad and they are criminals. So, now until the election comes in, they will be behaving like this manner. After the election of course they will be put down. So you should go by the understanding of the time and directly to Sangli, so we’ll go to Sangli, we will have a puja there, you can do shopping whatever you like and then from there will be going to Ganapatipule. But it’s not fun, it’s not fun. It is our development. Otherwise, you will be coming to India, going back the same, empty handed.

I want you everyone to be extremely active in your own sphere of life, to talk about Sahaja Yoga. You must wear my badges, you must wear my rings, you must wear my necklaces so that people ask you “Who is this?” Then you should say, “She is the Holy Ghost”. You can say, “We think she is the Holy Ghost”. Let us see what happens.

So, it’s a serious thing that I felt that I have to talk to you and that we have to be very, very careful about how we look at ourselves. We have to be aware, we have to be aware about ourselves and what is happening. I’ve been telling you this many a times, we have to be aware as to what we are and what is happening. But if your jobs are important, everything else is important how are you going to work out Sahaja Yoga?

So there has to be awareness and with your awareness the light will spread. But it’s not silent, you have to talk about it. Eloquence is needed, it has to be eloquent, all your light has to talk, the light has to say, the light has to express and has to be very confidently done. Let us see now after going from this tour how far people establish new things.

So far, what my own opinion is that there are 50% of Sahaja Yogis in the West are still quite mediocre and 25% of them are just there to take advantage. If they can get something free they would like to do it. 25% people are like that. It’s very sad but it is so. But I must say Indians are poor people but they will not do anything, they will never take anything free from Me, nothing. They will not, they are very self respecting. And that is what we have to develop, that self-respect.

Like I have seen I had a house in Hounslow, everybody went there and stayed there free. Now we have a house there in Shuddy Camp where everybody goes, who has no job goes and stays there. It’s such a nonsensical thing. So, I’m even afraid to start any ashram in London because same thing will start. If they can take advantage they would like to be there. Even a spoon, they would like to carry like that. It’s a shameless thing for a Sahaja Yogi to behave like that I think. We have to have full self respect and we must understand that we have to sacrifice, to do something about it.

Because this is the last leg, I would say, when I will be talking to you about all these things in the beautiful atmosphere here on the bank of Krishna river. We have to understand that the river flows, it makes a sound, it makes a sound to show that she- it exists. But we are not only rivers, we are all the mountains, rivers, everything of the universe we are. And our manifestation is like a big zero as if the Mother Earth has been emptied out. It is time that we should watch ourselves and see ourselves what’s wrong with us. Very important. I had to say this once again and again, but I don’t like to say these things because I love you so much and I care for you so much and you people also love Me, but loving Me is not sufficient. You have to love yourself and respect yourself. Only your Self is going to work out. As Shivaji Maharaj said,”Swa-dharma rajya” “You must develop the religion of your Spirit”. That’s what we have to do, is to develop the religion of our Spirit. And once it happens we can get the whole world completely emancipated. This is our work and if we fail then it is the responsibility of Sahaja Yogis and nobody else.

So, for everyone I have to tell you that I don’t have to please you, you have to please Me. For a small thing people react, for a small thing they feel bad. If I don’t smile at somebody they feel bad. In little, little things they feel bad and they react. If I say anything, they react. So, how can anything go into you? If it is such a convexity, how will you absorb it? It is important that we should try to absorb with humility, with understanding. Now you are Sahaja Yogis, you know I am Adi Shakti, you have had photographs, you have known that I am Adi Shakti. But how much are we absorbing? How much we are taking within ourselves?

This work is much more than any one of the incarnations had to do. It’s much more than Christ, is much more than Rama, much more than Shri Krishna’s. So create such great people among you, because I have the power, only thing, you have to have the absorption power, the acceptability. But if you run after something very cheapish and something very frivolous, it’s impossible. You have to ask for your depth and you have to take in whatever is emitting from my being. I hope now you all will take it up seriously. Do your meditation every morning whatever maybe the time. Every morning we have to do the meditation and we have to see that we finish our work in the night and then we do little meditation and then sleep off.

Without meditation you cannot grow and that’s why everything doing you have to know that you have to get up in the morning, do your meditation and then you can take to your work. Daytime if you want you can rest for a while. Now we are in such a place that we have time to rest for a while, but morning time you have to get up whatever time you sleep. You have to conquer your sleep a little bit, it gives you lot of lethargy. Last night I don’t think I slept before 3 o’clock or something like that and then the whole day I’ve been busy writing reports, this, that. If I can manage at this age [66 years], at your age you should be able to manage something like that. We have no time to sleep, we have no time to discuss, argue or to eat our food. We have only time to meditate, that’s all.

I wish all of you absorb my saying and understand it without reacting to it. Please do not react. Don’t think, “Mother is trying to chastise you”. No, I’m trying to help you to grow, this is the way you grow sometimes very fast. So it’s just your growth I am worried about and nothing else.

May God bless you all. I was very happy the way you were singing all the songs and the way you expressed yourselves.

[English translation from Marathi]

Now I want to tell our Maharashtrian people that in our country, a new type of bhoots (demonic activities) have started (send Me a hand held fan please, Shri Mataji speaks in hindi) and these types of bad activities of demonic nature or rakshashi nature have increased, that we saw yesterday. This nature has increased a lot. (Shri Mataji speaks in hindi and asks the person who is holding the fan to come from other side) And this nature of activities have increased so much that yesterday it crossed all limits and these poeple had to face a lot of inconvenience yesterday. 

For this I have to tell the Sahaja yogis that we always have to be always prepared. Only by doing My puja or doing My aarti, nothing is going to work. We have to do a lot of things, and should come forward and work together (shoulder to shoulder). We have to stand firm on the ground saying that we are Sahaja yogis. But we still are doing so many things which make us weak. Most importantly I always speak about caste, what is the reason for that. If you go in to caste thing, it is the basic thing which is engraved in you and this only stops you. To attach yourself to caste is very wrong. If we had left all this earlier then this superstitous things would not have arised. 

Becuase we know superstition goes away after realisation and still after realisation we still go behind caste, get married in the same caste, have relationships in the same caste and behave in the same manner like crazy people, then you will not progress in any way. This will be just like a political disguise, after taking such disguise if we become Sahaja yogis then what is the use. We will still remain the same.We have to leave a lot of things, like religious fanatism (dharmandhata), which means earlier I used to say dont go to temples, dont give any money to Brahman (a member of the highest hindu caste originally that of the priesthood) allow anyone to apply kumkum (red turmeric powder) on the forehead, this has all improved a little bit. The reason for this is people suffer because for these activities and so they have stopped doing it.

But then bringing a brahman in the house and performing marraiges is also incorrect.Who are brahmans to perform marraiges? Now you are brahmins. So then why to call a brahman and perform marraige. Marraiges should be done only in Sahaja Yoga way (procedure). If marraiges are not performed as per Sahaja Yoga procedure then I am unable to confirm if these marraiges will work. Then again in Maharashtra, marraige is a huge religious function. What is marraige? Marraige means see a proposal for the girl, do this, do that, do negotiations for the marraige (give and take ritiuals), dirty things goes on. 

Marraige is a ordinary thing. It does not have that much importance in Sahaja Yoga. If one Sahaja Yogis gets married to another Sahaja Yogi is not such a great thing that we have to fight it for all our lives. When we get married in the same caste we know the ill effects of it. But we still get trapped in to it. So everybody should take a oath that we will marry in any caste, creed, religion, country, nation. There is no reason to out caste you as they are not your relatives and you have seen how they behave. Yesterday you saw, the people from the village only troubled you. They hit your guests. Where did they care about your position? What these foreigners must be thinking about you. So only listening to what I say and then say “Mataji said this, but it is not of that much importance“. We should not be saying all this. Whatever I say is very imporatnt.

Till these caste issues, dowry issues, supertition issues are not eradicated and till the time we do not stand against these issues in our society as an example till that time we are not strong. Now we will see great people like we have Tilak, Agarkar, Shivaji Maharaj, what did these people do, why these people became great people, we should pay attention to it. Shivaji Maharaj had to get married four times, he got married for political reasons. It was irrelevant for him, it didnt affect him, as he had to do it, he did it. He had to maintain friendship with some people so he did it. He didnt see caste, creed. That proposal should be from Shaynaavkul (type of high caste). He didnt say that it should be from a particular caste. At that time many years back when Gagabhatt had to come  for his coronation, that time these people who used to follow caste, creed said so many things, that you are not from a particular clan (kunbe), you are not Maratha. 

Which ever caste you may belong to, from today you have become a Sahaja Yogi. Your religion has changed, you have changed your caste.This is Vishwa Nirmala Dharma which has been invoked in you or realised you. So all your bad habits have gone, but still this demonic nature or ghost of caste structure has still not gone. You should not have any relationships with in your caste, because the people in your caste are all ghosts, they drink, they hit people. Let them drink, let them hit people, let them take dowry but they are from my caste, then tell Me how you people are Sahaja Yogis? Then please leave Sahaja Yog because you cant follow two religions. No. Because of this same reason these poor people (guests) got hit from the villagers.

These foreigners who left everything, their religion, left their gods. People stood as if they have not done any thing and the villagers hit these foreigners. The reason for this according to Me is that they recogonised our weakness and we have supported superstition. But if you say we are Sahaja Yogis, we dont follow any superstions, we dont follow any this and we are beyond all this and we will do it. That time they will realise that we are special people. When I see my father, Gandhiji had told my father to get all his children married out of caste. I am also Shanaavkulli (type of caste). Where a lot of things are taken in to consideration before getting anyone married. My father said no problem and got all of us married out of caste. Nothing went wrong in our married lives. My father said I am a man from congress. I dont have any religion or caste. This is my religion – i.e. Gandhidharma. 

So if you are following any religion, you should follow it completely. This religion is not for half baked people. That time only you will have true powers, then only you will have the holiness by which you can protect others. If you are half baked, then you cant protect anyone, not yourself, nor others. To bring that holiness in you, you should not belong to any group. Like in our country there are so many great people take the example of Tilak – he married a widow. Gandhiji – used to eat food in the hut of harijan (people belonging to lowest social and ritual class in India – untouchables), take example of Krishna, he used to have food at Vidur’s place – (one of the central characters in the epic, Mahabharat – Prime Minister of Kuru Kingdom), example of Ram he ate berries from a tribal woman.

Take any example, people who have become great, they have something best in them. If you really want to come in Sahaja Yoga then you have to become great (vishal). So when you come in Sahaja Yoga you change all your narrow minded thinking about life and become great human beings. It is said in the song that “The whole world is my home“ (Purna Vishwa techi Majha Ghar saying in Marathi). It should not only be the song. This has no meaning. See these foreigners they have left their culture and are following your culture. They are doing it becasue they can see something good in it. You should learn something from them, they dont see caste, creed, country. So many have got married to Indian woman and they have improved their lives. Earlier if a English man got married to an Indian girl, he used to hit her. Now also, it is there, people still hit their wives. It is still existing. Dont respect their wives, fight with them in front of others, keep their wives under control, this is another way. 

So this power which you have you should take care of it. You should increase it. You should give education to girls, take good care of them. You should get them married according to their choices and likes. They should get married in Sahaja Yoga, so that their children will also be Sahaja Yogis. Tommorow the children who are going to be born, new generation, you dont realise which post you are sitting at. You are not like these people. Like Mavalas of Shivaji Maharaj, you have to perform a very important task and are sitting on a important post and have come in Sahaja Yoga. If I have only two Sahaja Yogis, it will be fine, but they should be complete Sahaja Yogis, otherwise dont come in Sahaja Yoga, first and foremost thing. Second thing – Whatever I say, you should agree to it, because I can see everything, I have unlimited power, I can view everything, I understand everything. Third thing – Dont say Mataji had said this, dont use My name. Mataji will not say such things, we know. 

In short why I have so many expectations from you, the reason is only one, that I am too powerful, I have lot of powers, only you please clean your lamps, so that I will give you the light. I can make you great people, better than Gandhi or Tilak or anyone. You will have a shining achievement ( a very good quality which will be admired by everyone). You can be become great people, great reformers, but before that please clean your lamps. If you dont clean your lamps, you will suffocate and die and will spoil the name of Sahaja Yoga. 

So everyone must realise that Mataji has lot of powers. If you want to use these powers than we are the instruments, we are the light. To spread the light, you should clean your lamps and you must be ready for this. You must meditate everyday. Whatever is not supposed to be followed in Sahaja Yoga, you must not do it. There are lot of things which are not allowed in Sahaja Yoga. You have to leave it. Many people have stopped drinking, lot of vices are gone, but also in respect of financial transaction or money matters, we should be accurate.

When you go in a gathering, all of you should speak about Sahaja Yoga without any fear. You should not stay quiet. You should speak about Sahaja Yoga. You should tell everyone that Sahaja Yoga is the only Vishwa Dharma (world religion) and if you dont accept it or follow it, everyone will suffer or face consequences. Tell everyone all your relatives, friends, this one, that one, everyone, write letters and tell them about Sahaja Yoga. When you people print wedding cards you should print My name on it. You have come to My family. Now I am your Kuldevi (family God). There is no need to offer anything to other gods. I am making it very clear, the wedding card which does not have My name on it, that marraige will not have  My blessings. Today I am alive and sitting in front of you, this incarnation has come in front of you, so instead of beliving it you are beliving things which are not present, this does not have any meaning. Our elders in this house say this, say that nothing. Tell them we dont have any relations with you. We are related only to Mataji.

Example for this is Mr Dhumaal. I always used to tell him to stay away from his relatives. Dont keep any relations with them, they are very negative people. But his wife was very fond of them and their relatives only took her life. Once Dhumaal had come to Me and was crying very bitterly and every one heard about it. His brother had told him a lotof times where he had fixed Deepa’s marraige. I told him that this marraige is going to break, now do Me a favour. Please dont go to those relatives. Whatever has happened has happened. But when he died, his relatives came, they stole his body in the night and they cremated him some where in the jungle. Whole his life he used to tell Me,“Mataji we have one Manik Saheb in my family, their relatives put kerosene on his body and burnt him somewhere in the jungle. So please Mother I should not suffer this way“.Please save me from my relatives. But you people only want to go to your relatives. You people only want to go in the crocodiles jaws. If you want to keep one leg in crocodiles mouth and one leg on the boat, then you miss the boat.

Those relatives who are not Sahaja Yogis, you should not even have food at their place. So you will not fall sick, you will not have any diseases. Once you come totally in Sahaja Dharma(religion), then you will get a lot of blessings of god. You will be surprised how much you will prosper. But if you behave like half baked people then you will have to face consequences. I have told you the truth. I am your Mother. I have to tell you the truth. I am not angry or sad with any one. Its  for your good, benefit and welfare. You should follow the truth. Once a person starts following the truth that perosn will never face any harm or loss in his life. Today is a auspicious day. Please forget whatever happened yesterday. There is no point in remembering it. Its that we still dont have the spark of Sahaja Yoga, otherwise no body dares to fight here and hit people. We should have that spark with in us, with one look , it should stop that person from reacting.

So all Sahaja Yogis should start in every small & big villages, cities, the place where we stay, we should speak about Sahaja Yoga and what we are doing in Sahaja Yoga. If you want to call a Brahmin home to perform a puja or satyanarayan puja and all, please dont come in Sahaja Yoga. In Sahaja Yoga you have now become brahmins. Perform all actvities according to Sahaja Yoga procedure. Whatever wrong practices are there that needs to be removed or forgone. So that there will be no people speaking about supertitious activities as we have forgone the superstitions. We should leave wrong ideas and remove all the old irrelevant habits and ideas, relinquish old ideas. We are not backward people. 

In these present time, you are the poeple of very high quality. There is nobody higher than you in quality. But you still stay along with mean people, then why will you not get dirty. If you put a diamond in the mud, it will get lost. So please listen to what I am saying. You should not feel bad or should not think Mataji scolded us, got angry and all, you should not say this. Whatever Mataji says she says it from the heart and I am saying from my heart give your children to Sahaja Yoga. You will see whose children come up in life, children of Sahaja Yogis or non Sahaja Yogis. Surrender yourself completely to Sahaja Yoga. 

We have changed our religion. We should think in that way. Now this is our religion and we dont have anyother religion. If you understand this you will do a favour not only on yourselves, but do a favour for this country and this world. Because you have something special in you. You have a lot of goodness or religious merit within you. That is the reason why you are born in India and that also in Maharashtra. But because of your foolishness all this is going to go waste. 

Tell me till now which saint has not helped in removing castetism. Dasganu 

(person who wrote biographies about saints) has also said that you call me a brahmin, but I dont know brahma (god who creates the world), how am I a Brahmin. Ishwar Saraswati was also a Brahmin and he has also said the same thing. So we follow all supertitious beliefs and do the same thing. It is absolutely wrong to do these things. You have witnessed the form of greatness. You have seen my photographs. Everything is so heavenly. 

To earn this or to become heavenly you should be supremely good. So now most importantly I  am telling everybody, I am not going to request you, I am not going to please you. Actually I am the goddess and you should please Me and try and make Me happy. The power which you have accumulated within yourself should fall on the whole world. You can do it better then these people (foreigners)because you have that affulence within you. These people dont have that much affulence or fortune but still they are working it out and you people have all the source but are not doing anything. These are two types.

So next time have mercy on Me, I should see lot of Sahaja Yogis of good, superior quality. Everybody should give speeches about Sahaja Yoga. I have to tell people of Angapur (place near Satara) you have to take a meeting for Sahaja Yoga tommorow. Give speech openly. There is a big ground there, take a meeting there, speak about Sahaja Yoga openly. What is there is Sahaja Yoga and not there is Sahaja Yoga. Only because  of one speech these people attacked us and we dont give any speeches. This person gave one speech and this policeman also got affected by his speech and today when he realised it he felt so bad. We are not working hard. We are not speaking. 

Beacuse of Sahaja Yoga there will be only freindship and no enemity. What ever happened yesterday was not correct and we all are feeling bad about it. Take a meeting. Whoever  troubled or did this act should say sorry. Whoever has did this has to face consequences. Howmuch ever I try to forgive, but they will have to suffer. This will happen. But you still tell them whatever happened just forget it. Tell them this is God’s work. Dont allow such people to gather here. Such an organisation should not be allowed to come here and if it comes, go to the police and complain that it is spoiling our children, spoling our children’s minds, they have told these children to throw stones. All should complain.

You should elect the head of the village as Sahaja Yogi. Try to do that. In this country there is a person named Sharad Pawar (former Chief Minister of Maharashtra). He is a very bad fellow. He has a mafia and its going on. Dont give a vote to his party. Give it to anybody. But dont give it to him. Sahaja Yogis should work opposite him. He is such a bad fellow. He does not beleive in God. He has a team with Rajneesh (godman). He does not want God. There is no knowledge about his mother and he does not want God. So when there is no God you can drink, you can do all wrong activities. So make phamplets and print all this on it and inform people we are not connected with these. We want to stay with God and follow his religion. We dont want anything else.

Sahaja yoga does not make you a fatalist ( a sense of being powerless to change the world), but will make you a god fearing and strong. It is a proof from all doctors who are these people telling us? Anyone can get up and say anything. Doctors have proved it and what more should I prove. I will tell the newspapers whatever I can but dont read such dirty newspapers. Quit reading these newspapers Loksatta, Kesari. Quit reading newspapers like Daily Aikya. Start another paper at Satara. Quit reading Aikya, it’s worse. We have to quit a lot of things. Gandhiji had told people not to use foreign clothes. People burnt those clothes. He asked for gold bangles. All ladies gave them. So many people, did so many sacrifices for getting independence. But for our own self realisation we are not ready to do sacrifices. Sahaja Yoga has only blessings but for that you should do your duty. We should not run away from performing our duties.

Today we should all say in our hearts that Mataji has made us understand all these things. So we should pray to God to give you the power and use the power wisely so that we can follow whatever Mataji has told us. We should stop crying on small small and stupid things. Whatever problems we have we should try to solve it on our own by thinking and asking questions “What am I doing ? ”Mataji says that I can become a great fellow then what am I doing? What are my faults? When you call Me Adi Shakti then what more you need? Adi Shakti has created this whole world, and whatever is there in this world is created by Me then what more you need? Only chant Adi Shakti, Adi Shakti, say my slogans, praise Me. But do you realise, what is Adi Shakti? She is so great, you are just saying her name, for the sake of saying.

Make this thing very clear in your heads- Adi Shakti has chosen you for her work because of your good luck and virtue. So be worthy of it. Dont keep on crying for small small things. If you want to do the same it will be better you leave Sahaja Yoga. So keep this thing in mind as Goddess Bhavani gave a sword to Shivaji Maharaj and made him effective, that same Bhavani is speaking in front of you. She can make you reach you at such a level, you dont even have any idea about it. So on this auspicious day take a oath and decide that I am a Sahaja Yogi and till death I will remain a Sahaja yogi. After death also I will remain a Sahaja Yogi. We have earned this from infinity. You should be proud of it and live proudly. You have not commited any mistake. To do God’s work I have selected you. So behave in that way and work in that way and make God proud of you. 

May God Bless you.