New Year Puja: Mother depends on us

Sangli (India)

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New Year Puja, Sangli (India), January 1st, 1990

Yesterday’s experience was that the whole day I had to spend it with police people explaining to them. And now I feel that in Maharashtra, there is a rule of Mafia. And that, it is for us to face it and we have to prove it.

I am sorry some people were hurt so badly and I’ll think after Puja they’ll take you to the hospital. Here there is a very nice hospital where we have very good doctors. And then I would request you to know that, the evil and the good, always has to struggle and fight.

Formerly in this great country of Maharashtra all the saints were tortured to such an extent that it is amazing how despite all that they kept the banner of spirituality so high.

They are still existing, the same people, who have tortured the saints and I think they are the same people who have behaved in such a bad manner towards you all. This kind of ego-trip builds up in everyone – even in among sahaja yogis, it does build up. And they (the evil ones) are all the time on a different scene.

This is like Hitler’s style of behavior that you pick up some sort of an issue. An issue could be anything, like they are saying that “we are trying to remove all the blind faiths”.

I mean, I’ve done this for eighteen years, what can they do more than that? And I have removed all your blind faiths in all kinds of stupid things that the religion, so-called, was teaching you. In every religion, there is no question of only Hindu religion.

But here they dare not say anything about the Muslims because the Hindus are very mild people. They (the muslims) want that all the temples must be removed, all the deities must be thrown away. This is all I think Rajneesh is their guru because he made a… he made an exhibition where he tried to show that Ganapati was something very funny and all that. Now medically you know in Sahaja Yoga, that without Ganesha we cannot cure many diseases. Is a fact.

So a stupid fellow talking like that, has become now the guru of these people who are discarded all over the world and who have been insulted. So these few newspapers have made him as a guru, perhaps that they are following his methods of saying that we should be, we should be rid of all these ideas and this and that. But they have gone to the extent that all the spirituality is an illusion. It’s such a joke (laughs). And that we should give up all the, all readings and all understanding about spirituality.

But they do not know that their heritage is spirituality. And the whole world depends on that. The whole world, because when the people took to industrial development, you know how far they have gone and how much they are lost. And how far you were in that mess. And how you came back because of Sahaja Yoga’s spirituality.

Now if this nourishment from the roots of spirituality does not reach the West, the real knowledge, as it is in Sahaja Yoga, the West will be finished. West will be finished, you know that very well. There is no joy, there is no love, there is no poetry, there is no music, there is no culture.

But as you have understood that now these people have now started talking about “no religion”, “no religion”, like many of your western countries have also done, specially Russia has done that way, (saying) that there is nothing like God, there is nothing like this and that. And now after all that now they are coming to God. So now we’ll have to go through another circle.

But they are only hardly twenty people. So even one fellow who is like Hitler, can destroy the whole thing. This is a very important thing – to destroy something you need only one person. But to sustain and to construct you need many people. To drown a ship, you need only one hole in it. But to build the ship, you take months together.

So the work that is done for these last eighteen years of Sahaja Yoga, is really tremendous. And the truth about it, you know for definite, that it has helped so many people.

Though we have been going from ups and downs and all that, we’ve been doing wrong things, no doubt about it, but still, now we are quite established and we know what Sahaja Yoga is. The experience of Sahaja Yoga you all have had. You have seen so many, (towards someone…) “What is she doing? Please be seated”.) Miraculous photographs you have seen, so many miracles in your life day to day. Every day there are miracles.

Now to say there is no God is impossible for you because you have felt the miracles of this All-pervading Power, the Paramchaitanya.

And also all the religions are explained and the complete integration of them has been brought in. But for that we have to know, as I told you in Brahmapuri, that the sahaja yogis have to know that they have to become dynamic.

Whatever energies you have got, whatever (energy) you have achieved within yourselves, is not sufficient enough. You have to manifest. And in that dynamism, I think people get lost.

I have seen that some leaders become horrid. I mean, sometimes their Vishuddhis could be horrible, then their heart goes out. So you should not allow anybody (to be) a leader for more than one month.

It (the ego) goes off. I have seen it. Because your balloon has been already bloated and again it gets re-bloated in no time. (Speaking in Marathi). They have religiously kept all the Indians outside, I think. (Speaking in Marathi). I mean, he is the organizer here. (Speaking in Marathi).

So the heritage of our country is spirituality. And this is the nourishment. Only the one-sided growth in the West, due to machinery or whatever you may call it, has ruined it completely. And one-sided growth in this country, and all such countries, where religion has become a blind faith, has also ruined it.

But in the center lies Sahaja Yoga. Now your wisdom, your sense, is so apparent. I mean, people have been to all kinds of gurus here and have been to everyone, but they don’t know anything about anything. Except for remembering by heart – some these Hare Ramas, talk about, “Rama” “Rama” – like that. While you know everything about Kundalini. You know how to raise it. You know how to give Realization. You know what are the diseases are caused, how to cure it and everything and everything and everything. I mean, it has come to such a stage that nobody asks Me any questions. (Laughter)

Otherwise, in the beginning in London, My lecture was for five minutes and the questions were for the rest of the time. So now you know so much. And you accept which cannot be explained also, because you know that. For example, somebody will ask Me, “Mother, how do you get these photographs?” Why are we talking about it? I know how it happens, who is doing this trick. But I don’t want to tell you (laughter). Moreover, if you demand something, I’ll never tell you.

That’s one of the characters I have. Ah, if you come with humble thing and honest desire to know, then I can tell you about everything, that you want to know. But if you just want to force Me and say that, “I challenge you”, I said, “I also challenge you. Get out of here”. Like that. You see, it doesn’t react, that way.

So it is just the temperament of the Divine that if you are convex, the Divine becomes convex also, and fights and says, “No, get out”. If you become concave, then it emits and gives knowledge, or receives knowledge. So one has to be humble. That’s very important part of it. One has to be humble.

So the awareness, again I talk about awareness, within you should be that, how much we have come to know about ourselves. How much we have to come to know about others? How much we know about our own being? How much we know about chakras? In such a short time, how did we come to know about it?

Like we should know, if you are dealing with a computer, and you know how computer works, how it acts, how it is programmed, everything without programming it, without working it out, without building it up. I mean, if you build it up, you know how it works. But without doing that just to know a computer how it works, and all the machinery about it, is a tremendous knowledge.

And this is what has to be there for all of us to know what we are there as human beings, and what we have to do to emancipate the other human beings. Of course, I shouldn’t say that every sahaja yogi is of that level, no. Or comes up, but everybody is trying.

Nobody has denied Sahaja Yoga. Nobody has said it’s not true. Everybody is trying to get higher and higher in his state of spirituality which doesn’t speak. It acts. It doesn’t manipulate. It acts. And we’ve seen it acts in so many miraculous ways.

So first to know about all these things, after feeling that Paramchaitanya, is different from just to talk about it. Many have talked about it, but you have never felt it. Now you have felt it, you have verified it, you have experimented it. And you have found it that, this is something absolutely real.

In science, as Dr. Khan was telling Me, that in science, the one theory which is established today might be refuted tomorrow. Another theory that is established, may be refuted. It goes on. So that no theory is an absolute theory. But in Sahaja Yoga for the last eighteen years, whatever I have been saying is the truth. And is absolute. It cannot be challenged again. Nobody can say, “No, Mother, it is not so”.

A simple thing is, somebody comes to you and you say, the other day it happened, one doctor was there in Aurangabad, and he said that, “I have never had any guru”. But his left Swadishthana… and he was looking very disturbed. He was a sahaja yogi in a way, not looking normal. “I have pain in the stomach,” and this and that. I asked him, “You had no guru?”, he said, “No”. (speaking Marathi).

So now as science has progressed we can see clearly that it has not got the theory which is absolute. But in Sahaja Yoga, as I told you, there was a gentleman, a doctor, who was denying, he said, “I had no guru”. I asked him, “Do you read books?”, “Yes – he said – I read Vivekananda”. I said, “That’s it”. He said he was reading the book of a particular guru. We gave a bandhan to that guru and this fellow felt alright.

There are so many things one has to know about. Little, little things are there, which must be understood in Sahaja Yoga. And one should do it according to them, because it is for your benevolence. Now supposing I say, “Just do these things”. If you don’t accept Me, why am I telling you? I am not telling you because I have to gain anything. But is for your good. Now if you don’t want to accept me or if you react, is not going to help you. Sahaja Yoga is not for Me, is for you. Now if you are, truthfully, honestly, if you are seekers, then you must know that “My aim is to rise spiritually”.

Now in science you have risen quite a lot, you are fed up with it. Now you’re back into spirituality and for spirituality you have to be a subtler person. And for these subtleties you have to give up all your conditionings. All funny conditionings are to be given and the worst that you have, is the ego part. It just jumps up.

I have seen that appointing people leaders has been the greatest harmful thing I have done to them. So many of them just got lost, because they became leaders. I mean, a kind of a Hitler, enters into them. So this is one of the worst conditionings we have.

We have to be very careful that we don’t try to assert our ego on others. When we become leaders or a some position is given to us, or ask something is to be achieved through your authority. Only we have the authority of God. Unless and until we become humble like that, nothing is going to flow.

You can see that, that the sea lies the lowest in height. And all the rivers and everything flows to the sea. And from the sea only rises the rain. Supposing sea was somewhere on top of Himalayas, we would have been all living in the Sahara desert.

Is a very simple thing, is to be humble – that’s first sign – is to be humble, is to be non-violent, because we depend on the All-pervading Power. It is a power which is completely integrated within us. Only we are not the ones, we want to be aware of it.

So this ignorance, this blindness, if it disappears from us, that Divine Power will manifest. But our styles are so complicated. Sometimes I just don’t understand, why we have complicated ourselves so much. I mean, look at the flowers, look at the leaves; they are on a tree, supposing. Automatically they will open out to the sun. Automatically. You don’t have to take a leaf towards the sun, not at all. Automatically it opens out. You have seen it every day. Automatically. Because it requires sun. Now you want to have spirit in yourself. You want to get to spirit. So automatically you should, really automatically, if that is your desire, you should, with your own desire only, should get to the light of the spirit. And should grow in that spirit to know that this is what you have to achieve.

But small things disturb you, like somebody doesn’t get married. Next day you see the face of that person, as if somebody has died in the family he is sitting there. (Laughter) Really, I have seen it. Immediately I make out who has not been yet engaged (laughter). Then after marriage I find again the same sort of nonsense. Because they are analyzing, “I want this kind, I want that kind. I want”. I mean, whatever is available here is available (laughter). Like on the ship, you don’t have any problems, because you have no solutions. If you are moving on a ship and you just ask for something, “Oh no, not available here,” finished (laughter).

But then you lose all the fun of Sahaja Yoga for a small little nonsensical thing. If not this, next year. What’s so important? I mean, certain there are limitations of age, height, this, that. Then even if you arrange their marriages, is very interesting, then they come and tell you, “No, no, I would not like to marry this girl”. Why? “Because I want such and such”. All right, then we find. “No, no, no, she is no good. She has these things,” so move that.

I mean this is not the way. You are not here to choose a girl for yourself. Then there is another one who can say, “All right, I came down, I saw one girl and fell in love”. So you fall in love and get out. This nonsense going on. See, you must have certain amount of dignity. You are all sahaja yogis. And when I see all this kind of stupid attitude, I say these people can never gain in Sahaja Yoga.

In India you will be surprised. I mean, even I was married to a man who was from another, another place. Absolutely different (indian) country, different religion, different everything. And a different person. So one can say that it was a very unconventional marriage, one can say. But I would never touch this man or he would never touch me. And if he would talk to me, in the presence of others only. And despite that, our marriage is very strong and we are very happy couple.

With all these nonsense you go on doing, bringing it to the level of physical appearances, physical understanding, your ego, “I want this, I want that”, you find that just after the marriage you (your ego) get off. You start analyzing. That’s why I am telling you today. I may not able to talk to you about marriages later on. That be careful.

And that’s how you have brought problems to Me. You see, once you accept that in Sahaja Yoga you are going to marry, then you must accept that Sahaja Yoga has its own norms and styles by which it will marry you and will look after your marriage and will bless you. But if you start analyzing and misbehaving, it’s not going to work out, and you will have lots of problems. Either you believe in the All-pervading Power and surrender your ego to it, or else you have your ego.

Sahaja Yoga is decided by Me, by Paramchaitanya. Now sometimes in Sahaja Yoga it may happen that, maybe, it may not work out. But invariably I have seen, invariably, is none of My faults. None of My faults.

Mostly the leaders have given wrong information, mostly the leaders didn’t talk about the, about the background. Or maybe that there has been some sort of an ego-trip with the people, and they are the ones who are creating problems for us. But things work out. Slowly, gradually we can improve. We must have patience.

If only on first day you start demanding something doing that, it’s not going to work out. We must learn to give, in marriage it’s an adjustment of giving. It is no adjustment of demand. We have to give. We have to sacrifice. What is there with you to sacrifice is all these rubbish things.

Your spirit you cannot sacrifice, so you keep to your spirit. And live with it. What is you going to sacrifice? I mean, what do you have to give? And then only you will enjoy. Then only you will enjoy the spirit. I am getting cool breeze from you.

So I want you to be very great sahaja yogis, very great. And you should really manifest your powers of wisdom. Now men have ego part and women have another side, is that they are very dull sometimes. Extremely dull. They don’t think they have to play a very dynamic role, while they are the shaktis.

Like they will not even clap hands, they will not even have their torches to see what’s happening. Nothing. They just think they are just a, sort of parasites. Just coming here as wives or sisters, or whatever it is, wearing saris. No, you have to be extremely dynamic. You must know all about Sahaja Yoga. You must know all about chakras. You should know everything.

In India, when in the ancient times, they used to teach them about God, religion and all that. So many great ladies we had, Gargi and Maitreyi and all those, who were very learned women. So in no way you should be just women who do not know anything of Sahaja Yoga. Sahaja Yoga is not only meant for men; it’s meant for you, much more for you. Because you are shakti and I am your Mother.

So I find the women lack that. They are more worried about the saris, the this and that, and I mean, now from the hair-dressing they have come to saris. That’s what I feel. Well, it’s just the same.

Of course sari is a very good dress. It’s nice to wear. By that we give lot of encouragement to our weavers in India. It’s very artistic, and good that represents also a very ladylike feminine thing. But that doesn’t mean you should become so feminine that you don’t understand Sahaja Yoga.

I have seen women don’t know where the centers are of the feet. Indian women know. Men do know…. (corrects) Indian women know, but the Western women don’t know, so many of them. They don’t know about chakras. They don’t know how to raise the Kundalini. They don’t know what’s the problem is. So once you have left that life, where you are wearing a sari, doesn’t mean now that you have become a woman in the gosha. Gosha is the one where they have to wear chadar; chadar, they call it. No, sari means you can also be very dynamic.

The same sari that you are wearing, even the saris of the nine yards, we have had queens who fought the English. You have must heard about Jahnsi Ki Rani. She was hardly of any age. She jumped from eighty feet height with her child (tied) behind her. She was a widow. And she fought the English. Left and right. And when she was killed, the person who was here, the Englishman, he said, the governor, he said, “We have won the war but the glory goes to Jhansi ki Rani.”

Then we had another one, Chand-bibi, another lady, in Ahmednagar; she fought. We had so many women like that. Tremendous type of women we had, though they lived like women. We had Padmini, we had Noorjahan, we had Ahilyabai, so many women. They were not manly at all. Very woman-like.

There was the last one was Shivaji’s, Shivaji’s daughter-in-law. She was only seventeen years of age, seventeen years. And she fought this Aurangzeb and she is the one who defeated him. Nobody could manage this Aurangzeb horrible fellow, she defeated him. So though, you see, the Indian women look so docile and simple, but when it comes to their personality, they are capable of tremendous things.

So this character when you are wearing the saris you must also know how to tie up the backside and to fight. Otherwise you have not got the Sahaj culture in you. Either you are very dominating or you are so docile like cabbages.

You must understand that we have to be alert, very alert. And Mother depends on us. On our own personalities, that the way we are going to develop ourselves, our children, our husbands, our society of Sahaja Yoga, the whole of Vishwa Nirmal Dharma.

Is the woman who makes the society. The whole universe is in the hands of a woman who creates children. So the stupid ideas of romanticism and all this nonsense, has to be finished.

The possession of husband – “What time you came,” “When did you go,” “Where did you go,” and here (in India) the women when Shivaji started his fight they used to cut their finger, thumb, and used to put the tika (sign) on the forehead of the husbands who were going in the war and they said, “Don’t come showing your back”.

Such great women we have had in this Maharashtra, where you find them to be so mild. If it comes to their country, if it comes to their own personality, to their own chastity or anything, they are tremendous. Just like lionesses. So with this sari lots of things go hand in hand. Is not only the sari you are wearing, but you are representing something very dynamic within yourself.

Now when we talk about our further programs people are insisting that we should have a program in any case in Kolhapur. But I told them I’ll not allow Sahaja Yogis to go there because they were hurt so badly. But some of you can come, not all of you. I would be rather worried. I don’t think anybody will hurt you and they are saying they will make arrangements. So if you want to come, if you are not afraid…(Applauses).

But on one promise. That nobody is going to beat anyone. I am saying, “Don’t beat. Don’t beat” and somebody heard, “Beat”. I mean, I mean, I have never heard such sort of thing, when I am saying on the thing that, “Don’t beat. Don’t beat,” then somebody hears that, “Beat them. Beat them”. (Laughter) I just don’t understand how can (that be). So you don’t have to, really, you don’t have to beat anyone. There is no need. You know that there is Paramchaitanya working. All this is also the work of Paramchaitanya.

In the afternoon, Yogi Mahajan was discussing with Me very seriously like a lawyer, saying that, “Mother we cannot form a criminal case on them, because there is no evidence”. Afternoon. And in the evening we have evidence now (Applauses). And then they are writing in the other way round, that they were beaten up and that you threw stones at them. And none of them were injured. They must have been vibrated stones, I think (laughter and applauses).

How can you? They had no injuries. They wrote it down they’ve no injuries. So there is no need for you to bother about it. With all that there were at least more than four hundred stones that came and only eighteen people got hurt. And really seriously, I think, one or two. So there is nothing and I can cure all of you, [you] know that very well (laughter and applauses).

On the whole, you see this country, especially Maharashtra, is so full of devotion to God. Like these things are not going to work out. But they are very dangerous people like Hitler, you see, they start moving about and giving some ideas and all that. So it is better to finish them at the time when they are just prospering, as they call themselves Nirmulan, is to remove the roots. So we have to do the Nirmulan of Nirmulan.

All right. So now today we’ll have the puja. Then after that if you want you can go to Kolhapur for your purchase. But it starts, the shops starts quite late and will keep quite late till eight and tomorrow the whole day is available for you. So you can take your buses. You can go down there, and you can have your purchase and all that, then come back here. Tomorrow also you can do the same.

Day after tomorrow, our Mr. Govind has very kindly invited you all to his place, as it is he is an extremely generous man. So, …(Applauses). and when I told him that, “You must take money from Me”, he was just fighting with Me, “Mother, give me this first chance. This is my great honor that…(speaking Marathi and Hindi to someone) So… (speaking to someone). Let them come, if they want to come.”

So then the program is that day after tomorrow, after this thing he says it will be over by 12:30 or one′o clock. So you will have tonight and tomorrow full day for your shopping. But I think then you should not bother more about shopping. Whatever you have to do, better finish tomorrow. And then you have to come to the program also.

Day after if you linger on then it will be very difficult. So all of you should go there, have your food, and then go to Ganapatipule. This is the program. So you reach Ganapatipule in the evening. I hope it’s all clear to you. And whatever you want to buy, you have to buy here. But I would say that some of you are really, really do not know what is real silk is.

And I’ve seen some people buying something horrid. And very thin silk you should not buy because it will last only for eight days. And then it will be finished. So don’t go for cheap things. One sari which is good sari, silk sari, is better than ten bad saris.

Luckily now we have some saris that you wanted for, the printed saris which I can give you in Ganapatipule. Nice printed saris, of the tassar and also silk. We’ll have them there. You can all buy, there. Anything else? Because I don’t think I’ll meet you any more perhaps till we go to Ganapatipule.

Now also if you could get those bhajan things, please buy. I have given you presents twice. But you never bring them on your tour and this time again, I don’t want to get this kind of a thing. (Hindi). Just show them. Anything of this kind, please get it. Is very important. I have given you twice as presents but it’s very difficult every time to go to the shop and get it for you. If you can get them please buy. Some of you should at least have them (speaking marathi to someone. He will organize, you better purchase.

Now all the marriages practically have been decided. One or two are left, which he has also adjusted. Now those who were over age or something like that, we could not arrange their marriages. Doesn’t matter. It may work out, may not work out. Doesn’t matter. After all, you are in Sahaja Yoga. I mean, you are really married to Sahaja Yoga, that’s all.

This is something sideways, you see. So don’t make very, your life miserable, so all the way you have come, to know that you are not … we have not been able to arrange your marriage. It’s not proper. Just enjoy. Don’t miss the point.

May God bless you.