Talk: Learn from Your Guru and Evening Program

Ganapatipule (India)

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“Learn from Your Guru”. Ganapatipule (India), 6 January 1990.

I was ready at six o’clock when Babamama came and bought some very important people to meet me and I was just ready but so happens doesnt matter, and I am anxious to see the little ballet these people from Delhi have arranged and the little children are going to now do it for you.

I hope you all are meditating every morning and talking Sahaja Yoga, meeting each other. And this is more to get together, that we should all discuss about Sahaja Yoga, and find out what is the way we can do it better.

Morning time, I was thinking that, we can allot it, now, to people who would like to have a, they call it a ‘brain trust’, sort of a thing, a conference. You could have it. Tomorrow is the puja but day after tomorrow we are free in the morning time and also 9th [January] we are free. So you all could discuss and talk about things and about what has happened in Satara district. And all those things can be discussed among all of you. And it can be established that we understand Sahaja Yoga properly among ourselves.

Many people do not know much about Sahaja Yoga, especially ladies. I think they have to know quite a lot. They just think they are in Sahaja Yoga, so they are floating with the big flow of water. That’s not the way to know about Sahaja Yoga. Sahaja Yoga you must know precisely. You must know what is there, what is not there. So I would say that, you could have a meeting day after tomorrow sometime and could discuss about, what is it and how it helps you, what are the chakras are, any problems, anything. We have all kinds of people here. So it should not be just entertainment but it should be more sort of a morning session for learning things.

Now, tomorrow is a very important day for puja. All of you are expected to come here for the puja. And I am sure that it will help you all to achieve something in that puja.

As it is, you know that you have to go beyond your thoughts to absorb the vibrations. In your thoughts you get lost. But once you are above the thoughts you get absorbed. Also most of the marriages have been fixed. But some people unnecessarily are giving way to their conditionings or maybe unnecessary thinking and all that, have tried to say ‘no’ to certain people, without any rhyme and reason. So it is nonsense. And such people, we would say that, should not apply anymore, because we have wasted so much time. Of course, if they had some rhyme and reason one can understand, but without rhyme and reason if you say, “We don’t want to marry,” that means it’s quite insulting to the other party. So if you have just said ‘no’ because you feel from your heart and from your brain and from your these things, this is not the way to behave. And before saying ‘no’ you should see me. And I would request you, all of you, to meet your fiancés and see for yourself. Even now there is time. But if there is no reason for saying ‘no’. If there is no understanding about any point, it is better to decide it now than to decide it later, and I have been telling you [this]. Of course, you have all the freedom to do it. But for no rhyme and reason you have no business to insult other people.

So, I would request you that even if you have any objection, even now, please write it down and give it to Yogi Mahajan. He has really worked very hard and you know we have no choices. You see, this is very funny how so many marriages have come up. I didn’t expect even to fix ten marriages, because the age and the heights and everything was so much from one extreme to another extreme.

Moreover, those ladies who have got children and all that, it’s rather difficult, because we find people who are not very happy about the situation. So they should not feel bad about it. We hope to see people who would love to have children. All such people should come forward and they should marry women who have children and look after them. But it’s difficult. In the same way, for men also, if they have some children or something, there is a problem. But one should not feel bad about it. One should know that we are here for our Sahaj Yog, for our ascent, and we have to rise higher.

As it is, you know, one or two marriages do fail in Sahaja Yoga and they create lot of problems for me. But is this the way are you helping me? I am helping you in so many ways. Which is the way are you going to help me, is to understand that, if we are married let us try to improve ourselves. Of course, I would say that certain problems come only from one side, not from both the sides. But, whatever it is, we have to understand that these marriages are not just for marriages but for something great, to create a new progeny of Realised-souls, to emancipate human beings. There are many saints who want to be born on this Earth. So it is important that, if you are married in that understanding then you will try to see to the good points of others and not the bad points, and should not see superficial things. If you are superficial it is better you don’t marry. But if you have any depth then you should understand you are marrying for something that is the concern of God’s work. I hope by this you will be able to sort out many of your problems.

And then some people when they get married they just get headlong (rush headlong). Absolutely get lost into it. This the another stupid conditioning of romanticism. You are marrying because you are in Sahaja Yoga, you want to help the Sahaja Yoga, you would like to have a companion who will be helpful in Sahaja Yoga. But they get so headlong into it that I have seen [that] many characters have been ruined, and people have been spoilt. But in a way it’s good because this is Last Judgment. If by marriage, by temptations, by wrong doings, by conditionings, if you have to go out – you have to go out.

I must tell you that also there’s very little place in the Kingdom of God. Unless and until you prove to be good Sahaja Yogis there is no place for you. For mediocres there is no place. You have to be serious, deep, seeking, dedicated Sahaja Yogis, otherwise you have no place. If you are playing around only with your children, with your wife, then alright, go ahead with it. You have to get out of that and you must know that my first and foremost attention should be on Sahaja Yoga. That is so very important today. Formerly, that’s why people used to give sanyasa to their disciples: no marriage, no children, no household – just be sanyasis. So complete dedication to the guru, complete dedication to the work. But in Sahaja Yoga it is not so. Because also I have given you Realisation so you can feel it, within yourselves, what is important. If something goes wrong with you then the vibrations also go down.

Then also I have reports from many countries that people are very miserly – they do not donate for daily work. Of course, you don’t have to pay me, but you must know that without donation we cannot do anything. You cannot even buy a little thing like that. And from where it has to come? Of course, as far as possible I have tried to compensate, but also you must know my husband is now retiring. So I hope, with his retirement, the whole of Sahaja Yoga will not collapse. If you are such miserly people, only worried about your money, you want to extract each and every pie you spend, each and every little money you have given, then I must say – such people are no good for Sahaja Yoga. Such calculating people! Nobody wants to shell out! I mean, I have seen people, even if they give a little bottle of Limca to someone, they want to charge [for] it. If you are that miserly, there is no place for miserly people in the kingdom of God. You have to be generous. You have to look after people. You have to love each other. You have to give presents to others and you have to be very much giving.

And in this I find that people will live in a good house, they will have a good family, they will spend on their children, for their holidays, for their education, for everything. But Sahaja Yoga, they become very miserly. So they are still so conditioned. So this is the Last Judgment. And you will be judged for everything that you do for Sahaja Yoga. One has to be very careful as to how you behave, what is your attitude is and how you should change.

Your attention is also very important, if your attention is not there. I have seen some people still sitting outside, talking to people, doing this. In between the programme they just get up and walk off. When there’s some artist is sitting you are not to go like that. It’s an insult to the artist. I just sit for hours together. And if I am supposed to be your guru, you must learn at least that much from me: how to respect and where to respect. So I have seen many people just getting up, walking, sleeping down, this, that. If you are that kind then you should sit on the corner and just disappear. Nobody should walk this way back and this way. It’s not proper. There should be, if you go to your church, do you do like that? Church which is based on falsehood? While this is the church of Truth. And the way people take things without any discipline looks very funny. People start walking up and down, sitting the way they like. There’s no alertness about them.

You must know when the music is on, I am trying to spread vibrations through that music. But some people are dosing off, some people are walking about. That is not a Sahaja Yogi! You have to be just spartan and smart! If you see a saint, if you see old saints we had, their disciples used to be sitting straight before him for hours together. Of course, I don’t say that you should sit here hours together, but if I am sitting here you have no business to behave like this dog that runs about without knowing what he is doing. We are all human beings and there’s no reasoning behind it, I don’t understand. And there’s no explanation needed! It’s the behaviour itself [that] is wrong.

Now anybody who has children and all that should sit on the other side. I would not like you to carry your children here and there when there some programme is going on. We have to show at least this much of discipline.

So yesterday’s programme was a little bit a farce, perhaps, maybe, because some people really behaved in a manner that they should not have behaved. All such people who want to go like that should wait because in between the programme we’ll give you some interval when you can go out. So let us have a society, a proper, beautifully built-up collectivity, which shows that we are very saintly people: we have poise, we have adjustments, we have understanding, we are doing everything in such a manner that it is all dignified.

Now, also, some people have a bad habit of raising their Kundalini in the programme suddenly: giving bandhans, giving bandhans to themselves, bandhans to others. It’s nonsense! Just now I am there. You don’t have to. Just you desire. You just try to develop your desire power and just desire. You desire something – it will work out. I mean, I work like that and you should learn this trick – how to desire. But desire should be pure desire, then Kundalini works it out.

I was in Kolhapur and I was telling him, Yogi Mahajan [that] I want to buy those chimtas for all the countries, Western countries and also the leaders. And just imagine, they said that you can’t get them in Kolhapur, and there they are! They have bought it and brought it. I mean, it’s a small incident but there are thousand one I can tell you. I have to just desire! I desired that the Eastern bloc must be cleared out, must be freed. So a programme a yoga seminar, was held in Russia. And I told My husband and I told everyone, “I am going there to break the Eastern bloc!” I just told. When I went there they gave me hardly any time. But I broke it because the people who got Realisation, they were from all these countries, and they just went and triggered it. So I had told beforehand that this is my purpose. But I am so intensely desiring anything.

In the same way if you have a pure desire about it, not from any malicious or some sort of a selfish attitude. Like, “My brother, my sister, my…” This is Indians have this greater problem “my wife,” this, that. The wife will support the husband, the husband will support the wife – nonsensical things will go on. But by this they are really taking them down! And you people also should not have [attachments] because somebody is from, say, Switzerland: Swiss people will sit together. It’s a very wrong thing to do. I have told a hundred times: nobody from the same [country to sit together]. Now I can see it’s even the same thing happening here! English must sit together. And English have the worst habit in this, that they must form a group. That’s their style, is to have their group. So this is all, is our conditioning. Why I am telling you [is] that, Sahaja Yoga is not going to benefit by you but you have to be benefitted! So all these little, little conditionings that you have, you just judge yourself: “Are we doing like that?” “Are we sitting?” “Am I sitting next to a Swiss?” “Am I sitting next to an English?”. Run away. And then maybe that you think you can speak in the same language or whatever it is. No! Let us sit away. Then Delhi people will sit together, Bombay people will sit together. And you ask them, “Do you know this lady?” ” No, who was she?” “I mean, she was there.” “No, I never met her.” Because nobody wants to meet, nobody wants to talk, nobody wants to do.

And it is to be understood that this is a place of pilgrimage. There’s no fashion to show on. And one should not go about putting fashionable clothes and fashionable dresses. Be humble about it. Sometimes I am really shocked the way people are dressing up. It’s all right for pujas and all that, you can come, but the way people are dressed up sometimes it’s surprising! You are coming here, for what? For your meditation. So be in a simpler dress, in a simpler attitude, in a simpler mind.

Today I had to tell you because I have been noticing a few things that you are missing the point. We are here for our ascent. You have come all the way, pilgrimage is there, for your ascent and for nothing else. We are here only for our ascent, for our joy, for opening out ourselves, and that is what we have to remember.

I am your Mother, I have to tell you the truth because it is your benevolence that I want: that you all should become great foundations of Sahaja Yoga, which is going to emancipate the whole world.

Moreover, anybody who is sick need not come to me. You can cure that person with you. You can yourself cure. The person who is a Realised-soul can cure himself or herself, or you can cure. What is the need to bring everybody to me? “This is sick, that is sick, that is there.” No need! Among yourselves only you can have these things done. And I think the doctors and all these people can also have a little conference together and anybody who has problems can come and tell them what’s the problem is, and can be done. There’s no need, also, to have doctors. We have some people here, very simple people, who can help you a lot.

So among yourselves you should help and you should learn how to do it: how to raise the Kundalini, how to tie it up, how to clear the chakras, what’s wrong with you.

Attention should be how I am going to achieve it, but the attention is not so high. So I would request you, today, that you please pay full attention to the programme and enjoy it and really try to develop that sensitivity of enjoyment.

This is just you are clinging onto something which is not going to take you to the Ocean of Joy.


May God bless you.