Makar Sankranti Puja

Kalwa (India)

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Makar Sankranti – Shri Surya Puja, Kalwa (India), January 14th, 1990

Hindi translation 

Today’s auspicious occasion is being celebrated everywhere in India. The reason is that the Sun which has left us, has left India, and had moved towards the Tropic of Capricorn, has now returned. And along with the movement of the Earth and the Sun all the vegetation, all the crops, fruit and other things are growing. The time has come for their growth. And all those trees whose leaves were completely removed in the cold weather, appeared as if they have completely died, all those trees are again awakened and started to become green. And that’s why, the significance of this time is that the Earth will again become green, and activities will start again everywhere. Especially in Northern India, where it gets very cold, it is a very special festival, that the sun has arrived and all the work dependent on the Sun will be completely fulfilled now.

So today I transmit best wishes to everyone here. And on today’s auspicious occasion, I could meet you all here. This is also a great joy for Me, I feel. As we consider Sun’s appearance as a very great thing, it is much more important, that the Sun of Sahaja Yoga comes on this Earth. Because whatever creativity is in this Universe, the creativity is nourished by the Sun. The Sun gives it the energy, and the creative power of the “Paramchaitanya”, its aspect of action, has got activated through Sahaja Yoga. Till now Paramchaitanya was not successful in any task. The reason was, that the Sun had not yet appeared in its courtyard. But now this Sun has risen in the courtyard of Paramchaitanya. And because of that you all have the light of it within you. Because of that light, your Kundalini has awakened, and within you, the field of creation has fully blossomed. And this field of creation you all are developing, in a way that the whole world can benefit from it. And it’s a very great and divine thing. This could not take place earlier. In our country many sages  have expressed many ideas about, that such a day will come, when collectively this creation will get awakened.

That creation has awakened now. And that’s why this is not only an occasion for Earth’s creation but a great occasion for Sahaja Yoga’s creation also. This year specially is considered to be a very important year for Sahaja Yoga, and the light of Sahaja Yoga will establish very deeply in the people. When something starts to establish deeply, then we must understand that along with it, some other important events also take place. Like those who are evil and want to destroy the world, and those who are creating terror, destroying the best things of the world, all such people are consequently destroyed. As soon as saplings start blossoming and if they carry truth within them, they will wreck havoc in the place they cannot blossom and they will destroy everything. In the same way, all the evil temperaments, all the devilish forces, will be destroyed. Like after the Sun appears, all the gloom, all the darkness, is destroyed.

Similarly when the light of Sahaja Yoga emerges then the darkness of ignorance and wickedness, is totally destroyed. So today we are at the brink where we have to take a very high flight. And in this flight we have to understand that we should give up all the burdens within us. We have many types of beliefs, we have many types of wrong faiths, and also there are all types of ignorance within us. We should renounce all this ignorance and with a complete detachment, we should take this flight. And those who cannot detach from ignorance, those who do not get rid of it, such people will not be able to take this flight.

All of you know the significance and divinity of Sahaja Yoga; you are not ordinary people. And that’s why I want to say that those who want to fly higher and want to raise higher, should give up the burden of the many shackles of traditions. Similarly within us, ego and vanity are like a very big mountain. We should destroy this mountain completely too. And we can accomplish that, through meditation, and by completely immersing in Sahaja Yoga, by completely surrendering to it. The person who doesn’t surrender to Sahaja Yoga, is still incomplete, and it’s possible to be left behind during this flight, to go to the same hell where others are going. So it’s important that everyone strives thoroughly. All those who put efforts and try half-heartedly, I want to tell them, “Please renounce this half hearted effort”. Because of this half hearted effort, you cannot achieve anything. Then how can you achieve that great state for which people used to cleanse by penance for thousands of years?

There is no need to belittle or punish yourself, but we must understand that today we are facing a mirror, and we have to completely remove all the defects visible in us. When you observe yourself from outside then you will understand that you have to destroy all these things. By this happening, you will notice that you receive many blessings from God. And receiving those blessing human beings will think that, “I have achieved everything”. This is also a great fascination, that I have received this or that, all the worldly things. And like this, when we want to get something, at the periphery of this there are some things which can also mesmerize. But we shouldn’t stop there. We have to achieve a great speed. This is the result of good deeds of your many lives and you have to achieve it completely. And we have to renounce those small, petty desires within us, and become completely surrendered and give full contribution to Sahaja Yoga. Only the one who will do this, will achieve it. The one who will not do it, because of any reason, I can tell you openly, that there is not much place in the kingdom of God. Those who want to go there, should think, if they really want to reach there that they have to get rid of all the burdens.

And we have to take just one path, our full efforts should be in one direction, that we should somehow march in this direction and keep progressing. Every year you need to introspect and see how much you have progresses since last year. Are we making excuses and thinking that “we have to do this”, “this is important, that is important”, or from our heart we want to ascent? And many people also think that through Sahaj Yoga, they will get rid of illness or will get their problems solved, that this will happen, that will happen… They should know that there is only one solution for all the problems, that we should reach that state which is absolute. Then all the things get solved by themselves. You don’t need to do anything. So today I have shared with you my opinion. But I want that you should also take a resolution in your heart. What I am saying appears to be very simple, but the temperaments and activities of human beings are so strange that I am also not able to understand them. They say “If you can understand Him, then how can He be God?” but I say “If you can understand him, then how can he be human?” Because human beings are so complicated, so complicated, that to understand them is very difficult. I request all of you that if you have to achieve divinity, the complicated nature should be completely reprimanded, and it should be renounced to. And you should say that you want to achieve that divinity by which anything that you touch gets nourished, vibrated and beautiful. Your life will also become very beautiful very ideal, very joy giving, full of love, and of a very high level.

Infinite blessings to all of you.

English transcript

Today is a day for us to celebrate in India very much, and maybe also most of the Europe, because the Sun goes down to the, to the Capricorn and from Capricorn, it then comes to Tropic of Cancer.

When the Sun comes on this earth back, then all the creativity of the Mother Earth starts acting and she creates such beautiful things like flowers, such nice things, nourishing things like fruits, and fulfilling things like foods, She makes our eyes cool down with the greenery She has, and the way She blesses us is manifold with the advent of the soil [May Shri Mataji mean “sun”].

In the same way, now that the Sun of Sahaj Yoga has risen. Risen and it’s coming to the zenith.

And it has definitely shown you the result on the earth principle, that is your Mooladhara – and the creative power of that Mooladhara which is the Kundalini, has been rising and rising and rising, and opening your being, and showing the results in your lives. It has made your lives very beautiful. It has made your life very joyous and very happy.

Now we are at a point where we have to trigger a new jump, a new flight we have to take.

And for this flight, we have to see that we really become very light in our ideas, in our thoughts and in our conditionings.

We are so much full of conditionings.

All kinds of conditionings are on us. They are so deep that sometimes I fail to understand human beings, I just don’t understand how they get stuck to things which are of no value, which have no sense. And they get lost.

In this higher jump that we are going to take, many will be left behind as a result, those who won’t be able to come out of that.

So at this stage, I have to request you that you should really fully dedicate yourself to meditation and surrender yourself to collectivity. And every day you must think, in the evening, “What have I done for Sahaj Yoga? What have I done for myself?” Please try to understand that there is a very big jump we have to take. It has to be triggered and for that, I would like you to be ready, to be absolutely prepared because in this jump many might be lost, and many might be just left behind because they could not get over their conditionings.

The conditionings are of various types, as you know very well, of ignorance, blind faith, and all other things that we have gone through. Also, we have conditionings of our country, of our race, of our styles and so many other things, by which we judge others.

But we have to judge ourselves, that are we in a Sahaj culture or not. If we are not in the Sahaj culture, then it’s going to be very difficult that we’ll board the ship, which is going to take us off.

I have to just warn you, that later on, you shouldn’t say that: “Mother, so many were left behind”.

If you find anybody is left behind, please try to help that person. Please try to correct that person – and with clear ideas and with clear voice and with clear-cut instructions.

If you really find that somebody is going down, you’d better warn. I am telling you all today because you all will be departing, that you should look after your fellowmen sahaja yogis, and tell them that this is a very crucial time, and at this time, none of us should just take for granted Sahaj Yoga.

All other things are just a kind of an illusion that you feel that the worldly things are all right, or with the worldly things, you can manage.

God doesn’t care for people who are rich, or people who are well-off, or people who are poor. What He sees – what richness you have got of spirituality. He doesn’t bother about your education, of your degrees, of your pompousness, nothing of the kind. What He sees, how innocent you are, and how much you have worked for Sahaja Yoga, what you have done for God’s work.

So all these priorities have to be changed, and one must understand that Sahaj Yoga judges you on a very subtle level.

So in this Last Judgment, now, as many people have been judged as good people, very nice people, but still for the second jump that you are going to have, we have to be very careful that maybe some of you who think in their heart they are Sahaja yogis, but are not, may be left behind.

So it is important that the Sun has risen and now it has gone to the zenith. And at the time of its zenith, one has to be very careful because the same Sun, which has started making this beautiful greenery all around us, may scorch with its heat many of them.

So be careful – and one has to be all the time under the guidance of Sahaj Yoga to understand what is wrong with us, what is making us so heavy, what is making us so difficult.

So far I am very happy that whatever I have been telling you and whatever I have been guiding you, you have accepted it very calmly and sweetly – and that you have tried to imbibe it in your lifestyle. Actually, after some time, I don’t think I’ll have to tell you anything. You will get your own light to see for yourself what is right and what is wrong.

But still, I would say, for all the Western people specially, that you must open your heart – in the puja, in the music, in anything, just see that you open your heart. If you cannot open your heart, this won’t work because this works through Spirit, which resides in your heart.

So please try to open your heart for everything – all your conditionings, all your ego will disappear when you decide that, “I have to open my heart to Sahaja Yoga”.

May God bless you all.

[The puja begins.]

Shri Mataji: You don’t sit this side… (continues in Hindi or Marathi)… leave this side.

Leave this side… (Hindi or Marathi)

Yogi 1: All the children have to come forward. All the children, please.

Yogi 2: All the children till the age of five.

All the children till the age of five please come. Five to twelve.

Yogi 3: We take the mantra of Shri Ganesh four times.

[Shri Ganesha’s mantra is recited, then Ganesha Atharva Sheersha]

Yogi: Sanskrit page 11. (Other yogi: “Ganesha Sthuti”) Yes. [Bhajan: “Ganesha Sthuti”]

Yogi: Sanskrit page 13. (Aside) “Jai Ganaraya”. [Bhajan: “Jai Ganaraya Shri Ganaraya”]

Yogi: English page 1. [Bhajan: “Om Bhur Bhuvah Swaha”]

Another yogi: All leaders. All leaders please come. All leaders to please come for Puja.

We’ll start the Devi Puja now with Mahalakshmi Stotram. We’ll start with Saraswati Vandana.

Yogini sings “Saraswati Vandana”:

“Yā kundendu tushāra hāra dhavalā

Yā shubhra vastrā vrutā

Yā vinā vara danda mandita karā

Yā shweta padm’āsanā

Yā Brahm’āchyuta Shankara prabhṙutibhir

Devaihi sadā pujitā

Sā mām pātu Saraswatī Bhagavati

Nishesha jādy’āpahā”.

[“Mahalakshmi Stotram”]

Yogi: Sanskrit page 2. (Bhajan: “Ai Giri Nandini”)

Yogi 1: Hindi page 5.

Yogi 2: Seven young girls please, seven girls, unmarried girls – from age twelve to sixteen. Twelve to sixteen – twelve girls.

(Bhajan:” Tere Hi Guna Gate Hai”)

Yogi 1: Fourteen married ladies who have not done Puja before. Married ladies. (Hindi)

Yogi 2: Hindi 39.

Yogi 3: Can you sing the Marathi song… Hallo.

Can you sing the Marathi song we sang yesterday, “Tujhya Archaniye”. (Somebody: Tujhya Pujani). That was sung yesterday night, “Tujhya Archaniye”. (Somebody: “Tujhya Pujani”. Lady: “Tujhya pujani”)

Yogi 4: Marathi 36.

Yogi: (Hindi) All those who got married in Ganapatipule, all those who got married in Ganapatipule, also to please come, the ladies. Musicians – any song on the Goddess, Ambaji, or Shri Durga.

Musician: Durga, Durga, Durga – Durga.

Yogi: Hindi 33 (Bhajan: “Durgati Harani Durga”).

Yogi: (Hindi) Mrs. Ubadyaye will sing one – two songs of the Goddess.

Now Sahaja yogis may like to sing “Ude Tu Ambe Bai Ai – Ude Tu Ambe Bai”.

Yogi 2: Marathi page 20. (Bhajan:“Adi Maya Amba Bai”)

Marathi page 11: “Hasata Ali”.


Yogi 1: “Namostute”.

Yogi 2: Marathi page 1. (Aside) “Namostute”.

(Afterward, bhajan “Sarva Mangala” is sung)

[Video ends here]