Arrival and Kundalini Puja

Hyderabad (India)

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KUNDALINI PUJA, Date: 5th Feb. 1990, Place: Hyderabad, Type: Puja, Speech: Hindi, Translated to: English

It has been a great joy to meet you all. And, I did not imagine that there would be so many Sahaja Yogis in Hyderabad. Hyderabad has a unique quality that such diverse people have gelled together so well here. This is quite similar to our Nagpur, where I have seen that different people from all across India have settled. And that is why people there have an openness in their sacraments (Sanskaar) and view each other with much acceptance.

Now if we all have to turn towards Sahaja Yoga in a novel way, then we must understand many things —such as Sahaja Yoga is a form of truth (Satya Swaroop) and we are veracious (Satya Nishth); whatever is false, we must give it up. At times, getting rid of falsehood becomes very difficult. Because when we have been associated with wrong for too long, it becomes difficult to disassociate ourselves from it. But, if the falsehood is glued to us, we can never become pure. Because falsehood is illusionary, and, to overcome that illusion we must resolve to accept whatever is the truth and get rid of whatever is false. You will be amazed that just by such determination the Kundalini, which is already awakened within you, will do this for you and will bring forth such circumstances that you can easily distinguish between truth and false. And not just this, you will inherit such power (Shakti) that will awaken your desire to achieve only the truth and give up whatever falsehood you will see.

Now in Sahaja Yoga many things that you are told, is after much thoughtful consideration and after reflecting upon your sacraments, and, are told in such a way so that you don’t get upset. But despite such considerate explanation, at times you may feel this is not right or that is not right. Much of what is written in most scriptures is true. But, at times it is observed that many incorrect notions were added to them over a period, and then because of these wrong notions, we start believing them to be true.

For example, it has been written in the Gyaaneshwari, that when the kundalini is awakened you start floating in the air, and start walking on water, and, you can see far off things beyond even the seven seas. Now, this is indecipherable (ashakya). Because Gyaaneshwar ji was a saint, a great saint. We people must think about it, that these saints came to this world for people’s benevolence (jan hitaay) and welfare (jan sukhaay). What do they achieve by preaching about such things? What benefit will you get if you will start floating in the air, does that make you special? Or if you start walking on water, what will be so special? But the thing that really benefits us, is our inner transformation and establishing our relationship with the Almighty (Paramatma).

But, in that same Gyaaneshwari it is written,in Pasaayadan(request for a boon), he says that now the souls of the world, that are universal (vishwaatmak) must be happy. Because I have done an oblation of speech (vaani ka yAgnya), and now you must bestow such Pasaayadan, bestow such as vibrations (Chaitanya) that transform the whole world. So, the entire focus should be on transformation. So now, it must be understood that the earlier things were included in it by someone else. Because Gyaaneshwar ji would never write such a thing, that you will float in the air or walk on water. How would this benefit people in any way? And anyway, we are flying in the air, sailing by ships, and watching everything on Doordarshan(the public service broadcaster in India). So, why do you need Kundalini for all this?

So, we must understand the work that has to be done by the Kundalini. When we read these scriptures, we must introspect whether what has been written holds onto the truth or not. And similarly, in the Gita,and in most other religious scriptures wrong ideas have been added. For example, it is written in the Gita, that the caste in which you are born becomes your caste (jaati). This cannot be true. Because who wrote the Gita? Vyaas. And, do you know whose son he was? Of a woman of the Dhiwar caste (the caste of fishermen and palanquin–bearers in ancient India)? The son of a fisherwoman who wasn’t even married— Vyaas was the son of such a woman. How can he write such a thing, that the caste of your birth, will become your caste? Rather it has been said, “Ya Devi Sarva Bhuteshu, Jaati Rupen Sansthita”, it meansevery individual’s caste resides within him.That is caste.

The meaning of caste (jaati) is, what is innate (janmjaat) – the inherent tendency within us, our aptitude. Where is our inclination? What are we entangled in? There are many people who are seeking money. There are others who are seeking power and authority. But there are many people who are seeking God. Someone’s caste means his inclination, his aptitude and his innate tendencies. This means that only those people will take to Sahaja Yoga, who are seeking God, who think of Brahma, and, who are focused on achieving the Supreme (Param) and realize that there is nothing to be gained in the worldly materialism. Initially, only such people will take to Sahaja Yoga. In the beginning, only such people will come who really think of ways to find God and who want to know God and want to become one with this Spirit. People who think like this due to any reason— be it reading a book or living with saints and sages, or by being with a guru, such people come to Sahaja Yoga first. That is why you will see that Sahaja Yoga grows slowly. All other things grow rapidly like plastic. You can find thousands of people running behind a guru. But then they leave because they get no benefit. They give them money and somehow may even get reformed. But we must understand that whatever is true or is living (alive), it flourishes gradually. It can’t grow rapidly. If a tree has to blossom, initially only one-two flowers will bloom, then four-five flowers will bloom and then gradually a lot of flowers will bloom. So, when a person is inclined towards Sahaja Yoga and he takes to it, sometimes he may be worried as to why Sahaja Yoga grows so sluggishly. Why does Sahaja Yoga progress so slowly? So now you have understood the reason for this, that Sahaja Yoga is a living process and we can’t force it upon anyone. If we tell someone you are now realized, they won’t be. It must happen. Unless it happens, unless someone gets their realization, we can’t say they have achieved it.

For example, there was a lady with us, she went to America. Her son came from Honolulu, so she told me, “please give him self-realization”. I told her, “he is unable to get it, what can I do. You give him a realization”. So, then she said, “if you can’t do it, how can I?” I said, “should we give a false certificate that he has got his realization”. She said, “how will that be of any good”. I said, “that is it”. Therefore, this must happen, and this form of truth (Satya Swaroop)must be achieved. If it doesn’t happen and somebody wants to falsely claim that they have got their realization, it won’t work out. And, we can’t even claim that everyone will get their realization. Many people don’t get their realization for multiple reasons. Sometimes, people wonder how can this happen. Most people doubt; when this has never happened before— so much penance was required, people had to go to the Himalayas, so much had to be done— then how is it possible for them to get it now. Actually, if we tell someone a diamond is kept here and you can get it for free then everybody will run for it; no one will miss it. But if we tell them, your Kundalini can be awakened effortlessly, easily and without paying a penny, then people won’t believe it. Because they don’t have faith in themselves, they have no self-confidence and they don’t understand these times, these special times wherein this can happen. So, we must understand that we are here, in special times. We may not have practised about kundalini, we may not have read or written about it, yet it is awakened within us. And, now that it is awakened and we have got our self-realization, we must understand that we are not the ones who will do all this work. There is this all-pervading divine energy (Param Chaitanya) that has created this universe; today we have achieved oneness with this all-pervading divine energy, and it is this all-pervading divine energy which does all this work. So, we do nothing. We are just standing in inaction (akarm).

For example, today this (microphone) has a connection with the mains so whatever I am saying is audible. It is being used. Similarly, when we are connected to that all-pervading universal love of the Almighty, with that all-pervading divine energy, then we do not have to worry about anything. He takes care of all our concerns. Despite that, initially, when a person comes to Sahaja Yoga, he thinks let’s try this and let’s try that. He argues and counter-argues. And thinks I must try this; this might solve my purpose and is constantly anxious about such things. But gradually he understands that he can’t do anything. Because if you think, “let me try doing this” then God will also say, “okay, you do what you want to do”. Such a person has little courage and patience (alp dhaarisht). He who has little courage and patience, he thinks of doing everything by himself. But gradually when one develops absolute faith that the all-pervading divine (Param Chaitanya) is doing everything, then this all-pervading divine energy starts taking care of everything, and, it does everything. This should be accepted. Nothing should be questioned, “why did this happen?”

Let me tell you something, so if sometimes I forget a route and take another route instead, I tell myself it was important to go from here (the alternative route) that is why I forgot it (the primary route) in the first place. Then some people question why did this happen, it should not have happened like this. Sometimes we may not understand a lot of things. And then after several days, we understand its importance and hence the occurrence. And then we feel at peace with it, and, are reassured and understand how beautifully everything worked out. So, if something happens against our will, we should not conclude that the Almighty didn’t help us. In fact, God did help us, just that our desire was unsuitable. Therefore, He did what was suitable for us. Because we can’t think better than the Almighty. We can’t do more than what this all-pervading power (Param Chaitanya) can do. That is why whatever He has done for us, whatever arrangements He has made for us, whatever He is doing for us, and, whatever is happening, it is all extremely beautiful. All this happens effortlessly, in a very Sahaja manner.

I feel very joyous to see so many Sahaja Yogis in Hyderabad. Now in Sahaja Yoga, there are two parts; I must emphasize on the importance to balance these two parts. One part is you should meditate regularly. It is important to meditate at home, at an individual level and we must work on removing our flaws. Our meditation technique is very simple and easy (Sahaja). In the morning and in the evening, you must meditate for 10-15 minutes. But first, introspect and see your weaknesses. Many times people don’t understand whether they are left-sided or right-sided and they start doing the wrong treatments. Therefore, first, we must understand our state, check which chakras are catching, what is our level; we can know all these things. When you meditate in front of the photograph you can find out which chakra is catching. Try to understand it completely with its absolute knowledge, you must work on it. And once it is corrected, this is individual. Next, you should delve into the collective. When delving into the collective, you must open your heart. Any person without an open heart, cannot delve into the collective. Some people are very narrow-minded; reason being, they don’t realize how beautiful the world is and how much better we can make it. Someone who hasn’t witnessed this beautiful arrangement, who hasn’t witnessed this beautiful world, can’t believe such a world can exist. So, they are confined to themselves; and another thing is when we look at others, we see their faults first. The more we see others’ faults, the more we gather faults within. But when we see their qualities, their virtues, their beauty, then we will also imbibe their beauty and their faults would vanish. When there is no one else, and all are part and parcel of our own body, then what is the point of seeing their faults. These faults must be discarded. The best way to correct someone’s fault is through love. Because our entire work is based on the power of love; and, love is truth and truth is love. Anyone who will utilize the power of love will attain great heights. We should open our hearts and see others with love. In this way, since it is your own being you grow individually and when you love others, you grow in the collective. Those who are not cordial with others must understand that they are not Sahaja. People who raise questions/ doubts that might hurt others, or impair mutual love, or ignite clashes, such people are not Sahaja and one must stay away from them. Such a person is like a rotten mango that can spoil all others. Such people always gossip or speak against someone or the other. Therefore, in Sahaja Yoga, it is immoral to be involved in condemnations against other Sahaja Yogis. Because if we hear such things our ears will be damaged. And because of this, you can say in a way, we may form a bad opinion about the person, which isn’t right.

When dealing with others, we must see how dignified we are, how forgiving we are and how lovingly we can speak with them. How closer we can bring them because these people are our real relatives. You know well how the other (worldly) relatives are. True relationships are what we have in Sahaja Yoga, and you must know that you have brothers and sisters in forty other countries, and you will be overjoyed when you meet them.

In the second state, you must have a love for Sahaja Yoga and must spread it. This is very important, especially for the ladies, for the women because they are the manifestation of power—‘Shakti Swaroopnee’. They should be able to gauge which chakra is catching, which toe finger is catching, how it can be rectified. What are the shortcomings? What diseases it can cause? How can we cure people? By knowing the flaws can we identify the catches on chakras. How can these be cured? And this knowledge, along with the knowledge of the kundalini; you must sit, gather, think and absorb all these things. But after coming to Sahaja Yoga, many people don’t pay attention to this knowledge. They have no knowledge and continue practising Sahaja Yoga. So, it is important to have knowledge about Sahaja Yoga. Many children are born realized as Sahaja Yogis, but they have no knowledge about Sahaja Yoga. So, it is the responsibility of the mother to have this knowledge. In this way, they will not only have a better understanding of their kids but will also be able to comprehend why a child (born in Sahaja) is behaving in a particular way or what is the matter with him. To understand this, knowledge is very important. Those who do not have Sahaja knowledge, can’t understand what is being said, what are they doing. Others will not be influenced by it. So, it is very important to have knowledge about this.

And the fourth point, which is very important is, spreading Sahaja Yoga. If you are sitting in a room and one door is open, you are getting air through it. But if the other door is closed then there will be no circulation of air, the ventilation will stop. This is similar to how we must introduce others to Sahaja Yoga, help them, give them their realization, propagate it and talk about it, we must invite relatives over tea and tell them about Sahaja Yoga. So, unless we spread Sahaja Yoga, we can’t progress. Because you know, when a tree grows, its branches must also grow, and, it must give shade for people to sit underneath it. Though there are many other trees, but we are like the Banyan tree, so we must whole-heartedly assist in spreading Sahaja Yoga. Whatever may be required for this, we must do it. We must be inclined towards it. We should be completely surrendered to Sahaja Yoga and should devote our time thinking about what we can do or give to Sahaja Yoga.

You know well, no money or donations are taken in Sahaja Yoga. But, then I heard, if you have to conduct a public program, all the money is given by Mr Nagrao, this is not good. Starting now, you should start collecting some money and when I come everyone should contribute in all possible ways, with body, heart and monetarily; and, you will enjoy this. We spend so much, buying this or that. Don’t buy it and rather save it for Sahaja Yoga.

There are many people in Sahaja Yoga who constantly think of Sahaja Yoga. They think how it can transform the whole society and the universe, and that it will establish a kingdom of joy in this world where we all will live blissfully. And all description of heavens will actualize here in this world. And people whole-heartedly wish to be involved in this divine and great work. But such people in Sahaja Yoga hold high ranks and have achieved a great state. They are contented to be in Sahaja Yoga. Their businesses do good. They earn well. They leave behind all their doubts. All their problems are solved. They are unable to comprehend how all their problems are gone, this matter is sorted, that matter is sorted. Everything is just fine.

So, when we are awakened and we step into the realm of truth, then we can figure out how deeply ingrained our fundamentalism and wrong sacraments are. They have existed for so long and obstruct our growth. Irrespective of what we might have thought before taking to Sahaja Yoga, whatever our parents might have told us, whatever our society would have taught us; now we have a huge responsibility to create a society that is pure and immaculate (Nirmal). And we must hold our faith and must establish ourselves in that dharma.

May you be showered with immense blessings!

(Ap sabko mera anant aashirwad!)