To know God Almighty

Hyderabad (India)

1990-02-06 Parmatma Ko Janane Ke Liye, Hindi, Hyderabad, NITL-RAW, 80'
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Public Program Parmatma Ko Janane Ke Liye (To know God Almighty)
Hyderabad-1990 (Hindi)

Sahaja Yogis chanting Mahamantra: Om Twameva Sakshat Shri Mahalakshmi, Mahasaraswati, Mahakali Trigunatmika, Kundalini Sakshat, Shri Adishakti Mataji, Shri Nirmala Devi Namo Namah.

[Translation from Hindi to English]

It should be known that the Truth is in its own place. We cannot create it and we cannot conceive it with one’s mind or intelligence. It is what it is, and it will remain that way. However, to know the truth, in today’s state of mankind, we have to rise a little above that. In the course of the revolution, the evolution, we can say sitting here today, we consider ourselves to be an Indian, an Englishman or a human. Beyond that, if we want to understand what we are, from the state of humanity today, we have to rise above. And that higher state, you can neither achieve it through the intensity of reasoning nor the intensity of devotion. Because, for that, there is a special arrangement that has been made by the “Jagandata” (creator of the world), Parameshwar (God Almighty) within us.
Nowadays if anyone even takes the name of Parmatma (God Almighty), it is considered that this is the same tired old thing you are saying. But God exists, whether you accept it or not. To know Him, you have to rise to a higher level. From a scientific perspective, a person with a scientific temperament should consider what we are saying is a hypothesis. And if that is verified, then every person of integrity should accept it. What the saints and sadhus in our country have said, what saints and sadhus in other countries have said, what “shastras” (scriptures) and holy books have said, that cannot be denied. Because those people never spoke a falsehood in their life. They never uttered falsehoods, did not talk about wrong things or talk about anything at a low level. What they said, the way they behaved, their (enlightened) state, it is essential to attain that state. This arrangement has been completely made within us. This knowledge has been in India for many years. And the one who had this knowledge, only that person was considered a “gynani” (wise man).
Now, in order to acquire this knowledge, the systematic order which existed enabled only one or two persons to get self-realisation. Only one or two. And in this work, it is like in this tree of life, first, two or four flowers bloomed, then ten or twelve, then some more. But today, it is blossom time. And this work which is happening would occur only in Kalayuga, and it was prophesied. Because man today is on the edge and is extremely concerned about his future. In India, there are many problems. But foreigners, those living in America, Russia, England, Spain, France, their problems are even more acute. Their problem is that led by their ego, they have gone ahead and committed many mistakes. Now they are suffering from the fruits (of their mistakes). As for us, some of our conditionings, the superstitions within us, the wrong things we have adopted, we are plagued from the ill effects brought on by that. And it is at such a time that we think; is this the goal of our life? Is it for this work that Parmatma has made us as from amoeba to humans? Or is there is a state that is above that? When we come to this line of thinking, that is when I say that you are seeking the Truth.
Seeking the truth is more important than scientific discoveries. Because whichever countries have sought scientific discoveries, today they are on such a precipice, that it is hard to understand for how many more years they will last. Inter-personal quarrels and feuds are everywhere, but they are also filled with violence and immorality. By some fate, I have travelled a lot in life and I visited many countries. And having seen their condition, I think, if we see, we are quite fortunate. There is poverty here and problems, but the things that have beset them, we do not have those. For example, in a country like England. English people who we consider as very civilized; it is so uncivilized. In the city of London, every week at least two children are murdered by their own parents. Parents murder their own, nice children. Not only that, there is a small section of the city, which you can call South East London, where all the affluent people stay. There, children below the age of twelve are all drug addicts. These things are not prevalent here.
What can be said about America; I feel at least forty per cent of the people there is half insane. Almost everyone is troubled by nervousness. And the level of violence is so high; sitting here you cannot imagine that a man who leaves the house alone after midnight, it is not possible to say if he will be safe. New York, Washington and Los Angeles are places, where it is so unsafe that you can only travel by car and there is a lot of fear about moving around at night. In the same way, I saw in Russia, everywhere in Russia, due to the socialist structure, that there is peace, it is a type of repressed peace. But people are very despondent and restless. Utterly despondent and restless. And they are seeking the Spirit. And they all want to know; “What is the spiritual life? And in some way or other, we wish to attain the spiritual life.”
And this is the state of society today. The social situation that exists in other countries today, some evil people in our country saw this and thought “we have found a market now”. So, they have gone there, made a lot of money, exploited the people and have harassed them. And talked such utter nonsense, that is considered shameful in this country.
So, it should be considered that science which is grown to such an extent, it has grown as a tree but has very shallow roots. And where are the roots? There are here, in India. And the roots are in spirituality. And if this tree is not watered with the knowledge of spirituality, it is possible the whole tree may be destroyed entirely.
Now we do not look at spirituality with a lot of faith. The reason for this is, we feel, all those who were spiritual, what did they get, what did they attain, how much money did they make and [UNCLEAR]. Spirituality is from within, not without. Obtaining inner peace, understanding the importance of the inner being, bringing the light of our spirit in our attention; these activities are happening today in these countries and now taking place at a greater pace. Sahaja Yoga is spreading rapidly over there because they feel it is the need of the hour. Our eyes are not opened to that extent here. In fact, if we see and think with an open mind, we would think, “Would Parmatma send us here in this world so that we keep fumbling here and there and somehow obtain death?”
If you consider Parmatma as a mighty force, or even if you do not, you must consider that whatever you have attained within yourself today, it is but a feeling, but what is seen, but what is heard and but what is known. However, everyone’s understanding is different. Every man’s understanding is different. Some think this is right, some think that is right. Some think that communism is right, while some think democracy is right. But they are both right. Someone thinks they are a capitalist and I am right. However, if I have many powers within me, then I have become a very big capitalist. But such a capitalist will not be at peace unless and until they distribute their capital among others. Until they give a share of their capital to others, such a capitalist, such a proponent of capitalism will not be at peace. So a man can reach a state where they attain spiritual wisdom, spiritual capital and then they will be anxious to distribute it to others. The mechanism to attain this state has been made within us since time immemorial and it lies within us, in the form of a powerful force which is called Kundalini.
Now the movement of this power, its rising and its momentum can be seen in some people but not all. In a majority of people, the Kundalini rises with a rapid force and pierces the brahmarandra (crown of fontanelle bone area). Its movement is so fast that it is not visible. But it is possible to see the Kundalini. The other thing about Sahaja Yoga is that there has been a lot of research conducted. And in Delhi University, three doctors have been awarded M.D.s in Sahaja Yoga. They have research that found Sahaja Yoga has helped in the cure of many diseases. There are also some people sitting here today who were very ill and in a lot of suffering. They also got well. In this, I am not doing anything. I am not involved. It is your own power which is within you, that awakens, and when it is awakened, the chakras (subtle centres) within you get awakened and when these subtle centres are fully nourished, then you become healthy on your own.
Then, your mental state is also dependent on these centres. If your chakras have become spoilt due to any reason, then your mental state is also spoiled. When the Kundalini is awakened, the mental state also becomes all right. Now in medical science, we have reached a stage where we call this the autonomous nervous system. Before calling it the autonomous nervous system, we should know who this “auto” is. When we call a motor an automobile we know that there is a driver sitting inside. Then within us, there also has to be a driver who runs the autonomous nervous system. This auto is our Atma (Spirit). And when we are fully connected with this Spirit, meaning when the light of this Spirit comes into our attention, then we also become enlightened. And as had said, that when takes place then in the Spirit, within the person, the collective consciousness will be awakened. It means, within the human consciousness, there is a collective consciousness.
Just as I am talking to you and you are all seeing me, but within your chakras, if you do not know what the problems are and if I also do not know, then it is useless. But if such a state is attained, where you are in the collective consciousness. Meaning, you come to know the problems with someone else and you also come to know the problems within yourself and the blockages within you. It means that there is no one else. Everything is within you. And because it is within you, you can come to know on your fingertips, here, the catches on someone’s chakras or the defects in someone else’s chakras.
And the greatest work in this has been done by Mohammad Saab, I say, because he very clearly said, when your revolution takes place when you are resurrected, then your hands will speak. And there will be “shahadat” (revolution) against you. A lot of these things are mentioned very clearly in the Quran, I would say, but he has mentioned, instead of Sahaja Yoga, it is called as “Shashta Yoga” in there. And he has also said very clearly that you will not believe it. And you will not try to understand it. It is mentioned very clearly.
Similarly, it is mentioned in the Bible that we will send the Holy Ghost who will take away all your sorrows, the comforter, will give you full knowledge, who is the counsellor, and will redeem you, meaning give you self realisation. That means you will be reborn. Over here also, we call a Brahmin, Dwija and we also call a bird, Dwija. “Dwija aaye se parija” (bird born from an egg). One who is twice-born is called Dwija. Meaning, a bird is first born as an egg and then as a bird. Similarly, man is first born as a human and then he is born again as self-realized, independent, someone who is fully aware of his “sva-tantra” (own system).
Mohammad Saab has called such a person “wali” (saint). We have had many such walis here such as Khwaja Nizamuddin Sahab, Khwaja Moinuddin Sahab and in all the religions such as great people or saints have been there. We call them saints. Similarly, we have had many such where you are, saints in Maharashtra, in Punjab, Kabir, in every place there has been an abundance of saints in our country. So many saints are have not been there in other countries. That is why, I bow to India, which is a “yoga bhoomi” (holy land).
Yoga means having a connection with the all-pervading subtle universe. And Sahaja means it is born within us. This yoga and its attainment is the birthright of every human. Pervading in all four directions, this subtle universe is not known to us. You will be able to sense it now and its description has been given very clearly by Adi Shankaracharya, “salilam, salilam”, the cool, cool, breeze. You will feel this cool breeze on your hands, which is pervading everywhere coming from the subtle universe.
But this is not all. You can do a lot of services. You can raise the Kundalini of others, you can heal them, you can bring them on the correct path. And you yourself, also become a special person yourself. A special person who has tremendous powers is dynamic, and in the same way, is very loving a very happy and joyous being. I am talking about the transformation of all society, I am talking about the transformation of the whole world, that, unless there is a transformation within man, the transformation of the world is not possible.
Superficial things and superficial talking cannot bring about transformation. I accept, that there have been many wrongs in the name of religion. But it does not mean that those who founded those religions were wrong. They were right people, very right and they are all related to one another. But man is such a thing, give him something and he will ruin it, none can ruin it to an extent that humans can. You give something to an animal and an animal will not ruin it to the extent that a human being can.
And man has done that. Man has distorted the face of religion to such an extent, that the connection with Parmatma or with the founder of the religion is simply not understandable.
Now man has started feeling this awareness subconsciously and he is thinking about what this is. And then he starts saying that there is no Parmatma. And this is the most unscientific thinking.
Unless and until you have not understood it, it is as if by saying that, you are denying all the great people who have been here. It is very essential for us that we keep a clear head because this could be a [UNCLEAR, novel] thing for you.
If someone had talked about Kundalini two hundred years ago, it would not be a new thing. In twelfth century A.D., Gyaneshwara talked about it; Markandeya talked about it, thousands of years ago. Kabirdas talked about it, the Bible also talks about it and Nanak Saab also talked about it. But no one really thought about it that is the Truth or that there should have been more attention to it. And since we started learning English, we have forgotten what our heritage is. Which heritage we are following, and our heritage is spirituality. Not of science. It is a good thing that we have not made a lot of discoveries through science. Because those who have made discoveries through science, they have made an atom bomb, a hydrogen bomb and now they are all sitting over there quaking. It is better that we have not turned our sights in that direction and instead has turned our sights toward the direction where there is the Atma (Spirit).
Science has no humanity about anything. It is totally mechanical. There is no pleasure in it, no poetry in it, no poem in it, no song in it, nothing. Nor is there anything about love.
And Parmatma is love. The Truth is love. And when you love someone, you know all about them. And that is why knowing about the love of Parmatma is knowing the Truth. And we will have to have the subtle power awakened within us. And when it happens, you will first of all, feel the cool breeze coming from your hands and when it will pierce the Brahmarandra, you will also feel the cool breeze there. First of all, you acquire nirvicharita (thoughtless awareness). Thoughtless awareness means, that the brain is thinking all the time. Goes on thinking, it goes on thinking like mad. If someone says to cool their head, it is not possible.
But at the time of Kundalini awakening, then first of all your thoughts become silent. And becoming silent, you are astonished to see that you are in nirvicharita, meaning you are established in what is called nirvichar samadhi (thoughtless awareness). And after that, within you, what we call nirvikalpita (doubtless awareness), where there is no doubting and Sahaj [UNCLEAR] is established.
Today, you will be surprised that Sahaja Yoga is in forty countries. And it is operating very well. And those in foreign countries have good knowledge about it. They have entered into it very deeply. Because they are completely disillusioned with their way of life and are fed up. As for us, instead of reaching their state, of our children becoming hippies, taking to drugs and then coming into Sahaj, it is better that we short circuit it, attain it, go deep and it will be a great thing for everyone.
I can only say, that man does not know anything about himself. He does not know what the glories are within us. What we are. What are specialities are? This lack of knowledge is behind all the disorder we are spreading. I would say, this ignorance is the cause of all disorder. And when this ignorance is removed, then we become very powerful.
And all the time this power keeps flowing within us and it may be possible that we will never come to the state that we are in today. All the time, this power keeps flowing as if there is a connection and if this connection is there all the time, then all the time, this thing will keep working and man’s body, his mind, everything of his, become so sublime. Everything becomes so sublime, his mind, and even with that he does not get tired; there is no interruption. All the time it keeps flowing. And he drowns in a sea of bliss. It is necessary that we all attain this state.
It is such a thing, as if there is a diamond kept somewhere and everyone is getting it, then everyone will come running. I would say, that within your heart, is the diamond of your spirit, you should attain it. Saying yes to it is a sensible thing.
Today, they (organisers) said, that you should just do an introduction and tomorrow, I shall tell you all about the Kundalini. But I wish that you be given [UNCLEAR] and if you have questions, you may ask them. But I have not come here with some politics. I do not want your votes or anything. I do not want anything from you. I only want to awaken the power within you. You are entitled to it, you are worthy of attaining it, and that is why you are obtaining it. There is no other give or take between us.
Before that, whatever you feel is right, you should definitely ask questions of me. And I will definitely want that now before we start the process of Self Realisation, you ask me questions and cool your intellect so that there is no doubt afterwards when the Kundalini is rising. So, I wish that you ask me questions today and tomorrow I will spend some more time, I will explain to you, all about Kundalini and the power within you.
Question and Answer commences.
Seeker in the audience: What is Kundalini? Without knowing about, just saying “Kundali, Kundali”, we do not come to know what it is…
Shri Mataji: It is a shakti, that is what I was going to talk about tomorrow.
Seeker: Yes, yes, that is what we want to know.
Sahaja Yogi: Mataji, [UNCLEAR], in English.
Shri Mataji: English? But does everybody understand?
Sahaja Yogi: They understand.
Shri Mataji: All right. First I will explain in Hindi and then in English, if you do not mind, all right?
Shri Mataji (in Hindi): Kundalini means that within us there is a power sitting in a triangular state. And this power is such that, the way there is a connection cord here, similarly, there is a power within us. And when this awakens, the way it is illustrated here, it passes through six chakras and it pierces through the Brahmarandra here, and then it is connected to the subtle energy that is pervading all around us. This power is like our mother. Like our mother. And she rises with ease. And the way she works is that whatever problem you have; but when she passes through these subtle centres, then if you have problems due to any catches on the chakras, they get all right. Today, I am just telling you in brief, I will elaborate on it tomorrow.
(In English): Now he is asking a question, what about the Kundalini? It is not “Kundali”, it is Kundalini. The word Kundalini means spiral. So, all these parts, it is like a spiral. It is energy like a spiral in the triangular bone within us which is called as sacrum. Now the word sacrum comes from Greece which means “sacred”. So, they knew, the Greek people knew, that this, it comes from Latin, they knew, this word was given by the Greek people. Perhaps they knew that it is a sacred bone. And inside this bone, there is a power which is called Kundalini.
And this power is a power like a mother to you; and every person has an individual power, like a tape recorder, it has recorded what you are. And ultimately, it is, we can say, it is like a primule in a seed. Which sprouts the seed and [UNCLEAR] itself and the tree starts flowing. It is a living process, and by this living process, this Kundalini rises, pierces through your fontanelle bone area and connects to you the mains, as I say, but to the all-pervading power of God’s love. It is a subtle power.
Seeker: This Kundalini power which has been given, why has God kept it hidden?
Shri Mataji (in Hindi): It was not kept hidden, but just like within a seed, the seedlings are encompassed, in the same way, it is encompassed within you. When your seed becomes capable of germination, this Kundalini can awaken by itself. But to awaken it, just as one light can enlighten another, similarly, a human who has attained “Atma-sakshatkar” (Self Realisation), and who knows about Kundalinis, and one who we call a Sahaja Yogi, that man can raise your Kundalini.
Seeker: When does the Kundalini awaken and when does the mind come to know that she has risen?
Shri Mataji: Please sit down. This question was asked to Ramadasa Swami and he had said, “tatshan”, at that moment. There needs to be the one who will do it and the one who will receive it. The question asked is when she awakens. And by doing it, when she passes through the chakras within us, these subtle centres, they become all right. And because of that our mental state improves, our intellect strengthens and in every way, a human assumes a special form. The best thing is to experience it. Because however much I talk about, how I have prepared an excellent meal, unless and until you eat it, experience it, it is futile to describe it.
Seeker: Madam, whether the energy, is it equal in all human beings? The energy which is called Kundalini, is it same in all human beings?
Shri Mataji (in English): Yes, it is.
Seeker: The nature of energy?
Shri Mataji: Please be seated. It is in everyone, existing, but not in the same state. Because of how we have treated our Kundalini is also very important. Some people really, I must say, I have seen that Kundalini is so beautiful, and they think they are sinners, and their Kundalini rises like a jet. And some people, who think they are “dharmic” (religious), their Kundalini goes up down, up and down. So, it is, everybody has a Kundalini like you can say, every bulb is there, but not every bulb may not be of the same level. So, it depends on but does not matter. Whatever it is, so far those who have come to Sahaja Yoga has achieved. If not today, then tomorrow.
Seeker: Could you describe the state of the self-realised person? Why Ramakrishna Paramhansa was about to become mad?
Shri Mataji: See now, he is asking about Ramakrishna. I do not want to say anything about him. That is all. Because it is a controversial subject, but, as far as you are concerned, if you get your realisation; he said why Ramakrishna Paramhansa was about to become mad while awakening Kundalini.
I have to just say that you will not become mad. Why he showed ah, of cancer, when Kundalini is easy to realise. That I cannot say why he had cancer. Because he had no Mother to tell him, perhaps. But you will not get cancer. But if you have cancer, you may be cured of that, I can say. It is a controversial subject. It is better not to talk about that because it can raise controversies. It is better you get rid of your controversies, and you get your realisation.
Now, what is a self-realised person? A self-realised person is a person who is connected with the all-pervading power. Then, what are his qualities if he is a Sahaja Yogi. I would not say, all self-realised people are Sahaja Yogis. He must have all the knowledge about Kundalini, he should feel the cool breeze from his hands, he should feel the cool breeze coming out of his head, and he has to be a very, very righteous person. Extremely dynamic, having beautiful health, and a very loving person, very compassionate. Who cares for others, tries to help others all the time and is always peaceful within himself. This is a small description I have given you.
(Possible audio interruption or someone has handed over a written question).
Shri Mataji: How can we, I do not know what is the word here, actualise God through the awakening of Kundalini, is a good question. What is the process of Sahaja Yoga? Can you give assurance that even non-righteous persons can achieve Kundalini? Kundalini is an infinite reality?
Ah yes. Now for the first question is, that as soon as you get your “Chaitanya”, in your hand, it gives you a, like a computer, a sense. Supposing some man is, ah, not good, then what do you find out? You find out on your hand a kind of heat, or maybe a kind of blistering. Sometimes. If it is a very horrid person. Little blistering. But it goes away. Just an indication, like a barometric indication. It comes, and then it goes away.
Now, in case, now you want to find out about God. It is a question, like a computer, you ask a question, is there a God? When you ask this question, you start getting a tremendous cool breeze. So, it gets established.
Now, relatively you should think. We had once a program where there were 4-5 people who had come, who were fighting with me. For nothing at all. They said, we are Vedic Brahmins, this, that, they were fighting with me. I said, all right, all right, you sit down here. I said you put your hands towards me; they started shaking too much. They said “what is this? Now we believe that you are Shakti, so stop it”. I said I am not doing anything to you. I said this is because what you are telling is not the truth. You are not a Brahmin in the sense you do not know the Brahma. You have to know Brahma. So there were some people who were also shaking their hands. They said, “they are also shaking their hands”. I said, ask them who they are. They had come from Thane lunatic asylum to get cured.
So, we are not to believe in ourselves that we have achieved something, but we have to really achieve it. We have to feel the Brahma. We have to feel it. To be honest, it is for our benevolence. It is not for anybody else’s benevolence. It is for our benevolence. So we should all get it. And we should enjoy.
Now, what is the process of Sahaja Yoga? There is no process; only the Kundalini rises and when pierces through your Sahasrara, here, on the fontanelle bone area – then you have to little bit know about it. And we have a very nice centre here, we have very, very intelligent people and very good people who are conducting. And they will tell you what it is. And within one month, you can be your master. You become your own Guru. This is what is the ultimate thing that you get immediately.
Can you give assurance that even a non-righteous person can realize Kundalini? Most probably. I mean, one should not have this diffidence. First and foremost thing, do not have this diffidence, “I am not righteous”. After all, we are human beings. And only human beings can commit mistakes; God cannot commit mistakes. So what is there if you have committed some mistake, does not mean you are unrighteous. You should think of the present now. Forget about the past. Just forget about the past. Do not condemn yourself.
I know people have been trying to condemn you because maybe they want to make some money out of you or because they want to hurt you. But as far as I am concerned, you are all my children. And nobody should think I am not a righteous person. For me, every one of you is a righteous person. My Kundalini will work out. If it does not work out today, it will work out tomorrow.
The reason sometimes could be your health, could be conditioning, could be ego, something is there, but it will work out.
Now, this is another person [UNCLEAR]?
What is the difference between Sahaja Yoga and Patanjali Yoga? No difference at all. No difference. Patanjali existed at the time when we had four types of life. We had four types of “ashramas” (life stages). One, as you know that they were Brahmacharya, and all those things and then it went on. And so that the time, when there were two [UNCLEAR, groups], within which there were Gurus, then they were taught, you know, “yamani, yamana” (balancing postures), you know, Ashtanga Yoga.
But when you read the whole of Patanjali, you will be surprised that “yamani, yama” is a very small part of it and the main thing is that you have to be in the samadhi stage, through nirvikalpa (doubtless awareness) and ultimately, achieve that. And that is the part of Sahaja Yoga.
Now you might say, we have to have the cleansing and all that. I have to just say, you have done all in your previous lives and that is why you are here. So you do not have to do now, stand on your head anymore, it just works out.
Somebody here, is a gentleman here, who says, he has, by concentration, he has seen some light. By seeing light, you do not become light. If I see the light, I am not the light. Then you do not have to see the light, you become the light. That is Sahaja Yoga. You do not see anything. If you see anything, then you are away from it. You have to be. And once you become, then it grows.
(UNCLEAR…a seeker is asking a question to Mother).
Shri Mataji: Just what is the difference between hypnotism and Kundalini? It is a contrast. Hypnotism is done with black magic. Never go for hypnotism. Is black magic. It is somebody’s soul is put on you. And you are hypnotised, your [UNCLEAR] is disturbed. But, in Kundalini awakening you become completely “satark”, absolutely aware. You jump into thoughtless awareness. Absolutely aware. You do not get lost in your [UNCLEAR]. So this is just the opposite, just the opposite of hypnotism. Hypnotism you do not have any knowledge; nothing. But you ask any Sahaja Yogi, he will tell you, how the Kundalini rises, what is a chakra catching. As soon as he will see you, he will know what is the problem with you. And you will be amazed, how he is telling. A hypnotist cannot say that; neither the one who is hypnotised. But if you are hypnotised, it is very dangerous. It reacts to you. And the people who hypnotise also, die a very bad life. So it is better, that you do not go near hypnotism. It is the worst thing to do, is to learn hypnotism or get hypnotised.
(UNCLEAR, seeker is asking a question).
Shri Mataji: He’s talking about the guru. He’s saying that in some [UNCLEAR], there is Pranayama and little Ashtanga Yogas are there. That by doing these things Kundalini can rise. It cannot. It is a living process. If you understand it is a living process, it can never rise. Because, in any living process, as you know, that is, if there is a seed has to sprout if you stand on your head or on your leg, it is not going to sprout. It will sprout if you put it in the Mother Earth. It is a living process. So all these things are not going to help; the only thing it might help in your health or something. But that too, the way we do Hatha Yoga is very dangerous. Because of we, as if we put all the medicines into our hands. And we start taking all the medicines without understanding, what it is.
So, supposing a chakra is not all right, you might have to do a certain “asana” (sitting exercise) in Sahaja Yoga, but scientifically knowing what is to be done. It is not that, every asana you are doing. That is very wrong. That spoils your chakras. This is how scientifically you have to know, this is how this asana is done.
(UNCLEAR, seeker is asking a question).
Shri Mataji: Now he is asking a nice question, are we to stop all the “pujas” (sacred ceremony of worship) and all the rituals. That is because I told you, you become your own guru. You will know what pujas you are doing are correct and which are not. Because somebody has told you, you are doing something. For example, we do “Satyanarayana” (a puja dedicated to Lord Vishnu). Now “Satyanarayana puja”, Narayana (Shri Vishnu) himself is “satya” (truth). Satya means Narayana and Narayana mean satya. So what is there to do Satyanarayan puja? What is there to say ” Satya”? If somebody, if I say I am Satya Nirmala Devi, that is nonsense, why should I have a certificate like that? That I am satya. If I am that, I am that.
Now, in that, only these pujas are that you give so much money to the Brahmin, or you give so much money to the priest, you give so much money. With the money, you cannot do puja. Now all such pujas if you have been doing, I mean. Now they are doing, for every sort of puja, you pay so much money. Now, what is the life of that priest? So, nobody should earn money in the name of God. It is sinful. Sahaja Yogis also do pujas but they never take money.
If there is money, there is no God. This is the equation; you write it down.
That is why there is no religion. Because we say all right, we give five rupees here, ten rupees there, six rupees there, finished, now we are very religious people, it is not true.
(UNCLEAR, seeker is asking a question).
Shri Mataji: First question is, he says that rising of the Kundalini creates certain disturbances. It does not. I mean, supposing somebody goes and puts his finger into the plug and says that I got a shock. He does not know, these ignorant people, they have no business to raise Kundalini, then troubles will follow. If they do it like this, you better never see their faces. As a Mother, I would say, better advertise such people, who are saying that I am doing Kundalini rising. But they are in big trouble. There are many people, like that, you do not know, they say all right, you do this. Then you say, “Oh, no, I have got a headache, with this I have got this kind of trouble.” They say, “No, no It is all right, you have to suffer.”
In Sahaja Yoga, you do not have to suffer. God has not created you to suffer at all. This is a wrong idea people have given. That you stand on your head, or you fast for twenty days. Everything has been done for you. You do not have to do all these nonsensical things. You just enter into the Kingdom of God and enjoy his blessings.
Which father would like his son to suffer? It is God Almighty’s who loves. Why would he make you suffer? This idea of suffering, it has come from people who wanted to really, make you suffer. Very sadistic people. They wanted you to suffer. I cannot understand, why should you suffer? Christians now, Christ has suffered for them. Are they going to suffer more than Christ? So this nonsensical idea of suffering has to go from our head. There is no need to suffer. I want you to enjoy the blessing of God Almighty.
The second (question) is, Can Kundalini be raised purely by one’s own effort? It cannot. Because, if there is a light, a candle, which is not enlightened, it cannot be enlightened by itself. Some enlightened light has to enlighten it. So there is nothing to, ah, nothing to say, by my effort, I can do or not. You cannot do it. It has to be worked out by somebody who has the authority.
But for that, you do not pay. First criteria are that we do not have to pay, finished. Ninety-nine per cent will finish off, of that kind.
Shri Mataji: (in Hindi). Are Kundalini and Atma (spirit), the same? They are completely different. Kundalini is a reflection of Adishakti, the Primordial Mother, a reflection. And Atma is a reflection of Paramatma (God Almighty). The union of these two brings a sense of Yoga. So these are two things.
(UNCLEAR, seeker is asking a question).
Shri Mataji: Brahmachaitanya is necessary for?
(UNCLEAR, seeker is repeating the question).
Shri Mataji: Brahman? “Brahmacharya” (celibacy) is necessary for? No, no, no, no, no there is no need to be a Brahmachari. Actually, Brahmacharis are difficult. Of course, I will, if you are a young boy, not yet married, or a girl not married, it is all right. In Sahaja Yoga, we believe in marriage and balanced married life. Because there are great souls who want to be born. Now if you are all Brahmacharis, what will they do?
(UNCLEAR, seeker is asking a question).
Shri Mataji: Kundalini shakti, lends to mental problems? No, no, Kundalini shakti does not lead to a mental problem, but it cures your mental problem.
So this question of loss does not arise. You become very aware. Very aware. Because, very [UNCLEAR, weak] part of our brain we are using. But when the Kundalini shakti rises, then we use such a lot of our brain.
(UNCLEAR, seeker is asking a question).
Shri Mataji: Yes, yes. He is saying, may I ask if there Sahaja Yoga hospital for treatment of chronic diseases? It is a good idea. No doubt. But we have to have hospitals for the treatment of chronic diseases. But Sahaja Yoga is not for treating people or their diseases. It is for raising the Kundalini. Once your Kundalini is raised, you can cure yourself. There is no need to have a hospital at all. There’s no need to have a hospital because, you see, all sorts of people will come to the hospital.
Now God has common sense. Because we have a common sense from him. Sense that we have got, that we do not cure or do not improve the lights and lamps which are not going to work out. So, there are many people who are useless for Sahaja Yoga. Why cure them? There are doctors. Let them cure them.
We only raise the Kundalini. If the Kundalini rises, the person gets all right automatically. There’s no need to have a regular hospital, to put him on a bed, or to treat him, nothing of the kind. Just coming to the centre he can get cured. But if he has a regular chronic disease, you get all kinds of mad people. Good for nothing. Let them have, doctors, are there. Already doctors are after my life, saying why are you doing this work? We will be starving ourselves.
Shri Mataji: What is Atma and Parmatma and how to get, how do get rid of [UNCLEAR]. His question is Atma and Paramatma, I have already told you. Parmatma is the God Almighty as they call him and what is Atma is the reflection of that God Almighty. I have to get..[UNCLEAR]… how to get what?
Sahaja Yogis: Get rid of evil thoughts.
Shri Mataji: Oh, evil thoughts. They automatically disappear. Just disappear. You do not have to get rid, they just disappear. Because tomorrow, I will tell you. When you will come tomorrow, I will explain to you how these thoughts can be got rid of.
(Next question, UNCLEAR, Shri Mataji and Sahaja Yogis are reading it).
Shri Mataji: It is a very nice question, is, I pray “Maa” (Mother), a demonstration will lead us to catch the art of Sahaja Yoga, that is the best. Nice question. He is a real ‘sadhaka” (Seeker). So, should we now have the demonstration?
Seekers: Yes, yes, yes.
Shri Mataji: Now, I would request everybody to be seated; hardly ten minutes it will take. And come forward. All of you should come forward as [UNCLEAR]. Not together, but in line. Yes, please.
It is a Sahaja action no doubt. But we have certain mental barriers within ourselves, which we have to little bit get rid of. Especially, the diffidence we have within ourselves. As you can see from most of the questions were that, unrighteous people, and this and that. So, we have to do a little bit, to get rid of those ideas, within ourselves with auto-suggestion, a little bit. But it works. In my presence, it works, very easily. So you find it out very easily.
Now at the very outset, I have to tell you that, I will tell you how we are going to work out on the left-hand side. By pressing our centres, we are going to support. First I will show you, how to do it. He will show you how to do. Now you look at him, It is very simple. And then you have to close the eyes. Before closing the eyes, you better take out your spectacles.
(To a seeker, in Hindi): Here, here, you can come here. Just remove that. Now It is enough.
(Continuing in English): Left hand towards me like this. Now tomorrow I will tell you that left hand signifies our desire, to get realisation. Now Kundalini is a pure desire. And this is our desire, to get realisation, we are putting our left hand toward me. Now with the right hand, we have to touch our centre, whichever are there.
So the first centre we have to touch is our heart. On the left-hand side, we work. Then we have to touch the upper part of our abdomen. On the left-hand side. This is the, in the heart on the left-hand side resides the Spirit, and on the upper part of the abdomen, on the left-hand side is the principle of guru (Master). Our guru “tatva” (principle). Then we take down our hand on the lower part of our abdomen. The lower part on the left-hand side.
Mother asks in Hindi: Does everyone understand English? Hindi? Shall I speak in Hindi or English? Both languages?
Many seekers in chorus: Hindi, speak in Hindi.
Shri Mataji: Now I know only four languages.
Seekers: In Hindi.
Shri Mataji: (In Hindi), Now, keep your hand on the lower part of your stomach on the left-hand side and press it. Now after (doing) that, it should be known that this is our chakra of pure knowledge. Pure knowledge means, what are the laws of the divine and what are the laws of spirituality and these laws are governed by these chakras.
(In English), This is the centre of pure knowledge. Pure knowledge of the laws of the divine. And, when we start manifesting it, they work through this centre. So this is the centre of pure knowledge. Now we raise our hands to the upper portion of your abdomen. This is the centre, again as I told you, of Guru tatva.
(In Hindi), Now raise your hand and press it against the upper side of the stomach on the left-hand side.
(In English), Now, again we have to go with our hand to our heart. Then we have to raise our hand in the corner of our neck and our shoulder and turn our heads to our right.
(In Hindi), Now raise your hand towards the corner of your neck and shoulder and turn your head to the right. This centre catches when we consider ourselves guilty, we feel we are wrong and when we feel we are unrighteous. This centre is catching very strongly among all of you today. Understand, however, that you are not guilty in any way.
Now raise your hand, and keep it on your forehead across both sides, place it across your forehead and press it at both ends.
(In English): Now please raise your hand and put it across your forehead. And press it on both sides. Put down your head.
(In Hindi): Bend your head and press it hard. As if you have a headache, that way. This is the chakra for forgiving. It is called Agyna chakra.
(In English): This is the centre for forgiving others. Now, you take back your right hand. And push back your head on it. So this is the centre where you have to ask for forgiveness without feeling guilty.
(In Hindi): Here, you do not have to forgive others, you have to ask forgiveness for yourself. But do not associate any of your flaws with it. Now extend both your hands. And after extending, place the centre of your palm on your fontanelle bone area.
(In English): Now, you stretch your hand fully and put it on your fontanelle bone area and put down your head. Press it hard. Press it hard. Push back your fingers.
(In Hindi): Press it hard. Push back your fingers. And now rotate it seven times so that the skin of the head moves.
(In English): Please move your skull seven times.
(In Hindi): Rotate it seven times. (Pause). Push back the fingers. That is all that needs to be done. You should not move your hand. The hand should not move. The hand should be stationary here. Your skull [UNCLEAR] should move, the skin should move. The hand should remain where it is. Then it will work out. Yes. And clockwise, not the other way, the way the hand of a clock moves.
(In English): Clockwise. Move it clockwise seven times.
(In Hindi): That is all. Now you please understand, the count has to be made again. That you are not guilty. You have not committed any wrongdoings. The way you are seated now is all right. And do not see any flaws in yourself.
And sit with a joyous countenance. Because you want to enter into the Kingdom of God, so sit in joyous attention.
(In English): You have to now believe in yourself and know that you have done nothing so bad that you feel guilty. So, you have to be very pleasantly placed towards yourself. You have to enter into the Kingdom of God. You have to be very pleasant about it.
Now, I would request you to put now your left hand towards me. You have to take out your spectacles, because you have to, in any case, you do not have to open your eyes till I tell you to. So better take out your spectacles, it helps your eyesight also.
Please close your eyes and do not open them till I tell you. Put your left hand towards me.
What is that sound?
Sahaja Yogis: Generator.
Shri Mataji: Now, please put your right hand on your heart.
(In Hindi): Put your right hand on your heart. Now you ask a question here. Three times, you ask a question in your mind. Whatever questions are there, ask them in your mind. Whatever needs to be said, say it in the mind.
You can call me Shri Mataji or Mother, as you wish.
“Mataji or Shri Mataji, am I the Spirit?” Ask this question three times. “Mother, Am I the Spirit?”
(In English): Please put your right hand on your heart and press it. Now here, ask me a question. “Mother, am I the Spirit?”. Ask this question three times. It is a very fundamental question. Or you can call me “Shri Mataji, am I the Spirit?”
(In Hindi): Now, if you are the Spirit, then you are also your own Guru.
(In English): If you are the Spirit, you are also your master.
(In Hindi): That is why, now place your right hand on your upper abdomen, on the left side. And say, one more question, “Shri Mataji, am I my own Guru?”.
(In English): Now you take down your right hand, to your upper abdomen, on the left side. And again ask the question three times, “Shri Mataji, am I, my own Guru?”. Ask this question three times.
Now you must know that you cannot force anyone to achieve that ultimate freedom. I respect your freedom. So in your freedom, you have to ask for pure knowledge. I cannot force on you.
(In Hindi): You should know that I respect your freedom. And if you want that the ultimate freedom, you have to ask it from your side, that you get pure knowledge. Now place your hand on the lower side of your abdomen on the left-hand side. And say, “Shri Mataji, please give me pure knowledge”. You have to say this six times because this chakra has six petals.
(In English): Please put your hand in the lower side of your abdomen on the left-hand side and press it hard. Here, you have to ask for pure knowledge. Please say six times, “Mother, please give me pure knowledge.” Because this centre has got six petals. Please say, “Shri Mataji, give me pure knowledge”.
As soon as you say that, the Kundalini starts moving.
(In Hindi): As soon as you say that, the Kundalini awakens and starts rising. She needs that we now activate the upper chakras with self-confidence.
(In English): It is necessary that as the Kundalini rises, we should try to nourish the higher centres through which the Kundalini has to move, by our self-confidence. So raise your right hand, in the upper part of the abdomen on the left-hand side. And here we have to say with full confidence, ten times, “Mother, I am my own master”.
(In Hindi): Now raise your right hand and press it in the upper part of the abdomen on the left-hand side. And here press it and say ten times, “Mother, I am my own master”. With full confidence.
Now, the greatest truth about you is that you are not the body, the intellect, the mind or the ego, but you are the Spirit.
(In English): The greatest truth about you is that you are not the body, you are not the mind, you are not the ego and you are not the emotion. You are the Spirit. You are the pure Spirit. So, you now please raise your right hand on your heart. And here you have to say twelve times, “Mother, I am the Spirit”.
(In Hindi): Now having said this, place your right hand on your heart and say twelve times “Mother, I am the pure Spirit”.
Now it should be known that the Paramachaitanya (the Divine) is the ocean of mercy and forgiveness, and He is the ocean of joy and love. But most of all, He is the ocean of forgiveness and there is no mistake you can make that He cannot forgive.
(In English): Please remember that the Divine is the ocean of [UNCLEAR] and compassion. It is the ocean of peace and of joy. But above all, it is the ocean of forgiveness. So whatever you do, can be easily dissolved into that ocean of forgiveness. So whatever you do, please do not blame yourself for anything. Do not think you have done any mistake. And raise your hand, on the corner of your shoulder and your neck and turn your neck to the right.
(In Hindi): Say, “Mother, I am not guilty”.

Now place your right hand on your forehead and press it from both sides and bend down your neck. This is the chakra for forgiving. For forgiving others.
(In English): Please put your right hand across your forehead and bend over your head. This is the centre to forgive others. You may say It is very difficult. But whether you forgive or do not forgive, you do not do anything. It is just a myth. But if you do not forgive, you play into wrong hands.
(In Hindi): You may say, “Mother, it is very difficult that we forgive others but whether you forgive or do not forgive, you do not do anything. If you do not forgive, you play into wrong hands. That is why put your right hand across your forehead and press it from both sides.
And here you say with all your heart, does not matter how many times, that “Mother, I forgive everyone”.
(In English): Here you have to say with your heart, not how many times, “Mother, I have forgiven everyone”. Do not think who you have to forgive, what they have done, just say, “Mother, I forgive everyone”. Please bend your heads.
Now, take back your hand on to the backside of your head.
(In Hindi): Take back your hand on to the backside of your head and raise your head, upward.
(In English): Now raise your head upward. Let your head rest on your hand. Here is the centre to ask for forgiveness. But you are not to feel guilty at all. Just say for your own satisfaction, “Shri Mataji”, or you can say, “Divine, if I have done any mistake please forgive me”. You are not to feel guilty.
(In Hindi): You are not to feel guilty. Only you have to say with all your heart, “O Paramachaitanya, if I have done any mistake, please forgive me”. But do not count your mistake or feel guilty, you just have to say it for your satisfaction.
Now take your right hand, open it fully, extend it and place the centre of your palm on the top of your fontanelle bone area and bend your head. Press it hard.
(In English): Now please raise your hand fully and put the centre of your palm on the top of your fontanelle bone area which was the soft bone area in your childhood. Press it hard. Put down your head.
(In Hindi): Bend down your neck. Now like the hands of a clock, move it around slowly seven times. And pull back with your fingers.
(In English): Please move your “talu” (fontanelle bone area), with a force, pushing back with your fingers, put down your head. Seven times clockwise.
(Shri Mataji blows into the microphone, seven times.)
(In English): Now please take down your hand. And slowly open your eyes.
Now please put your right hand toward me like this. Bend your head.
(In Hindi): Open your eyes and put your right hand toward me like this. Bend your head and see, is there a cool breeze from your Brahmarandra? With your head bent. Some can feel from very far.
(In English): Some people feel it from very far away. So please[UNCLEAR], reach pay attention there. You have to certify yourself. I am not going to certify you. You have to certify yourself.
Now, put left hand towards me. [UNCLEAR]. Now put your right hand towards me. Again bend down your head. Again, see for yourself. Now raise your hands, both of them, above your head. And ask a question three times from your heart. “Shri Mataji, is this the all-pervading power of God’s Love?”.
(In Hindi): Raise both your hands above your head and bending your head backwards say, “Shri Mataji, is this the cool breeze of the Paramachaitanya?”
Now take your hands behind. Now like this.
(In English): Please put down your hands. Watch me now, without thinking. You can watch me without thinking.
(In Hindi and English): The people who have felt the cool breeze on their fingertips or in their fontanelle bone area. Raise your hands.
(In Hindi): All of Hyderabad is filled with bliss. My “namaskar” (greetings) to all of you.