Public Program: Sakshi Swaroop

Hyderabad (India)

1990-02-07 Public Program, Hyderabad, Hindi, 103'
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1990-02-07 Public Program Sakshi Swaroop Hyderabad NITL-RAW, 106'
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Public program, ‘WITNESS STATE’, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, INDIA, 7th February, 1990

Yesterday I had told you about Truth, that Truth, at its own position, is unbreakable and eternal and we can not change it with our wisdom, with intellect, or by any other way. And what is the Truth? Truth is that we who are today in human form, as we are today in human form, in reality, we are actually the Spirit. 

Today we are standing on such a ladder, where we are seeing ourselves in the form of human beings. And by rising just one step higher, we will know that we can get to a higher form than this human form, where we become the Spirit. This is a great truth, but the absolute truth is that this whole animate inanimate creation, this whole world, human beings, all living beings, matter and consciousness, all the things are living, are flourishing, are growing with the support of the (param chaitanya) all-pervading power of God’s love, and this divine power in subtle spread all around, which makes everything, which creates everything, which grows everything and as we have become human beings, that is also due to the grace of this divine power. 

This Param Chaitanya has such powers, by which it can give us knowledge, such knowledge which is the sole knowledge, by which we will be able to know what we are, what is the state inside us, where are we and what is our aim. It gives knowledge by which from within we feel, from within we come to know, that we are part and parcel of the Whole, which we call as a collective consciousness in English language and ‘samuhik chetna’ in the Hindi language.

The day we become the Spirit the manifestation of this collective consciousness takes place spontaneously within us, because the Spirit within us is a collective thing, or what we call a collective being. The day it happens, this event occurs, that very day we also learn about that Absolute Truth, that this subtle creation is spread all around us and when our union takes place with this subtle creation, when we achieve oneness with it, then we learn that even our attention has become enlightened. And with this attention, we can learn so many things which we have never known before. In such a state, we consider the world today a very big truth, but there is a very great truth hidden behind it, which we have to achieve. And achieving it is very (Sahaja) spontaneous. Sahaj has two meanings one is, ‘born with you’ and Sahaj also means ‘easy’. It should be! If this evolution is crucial, then it should be easy. 

Like our breathing is crucial for us and we do it easily, but if we have to go somewhere, if we have to make a guru or read some books for that, then it will become very difficult. In the same way, this happening should take place spontaneously. The reason is that this is a living energy and it has brought us from amoeba state to human form today. It is this living energy that materializes everything within us, works within us, due to which we reach a higher state.

Yesterday I had told you about  Kundalini, that this Kundalini is placed inside us in the triangular bone (Shri Mataji addressing someone on her right- Just pick it up). This Kundalini power resides in the triangular bone, in three and a half coils. There is the math behind it and inside this, there are many fibers of energies like in a rope there are many small threads. 

Now, below this Kundalini what you are seeing is this red coloured centre known as our Mooladhar Chakra, and where the Kundalini resides, it is called Mooladhaar, which means that is her abode.

The red coloured centre, you are seeing is Mooladhar Chakra and this is a very important centre. Due to this centre, Kundalini gets all the information and this centre is the complete manager of our innocence. When we are a child, in childhood we are very innocent. At that time this centre within us works out the most. Gradually, as the age increases, there is a lot of attack on this centre, and our innocence goes on reducing.

Above this centre, you can see there is Kundalini. This centre nourishes the pelvic plexus within us. This pelvic plexus does the work of throwing out all the waste and toxins from our body, which we call excretion in the English language. 

That’s why we must know that at the time of awakening of the Kundalini all your behaviour stops, and these people like Rajneesh who are teaching dirty things, that Kundalini is awakened by doing sex, is a great SIN because this centre is below the Kundalini. Whatever is the purest is this Mooladhar centre and like the lotus takes birth in the dirty, stagnant, impure water and spreads it’s fragrance all around, similarly this centre is like that Lotus within us. Like water doesn’t stay on the leaves of lotus flower, similarly, no filth can stay on this centre and it never gets destroyed. Although, when we indulge into wrong things, then like clouds cover the sun, in the same manner, our innocence gets covered. 

So, you must understand that those people who teach you such wrong things, are taking you towards destruction and boosting your weaknesses. Mostly they boost only your weaknesses and take full advantage of your weaknesses, so that you fall even more in the ditch and keep paying them money.

As I was telling you yesterday, nowadays a crisis has started in America. The reason is that due to immorality they have damaged Mooladhar Chakra very much. Due to the destruction of the power of this centre, dirty diseases like AIDS and all types of diseases are coming. If there are any (baadhas) obstacles in husband or wife, then also this centre goes out of order and in such situations, the brain of the person can get affected and most of the diseases which we call as psychosomatic, especially in which your muscles start becoming weak,  is also caused when this centre goes out of order.

Now the relation of this centre with the pelvic plexus is on the physical level as well as on the mental level because as you can see, that originating from this centre one channel is going upward to the top and that is your Ida Nadi, also called Chandra Nadi, the Moon Channel. The blue-coloured institution that Ida Nadi creates on top is our (mana) superego and because of all kinds of the wrong conditionings, it bloats and spreads like a balloon in our head. We can say that the wrong conditionings become the superego. 

There are wrong conditionings like if you go to a false guru, if you take to a wrong religion, or run after wrong people. Apart from this, we kept running after (Tantrik) Occultists or we went after people who have nothing to do with religion or those who are depraved gurus in the name of religion. This causes many problems.

We also address the left channel as the Moon Channel. And you all must be knowing that in the English language the moon is called ‘Luna’ and madness is known as Lunacy. When this Chandra Nadi goes out of order, human beings get all kinds of mental problems.

On the other side as you can see there is a second centre. That is Swadishthana Chakra. This centre has been shown in yellow colour, because it moves with the movement of the sun and this centre facilitates the movement of our right side channel which is called Pingala Nadi. Pingala Nadi gives us the energy to work. So the first channel is called the channel of (Ichha Shakti) power of desire and the second channel is called the channel of (Kriya Shakti) power of action. There are two differences in the channel of power of action, one where we do our physical activity and the second where we do our mental activity. Both work by this channel.

Now, this Swadishthana Chakra is very important. Especially, here I saw yesterday, that most of the people have problems related to the Swadishthana centre. The reason for this is that you all are very well educated and the second reason is that you think a lot. By thinking too much this centre starts getting active.  When you think too much, then you use the grey cells of your brain too much. So, when you start using them too much, in their place other cells should also come! Where will they come from? 

So, this centre makes more grey cells from the fat of the stomach because our brain is also made of fat. So, this centre makes grey cells from fat cells and it takes them up from the centre. That’s how the grey cells go in our brain.

When we think too much like that,  we are too futuristic and we always think of the future, then this channel becomes overactive and when we think of our past and bygone days, then our other channel (Ida Channel) becomes overactive. We must understand that on one side there is the subconscious mind and another side is the supraconscious mind. And until and unless these both minds do not come into balance, you can not come into the centre. 

Now, the third channel that is in the centre is called the Sushumna Nadi. This channel was created within us, when we started seeking money, we searched this, we searched that, and afterward when we got completely fed up with all that, and said it’s enough now! I don’t want it anymore! 

So, when you start seeking God, then this channel, which belongs to Mahalakshmi, gets into action. Inside this channel, there is a very subtle channel which is like a coil, as if it is made in three and a half coils, inside that the subtlest channel is called the Brahma Nadi, from that threads of Kundalini, like two or four or ten threads first rise and that’s how Kundalini gradually comes up. By it’s movement upwards, this goes on opening out more. By it’s opening out, whatever more threads of energies are there inside, they too start rising.

In this way, these three channels, ida, pingala, and sushumna are within us. All these three channels meet at our Agnya Chakra, which you can see here. We have books here, in which you all can read about every centre and how these centres get activated and how they work.

Now, people will ask, “Mother how Cancer gets cured?” So, I have to explain to you a little bit. Within us, from both sides, there is the left and right sympathetic nervous system, made by both Ida and Pingala. This is working on both sides and in the middle, what you can see is this centre and when one side increases more, then this centre becomes constricted like this. The energy goes on reducing and therefore the disease aggravates.

But when it breaks completely, then the relation of our spinal cord breaks with our brain and that place, cells start increasing on their own. That’s how malignancy comes. These cells don’t care about anything else. Like I have this nose, I have eyes and ears. Everything increases in the same proportion as it should increase. It’s not like that only the nose grows big, or eyes grow big or ears grow big. But when it does not remain connected with the brain, then it starts growing very fast on its own. So if one gets cancer in the finger then the finger will grow big, if it happens in the nose the nose will grow big, if it happens in an ear, the ear will grow big. So, that particular thing grows and suppresses the other cells and that is how the disease of Cancer works out.

Now, when the Kundalini is awakened, in this manner it goes on adding, like from the centre of a bead you pass the thread, like that it joins. As soon as it joins, the weary centre, that is sick and weak, and in which there is a lack of energy, it starts getting energy. With the same energy, your Cancer gets cured. It is a very simple, skilled way by which this disease gets cured and in such people whose Kundalini is awakened, many diseases can be cured in the same manner because sickness comes due to the defects in these centres only, but when these centres become alright and these centres get the energy then the person is cured of the disease and he also becomes very strong.

I am not going to tell you about all the centres today, but I will just say that you can read all this in the book and understand with precision, and when you will come to the meditation centre, then you will know what is what!

When your Kundalini pierces the fontanelle bone area, the place you see in the middle is called the Limbic area in medical terminology. This Limbic area is called Sahastrar but at the time when Kundalini passes through the Agnya chakra, by the awakening of the Agnya chakra, on one side there is ego and on the other side it is the superego, both these institutions are sucked inside. Due to this, there is a space created in the middle, through which the Kundalini comes out from that place. That is why you felt the cool breeze coming out of your head yesterday. You felt it with your own hands. That is how you get your self-realization.

The spirit is in your heart. Spirit is in your heart but this one here (Shri Mataji is showing on top of her head) is the Heart Chakra This is the Heart Center and in our head also, like we have seven centres, in the same manner, we have seats of these seven centres here.

At the time when the Kundalini pierces the fontanelle bone area, then it’s light goes in the heart and the spirit gets connected to our attention, and the impact of Kundalini on our attention is such that we find our attention is illuminated by it. Like this is my sari, it’s like the attention all spread out. Now when the kundalini goes up like this (Shri Mataji pushes her finger upwards from under her sari) the attention starts going up towards the inside. Move inward, and after coming here when this Kundalini pierces through, then the splendour of this Kundalini, it’s power goes in the attention, and then your attention becomes enlightened. This is a very simple spontaneous thing,  but to get into this we require people who are deserving.

I think that those who are Sahaja Yogis, those who after coming to Sahaja yoga, have completely understood what is Kundalini, they have reached a state that in collective consciousness they can understand what are the problems in you and how they can be corrected. They can awaken your Kundalini spontaneously. Not only that, but they can also cure your diseases. 

Just yesterday you saw that Mr.Patel was standing here. He had never even seen me before. He was suffering from paralysis. Doctors have said he can never get cured. He was given injections daily and so much was happening, but afterwards, he got completely cured. Today also one gentleman came. He also got alright immediately. In this way, some people get cured immediately, some people take a little more time, but at least all your physical illnesses get cured.

If you go to a guru or you go to someone else and even if your health doesn’t remain alright, then as a mother I will say, ‘Son! Why believe in such a guru who can not even keep your health alright? What is the use of keeping such a guru? At Least your health should remain alright. If even that cannot be alright, what is the need of such gurus? Then (after self-realization) you yourself become your guru because your spirit gives you the light and you can know by these vibrations what you are doing, what are the defects in you, and what’s wrong with you!

Like today only one gentleman was telling me, “Mother my Agnya chakra is catching too much! Please cure it!” It means, ‘I have got an ego.’ Normally, If you tell someone you have got ego he will hit you! Will anyone hear such a thing? But here he himself comes and tells, “Mother my Agnya is catching. Please clear it out. It’s hurting a lot. I am having a headache”. Thus, you yourself know which of your centres are catching. And if you know which centres are catching and how they can be put right, then you will, of course, get alright but also you can know about the centres of other people.

I must have given around three to four thousand lectures on Kundalini in the Hindi language itself and this knowledge is very profound, vast, and deep. It’s difficult to explain everything in one day. 

Yesterday, you all asked very good questions and I have replied to most of them. I would like you to again ask some questions today and it will be better if I will reply to them, instead of telling you more about Kundalini in detail. 

This Kundalini is our pure desire. Rest all our other desires are not pure. Like today we feel we should have a house. Once we get the house, we think we should have a car, after that we want to have something else. You know that in Economics it is said that ”in general wants are not satiable” meaning that human beings can not achieve complete satisfaction by any desire. This means that there must be a desire by which human beings can achieve satisfaction. This Kundalini is the same, which is the pure desire within us, and when this pure desire awakens, then we see all other desires in witness state.

Sahaja Yoga has many benefits. It gives physical, mental, intellectual, and the biggest of all spiritual progress. The biggest advantage I will say is, that you live in the ocean of joy and you start looking at everything in the witness state. Like you are in the water, (Shri Mataji is taking her hand up, down, and again up like a wave) one thought comes and goes, second thought comes and then goes away. You are dancing on top of it. In between the two, there is a gap called ‘Vilamba’. Kundalini expands that gap and minimizes the thoughts, so firstly you get into thoughtless awareness, and then if you are getting afraid of that water and getting afraid of its waves, you get out from that water and sit in the boat. Sitting in the boat you can see what is happening. Sitting in the boat you can understand what is happening. When you are watching, then you don’t suffer. Suppose you are a swimmer. You have learned to swim. If you have learned to swim, you can jump in the water and you can also save those people who are drowning in water. 

Or like today’s modern car, I will give you an example of that. Like there is a car. In the car, there are two things. One is a brake, another is an accelerator. Similarly, our left side is the brake and our right side is an accelerator. When we learn driving for the first time we balance it, how to balance the left and right side, that means how to control the accelerator and the brake, in this way. If we leave one thing, like if we just use the brakes the car will stop, and if we just use the accelerator then don’t know where the car will go and hit. So, when we learn to use both of them simultaneously, then people say, Yes, now you know how to drive!’ After learning to drive you become sharp, you become expert and intelligent, and then you drive automatically. Your hands move simultaneously. Now one doesn’t have to be told to put the brakes or do this. You are on your own. But even after that, the master of the car is sitting behind who tells you to drive this way, that way. But later on, you become the master. When you fully provide impetus to all three, your inner driver, your inner brake, your inner accelerator, then you become your master.

So, when your left channel is cleared, then all the bad habits from which you want to get rid, drop out, and flee because now you have become (‘samarth’ Sam+ arth) capable. Your (arth) meaning becomes complete and in that capability, you become so brave in totality, that without your saying anything those habits depart!

Second thing is that when your Left Channel gets alright, then you get proper emotional balance. You understand where you are going astray, or that you are going somewhere too much or less somewhere. So, due to this balance human beings come to that state, and these centres that I showed you just now, start opening out fully. This system works gradually in some people. While in some people, it works very strongly. In some, it works so strongly. I have seen people practising Sahaja Yoga for two or more years and they do not get so much benefit. And there are some who have come yesterday and today they are settled down! So, there are such types of people also. 

So, I would say it is (unclear) and also it is inner desire, inner desire to achieve it is very strong. The one who has a very strong pure desire, there it works very fast. Whatever may be your age, whatever may be your caste, whatever may be your religion, whatever may be your colour, whatever country you may belong to, it doesn’t matter at all!  Every person has a Kundalini within but it’s awakening and getting momentum depends on his quality, his humanity, means how is his health? How is his mental condition? How is his spiritual state? Kundalini awakening is done keeping in mind all these things. 

And the greatest thing is that when you take to Sahaja Yoga your age reduces up to ten years at least. Your face is radiant. A shine, a glow comes to the face. In temperament, one achieves more compassion, love and inner joy gets established. People enjoy the bliss of their own virtues.

Earlier if there was an honest person. He would say, ‘I am a fool. I am so honest, that is why I am suffering.’ Now he says, “No! I am honest! That’s why I am happy. It will be so good if others also become like that”. His life cycle, his vision, and his attitude towards life totally change and his priorities also change totally. And he becomes a very different kind of person. The greatest advantage in this is that you get connected with the all-pervading power of God’s love which takes care of all your development and blesses you fully and you start getting the experiences of that right away. 

You yourself are amazed how everything is working out! How all the work gets done! And you feel I, Me? How did I achieve this? You got it because you are a realized soul. You got it because God Almighty has given you a seat in his kingdom. That kingdom is the most efficient, not like the government organizations here, but most efficient! Not only that, he is very loving and he looks at all your activities and keeps you very affectionately. He manages you in such a manner that you are amazed from where so much majesty and so much power has come in you. It’s inherent within you, it’s within you. You should achieve it, that’s what I want to tell you. 

And for that, you don’t have to pay me anything. It’s your own power. If one lamp enlightens another lamp. What’s the favour in this? Then this lamp should also enlighten another lamp. This is his job and for that, he too is also greatly blessed.

Today it’s my last day in Hyderabad and like you have come here today in large numbers, in the same way, I want, you all must come in a large number to our meditation centres. Our centres are very simple and modest because we don’t take money from anyone and we live with great simplicity. There is no need to have a huge building. Come there and achieve the Absolute and make your life happy and make your’s and other’s life blissful. Without this occurrence, the world cannot change. 

The people in this world look very fine from the outside, but inside they have very obnoxious ideas and selfishness, and they are not even able to understand that we are all created by one God and we are all part and parcel of one God. When this (self-realization) works out, then we clearly see that there is not the ‘other’ and everything totally transforms.

We should also think about our children and we should think about this whole world, and this is the great heritage of our (Bharatvarsh) India and by this heritage, we can nourish the whole world. So, there is a big responsibility on us to achieve it.

Those who have not heard the ‘G’ of Ganpati, those who have not even understood Jesus Christ, those who have not understood Mohammad Saheb, when such people have achieved great heights, then you all who know so much about this, what words of praise can be said about you! You are great people who are born in this Yoga Bhoomi and you can flourish this Yoga. For thousands of years, saints have sung the glory of this yoga. Yoga doesn’t mean standing on your head!

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I have answered yesterday’s questions. Please ask if there are any news questions! For sometime, I will reply and after that practical Self-realization will take place, like it happened yesterday.

Till the age of sixty-two to sixty-three, I never required spectacles. More powerful than this, they throw such more powerful lights on me, because you all know that by putting three cameras around me they are making my tapes. I said, ‘Why are you making my tapes?’ They said, ‘Mother the world will watch you.’ So, by putting such big lights on me they have affected my eyes.

And this is nothing. They throw ten times more powerful lights than this on my face. Now, what should I tell them? How much should I explain? All the time, twenty-four hours, till I am sitting here, these lights will remain on me. If I am sitting here for twenty-four hours then twenty-four hours the lights will be on me. That is why I have definitely got a little problem in my eyes. Though I can see clearly, at the time of reading I feel a little bit of a problem. So It’s not a very big defect! Somebody said Why did you do that?

Then one gentleman asked me another question! Why did you come in a car? You should have come on foot. Why? Why should I come on foot? I did not understand. What is this compulsion that I should come on foot? I go to England, I go to America. Should I go on foot? Such people who ask such strange things, such small petty things are not worthy of Sahaja Yoga. Very small and very superficial!

Like one gentleman said, ‘You were sitting and there were flowers around you.’ These people have put them. What is the harm if I am fond of flowers? What is the problem with that? I don’t understand! In this world when somebody talks about God Almighty, then people think that he should hang like this from a wooden stick all his life. It doesn’t happen like that. Any man who thinks like that doesn’t have a clue about God. God goes on fulfilling everything, everything, which means there is never any scarcity of anything. Then how can you go on standing with the support of a stick? He won’t let you stand! 

And people doing this kind of small talk can not come to Sahaja Yoga. For that, we need profound people like it is said by Tukarama in the Marathi language (unclear). We need genuine people for this. If people are fake, artificial, and useless, Sahaja Yoga is not for such people. There is no use of such people giving their time here. Our time will be wasted and their time too. Sahaja Yoga is for those who can achieve it. Tukarama also said that (unclear) mad person and (unclear) Sahaja yoga is not for such people. Sahaja Yoga is for special people. It’s not that every person will get realization in Sahaja Yoga. It’s not necessary that every sick person will get cured. 

Somebody even said, ‘We challenge you if you can cure us.’ ‘What challenge? I am not taking a single pie from you. I am not taking anything. What is this challenge for? There are many people like that. Sahaja Yoga is not for such people also. 

Those who want, they should humbly ask for it. They will get it. You must know that God will not fall at your feet and say get your realization. Therefore, one must have humility. If a person is not humble, his Kundalini will never rise. If there is ego, then Ganesh Ji will keep holding the Kundalini down. This person is egoistical, his Kundalini should not rise. Ganesh Ji will not let it come up. He is residing in the Mooladhara Chakra. He won’t let it come up. So, you must understand that whatever question you ask, should not be silly, but should be a wise one.

Sahaja yogi: What is Transcendental Meditation (TM)? What is (unclear)?

Shri Mataji: Oh God! This is a nice question! Transcendental Meditation All right. I don’t mind. Now, this transcendental meditation is also a joke. About that, I will tell you how I got information about it. There was a gentleman. He was running a very big project of Transcendental Meditation in Scotland which was named ‘(unclear) of Life’. That gentleman came to see me with his wife. He himself was a diamond merchant once upon a time, when he visited me he was bankrupt. His wife, who was a granddaughter of a Duke, was also bankrupt. His daughter and his deputy there, Deputy director, all of them big names. So, all these four people were suffering from epilepsy and they used to fall on the road!

I was amazed to hear what they told me, whether these people have any brains or not! They told me that initially when they went for Transcendental Meditation, they had to pass through seven rooms where a Guruji of four feet six inches was sitting. They were told that we will now give you a mantra, but each person has a different mantra and you have to carry some fruits and a handkerchief. Then they said we will say the mantra in your ear and don’t tell it to anyone. If you tell this mantra to anyone you will be completely ruined. 

Poor foreigners! They don’t know these things! They thought what a great saint had come. So, three hundred pounds were taken beforehand from them outside itself! Three hundred pounds means in today’s times it is 300 x 30, in those days it was 300 x 21. Allright. So that many pounds were taken beforehand! 

What mantras did they give! They used to give three mantras to foreigners. One was Inga, another was Pinga and one was Tinga. (Laughter in the audience) Guru Ji Maharaj used to give three mantras after taking 300 pounds and told them not to disclose them to anyone, because if Indians hear they would laugh, as you are all laughing at them. (Shri Mataji is laughing) Do you know that Inga is the sting behind the scorpion? When a person gets possessed by an evil spirit and he moves round and round it’s called Pinga and Thinga is when one shows his thumb up like this. So, they used to give these three mantras Inga, Pinga and Thinga. Now tell me, what kind of transcendental meditation is this? Only big names!

As these four said we are not getting any benefit from these (mantras), they informed those people. They said, ‘No problem! We will give you Siddha Yoga.’ What is to be done in Siddha Yoga? They entrapped these poor people, took all their money, did everything, and told them to buy a place in Scotland. There was a big lake called Rannoch, where he bought a huge house and now he was there, his wife was there, the child and also this deputy director were there.

His name is Peter Pierre. This gentleman is now writing a book about it. After that, when they went there, they were told earlier that you do Siddha Yoga. Now what to do in Siddha Yoga? They asked for six thousand pounds from these four people! Six thousand pounds! And for eight days they have to go and live in Switzerland. It’s an absolutely true story! These four said, Alight! They went to Switzerland. In Switzerland, out of eight days the first six days they were told to drink the water which also has soil left after boiling the potatoes, because they said you all have to become thin, become light. And on the seventh day, you have to eat the potato peel. 

I think the way those British befooled us, more than that they fooled those four people! We all used to laugh so much! We kept their names ‘giggly gurus’! One can’t understand how these four people were continuously befooled!

So, on the seventh day, they had to eat the skin of the potatoes and on the eighth day, they had to eat those potatoes. No salt, no pepper, nothing! And after that, they told these four to do ‘Siddha Yoga’. So, in Siddha Yoga, they put a big foam mattress there and told them,’ Now you jump on this! You will fly in the air!’ The lower body of all these was broken! They had to suffer so much. 

Today so many court cases are going on against them (people teaching transcendental meditation) in America. Now they have reached here to befool you. They must have made a lot of money there. People, there are so gentle, so gentle that they have sold their houses, removed their children from school and they have come on the streets. 

Now, these four people were in such bad condition! In those days my husband was travelling a lot. So I told them,’ You all come and stay in my house. I will cure you because it’s not easy to cure you.’ So, I kept them in my house. I treated all four by keeping them at home. Then finally they became alright. 

The doctor they had visited earlier, also came to see me and enquired, ‘How did you cure them? I had also gone for transcendental meditation and even my mind is not alright!’ 

So, they put ‘baadhaas’ or evil spirits  don’t know what, inside people, that the person gets affected by a disease like Epilepsy, he gets affected by a disease like Cancer, but they are so simple and innocent, and they were told that, ‘It’s necessary for you to suffer. You have to go through this torture.’ If someone says that, ‘I am very sick. I am in great pain. I have got cancer. I have trouble in my heart.’ Then they say ‘You have to tolerate this. If you don’t bear this, how will you achieve God? Now, these poor people are dying like that! Don’t know how many people they have completely ruined like this! 

How many people I myself have seen, when they come before me they tremble vigorously. Now, what is that? Totally recluse, what we call as totally different from this world. If you show them garlic they will cover their faces. They are afraid of garlic. Show them a lemon. They are afraid of lemon. Just tell me why one should be afraid of garlic? Garlic is something one should be afraid of, the garlic you know is nectar. And lemon, lemon is (unclear). They are so afraid of my photo that I can’t describe it.

After that these poor four people got cured. They brought many people. Many came to see me. There was one lady barrister, her sister had gone completely mad. This barrister lady got so upset that I can’t describe. She also started getting fits and had all sorts of problems. She vomited blood. She was suffering from all kinds of diseases, that you all will be surprised if I tell you.

What transcendental meditation they will teach, they don’t even know a single word of Sanskrit language! They hire people! They bring Brahmins, these Brahmins are poor, so they hire Brahmins and bring them from Banaras, instruct them and they teach in the Sanskrit language. Do they (false guru) even know the Sanskrit language?

Every time they introduce something new! Now they have started something Ayurveda! For Ayurveda why do we need these gurus? Anybody can practice Ayurveda! Now they are after Ayurveda because they don’t have the capability to awaken the Kundalini.  

It’s surprising that people from Delhi, they told us their names also, big people, secretaries used to go to Switzerland. They used to make money from Delhi people to take them to Switzerland and there was a poor lady who got pregnant at the age of seventeen by this man. She got an abortion done and told everything in newspapers before meeting me, because I did not want all this to get published.

What meditation can such people teach, who have no morality? If they have any courage, they should come and face me! I will explain them.

In 1970 I had spoken, starting with Rajneesh I had told names of sixteen other evil spirits, but none of them dared to say anything against me. Once Rajneesh did try that’s all, because the Truth has nothing to fear. This all has been seen by me. So, don’t send your children to their schools, they are all built by their sinful earnings and this sin will come to your children as well. 

I am telling you clearly. This money has been earned by robbing people. This money has been brought by ruining their homes. There are so many curses on them. Such cursed people, if they run schools and colleges, there is no need to completely ruin our children. If you have any relation with such people, then I want to tell you clearly, if you want to keep relations with such people then I may be excused (I can’t help you). If you have to come to Sahaja Yoga then throw these people away. Not only these, but all kinds of people are also here. There is no end to it. There is nothing like transcendental meditation. It’s all bogus! Again and again, they made theories about it and did other things.

We had one doctor. His name was (unclear) Rustom (unclear) He is a very qualified doctor. He has done something in psychiatry, he has done medical, first-class first student. He is a Sahaja Yogi. One day he went into a Dhyaan (samuh?) meeting. He went with seven to eight other doctors. So, those people started explaining that it happens so, when we saw the waves of their brain we found they are Theta waves. Now any medical doctor can understand. So, he said that these waves come in epilepsy. So they said, ‘Oh! Why not join us for dinner tonight!’ He said, ‘I don’t want to have any food. The information is absolutely correct that Theta waves come, so are you giving epilepsy to people?’ Now, those who do not know medical science will feel very great, ‘Wow we are getting Theta waves inside us.’ All these businesses are to befool people! 

And I am telling you very clearly, that give up such transcendental meditation and run away from it. They are absolutely useless people. I am not afraid to tell you this. Whatever is correct, I have to tell you. I am your mother. Whatever is wrong I have to tell you. Yes, whatever is right is right. Whatever is wrong is wrong.

(Shri Mataji is reading) We have got a question here- When the Kundalini shakti arises, it must pass only through Sushumna Nadi, or it can pass through Ida and Pingala? What happens if it passes through Ida and Pingala? 

Answer- It does no! It only passes through Sushumna Nadi, but when somebody who has no authority, tries to raise your Kundalini, a person of a bad character, somebody who has no authority, he has to be divine, try to raise your Kundalini, then Shri Ganesha who is sitting on Mooladhara Chakra emits tremendous anger, because of that both Ida and Pingala Nadis get extremely heated up. Sometimes, people get complete blisters from here to here. So, if you go to people who have no authority to raise your Kundalini, they can create a lot of trouble for you because of Shri Ganesha, but Kundalini is your mother. When she rises, she never troubles you, only a little bit of heat you might feel because of your liver or something. But it rises absolutely in the most dignified, majestic way and it doesn’t trouble you. She is your individual mother. Everybody has an individual mother and she has recorded everything about you and she passes absolutely without troubling you.

(Shri Mataji reading another question) Now, these are useless questions- When there is no difference between Patanjali Yoga and Sahaja Yoga, Why a special name given by Her Holiness to Yoga?

(Shri Mataji is answering)- Patanjali yoga was done, performed at a time, thousands of years back and there were people who were not suited. Everybody was not suited for realization. So, first ‘yam niyam’ were taught (unclear) then Ashtanga yoga was taught, then all other ‘Pratyahara’ and all as you know, there are ‘Ashtangas’. So, they taught one by one. One or two persons who they thought to be alright, they would accept them for realization. 

For example at the time of King Janaka, he was a ‘Videhi’ as you know. There was one Nachiketa who was surprised that all the saints are going to him, while he wore all the ornaments and lived like a king. So, his guru asked him to go to King Janaka and request for self-realization. He went to King Janaka and said, ‘Sir, would you like to give me self-realization?’ He said, ‘You ask me for all my kingdom, I will give you but not this.’ But Nachiketa said, ‘Anything you want to do, I am ready to do, but  please give me self-realization.’ 

First, he could not understand that this king, how could he be the person in charge of giving realization. And you know the story, how he showed his detachment to everything. That’s why we call him ‘Videhi’, but Nachiketa is the only person in that era who got his realization. Of course, Shri Rama and all other people were of course incarnations, and they didn’t need it, but they were also told the shastra of Kundalini. So, one has to know that getting self-realization was not easy.

As I told you yesterday, on the life tree there were many flowers you can say, but very few could become fruits, but today there are so many who are capable. Now, you are sitting here and you might be thinking what have we done? You have done in your last life. You have asked for it. You wanted to have your self-realization and that’s why you are going to get it. You are all going to get your self-realization because also the time has come to mature and the maturity has come now as in ‘Nadi Granth’ it is described that in Kaliyuga this will happen, and this is the year 1990, it’s going to work out much more if it starts in 1970 and we did start Sahaja Yoga in 1970. So, we have proof about it.

That’s why Sahaja Yoga has given up all that is ‘Ashtanga’. We have taken only the part called ‘samadhi’. First the (Nirvichara Samadhi) Thoughtless Awareness, then the (Nirvikalpa Samadhi) Doubtless Awareness. That’s why it is Sahaja Yoga and if that name is given to it, it’s not a criminal offence, is it?

(Shri Mataji reading out the next Question) Now, here they are asking a sensible question! Now, what about the diet? 

(Shri Mataji answering the question) Now, the diet you have to take according to your troubles. Suppose you have left-sided trouble, then for you, the carbohydrates are not so good. Then you have to take proteins in whatever form you can. You should not eat any animal that is bigger than you, but if you eat any animal which is smaller than you then that animal also gets evolutionary help. There is no harm in that, but it is not compulsory. You can eat any protein for that you should seek any protein that you want to. It is completely scientific. It has nothing to do with any funny ideas of vegetarianism or non-vegetarianism. 

Vegetarian people, you have seen, are they very nice people? They are very money-oriented, extremely money-oriented! So, we have to understand that this diet is meant for whatever is good for us. Vegetarianism is good for right-sided people. It helps them. So far, anyone who wants to diet in  Sahaja Yoga, we are not so particular also, but if you have any problem, say liver problem, terrible liver problem on the right side, then we prescribe carbohydrates, sugar and things like that and people have been cured. So, you have to come to a balance. There is no restriction on anything whatsoever. You yourself know what to do. We don’t even restrict alcohol, but you just don’t take it. Finished! Because it goes against your awareness. You lose your vibrations. I don’t even say don’t smoke, I don’t even say, but you just give up yourself. I don’t say anything, because if I say so half of you can go away, but it acts automatically. You yourself know how to control yourself. I don’t have to say anything. You become your own master and look after yourself.

Out of so many whom I have given realization, there was only one person I met in Poona. He said, ‘I cannot give up drinking.’ I said, alright! I asked him to sit before me. I cleared his left side. He has given up that also.

(Shri Mataji reading the next question -Haha! (after drinking water she continues) Now listen here! Very good question! Is it true that when a person can get Kundalini awakening he behaves like a mad person in this world? Yesterday a mad officer was presented as an example for that. By doing so social instability comes, isn’t it? Forgive for the grammatical mistakes. Whoever has written!

A person’s voice- I have got paralysis for four years. Now I can’t write. Can’t ask questions!

Shri Mataji- It’s alright! There is no need. We will cure your paralysis. The main thing is that your paralysis gets cured! Alright! So the question that you have asked, that a person becomes mad. It never happens so!  Just the opposite, he becomes more alert, smarter, and very intelligent. Those children who never took to studies in school, for whom teachers said they will be removed from school, passed with first-class! 

So what you are saying is totally the opposite. Somebody must have done something wrong as I told you that it’s like Ganesha Ji’s impact, then what can I do about it? But nothing like that ever happens! How can that happen? Are you people going to become mad? Do you have to become great human beings or mad? Has the kundalini been created by God to make you mad, to go to a mental asylum? This all can be understood by logic also! By logic also you can understand that we have to get to a higher state of humanity!

Once a gentleman who was sitting with both his feet towards me told me, because people asked him why he had put his feet like that. He said that ‘my Kundalini is awakened and if I keep my both legs folded I will start jumping like a frog.’ So will you become frogs now? (Sounds of laughter from the audience and Shri Mataji is also laughing). There is so much madness of this kind. So nothing like that occurs and social instability can never come because of this.

(Shri Mataji reading another question) Now, the question you have asked, what is the aim of our life? I have already told you that it is to become the Spirit and presently keep this your aim and there is no need to think about life beyond death. A Sahaja Yogi does not die easily. He lives long and you should live now in the present. You need not think about the future. At this moment, today you are sitting here at present, then why are you thinking about death? (Sounds of laughter from the audience and Shri Mataji is also smiling)

(Shri Mataji reading a new question) If God is one then why there are so many Gods like Ganesha, Shiva and Parvati, Lakshmi. Whom to worship?

(Shri Mataji’s answer) Now, this is a very good question! God is one, no doubt! Sadashiva is one God and his power is Adishakti, but he has aspects. Like now it’s you. You are doing a job so you are an officer also. You come home, you are somebody’s husband too. You are somebody’s son and also you are somebody’s father. Similarly, God has different aspects and we accept those aspects, those symbols as different. And those symbols are made within us. Now all these different deities which are made, they came at the different times of evolution on this earth and they created this whole cosmic being and all these deities are seated inside this cosmic being, and they do everything, like for heart we have Shiva and for liver we have Brahmadev. In this way, all the aspects of God have been taken.

Now, if I say I am one, but I have got two hands, two legs, one nose, and ears. I smell with my nose and hear from my ears. If I say I am one, I am not a rock of Gibraltar! (Sounds of laughter, Shri Mataji is smiling) It’s not one big heap of soil. It has got aspects. So, these aspects are known by the name of many Gods and Goddesses and they are all inside us.

(Shri Mataji reading another question now and looking happy) This is very good! Mother, can we have self-realization? It’s a very good question!

(Shri Mataji is answering a question) You have asked about bad habits! I have already said that all the bad habits just drop automatically.

(Another question being read by Shri Mataji ) Yes, this one is a good question! Will Guru take care of the devotee? Can the devotee communicate through Mataji, mother, and get guidance?

(Shri Mataji’s answer) All the time! All the time! Very simple! The more profound you become, the stronger the communication will be!

We have one Sahaja Yogi called Alok Shukla. He is a very big man, in charge of all the Taj hotels. His mother was very sick. She was suffering from cancer. He was a great Sahaj Yogi and he went to take his mother. The doctor told him that his mother will die within eight days. Her condition was very critical. This was a very serious type of cancer. So, he sat down before my photo and prayed and he said, ‘Mother you do whatever you think is right!’ After that, her mother started recovering and he brought her to Bombay. When he took her to the hospital in Bombay, they told him that his mother has no Cancer, She is a negative case! So it’s a matter of faith! But this is not blind faith! The faith that comes after the experience is the real faith. The faith without any experience is blind faith, but with experiences when the faith goes on establishing inside us, it is the real faith and rest is blind faith. This blind faith is of no use in Sahaja Yoga. The faith that comes with experience goes on creating a depth. Many people acquire that depth and they should! 

It’s done now!

One more question has come! (Shri Mataji is reading) If you are, what did you say? Bhakta? practices Rajyoga! Now, I will tell you. Please be seated. Rajayoga. Rajyoga is, when the Kundalini rises, listen! then what happens is that the whole machinery goes into action. If you start the car, the machinery automatically goes into action and you don’t feel it. Like when you eat your food, the machinery starts acting, in the same way. And then you stop the Kundalini from coming down (unclear) One chakra she crosses it close down, another chakra she crosses it close down and here also when you come to the Vishuddhi Chakra the tongue is pulled up when the Kundalini goes up. It’s called Khechari. This also happens, but it happens automatically.

So, in Rajyoga they do it artificially. Now suppose, we have to start our car. Without starting the car, if you start moving the wheel or the tyre, will the car move? No! So when the Kundalini rises it automatically comes up. You don’t have to do the Rajyoga. Rajyoga is a system that works out (unclear) Understand this point? But some people do it out of their heart absolutely, not mechanically sometimes, that helps but still, Shri Krishna himself will be there to say, ‘First recognize Sahaja Yoga. First, recognize Mother, otherwise, I will not allow you to get this.’ He himself says so. Your ancestral goddess, the deities you worship stand in between. 

Today it happened. There was a fellow who came (unclear). I said Shiva is standing in between. You ask Shiva. When he asked Shiva about me, he got his realization (unclear). Alright! So, what do we need? Our benevolence. I am the mother. I will say be selfish (swarthi) means knowing the meaning of the self! means what? So be selfish! If it is not benevolent, what is the use of doing anything? Alright?

So, now let us have the session. What is he saying? Okay, now one minute, one minute! Pranayama is also the same stuff. There is no need to do it, everybody is doing Pranayama. There is no need to do Pranayam or anything. Stop it now! We know people who do Pranayam. How they end their lives! You must see those people. Moreover, those people who do Pranayama become extremely dry people. Because of breathing too much, dryness comes. I know of a person who did Pranayama and got Cancer of the Peritoneum. The reason is the dryness inside, but that was an extreme case. 

But at least one thing happens, such a person becomes extremely dry who does Pranayama, Hatha Yoga. Oh my God! They are so terrible, that if you have to go near them, you have to go with a barge pole. Anytime, they will jump on you. Mostly they have livers, mostly, because they do not know what love is. In Pranayama there is no love. No talk of love, no talk of compassion. Imagine just pure Pranayama morning till evening. I mean, even a frog does that. What is so great? 

So, you should not separate. It’s all in one. Where we have to do Pranayama, we have to do Pranayama. Where we have to do this work, you have to do it, but only where you really have to do it. Unnecessarily, everybody is doing Pranayama. Like everybody jogging in America. Whether you are slim, fat, or anything, they will be jogging like mad. At 5 o’clock, they start jogging and end up with a heart attack.

Alright? So, let us have self- realization! That’s the best and then you talk about all these things.

In Hatha Yoga, some gurus can get you good health but your mind is not good. We have Hatha Yogis, you know we had this (Brahmachari) celibate fellow. What all things he did. Imagine, he was a Hatha Yogi. He was making guns and things! I mean imagine, a yogi making guns and things like that! Is this the way a yogi should be? We don’t expect a yogi to be going about with a gun and shooting people. So, what is this? Supposed to be a great yogi fellow. Such a horrible, hot fellow! I tell you I saw him once on television and I said better close it down. A hopeless, hopeless case, absolutely! And he can never (unclear) because they become very obstinate also. Very hot-tempered, they curse people. Very hot-tempered, extremely hot-tempered! And there is no love, no sweetness, and there is no beauty in them. So, what’s the use of doing such horrible Hatha Yoga?

Yes Hatha yoga, ‘ha’ is the right, ‘tha’ is the left. ‘Ha’ is the sun, ‘tha’ is the moon. It takes them to the sun, not this left. The left side is missing completely with these people. And then they end up with (unclear). You just try! Go to a Hatha Yogi and you will know what it is. But go with a barge pole! Alright! Otherwise, he might get after you. (Shri Mataji is laughing) Alright! And a yogi who is one with the divine, such a person has to be very sweet, very kind, extremely gentle, (Sandra karuna) ocean of compassion. When I saw all of you sitting here, I said so many seekers, and my eyes started pouring tears, It’s a joy, it’s a feeling that so many seekers have come. I couldn’t control within myself that joy and also that feeling that Sandrakaruna! I said, look at that! Hyderabad has so many! I never expected so many people. They are also gratified. 

May God bless you all! Let us have our realization all of you! Alright?

So, forgive yourself! Whatever you have done, finished! You are all seekers and you are going to be awarded for your seeking. Whatever mistake you have done, alright you have done it in your seeking only. So, doesn’t matter! Forget it! You will all get your self-realization. Let us work it out. If you don’t get it today, don’t feel disappointed. You can come to the centre. All of you who get it or don’t get it should come and master this art and must become a great tree of knowledge. 

Next year when I come I should see all of you (unclear) Alright!

They are going to conduct a seven days programme after this follow-on, which I would request all of you should go, whether you get it or not. All of you should go and master it. In seven days you will master it and I know you can because you all people seem to have that.

(Shri Mataji is reading a notice handed over to her by a Sahaja Yogi) ”Here an eight-week follow-up course on Sahaja Yoga will be conducted for seven days from 10-2-1990 to 18-2-1990, for the benefit of those who have attended the Sahaja Yoga Public Programme on 6th and 7th February 1990. The members of Hyderabad Sahaja Yoga Kendra will address the new members and give more information about Sahaja Yoga.”

They will, they will! You can also listen to my tapes. You can listen to my tapes and also they will tell you what is to be done. And the venue is house no. E-O-7601, they will all give you this. (Shri Mataji addressing the Sahaja yogi on her right) I think you give. It’s already there. I need not give you. But I am just saying it’s very important. Like sprouted seeds, if they are lost, as Christ has said they are finished. Let them grow and they have to grow. Sahaja Yoga is becoming. It’s not any kind of exercise, it’s becoming within yourself.

Seven p.m.!  When you come back from the office you can go. Is seven O clock alright for all of you? (Someone from the audience says-Yes!) It has to be officially convenient. No inconveniences!

Alright! Put the mike slightly in front. Now, we could have a session for self-realization. 

Be pleasantly placed towards yourself. We should not feel guilty about anything. As I told you yesterday, we are human beings. We are not God. So, we are the only ones who can make mistakes. God does not make mistakes. If you are making mistakes, don’t feel guilty at all. You are not to feel guilty at all. You have to be pleasantly placed towards yourself. Sit cheerfully, be cheerful! Cheerful, because you have to go to the court of God. So, be in that cheerful state of mind! 

You sit at the back. Everyone will not be able to see in front. Alright! Now it’s a request, that you all know divine is the ocean of forgiveness and that is why even if you commit any mistakes, this ocean is so powerful that it can dissolve all your mistakes in itself. It can fully destroy them. Therefore, whatever complaints you have towards yourself, put them aside. If you are also upset with others, then say one time that I have forgiven everyone! It’s a very important thing. With this only, everything will work out.

First I will show. Keep your eyes open and see how we will touch different centres. Please come forward! Patel Saheb will show you. Come forward! In English? Alright, I will speak in English. 

Put your left hand towards me. Left-hand means, as I had told you, is our power of desire and the right hand is our power of action. So, putting your left hand towards me is symbolic that you are desiring to have your self-realization, and the right hand is the one we are going to place on our centres, nourishing these different centres.

Now, please put your left hand towards me and the right hand on your heart, to begin with. If you have something in your pocket, better put them in, so your hand reaches your heart. It’s important!. So, in the heart resides the Spirit. Sit comfortably! Sit comfortably doesn’t mean that you bend yourself or sit straight, but sit in a normal state. Sit straight and keep your neck straight.

Now, please put your right hand on the left-hand side, in the upper portion of the abdomen. This is the centre of your mastery.  

Now, take down your right hand on the lower portion of your abdomen, on the left-hand side. Press it hard. This is a very important centre. This is the centre of pure knowledge. Pure knowledge means the knowledge that becomes ‘Vid’ which comes from the word (Vedas) scriptures. It should be known, we get the (bodha) experience in our nerves, by which we can understand the rules and regulations of God’s working. These laws are not like written books, but they act through our nervous system. In English, it is ‘gnow’ is the word and that is why people who were realized souls were called gnostics. So, their knowledge is called Pure knowledge (Shuddha Vidya).

Again you have to raise your hand in the upper portion of your abdomen on the left-hand side, on your guru principle. Press hard.

Now raise your right hand to your heart. This is the seat of the Spirit. 

After that place your right hand on the angle between your neck and shoulder and turn your head towards the right. This is the centre that is caught when you feel guilty. When you blame yourself and you have a complex that something is wrong with you. Whenever you feel guilty this centre starts catching and it creates trouble. Extremely troublesome! Gives you diseases like Anzina. So, not to feel guilty is the first solution of Sahaja Yoga. 

Now, you take your right hand and put it across your forehead, and press it from both sides. This centre is for asking forgiveness and to forgive others.

Now, keep your hand on the back of your head. Push back your head and raise it towards the sky. This centre is for asking forgiveness from the Divine, but it’s only for your satisfaction. You don’t have to feel guilty or count your mistakes. Only for your satisfaction, you have to ask for forgiveness. 

Now, stretch your right hand fully. Left hand towards me and put the centre of your palm on the fontanelle bone area, which was a soft bone in your childhood, and put your head down. Push back your fingers so that there is pressure and move your hand in such a manner that the scalp moves in a clockwise manner. Seven times you have to do it. And if you can do it properly, it will all work out. Left hand towards me.

Don’t move your hand. Some people keep their hands loose. Press it hard. You have to press it hard. Push back your fingers.

Only this much is to be done. Now I have to just say that you will have to close your eyes. Before closing the eyes if you have (unclear) in the neck, in hands, then you must correct it. Close your eyes and remove your spectacles. Till I tell you, please do not open your eyes.

Now, put your left hand towards me and put your right hand on your heart. Now ask these three questions in your heart. You can call me Maa, Mataji, or Mother. A very fundamental question. Ask the question, ‘Mother Am I the Spirit?’ Three times.

Now, take down your right hand on the upper portion of your abdomen on the left-hand side. Now, if you are the spirit, you are your own master. Now ask another fundamental question three times. ‘Shri Mataji, Am I my own Master?’ 

Now, you must know that I cannot force you. You have to ask this in your complete freedom because the freedom for which you are asking is the ultimate freedom. That is why I respect your freedom. So, you have to ask for your freedom. So, now put your right hand on the lower portion of your abdomen on the left-hand side. Here you say six times, ‘Mother please give me pure knowledge.’ Six times because this centre has six petals. This centre has got six sub plexuses. You have to ask, ‘Shri Mataji, please give me pure knowledge.’ As soon as you say that the Kundalini starts moving upward.

Now, keep your right hand on the upper portion of your abdomen. Kundalini has started rising, but we have to know that the upper centres have to be cleared out with our self-confidence. For that take your hand on the upper portion of your abdomen on the left-hand side. Here you have to say with full confidence ten times, ‘Mother, I am my own Master.’ So that this centre opens out completely.

We must know that we are not this body, nor these emotions, nor this ego, nor this intelligence, but we are the Spirit. So, we have to accept this fact. Now, please put your right hand on your heart and here with full confidence say twelve times, ‘Mother I am the Spirit.’

The divine is the ocean of blessings, an ocean of compassion, peace, and love. It is the ocean of love, the ocean of divine love but above all, it’s the ocean of forgiveness. So, we can not do anything that the divine can not forgive.

So, we have to take our right hand in the corner of our neck and shoulder and turn your head to your right. So, here you have to say with full confidence sixteen times, ‘Shri Mataji I am not guilty at all.’ Say it with full confidence. Please turn your head towards the right. With full confidence, you say again. This centre is catching on very much. 

Now, put your right hand across your forehead and bend your head. This is the centre of forgiveness, to forgive others. Whether we forgive or do not forgive, we do nothing. If we don’t forgive, we play into the wrong hands. So the best thing is, you forgive everyone without thinking whom to forgive and what to forgive. Say once for all that we forgive everyone. Say it from your heart, not how many times.

Please take your hand and place it on the backside of your head and raise your head. This is the centre for your own satisfaction to ask for forgiveness from the Divine. Here you have to say, ‘O Divine, if I have made any mistakes, please forgive me.’ Say it from your heart not how many times.

Now, stretch your palm and bring the pressure of the palm on your fontanelle bone area which was a soft bone in your childhood. Press it hard and stretch back your fingers, so there is proper pressure. Now, you move your scalp clockwise seven times. Put the pressure! Stretch back your fingers! Stretch back your fingers!

(Shri Mataji blows in the mike seven times)

Now, please take down your hands. Open your eyes slowly. Put both your hands towards me. Now, look at me in thoughtless awareness.

Now, put your right hand towards me. Bend your hand and see for yourself if there is a cool breeze coming out of your fontanelle bone area. Some get it till far, some get it near. Some get a hot breeze, it doesn’t matter. You will get a cool breeze after some time.

Now, put your left hand towards me. Not on the head but you have to keep your hand higher. Now, see from the right hand. You don’t have to touch your head. Keep your hand away then only you will feel the cool breeze! Don’t keep it near. Please keep it away, away from the head. See if you are getting a cool breeze. Not very far also! Keep your hand in between.

Now, once again put your right hand towards me and see by bending your neck again from your left hand. Alright!

Now, raise both your hands towards the sky. Push back your head and ask a question three times ‘Shri Mataji, Is this the divine power of God’s love?’ Ask this question three times. Is this the cool breeze of God’s love?

Now, take down your hands. Please take down your hands.

Those who have felt the cool breeze in the hands or out of the head, please raise both your hands.

Wonderful! The whole of Hyderabad is now full of saints! 

My greetings to all the saints!