Talk to Sahaja Yogis

Singapore Changi Airport, Changi (Singapore)

Talk to Sahaja Yogis, Singapore Airport, February 28th, 1990

…Otherwise we have lots of people here. People are getting aware of it. I think Chinese will take to Sahaja Yoga very easily, you see, because they’re very wise people to begin with and they have such an ancient tradition. And all the traditional people take to Sahaja Yoga very fast, I’ve seen.

Like in Egypt some people I met, they’ve been calling Me but I said, “Let there be some more, then I’ll come.” Also in Italy itself, Italy is doing very well. And China I think is such a wise country, you had such great philosophers and you had Lao Tze, such a great philosopher because he’s the one who came up with absolutely clearcut ideas about… , very clearcut ideas and what he has preached in the Zen system of religion is the same as Sahaja Yoga.

Zen means dhyana, means dhyan, is the meditation. And Zen system is practised in the same manner as we practise Sahaja Yoga. But you have to have realized souls to practise it. So the last person I met, the head of the Zen and he was so sick, very sick and that’s how I met him because they called Me to cure him. So I asked him, “How do you follow Zen because you’re not a realized soul?” So he said the Zen system, they had only up to the twelfth century about twenty-six realized souls. They used to call them kasyapas. So with twenty-six they had. After that they never had any realized souls. So he’s without realization and I said, “How can it be Zen?” You cannot. So what they use in all the chakras, they put some sort of an ebonite god and raise the Kundalini, see, like that. But it cannot work out because there are no vibrations. So the fellow was very, very sick when he came, I don’t know what he’s doing now. But the talk about… . This could be started with the Zen system and also it’s very popular in Japan, Zen system. Without understanding, you see, without understanding.

Like they have a garden which is made of stones and sand and some sort of a pattern is made round it. So they say that, “You just sit here, watch it. Then what do you say?” Then they start saying, “This looks like a boat.” He said, “No, don’t think. You have to sit here, not to think, just see it.” So that is thoughtless awareness, they’re talking about thoughtless awareness, you see, just see. Then they have one garden made out of moss, little flowers of moss. There also they say the same thing: “You sit here and don’t think, don’t have to think.”

Then they have one very nice ceremony called as tea ceremony, tea ceremony. And in the tea ceremony they give you a kind of a bowl, first of all, to see. It’s a very nice beautifully made, hand-made bowl out of ceramics. They say, “You see the bowl now, three times like this and don’t think about the bowl, just move it.” So you see, he tries to tell people to go to nirvichara, like that. Then so many things they do which is nirvichar samadhi, they try to, they try to establish. But as there is nobody who’s a realized soul, nobody can give realization is the point. You can’t give realization to people who have no vibrations, without vibrations. So it has gone into a kind of a social, social sort of a thing, the Zen system, it has no life in it. It’s sort of, as every religion has deviated from reality, Zen also has deviated, that’s the point. Otherwise in every religion there is fighting about it.

Even in the Islam they showed Me a complete surah written about Me, that the Sent One, they call Me a Sent One, and that person will give you realization, that would make you pirs, that will give you collective consciousness, everything written in that, so beautiful you won’t believe it. “But you will not believe, you will be non-believers.” Like that it is written in that.

So as in every religion they have described, you see, here also in Zen it’s described but the attention is not there, they just think Zen is a kind of a ritual to do this, what you call, they do it, this tea ceremony or anything, just like a ritual, nothing. But they can’t explain it, why it is so, they can’t. They take all the people round the places, show them, nothing. So it was one of the first disciples of Buddha, his name was Vibhithama who went there and they called him Barabodor and that’s how they started the Zen system. But it’s useless.

And now the Chinese Government said they were following what you call, Confucius, Confucius because he talked about humanity. He said that humanity’s important and the collective. But without realization how do you understand collectivity? Otherwise how could they kill their own people? If they were realized souls they would not have killed these young <inaudible> there. So there’s a big reaction when I went to China there’s a very big reaction and so many Chinese came to My program saying this is happening, in America, because there’s a reaction against Chinese style of suppression.

What happened in Malaysia? People didn’t like that idea, the suppression of the… , they didn’t like? But it’s much worse now, China has got a very bad name unnecessarily, sorry for that but <inaudible>.

Have you got diet Coke? That’s universal, anywhere you go they have, otherwise they’ll have on the plane this one, they have all kinds of hard drinks, only Coca Cola. I said, “All right, give Me Coca Cola.” Nothing else. They only have hard drinks, only hard drinks.

(Shri Mataji was shown some photographs.) He’s a very good photographer. Oh how beautiful, there’s not one like this, I tell you. You send it over to these people, they’ll be very happy. Delhi? They didn’t show Me. How did you enjoy there? Look at the vibrations. So many of My feet have come out, beautiful. Will you send some also to David? Please send it over, so he’ll collect it and see to it, he’d be very happy. Madras I’ve been but they never showed Me, I don’t know. Recently? That’s why. Yet I’ve not been to Delhi, I’m going in April because I’ve to work various places so <inaudible>.

Actually I wanted to do the <inaudible> after coming from, I was coming the other way round, Australia and I was going to stay for two days in Malaysia, two days at least. But what happened that they organized My birthday on the twenty-fourth in India, they said, “This will be the first time you won’t have your birthday, you’re having in Australia,” so they have arranged it. So I have to be back, that’s how we changed the whole thing. On the twenty-third from Hong Kong, Hong Kong we have some Sahaja Yogis. Sydney to Hong Kong and Hong Kong to Bombay. It was the other round, the whole thing was the other way round, first Sydney, Melbourne, everything, last Perth, and then Singapore. First Hong Kong like that it worked but because of My birthday the Australians wanted to celebrate My birthday, so we did it this way. I was so happy because few years I didn’t go to Australia, I was very happy about it.

I’m going to come, no doubt. He has told you all the tricks of the trade. They were staying in Prathistan, in My house, some of the Sahaja Yogis and in the morning they got up and they were shoe-beating, so My husband saw and said, “What are they doing, what are they killing?” he thought, some sort of scorpion or something.

Rajneesh died, you see, they celebrated with lots of fireworks and everything. I’m very happy about it, very happy that Rajneesh died. They were so happy in Poona and also there’s another fellow called Bhootnath who was another horrible fellow, he also died. I hope most of them finish off, it’ll be better. But in Malaysia here, small, small here and there, so many Indian gurus are there, so many Indian gurus.

The Chinese follow which religion here? But now do you have Muslim government. But they won’t object to our work there, in Malaysia now. We can have a public meeting all right. They’re the worst, such fanatic people I tell you. And they call others fanatic.

There’s problem in India. There’s a birth place of Shri Rama, according to many people that’s the birth place. There was one old mosque made by, they said so it’s made by Babar. And this mosque was built, they say it was Babar. It’s not a mosque, it’s just a story, because it has no minarets, it has no minarets and they always have a water supply for washing feet, it’s not <inaudible>, they’re buildings that’s all.

But when people said there is near that mosque is the birthplace of Shri Rama, they all started going for namaz. I mean, such a mischief and they would not spare it. These people in… , Hindus wanted to erect a monument for the birthplace of Shri Rama. They have created such a problem that, “We’ll die here, we’ll do this, nobody dare come here.” It’s not a mosque. And there’s another mosque nearby, there’re so many mosques, you see, so many temples were finished by these Muslims and this was another work with them.

Now according to them this mosque they must keep and they must worship. They said, “You can come and worship,” but if they’re worshipping in the mosque then they don’t want to hear any bells or music or bhajans, <inaudible>. So then there’s a big problem going on about it and they’re fighting it, but what I’ve said, “Baba, you have so many mosques all over, you can go and pray anywhere there’s another mosque,” but Shri Rama cannot be born anywhere else.

Though we are in a majority we’re so oppressed by them, they’re so aggressive, you know. And in the election also, now yesterday I read, I was surprised why in India they’re like that. But in Turkey they’re better. So in this election they give a ink mark on the finger, those who vote. So they devised them, method for removing that mark and after removing that mark now they’re free to vote again. So many people voted five times, the Muslims and there was a big fight but I don’t know what has happened now in India. You see they don’t understand they have to live in India they should live like brothers and sisters but the way… .

(A Sahaja Yogini asks about her mentally retarded son.)

What is the problem? Did she see the lunar eclipse when she was pregnant? You must have, by mistake you must have, that’s the reason. It’s not difficult, he’s a left-sided person. Put the left side towards Me and right hand on the Mother earth. You see this is how you have to make him sit before My photograph and a candle here, and also put a light near his left Swadishthana and keep it there. And raise his Kundalini with the light but no water treatment for him. Raise the light. Three candles, one in front, one here, one there to raise the Kundalini.

(It was the learnt that Shri Mataji’s fight to Perth had been delayed by one hour.)

I don’t want them to be delayed, it’s very late there. It’s eight o’clock now on your watch?

(Referring to the retarded child.) And he has to avoid eating carbohydrates, he should eat more meat or fish. He’ll be all right, just see if there’s a cool breeze coming in his head, put your left hand towards Me. Started now, just put your left hand… . Feeling the cool breeze in your hand? Are you feeling cool? Look at that, just sit here comfortably. Be comfortable, after some time it’ll clear out maybe, may not be, but still you do it at home.

I’m sure she must have by mistake seen an eclipse, because Chinese know that, Chinese know that it’s wrong to see an eclipse. You know that, isn’t it in your philosophy? If you see the lunar eclipse this happens and if you see the sun eclipse you get a deformation of the body. Especially the pregnant women, not for everyone.

(Shri Mataji continued with advice to some Sahaja Yogis on their private and personal problems.)