Ham sab Hindustani hai



1990-0300 Hum Sab Hindustani Hai (We all are Indians)

[Hindi to English translation]

We all are Hindustani [Indians] and are living in Bharat [India]. We are nurtured from the grains and water of this land. This land is supporting our livelihood and will continue to do so in the future. For our children, for our future generation, our message should be – “Love our country. We should have a lot of affinity towards our country”. 

I have seen abroad and it’s very surprising that in every country, each and every one knows about their country and are proud of their country. When we ask them, “There is so much of poverty in your country.” They say, “So what? This is our country. This country gave birth to us, we have grown here, we have brought up in this culture. This is our country and it is of great pride to us”. 

In the same way every Indian also should think that Bharat [India] or which is called as Hindustan is our country. We should be patriotic. As soon as you become patriotic, you will be surprised that you will develop a lot of good qualities. 

First characteristic you will develop is – all the useless aspirations, all wasteful desires will end. You will feel that if the country progresses, we will also progress. 

In My lifetime, I have seen such great people. Our time was different that We saw many great people who sacrificed so much. On seeing them I felt that they earned the Independence of this country. What happened after Independence, you all know. 

Now as you are in Sahaja Yoga, it is your duty that whatever is bad whatever is regressive, should be removed. And towards this you should be totally dedicated. Only then your country can be strong. Otherwise the kind of people who are there now a days, you all know, I don’t have to say it. But we should not be like them. 

For the country and for the people of the country we should do all that we can.

I bless you all.

Tomorrow again there will be a program. All of you are invited again. Please bring your friends also. Everyone is invited. 

Many blessings.