Talk to Sahaja Yogis

Applecross ashram in Perth, Perth (Australia)


1990-0301Talk to Sahaja Yogis Applecross ashram in Perth, Perth (Australia)
Thursday, March 1st, 1990

The conversation starts midway.
… But this time 3 / 4 came for the program from there. And when I arrived at the airport there were about 25 to 30 people. I was so surprised you know. Such a surprise. And they did a trick. They came all the way from Malaysia by plane so they were inside the airport so they didn’t have to come inside. Just I was there. So no problem. It’s spreading very fast. I don’t know. They say 1990 is a very good year for Sahaj Yoga. It’s going to jump. Bur Russia is the thing… (inaudible) it’s unimaginable. You won’t believe it. (Name inaudible) was telling me in England there’ll all waiting for human rising. How can they wait for me? Can’t understand. They don’t believe in God, they don’t believe in any religion nothing. So, they’re just waiting. And when we went there the first day, we went through Helsinki. First of all, that’s near. And they had a big hall of 2000 people.

Of course, you see you have to buy tickets. It’s not for me but Govt has it. 2000 people were sitting outside and 2000 were inside when I went there. I gave them a lecture. I was so surprised. They were so dedicated. They wanted to touch the platform on which I was sitting. With their foreheads. So amazed. How can you develop this idea of dedication? Of course, they got Realization as well. Most of them I should say 90%. Firstly. When I came up, 2000 of them sitting outside just like that as if meditating. They said what about us. I said what to say. Alright, come tomorrow. We will have it outside. Outside in the open. We’ll all sit together and have it. So I went the next day in the morning. All the 2000 people outside and inside were there. Outside. Sitting outside on the ground. I was surprised. We had only 2 programs. But thousands came.

It is spreading so fast. And people had come all the way from such distances, from Siberia, this that. Then we went to Moscow. That was another eye-opener. The Ministers of the Supreme Council, this that, were sitting in front of me. And the government has recognized us an independent organization. Even in India, it is not so. And of all the places Turkey. Can you believe it? Muslim country. I used to be always worried about them that when will they come to Sahaj Yoga. This is remarkable. And after all that, we went to a place called (inaudible). People were quite hopeless about it. But even those who had some sort of shock from that they all had lots of heat. It all cleared up. Cleared out just like that. I was so surprised at the speed of their ascent. Very very they’re like clean slate I’d say. Clean slates. They’re quite moral also.

Also, you see because of this kind of government it’s a very peaceful country. No drugs nothing. No violence. No inflation. No tensions of any kind. Except that you’re not supposed to join any political party. But it failed somewhere or the other because they couldn’t produce results. But on the whole, I think they produce good people. I don’t know how many thousands of Russians are your brothers and sisters.

And then the second time they had a yoga seminar and my husband said why do you want to go to a yoga seminar. You’ve been there for 8 days now. These boys will look after it. I Said yes that is true but I can better go. He said what why. I said maybe I might be able to break the Eastern Bloc. He said how can you break it? I said we’ll get people from Eastern Bloc for this seminar. Really it happened. In this yoga seminar, there were so many people from Eastern Bloc from every country at least 5 / 6 of them. Some doctors some architects. They gave me 45 minutes to speak and I spoke for around 30 minutes. I believe in 15 minutes I gave Realization to most of them. When I came out of the hall, they all came after me. The whole hall was left empty. There were speakers and no audience. They said, Mother, we are from East Germany we are from this and that. Please bless us. Please bless us. I said I bless you all. And they gave me their addresses and all that. You must come to our country. And there it was. Just after that. This everything happened. Just after that. One after another. Even Hungary they told me Hungary is a big problem, what to do? I said let there be one Sahaj Yogi from there. One fellow came. Absolutely sickly. There it was. When he went back, say after a week [inaudible].

Romania also they were worried. Same thing. In Romania also. I mean something really tremendous it is. When I went to South America also they have called me because of this problem in, there’s a drug problem there. Can you imagine! I went there. After 8 days at the most. The whole thing started blasting like many bombs sort of they say the mines in mother Earth. Exploded here. Exploded there. This person throw there, this person… it’s all finished now. Now they’re moving to Spain. Such criminals they were. When I went there, even in Bogota it’s such a far fetched place. You go there you feel a little giddy. At such a height. And there what you find in the garden, thronged with people. You had to wade through, I didn’t know how I was going to walk through. Somehow I made it through that. And there I was in the hall. All filled. They were sitting everywhere. I thought they’ll be hanging on to these lights and things -so many of them. Then I said you can move forward to the stage. Now they came up just like this.

In Brazil, it was so remarkable. It was such a mystery I felt. They, when I went there, there was one place called as ‘Foundation of Peace’. The one who was running it was a French man. He had all kinds of funny, funny gurus with him. Nothing in that tie, he had gone too fast. And I landed in his own organization. Can you imagine? And everybody got a Realization. And they all go against him when I came away. And he was carrying on with one girl you see – she said he’s so much older than me and this that. She too said now I understand he is spoilt. He’s not a good man. When he came back he saw everybody so much brighter and he said what’s the matter? How is it you’re looking so good, all of you? They said, Mother was here and he was away that whole of the organization everybody under him has become Sahaj Yogi so he also took to Sahaj Yoga. It’s very remarkable I think [inaudible].
[Tea is served]
They gave me some tea. Thinking that you see may not be very good tea here. Custom people… (laughter) even the saffron this is part of the plant but I said it is all packed from Spain, no! even the frame. Such mad people they are.

For the photograph. But the best part was they gave me a present. And that I would never have thought of. Present of a child’s painting and there was a rod – they said this rod can bring disease. Any wood can bring disease to this country. Then I looked at my head and I thought it is all made of wood. I mean just imagine. People have declared everything but for the rod of the child’s painting. They’re all very old. Last time we brought some mangoes. We didn’t declare – we showed them we’ve got mangoes. So they said no no you can’t take them this quality. Some mangoes are allowed some are not. These are the best mangoes. We had three boxes full for all the people here. They ate it completely the customs people.

We’re having a puja on 5th of May in Italy somewhere – Sahasrara puja. But we had a wonderful puja this 23rd May, Mahashivratri puja [inaudible]. But Hindi I have told them to translate. It’s very beautiful.
Everywhere there are rejections going on. He even told me. I don’t know. See these politicians nothing to choose – they have no concern for anyone no concern. Very selfish. All over the world, they’re just the same. I mean it’s not only in India – everywhere. The other day we had a film about Mr Bush and he is responsible [inaudible].
Here also I was reading in the newspaper so many deals and things which are being discovered now. All over the world. Even in Japan. Prime Minister – in Marathi there is a saying. That the compound is eating all the crop. Whatever you make for your protection – that itself is eating you up. You’ll be surprised about 30 years back, I mean you’ve never heard of such – when English were ruling us, of course, English used to do that – that’s alright – they were rulers. But since our independence, they never like this. Then suddenly (inaudible) and how much for a poor country like ours in one deal 200 crore rupees in one deal. 100,000 is a million? 1,000? 10 million into 200. In one deal. For a poor country like ours, how can we get rid of our poverty? And such a vicious circle. The money is borrowed from the World Bank. World Bank borrows it from Switzerland. So this money goes to Switzerland and in the whole run, we are the people who are in danger.
(unclear Conversation)
From where did they get the loan? Same world bank? It’s true. I mean no concern you know. You see I started Sahaj Yoga with one person. One lady. And we have no debts at all. So all over the world, they have no debts of money and Sahaj Yoga is such a blessing that everything just works out just works out. I went down to (unclear) and he said, Mother if you have to buy this particular land I must immediately have 16,000 pounds. I said I don’t know if I have so much in the bank but we’ll see. And at the airport when I was leaving Sandra brought a packet. She said, mother, this money I have kept for you, I said what money? I want to give you this money. I said how much – she said 16,000 pounds. It was in lira. I said I’ll take it but for something else not for myself. She said, mother, whatever you want you can do it. I said alright. I gave it to Vito, I said keep it. I don’t need it just now but we’ll see. Keep it with you. We’ll see about the land but it fizzled out. Then we had to do the (unclear) over there. We had to buy all the marble, the tiles, all these bathroom things everything. And curtains. In one day, I bought everything and you know when the bill came exactly 16,100 pounds. And 100 because I bought curtains for myself as well – I couldn’t believe it first. I said are you sure? They said see mother these are the things. Exactly. So how it works. Only just the dedication, just work it out.

We have so many of such things happening we forget about it. So many blessings, so many blessings. Count your blessings. (child crying) What happened? No no no no – where is the painting gone? You gave me the painting ? where is the painting? It’s lost? Is it? Did you write the name of the children? You should write the name. John and he’s 8. All right? Where is that gone? We are all Sahaj Yogis? Sahaj Yogis don’t cry. Ok? Come here.

What about the lady who had problems with her children? The husband. Who was that? So now what’s happening? (A lady approaches Mataji a side conversation with a Sahaj Yogi about the lady ‘Psychiatrist is seeing her’). I see. The child is alright. … See the only way you can do is to send somebody to the child. … What is this country like! Mad, I think. Well, it’s the same case. (Unclear) So what happened – she had two sons. And one of them the father abused. A little boy. And he had mooladhara problem. Then when they asked, he said this and that. About 4 years old. So she took him to the hospital. The doctors saw. They also certified that it is so. But he said we cannot accept this – he’s seeing a doctor. It’s the doctor’s job. All right, but it didn’t stop at that. For that reason, you should not sort of want to you know say openly that it is like this. But they said the father has to see his two sons.

So, whenever he would come, take pictures of them, the wife, I mean the Brigitte used to get problems. She had first conceived and it was an abortion. Then the second time, she had another kind of problem. But she just gave up when the boys went out. So then I told them you get one maid or someone, somebody, sort of, Sahaj Yogi, just call her as the maid (nanny) of the children. But send her like a person who is going to protect. And that was accepted. (Lady talks). They’re supposed to be a free country. I mean in India, I tell you whatever may be there. They might be primitive, they might not be so developed, or whatever. But you can’t think of such a thing. You can’t think of such a thing. (Lady – he has violated all his rights). It’s hard to understand these things. They don’t want to listen/. I don’t know but people seem to be funny. Very self-centred. Opinionated. They don’t know they are there for justice and not for this kind of (unclear).

This is what is Western life. Very bad. Mother unless and until she has some (unclear) and some bad things – I mean if she’s a prostitute or something, otherwise in India, there’s no question the mother is the one who owns the children.
Lady: How do we change direction?
Mataji: Only Sahaj is the way. But people at the helm of affairs have to take this on. I must have been to some horrible gurus. Must have been. Especially (someone’s name).
Now they’ve started another thing. It’s Ayurved. For Ayurved, you don’t need a guru. You go to any Ayurvedic fellow, you can do it. But also people are stupid to do it. Why should they do it? Ayurveda, anyone can go to Ayurveda without I mean without going to any organization. Depends on the stupidity of all. They’re greedy. Apart from greedy, I think they are very poor. But they’re also poor.
(More conversation with the lady – her side is unclear)
Mataji says – very difficult person. The world is full of this. But thank God Rajneesh is dead. And you see the fast work like – all the people, from abroad, somebody like from Australia. Another one who was a doctor, all of them came. I don’t know they might have and the last time. Three months or four months back I came. And they became disciples and they formed a group which was the inner group. So when Rajneesh died, the senior group published in the newspaper all the names of all these foreigners. That we are the inner group. And this is what we are organizing and this is what is going to happen. All the Indian people who were following him and his relations and all the others started saying that this is something wrong because why is he telling them to allow his traditions to go on. And ultimately, they found out that there was no money left at all so these people said how can there be any money – it was over a long time back. We have no money. And also he had published so many things. So there’s no money. And they’re all left high and dry and I think one of them had just run away. The one who was supposed to be the leader of the inner circle and there’s no money at all. For any inner or outer circle. This is the situation of Rajneesh.
That’s it. Must have been in America. There was no money in India. So there’ll be no ashram in Pune – nothing. I mean what will they do. And even the Ashram was bought by somebody when he had done the whole thing. So he might just disappear in the thin air.
You know when Dr Nigam had the hand like that – he was completely paralysed, by another guru called Bhootnath. From Lucknow. So many of them had just disappeared. Actually, this TM has also been so unkind, so unkind. So many people are doing it so many people have ruined their bottoms. You know jumping and all. So they’ve put a case against him. Also, we have put one case against him. Trying to work out. In the month of August. Horrible rakshasa. The problem is they are settling the mind of the sadhakas. They are in the minds of the seekers. And unless and until they are removed, they will be destroyed all of them, so naturally, I am very concerned about them. No use destroying these people who have attachments of their tentacles into the brains of other human beings. All these things in modern times. I mean if they were demons, they were demons. You see, and there were goddess and demons. And there was an army of the devils and an army of the goddess – it’s not such a mixture that the army of the goddess had all of them in their heads. But now it is confusing. Let’s see. Only for darshan, for this horrible Satya Sai, we call him asatya. Only for darshan, you have to pay Rs. 500. Only for darshan. Just to say like this (folds hands). Imagine, such a big (unclear). I don’t know what is the use of giving him money.
… That’s what I said it is easy to get crucified. Once and for all. Rather than everyday crucifixion. And they tell such dirty jokes also – horrible dirty jokes. I didn’t understand half of them but everyone was laughing. Couldn’t understand. Imagine who is interested in these dirty jokes. Such horrible jokes that I tell you – people – the first class was sitting here and such nonsense -it has no meaning, it has no relevance at all. And everyone was just laughing. Very dirty filthy stuff. And it this all filth becomes part and parcel of society, just becomes. And we think we are very modern. Liberated. Abandonment. Liberated to ruin everyone by their ideas. Rubbish.
You see they’ve never known something. You see they’ve never known or learnt these things. They don’t know what is actually good. They don’t know what to feel something good, you’re really good. They’ve never known such an atmosphere. They’ve never known such people. Have no idea at all. That’s the problem.
But at least if you really know the wider way of the whole thing. The way it works and all that then there is no question to reach that point – I don’t know how. Today at least it is not so bad. I think we have done very well. It’s going to be a great time. And especially I will be celebrating my birthday here. So I am sure Ganesha’s blessings will be here. Quite a lot. Very good. Australia’s wishes will count.
Let me rest for a while. Because I have not slept since the time we started.
Today, tonight is the programme?