Talk to Sahaja Yogis and Workshop

Applecross ashram in Perth, Perth (Australia)

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Talk to Yogis

……better. just relax. Not to feel guilty at all, not to feel guilty. [unclear]. You don’t think, don’t think anything to think. This works…did you do TR or something, transcendental meditation or something? Never. [sahajayogi speaks]. It’s the same thing. Ha. [unclear]. You better now? More than one chakras are catching there. do you feel anything? The swadishthana and the mooladhara, [unclear]. Did you have something to eat here? Now just watch, just watch my red spot. Now better, one more time. [Shri Mataji asks for something]. I think now you are a grownup man, have you. what about your photographs. [unclear]. [sahajayogi speaks]. You are so good. Just like [unclear word]. Beautiful photographs he has. What was the camera you used at that time? It was the normal camera I used Shri Mataji. Quite ordinary? the same one, different film though. beautiful, some of them are so remarkable, one is here. [hmmm]. Now you have taken to television or? [sahajayogi speaks]. But not on the camera side. [ he says no]. forgive yourself, forgive, don’t blame. How are you feeling now? Better? The flow of cool breeze, has it increased. You are not feeling any breeze. [ slightly]. it is better now. [Shri Mataji speaks to sahajayogi]. Now don’t be serious. there’s nothing to be serious. [unclear]. Did you come by car? [mother gives advice]. We have, you know its due to some possessions. This is the theory on which you work and it works out. now I request to you that when you are going. Don’t go by the road by which you came. And also, they will give you something to cover up yourself. you can take out your shirt. It is better, can you give him something to cover, so that they don’t recognize you. and you should avoid dark clothes. Get something light. So now you see [unclear]. So you can come tomorrow morning, and later on, you can work it out with these people, its very simple. and I told them [unclear]. Maybe in the morning evening, you may come here its better for you. And come here, It will work out. But you must have will power you will work it out. Because I see people don’t have any will power to get alright. You must have will power, it will get alright.
[Shri Mataji asks for cloth in Hindi] that’s very good. give it to her. And he can take out his shirt. Just cover up yourself in my presence. then you can walk. Just cover I want to see. Will you get one more. One more will be good. Cover up. Now you look like sanyasis. [everyone laughs]. Alright God bless you. Hope to see you this evening. Come the other way around. They ask me is it the last judgement, I said yes. Think about how he gets his ideas, he must have done some homework don’t you think so, this gentleman who interviewed me. They were the questions put down by Steven. [unclear talk]. you put this mark on your forehead before sleep. Have you given him the photograph? Better get it framed.
Did you tell them how to use it? Left swadishthan pe bandhan dena. Next time you get the medical papers

As soon as you go we have to go there, as soon as you come, we have to go to the university. ( sahaja yogi asks about visa of New Zealand) . I think so. Inko jara mera passport la do. That’s also. The business I think. Did you tell them how to use it? Give bandhan on left Swadishthan. Some music? Why not? (Sahaja yogis laugh). You can cure it. I say you can cure it, the problem is you stick to it.its really small. Its nice time too.

Yesterday he was patient very very patient. This book has come from Australia? Australians? Yes. Can I see it? (unclear)
(sahaja yogis sing bhajans).
They say who is one with God why should he have any fear.