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Perth (Australia)

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1990-03-02 Public Program Day 1, Perth, Australia

– [INAUDIBLE] – [INAUDIBLE] The purpose of to-night’s gathering is for you to have the opportunity, if you wish to to have this energy released to have it pass through these various centers, to enlighten them, to switch them on, if you like, until eventually it will reach the top of your head which in effect is the [UNCLEAR] I talked to you about and from that point you can become here what we call realized people.

You have a whole new world opened up to you. It is a very simple process, it requires nothing of you but your own will to [UNCLEAR] Like most evolutionary events it’s quite simple. Has to be simple, it has to be something that happens without effort on your part. Just as you became a human-being without effort so this is another step in your evolutionary course. So, when Shri Mataji has finished Her talk She will offer you this experience. And I hope you’ll get it. [INAUDIBLE] [INAUDIBLE] [INAUDIBLE] [INAUDIBLE] [INAUDIBLE] [INAUDIBLE] [INAUDIBLE] [UNCLEAR – YOU?] would like Me to stand up and.. [UNCLEAR] I’ll stand up [UNCLEAR] can’t see you so. I will stand up It’s all right, it’s all right, doesn’t matter I bow to all the seekers of truth. At the very outset we have to know that truth is what it is.

We cannot mold it, we cannot organize it and we cannot order it. It exists, has existed and will exist. The truth is very simple and whatever I’m telling you you have to seek it in a very scientific way. Like a scientist has to keep his mind open for any new ideas that come to him and he should treat this as a hypothesis and if it is proved true then you have to accept it in all honesty. Now the truth is that there is a All-Pervading power which is described in all the scriptures – All-Pervading power of love. These people could not have told us lies, they were not liars and they were not interested in doing something which was not for our benevolence. But it has not been proved that such a power – the subtle power – exists. This power is the power that thinks, that understands, does all the living work – not only that but it organizes, it puts everything into order, it creates all the nature’s circuits and last of all it loves. This power exists but we have never felt it before because at human level we cannot feel it. So, the second truth is that we’re not only our body, our emotions, our ego, our thoughts, our plans but we are the spirit.

And when we become the spirit – means when our attention gets enlightened that the light of the spirit that resides in your heart, then you can feel on your finger-tips this beautiful power which is there, is described by all the sages, Incarnations and prophets. So, this power is to be felt. And if I say so, it is important that at least take it when we are on the very [UNCLEAR] clouds, that you say in modern science [UNCLEAR] Also you may be, beautiful way we should say, that it’s the best time for this because people are getting out of [UNCLEAR – COMPARISON? ], out of their ideas about progress. They’re thinking, “What is it that we’re not so peaceful, why is it we cannot enjoy our life as we should have enjoyed?” So, there’s a very big uh.. urge to know the truth. And this is thing, is the pure desire within us that we have to know the truth. Now he’s talked to you about Russia, I was really surprised, and the Russian people, I used to think, such suppressed people and all that. In a way they were suppressed very much, I should say, because uh.. of, they couldn’t talk about politics, they couldn’t discuss politics, they couldn’t uh.. go for elections and things like that. But there’s something good about them – they have no conditionings, quite all right, they have no conditionings of any kind.

Now, as far as religions are concerned the people who started the religions were perfectly all right. They were truthful and they were like flowers on the tree of life. One after another they appeared and what all they preached, in the essence they all said the same thing – that you are to be born again, you have to have your Self-realization. But when, human-beings took over from that, they started deviating from the right path. And that’s why we find in every religion something that is very mysterious for our mind – we don’t understand why this is so. So the essence of all religions can be only understood if you become your own essence and your essence is your spirit – that’s the essence of life. And that’s what you have to become and that is the last breakthrough for ordinary human-beings. The last breakthrough where you just jump into a new awareness – which is described by Hume, very clearly, that now at the second step or the last step that we have we have to become collectively conscious. We have become, is the point – it’s not that we are collectively conscious, we have to become. A human being has to become, that means on his Central Nervous System he has to become collectively conscious and he has to feel that another person on his finger-tips.

And when that happens, who is the other because you have feeled everyone within yourself. And if you know how to correct the problems that are within you and without, you solve the problem. And this’ll effect the whole emancipation of humanity contained within us because within us lies our glory which we all do not know. We’re lost in the ignorance part of ourselves. Like I would say, if there’s a television you take it to an Indian village and show them and tell them you can get scenes from Australia and all these places they’ll say, ” Oh, how can that be, it’s just a ordinary box.” But when you put to the mains, it works and it shows how fantastic it is. In the same way we are fantastic, we’re made for a purpose to enjoy life, to enjoy everything in the purest form. And that purpose has to be served, very easily it is to be managed – as we call it sahaja, means born with you. Sahaja – ‘saha’ is with – born with you. This is born with you, the grant to be in yoga, means ‘union with the Divine’.

And this is your birthright – you all have to have it. Everyone has to have it. Some will have it before, some will have later on but gradually so many people will have to get it like first one, one fish came on the water, and then few more and then few more and then the shoals of same. In the same way it is going to work out. It’s working out uh… we are now working it out in forty nations. It works slowly because it’s a living process. It’s not something plastic that you can create, you cannot be member – you have to become and for that you can’t pay. You can’t pay. I mean, like in the Mother Earth if you have to, say, sow something and you want to sprout some seeds – the Mother Earth doesn’t understand money. No use standing on your heads either.

It just sprouts by itself. In the same way it acts. You cannot pay for it – this is one principle one must know, that you can’t pay for your Self-realization. And that is something, is so much not known to people and I’m sorry to say that many people have come out even from India and from all over and are trying to befool people, take advantage of their simplicity and ignorance and make lot of money. I’ve been telling since long, that you should shun such people and don’t waste money on these nonsensical things. You cannot pay for God, you cannot pay for your Self-realization because Self doesn’t understand money – it’s a man-made commodity. Self doesn’t. And as a result of that, the Kundalini rises, so many things happen. Today I’ll tell in you in short, tomorrow I’ll explain to you how it works out on more scientific basis. But how it works out, is very interesting that these centers that we have within us, as he must have shown you, seven centers, one is below the Kundalini and six of them are above the Kundalini.

Now, this Kundalini space is a bone called Sacrum, which means sacred – that means the Greeks knew about it that it’s a sacred bone containing some sort of a power. When this Kundalini rises, when this power, this residual power within us rises, it integrates all these subtle centers. Now these subtle centers on the physical side also look after our plexuses, on the mental side also they look after them. So as it rises, nourishes them, integrates them and then connects it, connects it up to the mains. So all the time this energy starts flowing up. Now this energy has at least three powers. First power by which it comforts you. Comforting means your sickness – many incurable diseases can be cured by this. There are three doctors in Delhi now, have got their M.D. in sahaja yoga for curing uh.. uh..diseases like Asthma, like psychosomatic diseases and things like that.

And now, it’s gone up to America and also Helsinki – of course in Russia they have accepted as, as an independent organization. This [UNCLEAR] organization they call it [UNCLEAR] although we have no organization as such. We cannot be organized as I told you. So, this power of healing, the comfort, comes through the nourishment of these subtle centers within us. And that’s how, so many of people, so many people who have suffered from incurable diseases, have been cured with the awakening of the Kundalini. I don’t have to do anything, it’s your own, it’s within yourself. Only thing, an enlightened candle can enlighten another candle – in the same way it works. Now then, you have another beautiful uh.. present from this awakening is that, all your mental problems are solved. So many people who were mentally harassed, who were schizophrenic and all kinds of problems of the mental depressions and all that, they got cured. But we do not say that everybody will be cured, most of them do get cured and gradually they settle down.

You’ll be surprised, there’re many cases of Blood Cancer which have been cured. But that’s not the main job of sahaja yoga – is not to cure people otherwise I better go to the hospitals and work it out. But the main job is to awaken the Kundalini, so that you become the spirit and once you become the spirit these things work out gradually. And then you become empowered yourself, that you can raise the Kundalini of others and can deal with them. Then, within us lies our own peace. You must have heard of so many peace foundations and people getting Nobel prizes for peace – they have no peace within themselves. They make peace foundations where they talk about peace. Talking about peace doesn’t bring forth any peace at all. You have to be peaceful within and the transformation of a human being is needed for achieving that state of complete peace. And then you become a witness – witness of everything like a drama you see everything – you’re not bothered.

Just look what is happening outside – you’re not disturbed by that. On the contrary you’re much better placed to solve the problems because you’re out of it and you can see them so clearly and you can solve them. So, it makes you extremely dynamic and then you become enlarged – pure love [UNCLEAR] compassion, extremely compassionate. But last of all you become joy. When we become joy it cannot be described because it is only joy, it’s absolute. It is not happiness and unhappiness, it is joy and that joy is to be enjoyed. Apart from this become a very knowledgeable person because this brain of ours is very partly used by us. But when the light of the spirit goes into it, you become extremely knowledgeable and you become very, in a way, very intelligent, I would say – you see the point very clearly, you become very wise and sensible. All these traits are very fantastic to ask because you can’t believe it – how can this happen? But it does happen, I must say, it does happen and because it’s your own, it’s within you.

I mean, I’m doing nothing about it, I should say – it just works out because you have not known what you are! Just you have to discover yourself, that’s what is sahaja yoga. But we see wonders happening, in London specially, where we have lots of people who are drug addicts, alcoholics, all absolutely uh…drenched into it. And overnight they gave up, overnight they gave up that habit of alcoholism and drug and the whole thing is so surprising how they suddenly became such beautiful people! So sensible, so powerful that no habit can dominate them. All these things are there just for you and you have to enjoy that, it’s all your own. Now, because today is the first day, I would like to have some questions from you but relevant to the subject, would be better because I’m here for nothing. I don’t want any votes or any money from you – nothing of the kind. I’m just come here to tell you what you have and to enjoy it, so it’s better to ask questions which are relevant. Of course discussions and all that are not going to lead you there, talking too much is not going to lead you there because it is beyond mental capacity of human beings.

You have to go beyond, you have to become that Absolute Truth – that All-Pervading Truth. And for that you cannot discuss it or argue it out but if you have any problems, please ask Me – I’ll be very, very true to tell you about it. Thank you very much. [INAUDIBLE] [UNCLEAR] can we just asking questions now or [UNCLEAR] – What’s she saying, I can’t hear? – Yes, please do. – All right. [UNCLEAR] I want to ask you, sometimes I get pain in the [UNCLEAR] Kundalini wants to come up I get pardoned because I’ve heard [UNCLEAR] come up too fast [UNCLEAR N INAUDIBLE – CAN YOU FIND OUT?] if that’s true or – She said sometimes she feels that her Kundalini is going to rise but she gets frightened because she’s been told [UNCLEAR] – – Ah, it’s correct, naturally – I know, I know, I’ll talk about that – Yeah. Uh.. is a fact, you see, that people have really frightened people against, against Kundalini. I know it’s a very negative attitude of people to stop people from getting their Self-realization.

You see, She’s your mother and when you were born your mother took over all the trouble, all the trouble. In the same way, She is your individual mother and She knows – like a tape recorder She’s taped everything within Herself what you have been and what has been happening to you and She’s so beautiful, She rises up so sweetly, without any problem – I mean, I’ve seen thousands of people, thousands of them all over the world. Nobody got into any trouble, on the contrary everybody became very beautiful. O course you do feel little heat if it, there’s a little bit of problem or some sort of problem or a cancer patient sometimes feel the heat on the hands – that’s all, not much. But why, why the [UNCLEAR] to Hatha yoga and [INAUDIBLE] why do they take so long uh.. in their training and why do they make sure that the Kundalini comes up slowly and not too fast – why is that necessary for them? – With sahaja yogies, you mean sahaja yogies? – [INAUDIBLE] Hatha yoga and Haan, haan, haan, you see, [UNCLEAR] I was secured. You see, Hatha yoga was established – thousands of years back by Patanjali. – Patanjali? Oh!

– By Patanjali, all right? And Patanjali has talked about Ashtagarkar – eight parts of [UNCLEAR]. In those days the life was very different and in India that time we had uh.. uh.. ashramas – means people lived in four styles. The first style was called Brahmacharya – celibate life – they lived in the ashramas and where they used to select very few people who could get their Self-realization. The rest of them were taught how to improve your health, this , that and slowly, slowly I mean, we should say that, on the tree of life there were hardly one or two flowers so they couldn’t make up fruits but today it’s a blossom time. – Oh, so You’re saying [UNCLEAR] the Kundalini come up I’m not going to go inside – Oh, of course [LAUGHTER] He said it. [SHRI MATAJI LAUGHS]. You don’t have to worry all about. You see, this is a gentle [UNCLEAR – PAGE?] all right and Kundalini has perhaps become the gentle as well, [UNCLEAR] the tree of civilization has grown so big, all right, and the roots are also developing.

If you don’t feel your roots, the civilization will disappear. So, there’s an equal and opposite growth and that’s why it works out very fast. Of course I must say, that I did some work on that also to find out the permutations and combinations why human beings take so much time to get realization – now they don’t. But you have to establish yourself. First the Kundalini will rise, build our breakthrough, you might feel the cool breeze, immediately you’ll feel on your hands, finger-tips will feel it, coming out of your head but after some time you have to allow it to grow. Like a seed which is sprouted has to grow into a plant and then into a tree – it’s like that. Takes hardly a month, at the most – you can become a master of it. Sounds quite fantastic, isn’t it? – Mother, is it safe to give realization to children? – Oh absolutely, they are the best.

Don’t have to do much about them, they just get it automatically – they are the sweetest things, don’t you think so? And these days the so many children are born, are realized souls, I’m surprised! So many children are realized souls, we don’t understand them. And also the people who get married in sahaja yoga, if they’re both are sahaja yogies, then they get all realized souls born to them. I think there are many realized souls waiting to be born – they want to see good parents, that’s all. It has been said that you have to be spiritually ready before you can awaken the Kundalini – otherwise you won’t be able to control it. – You see, I would say that your Kundalini knows everything about you, and She knows everything and She judges you – you don’t have to worry about that point. She is the surgeon and She knows what is to be done. So you don’t have to worry and you don’t have to certify yourself. Only thing is, that you must know that you must have committed some mistakes, so it’s all right, you’re a human being, you’re not God.

If you have made mistakes, doesn’t matter, don’t feel guilty. I mean this is another thing in the Western mind that we should feel guilty for everything. You see, even if I put the thing like this, I should say sorry and sorry and sorry. There’s nothing to be sorry about [LAUGHTER] You see, so there are so many norms we have made uh to make us [UNCLEAR] – there’s nothing to feel guilty at all, nothing to feel guilty. On the contrary you have to be very confident about yourself. You are a human being an epitome – epitomy of the evolution – the top-most people. All these side issues people have started because they don’t know how to raise the Kundalini, I think. Like supposing, if I had to plug this, If I don’t know any plug [UNCLEAR], you see, I know where to do it. But supposing he doesn’t know anything, he’ll go around the whole world and touch something and say that Kundalini awakening is horrid. They have to know it, that’s all.

– I would say, I would say that we are totally Divine, each person – Of course. But we, but the scientists and religion, as such, has always told us about sinners. – That’s all wrong – That’s [UNCLEAR] – Is all wrong. You see, this is how they start telling everybody, “You are sinners.” So that you give lot of money to them so that they can wipe out your sins, sins. To be very frank, it’s all wrong. And even in Christianity I’ve seen that so many things have gone wrong, of course Hinduism has the same problem, everybody thinks they’re sinners and they’re committing sins here and there. But recently there’s a nice discovery about a book uh.. they have written when Thomas, the disciple of Christ was coming to Italy, he passed through Egypt and he wrote beautiful treatise about Christ and he said that, “You don’t have to feel uh..unhappy, don’t have to suffer – Christ has suffered for you, now you don’t suffer. You’re not going to suffer more than He has suffered.” And he’s talked, told about experiences spontaneity and everything he’s talked about.

But as soon as that was published, I think the Christians got fright.., got worried about it. That’s a fact. That’s a fact because this idea of suffering has come from where, I don’t know maybe Mr. Paul or somebody has introduced it, I just don’t know [LAUGHTER] and he, this gentleman also calls it Pauling Christianity because he suffered from Epilepsy so might have. And sometimes it’s just surprising, like if you go to the Sistine Chapel in Rome, you see the, whole thing is nothing but Kundalini and this Last Judgment where the Kundalini rises and Christ residing there at the Agnya chakra. He’s such a hefty, tall gentleman – that’s what He should be but down below on the table there’s one skeleton kept like this, of Christ, you see – I say, with that skeleton could He have carried that horrible cross? So this is how they want to depict that this is wrong and same thing in every religion. I mean, it’s nothing new. Everybody must suffer. Why should you suffer for God? He is God Almighty, He is nothing but love.

No father wants you to suffer – then He’s the Father of all the fathers. All the love you have of a father comes from that source, how can He ask you to suffer? I mean, reasonably you just see the point. No, there’s no need at all. [UNCLEAR N INAUDIBLE] Divine life. – What’s she saying? – [INAUDIBLE] – Hmm. What’s she saying? – Saying, in the Gospel of Thomas – Annh? – There is something in the Gospel of Thomas about light, saying Divine light [UNCLEAR N INAUDIBLE] Yeah, correct.

Yes, Thomas has said that, no doubt, and that’s a very fact that you’re the light and light inside but if you see the light then you’re not the light. If I see this light, that means I’m not that light. So, you don’t have to see the light. Like Paul saw some light so he was not the light himself. And another idea too [UNCLEAR] and she said – [UNCLEAR] – What’s she saying? – [UNCLEAR] – [INAUDIBLE] – Who? Haan. – [INAUDIBLE] [INAUDIBLE] Is correct, you see, what he said is true but we have to get out of the opposites. We have two opposites about which I’ll tell you tomorrow. Now, I went and addressed the uh..Humians in New York and I had not read him before much but I opened the book and saw the one mistake in his understanding about human beings was that he had put uh.. his mind uh.. like the Subconscious, and the Collective Subconscious and then the Subconscious, then the uh..Conscious mind and then the Supra-conscious mind like that – into layers and layers like this, horizontal – that was a mistake.

It lies parallel and the central path is left open to us. After all He’s a Creator and a great organizer. Supposing you have to go to the aeroplane and you’re rushing about, you have to pass through all the luggage, jumping over everything – how will you reach there? He’s a great organizer so it is not horizontal, it is parallel. That’s the only mistake he committed perhaps because he got his realization quite late in life and there was no one to tell him about it but that you don’t have to go to Subconscious – no. I’ll tell you tomorrow where lies the Subconscious and where lies the Collective Subconscious and the Supra-conscious and the Collective Supra-conscious. All right? We have many Humians with us, I must say, in sahaja yoga. Can I ask you, can I ask you this truth that you need to have a master to touch your [UNCLEAR] – [UNCLEAR] – What? – [UNCLEAR] [UNCLEAR] dangerous to do without a master.

– Oh, Tantrik yoga is the worst of all – in any way whether you have a master or no master. – For what reason? For one reason that they don’t know anything about the mechanism. They are money makers, that’s all. It’s all money oriented. – [UNCLEAR] – Tantrik is a money maker? – Annh? – Tantrik, tantrik is a money maker? – Yeah, of course, they are. They – [UNCLEAR] – [UNCLEAR] What’s she saying?

– [UNCLEAR] ancient countries money makers. – I’m not talking about – She’s not talking about – You see, tantra means, I’ll tell you, explain to you, very clearly. Tantra means the mechanism. And the mechanism who knows are not the tantrikas but the people who are yogies. And the tantrikas are just the opposite of it, just opposite. Say, they do something wrong to spoil your passage, what we call the Sushumna and you are under their control because they use all kinds of witchcraft, this , that. These are the tantrikas. They were not tantrikas, they were yogies. No, no, there are two sides of tantriks. You’re talking about the dark side, there’s a, there’s a light side as well.

So far, I’ve not known any, I must say, but the only the yogies they may, they only people who knew the tantra were the yogies or the great masters but none of them, those who call themselves tantrikas came in India this process in the sixth century – they were horrid people, [UNCLEAR – JUST?] horrid. They started in sixth century right from Konark up to uh.., we can say, Panna and all that – you must have seen all these places yourself, if you go to India – horrible thing and they use sex as the way to get realization. How can it be? You see now, the last center is here, the red one, all right, is below the Kundalini and this is the one which looks after your pelvic plexus, which is looking after your all excretion, sex inclusive – sex has nothing to do – at that time you become like a child when the Kundalini is rising. Your innocence comes back. Innocence is never lost in human beings, never lost – it is covered like a cloud but never lost. So, all these tantrikas were using the sex energy or some sort of a nonsensical thing like that. So they started with the sixth century in India and because of the some of the licentious kings we had, it started growing now. – They were all nonsensical – Oh..

I’m sorry but it’s not without [UNCLEAR – Praise?] – But you see, have you, you must see the result. Proof of the pudding is in the eating of it, all right? You should see the result of these tantrikas what they have created. They have created nothing. – because You’re from India so You probably not have known [UNCLEAR] – Oh, they just talk. I haven’t seen anybody doing anything good anywhere. These tantrikas these days are settled in Delhi looking after our politicians teaching them other nonsensical things. – [INAUDIBLE] – They’re not, and you see yogi is not interested in all money making business. -Yes, madam?

– If someone has [UNCLEAR] of asthma, do you concentrate on one certain chakra or – [UNCLEAR] area or do you have [UNCLEAR] – What she’s saying? – I’m sorry, you know, I can’t understand the Australian English, sometimes [LAUGHTER] – I’ll try, after sometimes I’ll get used to, I’ll get used to, I’m sorry. – If you suffer from Asthma [UNCLEAR] do you concentrate on one particular chakra or you have to work on all of them. No, only on two chakras you have to work it out. And only, only two chakras, it works out. On this one, is the Right Vishudhdhi we call it and also the Right, uh..Right heart – only two chakras it works out. Sometimes of course you might have a left Vishudhdhi – but this, it’s not difficult to work it out, Asthma, it’s not difficult. – So, what do you concentrate, on the heart one – No, no, no, no not on the heart, there’s a right heart we call it, right heart – All right – Right heart, right heart and this Vishudhdhi on the right side – it’s mostly right sided thing. It comes from liver, take it from Me. Haan.

Excuse me, Yoga is called union with this universal spirit of God or whatever You call it – where is [UNCLEAR] have this union, where is He? – Yoga is union with the power – the All-Pervading power of, where is it? – It’s everywhere. It’s in a subtle form everywhere, madam, everywhere. – Including me and You? – Beg your pardon. – Including all us? Of course, it is all over. It’s the Holy Ghost, as they call it. Is the power of the Holy Ghost and the reflection of the Holy Ghost is the Kundalini.

And what is the Holy Ghost? It’s a mystery but I’ll tell you what is the Holy Ghost is. See, God Almighty has a son is out of [UNCLEAR] behind you. So the Primordial Mother is the Holy Ghost – we call it Adishakti in Indian language. And the reflection of this Adishakti is the Kundalini. You will understand everything. See in one lecture you cannot understand everything, – No – you see. – I understand all this powerful and He can be experienced everywhere but if He’s in You and me [UNCLEAR] can’t understand [UNCLEAR] You and me. You see, now the connection of this thing is within itself, all right? But it is to be connected, that’s all.

There is electricity in it but it is to be connected. That’s the only part missing. It’s nice we have some things like this to give you analogies [LAUGHTER]. Modern times are very helpful that way, isn’t it? Can I have some water, please? – Yes, madam? – I have a question about nutrition. Is it better to live vegetarian, does meat hurt your system? You see, in sahaja yoga we, we just consider the personality of a person, a kind of a person he is. Of course the meat of the animals which are bigger than us are injurious to the teeth and all that.

But supposing, somebody is a vegetarian and uh.. he is, he needs proteins so he has to take proteins and if somebody needs uh.. less proteins he has to take carbohydrates. So it is more sort of understanding of a personality. Uh.. We, we do not taboo anything like that because it’s a wrong idea that vegetarianam takes you to God, it’s very wrong. In India, you will find that the worse people are vegetarians, horrible people. [LAUGHTER] They’re so cruel, I’ll give you an example, Hitler was a vegetarian, what do you say to that? Strict vegetarian. You see, because you don’t have sufficient muscles to control your anger also sometimes. So it’s not necessary you have to be vegetarian. It has nothing to do with food but with the prakriti, as you call the nature of a person – what sort of a nature you have and what needs nourishment and looking after. If the whole world turns to vegetarians, we don’t have to kill any animals.

No, I mean, what’s the use of having too many animals also, you can’t give them realization, can you? [LAUGHTER] And there are many countries where no vegetable grows, for example, Japanese, specially Greenland people. They said, “What sin have we committed that we have no vegetables here.” So, after all, God must have been fair to everyone. But of course, in Australia people eat too much meat, so if they take to vegetarianism a little bit, is a good idea – just to balance it out, that’s all. [UNCLEAR] You told the story about your grand daughter before [UNCLEAR] story regarding your grand daughter and something funny she said to You, your daughter – What’s it? – [UNCLEAR] about the Elephant god. I mean, we could hear [UNCLEAR] [UNCLEAR] your grand daughter said something to You about the, about Ganesha. I don’t know which one you’re say.. I must have given at least 3000, 4000 lectures in only English language.

So, I don’t know which one you’re saying but if you meet Me I, if you’ll explain to Me, I’ll let you know about it. I’ve been to [UNCLEAR] – About what? – [UNCLEAR] – There was a student [UNCLEAR] – [UNCLEAR] – [INAUDIBLE] and the two of them sat down organizing, it was like a tent for her and she, she would come out. Then she called My daughter. She said, “Mummy come and see my house.” My daughter is very tall, you see. Somehow or the other she managed to get inside. But the when she got inside so My grand daughter was there, she said, “How do you like my house?” She said, “Very nice!” So, she said, “What do you have for me to eat?”

She said, “Mummy, when you go to somebody’s house, you don’t ask such funny questions.” [LAUGHTER] So, My daughter, you see, couldn’t help laughing. She started laughing, the whole [UNCLEAR] house was broken. So she came to Me and she said, “Grandma, You have given no good training to Your daughters.” She was very young, she was hardly four years or so. “You have given no good training to Your daughters, she came and broke all my house and I did so much for this.” But this is just the innocence of a child and said so sweetly. Yeah, you see, the children, you see uh.. children have very strong Muladhara and they’re so innocent and whatever they say innocently, is so wise, so beautiful. Uh.. that you see, there was a book ‘Lady who had An Idea’. She wrote about what children have to say about politics and things and the book was sold overnight.

All the copies were sold out. So, I mean, it’s so sweet to listen to them. The best company is that of children. [INAUDIBLE] – [INAUDIBLE] sahaja yoga [INAUDIBLE] – Sahaja, yes, of course. Of course. Sahaja means spontaneous. Because it’s a living process, it can only happen spontaneous. There’s no need to do all other uh.. acrobats, no need. – INAUDIBLE] – Just to do that – [INAUDIBLE] Annh, you should. You see, it’s all right but the one that is pleasure is all temporary, isn’t it?

You must achieve joy. Pleasure is not permanent, it’s just temporary. You must [UNCLEAR] of joy. Pleasure seeking people, I have seen, become bored very soon. Better achieve your joy. – [INAUDIBLE] – Beg your pardon. – Did You have joy all day long [INAUDIBLE] – [ INAUDIBLE] – You can have joy all day long after doing yoga. – Yeah, of course, you are joy. You become joy. Yes, of course, but not the yoga of this standing on your heads.

[LAUGHTER] While on the contrary, if you do only the physical side of yoga, you might become a very dry person, very dry, because right side attack – I’ll tell you tomorrow and men can get divorce. All kinds of things can happen to people who are right-sided. They can be very hot-tempered. We have certain people who are doing Hatha yoga and you must meet them with the barge poles, very dangerous [INAUDIBLE]. You can’t ask them any questions, you see, they just come on you. Can I ask why the right side, in what side of the brain is supposed to be creativity and left side is supposed to be rational side? – [INAUDIBLE] – What’s she saying? She’s saying the right side of the brain is supposed to be the creativity and the left side of the brain is supposed to be the rationality [INAUDIBLE] That I’ll tell you tomorrow – it’s correct, correct. You have reached the right point, yes, because they cross over, I’ll show you, here you can see, see they cross over The yellow line crosses over the other side and this side but when we say right sided, we mean the yellow ones who suffer from biliousness. They have too much bile in them that’s why we have shown you the yellow one – is the Sun line and the left side is the Moon line.

I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow, all right? But should we have realization, now? Yes, Mother. [INAUDIBLE] – [INAUDIBLE] – Pardon? – [INAUDIBLE] – What he said? – [INAUDIBLE] Christianity. Oh, I’ve, I’ve very [UNCLEAR -CULMINATION?] for Christ. Christ was so great – without Him we can’t work out sahaja yoga. But Christianity [UNCLEAR] better, that’s we cannot – we better watch out yourself, I mean, the way it is, I can’t understand, really.

Can’t say. Whether it is Christianity or any religion, any, say Islam, anything say, it’s all money-making things, just money-making [UNCLEAR -BIT OF A?] social money-making stuffs. The best part of it – you may follow any religion whatsoever – you may be a Hindu, Muslim, Christian, whatever it is, Jew, anyone – anybody can commit any, any sin. Can murder anyone, I mean, no body is bound. The religion is not within – it’s not innate, it’s all outside. But once you are in yoga, it’s built-in – that’s why, all the saints and all the prophets – the real saints and the prophets and the masters, they never did anything that was wrong. That must happen within us – that’s the real transformation. So, no use having any attitude about it – better seek the truth about it. Whatever attitude we have, is a mental projection, that’s all.

Is a whichever way you are made, you see that Christians think they’re the best, Hindus think they’re the best, everybody thinks they’re the best and if you want to locate this, it’s rather difficult to see anything good about it. So, there’s something wrong – it’s all saying for being self-certified. It’s better to know the self, that’s what everybody has said it. Even Mohammad sahab has said it so clearly – on the contrary, I would say, He has said something so clearly that you can feel the cool breeze and that your hands will speak against your will, you witness against , will tell you what’s wrong with you. I mean, there’s so much they’ve said. Not only that but a complete [UNCLEAR] but Muslims have closed that part that they don’t want to hear. So, the artificially given uh..baptism is no great, real thing, it has to be actualized. It has to be actualized, it has to happen. Then we don’t have to go to church – church is within ourselves. So, what do you say now, should we have?

Now, there’s one thing at the very outset, you cannot force it on anyone. Because when you have to achieve ultimate freedom, your freedom has to be respected. So, I cannot force on you. If you want to have your realization really, then only it will work out. So, those who want to have their realization, should be there, otherwise no use, I’ll be wasting My energy on them. So, you have to be decide for it first of all, secondly as I’ve told you before and again I request you that forget the past, forget the past forgive yourself completely and know that you are all capable of becoming very highly Self-realized people – all of you are, so, don’t find faults with you, don’t feel guilty, have confidence. At any age, whatever may be your [UNCLEAR], maybe your [UNCLEAR – NATURE?] – it’s all going to work out. So, have confidence in yourself and not to feel guilty at all. These are the two conditions.

So, the first humble request is that we have to take out the shoes because the Mother Earth is going to help us. – [INAUDIBLE] – Talking, talking. Now, take out your shoes just uh.. and put the feet on the Mother Earth – need not take out the socks, it’s all right. What’s it? – [INAUDIBLE] – What happened? [INAUDIBLE] – [MIXED VOICES] – It’s all right. All right, doesn’t matter, doesn’t matter. It’s all right, doesn’t matter. It’s all right, it’s all right, sit comfortably. You have to be comfortable, it’s all right.

It’s all right, you have to sit comfortably and you have to not to bend too much, not to stretch yourself but comfortably in a straight way. Now, today I want to tell you, also how you can raise you own Kundalini and how we work it out. It’s very simple and we’ll get somebody to tell you that. [UNCLEAR – CAN COME?] It’s very simple, so, first of all we’ll show you – keep your eyes open and then you have to close your eyes because the attention has to go inside. But first he’ll tell you, we’ll tell you how to do. That the, tomorrow you’ll know that the left-side represents our desires so you put your left hand towards Me like this on your lap, need not be like that but could be on your lap itself, and the right hand is to be used for nourishing your own centers. First of all you have to put your hand on your heart. If you have any thing in the pockets better to remove them little bit so that there’s no pressure. In the heart resides the spirit, that’s why we first put our hand to our heart.

We work only on the left side with our right hand – all the time the left hand being towards Me like that. All right. Now, from the heart you move your right hand on the left hand side, in the upper portion of your abdomen, here, the left side, press it hard. Now, this is the center of your mastery, what we call as guru principle – that you become a master. Then, you have to take your right hand in the lower portion of your abdomen, on the left hand side – press it hard. This is the center of pure knowledge. Knowledge doesn’t mean book knowledge or mental knowledge but knowledge that you feel on your Central Nervous System that is uh.. the early Christians used to call it as Gnostics – those who knew it on their Central Nervous system. Even Vedas come from the word vid – means to know on your Central Nervous System. And in the Buddhism they call it a bodha – bodh means also the same thing – you have to know it on your Central Nervous System. So, this is the pure knowledge, center for the pure knowledge.

Then we go back on to the uh.. left hand side of our abdomen, the upper portion, press it hard there, then to the heart again. Then we move our right hand in the corner of your neck and your shoulder. Now, this is the center which is mostly catching because people feel guilty. It’s a very dangerous one, gives you spondylitis or it gives you also angina. Disease of angina comes from the clogging of this center – is called as the Left Vishudhdhi, as we call it. Then, you have to turn your head to your right – do it better because you can push back your hand a little, push your – that’s all. Then you have to take your right hand on top of your forehead across, like this, and put down your head. This is the center where you have to forgive – forgive everyone. Now, it’s easy to say that. Some people think that’s difficult to do it but whether you forgive or you don’t forgive you don’t do anything – it’s a myth.

So but, if you say that, “I forgive everyone,” then you get out of the clutches of wrong people, mentally. Now, take back your hand on the back side of your head and slowly push back your head towards the sky, like this – this is the center where you have to ask for forgiveness from the Divine without feeling guilty – that is the first condition, the foremost condition – is not to count your mistakes, your past and whatever you think you have done wrong. So, without feeling guilty, you have to ask for forgiveness. Then, you have to stretch your hand fully and the center of your palm is to be placed on the fontanel bone area, which was a soft bone in your childhood, here. Now, here it is important to understand, push back your fingers completely, push them back and put a pressure. Now, bend down your head, press it hard and move your scalp slowly, clockwise, seven times. Slowly, push back your fingers. Pressure should be on the scalp movement, not that your hand is moving but the scalp more. That’s all, one has to do. But still I think, you didn’t push back your fingers so next time you’ll remember.

Now, you have to close your eyes. You can take out your spectacles also, it helps eyesight, please. Now, please don’t open your eyes till I tell you, please don’t open, till then. You have to close your eyes, put your feet on the ground, as much as you can touch and put your left hand towards Me.and right hand on your heart. Here, you have to ask Me a question because it’s like a Divine computer that works and when you become the Divine computer, you’ll work the same way. So, you ask a first question to Me – you can call Me, Shri Mataji or you can call Me, Mother – whatever you think it proper. [UNCLEAR – THAT?] “Mother, am I the spirit?” Ask this question in your heart three times. “Mother, am I the spirit?”

Have faith in yourself, have full confidence in yourself. You ask yourself, “Mother, am I the spirit?” Keep your eyes shut, don’t open them. Now, if you are the spirit, you are your master because your spirit is your guide. So now, put down your right hand in the upper portion of your abdomen on the left hand side and press it hard, keeping the left hand towards Me, here you ask another very important question three times, “Mother, am I my own master? Mother, am I my own guru?” – Ask this question three times. As I’ve already told you that I respect your freedom and I cannot force it on you – not even the pure knowledge. So now, you have to ask for pure knowledge. Put down your right hand in the lower portion of your abdomen, press it hard.

And now, you have to say, “Mother, please give Me pure, pure knowledge.” In the glory of your own freedom, you have to ask Me, “Mother, please give me pure knowledge.” This you have to say six times because this center has got six petals, so you have to say it six times. “Mother, please give me pure knowledge.” In Sanskrit called as Shudh Vidya. As soon as you say that, the Kundalini starts rising. So now, we have to nourish the higher centers so that Her movement becomes easier. So now, please raise your right hand in the upper portion of your abdomen, on the left hand side and press it hard. To open this center, with full confidence, you have to say ten times, with full confidence in yourself, “Mother, I am my own master.” Please say it ten times.

“Mother, I am my own master.” Please say it ten times, asserting. This is very good for people who have been to wrong masters. The greatest truth about yourself is that, you are not this body, you are not this mind, you are not this ego, you are not this, these emotions, your thought, your work – you are the spirit. So now, raise your right hand on your heart and now with full confidence say, you have to say twelve times, “Mother, I am the spirit.” Put it on your heart, the right hand and say with full confidence twelve times, “Mother, I am the pure spirit.” Now, one has to understand that Divine power, which is All-pervading, is the power that is the ocean of bliss and knowledge, is the ocean of joy but above all it is the ocean of forgiveness. and you cannot do anything that it cannot forgive. Whatever you may have done, please rely on the power of that ocean of forgiveness and forgive yourself. So, please raise your right hand in the corner of your neck and your shoulder and turn your right, turn your head towards right – as much as you can, push back your hand.

At this centers, one has to say with full confidence, with full confidence,”Mother, I am not guilty at all, ” sixteen times. “Mother, I am not guilty at all, ” sixteen times. Now, as I told you, that some people say, it’s very difficult to forgive others but whether you forgive or you don’t forgive, it’s a myth. But if you don’t forgive, then you play into wrong hands. So, have confidence in yourself and now, raise your right hand on your forehead across and bend your head. At this point, you have to say, without counting people, without thinking about them, just say, “Mother, I forgive everyone.” You say it from your heart, not how many times but say it from your heart, which is very important. Now, take back your right hand on to the back side of your head, where the optic lobe is and now push your head upward, as much as you can, resting on that hand. Here again, without feeling guilty, without counting what mistakes you have committed for your own satisfaction, you have to say from your heart, not how many times, “Oh Divine, please forgive, forgive me if I have done any mistakes.” Say it from your heart.

Now, stretch your hand fully and put the center of your palm on the fontanel bone area, which was a soft bone in your childhood. Press it hard. Now, really push back your fingers, as much as you can, to put a pressure on that area and now bend your head. Please move your hand seven times in a clockwise manner. But here again, I cannot get over your freedom, in the sense that I cannot insult your freedom. I respect you, so I would say that, you have to ask for your Self-realization. So, you have to say seven times, “Mother, please give me Self-realization.” I cannot force it on you. Seven times. [SHRI MATAJI BLOWS IN TO THE MICROPHONE] [SHRI MATAJI BLOWS IN TO THE MICROPHONE] [SHRI MATAJI BLOWS IN TO THE MICROPHONE] [SHRI MATAJI BLOWS IN TO THE MICROPHONE] [SHRI MATAJI BLOWS IN TO THE MICROPHONE] [SHRI MATAJI BLOWS IN TO THE MICROPHONE] [SHRI MATAJI BLOWS IN TO THE MICROPHONE] [SHRI MATAJI BLOWS IN TO THE MICROPHONE] Now please, take down your hands, both the hands and slowly open your eyes, slowly open your eyes.

Slowly. Now, put both the hands towards Me, like this. Now, put the right hand towards Me, little higher like that – right hand and now, put down your head and with your left hand you see here in the fontanel bone area, if there’s a cool breeze coming? Now, don’t doubt it – there’s no air conditioning or anything working it out that thing. From inside you’ll feel the cool breeze coming in. Bend your head. Now, don’t doubt because then you go in the lower level of thought. Just see for yourself, if there’s a cool breeze coming out of your fontanel bone area. Now, please put the left hand towards Me, like this higher and now, again bend your head and see for yourself with the right hand, if there’s a cool breeze coming out of your fontanel bone area. Sometimes there could be little heat also, doesn’t matter, it will disappear.

If there’s heat in the body, it has to come out. Once again, put left hand towards Me – right hand again, towards Me. Once again, put right hand towards Me and see with your left hand bending your head, if there’s a cool breeze coming out of your fontanel bone area. Good! Now, please put your both the hands up like this and push back your head, push back as much as you can, and now you can ask a question, “Mother, is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost? Mother, is this the cool breeze of the All-Pervading Divine power?” You ask this question three times, just ask this question, “Is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost?” – three times, please. Now, Now, take down your hands, please take down your hands. You feel very relaxed, very relaxed and [UNCLEAR] Now see, if you’re feeling the cool breeze in your hand?

Now, those people who have felt the cool breeze in their hand or the cool breeze out of your fontanel bone area, please, raise both your hands. Ah, just imagine! You’re all saints now, so I better say I’ll bow to you. May God bless you! It’s beautiful, started with so many. Some did not feel, doesn’t matter. We’ll have it tomorrow – you’re all going to feel it. So nice, but now don’t think about it. When you come down, don’t think about it – just be silent. Sleep well tonight.

Tomorrow again we’ll work it out and fix it up. May God bless you! May god bless you! May God bless you! We have a very nice center here and I’m sure we want our progress very well here. May God bless you! Thank you very much. It’s not well, so many, really! We, we ‘ll have to work it out tomorrow morning also. Could shake hands with Me if you want to.

They want to shake hands with Me, come along. -[UNCLEAR] – Annh? -[UNCLEAR] – Annh? Come on this side, this side is better, I can hear you. [UNCLEAR] – Can’t you come to the ashram? – [UNCLEAR] -Looks better. Hmm – At least, if they want, they can shake hands with Me, I would say good-bye to them. – There may be some problem [UNCLEAR] – Annh? – There may be some problem [UNCLEAR] if they come to shake hands No, it’s… [SHRI MATAJI LAUGHS] – Tomorrow evening – He’s saying, if they come and shake hands they’ll give You some problems. Shri Mataji will be [UNCLEAR] in full manner.

– [UNCLEAR] will be here 8:30 [UNCLEAR] – I could sit in front – [UNCLEAR] Thank you. [UNCLEAR] I would like to shake hands with each one. [SHRI MATAJI SHAKES HANDS] Come, good. Haan, that’s My Who? Haan, you. Are you good, are you all right? -[UNCLEAR] – Yes, I do, how are you? – [UNCLEAR] I know but now you [INAUDIBLE] Now, just say, just say, I forgive everyone. Just say, I forgive everyone. Must come again.

Come back again soon. Thank you for getting it. Hope to see you all tomorrow – bring all your friends also. This is the best thing they could have. Now, that’s [UNCLEAR] Can you see Me, can you see Me? Hello! Where are we having our program tomorrow? Annh, how are you, better now? Kya haal hai iska? Theek hai, theek hai?

Kya naam hai aapka? What are you afraid of? You are the [UNCLEAR] All right? Haan, better?