Interview With Greek Journalist And Talk With Sahaja Yogis Greg and Cheryl Bradshaw's house, Melbourne (Australia)


I’ve heard that You’ve been [UNCLEAR] in some of very great [UNCLEAR] and myself I was born in – [UNCLEAR – LIFEBERG?]

island in the Indian Sea and have heard that You’ve been to Greece. – Oh, Greece tremendous! Tremendous people – Greeks. You see, they’re very traditional; They’re very traditional people and they understand this, you see, and you had such great philosophers like Socrates, so, I mean, is all in-built within them absolutely and they’re very subtle people also. […]

Airport Arrival and Talk to Sahaja Yogis Melbourne Airport, Melbourne (Australia)

Informal Talk to Sahaja Yogis. Melbourne (Australia), 4 March 1990.
Very happy to be back here in Melbourne, after such a long gap, and everybody’s grown up so much; nice to see you all so healthy, beautiful and joyous. Of course I feel sad about the ashram that we have lost, that we should not have lost the ashram. But whatever has happened you can’t help it; but it’s important for Sahaja Yoga that we have to live together. […]