Interview With Greek Journalist And Talk With Sahaja Yogis Greg and Cheryl Bradshaw's house, Melbourne (Australia)


[UNCLEAR] what work is this?

[INAUDIBLE] – Really, very good one! I’ve heard that You’ve been [UNCLEAR] in some of [UNCLEAR] design myself. I was born in [UNCLEAR] island in the Indian Sea and have heard that You’ve been to Greece. Oh! Greece is tremendous. Tremendous people, Greece! You see, they’re very traditional, they’re very traditional people and they understand this, you see. And we had such great philosophers like Socrates, so, I mean, is all in-built within them, […]

Airport Arrival and Talk to Sahaja Yogis Melbourne Airport, Melbourne (Australia)

Informal Talk to Sahaja Yogis. Melbourne (Australia), 4 March 1990.
Very happy to be back here in Melbourne, after such a long gap, and everybody’s grown up so much; nice to see you all so healthy, beautiful and joyous. Of course I feel sad about the ashram that we have lost, that we should not have lost the ashram. But whatever has happened you can’t help it; but it’s important for Sahaja Yoga that we have to live together. […]