What have we to achieve by leading this human life?

Camberwell Civic Centre, Melbourne (Australia)

1990-03-06 What have we to achieve by leading this human life? Melbourne, Australia, 182'
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Public Program Day 1, 06.03.1990, Camberwell Civic Centre, Melbourne, Australia.

[“Nirmal Sangeet Sarita” music group sings devotional songs before Shri Mataji comes to the program. When Shri Mataji arrives, She asks the music group to sing song titled “Namostute” and the group performs the same along with Australian Sahaja yogis. After the song the audience claps in praise.

Shri Mataji gets up from Her chair, stands near the mike and starts Her Speech.]

I bow to all the seekers of truth. (Shri Mataji joins both Her hands near Her heart and bows Her head little down)  So far, we have been seeking, so many other things. Some felt that by seeking money, we’ll achieve the ultimate joy and the freedom. And some felt that if you have the power, then, you will be the Lord of this universe. Some felt that if I could be just concerned about my limited family, about my children, it would be the most joyous thing. Ultimately we discover, that all these are nothing but mental or emotional projections, which are linear in its movement.

Also we tried to find out about science, about music, about art. But anyone of them on one side of our mental or emotional projection make us absolutely one sided or we can say they put us into imbalances. And we can see the effects of that in modern times that people are having problems which we feel have no solutions for it and sort of, we are sometimes on the verge of shocks. As a result of that, people have taken to things which are very absurd and destructive, that has added to the problems that we have already.

So let us find out the truth about ourselves. Why are we here on this earth and what have we to achieve by leading this human life and there, when we start asking this question, we look back at all the great prophets and incarnations and try to understand why is it they never had these problems as we have, except that others tortured them and troubled them, killed them, poisoned them. They themselves were at peace with themselves and always thought of the benevolence of others and also of the whole collective.

This kind of personalities we have seen in every country. It’s not only in a particular country but everywhere we have seen there have been such great people. What was the basis, what was their specialty, why were they higher than us? How could they see a greater vision, for that, I say, we have to seek the truth. And the truth is within ourselves. The truth is, within us lies the spirit which is reflected in our heart and that we have to bring that spirit into our attention.

And the another truth is that, all the living work, all the beautiful work of creation, and also of our evolution, everything is done by a power which is called by different names like in Quran they call it ‘Rooh’, in Bible we call it ‘all pervading power of God’. In Sanskrit language it is called as ‘Brahma Chaitanya’. In every scripture, it is described as a subtle energy which looks after us, which works out all that is living, which does everything that is important for us, everything that is vital. This energy exists.

Now when I say all these things to you, you need not take it up as the truth itself. But like scientist you must keep your mind open. And whatever I’m saying should be treated as if there is a proposition before you put like a hypothesis that a scientist put. Now it is proved, if it is proved, that you can feel this all pervading power of God’s love on your fingertips, on your central nervous , then you have to accept it as honest people and if it exists what can it do to us. What is the promise and what do we get out of it.

The first thing that happens to us , when this , self realization takes place through the awakening of our residual power which we call as Kundalini from the triangular bone of sacrum that it passes through six subtle centers which look after all our plexuses, all our  ductless  glands, emotions everything. And the first outcome of this is that physically you feel alright.

I must tell you, that the other day in Perth, we cured two patients of AIDS, very surprising. (The audience claps) In Australia only, we have cured about three persons of Aids. Out of them one is still surviving and two of them had no will power to overcome their habit. I think this habit is the strongest because they get over all other habits like alcoholism, like drug addiction. They get over. I don’t know why they couldn’t get over this habit and that’s how, one of them died and one of them is in a mess. They just can’t get over it.  I hope so and pray that the ones we have cured, they are husband and wife, who look so beautiful, would survive. I’ve told them you have to just keep your will power afloat.

So when this Kundalini rises, she is the residual power placed in the sacrum bone. The sacrum is the word in Greek language means sacred and also in Latin means sacred. That means the Greeks knew about it that it’s a sacred bone. And pierces through the six subtle centers, ultimately piercing through the fontanalle bone area which is a soft bone in our head. Thus actualizing the experience of Baptism. Like this instrument has to be connected to the mains; the human instrument has to be connected to the mains and once it is connected to the mains, it just starts working.

First of all you start getting this power which is the power which comforts us, cures us, the power that counsels us because you reach the point of absolute truth like as you are looking at me, you can say that I am standing here before you, with your eyes. In the same way, you can feel the all pervading power on your finger tips and you can decode it and can find out what’s wrong with you and what’s wrong with others.

Secondly it gives you a mental balance. Many people who have been suffering from mental troubles have been cured with Sahaja yoga. It’s nothing to do with me as such, it is your own. It just works out. It’s a living process of the living energy of evolution and this is the last jumping or we can say the breakthrough and there you are into that new realm which we call as the realm of divinity. Once you become a divine personality, you start developing another   consciousness and another dimension in your awareness. Is a expansion of your awareness comes through, by which you become “Collectively Conscious” which is described by Hyun very clearly. That means you can feel another person on your finger tips and you can feel yourself on your finger tips. That’s how nobody is the other, you become collectively conscious.

Now you’ll be amazed these people are Australians here, who are singing these songs. It’s very difficult, comes from Sanskrit language and little bit from Marathi also which is another more difficult than Sanskrit in a way. And how clearly they are pronouncing. You’ll be amazed that when we had English ruling us in India, to teach them one sentence, it used to take one year and that too when they pronounced nobody understood.

I remember we were sitting in a, in the church when one master was giving lecture, or a sermon in Marathi language and my Grand Ma was sitting next to me and she asked me what language is he using and this gentleman had gone into a thorough education of Marathi language, had passed many examination and this was his situation.

But today I find Australians, so beautifully singing, even Sanskrit songs they sing so well. So what’s happened to them is that they have now become people of universal nature and they can pick up any song. I have seen Indians singing English songs or say Italian songs, Spanish songs; all kinds of things they have picked up so fast in such a small little growth. Some of them are only year old in Sahaja yoga. You can’t imagine how their tongues become so subtle that they can pronounce all kinds of tongue twisters. And they are very peaceful people, very peaceful within themselves. Peace is your own, it is within you, which starts manifesting once you become a self realized person and you become a very satisfied person, the whole countenance, the temperament, everything changes. The face shines and the eyes glitter. It’s something of a very unique nature that you become, but YOU ARE, you are the glory and it has to happen to you.

Apart from this, so many things happened. I have seen that there are people who are, who came to me and said my children are hopelessly bad. They can’t do well in the colleges, in schools and things and they are standing first. It’s very surprising. Now in England there is such a big rate of unemployment but there is very hard to find an unemployed Sahaja yogi in England. Is very surprising. They all just get employment. They get so dynamic, very dynamic. We have known people who had never painted, who had never known what is art. In Australia they have become great artists. In Australia they have a big name as artists. So all these things are within us, not yet fully enlightened. Partly we are using it and that is the reason we think that we cannot do anything better. But if I say these things are there and so many others within us, why not we do it.

Of course you can’t pay for all these things. This is another mistake that we think we can pay for God. God doesn’t understand money. He never knew what was money. It’s only a human creation. You can’t pay for God. You can’t, you can pay for this hall. But you can’t pay for your realization which is a living force like the Mother Earth sprouts the seed. But you can’t pay the Mother Earth. She doesn’t understand money. You don’t have to stand on your heads to sprout the seed, it just works. In the same way it is all within you and the time has come which I call as the “Blossom Time” and so many people have to get their realization.

Today I think I’ll make a short speech so that you can ask me some questions and then we’ll have the session of realization. But at the same time, what I have to tell you is this, that I’ve not come here to gather votes for elections. I’m not here to get anything out of you. I’m here to just give you your own properties, your own beings being opened out. And I hope you’ll ask all relevant questions and not something aggressive, that would be better to understand this subject. In this short speech I can’t tell you many things but there are at least three to four thousands lectures of mine only in English language which you can hear later on. I hope today most of you get your self-realization. May God Bless you all.

(Everyone claps)

So this is for the emancipation of the whole world and humanity and without this transformation world cannot change. So please ask me questions.

Shri Mataji sits back in Her chair.

Shri Mataji: He is asking some question. Just listen to him.

Question by a seeker : (not clearly audible) You said that we are going through an age of trouble on and on, this is the great age of Kali, now I believe that the first world war and second world war were indicative of this.

Shri Mataji asks Sahaja yogi standing next to HER: Is he an Indian? What’s he saying?

Sahaja yogi says: He’s saying is the First World War and the Second World War, the proof of the time that we are living in the age of Kali, the age of destruction?

Shri Mataji laughs and replies: Ya

Shri Mataji drinks some water and answers the question asked by seeker: Aa, this is the age of Kali as you said, but is not. Now this is the age of Kalki. And the age of Kalki is that, it constructs, it judges you. We can say in the biblical sense, it is the age of judgement and resurrection as described in the Quran also as Kiyama. At the same time, it destroys the evil forces which are torturing the saints and the ascending people. So, it’s a very secured age, I should say. Those who are seeking the truth, of course have been mislaid you can see clearly they have been mislaid,

(Shri Mataji point to the mike and says “This is to be, this is to be fixed a little, this side, no this side, this side, towards me, no no. A Sahaja yogi fixes the mike. Shri Mataji says it’s good alright, alright and continues answering to the seeker)

So this is the special type of timing where both the forces are acting what you can call as centripetal and centrifugal force. So by one force you are attracted towards reality and by another force you are thrown out with the tangent. So both forces are acting on a very subtle level.

Shri Mataji looks at audience and asks them to ask questions…Amusing

Another female seeker asks a question: (not audible)

A Sahajayogi repeats her question loudly: How can one recognize truth?

Shri Mataji answers: Alright, aah, truth can be only recognized after you have got self realization. Like supposing there’s darkness and somebody is holding on to a snake and you tell the fellow that it is a snake in your hand and in his obstinacy he would say, No, it’s not, it’s a rope. Can’t convince. Either the snake has to bite or he still thinks that it’s the rope. The another way is to put the lights on. So when you are enlightened, you start feeling this cool breeze of the Holy Ghost, we can call it as the cool breeze of the all pervading power. And on that you can feel it. Supposing somebody is false, immediately you start feeling a little heat from that person or if he’s very bad, you might even little bit feel like a blistering heat and if he’s a real person, you do get from that person lots of cool breeze towards yourself. Even children can decide now. But this new dimension has to come when you become the absolute truth. Without that it’s all relative. We live in a very relative world, absolutely.

Third question by another seeker, which is again repeated by Sahaja yogi: How do you know that you have got self realization?

Shri Mataji answers:  It’s when you have got self realization, the first thing you feel is as I told you the all pervading power as cool breeze. But you must use it. Now supposing I’ve come to Australia, and I didn’t  know about  Australian dollars  so I should spend them, then I’ll know the value of it. So once you get your realization, you must use it and see for yourself that you can give realizations to others. You can raise the Kundalini of others. You can do all these things. And you are amazed at yourself. Once I was travelling by ship, and the captain of the ship told me that somebody has got Pneumonia and he has to send SOS. I said should I go down and look after him. But this captain I had given him realization. I said captain you can do something about it. He said how can I? I said You can, you just try, you just go and put your hand on her lungs and just close your eyes, it will work out. And he was amazed. He cured him. He said how could I cure? I said you did, isn’t it? Now believe into it. So then you understand that you have these powers, when you start working them out. Just by saying I’m born again, you don’t become. You have to have the powers. We should not mislead ourselves because that’s not for our benevolence.

Shri Mataji looks at audience and says

“Its quiet good, I think the music has done the job already. SHE laughs and says “they are all thoughtlessly aware” (Shri Mataji laughs) I mean that you’ve appreciated this music is very surprising to me also.

Alright, should we have now the session for?

Yes please

One more seeker asks question : (not clearly audible) Since will power is very important and since I realize that I haven’t got it, have decided to have  it, then I have difficulty initially to get that will power because I don’t have some other means of obtaining. So I tell myself, I am willing to have will power, but I don’t have will power itself to achieve it. How do I get it?

Shri Mataji and audience laugh and Shri Mataji answers him:  As far as self realization is concerned, you don’t have to have will power, need not have emotional things nothing, only thing you should DESIRE that I want to have it, that’s more than sufficient. Because this power of Kundalini is the power of pure desire and she is your mother. She is your individual mother and she’s got everything recorded with her, about you and she knows how to do it herself. You don’t have to bother. You don’t have to judge yourself. You don’t have to say that I’m this, I’m that or to feel inferior in any way. It is SHE who’ll decide for you and SHE’ll work it out. I am saying will power only for people of AIDS who are cured through SAHAJAYOGA. That’s very farfetched. That means they have to take to the practice of Sahaja yoga little intensively after getting cured, then they’ll be alright.

Tomorrow I’ll be able to tell you how these diseases are caused. Then you’ll understand how we can keep alright once we are in the centre. Tomorrow we’ll get the map and everything and show you properly how things go wrong with us. Then you’ll understand how we can keep ourselves in perfect health and perfect mental balance and into a very virtuous, righteous, dynamic, compassionate temperament.

Another question asked by a seeker and repeated by Sahaja yogi:

Is it dangerous to awake Kundalini?

Shri Mataji says Ya, ya, is a common thing, people are always worried about, It is not at all dangerous. You see this is something just to frighten people from going to reality. Also those who have no authority from the divine, try tricks just to make money. Like if I put   my finger into some plug, naturally it’s going to burn, if I don’t know anything about it. But the one, who knows, can work it out. So people who are not at all authorized, are all over to make money. Here they’ll say it’s very dangerous but we’ll work it out. And some will say it’s very dangerous, just don’t get it done. Now we have been working for about eighteen years or nineteen years and also Sahaja yoga now is working in forty countries, especially in Russia and nobody has felt anything bad about it. Everybody has improved. HOW CAN IT BE? In your evolutionary process, you have to be a better person, a higher person and a powerful person. Isn’t it? Otherwise why should we seek it? But this is just to desist people.

All kinds of funny ideas there are, like saying you are a sinner, and so you feel all the time inferior, I’m a sinner. Then you must pay for your sins. God does not know a word about banking or money, really. How can you pay for your sins or anything? I mean this is an idea put into everybody’s head that you are a sinner, which is absolutely wrong. Thomas has written a very nice treaties which he’s put it in Egypt on his way to India where he’s clearly said it you don’t have to suffer, Christ has suffered for you. And you are not a sinner. God loves you, HE is your Father, HE is waiting in the Kingdom of God for HIS children to come. After all HE’s Father of all the fathers. Is not only in one religion, in every religion they say so, that you are sinners. If somebody dies, you must give something to the temple or to the church. I mean how is it going to reach there. No one knows. We have been carried away by all such things because they are said with such authority. God has not created you people, brought it to human level to suffer, not at all. So at the very outset the condition for your ascent is to know that you are not guilty at all. After all you are human beings and only human beings can commit mistakes. God cannot commit mistakes, so what? But God has created this ocean of forgiveness and it has power to forgive everything, so what is there to all the time feel guilty about something. I mean if you are guilty, you would have been in jail not here, simple thing as that. (Shri Mataji laughs)

The second condition is that you must forgive everyone. Forgive everyone. Because whether you forgive or don’t forgive it’s a myth. You don’t do anything. But if you don’t forgive then you play into wrong hands. These are the only two conditions we have.

All right, now should we have the session for realization and now have self confidence, that’s one thing which is being damned by so many things that you are wrong, you have done this wrong, that, morning till evening in English language you go on saying Sorry, sorry, sorry. There’s nothing to be sorry about, I tell you. There’s thank God in Indian language there’s no word like that. (Audience laughs) Shri Mataji drinks water.

Another seeker asks a question: How long does it take?

Shri Mataji replies: Haan, this is a very sweet question. It was asked one a very great saint called Ramadasa and the word he used is TATKSHAN means that moment. That moment it happens. But, it is important that you should have the proper person to enlighten like one enlightened light can enlighten another candle but the candle also should be ready. I don’t think that’s a problem here. So far I have seen it works out very fast hardly ten minutes. But then you have to establish yourself. The sprouting takes place but then you have to establish yourself. Alright.

Another seeker asks a question which is not clearly audible so Sahaja yogi standing near Shri Mataji repeats his question: He’s saying are you from a tradition of religious background or did you have some unique experience which has caused you to produce a new tradition?

Shri Mataji replies: This is all absolutely traditional but is not a dead tradition. It’s like the tree of spirituality which had very few flowers. Now the tree has evolved and there are many flowers, so it is not hanging in the air or something new but supposing you see a flower on the tree, it’s a new thing you feel, but it’s built in. Is all built in, coming through all the traditions of world. Everyone has said that you must seek yourself, everyone has said. There’s no scripture that has not said so. That’s what it is, but how to achieve it, is rarely described and one step forward is that you can achieve it amass. That’s what is we can say the evolution in this spiritual method has reached. All of them were born on the Tree of Life. All of them, one, at different times. But people plucked the flowers and said that this is my flower, this is my flower and are fighting with the dead flowers. Lao Tse said the same thing, if you say, start from Confucius to Lao-Tse to this side you  go to the other side of it Christ has said the same thing. I mean endless people. Mohammad said the same thing, Abraham said the same thing, then Rama, Krishna all of them have said the same thing. All the saints, the real saints of the world have said the same thing. Because they knew that people are still not at that level. Like Kabira has said, how can I explain they are all blind? There’s a gap in the awareness and everybody has said that you must cross this. But how? That problem is solved in modern times and was to be solved. Is already predicted thousands of years back. Is a special time as I call it a Blossom Time.

Another question by a seeker: Is that Blossom Time now?

Shri Mataji says, yes, yes, yes. Yes, this is The Time absolutely. There are so many seekers today here. And there are thousands and thousands all over the world. They are mislaid, I agree but doesn’t matter. As long as you are a seeker, you have every right to get it. Every right. Whatever you might have done doesn’t matter. Forget the past.

A lady asks a question “Have you attained consciousness?

Shri Mataji says,” Again, again. (Shri Mataji asks the Sahaja yogi to go to the other side and listen to the question of seeker.) If you can say it here, here, there’s a lady here.”

The lady repeats her question,” Have you attained your consciousness before you came down to the earth? You are truly enlightened being as Budha as Mahavira, as Lao Tse because I heard ….(not clearly audible )   But is this the same like you are master ?

Shri Mataji replies: I don’t want to categorize myself. It’s better to be what I am.(some people laugh in audience) You see if you say something, people feel challenged like Christ said which was the greatest truth that he was the son of God. No doubt, we can prove it now after Sahaja Yoga. He was, but they crucified him. So, I‘m rather tactful. I have known all that. (Audience laughs aloud)

You better get your self-realization and find out about me. (Everyone laughs) Alright. I must tell you, one has to be very clever in these modern times. And I have to do the job. I want to do it.

Another lady asks a question: In the Bhagwat Geeta Krishna says I am the Supreme. In the Bible, Christ says I am the Lord too. Who’s my father? Krishna or Christ or both?

Shri Mataji answers: You’ll know about them everything later on Madam, Alright. They are all related to each other. He has also said those who are not against me are with me. Who are those? If we have blinkers, we cannot see. Christ is already described in the ‘Devi Mahatmaya’ very clearly, absolutely clearly, who he was, whose son he was, who was his father, who was his mother.

The mother is completely cancelled by the Paul in Christianity, I would say. But when you say the father, the god, the son, the god, what about the mother part, that’s a dove. I mean just imagine (audience laughs), how can you accept logically? Just to cancel women like that. But this, whatever religions are not organized like this, they say that women is the power, She is the Shakti. And the whole thing was created by the primordial mother like see Greeks call it Athena. ‘Ath’ means the primordial, Athena – primordial Mother, and a mother can only do such a job, I tell you. Men have no patience. (Shri Mataji and audience laughs) So this kind of a thing they have put into our heads that there’s nothing like a woman in spirituality. I mean I am a woman alright and I’m proud of it. Like the mother earth has to bear everything. She’s the only one who can bear it. The SUN can give light, alright, but it can’t bear anything. It cannot nourish the way the mother does it. Is a very important role. To cancel women is something I can’t understand because they are the ones who are for the upbringing of the children. You’ll hear a lot of about it, when you listen to my tapes because there are many tapes on this subject. Is absurd, I can’t understand this kind of thing. At the time when Christ was crucified what did he say?  “Behold The Mother”  Despite all kinds of cancellations there are some truths still left in, in the Holy Bible. And one of them is ‘Behold the Mother’. He didn’t say ‘Behold The Father’. Why didn’t he say that?  And my father, who was a great realized soul and a great scholar he told me that even Martin Luther felt that it would not be opportune to talk about the Mother because the primordial mother, because the Muslims may not accept that kind of a thing but he said, he must have felt that it will be one day exposed so it’s better not to talk about it just for the time being to get the Muslims more towards the Christianity.

I know you have a big problem of ordination and all that going on here.(Shri Mataji laughs) That’s why then you have these liberation of women as a reaction, this that .Is all a unnatural, very unnatural. They’re all complimentary to each other.

A seeker asks another question: May I ask a second question. If self realization is teachable that we can pass from teacher to student

Shri Mataji says: Of course

He continues his question, then how to avoid the problem of   digress because you are apparently told by someone else and that someone by another one and finally comes down to one particular person. I see a problem here that we have to stop somewhere and have one person who is enlightened by his or her own and from then on.

Shri Mataji says: Actually the process is of developing the collectivity. Like this whole body is, you see. So the cells of the body get enlightened and they become part and parcel of one being, one living organism, which is called Almighty. So there is no question of fragmentation. If you go out of it, you are out of this circulation. Like if you cut the nail of a finger, then it’s out of circulation. But those are, all awakened in the body, are active, are aware and are absolutely in rapport with each other. So it cannot go down. You see the binding force is the pure love between them. Till you are on the tree you are with the tree, you are in the tree and you are looked after by the sap of the tree. But if you are out of the tree you are finished. It’s a living process again if I tell you. There’s a difference between other organizations. You see people can club with anything I mean they can club with how you use folk and spoon also, but so artificial. This is a living process and this living process creates that awareness within us by which you become collectively conscious, is nothing artificial. It’s just innate within us that happens to us.

There’s a very sweet story about a poet in Maharashtra. He was a tailor, tailor and a great poet and a great saint. And he went to see another one who was a potter, had never met before. He saw the potter was kneading the clay and all that. He looked at him and just enamored and he says “Oh I came to see the formless but here it is in the form” Look at the appreciation of another personality. See the deep appreciation, the subtle appreciation. When we say even thank you, there’s no innate feeling of oneness, it’s so built in within us when it starts working you’ll be amazed and example of that I’ll give you that the people from Germany, Sahaja yogis from Germany, Germans, went to Russia to give realizations to Russians. I mean this was so touching, twenty five of them, rushed. I never asked them, just on their own, spontaneously. We are that. We have never used the power of love so far, always of hatred and artificial fragmentations. We are all part and parcel of the whole, only we have to be aware of it, that’s all. So even somebody gives realization to somebody else, he becomes aware of his, being the part and parcel of the whole. Alright. Are you alright now? One should know it’s a living process. One should pin down your questions to thing this is a living process that works out, then questions will subside. Alright, so let’s have now the self realization.

Now again the same two conditions, one is to feel absolutely confident that all of you are capable of getting your self-realization. No guilt, no diffidence. You have to forgive yourself and forget the past, completely, at this moment, at the present moment.

And the second one is that you have to forgive everyone, not to think whom you have to forgive, for what you have to forgive, just you have to feel that  I have forgiven everyone, finished, done. That’s all.

These are the two conditions. Before starting I would say, we better take out our shoes because the Mother Earth helps us, though we are so much far away from us, but still she’ll help us.

(Shri Mataji removes Her shoes.)

So we have to be pleasantly placed towards ourselves. We are going to enter into the kingdom of God. Alright. Now he will show you how we are going to nourish our centers because simultaneously the Kundalini will also rise and you’ll know it for also you can do it at home also, same thing. Just because though the Kundalini might pierce through but still if you have some problem somewhere it goes back and how to bring it back and we have a very good centre here, very good centre and we have people who are very capable, who are very good. They’ll all help you. Only thing you have to give some time, no money, no efforts, only some time. Every week if you could come will be a nice idea.

It has stopped (Shri Mataji checks her mike) it’s alright

Shri Mataji asks the audience,”You can hear me on this one?”

The audience replies in yes and Shri Mataji says, “Ya its quiet clear”

Shri Mataji says, “He doesn’t need.”

Shri Mataji removes Her spectacles.

So first we’ll show you the centers that we are going to touch and then we’ll close our eyes for the ascent of the Kundalini. Tomorrow I’m going to explain to you more, what is the left side what is the right side, but today just listen to me.

The left hand you have to put it like this symbolizing that you want your self realization. (Shri Mataji opens HER left palm and shows) Left hand, because this represents the power of desire. Not the pure desire but desire and the right hand represent the power of action (Shri Mataji shows her right Palm)

So now we have to put both our feet little apart, those who are sitting on the ground are all right. There’s nothing to worry, but those who are not, can put them apart and left hand towards me.

Shri Mataji holds the mike and says,” it’s gradually falling down.” Left hand towards me and the right hand, you have to put on the centers on the left side only. (Baba Mama comes and fixes the mike) Shri Mataji says thank you to him.

Now first we’ll have to put our right hand, left hand all the time like this towards me. (Shri Mataji shows Her left palm openly placed) You keep your eyes open and see for yourself, on your heart (Shri Mataji keeps Her right hand on Her heart on left side of Her body) And in the heart resides the spirit as I told you and the seat of the spirit is on the fontanelle bone area (Shri Mataji touches top of Her head with Her right hand’s fingers and shows fontanelle bone area. After that Shri Mataji brings down Her right hand and places again on left side of heart and continues Her speech.) But here is the reflection.

Then we take down our right hand in the upper portion of our abdomen (Shri Mataji brings Her right hand down from heart position and keeps it on upper portion of Her abdomen on left side of Her body and says) which is the centre of your mastery, which is created by the great masters, which is to be awakened. Then we take down our right hand in the lower portion of our abdomen. (Shri Mataji takes Her right hand down from upper portion of abdomen to the lower portion of abdomen on the left hand side of Her body.) Now, this is the centre which works out the pure knowledge. That doesn’t mean Pure Knowledge doesn’t mean what you understand through your brains but the knowledge that you get on your central nervous system as we can find out something is hot or cold. In the same way in evolutionary process whatever we get, we can feel it on your central nervous system, which is described by the early Christians as Gn, Gnostics. They were called as Gnostics. The word Gna comes from the Sanskrit word Gna meaning ‘to know.’ Know doesn’t mean through your brains. Also in the Buddhist tradition is called as Bodha. In the Indian tradition is called as the Vidd. Vidd means from where the word Vedas have come. So to know on your central nervous system.

Now you raise your right hand in the upper portion of your abdomen again on left hand side, then on to your heart. (Shri Mataji brings Her right hand up from lower portion of abdomen to the upper portion of abdomen and then on heart on left side of Her body) Now you take your right hand in the corner of your neck and your shoulder and turn round your head. (Now from the heart position, Shri Mataji keeps Her right hand on left hand side corner of neck and shoulder and turns Her neck towards right side) This is the centre always caught very badly, when you feel guilty, you think you’ve done some mistakes, you’ve done something wrong, but is a very dangerous one because once it is caught, you get into problems like Spondylitis or Angina and all kinds of  problems of lethargic heart.

Then you have to take your right hand on top of your forehead across (Shri Mataji places Her right hand on Her forehead) and please put down your head. (Shri Mataji bends Her head down)  Now this is the centre where you have to forgive others. Now you have to take back you right hand on the back side of your head and push back your head fully on that.(Shri Mataji takes Her right hand from forehead to back side of Her head and pushes back Her head on right hand.) Here is the centre where for your own satisfaction, you have to ask for forgiveness from the divine power. But not to count your mistakes or to feel guilty but just for your satisfaction to ask. Now, then you have to stretch your hand (Shri Mataji shows Her right hand to audience, stretches it fully) fully and the stretched palm, the centre of the palm is to be put on the fontanelle bone area (now Shri Mataji keeps the centre of Her stretched right palm on top of Her head) which was the soft bone in your childhood and now this is important that you push back your fingers. Push back, otherwise you’ll not have pressure. (Shri Mataji puts a pressure on fontanelle bone area with Her stretched palm and fingers pushed back) Now with the pressure you move your scalp clockwise ten times, not you hand but your scalp, sorry seven times you have to move it. (Shri Mataji is rotating Her right palm clockwise pressure on the scalp)

I’ll tell you later on how many times also correctly. Very slowly (Shri Mataji keeps rotating HER right palm clockwise on HER fontanalle bone area). Now Shri Mataji brings HER right hand down and both hands relaxed in lap and says mm.., That’s all we have to do. That’s all. It’s very simple.

Now, now be pleasantly placed towards yourself and please close your eyes. Put your left hand towards me and the right hand on your heart. (Shri Mataji keeps HER right hand on HER heart on left side) CLOSE your eyes. You can take out your spectacles, it might improve your eye sight and you don’t have to open eyes till I tell you.

Now put your right hand on your heart and left hand towards me. Both the feet apart from each other and close the eyes, not pressing them but in a natural way. And sit in a natural way straight, not too much bending or stretching backwards.

At this point you have to ask a very fundamental question about yourself in your heart. So please ask three times a question. You can call me Shri Mataji, you can call me MOTHER, “MOTHER, AM I THE SPIRIT?” Ask this question three times. Mother, Am I the spirit? Ask this question three times. (Shri Mataji bends HER head down and keeps HER eyes closed)

Now, take down your right hand on to the upper portion of your abdomen on the left hand side please. (Shri Mataji moves HER right hand down from heart position to the upper portion of HER abdomen on the left hand side) Keep your left hand towards me and both the feet apart from each other. Here you have to know that if you are the spirit, you are your own guide. You are your own master. So now ask another question to me in your heart, “Mother am I my own master” Ask this question three times. Mother, Am I my own master? Please ask this question three times.

You have to know that I respect your freedom as you have to have your ultimate freedom, I have to respect your freedom and I cannot force pure knowledge on you. So you have to ask for it, so please take your right hand in the lower portion of your abdomen on the left side (Shri Mataji moves Her right hand from upper portion of Her abdomen to the lower portion of abdomen on the left hand side and Her left hand is kept open in same position since the process began) and say or ask “Mother please give me pure knowledge.”  You have to say this say six times because this centre has got six petals.

“Mother, please give me pure Knowledge.” (Shri Mataji is rubbing Her left palm with right thumb)

As soon as you say that, the Kundalini starts moving upward. So we have to open the higher centers (Shri Mataji rubs Her right hand on Her left hand’s palm)

So now please put your right hand in the upper portion of your abdomen on the left hand side and press it hard (Shri Mataji keeps Her right hand on the upper portion of Her abdomen on left side) and here to open this centre of mastery, with full confidence you have to say “Mother I am my own master”. Say it ten times, “Mother I am my own master.” Please say it ten times.

(Shri Mataji takes a long pause and keeps silent.)

Now the greatest truth about you is that you are not this body, you are not these emotions, this ego, these thoughts, you are pure spirit. So now raise your right hand on your heart and say again with full confidence twelve times. There’s some mathematics about it which I’ll tell you later on. Twelve times, the greatest truth about yourself.

“Mother I am the spirit. Mother I am the spirit”

(Shri Mataji keeps Her right hand on heart and left hand’s palm open)

We have to know that the all pervading power is the ocean of love and bliss. It is the ocean of knowledge and joy. But above all it is the ocean of forgiveness. So we can not commit any mistakes which cannot be forgiven by this great ocean.

So now raise your right hand in the corner of your neck and your shoulder and turn your head to your right as much as far as you could and also push your hand as far as you could up to the spinal cord. (Shri Mataji moves Her right hand from heart position to Her neck on left side and turns Her head to the right side)

Now here with full confidence, you have to say,” Mother I am not guilty at all.” Full confidence, sixteen times.  Mother I m not guilty at all. Please say it sixteen times with full confidence within yourself. (Now Shri Mataji brings Her right hand down)

Shri Mataji takes a long pause and sits with eyes closed, neck towards right side and left hand’s palm fully open.

As I have told you already that (Shri Mataji now holds the mike with Her right hand and left hand is kept open as before) we have to forgive everyone, whether we forgive or don’t forgive, we do not do anything, it’s a myth. But if you carry on with the myth of not forgiving then you play into very wrong hands and why should you pay. So to be independent of that, you have to forgive everyone without thinking whom you have to forgive.

So now please raise your right hand on your forehead across and please put down your head. (Shri Mataji bends Her head down) Here you have to say from your heart “Mother I forgive everyone. I said from your heart, not how many times. “Mother I forgive everyone.” This is very important, very, very important.

Now take back your right hand on the back side of your head, (Shri Mataji takes Her right hand on the back side of Her head and pushes back Her head fully, slowly on the right hand) push back your head fully, slowly balancing on your hand and now here you have to say, without feeling guilty, without counting your mistakes you have to say,” O divine, if I have done anything wrong knowingly or unknowingly, please forgive me.” This again you have to say from your heart, not how many times.

Shri Mataji brings Her right hand in front now and shows to audience and says now stretch your hand and your palm and put the centre of your hand on this fontanelle bone area (Shri Mataji stretches Her right hand and puts the palm on top of Her head)  which was a soft bone in your childhood and now push back your fingers as much as you can to put a nice pressure on this area and move it, the scalp seven times slowly. (Shri Mataji puts a pressure with Her right palm on top of Her head with fingers pushed back and rotates the scalp clockwise very slowly) Here again I cannot force self realization on you. So you have to ask for it. I respect your freedom. So in your freedom and glory, you ask me seven times,        “Mother, please give me self realization.” Bend your head and press it hard, push back your fingers and slowly move clockwise saying       “Mother please give me my realization.” Seven times.

(Shri Mataji brings Her right hand down, holds the mike with both Her hands now and blows vibrations through mike eight times.)

Now please take down your hands. Open your eyes slowly. Put your hands towards me like this (Shri Mataji shows both Her hands open, palm facing upwards) Now bend your head and put the right hand like this (Shri Mataji shows right hand open, bends Her head and takes Her left hand on top of Her head, without touching the head, little above the head) and bend your head and see for yourself if there’s a cool breeze coming out of your fontanelle bone area. Now don’t worry about air conditioning. The air conditioning is coming from inside your head. So you have to certify yourself and don’t doubt it if it is coming.

Now the left hand towards me.(Now Shri Mataji keeps Her left palm open and takes Her right hand little above from top of Her head and bends Her head down) Put down your head and see for yourself if there’s a cool breeze coming out of your fontanelle bone area.(Shri Mataji keeps moving Her right hand little above Her head to check the feeling of cool breeze coming out of Her head)  Bend your head and it could be very close, it could be away, (Shri Mataji moves Her right hand little close and little away from the top of head)  it could be little hot or could be cool but doesn’t matter. We’ll get it corrected.

Now last of all again put your right hand towards me, bend your head, and see for yourself if  there’s a cool breeze coming out of your fontanelle bone area. (Again Shri Mataji brings Her right hand down, keeps it open and takes the left hand little above the fontanelle bone area and keeps moving it forward and backward to check the cool breeze coming out of Her head)

Now raise your hands, up in the sky, bend back your head (Shri Mataji raises both Her hands up in the sky with palms open facing the audience, bends back Her head) and ask a question, “Mother, is this the cool breeze of the holy Ghost? Mother is this the all pervading power of God? Or Mother is this the param chaitanya?” Ask anyone of these questions three times. Push back your head.

It’s good. (Shri Mataji brings both Her hands down now. She says to the audience) Alright, take them down. You can watch me without thinking and those who have felt the cool breeze out of their head or on their finger tips, cool or hot doesn’t matter. Please raise both your hands. Higher. (Many seekers in the audience raise their hands)

(Looking at this Shri Mataji says): “O my god! Everyone, Practically, May God Bless You.  I’m feeling the cool breeze from you, coming to me. Its tremendous people today. May God Bless you!

Those who haven’t felt it also, we’ll   work it out. It will take hardly five ten minutes to work it out. Shri Mataji asks a seeker,” Did you feel it?” He says, “Me, yes”. You did, then it’s all right. (Shri Mataji laughs) because you are a seeker out and out and every seeker has a right to get their self realization, has a right.

But now you have to practice it and it will work out. Those who haven’t felt it can also ask the Sahaja Yogis to help them out like coming this side and I would like to meet the rest of you people. If you want to shake hands with me, I’ll be very happy.

Shri Mataji speaks aside in Marathi language and asks the music group to sing song titled “Chalat Musafir” hmm

Some lady comes to offer flowers to Shri Mataji. Shri Mataji holds it and says “such beautiful thing you’ve done. Thank you. Never seen such an arrangement before.” Shri Mataji keeps aside the flowers and shakes hands with new seekers. Shri Mataji asks the seekers to bring their friends also for the next program. SHE says this is the best thing you can give to them.

[There’s an announcement by Sahaja yogi]

If I can have everyone’s attention, tomorrow night’s program would be here in this building. It has been advertised on some post as being elsewhere, but it is actually to be here. So if you’d like to come again, we will go deeper into this topic.

We will follow up this, with a series of courses. There is a sheet in front of you on your chair, which you can fill in with your name, address and leave at the table at the back. There will be people up there to take the sheets and we will contact you this regards to courses. The musicians have actually brought with them some cassettes of music they have performed this evening. Therefore there’s a sale as well at the back of the hall. Thank you very, much

[There’s a queue of seekers waiting to shake hands with Shri Mataji.)

{Baba mama makes an announcement to Sahajyogis to come and accompany the musicians in singing some fast numbers. Seekers keep meeting Shri Mataji happily. Musicians sing the bhajan “Chalat musafir moh liya re…”Everyone claps as the bhajan finishes. Music group sings another bhajan titled “O lal meri…”many sahjayogis dance too on the song. Everyone claps at the end of Bhajan.]