Address to Sahaja Yogis, about leaders

Melbourne (Australia)


Address to Sahaja Yogis, about leaders


just she can’t have it, you know, under [UNCLEAR] Only thing is she should give it to God, you see, that’s the point is. [UNCLEAR] try. Hmm She’s much better now. Hmm, good – alright? What more? You are alright. [HINDI – Haan theek hai.] [MARATHI] Keep a candle for her on her left Swadishthana and the left hand towards the photograph, sit on the ground, say Atharvasheersha [MARATHI] and also raise her Kundalini with a candle – three candles to be used. One in front, one there and one to raise it, then she’ll be alright. [MARATHI] She’s really doing – so many people are [UNCLEAR] her family.

Alright? [UNCLEAR]

Yogi [LC?):Some newspaper, when You were not in Adelaide, suggested that I follow the path of journalisms. It’s quite typical, however, this year I found enrolled in the University degree. I’m doing half media studies and half computing and it felt very good but I can say that it’s going to be an enormous amount of work and thought best to ask You that this is really the correct direction to go in. – If you want, you can close down Adelaide for the time being. – Yes, Mother. – [MARATHI] – Hunh? [MARATHI] The rest of them can close it down and shift to Sydney or to Melbourne, to Perth. You are alright but they should also shift. It’s not that but, you see, a kind of a atmosphere that, this is not good but I think it will work out.

Terrence was there, you see and he did all kinds of nonsense. Leaders have been terrible in Australia, really I tell you. Never we had such problems anywhere. Warren, just he came all the way there, lived with Me throughout – and ultimately how he turned out to be – I was really shocked. – Yes, Mother. Very shocking! There’s something basically wrong with these people but they are the first who came and saw Me, you see. The whole thing is gone off now. So, you should not talk to anyone of them – finished – because those who talk ill about your Mother or do not understand it’s better not to have anything to do with (such people) – simple thing otherwise you get this cancer, you see; It’s very common these days, I’ve seen it so better not have anything to do with them. Steven, I would also say, don’t talk to James at all.

Better not meet him because, you see, it’s not proper – they are very negative people. Better not meet them. Better keep yourself aloof from all such things. All of you, if you keep aloof from them, you’ll be alright. because they’re so negative, you know; Like Elio is such a negative fellow I can’t understand him still what has gone wrong with him. He came to Pratishthan – he was so full of ego that everybody told Me, “Mother, don’t talk to him at all.” So much – his is a hurt ego he has, I think but whatever it is. Then I wrote to him and unless and until he understands, I cannot tell him but he will – very soon you will see that. But what’s the use? I mean, you do so much for someone and that person turns round and becomes egoistical.

That’s not good; That shows the shallowness of a personality. So better be careful; Don’t get into the traps of these people. Serious things are happening and I’m quite worried. You know about Hugo – the one who was – he was an Australian too – Hugo – and I sent him to Germany with that lady – what’s her name – Barbara – she’s another Australian and one day he just got up and he started proclaiming, “I’m Adishakti, I’m no less, I’m this..” Everybody got a fight of him, you see. They said, “Alright, we’re getting out of the ashram now.” Germans, that way, are very intelligent. “You are everything we accept. You are Adishakti, you are everything, now, but please forgive us we are getting out of..” [LAUGHTER]. So he said, “But I can’t run the ashram I have no money.” They said, “Alright, then?”

Said, “You keep the ashram I’ll get out.” He got out. There’s one very old sahaja yogi – Thomas – went to his house. Thomas said, “Nothing doing,” he closed the door. He said, “Nothing doing, not in my house. You are Adishakti you go somewhere else, not with me.” And then he went to somebody’s house, stayed there and you’ll be amazed that the lady who supported him got cancer and then now her husband – she’s dead and he’s dead too. So it’s very dangerous, you see, to play with these things because deities just get very annoyed because you are sahaja yogis, you have got it, you’ve known it, you know the experience, everything. Despite that if you do all these things, it’s very dangerous. [UNCLEAR – EVEN?]

this lady has got cancer now. She’s quite friendly with Elio. He used to go to their house, so I, I warn you also. Alright, Ricardo, be careful, be careful. We have to preserve ourselves, you see. They say, ‘Guru ninda’ means somebody who speaks against your Guru – should never listen to that. After all, how much I’ve done. You ask him how much I’ve done for Elio. He’s sitting here. I mean, they were just had nothing – they were nothing, poor things, you know and I shouldn’t say but I sent a truckload of ceramics and they sold it and used the money – everything they did.

Doesn’t matter. I said, “I forgive you, alright.” Then they came in, they arranged the money, I paid partly, partly the collectivity paid, we saw their marriage, sent them here and here they become like this. I mean, this is such ungratefulness! And I should say, you are very good, when your ego is so much?And when people talk like that, you should not believe them. I had reports about him since long that he was telling people that, “Don’t, whatever Mother says, don’t believe in it because She’s Maya – you should believe in this stupid fellow. And he has broken sahaja yoga quite a lot and people should not try to get him. What are we going to gain by these stupid people? He doesn’t understand why has he come here? To do sahaja yoga to help others for their benevolence or to break sahaja yoga, like this.

I agree, that James was wrong and he was very dominating, I agree there but nobody wrote to Me. I discovered it – you never wrote – none of you. – Michael did you write to Me? – No. – That’s it. You should have written to Me that he’s doing like this and he’s trying to trouble others. You should have seen to it – nobody, none, not one person. I discovered that he was dominating you and he was trying to do all this, his wife was like this – I discovered – all the way. So now, you are all free to write to Me if there’s any problem with the leader. On the contrary, there’re twenty five pages of letter to Me, “My brother is like this, my father is like that, my mother-in- law like that, my.. ” what’s the use of writing all these things.

Write about sahaja yoga, you write about your leaders – you are all free to do that. You know Me and I know you. Of course, I mean, the leader says something you must obey the leader, you must follow them and you do everything that they say because I know about them, then, I only found out the person while you people never wrote anything to Me. It’s like a jailer and criminals or what? Why shouldn’t you write to Me? Anybody could have written. Now, it’s alright; What ever has happened, has happened. For future we all have to unite together, live together, not to find faults with each other but enjoy each other and develop yourself – you have to ascend. People have gone so far in other countries – where are we? Russia – such imagine – I’ve been there only for a month – already they are there.

You saw the Russians, you saw them when you were there in India, this time. The lady, who was there, was the wife of the head of the Health Ministry and she stayed with you all; You could not even have noticed her. So learned, so balanced, so humble! We have to know that we have to ascend, we have to work it out. We can do it. Australia was such a strong thing – is all negativity has blasted you off. I know you love Me and I know you have respect for Me and you know that I’m genuine and all those things are there but it should not be just a faith in Me but faith in yourself that you are a part and parcel of the whole and you have to work it out. Everybody has to be responsible. There should be no quarrel, there should be no fight – and understanding. I hope, next time it will all work out and we’ll have the nice pujas and things and it’s all going to work out for all of us and hope for the better.

After all you are doing such a glorious work – never happened before. So, I don’t like the way you hide things from Me. There’s no need to hide – why? What is there to hide from Me? Nothing can be hidden. Because I was busy with the other countries and all that, My attention was not here and suddenly I discovered it – suddenly. Immediately I found out the reason but see, the difference is, that girl, who came here all the way from Scotland, she took up all the responsibility and she said, “Mother, something wrong with me, I did all the wrong.” Of course, she said, “These people never understood me and they were playing into my hands and all that,” and she resigned from sahaja yoga. She said, “I must get well.” She didn’t feel hurt at all.

On the contrary, she was unhappy that she was responsible for doing such a wrong thing – that’s a character, I say! Because you are not here for some sort of a praise and anything but you are here for your own ascent and for your own certificates. Alright, now don’t feel guilty for Heavens sake. I’m not angry with you at all in any way but I’m only expect that next time, you find anything like that, radically wrong, you better let Me know and telephone to Me. It’s very easy to telephone from here. Wherever I am, you can find out, you can ask Dr., you can only tell Dr. Spiro he’ll convey to Me. About Elio, of course, we got lots of reports but that, much later. Instead of fighting James, he should have written to Me. Why didn’t he not write to Me? And as a result he got all the problems upon himself.

Sort of, started a union. What was the need to start a union when I’m sitting down there? Impossible to explain the way he has damaged whole thing. I’m sorry, the day I brought him here, I really tell you. But in any case, be careful. This country is, specially, is on attack, I think, of lots of negativity. AIDS, then you’ve got the children taking drugs and so many things happening here – horrible things! Marriages breaking, so many horrible things are happening and you have to really now show to the world that by sahaja yoga you have achieved that power within yourself that you can completely transform people. I hope, this time you are all going to work it out and try to come to India, if possible, those who can come. Alright?

It works out, it is better. May God bless you! [MARATHI] May God bless you all! Seems to be good. Now the Kundalini seems to be good on the back [MARATHI] [MARATHI] So, we are trying to make an ashram here for all of you and please try to live together. If you are united, nobody can touch you. Anybody starts talking nonsense like that, “Mother is Maya, this, that,” you say, “Alright, we can listen to the tape you don’t give us a lecture.” Actually, lecturing must be stopped – is the best thing. Don’t allow anybody to pass any comments, just listen to My tapes and do meditation. Mostly all such people only give lectures, I don’t know why.

Even they get headaches, they’ll go on giving lectures. [SHRI MATAJI LAUGHS] Alright, thank you very much. Somebody’s left the horrible thing of all. Hope to see you all there. May God bless you! Tomorrow morning we have to fly out. May God bless Look after yourself and be happy. Finished now, all over. [MARATHI] Bolo Shri Adishakti Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi ki jai, ki jai, ki jai.