I will ask Mother for Yoga

Camberwell Civic Centre, Melbourne (Australia)

1990-03-07 I will ask Mother for Yoga, Melbourne, Australia, 180' Chapters: Introduction with music, Introduction with dance, Music, Talk, Q&A, Self-Realization, Workshop
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Public Program Day 2. Camberwell Civic Centre, Melbourne, Australia. 7 March 1990.

I bow to all the seekers of truth. This last song that you have heard was written by poet called Namdeva in the year 12th century. And it says that I will go and ask Mother for my yoga, for the union with the divine. For so many years this is a folk lore, people have been singing in the villages of Maharashtra, this song and has described so clearly what I will do when I will go and ask for my yoga. Jogwa is yoga and aayi means Mother in Marathi language. And he has very clearly described what I will be doing to achieve that yoga. I wish we had time more to explain to you the beauty of this song. And is sung everywhere in a village you go they all sing this song. So this was known to India since long that you have to achieve your yoga your union with the Divine. The modern yogas are just some sort of a wee part of something. That is really not yoga I would say. Like rajyoga these days, is practiced in a very wrong way where they are doing some sort of exercises which are not spontaneous. Like if you start your car with the ignition the car starts moving by itself and the machinery also moves with it spontaneously. You don’t have to do any exercise for that. In the same way when the kundalini rises to achieve this union the machinery which is within you (which you will see here also) start acting automatically because it is built for that. And then it creates a situation by which the kundalini rises and then when it passes through one of the centres, it goes into augmentation, is to constriction. Again the upper chakra relaxes, then when she passes through that again there is augmentation. But in the so called rajayoga it is very absurd that without starting the kundalini they are stopping trying to stop the centres by putting constriction from outside. It would be something like without starting the car you remove the wheel or the steering wheel spoiling the wheel as well. In the same way we can say the Hathayoga that has come into being very popular these days is actually written by now Patanjali who was an ancient saint long time back, thousands of years back and it has ashtanga means there were eight fold. Out of that a very wee bit I would say which is Yamanayama which is in that also very little was for the physical exercises. But that too was related to the kundalini that when the kundalini is rising if there is any physical problem on any centre then a particular asana was to be done. It is very systematic and scientific. Is not just do everything without understanding, its like taking the medicine from the whole medicine chest without understanding without discrimination. Thats why many people tell me that through Hatha yoga they got heart attacks naturally because that’s not a Hatha yoga. Hatha – yoga Ha is the sun and the Tha is the moon. So is the yoga of sun and the moon. Not only of the sun and what they do is throughout is nothing but the sunline which makes them very one sided imbalanced personalities. And the Hathayogies are so hot tempered, such liver and such heat that you better approach them with a [UNCLEAR–barchpool], mostly they divorce their wives, they have no emotional life and become very very dry people. The reason is the other side which is the emotional side is not catered at all. But this is just a wee part of it. Later on he talks of thoughtless awareness nirvichar samadhi then the doctor’s awareness which is called as the nirvikalp samadhi. This is what is sahajyoga is that when you rise Samadhi means awareness which is enlightened. Awareness which is enlightened. So the human awareness expands and gets enlightened. This is the thing main theme main achievement of Patanjali yoga. But I think some must have gone to some gurus and in the beginning they must have learnt certain asanas and they must have thrown out because thinking they are very money oriented or something like that. They must have come to start these classes which is all money oriented. While yoga has nothing to do with money because you are united with the divine power which is all pervading. And all pervading power doesn’t know money. Through this awakening of kundalini which is within you. In the triangular bone as you see here clearly I don’t know if everybody can see through me. Is this kundalini is the three and a half coiled energy within us. The coiled is called as kundala in sanskrit that’s why its called as kundalini. But some people say that its a serpent energy but it is not. Because always all energies move in waves like this. Thats why we can say that it looks like a serpent that is moving like in a wave. But its not a serpent energy. It is the energy that moves like a serpent. And any energy if you see it never moves straight, it always moves with a wavy pattern. So this energy is settled within us in the triangular bone. And it has to pass through six subtle centres. While the seventh centre is below the kundalini. And this is the centre which is for all our excretion inclusive of sex. So sex has nothing to do with your yoga. On the contrary when the kundalini is rising all your excretory movements and excretory things just become dull or sleep. And then the kundalini rises. It passes through all these six centres. She nourishes them. She integrates them and ultimately passes through here into limbic area which is a hollow place and pierces through the sixth centre here which we call as the brahmarandhra meaning the hole of the Brahma the all pervading power and then enters into the subtle energy which is controlling us, which is organising us which is doing all living work on this earth and in the whole universe. And also which loves us. This is how the connection takes place and this is what is yoga. Yoga also has another meaning is YUKTI. Yukti means the deftness. So the first thing you have to have first phase is the yoga where you get connected and the second part is where you have to have deftness of it. How to use it. When you have this power how to use it. How to manoeuvre it. How to give it to others realisation. How to fix their realisation. How to know about others how to know about yourself. And how to correct the problems that are within you and which are without. This is the second part which is called as yukti meaning the trick you can say. The trick of the deftness of this process of kundalini awakening. Now today we are going to talk about little bit about the centres so that you will have some idea to understand your subtle being. Now the civilisation that has grown outside in the west or anywhere is like a tree which is grown outside and the knowledge we have is the knowledge of the tree but we have no knowledge of the roots. And if we have lost our roots the tree is about to give us a shock may be destroyed also. So it is very important that we should know about our roots. And the roots I am going to describe to you today as I told you that you must keep you minds open to this knowledge. If it is proved you have to accept it like honest people but you have to be like a scientist open your mind and listen to it and see for yourself if it works. And if it works then you must accept it. Because it is for your benevolence. And I will one by one I will tell you about centres how it helps. Now the first centre I have already told you that is for the sex and for other excretion. So it goes into a balance and it is. Once you get your realisation. But before that the kundalini rises and all the activities of these excretion stops at that time. This kundalini rises through the second centre which you call as Swadishthana but actually Swadishthana is coming out of the third centre like a lotus comes out. So we will first consider the second centre but actually it is the third in the movement of kundalini. Now the second centre is very important for modern times because whatever we have discovered in science or whatever futuric plans we made, everything is done by this centre on the right side. It works very hard. Also when we are thinking too much this centre has to convert the fat cells for the use of brain. Thats the most important work it has got to do and as today we are very much thinking about our futures you are planning too much. As a result of that the main job this poor centre gets is to convert the cells fat cells for the use of the brain as grey cells. But at the same time he has very important work is to look after your liver, your pancreas, your spleen, your kidneys and part of your intestines. So as you start thinking too much the work shifts more towards converting the fat cells and these other important functions of the organs are neglected and ultimately sometimes they stop also. So the first thing that happens to people is they get liver problems. I am told that Australia these days is suffering from hepatitis. Is due to too much thinking, their livers are out and they are vulnerable for that and as soon as some virus comes in contact with such a personality they get into hepatitis. But if your liver is healthy nothing can touch your liver and you can never get hepatitis. Now nobody can believe that the heat that is generated in the body is absorbed by this liver. It absorbs it and transmits it into the blood stream in the water of the blood stream. Thus the heat of the body goes away. This heat can rise if not allowed by the, I mean not absorbed by the liver. And rises higher and people get from that many other troubles of the lungs like Asthama. Asthama is a direct effect of a bad liver. Also such people who have heat can reach the heart part and people can get massive heart attacks. So the heat of the liver has to be controlled. So there are people who have overactive hearts and some people who have lethargic hearts. The overactive heart mostly comes from the people who think too much who work on the right side on the yellow line which we call as the Pingala Nadi is the channel of Surya means the Sun. When it works too hard then the heat is too much and can reach even upto the brain and people can have paralysis. So all kinds of things can happen with this liver which doctors are not aware of. I did my medicine and I was amazed to see that they see everything in such a superficial manner. Like if you have some disease on the tree they will treat the leaves. You have to go the roots if you have to really get the tree all right. Then the other disease that is very common is of the pancreas called as diabetes. Now diabetes is also caused because of the neglect of this centre that is [entail] this is manifested because of the work of the Swadishthana chakra more on converting the fat cells. So if you go to an Indian village say and if you ask them for tea, the tea that they make, sugar they take is the measure is like this that the spoon must stand at right angles in the sugar otherwise it is not at all a tea. Is only water. And they drink that tea 3-4 times. Such a lot of sugar they consume they never get diabetes. Because they don’t think about future. They have worked today, eaten their food and slept off nicely. Next day again they are there for working. They don’t go on worrying about tomorrow what will happen, day after tomorrow what will happen. And thousand years later what will happen. Because the future doesn’t exist. The past is finished, the future doesn’t exist, the present is the main thing. But when we become very futuristic this brain has to think for the future plans. And I don’t know how many percentage of it materialises. Normally it does not. Because if the Divine has another plan for you is no use meticulously working it out. And then you ultimately find the whole thing has fizzled out. The reason is you have not understood the plan of the Divine. Then the third very serious problem is from the spleen. Spleen also is neglected when the Swadishthana chakra works very hard. By that neglect the spleen doesn’t get sufficient energy to work out your emergencies. When there is an emergency supposing you are eating your food and there is Red Blood Corpuscles are produced for the digestion then you feel like running somewhere may be some emergency. So too much RBCs Red Blood Corpuscles are produced at that time and you get a pain. I don’t know why you have got the pain now but you see it was supposed to be for the digestion. And the people who lead a very hectic life, we do, all of us, and always in emergency you are always in tension and in an emergency. First thing you read the newspaper you see so many died, so many earthquakes horrible things have happened here and horrible things happened there. I mean any human being would be nervous to read that. I think we are getting immuned but still the immunity is not that, that we cannot feel the shocks of all these things happening. And with that shock then we just jump that we are late the time bound and everything so we had to have our breakfast we can’t have our breakfast so jump in the car take the breakfast in your hand the wife is shouting O you didn’t have your breakfast. Then the car is driven through a very heavy traffic and you are blaming the traffic and somehow you go to your office and there’s the boss who is shouting at you. All these things work out poor thing this spleen of yours feels what a man this one is. He has all emergencies, so hectic, God knows when he is going to ask for more RBC’s and all that. At this time if there is any movement towards the left side by any shock, by any unhappiness, by any death in the family or anything like that or a false guru also. You get this centre caught up on the spleen. And thus you get a very serious disease called as blood cancer. And this blood cancer is absolutely curable in sahajayoga. We have many cases who had certified who would be dead within one months time are still kicking and living for the last 6 to 7 years. So this can be cured because the kundalini passes through your swadishthana chakra , gives it a balance, nourishes it and your attention which is so much on the right side comes in the centre and you feel allright. Like that there are so many other things which can be cured very easily. If you want to know how cancer is caused is also very interesting. Now the paper on cancer is now ready in America and Russia all these places where they are quite advanced and they have accepted Sahajayoga as something very enlightening but by the time it is establishes as something very scientific some people have to get their realisation. Without realisation you cannot work it out. So the cancer is caused say this is the centre this is the left side and the right side and in the centre is the Sushumna Nadi, the central Nadi that you see there. Now if you start using too much the right sided moves like that or the left side is moves like that. At this point it is vulnerable to cancer because already your relationship with the whole is broken. At that time suddenly something happens in the left and its cut off completely. Then the cells on any centre or in many centres can start galloping and can become very ego oriented and they become malignant and they start growing. Like in the nose they start growing so fast that they can cover your eye, they can cover your ear and everything. All the other cells are not proportionately growing and so that’s how they obliterate the work of all the other organs. This is how cancer is set here. Now when kundalini passes she goes through this and through this and just puts it right like that. The first our attention comes to the centre. And then she nourishes this centre. Cancer is such a common case in the west specially. Such a lot of people are suffering from cancer because they are very one sided people. If they are left sided, emotional people then to the extreme they are. They take to drugs of such drugs which are very injurious. They take to alcoholism which are very injurious takes them to the left side. Or they took to the right side and suddenly any shock they can’t bear. So they go to the left side. So there’s no balance. And this balance is only established through kundalini awakening. Of course in one lecture I cannot tell you all about all these chakras. But I have told you about one chakra which is very important and extremely active in these modern times. And that is why sahajayoga was so much needed in modern times. It had to work out all these diseases and so far the news about Aids is also good that the people whom we cured are still doing well in Perth. And I hope there will be more people of Aids will come to sahajyoga and will have that much will power to practice it and establish themselves again on this earth. So this is it that we have to work out for ourselves first of all we have to establish ourselves and we can easily help other people because sahajayoga is for your benevolence— your physical, your mental, emotional, spiritual. All benevolence and that you get empowered. Only by saying I am born again doesn’t mean anything. You have to have the powers of a person who is born again. And when that happens you must learn how to use it- this power that you have got. Otherwise it is useless. It is like the story of Christ who said that some of them fell on a marshy land and they just sprouted and finished. Like that should not happen. We have to grow into trees to help others in a big way and can be done. And I am surprised in a country like Russia its working out so well. So why not here where we have all the freedom to understand the truth. So we have to be truth oriented. Not success oriented, money oriented or science oriented, but we have to be truth oriented which integrates everything, every religion is integrated in it. Every religion is explained in it. All the mistakes human beings have created in those religions can be seen clearly and what has gone wrong with human beings also could be seen very clearly if you get your self realisation. And this is what has to happen. And again today we will have some time for questioning like yesterday. I have to again request you that I am not here to challenge you any way or to take away anything from you but I am just here to tell you what you are. What beauty you are, what glory you are, to enjoy yourself and for the emancipation of the world what you can do.

May God bless you.

H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.

[note: Only the main speech is transcribed. I have not included the question answer part and realisation part. The questions asked are not so clear.]