Conversation with a journalist and yogis after the walk on the beach

Ashram in Cairns, Cairns (Australia)


Conversation with a journalist and Sahaja Yogis after the walk on the beach (on cricket, saris, etc.)

Is it…(INAUDIBLE) too much for you? (Unclear)

Shri Mataji: No, I mean we Indians have too much of sun in our body. So we perspire a lot compared to you people.
Journalist: and your next stop from here is where?
Shri Mataji: I think we are going to Brisbane.
Journalist: Brisbane?
Shri Mataji: (Mother nods her head as a yes and cont. to talking to the person) and from there New Zealand. Then back to Sydney, (unclear) from Sydney, I will fly out to Hong Kong. Hong Kong, we also have a center. I’ll spend a day there and go back to Bombay. Then there’s a tour of North India.
Journalist: of?
Shri Mataji: North India.
Journalist: Oh!
Shri Mataji: It’s going to Delhi, (*) various places. And I’ll be back from Calcutta ….on the 15th or 16th. And then I am going to London.
Journalist: It could be called as busy then.
Shri Mataji: (Smiles) wherever you are, you are!
Journalist: do you follow cricket at all?
Shri Mataji: Off course.
Journalist: Yes, off course. Because India is very (proper game)(*) in cricket.
Shri Mataji: I understand it very well.
Journalist: Yes, because India is (UNCLEAR) you are flying in New Zealand now so perhaps when you are in New Zealand you (UNCLEAR) may be.
Shri Mataji: My elder brother, he is the chairman of the Indian Cricket Team.
Journalist: Oh Really?
Shri Mataji: Yea. He is the one on selection and all..(*) he was the minister of steel. But he is still the chairman. In my family the cricket was quite (Unclear) so I understand it very well.
Journalist: (UNCLEAR)
Shri Mataji: Australia long time back. Has some very nice ones. Like Vijay Merchant, V S Hazare. He is our relation, V S Hazare. He is my brother’s wife’s uncle. (Uncle- Mother’s brother). My father was a great supporter of cricket.
Journalist: was he?
Shri Mataji: so all our family, (Unclear) used to support financial also. (UNCLEAR*) used to come and live with us.
Journalist: It’s one of the ways people go to the other countries and meet people, (Unclear) very joy giving.
Shri Mataji: Yea, I mean sporting spirit is very important. Those who do not have sporting spirit can not stay in Sahaja yoga.
Journalist: It’s a joy. You kind of enjoy. Very nice.
Shri Mataji: I think it’s a very soothing game. Very relaxing. But last time they had a little problem. Indians! Because some ladies were sitting without tops.
Journalist: (Gives a little hesitant face expressions)
Shri Mataji: They got very nervous.
Journalist: afraid to come out of the field.
Shri Mataji: I mean, they haven’t seen something like that before, you see.
Journalist: – I wish that you know women could learn how to wear saris. Such a beautiful (*) such a beautiful thing where your attention (*)
Shri Mataji: yes, it is a very lady like dress I think. And you don’t have to go to tailors, you see.
Journalist: and very comfortable?
Shri Mataji: very comfortable, very comfortable. Yes, very comfortable. And In London also, you see. You can wear a long (*) inside. Nobody sees. Nobody knows what you are wearing inside(*). Laughter!!
Journalist: all covered up?
Shri Mataji: It’s all covered up. No, no problem.
Journalist: (UNCLEAR)
Shri Mataji: And you’ll be surprised that the sarees, ..I have some sarees for my marriage I got. That’s still strong. Because that time you used to get pure zari and all. They are still going strong. But I can give it to my daughters then they can give it to their daughters and so on and if they get fed up they can (*) it and they can make nice skirts that we make round skirts. And men use them as just sometimes (wrap around, Shri Mataji does a hand gesture to give an expression for men-how they tie it up on their waist) they are sleeping, they get up suddenly they want to wear something
Journalist: Oh! Like a long …(Unclear) oh yay!! Yeah!!
Shri Mataji: It’s a lungi. (smiles)
Journalist: Lungi! Yea Lungi! That’s the word I am looking for. Very practical thing. Very practical!
Shri Mataji: and it has certain meaning you see…that this is the portion we use for covering the child, while nursing the child. This way..(Shri Mataji explains this through her saree) because this is the child feels the security. And also your body is covered. This portion we use for that. Then we can use it for our hat to cover our head if we are going to church or something or elders are coming to give them respect. You can cover your heads with that. It has so many ways of expression. It’s very (d*)

Journalist: (UNCLEAR) sensible thing, you know.
Shri Mataji: It’s’ something that is so cheap because we don’t have to (*) about material. There is no fashion about it and has to be (*) has to be something which is handmade because if there are repeats, the lady will go and change because there should be varieties.
Journalist: Yea, that’s true.
Shri Mataji: so mostly handmade they like that.
(some communication which is inaudible)
Music in the living room along with these guest and yogis.