Conversation with Sahaja Yogis Brisbane (Australia)


Sahaja yogi:        [Inaudible: Place
of work?]

Shri Mataji:         You can go for your work. Staying in the
city is not so good for Sahaja Yogis. You see, vibration-wise and also not good
for your lungs, you see. It’s better to be little away if you want to meditate.
First and foremost thing is you have to ascend. For that you should be in a
place which will help you to ascend. Otherwise, if you live in the city, […]

Music Program Brisbane (Australia)

Music Program
“Babamama is explaining his song to a group of Yogis. He gives the words of the chorus and ask for silence as Shri Mataji starts to speak.
Shri Mataji: It’s kabira who has sang because he was a dyer and he used to put colour on cloth and all kinds of things so he always used similes which were connected with his profession…. He said that. He said that -Oh, make my- “Jhini” (what does it mean)
Babamama: colour. […]