Conversation with Sahaja Yogis on buying the Ashram

Brisbane (Australia)



Sahaja yogi:        [Inaudible: Place of work?]

Shri Mataji:         You can go for your work. Staying in the city is not so good for Sahaja Yogis. You see, vibration-wise and also not good for your lungs, you see. It’s better to be little away if you want to meditate. First and foremost thing is you have to ascend. For that you should be in a place which will help you to ascend. Otherwise, if you live in the city, the city hubbub [unclear. in the city] all nonsense. Can’t even meditate properly and it’s so polluted. It spoils your lungs completely. So it would be nice to be a little away from the city. Try to find some house of that kind. And first you have to get a mortgage for that which you can do if all of you put together. And then you have to pay the rent of the house as the mortgage part of the mortgage. So you own it all.

Sahaja yogi:        I think it would take some time to own a place of that kind.

Shri Mataji:         I didn’t follow that.

Sahaja yogi:        He said they have desired for some time to own something rather than pay rent.

Shri Mataji:   Yes if you can. Whatever is possible. If you can own something, nothing like it. But can you?  You see, this is the way I said that you first pay the first instalment. I would like to know what is it. How much you have to pay for the first instalment. They said it is ten percent. If you take a big house then ten percent would be quite a lot. And can somebody pay so much. So then renting is OK.

Sahaja yogi:        Or a long-term lease. I mean, in Sahaj terms twenty years is an awful long time but in terms of a lease it’s not very long. You can get lots of twenty-year leases.

Shri Mataji:         It can be more. In London you can get it for 29 years lease, you see, and you so can shift to a place like that and there’s also some short leases also. That’s very cheap. So you have to go through all that because you can’t afford to pay the basic. Like in Melbourne somebody has offered.

Sahaja yogi:        [unclear]

Shri Mataji:         Thirty thousand. But with thirty thousand, three hundred thousand pounds worth of space.  Is it big enough here if you are outside?

Sahaja yogi:        Real estate is not as expensive in Brisbane or around Brisbane. It’s much cheaper here than. Real estate is much cheaper here.

Shri Mataji:         I see. So how much you think a big house would cost you?

Sahaja yogi:        Hundred and seventy thousand.

Shri Mataji:         Very big house?

Sahaja yogi:        Say two hundred thousand.

Shri Mataji:         Two hundred thousand. So ten percent would be twenty thousand. So you will have to put in about ten thousand pounds, all right? I can organise that ten thousand. I’ll see. Then is it all right. Then you can pay the mortgage?

Sahaja yogi:        I’m sure we would.

Shri Mataji:         Because if you have a lease for say 15, 20 years then you can pay.

Sahaja yogi:        Shri Mataji, I live in a house which I own and so we could get some money by selling that house. But I don’t know whether that’s a wise thing to do. To sell that house to help finance a larger place, for a mortgage.

Shri Mataji:         Eh?

Sahaja yogi:        He has a house of his own which he could sell to get the money.

Shri Mataji:         [Unclear]

Sahaja yogi:        He says he has a house that he owns that he could sell to raise money but he doesn’t know whether that’s a good idea.

Shri Mataji:         Why not? If you can sell that, you can have another bigger house and the rent you can have mortgage and as well they can pay [unclear. balance]

Sahaja yogi:        I think what I’m saying that if you did that it would be your house and you would rent it to the collective. So in fact, I think the thing that worries You is that…

Shri Mataji:         No, no, no. That you cannot do because, you see, the amount that he’ll have to pay. How much would you fetch from your house?

Sahaja yogi:        About 80,000.

Shri Mataji:         About?

Sahaja yogi:        80,000.

Shri Mataji:         That wouldn’t solve the problem.

Sahaja yogi:        It’s a big deposit, 80,000.

Shri Mataji:         It is a big deposit but that doesn’t solve the problem. You have to get the mortgage.

Sahaja yogi:        Yes.

Shri Mataji:         All right. Then you can compensate in the rent. He can take his own money and the money can go to mortgage as well.

Sahaja yogi:        Oh yes. If that sort of option was taken the house would be in my name.

Shri Mataji:         Yes, to be … the house would be in your name and mortgage has to be paid. All right? And that mortgage can be completed by the rent of these people that they are giving, plus you can, also they can pay you the money that you have paid for it. All right. So that that house then becomes the house of [unclear].

Sahaja yogi:        Once they pay you back then that house becomes the collective property.

Sahaja yogi:        Mother, you’ve said in the other cities that you want people to live together.

Shri Mataji:         Yes.

Sahaja yogi:        Are you thinking of having a lot of people in one place or a lot of smaller ashrams spread around?

Shri Mataji:         No, no, no. You should have one big house in which all of you should live, like Burwood.  That’s My… The children and everyone and you could have a school. As many as can live in there. They should sell. All, all of them should sell their houses and adjust it.

Sahaja yogi:        There are some very nice properties not very far from here where you can buy an acre or so of land and still be fairly close to the city.

Shri Mataji:         It’s much better. Nothing like it if that works out. Nothing like it.

Sahaja yogi:        Yes, in Brisbane you can do that. It is still small. In Sydney if you want to go out it takes all day to get there. In Brisbane it’s possible to do that and have land because it’s still very close. But in Sydney it takes you half a day to get there so it’s no good.

Shri Mataji:         So you’ll buy the land.

Sahaja yogi:        You could.

Shri Mataji:         The mortgage you can’t get.

Sahaja yogi:        You might have to build a house on it.

Shri Mataji:         They give you mortgage for building a house?

Sahaja yogi:        Oh yes, yes. Particularly if you own the land.

Shri Mataji:         Is it true? Can you get a mortgage now?

Sahaja yogi:        You have options. A large house. No house and build the house you want. I think that’s what you’re thinking about in Perth, isn’t it, Frank? Possibility?

Sahaja yogi Frank:           Renovating.

Shri Mataji:         You are still working it out in Perth. First you must find out a big property which is already there, would be better.

Sahaja yogi:        A house, already there. That is the best. And then renovate it or alter it to suit. And possibly add on to it?

Shri Mataji:         For the time being I think that’s a better idea is to get the house and put the deposit there and start it. A big house, a big property. And then charge the rent from the people which will repay your money as well as the mortgage.

Better now? You put it here for that. Now have lunch. Could I have some lunch? I think you just sit down and first of all find out. If you have a newspaper I might be able to see something.

Every day you have to find out. It’s very easy. How we got Shuddy Camp. How we did it. I mean, it’s all remarkably. In Sahaja Yoga everything works out if you have desire. You have to have pure desire … do not want diverting your mind. Just put your attention to it. You want to have an ashram. It will work.

Sahaja yogi:        Where would you like to have your lunch, Mother?

Shri Mataji:         Inside.

Sahaja yogi:        Inside.

Shri Mataji:         It’s beautiful.

Sahaja yogi:        There are three of those in three different packets. Friday, yesterday and today, Mother.

Shri Mataji:         [Reading newspaper] This is for the whole of Australia?

Sahaja yogi:        No, just Brisbane.

Shri Mataji:         [Unclear. Dollars] Is this for Victoria?

Sahaja yogi:        No, for Queensland, Shri Mataji.

Shri Mataji:         These are all Victoria.

Sahaja yogi:        No, these are the Gold Coast, and these are all central and north Queensland. These places are all too far away. You would have to be houses here. Saturday is the best paper. Much better. There’s not a lot in Sunday’s.

Shri Mataji:         That’s cheap. This one is big. Five-bedroomed stately home. $106,000.

Sahaja yogi:        Glasshouse Mountains. That’s about 60 kilometres away. Too far. I don’t think this paper’s very good, Shri Mataji. They don’t put very much in the Sunday paper. It’s all in the Saturday. That’s 60 miles away. It’s too far.

Shri Mataji:         Oh, I see.

Sahaja yogi:        That’s why it’s cheap. Ah, that’s better. This is the Saturday paper. This is a Saturday paper. There’s a lot in here.

Shri Mataji:         They are for renovation also some. It’s quite big.

Sahaja yogi:        This one is [Unclear]

Shri Mataji:         Is it far away?

Sahaja yogi:        No, it’s about ten kilometres from here, Mother.

Shri Mataji:         That’s not far. There’s another one. Quite big.

Sahaja yogi:        That would be very expensive. This would be half a million dollars.

Shri Mataji:         But here is… This one is nice for renovation also.

Sahaja yogi:        This sort of thing, Mother, is the old Queensland style. It’s raised on high poles and then underneath you can then build in as well.

Shri Mataji:         This is for renovation but is it all right?

Sahaja yogi:        It’s inner city. Very close to the city. Auction. These are all auctions.

Shri Mataji:         Let’s see them. See, if you are on the look-out you might see. It’s quite nice. It’s quite big also. But it hasn’t got too many bedrooms and…

Sahaja yogi:        It’s a fairly small block of land as well. Twenty – 21.6 perches. It’s about three-quarters of the size of this block.

Shri Mataji:         Ah! Too small.

Shri Mataji:         This is extra-large. An extra-large house.

Sahaja yogi:        This one looks very nice, Mother. T-bone type?

Shri Mataji:         This also is auction?

Sahaja yogi:        Yes. This big block of land – 56 perches. With views of the ocean, ocean view.

Shri Mataji:         This is nice. I think this is (unclear). Why not see this one? All right. This looks all right to Me. It’s quite spread out. Then you can do something more [unclear] And you see it’s so large. This one is – it’s far away?

Sahaja yogi:        Ah, it’s on the other side of this, yes. It’s about 15 kilometres from the city. About 20 kilometres from here.

Shri Mataji:         That is only ten kilometres, you say?

Sahaja yogi:        Yes. The other thing also is that some of the children have started in schools and it would be better to keep them going in the same school perhaps, rather than have them change.

Shri Mataji:         What schools they are going to?

Sahaja yogi:        Boys could be going to high school this year and they all go to a state school. And so we were thinking of staying on this side of the city.

Shri Mataji:         [unclear] .. .to the school, no problem. See what I’m trying to say that after some time you can jump in there [unclear] in any case.

Sahaja yogi:        This one, Mother. Rural, ten acres.

Shri Mataji:         With acres what do you do? You can’t do anything, eh?

Sahaja yogi:        Nice and quiet in there. Almost country.

Shri Mataji:         But you see, you cannot. If you have such a lot of acres, what do you do there?

Sahaja yogi:        It could be used for farming or growing vegetables. It has a dam on it. Probably something like one acre would be better, or half an acre.

Shri Mataji:         It’s too much, you see. [unclear] You can’t build anything. If you can then it’s all right.  These have too much space. This one is – you see.

Sahaja yogi:        This is inner city again. Houses are very close together. Not a very big block of land. Rockhampton. That’s about 800 kilometres away.

Shri Mataji:         See you have to find out about something between six and ten, something like that. You can. I mean, if you are on the look-out you can easily find out, no problem. Hamilton, is it far away?

Sahaja yogi:        No, Mother, it’s just across the river.

Sahaja yogi:        Can I just interrupt? I think I can get you out on an 8.45 plane out of Auckland.

Shri Mataji:         Oh, that’s very good.

Sahaja yogi:        It would get you in early – mid morning.

Shri Mataji:         Yes, that’s all right. That’s very good.

Sahaja yogi:        This is where all the very rich people live, Mother.

Shri Mataji:         If you can get there, why not?

Sahaja yogi:        It’s on the way to the airport, Mother. Very nice. It’s a very big block of land.

Shri Mataji:         Let’s see. Let’s see.

Sahaja yogi:        Half acre.

Shri Mataji:         See it’s very good. [unclear. the area is] 2000 is not much.

Sahaja yogi:        That’s about half an acre.

Shri Mataji:         Oh, I see. It’s the area.

Sahaja yogi:        Yes. Four bedrooms.

Shri Mataji:         You not go to a place which has got few … but this is very far away, is that?

Sahaja yogi:        Yes, Mother, 800 kilometres.

Shri Mataji:         You have to find out. I mean I don’t know where – which is the closest or not but there’s so many on Saturday. Just go through them and see for yourself. [unclear]. This is all for auctions?

Sahaja yogi:        Yes.

Shri Mataji:         Why are they auctioning?

Sahaja yogi:        There’s more expensive ones in the auction.

Sahaja yogi:        So the agents make more money.

Shri Mataji:         [unclear] They are better houses. Always. I don’t know which place this is.

Sahaja yogi:        This is across the river. About five kilometres from here. Again, it’s a very  expensive area.

Shri Mataji:         It will be. If you try to make it a little out it’s good for children. You see, they are – in the city is not so good for their lungs, you see. It’s not so difficult. Where is Cashmere place?

Sahaja yogi:        I don’t know that one, Mother.

Shri Mataji:         The houses don’t seem to be very expensive here. I don’t see.

Sahaja yogi:        This is the cheapest place in Australia. Brisbane.

Shri Mataji:         Well, then, we should buy them. Why not? Very cheap. [unclear]. They need to be outside. I don’t like them to stay in the city. It’s not good. You get all the bad things of the city in there.

Sahaja yogi:        There are lot of nice places near the ocean.

Shri Mataji:         I don’t know how many bedrooms this is.

Sahaja yogi:        Two bedrooms and study.

Shri Mataji:         You will find it. [unclear] … and we all can renovate. Just to sit down nicely and read about five to six newspapers and give it to everyone. They can sit down and find out for themselves. And if it is for renovation, nothing like it, because then you can renovate it the way you like [unclear].

Sahaja yogi:        And get together to do the work.

Shri Mataji:         Yes. That’s a very good idea. [Unclear] and then you can start renovating.

Better now? Little ice is good. Then I’ll take your leave now. I leave it to you people. Sit down properly and just find out. Making it would be difficult when you are getting them so cheap, you see. That’s how maybe if the prices are low why not buy one? It doesn’t say what. All right. May God bless you.