What is the purpose of our coming?

Brisbane (Australia)

1990-03-11 What is the purpose of our coming? (talk), Brisbane, Australia, 61' Chapters: Arrival, Talk, Q&ADownload subtitles: EN (1)View subtitles:
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1990-03-11 What is the purpose of our coming? Brisbane, Australia, 179' Chapters: Introduction with music, Introduction with dance, Talk, Q&A, Self-Realization, Workshop
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1990-03-11 Parf of Public Program, Brisbane Australia DP-RAW, 21'
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1990-03-11 Shri Mataji meeting Seekers after Public Program Brisbane Australia DP-RAW, 13'
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Public Program, Birsbane, Australia, 1990-03-11

I bow to all the seekers of truth. When you seek truth, how dynamic one can become. You can see the way these artists are, how the blessings of the truth helps you in your self-confidence and in the expression of your art and also you must have seen how the people from the West, who have had no training in Indian music, which is very difficult, how they have taken easily to it. In the same way, the Indians have taken to Western music very easily. The reason is we have to understand what we are and that’s the truth one has to know.
The truth is that you are the Spirit. You are not this body, this mind, this ego, emotions, but you are the Spirit. Until you become the Spirit you cannot feel the all-pervading Power which is very subtle and this is another truth one has to realise, that this power exists and it does all the living works. It organises, it thinks, above all it loves you.

But when I say this you have to have an open mind of a scientist. If what I am saying, like a hypothesis, turns out to be true, then you have to accept it in all your honesty.
The most important thing today is to ask a question to ourselves: “Why are we here? What is the purpose of our coming?”
If we ask such a question, then only a new search towards truth will start and these two things that I have told you; that you are the Spirit and that you have to be in connection with this all pervading power, will have to work it out for you because then you become the seekers of truth, is your right.
So “sahaja” means – “sa” means born with you, “sa” is “with”, “ja” is “born”, born with you is the right to be united, that is yoga, with this divine Power. This is the real meaning of yoga is that you are to be united with that divine Power. The manifestation of this, when it happens, you become a beautiful personality that you are. You become that glory that you are and you rise into a new state that we call as of Collective Consciousness. This is the process of your evolution and this is the last breakthrough of our evolution where, from human awareness, you have to become a Realized soul, a person who is born again, like the birds are also called as “dvijaya” in Sanskrit language, meaning those who are born again, meaning first they come as eggs and then they are born as birds In the same way, it has to happen to you and once this things happen so many manifestations come true and we get the beautiful blessings of this all-pervading Power.

The first thing that happens to you is that physically you feel fit. You feel fit with your own powers, no medicines are needed, no manoeuvring is needed nothing is needed, you just from your own power which is like in the triangular bone here.
Shri Mataji [to a Yogi]: Have you talked to them something about it? No, it’s not just -all right. In the triangular bone, this power lies which is called as Kundalini.
Shri Mataji [to a Yogi]: I think it is too far away for them to see. Can we bring it forward? They can’t see it so what’s the use.

Now all of you can see it?
Sahaja Yogi: This side, this side, here.
Shri Mataji: It would be better? All right, this side.
Can you see now?
Just this way a little bit.
These are all Sahaja Yogis, aren’t they? So it’s all right for you need not see.
Just put it there, just little at an angle, please.
Yes, now it’s better? All right.

So this subtle system exists within us and we have to understand this subtle system. Like all our civilisation has grown outward like a tree and whatever we have knowledge, through science or any other method, is the knowledge of the tree and we have no knowledge of our roots and that’s why we are always under a threat of a shock, that God knows what’s going to happen to us. If we know our roots then we know how to nourish this tree very well.
Now here you see, in the triangular bone, is this power, what we call as Kundalini, a Sanskrit word, but “kundal” means coils, coiled up into three and a half coils. And this power is the residual power within us which is waiting for that moment when it can be awakened, and like you have now connected by this cord to the mains, this power rises and connects you to the mains. By that you become a subtler personality, you become that collective conscious personality, you go beyond thoughts and as I told you physically, mentally and emotionally you become absolutely a perfect personality.

Apart from that, you achieve your peace of mind, all your tensions disappear and that you become a witness. Like a witness, you see the play, the play of the Divine and the complete knowledge of the Divine and the subtle knowledge becomes your own which is an absolute knowledge.
Everybody who is in Sahaja Yoga knows the same thing, there’s no argument, there’s no fight, there’s no discussion because once you get this Realization, when this Kundalini rises and passes through six subtle centres above, then you start feeling on your fingertips the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost as they call it or we can say the all-pervading Power. Also, you can feel the cool breeze out of your fontanel bone area when this Kundalini pierces through and that is the actualisation of baptism. It’s not artificial, that somebody puts the finger on your thing and say now you are baptised. Baptism is a living process and it’s a living process of evolution that gives you this new dimension to your awareness.

Now the rising of the Kundalini is spontaneous because it’s a living process, like if you have a seed it sprouts, if you put it in the Mother Earth, spontaneously. We don’t have to stand on our heads or to read some sort of a book or a scripture, it just happens. In the same way spontaneously this power rises and connects you to the mains.
As a result, as I told, you become dynamic, you become extremely creative, you feel very young, you work very hard, you don’t feel tired and so many diseases automatically get cured by your own power by yourself, nobody has to cure you. You just get absolutely cured out of it.

For example, we have so many problems in the modern times of a very different nature, that people are overactive and overactivity takes them away from reality and they become sort of slaves of overactivity. This is done by the second centre which is you see the yellow, the bile. This centre is, for example, I will tell you about one centre at least today, that this centre is called as Swadishthana centre and which looks after on the physical side and caters for aortic plexus and this centre has got a very important work to be done, is to convert the fat for the replacement of the grey cells of our brain.
This is a very important work for people who are futuristic, who are planning all the time, who are thinking too much. As a result, all other functions of this centres are neglected, and these other functions are that it has to cater to your liver. Now liver has a job. It has to transform the heat or the poison from your body as heat into the bloodstream so that it is thrown out. But when this centre is busy doing something else so important, this work is left undone or sometimes very much neglected.
As a result one develops a bad system of liver. This liver creates heat, does not throw out the heat from the body which passes along and you get so many complications with it, like asthma and others. Today we had a patient who came and she had the same problem.
And she said: “They have told me I have some viruses, this that, all kind of diagnoses,” she told Me.
I said: “Nothing, you just have liver and you just try to improve your liver, you’ll be all right.”
Within ten minutes she said: “I am feeling alright.”
I said: “That’s it. You have a liver problem.”
So this virus is there, that virus is there, all kinds of roundabout ways of saying, to show that it’s absolutely incurable.

Now then you go from there to another very important work is that of the pancreas which looks after or caters of dissolving your sugar. But when you have this pancreas in a mess because this centre is not looking after it, then you develop a horrible disease called diabetes and this diabetes only happens to people who sit down and think too much, who plan too much, mostly to bureaucrats and maybe to politicians. [Laughter] I don’t know.

But, say in India, farmers ask for sugar and if you give them tea the sugar should be so much that the spoon should stand at right angles, you see. [Laughter] Otherwise they’ll think: “This is no tea, this is horrible!” And despite all that, they never get diabetes. But any bureaucrat who is too much of a planner, or a politician, or someone like that who thinks too much, gets it even with one spoon, maybe with the half-spoon, he gets diabetes. So this is due to the fact that this poor centre has to do some work for all these people who are extra active with their brains, and other organs like pancreas are neglected.

Then third one is even more important, more dangerous, is the spleen. The spleen is the one which is, we can say, is the one which keeps the rhythm of life. As you have seen the rhythmic work, it keeps the rhythm of life. Now this rhythmic work, if we do not allow it to work with proper rhythm and we have become hectic, then this centre has the job to create red blood corpuscles for the use of any emergencies.
Supposing you have taken your food and suddenly you want to run, then you get a pain here, and you don’t know why you are getting the pain. Because that time your spleen goes into action in a very frantic way and produces more RBCs red blood corpuscles, and with that it has to work hard: you get that pain.

Now when you lead such a hectic life, all the time under shocks, like early in the morning we read the newspapers: one shock is sufficient. Then secondly you have to have your breakfast, you can’t have time, you’re in a busy, you are running away to work and on the way you find there’s a jam. Then you go, your boss also shouting at you for getting late, all kinds of time-bound things, you see. All this plays upon your spleen and poor spleen doesn’t understand what sort of a personality is this one, he’s so hectic! God knows it requires red blood corpuscles now and then, and like that he’s so hectic, there’s no rhythm about it. So it gets, you should say, crazy.

Then it becomes vulnerable, absolutely vulnerable for a disease called blood cancer. Then, at the same time, if on the left side there’s some triggering done due to some shock or some sort of pain or unhappiness or something like that, this disease sets in. Now people who have come to Sahaja Yoga were certified to be dead within eight days also, by doctors, who have suffered from this trouble, got themselves cured of blood cancer. Cancer is also cured with it, no doubt, but it’s cured automatically by your own powers, nobody has to cure you, you just get cured by your own powers once you get your Realization and you know how to handle your own powers, how to treat yourself. First you can find out what’s wrong with your centres, diagnosis is there, and you can find out also how to get it cured, you can cure yourself and you can help others to get their Realization.

This is the power you get. It’s not just a certificate, a false certificate, that I am a Self-realised person, I am a twice-born person. It has to be a certificate from yourself, that you have to feel the cool breeze, you have to feel that all pervading power, you have to feel your peace and your silence within yourself.

So first of all when the Kundalini rises she passes through this centre which we call as Agnya, which is placed in the optic chiasma. When this passes through that it sucks in from both the sides these two institutions which are created by our left and right sympathetic nervous system. Whenever there is an emergency the sympathetic goes into action. So here we have an autonomous nervous system. Autonomous nervous system is named by doctors, we have to ask them, what do you mean by auto, who is this auto, who does this job?

So we have left and right side of autonomous nervous system, nourished by these two channels left and right, and when this autonomous nervous system starts working either on the desire side or we can say emotional side on the left hand side, it creates an institution here which we call as superego or in Sanskrit called as Mana, where all our conditionings are stored. And on the other side, if the right side is too much excited, if a person is too much futuristic and is using too much his mental and physical capacities, then there is another institution that is created on top of your head which we call as ego.

These two meet and sometimes overlap and so we close our fontanel bone area which was the soft bone in your childhood. So when this Kundalini passes through this centre which we call as Agnya Chakra, it sucks in these two institutions, so your karmas are sucked in and your conditionings are sucked in and it comes down like this, it opens this area, Kundalini pierces through this.

Now this is a spontaneous thing happening It is not that you have to do something about it. As the car starts or the machinery starts working, this also starts working. But in say these modern Raja Yoga is there, Hatha Yoga is there, everybody asks me question after the lecture, so it is better I tell you about it already, that this so-called Raja Yoga is something like when the car has not yet started the machinery won’t start. So without starting the car you start moving the wheels is the modern Raja Yoga. They even cut the tongues, I mean, not the tongues, but the threads of the tongues of people to push back the tongue so that it can stop the Kundalini. But when the Kundalini is rising by itself it stops, it stops every area it crosses through. Supposing it comes to this area, then when is passes through it it has to go into an augmentation, into constriction to stop that Kundalini falling down. So it’s done automatically, as we eat our food it gets digested, in the same way it happens.

But artificially it is not to be done and all this artificial doing is of no help. Same about Hatha Yoga, is ha tha, is two words there meaning the sun line and the moon line, meaning the left and the right side channel, both are to be used. But when we do Hatha Yoga in the modern times we are just trying to do only physical exercises which is a very wee, wee part of the Patanjali Yoga out of which Hatha Yoga has come.

In the Patanjali Yoga is described that you have to see a person who has got problems on his physical side. Supposing now somebody has had an accident or something and the backbone is not all right and there’s a problem on that, so you have to correct it. But this correction is the best once the Kundalini is up so you know where is the problem and then is to be corrected scientifically, not to be done in a haphazard manner. And sometimes the people do Hatha Yoga in the way that as if they are taking all the medicine boxes together, without any discrimination, so you should have discrimination about it and you should find out what’s wrong and then do exactly whatever is needed to be done, not to do everything blindly.

So the first thing, the blessings of Sahaja Yoga is that you get to know all the knowledge. It’s not just you say this mantra, you do this thing, you do nothing of the kind. You first become the Spirit and you know everything about it, what it is, you experience it, you find out for yourself, you certify yourself and then you have to work it out. So it’s a very practical pragmatic thing. Of course you can’t pay for all these things, those who are paying for this must know is a wrong thing, because it’s a living process. For a living process how can you pay? It’s something absurd but people don’t understand that you cannot pay for it because they don’t feel confident if you don’t have to pay for something.

The other day I was in Cairns and there’s a Sahaja Yogini.
And she said, “Mother they wouldn’t come to a program for which you don’t have to pay.”
“So then what did you do?”
She said, “I told them I’ll take fifty dollars from you.”
They all came with fifty dollars, quite happy and satisfied. So she took fifty dollars from them, gave them Realization, worked it out.
And then she returned the money saying, “I don’t need this money, sorry.”
But this kind of a psychology I can’t understand, that we are so much used to payment in everything that we cannot understand one thing, that Divine doesn’t know what is payment is.

How much do we pay to this Mother Earth for sprouting everything, for giving us beautiful trees and things, how much did we do for her that we have to pay for it?
But this is something we don’t understand in the West, in India they do because they know that Divine has no sense of money. It doesn’t know banking, it doesn’t know insurance, nothing of the kind, and this is what we have to understand first of all, that if we have to become a divine personality we must respect it as a pure thing. It doesn’t need any money, it doesn’t need anything, it just needs one thing which is the pure desire within because this is the power of pure desire, the desire that I have to become one with the Divine. All other desires are impure because no desire, when fulfilled, gives you satisfaction. You jump from one desire to another desire, that’s why it is said in Economics that in general the desires and wants are not satiable. But this is the desire that we have and once this desire is fulfilled we become absolutely contented, satisfied, and a complete balance is established within ourselves.

All these ecological problems settle down because the imbalance in the human beings itself creates the imbalance outside. Whatever are human problems are projected outside. These are not problems which have come from nature but are created by us, because of our problems these problems arise. So somehow if we can manage to put ourself in proper line everything will be fine and we’ll live in a new era of what we call the golden age and we enter into the kingdom of God because then you realize, yourself experience, that every moment is so surprising. How it works out, how things just help you and how you manage to get over difficulties without any trouble. It’s something so wonderful, so fantastic, and sometimes people will be sceptical about it, they’ll think how can that be?

But supposing there’s a television set, I take it to the ignorant people in our Indian villages and show them and say that you can see all kinds of films in this one. They’ll say what this box, how can it show? So we treat ourselves as that box but actually when you put it to the mains you know how fantastic it is.

So we are not created just for nothing, we are created for a special work, only thing is we have to know ourselves and all the scriptures and religions have said know thyself but all of them have gone astray, absolutely astray, they have become all man-made sort of things and that’s why people are in complete disillusionment about them. But whosoever created them, all those great prophets, incarnations are absolutely truthful people and they told the truth. All the saints were truthful people and we have to learn from them and we ourselves have to become saints.

We don’t have to give up our families, don’t have to do all these nonsensical things which are outside. The detachment works out within yourself, everything works out within yourself and I’m sure today in Brisbane we’ll be achieving it for all of you because modern Sahaja Yoga is an en masse happening. Formerly one or two people used to get Realization, on the tree of life there were only one or two flowers but today I call it a blossom time and also this is the day of judgement where we judge ourselves.

In the Koran it is said that your hands will speak and you will judge yourself but even the Muslims are not following what he said, even the Christians are not following what Christ has said, even the Hindus are not following what their scriptures have said. They are all having a nice money-oriented or
power-oriented organisation. That’s not going to help us. We have to have the reality, the truth. It is for our benevolence, for the benevolence of our children, for the benevolence of the whole world. That’s how the whole humanity has to emancipate and that’s what I’m here to tell you about.
May God bless you all.

We are rather time-bound because they told me that your conveyance is a problem here and that I should finish everything before nine thirty, so I have to tell you one thing, that if you could ask me some questions that you have, relevant questions, because I’m not here to take anything from you. I’m here just to tell you what you are and to see that you get what you have. So if you have any relevant questions please ask me for a few minutes and then we’ll have the session for Realization, that will take about ten minutes. So I’ll be very happy if you could ask me questions about it.

One thing I have to say and excuse myself, that in one day lecture I cannot cover the whole subject. It’s an ocean of knowledge and this ocean of knowledge can be understood better when you have Self Realization, the light of your Spirit in your attention, you will understand it much better but there are my lectures, so many thousands of them in English language itself, so you can listen to them also, but first the best thing is to get your Realization.

For example there are so many lights here and when you come in what you do is to just switch on and the whole thing comes up. But supposing I have to tell you everything about the electricity, the discovery of electricity, then how it was brought here and in Brisbane how it was arranged, it will be a headache. So best is to get the lights and then we’ll know more about the knowledge of it.
May God bless you.

Seeker: I would like to know how to perform meditation
Sahaja Yogi: He wants to know how to perform meditation.
Shri Mataji: It’s a good question. That’s what I’m going to do now.
You do not do meditation, but you are in meditation. It’s a state, it’s a state in which you rise, where you become thoughtlessly aware to begin with. You are aware but there is no thought and whenever you want to think you’ll think, otherwise you can stop your thoughts. That’s first state and the second one is called as doubtless awareness, where you have no doubts left about it and you just become so powerful that you can give Realizations to others, you can do so many things which normally you could have never done. These two states are to be achieved, so we don’t have to do meditation as such, it just will work out, you will be in meditation.
Lady: I‘ve a hard time not hearing you.
Sahaja Yogi: You’re not hearing very well?
Lady : No.
Sahaja Yogi: Can you hear as well?
Seeker: It’s quite light
Shri Mataji: What’s it? What is it?
Sahaja Yogi: There’s a noise in the speakers and I want to see what [unclear]
Shri Mataji: There’s a noise on? Some sort of a noise. Next time we’ll have better arrangements for you. But whatever may be the problem you’ll get your Realizations all right. [Laughter]
Shri Mataji [To someone]: Hum? What is it?
Sahaja Yogi: She wants me to give You another microphone.
Shri Mataji: It’s not good?
[Cut in the video]

Lady: Does reincarnation affect individual spirits?
Sahaja Yogi: She wants to know, does reincarnation affect individual spirits?
Shri Mataji: Individual spirits?
Sahaja Yogi: That is the question.
Lady: About rebirth, do we all reincarnate? Before we reincarnate, do we all have another life?
Sahaja Yogi: Do we all reincarnate?
Shri Mataji: Of course, no doubt. You see you must logically understand. Now supposing you were in a certain century and you had committed some mistakes, supposing, or you had done something good or you were searching something, you were wanting something, then I mean you are not going to be condemned by one life isn’t it ? Because God Almighty is the ocean of forgiveness and He loves you and He wants you to enter into the kingdom of God. So He gives you more chances.
I’ll tell you one thing that we had a driver and he was a very quiet and a very stately personality and he told Me that he had become a driver because in last life he must have been some king and the king must have been overburdened with work. So the king must have thought it’s better to be a driver where there’s no burdening of this. “So I have become a driver and I’m very happy about it.”
In the same way, you see, things can happen that you are searching for something. Like somebody wants to marry some lady, I mean he’s just mad and he suffers from greek tragedy you can call it and goes into a kind of a nonsensical ideas, doesn’t love his wife and just thinks of another woman all the time and thinks that: “I should get married to her.”
So the next life the Divine said: “All right have her!”
And then he says: “Oh god what a wife, better run away.” [Laughter]
So he learns a lesson. So it’s like giving lessons in your different lives. It’s very important, because God is not going to just damn you like that, that you are good for nothing. He’s not going to stamp you like that, is a wrong idea. And because Christ also has said: “I’ll come again.” If He had not believed in reincarnation why did He say that? Very irrelevant.

It has to- you see, in between the lines you must be able to read and that’s the problem is, that between the lines we cannot read because we are not Realized souls. Once we are Realized souls we start seeing everything between the lines. Otherwise we cannot understand and the whole thing becomes superficial and people who are interested only in money building and all that, start some sort of a wrong idea and we get absolutely deluded by them.

Seeker: What is the place of Christ? What is salvation?
Shri Mataji: What is the?
Sahaja Yogi: He said what, where is Christ in this set up?
Shri Mataji: On the Agnya, on the Agnya Chakra.
Seeker: But what is salvation?
Shri Mataji: You see because He is on the optic chiasma which we sometimes people call it a third eye. He is on the Agnya Chakra. Now what I am saying is, you can verify it on your vibrations because when the Kundalini rises and she comes up to the Agnya Chakra, you have to say Lords Prayer and that’s how He has died for our sins. He has died for our sins, means He once he’s awakened that all our conditionings and all our ego is sucked in. It’s a very, very important gate through which we have to pass.
He said: “I am the gate”. He didn’t say: “I am the destination”. But: “I am the gate”. Very clearly. Christ’s life you cannot understand unless and until you have a Realization, not at all. Through these priests and all that you cannot understand it at all. Specially Mr Paul. I don’t know how he appeared in the scene because himself was epileptic, and some sort of a experience he had, and this Paul in Christianity has been criticised by so many people. Recently I read a book written by a very good German priest. When Christ was in India and he has absolutely condemned Paul in Christianity and said it’s brought all kind of things which are not relevant to Christ.
Then also there was a book written by Thomas who was travelling to India, and on his way he stopped in Egypt where he wrote lot of treaties and also wrote about what Christ had said, it and was kept in a big jar, and he called all these people who followed Christ as Gnostics. Gnostics those who know. Gn word comes from the word gne. Gne means to know on your central nervous system. Is also in Buddhist thing is called as bodha, bud bodha, is to know on your central nervous system and also, say, in the Hindu scriptures called as veeda, means from where the word veda comes, that you have to know on your central nervous system.

Now this book has been, now after forty eight years, it has been now decoded and found out and there was a very nice program on this and it was all challenging all these ideas of Paul in Christianity. You don’t have to suffer, he said why should you suffer? Because God Almighty is the Father of all the fathers and why should He ask you to suffer?
Christ has already suffered for you, now you’re not going to suffer more, so many things like that. And also about Sahaja Yoga, that it’s a spontaneous experience which must be experienced and must be felt on the central nervous system, said so clearly, on your nerves as he said it.
So this book has been written down and is known as “The Gnostics”. If you can get hold of it please go through it, it’s a wonderful book which will give you full idea as to what Thomas wrote about it and these people were called as Gnostics. They were not called as Christians, but Gnostics, means the ones who have known. Known what? Known not through your brains but known on your central nervous system. As in Sanskrit language is called as Gyanis [spelling unsure].

Seeker: Could you tell us a bit more about the rising of the Kundalini? When this Kundalini rises? Can we make Kundalini rise? Is this dangerous to have it very often?
Sahaja Yogi: Could you tell him some more about Kundalini, is it dangerous to rise?
Shri Mataji: No, not at all. This part I should have covered myself.
Not at all, it’s never dangerous you see. It’s your mother. She’s your individual mother. When you were born your mother took all the labour pains upon herself, she didn’t give you any pain. In the same way, she’s your mother and that’s a mother energy, that’s the primordial Mother which is reflected in you. That’s the Holy Ghost. They didn’t talk of Mother but they said it’s a dove. I don’t know why they said it but it’s the primordial Mother, no doubt. Because you have God the father, God the son and what about the Mother? That’s the Holy Ghost. Is a mystery. It’s no mystery for us. You will know that the Holy Ghost is nothing else but the primordial Mother called as Adi Shakti and by so many names. Like here is the river is called as Parramatta, is the primordial Mother, is an absolutely a Sanskrit word. Parramatta is absolutely Sanskrit word saying primordial Mother.

So this mother is not going to give any trouble to you whatsoever and those who say so, because they don’t know how to do it, they want to frighten you and keep you away from reality. They have no authority. If they had divine authority, if they had some ways and methods of saying so, they would have said so. Like, many people also say that the time has not come. Because they don’t know how to do it, that’s why they are postponing it! It’s very selfish I should say or self-opinionatedness, that to say that: “This is so and this is so.”

The Kundalini, of course, will never trouble you, but if you try wrong methods, then naturally there’s a heat in the body and the Deities get angry with you, the innocence gets angry and tortures you. These false gurus who have come all over, I am ashamed of them and they are the ones who have mesmerised and taken money from you. I mean how can they take money from you and how can they be your gurus when they are taking all this kind of money from you ? Just think of it. They are just your retainers they are like your servants I should say. They have no self-respect.

All right, you can pay for this hall, all right, but you can’t pay for your Self-realization.

Lady: Do you teach a system of raising and purifying the chakras? Is it necessary [inaudible]?
Sahaja Yogi: Do you teach a method of cleansing the chakras?
Shri Mataji: Of course, of course.
Lady: Can you regard within?
Shri Mataji: Of course, we have a very good centre here and we have very capable Sahaja Yogis, those who know how to cleanse your own chakras and everything. Of course, that’s the minimum. And you yourself will be equiped with it. You yourself will know all these things. All that will be done, it’s not just this lecture, there’s a follow-on, please all of you should come.
It’s not only Me, they also know everything and you will also know everything, that’s how it is going to spread. Like one enlightened light enlightens another and then that enlightened light enlightens another person. They’re very well equiped here, they know everything about it, they have my lectures and things also. The main thing is they know everything and you have to know everything yourself.

Another Lady: May I just ask you, humans don’t carry the burden of original sin?
Sahaja Yogi: Do we still carry the burden of original sin?
Shri Mataji: No, not at all, it’s over now. The time is over. The original sin only brought us to ignorance and we started searching ourselves. Otherwise things would have been much better if we had not gone into it, but whatever it is is now, you had to come through a very circuitous way to understand. Because human beings you see, as they were at that time, also wanted to find out about themselves, so God said all right you have this freedom.
Only human beings have the freedom, not the animals. Animals are called as “pashu”, means they are under the bondage of God and is already all controlled by Him. For example, a scorpion is a scorpion, snake is a snake, they keep to their own dharma, means their own valencies, their own religion, we can call it. They don’t change. But human beings can be a scorpion, can be lion, can be tiger, can be anything.
They just shoot out like jack in a box you know, sometimes, you don’t know what’s the matter, now suddenly from where it is coming? It’s interesting, isn’t it? But then, once you are Realized, you see it as a drama and you just see that whole thing is just working out in a very funny manner. You don’t take it so seriously as you normally do and you just enjoy everything.

And by your own countenance, by your own temperament, by your own character, people change, and they ask: “How are you like this?” Then you say that: “We have become Sahaja Yogis.” So they come to you and they become Sahaja Yogis too. It’s a wonderful area, it’s a wonderful time and such wonderful people all over the world. Like I went to USSR, you’ll be surprised, USSR, I never expected, they never had heard of any God or anything and Christ also, they were just keeping Him aloof. And there it is, the people, in thousands they came and they got Realization, settled down into them very deep people. They touched their depth.

I was amazed. But the best part of it [is] that the Germans went to give them Realization. Twenty five Germans rushed there to help Me out. I was amazed you see.
And I said: “It must have cost you.” Many said: “Mother what is the money for? We have to come for Russians.” Such love and such understanding, you see. I was really touched by that beauty. Can you imagine Germans giving Realization to Russians? [Laughter]
So beautiful it is to see their beauty expressing itself.

Shri Mataji: Yes?
Sahaja Yogi: One raised at the back.
Indian Seeker: From the rising [inaudible] is it awaking yourself? How it will, what it represents [inaudible]? How will do to have it stay? And if Kundalini has risen, what is guiding us now? And is ti possible that some people have, without pratical efforts, have over the head the Kundalini?
Shri Mataji: What is it?
Indian Seeker: Do you want me to go in the same path?

Shri Mataji: What is he talking?
Indian Seeker: If rising Kundalini is what is the technic, how would you describe the current state? And what is it that is driving us now?
Shri Mataji: Driving you?
Indian Seeker: No. If the Kundalini is the awakening thing, then Kundalini rises and that’s how we wake up all them and that Realization rises up Mother.
Shri Mataji: Yes.
Indian Seeker: What is the current state and what about the state are we?
Shri Mataji: No, you are at a state which we call as human awareness at it’s best, when you start thinking: “Why am I here on this earth?” You are trying to find out because you see many things which do not satisfy you and you think this is not absolute. “Why there are so many opinions about everything? Why people think differently?” And all these things come to your mind, then you become what we call as a seeker of truth, is that is the state is “sadhaka”, and that seeking brings you here. And then you get your Realization.
Those who are not seekers, I cannot force it on anyone. It has to work out only on seekers. Those who just want to sort of test it and things like that, doesn’t work out. Those who are really seeking the truth, it works out. I’m sorry, it cannot be guaranteed for everyone. If you are really seeking the truth it works out, otherwise it does not. So these are, this is the capacity in which you are here to seek the truth. All right?

Lady: Could Mother talk on intellect and Self-realization and part that intellect plays as far as the Realization-
Sahaja Yogi: What part does intellect play in Self-realization?
Shri Mataji: After Realization, if you are really intelligent, in the way I would say that detached intelligent, then you see it much better than anybody else because you see it, and you’re honest, and you see that this is what is happening, and you are surprised, and you learn things much faster than others. So I call it, it’s a person who has a super intelligence, I call it. Intelligence which has already reached a state to see that that’s not true, that’s not true. You reach a point where you know that’s not true.
That’s the point, you hit the right thing. So intelligence is very helpful and you’d be surprised, we have Sahaja yogis, most of them are very intelligent. They are first class first of this university, first class first of that university. I mean all of them are there. So you need a person who has that sharp intelligence to see things also. Also a person who is not so intelligent, but is so dedicated and is so loving, so purely loving people, out of just love that is in, such people are also very good. But in any case you don’t judge yourself, that’s the first point. You are not to judge. Your Kundalini knows you very well. So please don’t judge yourself. Let your Kundalini judge you.

Now should we have now the session?
Sahaja Yogi: There’s just one question.
Shri Mataji: One more? Yes, say.

Seeker: Yes. You spoke of the different parts of yoga before, like Hatha yoga. Could you speak on Kriya Yoga?
Shri Mataji: Same thing, Kriya Yoga is the same which I told you, or Raja. Sahaja Yoga is “akriya ” yoga. “Kriya” means when you do something is Kriya Yoga, and akriya yoga is Sahaja Yoga. I don’t do anything, without doing anything it works out, is the point, but of course you have to know your centres. You have to know how to nourish them, that’s different. But Kriya Yoga is something, as I told you, is just like Raja Yoga. Without starting the Kundalini, you start sort of moving your chakras and things, it doesn’t work out. That’s it.
It has reached nowhere. You see, you must see the results, you must see the results.

First of all, when you go to any one of them, first you must see those who have been there, and see what is their capability, how they are. Unless and until you see them, why should you go to those people? Because they claim something? You shouldn’t. You must find out what are their disciples like, how are they, what sort of people they are, what have they achieved, and then go there. As a Mother I would say: “What have these gurus given you?” Nothing. They have made you broke, you have so many are bankrupt, so many are sick, so many people are sick.
This Rajneesh’s disciples are so sick, you don’t know. When they come to Me, first they faint, I get so frightened with them. They faint, actually you see I’m really frightened, poor things.

Horrible diseases have been created by them and some people have got blood cancer from them, all kinds of things have happened. It’s all very bad kind of mesmerism, which you’ll know what it is later on, so those who have been to these gurus also are suffering today. You pay to get sick, can you imagine?
And you are all seekers, you see, that’s my concern. So every seeker has a right to get his yoga. Every seeker has a right, no doubt. But if you are not seeking I cannot force on you. I cannot. I respect your freedom.
If you want you can go to heaven, if you want you can go to hell, it’s very simple.
One boy asked Me: “How do you go to hell?”
I said: “You take two running jumps and you are there.”
What a question to ask! When I am talking of heaven he is asking about hell, so I said this is what it is.

Now finished I think?
Now, madam, again? I think, can we postpone it now?
Lady: Yes sure.
Shri Mataji: All right. You see what I’m saying, all these questions, even if I answer because I’m very good at answering every question and I don’t have to think about them, but that answer is not sufficient. You have to get your awakening, that’s not sufficient to satisfy you, is not going to work out. You have to get it, is the point. All right?

Now as I have told you, those that do not want to have it to please leave the hall, there’s no problem on that. I’ll never feel bad about it because also you must know there’s no force can be done. Those who really want it should be here and should oblige, that’s being very civil.

Those people who are standing can sit here and they – yes.

Sahaja Yogi: Shri Ma, should we put the air conditioning off?
Shri Mataji: Are?
Sahaja Yogi: Should we put the air conditioning off so that they feel it’s not…
Shri Mataji: No, I mean they won’t doubt it.
Sahaja Yogi: Just mention it.

Shri Mataji: If you want we can put off the air conditioning because then you should not doubt that you got cool breeze out of your head. After all, your head is giving the cool breeze, that doesn’t mean the air conditioning is coming through your head, isn’t it?

Actually, you see, people doubt because they don’t know what to expect, but for us it is very easy to understand, because already described what to expect after Self-realization, is described by Adi Shankacharya, “salilam, salilam” [waves] is the cool breeze. Also, cool breeze of the Holy Ghost is described in the Bible, also described the tree of life which is this one. So many things, but you see it’s not so clear-cut.
As it is Christ had very little time to talk to people. I mean just imagine, He was crucified. How much time they gave Him to talk publicly? I’m the only one who has outlasted lots of things because now I’m sixty-seven and nobody lived like Me for so many years. They just finished them off at a very early age. That’s the trouble. Nobody understood them. No saint has lived as long as I have lived so far, somehow.
All right.
So a simple thing is, first I must tell you the conditions. Two conditions. First one is that you are not to feel guilty at all. You have to forget the past. You have to be in the present. Forget the past, forgive yourself because as I told you the Divine is the ocean of forgiveness and you cannot do anything that cannot be forgiven by that greatness of forgiveness. So please forgive completely yourself and know that you are not guilty at all. Supposing you were guilty, you would have been in jail, why are you here? So now don’t jump onto small small things which you think is creating guilt. So not to feel guilty at all. First point.
The second one is that you have to forgive everyone, just forgive everyone. Not to think whom to forgive, why to forgive, what they have done to you, but just to forgive them, logically to understand it, that whether you forgive or don’t forgive, you don’t do anything. Whether you forgive someone or don’t forgive, you don’t have to do anything about it, but if you don’t forgive then you play into wrong hands, I mean actually you are playing into the hands who wanted to trouble you.
So when you forgive that person, he’s out of your mind and no tortures any more left. So you have to forgive and this is what is the teaching of Christ, if you remember, that: “Forgive them, those who trespass against us for we forgive them, those who trespass against us.” This is a very great weapon Christ has given us. So from your heart you must just forgive everyone. These are the only two conditions we have.
All right.
So another thing is that we have to take help of the Mother Earth, so it would be nice if we can take out our shoes at least, and keep them on one side.
It’s such a truth that we have so many Jews now who worship Christ and so many Hindus who worship Mohammed Sahib. Such a truth.
Complete integration.

[End of first video]