Shri Mahalakshmi Puja: It is very difficult to trigger things if there’s no perfect instrument

Auckland (New Zealand)


Shri Mahalakshmi Puja in Auckland, New Zealand, 12 March 1990.

I’m very happy to be here with you, after such a long time and I missed you all very much. I know you are very far away from the rest of them but you are always in My heart and you shouldn’t worry about the distance. We have to realize that we have entered into a new, a…. This kind of hands you should [HAVE, HAND], not to hang, if you have to sit properly. You have to understand that we have now entered into the Kingdom of God and our culture has to change, our style has to change, our understanding has to change. Unless until we change, nobody’s going to take us seriously.

Moreover it’s very difficult to trigger things if there’s no perfect instrument. As you know that I went to Russia second time for the Yoga seminar, where we had people from all over the Eastern Block. That was My idea, to get them there. And they were from every country, about two or three people, only. And very strong, very deep, very understanding. I spoke hardly for 30 minutes and such a miracle, in fifteen minutes I gave them Realization, about ten minutes and five minutes I was just there, and all of them got practically Realization, all of them. Very surprising.

And so deeply, when I walked out of the room, they all came after Me. That you don’t see in western countries, that kind of a thing. All of them walked after Me, ran after Me, they wanted to give their addresses and they wanted Me to go to their country and this and that. I said: “All right, I’ll come!” We took their addresses, even from Romania, everywhere. And they went back. And within 8 days one could trigger out the thing. It worked, because they were so deep, because they were so much equipped to trigger the happening. That’s how they triggered their country and how they worked it out.

So, if we live on a superficial level of Sahaja Yoga, then we cannot do much for ourselves nor for the country and it’s just a wasteful life, neither here nor there. Is like a seed, which is sprouted and has not grown into the tree. So first of all we have to learn that we have to become very deep people, very deep, you must teach our depth. I’ve heard that people come to Pujas and things and their main interest is in food. As soon as the Puja is over you just rush for food. How can you? After Puja you get into a mood, after meditation you get into a mood of meditating nature and you just sit down and you can’t get up, because you were fallen into the well and sort of thing happens. How can you just get up and walk for cakes or things. We though can’t think about.

So then judge yourself, how you are, how far you are. You have to work out your vibrations because you are going to create that beautiful vision in this country, for your children, for yourself and for the whole country, ultimately for the whole world. But if you do not take it up seriously, just by the way, Sahaja Yoga is just by the way, it doesn’t work out. It has to be way of life. And in everything that you do it has to be a Sahaj culture. And in Sahaj culture so many things are to be understood that this is natural, this is real and we have to accept the way it is.

So many things are happening the West, which I think are just destructive, absolutely destructive to the society. The society is not at all looked after, here. Maybe I would blame this to the women of Australia and New Zealand, that women are not understanding their responsibility and do not understand what is their [GLORY], also they have not self esteem. The other day I was traveling by plane and most of the ladies were smoking and men were not smoking. Men were looking after the children, the women were busy smoking like men, you see, looking like half men half women. It’s surprising, this is very destructive.

Because as I have said that that men and women are like two wheels of a chariot, one on the left, one on the right. The left cannot go to the right and right cannot go to the left. So we have to understand that our role is much more important than of the other. Like the men have an important role, as well as the women have even more important role. To be a mother itself is a very big thing. Why God has given you the motherhood? Because God thinks you are like the Mother Earth, that you look after, nourish the child, nourish the family, do all these things. Don’t try to follow the methods of men, like smoking, drinking, behaving like them.

You just see the trend, how far it is going, the self-esteem is so low. Now, for women, the other day I was, I was telling you about the way they are talking about sexy, sexy women. I mean it’s…one should be ashamed of saying such a thing for women. Because one should take an objection: “We are not prostitutes that every man should look at us and enjoy us. Why? Are we sold out for them or are we something for show?” The women have no self-esteem, they fight on wrong things, they don’t fight on the right things. The right is that you should be respected and you should not be treated like something on the show, that any man can look at you and any, that the men should look at you, then you have some value.

It’s nonsense. This is not the way to make great nations and great children and great families. So the society of any country depends on the women, which is a very solid work, which is underground, they don’t want to show off. Any country, which has got good women make good society. And I must say the credit goes to Indian women, in India. They have not bothered about these things, you see, they are not bothered about their looks and the sexy nonsense. If somebody says them: “too sexy” I mean they will slap you, feel very hurt: “What is this, what do you think us to be?” And to be proud of what work you are doing, of course you have to work outside and do something else, but who will look after the children, who will manage the households, who will keep the peace of the house is to be seen.

So in Sahaj culture one must understand that women have to be women and men have to be men. But men must learn to respect the women as housewives. [THE AUSTRALIAN DOES] respect them very much. If they do not respect their women then also they will retaliate, they will get rebellier and there is all this women’s [REBELLION] that has started. Is the mistake of men not the women so much, because they have challenge their personality so much that now they have started behaving like this. So in Sahaja Yoga we respect the women, we allow them their own freedom, we trust them and we treat them equal. They have to be equal. They may not be similar but they are equal. The both the wheels have to be equal otherwise wheel, one is smaller, one is bigger, then the chariot will never move forward, it will go round and round and round. So that is to be understood, that’s very much important nowadays in the West because I find slowly the derailment is towards hell. All these thoughts are going to take people to nowhere because nobody takes the responsibility of molding a moral, creating moral values for children. You have to give proper breeding.

These days I find children are very undisciplined here. Because we are afraid to face them. You have to face them and you have to tell them that: “This is not so, you are Sahaja Yogis and you have to behave like Sahaja Yogis.” They have to be modest, they have to be humble. There should be a kind of an awe for parents. If they don’t have that awe for their parents how can they have awe for Me or for God? They cannot. Whatever you may tell them they will not have. If they have no awe at all for the parents who are Sahaja Yogis that means these children will become very ward like other children and that is a very big risk you are running because I am depending on the children who are born Realized and I don’t want them to go haywire because the parents have not looked after them and faced them.

So on the whole we must understand the role of men and women and the respect that you have to pay to each other. Now, if husband is not respectful to woman then the children will not be respectful to her and the whole thing will be finished and that’s why there is no domination of anyone as such, there should not be any domination but everybody has one’s own role and where the wife is concerned she should take a decision, where the man is concerned, he should take a decision and one must respect it because these are two different areas in which the man has to live and the woman has to live.

Wherever this balance goes out, it has gone out in our country also we should say, in India, I must say, there are now funny things are happening thanks to the Muslims, who lived there and had such an impact that we are having dowry system and all kinds of other things there we have. But also there are societies, which are trying to work it out, they are not Sahaja Yogis but work it out, they are getting improved and they are trying to change their ways and methods and this is coming before the people to see that things should be all right. But supposing the women would have taken some sort of a weapon in their hands and started beating all the men what would have happened? You see, you are complementary to each other.

So must understand first of all, our role in Sahaja Yoga that we have to establish our self-esteem and we have to respect ourselves and we have to respect others. Because you are all saints and saints have to respect people… I’ve been talking all the time. So you have to respect the saints that you are a saint and another one is a saint. I always give the example of Namadeva. Namadeva was a tailor, the great poet and a great saint. And he went to see another one who’s name was Gora Khumbar who was a potter. And when he went to see him, Gora Khumbar was busy knitting the clay to make the pots, see, just with his feet he was knitting the clay. He looked at him. When he looked at him, he just stood thoughtless. And then the words he says so beautiful, he said: “I have come to see the Nirakara, the Nirguna, the thought…the formless, means the vibrations. I came to see the vibrations but here it is in the form, standing”.

What an appreciation, what an adoration, from one saint to another who have never seen the other person. “But I see the whole of this Nirakara, the Nirguna is in the form of you.” Just think of it. And that is what we have to be. But if we cannot trust other Sahaja Yogis, we cannot love each other, we cannot understand each other that means we are something low, lower than others. Some people have a habit of criticizing all the time: “This is not all right”. They don’t see that there’s something wrong with them within themselves that they are criticizing others.

So there’s no chance for criticizing in Sahaja Yoga, first thing is that you should see yourself what you are and where you stand and how you are going to help yourself first of all. Then you can help others. But there is no need at all to put a critical eye on others. Because then you become good for nothing, you’ve done all the bad things, you see all the bad things in other people and what do you develop is a non-collective personality, which is such a headache to us and ultimately you have to go out of Sahaja Yoga.

As I said there are two forces that are working in Sahaja Yoga. The first one is the one by which you are attracted, is called as, is called as the centripetal force, centripetal force by which you are attracted and the another force is, is called as the centrifugal force. Supposing you have a stone attached to a string, and you move it with a speed, you see, so you can keep it moving like that but as soon as you release it a little bit it can go as a tangent. In the same way there are two forces by which one we are attracted towards Sahaja Yoga, we keep one with it, we become part and parcel of the whole, another one is by which we go out. Now I find that going out has become a very strong force. And I get quite worried about it, not only that you go out but you go out with very great problems. And this is what I’ve seen in Australia very much working out.

First of all if anybody says against Me or Sahaja Yoga just close your eyes. Just say: “We don’t want to hear anything against it because we have been benefited by, we got all the profits out of it and now you don’t tell us anything. We don’t want to hear it.” Just close your eyes and cover your ears and say: “We don’t want to hear it”. But we had three cases now where people are suffering from cancer or this or that, who listened to this. The man who says may not get it, he may not, but the one…because he’s already out, but the one who’s a Sahaja Yogi if he listens to this thing is very dangerous and should not listen to anyone like that, who talks ill about Me or about Sahaja Yoga. This is one point we should understand.

And then those who find faults with other Sahaja Yogis are also in trouble. You shouldn’t find faults with other Sahaja Yogis. If you think there’s something wrong with any Sahaja Yogi you can go and tell the leader. If you find anything wrong with the leader you are welcome to write to Me, immediately. You must write to Me. Is an important thing, because My relationship with you is tide. Leaders are just a myth in a way because I just telephone to them and tell them because I can’t telephone to all of you. That’s all. But it’s a myth. So anything that you want to do, you must try to inform Me directly, if they are very much hard on you, if they are arrogant, if they are abusive, if they are taking out money, anything you find that is not correct you please let Me know. And immediately from your letter I will know what is the situation is like and I will let you know what is wrong, whether you are wrong or the leader is wrong. But if you just don’t inform Me then I’ll have to found out Myself. And by the time I find out I find lots of harm is done.

So best thing is that you should let me know. Because now, today I’m here. Now I cannot keep attention on Colombia where I’ve been, I cannot keep attention on America, but when I go there My attention is there. But if somebody has any problem they should write to Me. Like this I’ve seen we have got lots of problems and many Sahaja Yogis have left Sahaja Yoga. Because they never informed Me. I can’t understand even now why did they not write to Me, why did they not telephone to Me. But for small things they will write, somebody’s wife is sick, or somebody’s father in law is in the hospital, or all nonsensical things, like that they will write. But they will never tell Me that there’s something is wrong with the leader, till I discover it, till the whole Sahaja Yoga is destroyed in that particular city.

So it’s my humble request that all of you should know that I’m your Mother, directly. I’ve nothing to do with the leaders, as far as you people are concerned. Any leader who is harsh on you, who’s troublesome to you, who disciplines you too much, or tries to put his ideas all the time on your heads, or anything like that which you think is curving your freedom of growth, you must write to Me and you must know. This is no excuse to say that the leader was like this, so [UNCLEAR] or “We went away.” Why did you go away? What was the need?

And this I find very common, specially in Australians and New Zealanders. Either they become just like complete slaves or they become absolutely rebellious. There’s nothing in between. So you have to know that if there is anything that you find which is trying to dominate you, you must let us know, and I am always going to correct and tell them on their faces, all the leaders, what I think of them. Because they also know that I’m sitting down there to look after this. Of course about leaders I’ve given them so many times, so many lectures and things and every time they come to Ganapatipule we try to meet and talk about it and if there is any problem you have to find it pointed out.

But here I don’t know but in Australia, specially, the thing what happened, whatever the leaders were doing, the same thing penetrated into many Sahaja Yogis and they became sort of half leaders and they used to sort of dominate people and say things which are not at all Sahaj. Like last year was all right, before that they started saying Australia is great, we are the greatest thing, this, that, then half of the Sahaja Yogis have left them. Talking so big and bombastically, even the Indians were surprised, they started looking at them thinking what’s gone wrong with them. And they reported to Me that: “They would not listen to anyone, we told them that: ‘Please, better start, we have to go now’ they would not listen. They said: ‘Our leader has to tell us.’. They said: “Mother has said”. “Mother, no, our leader.”

So even the leaders had replaced Me completely because of these few people who joined hands with the others like. We can say, like the bureaucracy of Russia. There is no bureaucracy, there is no priesthood in Sahaja Yoga, everybody is equally the same. They’re all saints, are to be respected and all the leaders must respect you and understand you. Of course if you have any problems on chakras that must be told, that is their job and for that you should be thankful. Instead of feeling bad about it you should be thankful to them that: “Yes, that is so and we’ll try to correct ourselves.”

Now the better part of it that now suddenly I find there’s a big explosion of Sahaja Yoga going on in various places where are least expected like [UNCLEAR] and we have other places like Turkey and Russia. It’s something so remarkable is happening. So Sahaja Yoga is taking its fruits well and maybe these people might grow much faster so you have to be careful, you should not be left behind. Because there is one thing I’ve given an indication, I don’t know if you have told them, last, this Ganapatipule that there is going to be another jump, another triggering.

I always give the analogy of a air space, you see, space craft, like we can say the Sputnik or something, the principle of that, same is applied to our evolution. Like first is one container, which has three, four containers in it. So the first container goes half way and then an explosion takes place and then the rest of it is thrown out. So the first speed, that is the velocity that it has, gets absolutely accelerated and goes with a much greater speed. Then the second one explodes and then the same thing happens, that’s how the speed they ultimately they achieve is very high up. In the same way I feel that in Sahaja Yoga is now happening and is the time for you to know there is going to be another triggering. And that triggering you have to catch up with. For that you should be prepared, otherwise you will be left in the container which is just not to be used to it.

So a new triggering, a new jumping out has to be done and for that you have to hurry up and there’s no time to be lost. So the most important thing is that we should develop ourselves into that capacity that we can jump on to the new triggering that is going to take place in Sahaja Yoga. So I have to warn you though you are few you have to have a quality, quantity does not matter, because so much of quantity might drop out. So the thing is those who really want to ascent must understand that we must meditate morning, evening and we must be absolutely collective. If we are not collective then there’s something serious with us, something wrong with us and we have to correct it. So these are the things I wanted to tell you and I must say that the collective here will now grow very much because of what we did, today’s miracle that has taken place.

Yesterday we had lots of people, every time I come there are at least three hundred people and I knew there will be this time also. But what is the difference, when I come they are there and then they don’t come or even if they come they disappear. They must have confidence in you. First you must have confidence in yourself. You must approach them in a way that they feel confident. They shouldn’t feel that: “Some silly stupid people are sitting here just telling us about these things”. But you must have that dignity, you must have that approach, you must have that understanding, then only it will work out, otherwise you cannot work it out. My own idea is that wherever there are very good deep Sahaja Yogis people stick on. Like Austria, I would say. In Austria we have quite a lot of [NEW] people now, [MILAN] we have quite a lot of people. The reason is both the places, I’ve noticed, the Sahaja Yogis are of a very great quality. They are all working it out.

Like there’s one boy who has fished out lots of things from Quran, in German, from Quran, what it has to say for Sahaj. And they said there is a Sura called Shasta Yoga, Shasta Yoga and that Sura is dealing with Me. Because we will be…it is said that: “We are going to send and the sent, the One who is sent will not be acceptable to you. You will deny, you will defy”. Everything is described, even that your hands will speak at the time of Resurrection, all that in that Sura is given. It’s very interesting that Sura is. So, what I’m saying they are trying to locate it. So many things in different things they are moving now, also they are trying to make very beautiful paintings and drawings and things, to be able to explain. Also they had TV programs. So on the TV they told whatever their experience is, this and that. But if you yourself are not capable, you are not going to influence anyone even if you go to the TV or anywhere. Nobody’s going to take you seriously. So you have to be more serious about it and to be more earnest to do your meditation.

Now, there’s another aspect of Sahaja Yoga that we want people to be married. Married but married is not the last thing, is not the last thing, is just an assistance, we can say, a complement from the another side so that you develop yourself better. But any kind of hindrance in the marriage can be a great hindrance for your ascent. So don’t pay any attention to such hindrances, just get out of it and try to remain your Self because only it is your Self which is going to give you joy and ascent, not anybody else. It will all work out when if you just keep to your Self and understand that you are important, you have to look after your ascent, also that the collective of Sahaja Yoga is important. It is very important for all of you because you are so very few and it has to be worked out in this country in a big way. And everybody was asking why is it that in New Zealand the people are the same, there’s not much changing, why not progressing. But I’m sure now more will happen and things the way have triggered out today it might work out.

So now this is my own submission about it and if you think that there’s something more I should say about it or something you want to know you can write to Me, I will definitely answer such letters. But I don’t know what to answer to such letters that: “My husband has run away with another woman this thing, that thing”. It’s not important, you have been married so many times in life before. So what does it matter if he runs away, let him run away, what to do. You are a Sahaja Yogi, how many women or how many men have become Sahaja Yogis in this world? So you are so exceptional. And such exceptional people should not bother about mundane things and useless things. They should know their responsibility. It is you who will be responsible for the emancipation of all the New Zealanders. And this you must understand. You should not try to put your esteem down. Try to come up and work it out.

For every nation is important. Some people are extremely alert and some people are not. But now I’m sure it will work out faster. We have lots of people and now try to give them, give them some tea, something to begin with because their attention is on food but you just don’t start eating [UNCLEAR] otherwise they’ll think useless people, they are just trying to…You should show all dignity or a hospitality. Hospitality helps a lot. That’s a very important thing one should understand. Like in India if you come, they’ll see ten times that you have taken your food, they’ll call you, somebody’s not there, where are you, must come and take. But what I hear is that here nobody calls anyone, anybody [UNCLEAR] you have your own food. Till the guests come outside so nobody says: “All right. Will you like…? Did you have your food or not? Did you have your breakfast?” That’s not the way, we have to be concerned and we should have those mannerisms, which are very beautiful of being hospitable to people, see that they are…

I mean the guests are to be treated in a different way and the inmates are of a different way and that’s what whatever you do your children are going to learn and behave in the same manner. So we have to get this culture into us by which we understand the value of other person, of guests who have come, those who are not yet Sahaja Yogis, who have yet to become Sahaja Yogis, who have just got Realization. They are to be treated with very great care, like we can say a seed, which is just sprouted. It’s so delicate. The plant is in such a delicate way. Now you have to replant it properly into Sahaj field. So what do you do is to take out all the sprouted ones, slowly one by one, keeping proper distance between them and try to plant them nicely into the field of Sahaja Yoga.

But if you have certain value system, if you have achieved something, then you shouldn’t look down upon them or you should not all the time make fun of them, because some people are sarcastic, some are all the time smiling, so they think that: “What is wrong with us, why are they smiling, all the time?”. So there is no need to have artificial smiles, nor do there’s any need to sort of criticize in a way or sometimes [IF] the smile could be a ridicule, you know people think, they misunderstand. Or to say that: “Your this bhoot is catching, that bhoot is catching ” sometimes people say: “This chakra is catching”. Not necessary. “Gradually, you should say, everything is going to work out. If you are not feeling the cool breeze, all right, let’s see what is the problem is like.”

But you need not tell them all these things, this language, this should not be exposed to the first comers that they get frightened, that our this center is catching, that center is catching, create a big fright. So we have to built up their confidence, that’s very important. Once you have built up their confidence and once they start feeling the vibrations and everything, they have to trust you, they have to believe in you. So this is the very small outline of the way I would like New Zealand to come up and to act in a sensible way so that people should say that New Zealanders are the wisest in Sahaja Yoga.

May God bless you all.

Imagine Greece Sahaja Yoga is only two years old. Only two years old. Greece. But that’s a traditional country, see, it’s an ancient country, and the way the Greeks have really fallen into Sahaja Yoga is beyond…